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February 2016
45261063Biopunk Quest #12Fat Tuesday puts the quest on pause.Collective Game, Quest, BioPunk2016-02-12 0 
45336400/tg/ designs a noblebright setting, thread 2Continuation of previous thread: Anonymous contribute fluff for a new noblebright setting.worldbuilding, noblebright2016-02-12 0 
45366357DCComics Struggling Student Quest #8I Ain't No ThuleQuest, Collective Game, Struggling Student Quest, DC, DC Comics, DCComics Struggling Student Quest, student, magic, John Constantine2016-02-12 10 
45364793Broken Sky Online - Session 20We catch up with a familiar face and don't bet on a fight. Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2016-02-12 1 
45364271Leaf Ninja Quest #63Our hero travels to the Village Hidden in the Mist and has a meeting with the MizukageCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-02-12 6 
45366153Generically-titled Fire Emblem Quest (Gen 2) #42Our hero's part in a civil war makes for some rather heavy conflicts.FE, Fire Emblem, Generically-titled Fire Emblem Quest, Quest, Fire Emblem Quest, FE Quest, Collective Game2016-02-12 1 
45364244Snakecatcher Quest 81We keep getting interrupted with everything we do.Snakecatcher Quest, Collective Game2016-02-12 7 
45364435Death Among the Stars Quest 32The Armada prepares for the upcoming battles. Refugees are taken in, much infrastructure made, and strange undead met.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-02-12 6 
45361825Tide of Ages Quest Pt28Trym manages to broker peace between a trio of feuding gods and saves his village from the fallout. All in a day's work!Collective Game, Civilization, prehistoric, stone age, Red White and Britfag, Tide of Ages2016-02-12 2 
45359645Nerv Bridge Simulator II - Interim 1 "Going doing to Boston to pick up the Fourth Child. You ready Major?"Collective Game, Quest, Eva, Evangelion, Nerv Bridge Simulator, Nerv HQ2016-02-12 6 
45359137A Song of Revenge and Gold: House Malroy Quest | Chapter XXVIIIn which Brynden Malroy finishes up the Melee in Steadhold and all that entails.Collective Game, House Malroy, Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire, ASOIAF2016-02-12 3 
45358455(Quest Thread) Reborn in an RPG S03 Ep052We start a conversation with Ren and Mako about the futurecollective game, Eldric Lightbringer, Lyann, Mako2016-02-12 1 
45357153Space Monkeys Quest 51Breaking time and getting paid for itSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2016-02-12 2 
45364363Card Priestess Masami Quest 114Where we run from our problems, and no one is happy.Collective Game, Card Priestess Quest, Card Priestess Masami Quest, Magical Girl, Original Setting, Female Protagonist, Cute2016-02-12 3 
45362930Trapped in Da'ta Quest 15Krovachi/ Katie, following a last request, has squandered what little was left of her humanity, Becoming a Hiver Queen. Early archiveCollective Game, Trapped in Da'ta Quest, The headmaster, trapped in a video game, trapped in a MMO, fresh start2016-02-12 13 
45347891Novice Adventurer Quest 14We have a talk with a paladin, we find a dead body, and we hug a certain cleric.Novice Adventurer Quest, Collective Game2016-02-11 0 
45343367Lost Island Quest 32Alan encounters undead.collective game, Lost Island, fantasy, Lost Island Quest2016-02-11 3 
45342946Persona 2129 Quest 35In this thread, Takashi learns that women can be both adorable and utterly terrifying. Those Social Links are quite nice, though.Collective Game, Persona 2129 Quest, Persona, P21292016-02-11 12 
45344319A Knight in the Zodiac Court Quest 4We meet blacksmiths, brownies, a pixie and a cait as we explore the wonderful world of modern supernatural economics.A Knight in the Zodiac Court Quest, Urban Fantasy, Magic, Modern, Knight, Gally, Collective Game2016-02-11 5 
45349948Kant-O-Celle Quest #117The battle for the Sunda Strait continues to evolve as new elements are brought onto the stageCollective Game, Planefag, ships, admiral, WWII, Kantai Collection, Kant-O-Celle Quest2016-02-11 13 
45346032Kant-O-Celle Quest #116THANK YOU BASED KTKM-SAMACollective Game, Planefag, ships, admiral, WWII, Kantai Collection, Kant-O-Celle Quest2016-02-11 15 
45300495/tg/ designs a noblebright settingAnons from all over the multiverse build a noblebright setting togetherworldbuilding, noblebright2016-02-10 6 
45315400Dungeon Life Quest #42The good news just keeps piling up!Collective Game, Dungeon Life Quest, Fantasy, Necromancy2016-02-10 9 
45328422Generically-titled Fire Emblem Quest (Gen 2) #41The day he's to set out for yet another important job, our hero is afflicted with something.FE, Fire Emblem, Generically-titled Fire Emblem Quest, Quest, Fire Emblem Quest, FE Quest, Collective Game2016-02-10 1 
