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March 2021
4683447Saiyan Conqueror Quest 152In which Karn travels once more into the Mílurnian ruins, discovers a secret, then a new face arrives on New SaldaSaiyan Conqueror Quest, GrandDragonQM, SCQ, GDQM, Saiyan, DBZ, Karn, /qst/, 2021-03-08 0 
4657411Strikers 2016 Reboot 47Start off with Liz and Akemi quest, we learn we're headed back to Japan sooner than expected and meet up with some of the other Wyvern crewGhostDivision, Strike Witches 2016, Collective Game, Strike Witches Quest, Strike Witches 19892021-03-07 1 
4632129Magical Girl For Hire #103We manage to talk our way out of issues with the clergy, and set sail. Also fight a Kraken.MGFH, Magical Girl For Hire, magical girl, mercenary, collective game, MGHandler2021-03-06 5 
4647288REBORN IN AN RPG S05 EP032Scolding the gluttonous flowers, and letting the Imperials flowers meet.collective game, Eldric Lightbringer, Lyann, Mako2021-03-05 0 
4638311Swamp Lord Quest, Episode 9The aftermath of the Well and arrival at Kidney LakeSwamp Lord Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Jakob Absol2021-03-05 1 
4632582Jotunheim, A SkirmJam SkirmishA remote research facility goes silent, a squad of operatives are deployed to investigate.Skirmish, Multiplayer, Narrative-focus, Horrible-mistakes2021-03-04 0 
4628417 Collapsing: A Quest to Survive the Apocalypse #5In which R. Mantle enjoys some success in the boardroom, his Greenly expedition is green lit, and his idea for his group name is accepted. TrashQM, Survival, Apocalypse, Retro Futurism, Cold War2021-03-04 2 
4642716Death road to canada with my Xenomorph Waifu #4Qm killed the questzombies, aliens, vidya, waifu, death road to canada quest, Waifu, Collective Game, Death Road to Canada Quest, Zombies, Apocalypse, Anon2021-03-03 0 
4628551Mossdeep Disaster Part 2An expedition into the depths of the earth goes horribly, horribly wrong.Lorekeeper is a faggot2021-03-03 0 
4635314Bones Quest #4: Rocky RoadA janitor's trip to the Drive-In prompts a wild ride to High School that includes fairies, mystery meat, mascots, and a showdown with RockyBones Quest, DemBones, Collective Game, Skeletons, Bones, Female Protagonist2021-03-03 4 
4629759The Grand Grail Thread 2: Impossible DreamsBartleby acquires new power as he and Marisa recover from the results of the fight with Lore Caster. Nasuverse, Holy Grail War, Collective Game, Grand Grail2021-03-02 0 
February 2021
4625871Fallen Stars Thread 2Everything blows up, quest goes on hiatus due to IRLSpace, Hard Sci-fi, Collective Game, Fallen Stars2021-02-28 0 
4635062My Daughter's a Magical Girl! (not actually a one shot)Local Dad discovers daughter is a magical girl, goes on magical demonslaying adventure, more at 9.Quest, Collective Game, Anon, Anonymous, MG, Magical Girl, Shotgun Dad, dad, magic, My Daughter's a Magical Girl!2021-02-28 1 
4658498My Government Issued Small Titty Tomboy GFIn the cybernetic future +45 years, you sign up for a government issued small titty tomboy girlfriendGoth GF, Spanner, Tessa, Cyberpunk, Tomboy GF, Martin, Reb2021-02-28 7 
4661477Fate/Paradox Reincarnator: Part 18Shinji ends up meeting a witch and a wizard that he would've rather not met at all.WhatIsAQM, Collective Game, Urban Fantasy, Fate, Fate/Paradox Reincarnator, Paradox Reincarnator, Fate Quest, Isekai, Type-Moon, Wizards2021-02-28 4 
4625309L5R: Pursuit of Greatness, Session 5.5Bayushi Kimiko welcomes the Lion Clan to Beiden.Collective Game, Quest, Legend of the Five Rings, L5R, Pursuit of Greatness2021-02-26 5 
