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August 2020
4376273Dorohedoro: QuestIn the city of Hole, a lonesome man knows when to get involved and when to walk away. Unfortunately for anon, the lonesome man got involved.Bolivar, Dorohedoro, Dorohedoro: Quest, Collective Game2020-08-10 0 
4364344Fate/Overgrowth - Thread 10: Back in BlackHiatus ends again, and the final night spirals further out of control.Integer, Fate/Overgrowth, Collective Game, Type-Moon, Fate Quest, Urban Fantasy2020-08-10 0 
4370979Godzilla: Hyper Invasion #2 (Chapter2, Part 1)Godzilla continues his fight against the aliens in his bid to find Junior. In this chapter part he faces off against the powerful Zetton!Godzilla, Hyper Invasion, Kaiju, Monsters, Tokusatsu, Drawquest, Collective Game2020-08-10 3 
4353266Castlevania - Elegy of Inheritance: Part 15Everything goes horribly wrong... again.WhatIsAQM, Collective Game, Urban Fantasy, Castlevania, Elegy of Inheritance, Vampires, Demons, Dark Lords2020-08-10 0 
4368508Strikers 2016 Reboot 36Talking with Merlin while Kyou shows off Muninn, load planning for the landing, and we make Wendy an offer.GhostDivision, Strike Witches 2016, Collective Game, Strike Witches Quest, Strike Witches 19892020-08-10 2 
4394184Saiyan Conqueror Quest 137The battle for Ealen IV rages on, Karn battles another sneaky Stand then sees the Covenant strategist’s workSaiyan Conqueror Quest, GrandDragonQM, SCQ, GDQM, Saiyan, Karn, DBZ, /qst/, 2020-08-09 2 
4382803 Fate/Paradox Reincarnator: Part 6 Shinji puts his plan to deal with Zouken into action.WhatIsAQM, Collective Game, Urban Fantasy, Fate, Fate/Paradox Reincarnator, Paradox Reincarnator, Fate Quest, Isekai, Homunculi, 2020-08-09 1 
4347388Modern Day NRP Thread 5: They Breathe Once More The final thread.NRP, Collective Game, NatRP, MNRP, Tarn, Collaborative, Tarn’s MNRP2020-08-08 0 
4373412Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Kai #34The living dead escape from Hell, and the Tuffle Trio face off against them!Collective Game, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Tuffle, Tuffle Quest, Kai, Kato2020-08-08 2 
4354314Cold War shithole simulator, /k/ Edition #3Stuck in a war against the north half of the island in 1963Collective game, history, weapons, warfare, world building, tactics, strategy CWSS2020-08-08 0 
4354646MHA Quest #5Quirks' gonna quirk; and we become closer with our best friend. This night is turning out longer than anticipated.My Hero Academia, MHA, Hero, Capeshit, Quest, Collective Game, Female Protagonist, MarutaQM2020-08-08 0 
4350362The Quarantine of a Harbor City #7The endPlague, Steampunk, Alchemy, Survival, Fantasy, Inquisition, Dark Fantasy, fantasy, alchemy, disease, dark fantasy, Collective Game 2020-08-07 0 
4392710Claymore: Second Swords Quest #50Pressing the AdvantageClaymore, Collective Game, AU2020-08-07 2 
4392651Shinobi Sidestory Quest #21Painful Memories (Akatsuki Suppression Arc)Collective Game, Naruto, AU, SSQ2020-08-07 2 
4353495999 Quest 21.1999 and company finally finish their discussion with a powerful spirit, gain new info and new goals, and 999 finds something quite strange.999 Quest, SCP, World Of Darkness, /qst/, Dr Spanko, Lord Theodore Thomas Blackwood, Magic2020-08-07 0 
4344838Ben 10 Quest #34Wade defeats Malgax, saves Charmy's dimension, celebrates his 17th birthday, confronts the Lenopan impostor, and visits Alan's new school!Ben 10 Quest, Collective Game, sci-fi, action, adventure, slice-of-life, Saturday Morning Action2020-08-07 0 
