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May 2009
4657327Liber Chaotica StoriesA question about the social capabilities of Chaos Chosen leads to a dedicated anon typing up some fluff from various books by hand. fluff, warhammer fantasy2009-05-25 6 
November 2009
6825362Khorne in Warhammer FantasyWritefag out of nowhere writes up one of the best depictions of Khorne I've seen yet.Warhammer fantasy, epic, Khorn, Chaos2009-11-23 0 
April 2010
8971811Warhammer Question/Animosity SuggestionsA question about an all-goblin army for Warhammer Fantasy evolves into a discussion about how to fix the animosity ruleWarhammer Fantasy, orcs, goblins2010-04-04 -2 
September 2011
16375960Araby fandex brainstorming/tg/ starts with the creation of their own Araby army book, this brainstorming is saved for future reference.Araby, warhammer fantasy, project, /tg/ gets shit done, 2011-09-21 23 
March 2013
23679659On Childhood, Death, and WarhammerAn eleven-year-old girl joins her big brother's Warhammer Fantasy game, his character being a childhood hero of hers. In her first session, a single botched roll leads to both killing her brother's character and her own death as a result; she leaves the table crying. /tg/ has it out.Discussion, WFRP, Warhammer, Warhammer Fantasy, GM, death, girl, PC, player character2013-03-14 41 
July 2013
25995972Play WarhammerI got 99 problems but a tau ain't one.writefaggotry, warhammer fantasy, play it2013-07-14 6 
July 2015
40947836Warhammer: Age of Sigmar playtestPlaytest and review of the Age of Sigmar rules, using Lego figuresWarhammer, Warhammer Fantasy, Age of Sigmar, Lego2015-07-04 8 
41231742Two Souls Quest 6We decide to team up with the Bretonnians after hearing both sides of the story and then proceed to join the battle and go a little bit crazy.Collective Game, Two Souls Quest, Warhammer Fantasy2015-07-15 2 
41336210Two Souls Quest 7We are badly poisoned, and Mario makes it worse before making up for it by summoning THE STEED OF LEGEND!Collective Game, Two Souls Quest, Warhammer Fantasy 2015-07-20 3 
August 2015
41612679Two Souls Quest 9We wake up from a week long poisoned knock out, get the king of vampires on our side, learn that Mario now kicks ass and fight alongside him.Two Souls Quest, Collective Game, Mirage, Warhammer Fantasy2015-08-02 1 
November 2015
43478161Kindly Skaven and noble vampires: Bizarro Warhammer!Compiler, Grimgor, the King of the Halflings, and Skeetch spin a tale of knightly vampires and fair Skaven, and the Empire that threatens to destroy the peace.Skaven, Vampire, Empire, Orcs, Warhammer Fantasy, story, Getting Shit Done, worldbuilding2015-11-09 12 
February 2018
57778614No End Times, What Do?Discussion of how Warhammer Fantasy might ought to have looked if it carried on from the Storm of ChaosWarhammer Fantasy, netwd2018-02-05 3 
September 2021
4958097Border Princes QuestFlaviana Messore, a Tilean exile moves to the Border Princes to establish herself.Warhammer fantasy, Warhammer, Border Princes Quest2021-09-24 6 
November 2021
5007312Border Princes Quest 2Flaviana Messore expands her territory and forms alliances. The QM also kills the quest (Sorry)Warhammer fantasy, Warhammer, Border Princes Quest2021-11-20 2 
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