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February 2017
1164279European Dragon Quest 52In this episode we go into Civ Mode, deal with our dad Jorund, and talk to the American embassy with Patrick the Minotaur.QuestingQM, European Dragon Quest, Cold War, Civilization, Sweden2017-02-21 0 
1187561Left Beyond Quest 28 - Per Aspera Ad Astra editionJesus called down Doomsday on Earth, and then, It Is Done.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2017-02-21 3 
1177396Valen Quest 58Irue Valen gets back on a horse!RizQM, Valen Quest, Collective Game2017-02-21 1 
1168551Left Beyond Quest 27 - March to Doom editionIt is the last day of the Millennium. The Final Battle looms. God vs Satan, with Omega in the middle.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2017-02-21 1 
1184486Fantasy Crusader Quest #3In which Victor Reis travel through the woods.Crusader, Fantasy Crusader Quest, Victor Reis, Templar, Knight, Elves2017-02-21 0 
1187646The Raiders - Part 11A draconic Akko plays games with Yzia; Rana gets what's coming to her in a couple of ways.Collective Game, The Raiders, githyanki, intelligent weapons, lesbian, blood, battle, dragon, sexy sword, princess, smut2017-02-21 0 
1111204The HauntingThe story of the Holler Family and their Guardian Angel. Can the angel save the family?Collective Game,The Haunting Quest, Ghost, Lovecraftian2017-02-21 1 
1180409Ouroboros SagaVincent got drifted in a strange new world and meet its first denizen:the Green PeopleOuroboros Saga,SadAnon,Collective Game2017-02-21 0 
1175308Pokemon Island Adventure Quest #26You battled over a flaming structure for your second badge, and went fishing with Keira and HanaPokemon Island Adventure Quest, Pokemon, Gobble, Collective Game, Fashion, Cooking2017-02-21 5 
1185058Spirit Detective Quest #1The protag started out dead. Your move, SomCollective Game, Quest, Yu, Yu, Hakusho, Yu Yu Hakusho, Spirit, Detective, Spirit Detective, somnius2017-02-21 3 
1157387Loto's Fate/Quest 3In which the QM is stuck in final fantasy crafting hell and doesn't have enough ram to run the quest at the same time. Please send help.Fate/Quest, Loto, Fate, Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Shirou2017-02-21 1 
1180534Boruto Quest 62Something Something stuff happensCollective Game, Naruto, Boruto, Boruto Quest, Takeshi, Ninja, Anime2017-02-20 10 
1167504Fantasy Civ Quest 42 - Civ BulgarSome infected werehyenas save Alex Jones who gets hunted down by Darth Vader god edition and then we escape and he is revealed to be Conan.Collective Game, Fantasy, Civ, Civ Bulgar2017-02-20 1 
1147142Swordborne- Battle of Lindlore IIIScreams can be heard in the west echoing the daemon fever treatments that their number must now endure to purge the sickness.Swordborne, Skirmish Quest, Monday, collective game2017-02-20 1 
1179395Girls Und Panzer: Lafayette Girls Academy Quest 2 #72In which we dance and sling mud.GuP, Girls und Panzer, LGA, Collective Game, GuP:LGA2 Quest2017-02-20 4 
1173693Girls Und Panzer: Lafayette Girls Academy Quest 2 #71In which we welcome the newcomers.GuP, Girls und Panzer, LGA, Collective Game, GuP:LGA2 Quest2017-02-20 4 
1159652Magical Girl For Hire Quest #23Called 22 because the QM still can't keep track of his shit. Miranda splits the party and things go downhill from there.Magical Girl For Hire Quest, mercenary, MGHandler, Magical Girl, Collective Game2017-02-20 2 
1173237Space Merc Quest #2In which Alex goes on a job with Dimitri, and gets shot in the head.Space Merc Quest, sci-fi, Athinar, Alex Nevaal, mercenaries2017-02-20 2 
1179551Psion Academy Quest 3There was an attempt at fixing a barrier.psion academy quest, anime, drawquest, battle academy2017-02-20 6 
1160048Starship Idols Quest #15Titan Station Raid.Collective Game, not-Starship Troopers, powered armor, idols, propaganda2017-02-20 1 
1169805Saiyan Civilization Quest IThe Crimson Zelleri tribe begin their rise to glory.Saiyan, Saiyan Civilization Quest, DBZ, Civilization, Civ2017-02-20 8 
1154588Storm Paladin Quest #1Krystal continues her journey to amass more followers for Alagos.Storm Paladin Quest, Cyberpunk Demonslayer2017-02-20 1 
1164790Boruto Quest #61Even more stuff happens Collective Game, Naruto, Boruto, Boruto Quest, Takeshi, Ninja, Anime2017-02-20 7 
1152811Boruto Quest #60Stuff happensCollective Game, Naruto, Boruto, Boruto Quest, Takeshi, Ninja, Anime2017-02-20 7 
1151379Hereditary Builder Pt. 3ehBuilder, Collective Game, Multi-Civ2017-02-20 1 
1179559What Came Next 3: Slumdog DeputySukaretto tracks down the mysterious Pervert and is given a lesson on how weak she is, before she learns how strong she is!Collective Game, Scarlet, Inpu, Hidoi, Ishi, Star, Betty, Afterlife, Training, Crusader, Film, Sukāretto Sutorenjā, Slums2017-02-20 1 