4374245Tai Lung Quest 1After the defeat of the Dragon Warrior, Tai Lung finds that his life goal was meaningless and thus leaves to persue a quest of redemption.Kung Fu Panda, Tai Lung quest, Redemption Quest, Storyteller Luo, Collective Game2020-08-06 4 
4366384Otome Gone Wrong Ch. 6Getting dressed for success. Both in assassination and the ball.Otome, Otome Gone Wrong, Real World Mockery, academy, intrigue, OtomeQM2020-08-05 0 
4388224Chapter Quest CLXXII: Sibling RivalriesThe Silent Guardians request aid against heretic and the Ghosts of Retribution answer.Collective Game, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Chapter Master Quest, Ghosts of Retribution, Space Marine, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium2020-08-04 3 
4341421ASOIAF: House Shryke Quest #8You rub a head for good luck and incite a mobCollective Game, House Shryke, Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire, ASOIAF2020-08-04 0 
4344804Floors: HellIn the darkest din of the deepest of depth...Floors, Collective Game, Skirmish, Monday, Hell2020-08-04 0 
4371611That Voice In Your Head Quest #1You got isekai'd into a genetically engineered catboy's brain in the form of a badass AI Brain Chip.Collective Game, Sci-fi, paranormal, isekai, we're fucked, That Voice In Your Head Quest, Pessimistic QM, New QM2020-08-03 0 
4364503Goblin Quest #7Met Louis, Knocked out 3+, Oats, Fought, Learned, Improved Relations, New party members, Got Coin, Learned everyone loves Gobson, Had Fun...Collective Game, Fantasy, Dorf, Grigger, Goblins, Gobson, Gob, Goblin QM, Cold Bolt, Jade, Kobolds, Drawquest, Centaur, Ork2020-08-03 2 
4334946Fate/Awakening Mirror Part XXIIIAlberich recovers from his wounds and seems to settle an old score.Sweets-Loving QM, Fate/Awakening Mirror, Fate Quest, Urban Fantasy, Type-Moon, Collective Game2020-08-02 0 
4334802Child of a Dead Empire #17Tea and a heart to heart with an old Valkan gardener. Child of a Dead Empire, COADE, Space, Scifi, Mystery, Valkans2020-08-02 1 
4340264Gnoll Quest #1A weak gnoll decides to start training to achieve his dream of leading the tribe and earn his people's respectGnoll Quest, Collective Game, gnoll2020-08-02 28 
4337876WH40K: Novo Solo CrusadeIn the grimer drakness of the Imperium Nilhus, the Imperial crusade to retake the Novo Solo sector begins.Collective Game, WH40K, Warhammer 40k, Imperial Crusade, Novo Solo Crusade, Crusade2020-08-01 1 
July 2020
4373245Catalyst Quest #18Royal affairs, countless answers, bitter good-byes, new friendships, and the start to a grand homecoming.Catalyst, Catalyst Quest, Medieval, Fantasy, Dark, Religion2020-07-31 2 
4336980Dark Queen Quest 40We leave for Asoevia with our friend Ellisa, and witness the gathering of witches before discussing with their leader.Dark Queen Quest, Dark Lord, Princess, Medieval, Queen, Fantasy, Amex,2020-07-31 4 
4371173Fate/Paradox Reincarnator: Part 5Shinji begins plotting to deal with his Grandfather once and for all.WhatIsAQM, Collective Game, Urban Fantasy, Fate, Fate/Paradox Reincarnator, Paradox Reincarnator, Fate Quest, Isekai, Homunculi2020-07-31 4 
4346181Girls Und Panzer Quest 6: End of the Half term! Match with Pravda!We fight Pravda; go to a ball; go on a scavenger hunt and Erika has an accident. We also score.collective game, Rafael, GuP, Girls und Panzer, Panther, Girls, Tanks, 2020-07-30 3 
4362286Multiplayer Kek's Isekai (Mythic RPG) #8Continuation of the previous thread.Autism Jesus, Isekai, Multiplayer, Mythic, RPG, Weeb2020-07-30 0 
