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March 2017
1263683God of Edge: The Beta Uprising part 1A diety quest that very quickly falls into untold levels of degeneracy.Deity, prometheus, fantasy, rape,edge,nc172017-03-30 0 
1307978One Piece Muscles Quest 2In a underground cage match heavyweight superstar Maximillion goes against Moran's crew. Only on OPM pay per view!Collective Game, One Piece Muscles Quest, Quest, Mynameismimikyu, Pirates, Muscles2017-03-30 6 
1278898Lost Island Quest 64Expedition to Khagh Moldircollective game, Lost Island, fantasy, Lost Island Quest2017-03-30 1 
1308130From Pleb to Hero Quest #5Join Nora's attempt to free her friend Gretchen from jail!drawquest, Nora, Collective Game, fantasy2017-03-30 2 
1315085Monstergirl Legend Quest 13: TyrantChanges aren't just skin deepCollective Game, Monstergirl Legend Quest, The headmaster, Monster girl, Monster girls, Modern fantasy, Legends, Myths2017-03-30 9 
1291505WildStar QuestClyde Starwalker, an Exile Human Stalker, awakens from cryo-sleep and gets prepared for a trip to the mysterious planet Nexus.WildStar Quest, WildStar, Collective Game, Clyde Starwalker, Exile, Dominion, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Space2017-03-29 2 
1280639Delilah's Birthday Quest-Oneshot Part TwoSecond part of the MQ one-year anniversary oneshot.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2017-03-29 1 
1282830European Dragon Quest 57In this episode, we find out the Drow have been behind everything, and they attack Sweden with biological weapons... And fail.European Dragon Quest, Collective Quest, QuestingQM, Terrorism2017-03-29 2 
1304508Joker Quest 152In which we tell Daegal everything and make him hate us.Collective Game, Joker Quest, Joker2017-03-29 2 
1297199Himehorn 911!"State your emergency.""I can't stop thinking that my lips look weird when I talk."Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-03-29 0 
1311056Dog Days Quest RECAP THREAD part deux (Episode 138)We go over the second half of the quest in detail, and allow anyone to ask questions!Dog Days Quest, Collective Game, Fluffy Tails, Fun2017-03-29 1 
1304908Girls Und Panzer: Lafayette Girls Academy Quest 2 #78In which we welcome more tankers to LGA.GuP, Girls und Panzer, LGA, Collective Game, GuP:LGA2 Quest2017-03-28 3 
1301716Girls Und Panzer: Lafayette Girls Academy Quest 2 #77In which we spend a day with Josephina.GuP, Girls und Panzer, LGA, Collective Game, GuP:LGA2 Quest2017-03-28 2 
1293544Starship Idols Quest #17Naka's big debutCollective Game, not-Starship Troopers, powered armor, idols, propaganda2017-03-28 1 
1289330Overwatch Quest 14With no urgent mission or global crisis, Seeker chills at the Watchpoint and gets to know some of the other agents.Overwatch Quest, Collective Game, Overwatch, Sci-Fi, Superhero2017-03-28 9 
1279480Lost in the Seventies: Chapter 7After some family time at the movies, Jerry goes to a nightclub.Changeling, World of Darkness, Lost in the Seventies, Jerry Woodheart2017-03-28 4 
1308518Dragonball Quest #127The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but it travels far to get back to the treecollective game, quest, dbz, Dragonball, Quest, Dragonball Quest, Somnius2017-03-28 15 
1296967PHASE Superhero Quest #3Tyler uncovers the plot of the Razors gang.PHASE Quest, PHASE, Quest, Superhero, Super powers, character, modern, futuristic, worldbuilding2017-03-28 1 
1277016Mageknight Academy #6Exam retakes, eldritch investigations, plant women problems, faceless vampires, anti-climactic duels, mind trapped Germans & self-thwomping.Mageknight Academy, Collective Game, Valencia, Civ, RPG, Anime, School, Test2017-03-27 1 
1277046Mageknight Academy: Amsterdam #4With the exam retakes finished, a new school year starts with new students and struggles arriving.Mageknight Academy, Collective Game, Valencia, Civ, RPG, Anime, School, Test2017-03-27 1 
1303124Wizard Explorer 4Pip convinces a slightly crazy geomancer to share his knowledge.Dolomite, Wizard Explorer, Wizard, Fantasy, memes2017-03-27 1 
1290010Uruk-hai Quest 4: The EndA rowdy Uruk gets fucked by a Wraith.Uruk-hai Quest, Wendigo-Chan, Nazgul, Middle Earth, Quest, Orcs2017-03-27 1 
1303456Pandora Quest 54.0Much adieu about love.Android, AI, Collective Game, Pandora, Artificial Intelligence, Pandora Quest, AM-PM, AM in the PM2017-03-27 2 
1281089Thug Quest 20Johnny begins his recovery from another brutal battle. He receives visitors both welcome and otherwise.Thug Quest, Collective Game, Crime, Urban, 1980s2017-03-27 2 
1305694Hive Queen Quest 62.2Trouble brews in the undercity of Path's sprawl as chaos spreads across the Union in more ways than one.Hive Queen Quest, Hivemind, Collective Game, Queen, Quest, sci fi2017-03-27 20 