4649632Jake Starcrash: Episode 2Jake and pals crash-land on a world where mushroom, not man, is the dominant speciesLego Quest, Collective Game2021-02-26 0 
4615042Royal Monster QuestKokabiel, agent from the beyond is on his way to avert tragedy and the destruction of a world. First step; Infiltration!royal monster quest, steampunk, gunpowder and bayonet, 2021-02-25 0 
4653106STAR WARS: Battle Droid QuestOn the cold planet of Crondre almost two decades after the end of the Clone Wars, a B1 Battle Droid awakens on an ancient battlefield...Star Wars, Collective Game, Stud Bucket2021-02-25 27 
4668945Claymore: Second Swords Quest #57NegotiationsClaymore, Collective Game, AU2021-02-24 3 
4668586Shinobi Sidestory Quest #28Day Two (War Arc)Collective Game, Naruto, AU, SSQ2021-02-24 5 
4624564Hero Academia Quest #44Friends, more friends, an accident and some advice.MHA Quest, Ushi, Walker, Present Mic, Collective Game, Quest, MHA, My Hero Academia, Female Protagonist2021-02-24 12 
4616851ASOIAF: Alchemist QuestWe start off in Oldtown and lay the groundwork for our future.Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire, ASOIAF, Alchemist Quest2021-02-23 1 
4612257Project Wingbride, A Project Wingman Spin-Quel-Off 2A quest set in the world of Project D2's critically-acclaimed tribute to the Ace Combat game series, featuring Cortana-esque plane AIfus. AI Waifus, Planes, Project Wingman, Ace Combat, Military2021-02-22 0 
4616114Astraplex Quest #2Jonovan learns about his past life, ransacks the Entropist hideout, and retrieves a severed head.weeaboo, cultivation, weebkitsch, astraplex2021-02-22 0 
4638339Wandering Warrior Quest IJatar the Baadgha meets a witch who tasks him with killing a nameless god. Magic is looked for and the wrong kind is found.Wandering Warrior, Captain, Collective Game2021-02-22 0 
4614226Scrapworld quest (silent stars)Grug gets killed, AS0L becomes the hero we need.Cyborg, Android, Post apoc, Sci-fi, Silent Stars, Nongent, Collective Game2021-02-22 0 
4613861Skeleton Island 2, part 20Shotasniffer and her siblings somehow blunder their way into the top...of the heroes.notapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2021-02-22 1 
4626670Pokemon Clover 3: Suicide with DripAlex Mason faces Logan Paul, and learns the true meaning of spooky. Based on a the Romhack. Mostly Offensive, never funny.Collective Game, Pokemon Clover Quest, Vandashlane, mynameismimikyu, pokemon, pokemon clover2021-02-22 0 
4638166Royal RumbleRoyal Rumble is a small draw quest about the management of a fantasy kingdom.MySojourn2021-02-22 2 
4621306Dream Catchers 2nd Edition [Skirmish]The slumbering realms open to those who wander dreamland once more, allowing those lucid to reshape both hex and denizen for a new awakeningfenster, collective game, collaborative game, skirmish, dream catchers, dream, denizen, lucid, catcher, catchers2021-02-21 0 
4615392Pokemon in NYC Quest #6MC wins tournament, gets a bunch of money, beats a gym leader and his job is getting robbed. Pokemon, NYC, Tournament 2021-02-21 1 
4661486Saiyan Conqueror Quest 151Karn talks with friends, visits with the scientists and checks up on B7, then a deadly experiment escapes itís containmentSaiyan Conqueror Quest, GrandDragonQM, SCQ, GDQM, DBZ, Karn, Saiyan, /qst/, 2021-02-21 2 
4622666Open Roads Quest #1; Setting OutWe arrive in Angelsfield and conduct our business. A route is set for Jironth, and we have a physical alteraction with a Capwell lackey.Open Roads Quest, Collective Game, WeldyQM, Merchantile, Journey, Caravan2021-02-21 1 
