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November 2017
2079395Occult Mafia Quest #VIWe are Alexei Sokolov...briefly.Occult, Mafia, Occult Mafia, Occult Mafia Quest, Collective Game, Orange Juice, Alexei Sokolov2017-11-24 0 
2079999ASOIAF Reincarnation Quest: A Male Powder Fantasy, Thread #3Ten heartbreaking photos that make you say "fuck having boarders and shit"Sailors, Quest, Collective Game, ASOIAF, Guns, Male Powder Fantasy,2017-11-24 1 
2080186Stardust Crusaders Quest #5Hitomi and co. embark on a ship to Singapore while having a few problems along the way.JJBA, Jojos Bizarre Adventure, Stardust Crusaders Quest, Karma Chameleon, DusterMan2017-11-23 5 
2093806Dog Days Quest Episode 155 Final Epilogue ThreadFriends will come and friends will go, but beer will always be by your side. (Final Thread)Dog Days Quest, Collective Game, Fluffy Tails, Fun2017-11-23 1 
2057312Shipgirl Commander 57It's the weekend, but it doesn't feel like a break at all, does it, Commander?Kantai Collection, Dialogue Heavy, 2nd Person, Action, Lore2017-11-23 1 
2071051Silent Stars Quest pt1Captain Samson Iskander Wick takes his place among the stars as captain of the Malcontent. We begin our career as glorious space piratesPunishedCursed, Space, Scifi, aliens, Piracy, ship combat, Collective game2017-11-22 1 
2092198Young Demon Familiar Quest 55Iris, Mali and Marla come home. Time for one hell of a sisterly reunion...from hell most likely. Hope no one dies Collective Game, Young Demon Familar Quest, The Headmaster, Demon, Familar, 2017-11-22 6 
2081819Shinobi Quest #59/The Return!! #1THE BIG RETURN THREAD! After 9 months away, Tsuki Norihime returns to get shit done!Naruto, Collective Game, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2017-11-22 16 
2070777Spooky Girl Quest #4Alice learns more about her friend, hangs with Sam and Zack Spooky Girl, High school, possession, ghosts, goth, dark, Halloween, autumn, haunte2017-11-22 2 
2050826European Dragon Quest 78In this episode, Liz turns into a Chad and fucks some people over, and we go on a journey during the fall of Rome.European Dragon Quest, QuestingQM, Lack of Ideas, Historical2017-11-21 1 
2059061South of Styx: Thread 2Our hero makes his way to Rinther, accompanied by Liza.Horror, Fantasy, Undead 2017-11-21 1 
2059265Innerworld Civ Quest #12The new government makes some changes, the weather out to sea grows fierce, and an old rival comes bearing gifts and news.HareQM, Civ, Fantasy2017-11-21 1 
2084702http://boards.4chan.org/qst/thread/2084702The Final Thread-All things must end. Star Vs. Quest, Quest, Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, Collective Game2017-11-21 23 
2073918Beast Wars Quest 2 #3Nightracer goes out on a mission with Dinobot and Cheetor before going on a walk with a spiderBeast Wars Quest, Beast Wars, CovenantofPrimus2017-11-21 2 
2081187Do Your Best Quest #18Johnny deals with his exams and love...!collective game, drawquest, slice of life, supernatural2017-11-20 2 
2087263Dragonball Quest #163Warriors gather, and the Cell Games begincollective game, quest, dbz, Dragonball, Quest, Dragonball Quest, Somnius2017-11-20 9 
2065715Gamer Quest 5The truth behind the power you've been granted is revealed and a delicate truce established.Gamer Quest, The Smiling Man, Collective Game, Video Games2017-11-20 1 
2067153RWBY: Icarus Rising Special: A Birthday in Red Pt. 2A continuation of Ruby Rose's birthday and everyone's favorite spooky holiday...WeaverQM, RWBY Icarus, Icarus Rising, Icarus, RWBY2017-11-20 2 
2066979Shellstorm: Pawns of War, Knights of NewThe beginning of an era within the RAC of the British Commonwealth in the 1960's...WeaverQM, Shellstorm, 2017-11-20 1 
2067080Star Wars Fleet Commander Chapter 2: The Birth of an EmpireVarien Sydonix continues his glorious exploits and determines with whom he should remain loyal to.WeaverQM, Star Wars, Star Wars Fleet Commander2017-11-20 1 
2065342Pokemon Island Adventure Quest #60 (real)(Other one is 61)You thwarted attempts to ruin the show and dressed up all pretty-like.Pokemon Island Adventure Quest, Pokemon, Gobble, Collective Game, Fashion, Cooking2017-11-20 7 
2050081Artificer Quest Thread #12The twelfth Artificer Quest Thread. R&D happens en mass, John dreams of Westmire, orders are worked on, and the shop officially opens.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2017-11-20 1 
2071222Mecha Space Pirate Quest 101Roarke and Clemmy go dancing and the space battle shifts in Roarke's favor.Mecha Space Pirate Quest, Collective Game, mecha2017-11-20 3 
2064680Hellsing Quest 3We have a reunion with our brotherHellsing quest, Hellsing, Eldritch, Erishel2017-11-19 1 
2080087Saiyan Conqueror Quest 22Karn and his team train, reacquaint with an old ally, then face down Silva's captors on Planet NaadSCQ, Saiyan Conqueror Quest, Karn, GrandDragonQM, Saiyan, /qst/, 2017-11-19 2 
