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September 2019
3800042I can't believe I have to trust a goblin #4In which we explore a forest, gain new companions, make our first big haul, and spend the night with Highball!Collective Game, I Can't Believe... Quest, CF, Mr. Culexus2019-09-16 1 
3805827Body Horror Quest - 30th VeinShu has tea with Charon, talks to a 4-D Doggo, chats with many dream daughters, and tells a story about Ants to Amara.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, bhop, BHOP, Female MC, Gore, Horror, Act 3, Ringo, 4-D Doggo, Charon, Amara, infodump2019-09-16 3 
3787644The Black CompanyAn unexpected death; or is it liberation?FortunaQM, Black Company, Aurelius2019-09-16 0 
3792100Star Wars: Echoes from the past 1We are Kadwyn the only son of a Kuati Noble and strong in the force, in a Tomb we find a holocron and a Force Ghost.Star Wars, The Froce, Jedi, Sith2019-09-16 5 
3797857Strikers 2016 Reboot 16In which we listened to The Doors too much, have a stare-off with a familiar-looking Russian, and get recalled for a traffic accident.GhostDivision, Strike Witches 2016, Collective Game, Strike Witches Quest, Strike Witches 19892019-09-16 2 
3776841Lanternlights: Forest Paths [Skirmish]Coming across a town overtaken by bandits, the Lanterns find more explosions and otherworldly manifestations than they expected.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, SKETCHER, Art?, Skirmish Sketch, Hexpedition, Lanternlight2019-09-15 0 
3783098Lanternlights: Ostroskon Manor [Skirmish]The Lanterns travel to an isolated mansion to liaise with a certain eccentric inventor, but soon discover that all is not what it seems.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, SKETCHER, Art?, Skirmish Sketch, Hexpedition, Lanternlight2019-09-15 0 
3816578Saiyan Conqueror Quest 101After speaking with the Supreme Kai of Time herself, Karn was koíd and sent to some sort of prison.Saiyan Conqueror Quest, SCQ, GrandDragonQM, GDQM, Saiyan, Karn, DBZ, /qst/,2019-09-15 1 
3786219No One Gets Left Behind Quest #23Back to base. Collective Game, survive, sci-fi, dinosaurs, military2019-09-15 0 
3770032Samurai widow quest 2Planning for revenge Samurai widow quest, samurai, mother2019-09-15 0 
3815616Skeksis Quest #1We are born, We Feast, We Fight Doors in our quest to devour the world.Collective Game, Skeksis Quest, SkekDiem, The Dark Crystal2019-09-15 1 
3801711HXHQ- Chapter 2, Episode 1: The Daily X Life of X A HunterFirst day of Derrick's Life as a HunterHXHQ, Perma-death, collective game2019-09-15 0 
378398340k Chaosfag Shitquest, #2In the 42nd millennium, the Communion continues to spread its heretical doctrine and their New Emperor finds himself gripped with Clarity.Collective Game, 40k, Chaos, Shitquest2019-09-15 0 
3789176Magical Contractor Quest 5Octavian and the girls head out for a nice family dinner. Alice starts learning how to write. A pair of monsters launch a surprise attack.Magical Contractor Quest, Magical Girl, Familiar, Octavian2019-09-14 1 
3803080Sworn to Valour Quest #13His Wrath Undoes the Wicked. Sir Andrei and his companions set out in the Fallavon woods in search of his brother. Much danger awaits them.Sworn to Valour, Collective Game, Knight, Fantasy, Paladin, Crusader, Medieval, Noble Steed, Forgotten QM, Into the Woods2019-09-14 2 
3794389Catalyst QuestFather Richard Anscham fights demons. He seeks the cure for humanity's greatest weakness: The Catalyst.Catalyst, Catalyst Quest, Medieval, Fantasy, Dark, Religion2019-09-14 1 
3776924Boshin War Quest 23Stockton meets with the captain of the Great Eastern, then the foreign outreach mission begins. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2019-09-14 1 
3815401Unknown Sky: Ace Combat Quest 13Milly and her squadron prepare to leave Comona for their intended mission.Ace Combat, Ace Combat Quest, Unknown Sky, Unknown Sky Ace Combat Quest, Endless Sky Ace Combat Quest, Collective Game2019-09-13 3 
3804377A Tale of Monsters - Lullaby (30)The Witch Game begins. We are far from everyone now...Monstergirls, Lots of Dialogues, Lore, male protagonist, Tale of Monsters,2019-09-13 2 
3786716Synthetic Gods Quest #33In this session we participate in Hall of Huntsmenís emergency subjugation assignment and tag team some weird giant monsterCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2019-09-13 0 
3807838Left Beyond Quest Prequel XIIIn which the pileup actually happens, big time.left behind, left beyond2019-09-13 0 
3795813Left Beyond Quest Prequel XIIn which there just might be a gambit pileup.left behind, left beyond2019-09-13 0 
3780101Black Clover: Parallel Story #2Cynthia's first day in the Blue Rose headquarters is anything but simple. This challenge might be more than she bargained for.Black Clover Quest, Female MC, Adventure, Anime2019-09-13 0 
3781377Apex Quest Chapter 1Man discovers hatred of beekeepers pt.1Marvel Quest, Superhero, Superpowers2019-09-13 0 
3781750One Piece Bounty Photographer Quest 27In which Commander Flashman reunites two idiots, accidentally becomes a Revolutionary, and laments a lack of sugar.Collective game, One Piece, One Piece Bounty Photographer Quest2019-09-12 8 