1149096A Realm in Ruins Quest XIIIThe winter ends and Jean is heading back home. What happened back there?Collective Game, Jean de Labendai, A Realm in Ruins, A Fallen House,2017-02-20 1 
1149248Pilot Quest: Thread 23Thunderhead returns and we finish the dogfight, have a dream and rope in some help on a certain issue.Pilot, Jets, War, Pilot Quest, Pilot Quest 1989, Thunderhead,2017-02-20 1 
1173334Witch Apprentice Quest Chapter 2 - Thread #2Nadja gets her hair done!WAQ, Collective Game, Witch Apprentice Quest, Cutesy, Witches2017-02-20 4 
1178889Hyuga Quest #10 - CrescendoThe finale. A really really overdue finale.Hyuga Quest, Wargame, WW2, Collective Game, Hyuga, Pacific, Pacific War, Battleship2017-02-20 1 
1179046Shadows of Zeon: Aphelion Part 18Battle of Sweetwater.Collective Game, Shadows of Zeon, Gundam, AU2017-02-19 2 
1175868Black Company Quest #21The Black Company is good at what they do, and what they do is not good. We acquire a Soul. And get our hands on some Drugs for our Dragon.Black Company Quest, Collective Game, Dark Fantasy, Drugs, Cutie Paladin2017-02-19 5 
1176382Pandora Quest 51.0Suspicions are had, plays are watched, events are witnessed, crowds are traversed.Android, AI, Collective Game, Pandora, Artificial Intelligence, Pandora Quest, AM-PM, AM in the PM2017-02-19 2 
1156278Hex maniac quest 8 part 2Because you are a little popular lets pick up chicksMimikyu, Hex Maniac Quest, MyNameIsMimikyu, Collective Game, pokemon,2017-02-19 3 
1175081Death Among the Stars Quest 66Valresko debates with the Blackscale Cabal while Jadyk deploys humanitarian aid to the Refuge system to combat an undead outbreakquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-02-19 2 
1176165Titanfall Quest: A Girl and her Titan Part 4Holly and her team move to make contact with some IMC mutineers. A Girl and her Titan, Titanfall Quest, Titanfall, Sci Fi, Collective Game2017-02-19 5 
1153121Pokemon Island Adventure Quest #25You do a lot of overdue training, race Jane, and watch a battle.Pokemon Island Adventure Quest, Pokemon, Gobble, Collective Game, Fashion, Cooking2017-02-19 8 
1146416Starcaller Quest: Episode 17A starship captain arrives on Thalos, goes to a funeral, and discusses space wizard politicsScience Fiction, Starships, Original Setting, Quest, Lore2017-02-19 1 
1162136Super Space Quest 2173: Part 9We recruit our squad and jump to our next missionCollective Game, Super, Space Quest, Aliens, Alien, Super Space Quest2017-02-19 1 
1174411Young Demon Familiar Quest 40Lust and WrathCollective Game, Young Demon Familar Quest, The Headmaster, Demon, Familar,2017-02-19 10 
1173329Shinigami Savant Quest #90TALES OF INTERESTBleach, Collective Game, Shinigami Savant Quest2017-02-18 13 
1141354Alchemical Blade Prequel Quest: Mission 16Spooky times with the undead as we discover something rotten in the city!Exalted, Alchemical Blade Quest, Collective Game, Alchemical, Sci-fi, Cyborg2017-02-18 1 
1163749Starborn Quest 29: Ancestry.Awoo We meet our Oracle who is a relative of ours? Then she tells us a story, which the anons play! Reynes of Castmaere know that feel.Collective Game, Starborn Quest, Zen, Hona, Luc, Wagon, Star, Starborn, Murillo, Flashback, Tinton, Zelam, Badass, Luc,2017-02-18 1 
1133192Jedi Knight Quest 14 Pax meets his biggest fears. Jedi, Jedi Knight Quest, Pax, bumly, Collective Gaming2017-02-18 1 
1164067Naga Civ Quest #1We embark on a journey to restore the Naga civilization. Intro thread.Naga, Naga Civ Quest, Civ, Civilization, Collective Game2017-02-18 1 
1169788Fantasy Crusader Quest #2In which Victor leaves camp, enters a forest, and meets elves.Crusader, Fantasy Crusader Quest, Victor Reis, Templar, Knight, Elves2017-02-18 1 
1170657Quest Beyond the Gate: Chapter 58Yuu learns about his adoptive mother's incredible dating failures, and then tries his hand at letter writing.Collective Game, Beyond the Gate, Smiley2017-02-18 6 
1142718Shipgirl Commander 35Returning from Ominato, you find yourself (unwillingly) back in the full swing of things. A busy day awaits you, Commander.Kantai Collection, Dialogue Heavy, 2nd Person, Action, Lore2017-02-18 2 
1170828Beleaguered Prince Quest #63Prince Meirion and Myrddin engage in manly gambling and drinking during time off. Beleaguered Prince Quest, Collective Game, Original Setting2017-02-18 5 
1146955Mecha Space Pirate Quest 76The last battle of Qu'lirMecha Space Pirate Quest, Collective Game, mecha2017-02-18 8 
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