45282356For House and Dominon Civil War 17Rushing back home we begin planning future defense of our holdings, then watch our subordinates become terrifying raiders in their own rightCollective Game, Quest, House and Dominion, Dominion Quest, Space, Space Combat, Survey, Salvage, Dice2016-02-10 9 
45326198RE:Monster Ex Quest 129We pick a path in the dungeon. monstergirls, re-monster, re:monster ex quest, REQM, Collective Game2016-02-10 32 
45318908Devil Summoner: New Cycle Quest #43The Crawling Chaos risesQuest, Collective Game, Devil Summoner London Quest2016-02-10 5 
45318715Digimang Quest #11Exploring the cit, looking for humans, being served eggs by an egg, glitches, creepy stalker and GATTSUmonDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-02-10 7 
45321824Azure Quest 12In which we collect LOTS of toys! And some information, too.Collective Game, Artificial Intelligence, Exabyte, Azure Quest,2016-02-10 6 
45325903Dog Days Quest Episode 92Little girl! It's up to you to save the day!Dog Days Quest, Collective Game, Fluffy Tails, Fun2016-02-10 3 
45321142Novice Heretek Quest 95Our protagonist has an honorbound duel to the death with the Necron Lord who used to rule this world in aeons past. Collective Game, Axsisel, Novice Heretek Quest, Warhammer40k, techpriest, Heracor Nahive , NHQ952016-02-10 6 
45325411One Piece Adventure Quest 3Adela goes out to sea, being taken on a patrol to search for pirates and other sorts trouble. Early archiveCollective Game, One Piece Adventure Quest, The Headmaster, One Piece, Devil fruit, Devil fruit user, Adventure,2016-02-10 12 
45312571Novice Adventurer Quest 13We talk to a sexy dancer, get throttled, and meet one of the S-rank adventurers.Novice Adventurer Quest, Collective Game2016-02-09 1 
45309116Hellborn Quest 138Sierra and her motorcycle gang stop at McDonalds.Hellborn Quest, Collective Game, 1382016-02-09 11 
45308242Leaf Ninja Quest #62Our hero finishes learning the Rasengan, then takes up a mission to the MistCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-02-09 7 
45307580Snakecatcher Quest 80We discover we are no good at haggling as we fall into the pits of bargaining hell.Snakecatcher Quest, Collective Game2016-02-09 7 
45305261Nerv Bridge Simulator II"The battle is getting more heated. Major, what are your orders?"Collective Game, Quest, Eva, Evangelion, Nerv Bridge Simulator, Nerv HQ2016-02-09 12 
45306273Banished Quest 179We spar with a friend and get our ass kicked, then share a drink.Collective Game, Somas, Banished, Quest, Banished Quest2016-02-09 8 
45268554Weirder Wizards WorldbuildingOP asks for original ideas for wizards and systems of magic. /tg/ complies with worldbuilding and discussion.wizard, wizards, magic, worldbuilding, no sense of right and wrong,2016-02-09 1 
45260556OmegleAnother "Go on Omelge and mess with ERPers" thread. Full of Orcs.omegle, orcs, barbarians, brogan, troll2016-02-09 2 
45305784Urban Oni Quest 5Revelations Oni, Collective Game, Urban Oni Quest, StrikeZone2016-02-09 15 
45301289Ryukuza Quest: Protector of Smiles and Demigod DragonetteThe Triumphant return of Ryukusa begins with a recap, and an evil twist.Collective Game, Ryukuza Quest, Ryukusa, Smile Protector, comedy, romance, over the top, dragon girls, oni girls, neko, youkai, blood, magic2016-02-08 11 
45271339Floors 4.5 Corridor Ascension ContinuedWe visit the understairs, do more shopping, and more fusionFloors, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Monday2016-02-08 3 
45294328Persona 2129 Quest 34.5Continuation of previous thread.Collective Game, Persona 2129 Quest, Persona, P21292016-02-08 11 
45288629DCComics Struggling Student Quest #7Charlie bests a hellhound.Quest, Collective Game, Struggling Student Quest, DC, DC Comics, DCComics Struggling Student Quest, student, magic, John Constantine2016-02-08 22 
45281923A Song of Revenge and Gold: House Malroy Quest | Chapter XXVIIn which Lord Brynden Malroy discusses the grimness of the Hayford's future, the brightness of others and enjoys the end of the melee.Collective Game, House Malroy, Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire, ASOIAF2016-02-08 9 
45282308Star Wars: Fortune Hunter Quest #25AlpheridiesCollective Game, Star Wars, Empire, Rebels, dogfights, stormtroopers, droids, Star Wars: Fortune Hunter Quest2016-02-08 7 
45283996Persona 2129 Quest 34The Observer is insufferable, as expected. But at least Takashi gets some sweet gains.Collective Game, Persona 2129 Quest, Persona, P21292016-02-08 14 
45282423Leaf Ninja Quest #61Our hero starts to learn the Rasengan, and has a nice picnicCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-02-08 7 
45280008Witch Apprentice Quest #12Nadja receives a lesson in courteousness.WAQ, Collective Game, Witch Apprentice Quest2016-02-08 7 
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