3794357Into the Deadlands Quest #1Leon Amun, a lone Nomad ventures into the dead city in search of fortune. In the town of Scrag, mutants are fought and supplies needed.Deadlands Quest, Leon, Mutants, post apocalyptic, Cyborg, Nomad, wasteland, survival, collective game2019-09-11 0 
3784041House Reynold Quest Chapter 10Where we assist Tygon in dealing with the fallout of conflict, get Allysa pregnant again, and acquire some new duds. GoT, Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire, House Reynold, Reynold2019-09-11 1 
3783535Heavenly Jewel Change Quest #6 High Level Shi Stage Heavenly Jewel MasterYou play as Zou-Do-Shai, personal bodyguard to the 6th Princess of the Dershwa Clan, and a Teleship Lieutenant for the Dershwa Military.Heavenly Jewel Change, Wuxia, Weak to Strong, Collective Game2019-09-11 2 
3784890Mermaid Quest 2The fishtits get competition... and get competitive. At the same time, the Navy decides to offer Ian a job.Mermaid, Aquarium, Collective Game, fish, Dee Kaptain2019-09-10 2 
3774191Fallout Nukaloha Quest #5To the Moon and beyond!Axsisel, Fallout, Nukaloha, Hawaii2019-09-10 4 
3795936Sakura Quest #10We play as Sakura Haruno and proceed to be a true Main Protagonist of Naruto.Naruto Quest, Sakura Haruno, Sakura Haruno Quest, Sage of The Six Paths, Collective Game2019-09-10 2 
3785150REBORN IN AN RPG S05 EP006Learn of the grand opening of the fish farms. Taking in Empusa's to evolve.collective game, Eldric Lightbringer, Lyann, Mako2019-09-10 0 
3793996Kancolle Frog Quest 5 (Papa Petain's Immeasurable Disappointment Edition)Provence weighs her options for escape and Lorraine fights to break through and save her sister.Collective Game, Kantai Collection, Kancolle, Draw me like one of your french boats2019-09-09 1 
3770821/qst/-tan Quest: A New Adventure! #3The party takes a quest from /vr/ to try and find a way to calm /v/-tan down./qst/-tan, board-tan, /qst/-tan quest, board-tan quest, -tans, boards2019-09-09 0 
3774561Ben 10 Quest #22Wade is split into two entities, talks to Z'Skayr once more, and is critically wounded by mystical archers!Ben 10 Quest, Collective Game, sci-fi, action, adventure, slice-of-life, Saturday Morning Action2019-09-09 0 
3778725Dark Queen Quest 27We throw a birthday party for Ellisa, talk with Kazeel Thorn himself and prepare our unofficial involvement in the war in the south.Dark Queen Quest, Dark Lord, Empress, Medieval, Queen, Fantasy, Amex,2019-09-09 9 
3801397Kingdoms in the Stars Chapter 20A look into Majors and Generals of the Athens Fleet.Quest, Kingdoms in the Stars, KitS, Collective Game2019-09-09 0 
3770161Panzer Commander Quest #52It's time to wake up, Richter, whether you want to or not.Panzer Commander, Collective Game, War, Armor, Where are the tanks2019-09-09 1 
3762843Tiefling Quest IICheechong joins the brisqball team, gets a buncha books, and smokes abyssal airIdrow, Tiefling Quest, Tiefling, School, Draw quest, Magic2019-09-09 0 
3768308For House & Dominion: Crucible 11Enhancements, wormholes and a new Neeran threat.Collective Game, Quest, House and Dominion, Dominion Quest, Space, Space Combat, Survey, Salvage, Dice2019-09-09 2 
3767352The Elements - a nrp game: Thread 4In which a new races of lightning goats and minotaurs joins and the first international trade networks begin to form.Sky, nrp, natrp, civilization, bending, collective game, 2019-09-09 0 
3805590Dragon Ball: Human Quest Super #18Let the Tournament... BEGINDragon Ball Super, Human Quest Super, Collective Game2019-09-09 3 
3785625My Government Issued Big Titty Goth GF Vol. 2You take your Goth GF to DennysGoth GF, Spanner, Tessa, Cyberpunk, Combat, Sisters, Wilson2019-09-09 3 
3801390Saiyan Conqueror Quest 100Karn battles the Time Patrol and Trunks mans up, earning Karnís respect.Saiyan Conqueror Quest, SCQ, GrandDragonQM, GDQM, Saiyan, /qst/ Karn, DBZ2019-09-08 7 
3759006Fate/Awakening Mirror Part VIIIAlberich goes on an amusement park date, then meets a new potential collaboratorSweets-Loving QM, Fate/Awakening Mirror, Fate Quest, Urban Fantasy, Type-Moon, Collective Game2019-09-08 3 
3780059Body Horror Quest - 29th VeinShuís catch of the week: 1 Silver Fish, 1 Stealth Panther, and 1 Frost Wolf. FuzzBuzz gets adopted by Ants, and unexpected visitors arrive.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, bhop, BHOP, Female MC, Gore, Horror, Act 3, the hunt, Ants, FuzzBuzz, bamboozle2019-09-08 10 
3774790Black Lagoon Quest #4Episode 4: Tooth and ClawMachPunch, Black Lagoon, Black Lagoon Quest, BLQ2019-09-08 1 
3762509World Tree : The BoughsThe manor is assaulted and we encounter Fithson, keeper of hunts. World Tree, Floors, Skirmish Quest, Monday, collective game2019-09-07 0 
3784723Wannabe Hero Quest #2Specter Streak and the Silver Stars continue their investigation. Specter struggles with her morals. The Silver Stars make their team debut.Specter Streak/Karina Klein, Superhero, Sci-fi, Investigative, Action, Wannabe Hero Quest2019-09-07 2 
3752566999 Quest 15999 finally fights against the core of the anomaly, alongside Red and Blue, with them pooling all their strength as one, for the last clash.999 Quest, SCP, World Of Darkness, /qst/, Magic2019-09-07 0 
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