2047172Gyrocite: Capital BallThe crew start their second shift in Capital all on separate assignments.skirmish, gyrocite, steampunk2017-11-19 1 
2084304Chapter Quest CXLV: Shadow CourtWe develop our spy networks further before holding a conference with the ringleaders of the Ursus Coup.Collective Game, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Chapter Master Quest, Ghosts of Retribution, Space Marine, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium2017-11-19 4 
2077476DC Quest#22In which plans are set in motion!DC Quest MachPunch2017-11-18 3 
2082444Frontier Knight Quest 32The Templar delves into the underdepths of Eisenwand to find what ails the city from within.Frontier Knight Quest, Fantasy, Collective Game2017-11-18 15 
2077088Fleets of God Quest #14While training with the Olympus Space Navy, Dauntless helps deal with a daring Legion raid.Fleets Of God, PixelAnon, Sci-fi, collective game, AI2017-11-18 1 
2081510Pokemon Island Adventure Quest #60You thwarted attempts to ruin the show and dressed up all pretty-likePokemon Island Adventure Quest, Pokemon, Gobble, Collective Game, Fashion, Cooking2017-11-18 8 
2064590Quirkless Quest 5ALec and gang got invited to join the U.A Sports Festival. Can he win without a quirk?HeroQM, MHA, Quirkless Quest2017-11-18 6 
2044407 Hero Academia Quest 5 Cocoa is had, unilateral friendships and normal ones are made, Kaminari asks for a date and gets it and Eiji, Mina and Ushi deal with sushi.MHA Quest, Ushi, Walker, Present Mic, Collective Game, Quest, MHA2017-11-18 26 
2070609Caravan Quest 1Dim Palmfast lands in a new shard of the old world. He continues his duty to guide survivors away from the insidious Vice.Strategy, Management, Fantasy, Apocalypse, Caravan Quest2017-11-18 3 
2061508Stardust Crusaders Quest #4Hitomi engages in a duel with Silver Chariot and learns an useful ability with Joseph.JJBA, Jojos Bizarre Adventure, Stardust Crusaders Quest, Karma Chameleon, DusterMan2017-11-18 6 
2078245Dragonball Quest #162Tofoo and Goku discuss powers and family, and Tofoo heads homecollective game, quest, dbz, Dragonball, Quest, Dragonball Quest, Somnius2017-11-18 11 
2061719Support Shinobi Quest 2Yoko Yamisaki goes on a C-rank mission with another team!Collective Game, Support Shinobi Quest, CairnCarne, Naruto, Ninjas, Poison, Puppet, Snake2017-11-18 11 
2036977Mortal Kombat: New Defenders Quest #12.3.1Fox's journey takes him into the Netherrealm, where he confronts twisted, undead visions of great heroes he knew; how will he defeat them?Mortal Kombat Konquest, Collective Game2017-11-18 1 
2078151The Gnome's Olive Branch BuilderA convoluted alt-history nation builder hosted by an 8chan member for qstNation Builder, Builder, 8chan, Alt-history2017-11-17 1 
2066325Merchant Supreme?A prodigial alchemist decides she wants to be a merchant instead, and sets out on a new journeyMerchant Supreme, Merchant, Lynnette Alintine2017-11-17 1 
2059321Azeroth Quest #2We accept some quests and spend some money.World of warcraft, Vepala, Azeroth Quest, Blood elf, WoW2017-11-17 1 
2079037Macross Quest 8As a result of the decisive NUNS victory, the course of the coming conflict must be decided. Macross Quest, Macross, Sci Fi, Military, Mecha, Planes, Idols, Collective Game2017-11-17 15 
2055608REBORN IN AN RPG S04 EP022Training Sykia, Crema and Mocchacollective game, Eldric Lightbringer, Lyann, Mako2017-11-17 1 
2077743Unfortunate Magical Girl Rebirth Quest 11:Deserved RestCarol and the girls get some much deserved rest for their hardwork. Collective Game, Unfortunate Magical Girl Rebirth Quest, Magical Girl, Quest, The Headmaster, Monsters, Fantasy2017-11-17 6 
2059226Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Arc 2, Thread 8Eugen and his squad arrive at the rebel cell. End of the 2nd arc.Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2017-11-17 2 
2077079Ryukuza Quest: Protector of Smiles and Criminal WarlordThe play concludes; the fans are, well, they are fans; Ryukusa faces certain death in the form of her fiance.Collective Game, Ryukuza Quest, Ryukusa, Smile Protector, comedy, romance, over the top, dragon girls, oni girls, neko, youkai, blood, magic2017-11-17 3 
2076808Incidents at an Orphanage - 7New friends, old enemies, and grave errors.Incidents at an Orphanage, collective game, horror, nightmares, orphans, weird, magic, urban fantasy, blood, hand holding, cats, nudity2017-11-17 3 
2048137DANGANRONPA International 4Right at the moment of freedom, things suddenly become too much to bear.Danganronpa, Mystery, Puzzle, Anime2017-11-16 1 
2035162Quest Beyond the Gate: Chapter 78Yuu arrives in the north and starts making progressCollective Game, Beyond the Gate, Smiley2017-11-16 4 
2007132 American Arcana: Session XVIII - Shot in the BackWe defeated David's Monster and learned the true nature of the enemy! David gets the first promoted Myth in the group.Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2017-11-16 1 
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