1279251SMT Devil Survivor:Spain | Quest #2We make ourselves comfortable, and find a pair of demons.SMT, DollmakerQM, SMTSpain, Devil Survivor, 2017-03-26 1 
1274832Starcaller Quest: Episode 21A starship captain buys a much-needed appliance, visits an old friend, reminisces about the War, and leaves Thalos. Science Fiction, Starships, Original Setting, Quest, Lore2017-03-26 1 
1304687Shadows of Zeon: Aphelion Part 21Shadows of Char.Collective Game, Shadows of Zeon, Gundam, AU2017-03-26 3 
1297158A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #13A goatgirl meets a strange not-person, then a strange earth-person, then eats some mushrooms.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, mitts, Collective Game2017-03-26 4 
1283045Masterpiece of a Shattered God 4A draw game, the premise being that anons are the shattered consciousness of a God seeking to create his masterpiece...God Game, Sandbox, Bad Art2017-03-26 1 
1302091Academy Tournament Organization Quest 12Hideki's magic art is finally revealed. But the conflicts just don't stop...Academy Tournament Organization Quest, ATO Quest, Collective Game, Anime2017-03-26 8 
1283529The Raid of Carmentia I: A Squire's MettleThe Angels Aurum Chapter stands ready to defend Carmentia against the hordes of Heretics and Cultists Collective Game, 40k, 40K, Warhammer, Space Marines, Chaos, Cults, Cultists, Xenos, Blood Angels, Imperium of Man, Emperor, Chapter Quest2017-03-26 1 
1303160Titanfall Quest: A Girl and her Titan Part 9 ENDHolly participates in her biggest mission yet. A Girl and her Titan, Titanfall Quest, Titanfall, Sci Fi, Collective Game2017-03-26 9 
1265471Trashland Quest #2Began to form alliances w/ ogres. Thread ends with becoming imprisoned by chieftess of the Geletres tribe. Players plan to assassinate her. Collective Game, Open-Ended Quest, Tribe Quest2017-03-26 2 
1301850Hive Queen Quest Beta: 11 Moby KeekThe queen establishes her base and grows a large number of soldiers, and her miners are eaten in a freak incident with a giant rock worm.Collective Game, Hive Queen Quest Beta, sci-fi2017-03-26 5 
1271360Black Knights Quest -Part 3.0-The Black Knight of "Save the Princess" fame has to band together with seven other knights to save the princess.Black, Knight, Black Knight, Princess, Roam2017-03-26 2 
1294403Lamplighter Quest 11Misfortune cuts a thread short as we plan out our first fight.Lamplighter Quest, Collective Game2017-03-26 3 
1301608Shinigami Savant Quest #94Those who prove worthy.Bleach, Collective Game, Shinigami Savant Quest2017-03-25 21 
1299848Beleaguered Prince Quest #67Prince Meirion continues to plot. It's totally not an excuse to let someone else look after the babies. Beleaguered Prince Quest, Collective Game, Original Setting2017-03-25 4 
1300298Kantai Collection Quest: Pacific Strike 75Hoel meets a rather interesting Polish destroyer. Kantai Collection, WWII, Kantai Collection Pacific Strike, Collective Game2017-03-25 12 
1299645Dragonball Quest #126The Tree of Might is dealt with, but a new threat looms on the horizoncollective game, quest, dbz, Dragonball, Quest, Dragonball Quest, Somnius2017-03-25 29 
1290959Gorgon Child Quest 20Cici gets another visit from Grampa Brad and learns a few new things about magic.Collective Game, gorgon, medusa, cute, RE: Animated, bananon2017-03-25 1 
1255681Hexcom: Forest StrollAfter a long time setting up, we hold the line (maybe)Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, Art?, Skirmish Sketch2017-03-25 1 
1279398Zatch Bell Quest 14 (Mistaken as 13)Last day in America as the European field trip beginsZatch Bell Quest, /qst/, Collective game, Drachtma2017-03-24 1 
1270021Bladebound Retainer Quest #11.5 Part 2Marcus Painel continues his break-in of the Alchemists' Guild, and the Vascieli make a surprising and unsavoury appearance. Collective Game, Bladebound Retainer Quest, Kaz, Original Setting2017-03-24 6 
1267673A Realm in Ruins Quest XVIPeace is made after decades of grudges and lots of food and wine are had.Collective Game, Jean de Labendai, A Realm in Ruins, A Fallen House,2017-03-24 1 
1279234Fantasy Crusader Quest #9Where Natalia finishes telling her story.Crusader, Fantasy Crusader Quest, Victor Reis, Templar, Knight, Elves, Natalia2017-03-24 1 
1283310Himehorn 911!"State you-" "Does he look like a bitch?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-03-24 1 
1270580Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "What does Mr. Wallace looks like?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-03-24 1 
1296978Magical Girl For Hire Quest #29- IntermissionTo celebrate another finished job, the girls have a Bad Movie Night, and Izumi proves that 'Don't Try This At Home' warnings are for chumMagical Girl For Hire Quest, mercenary, MGHandler, Magical Girl, Collective Game2017-03-24 4 
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