4363572Skeleton Island 2, part 13Separate storylines n shieet notapaladin, drawquest, super robot pilot thing, mecha, cowboy, communist overlords, quest, collective game, SPAAAAAAACE2020-07-30 0 
4353200Pokemon Gravel Quest #6Walter trains with Jordan to prepare for an upcoming battle with his bully/rival and Armo gets kidnapped.Pokémon, Pokemon, Collective Game, 2020-07-28 7 
4377764Dark Gate Academy Season 3 Episode 38Class 1's Last Call! Kazuma and Anri set out to finally discover who or what killed Yasunari.Quest, Dark Gate Academy, Collective Game2020-07-28 6 
4348155REBORN IN AN RPG S05 EP024a very relaxed couple of dayscollective game, Eldric Lightbringer, Lyann, Mako2020-07-28 0 
4350216Empires in the Stars Episode 1We assume control over the Yahzu Dynasty and set about securing our supremacy. For the Glory of the Eternal Empress! Op is a fagCollective Game, Civ, Empires in the Stars, Galaxy, Sci-fi, aliens, colony, strategy2020-07-27 2 
4361214Mutant!Quest #6.5Matt versus the hacker mutantSiren_QM, Collective Game, Superpower, Action, Urban, Mutants, Quest2020-07-27 5 
4336761King of Wolves #4A Moot is called.King of Wolves, Klaus, Wolves, Fantasy2020-07-27 1 
4329065Black Clover: Parallel Story #16Cynthia and Cryz return from the dungeon but their problems are far from solved. Next, a new troublesome woman appears to meet them; enemy! Black Clover Quest, Black Clover, Quest, Slice Of Life, Female MC, Adventure, Anime2020-07-26 2 
4341081SQR: The Other Stands #1Kenny Ackerman tries to find the true man's world inside the walls.Stand Quest,STANDOQM,Spin-off,Attack on Titan, SNK2020-07-25 0 
4373447Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 156Telekinesis and Feelingscollective game, sailor moon, eclipsed moon2020-07-24 1 
4342085Body Horror Quest - 45th VeinA simple investigation of infighting in a mountain settlement reveals politics and a plot by a culprit who has the broken power of "NOTHINGBody Horror Quest, Body Horror, bhop, BHOP, Female MC, Gore, Horror, Act 5, Arcadia, Politics, Nothing is scarier2020-07-24 2 
4322907ASOIAF Quest - House Redhand Thread 1The story of Victara Redhand begins with a disturbance by the Brothers, a band of Faithful wanting to bring down the ironborn. Collective Game, House Redhand, Game of Thrones, GoT, A Song of Ice and Fire, ASOIAF, QM Ironboi, Ironborn2020-07-24 2 
4373105Dragon Ball Human Quest Super #31The twins rush to save their father from the clutches of Dr Lychee Dragon Ball Super, Human Quest Super, Collective Game2020-07-24 1 
4365447/qst/ plays AI Dungeon 6.5In which /qst/ uses the butt Swor to save the world.Collective Game, AI Dungeon Quest2020-07-24 1 
4363024Do Your Best Quest #98Johnny Ando Vs. Bernardo Ammirati! Who will win?collective game, drawquest, slice of life, supernatural, Do Your Best2020-07-23 2 
4354356Sworn to Valour Quest #25His Wrath Undoes the Wicked. The Duke's Ball, the social event of the year. A perilous viper's den of courtship and intrigue for our knighSworn to Valour, Collective Game, Knight, Fantasy, Paladin, Medieval, Noble Steed, Forgotten QM, Smile Protec, Vancewell Train2020-07-23 24 
4365402Cascadia Railroads Quest #4Collins' big mission to Upper Valley and HalseyCascadia Railroads Quest, Railroad, Trains, Business, Post-post-apocalyptic2020-07-23 0 
4326188NRP game4 by Lux | Part 10 | FINALEGame 4 of Nations Role Play GMed by LuxNRP, NatRP, Nations RolePlay2020-07-23 0 
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