4612320Witches' MarkFrauke's journey begins.Witch, Magic, Spellcraft, Drake, Mercenary, Frauke2021-02-20 1 
4642362Fate/Paradox Reincarnator: Part 17Shinji plays kingmaker, accidentally.WhatIsAQM, Collective Game, Urban Fantasy, Fate, Fate/Paradox Reincarnator, Paradox Reincarnator, Fate Quest, Isekai, Type-Moon, Kings2021-02-20 7 
4632433Advent Soul Quest #73in1 Thread. Lots of bonding.Bleach, Collective Game, AU, Advent Soul Quest, Trippy2021-02-20 22 
4613892Tai Lung Quest 8While searching for clues, the group find themselves fighting the very people they were tracking down. Kung Fu Panda, Tai Lung quest, Redemption Quest, Storyteller Luo, Collective Game2021-02-19 1 
4609406Ben 10 Quest #40Wilderbee sets off on his own personal adventure and dredges up his past, but unfortunately, we don't get to finish this one.Ben 10 Quest, Collective Game, sci-fi, action, adventure, slice-of-life, Saturday Morning Action2021-02-19 0 
4633673HuscarlA skirmish made in 24 hours for Skrimjam. Vikings cross the sea to raid England, but their return is blocked by the lord's soldiers.Huscarl, Skirmish, Vikings, Medieval2021-02-19 1 
4610638Zerak Rise Quest #2We go around getting witches naked.Zerak, Rise, medieval, fantasy, kingdom simulator, crusader kings, court, king, zerak rise quest2021-02-18 0 
4610793Panzer Commander Quest #68Richter's travels back to his unit are cut short, and he has a long night of fighting against those he once fought for.Panzer Commander, Collective Game, War, Armor, Cajun Cooking, deep frying, a smattering of actual tank2021-02-18 2 
4631602Space Station 13 Quest: Space Station 13 Quest: Station 3 - Booze StationThird time's the charm or so they say.Badmin QM, Space Station 13, Space, Clown, Cyborg, Mechanicus, Weed Monster, Slime, Tesla Ball, Russians, Vodka2021-02-17 3 
4611443Chalco Civ 1The first thread of Chalco civ, the founding of the village begins. And the meeting of some of the local entities.Chalco Civ, Stone Age, Bronze Age, Neolithic, civ, civilisation, civilization, draw, draw quest, Dolomite, fantasy2021-02-17 3 
4617909Animorphs Quest 1Five teens meet an alien, receive strange powers, and get saddled with the burden of stopping an alien invasion.Animorphs, Quest, Collective Game, aliens2021-02-16 5 
4613249Salary Man: Whitecollar Vigilante (2nd Shift)Salary Man enforces justice at a metal concert, gets assaulted, and engages in mock romance.Collective Game, Salary Man, Superhero, Japan, Weak protagonist, Male protagonist, QMWalrus2021-02-16 4 
4612535Child of a Dead Empire #21Tiiris goes on a Road TripChild of a Dead Empire, COADE, Space, Scifi, Navy, Space Battle2021-02-16 0 
4604812Black-Mesa Black-Ops Quest #13Gabby Finally makes it to the test chamber. Zero Point energy makes the atom bomb and Krishna look rather quaint. Black Mesa Black Ops Quest, Half Life, Collective Game2021-02-15 0 
4653078Black Company Quest 2230AD #2The Black Company is good at what they do, and they do it at affordable alien prices. SGT 'Snake Eyes' Natalya raids a Yibrak space statioBlack Company Quest, 2230AD, Collective Game, Forgotten QM, Sci-Fi, Mercenary2021-02-15 7 
4604478The Silver Marches 1Ulf the Giant ventures into untamed north in search of new fortunes and adventures.Silver Marches, Silver Marches Quest, Fantasy, Giant, Collective Game, Quest, World Building, Archer2021-02-14 4 
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