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September 2014
34561395Erquest OnlineAster fights slimes without a head, gets eaten by a giant wolf, and makes a friend who totally isn't a guy IRLErquest online quest, collective game, artificial reality, fantasy, Dullahan, ERP, online gaming2014-09-02 2 
34564331Handling "triggering content" in your game.Semi-reasonable discussion about how to approach players who find some topics uncomfortable.discussion, debate, triggering, ptsd, uncomfortable2014-09-02 0 
34555637Medieval Pokemon Quest 3Barry joins a trading ship convoy on it's way to Hoenn. Jessie teaches him to read, and loose access to Jessie's room. You and Jessie have some fun in the sun, before falling asleep on the beach. A thief steals your gold, but is caught and given a job on the ship. You go on a short trip, ending with the acquisition of new pokemon. You regain access to Jessie's room and go shopping for books. We also get a view of this through Mr. Korda's eyesMedieval Pokemon Quest, Pokemon, Prof. Sequoia, Collective Game2014-09-02 1 
34557919RE:Monster Ex Quest 14Posting issues, and a trip into town. monstergirls, re-monster, re:monster ex quest, REQM, Collective Game2014-09-02 7 
34557042Wetwork Idols Quest #21: The Most Dangerous GameWendy and Michelle have a working lunch. Property management ho!Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-09-02 1 
34561647Neckbeard Quest 27/k/ay gets stuck under a bunch of sweaty /fit/izens. Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2014-09-02 0 
34560071Banished Quest 57We have a conversation with the Varistha, go to the Apothecary, and then 4chan craps itself.Collective Game, Somas, Banished, Quest, Banished Quest2014-09-02 5 
34503502Protoculture drawthreadProtoculture's other drawthread, Protoculture only did a few drawings though.Protoculture, Drawthread, Drawfag2014-09-02 1 
34557656Space Ferret Quest p4 We give an inspiring speech. Space Ferret Quest, collective game2014-09-02 1 
34551627Space Superstitions 4A fourth thread is had in which superstitions, myths and ghost stories from the space age future are shared.Space, spacer, SciFi, superstition, urban legends, astronauts, lost cosmonauts2014-09-02 9 
34555470Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 37After the frayCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-09-01 2 
34523638Neckbeard Quest 26Anon continues to be the little girl and /k/ay wakes up from a night of hard partying. Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2014-09-01 2 
34538720Life Quest 3We reconcile with our wife, sorta. Then go to work, sign up for an Antarctic vacation, get molested, and seek out an illegal arms dealer.Collective Game, Somas, Oneshot, Life Quest2014-09-01 1 
34542810Crusader Quest Part 5Wilhelm deals with the consequences of last night, rescues a new companion, and agrees to an important mission.Collective Game, Crusader Quest, In Nomine Patris, Wilhelm, Charisma, HistoricalFiction2014-09-01 7 
34549455Hive Queen Quest 22.5After dealing with John Smith, Lee and the Union marines make to leave while the queen turns her attention to other pressing matters.Hive Queen Quest, Hivemind, Collective Game, Queen, Quest, sci fi2014-09-01 6 
34546988Lego Quest Presents... After the BrickThe origin of the Wanderer!Lego Quest, Collective Game, post-apocalyptic2014-09-01 1 
34534124Medieval Pokemon Quest 2We fight off a pirate, then learn something new about Jesse. We go on a shopping spree and meet Jesse's parentsMedieval Pokemon Quest, Pokemon, Prof. Sequoia2014-09-01 2 
34541860Evil PreCure Quest 80Putting the "Fun" in Fungicide Collective Game, Evil Precure Quest, Precure, Pretty Cure, Magical Girl2014-09-01 9 
34534678Space Pirate Naga Quest 13The fearless Captain Val meets her old nemesis and attends a birthday party for another familiar face. Space Pirate Naga Quest, Collective Game, Space Pirate, Naga, Mechs, Fancy Birthday Parties2014-09-01 5 
34537993Monster Girls Quest 127The investigation begins, traitors can't hide forever.Monster Girls Quests, Collective Game, Monster Girls, Quest2014-09-01 1 
34538650Card Priestess Masami Quest 21Where we chase a masked girl, are suspicious of our friends, and wish we had siblings.Collective Game, Card Priestess Quest, Card Priestess Masami Quest, Magical Girl, Original Setting, Female Protagonist, Cute2014-09-01 5 
34539991Hive Queen Quest 22The queen entertains her hosts to keep them busy, the doctor's condition proves more complicated than first thought, and the humans prove to be more curious than they have let on.Hive Queen Quest, Hivemind, Collective Game, Queen, Quest, sci fi2014-09-01 9 
34534726The Magical Green Lantern Quest #2Even as the Green Lantern, you can't escape from petty crimes from extraordinary people.Collective Game, DC Universe, Green Lantern2014-09-01 9 
34534080Commissar Quest XX: Emperors DayCommissar Quest: XX - Otto is slowly growing up!Collective Game, Commissar quest, quest, commissar, besvir, CommissarWhatsHisName2014-09-01 1 
34544068False Dendrite Quest sidestory: -song of unison- 3Evil organizations and mysterious attackers.Collective Game, False Dendrite Quest2014-09-01 11 
34543914Pararescue Witches '89 Part 37Pierce gets a very rare day off to do whatever.Strike witches 1989, Collective Game, Pararescue Witches2014-09-01 10 
34536211Kouga: Saint of Mars 27You expected the angels, but it was us, the demons! Collective Game, Saint Seiya, Saint Seiya Omega, BelkanSniper, Kouga: Saint of Mars, Black Pegasus,2014-09-01 2 
34516738Space Marine Quest 21In which /TG/ takes their sniper rifle and fires away.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-09-01 3 
34537633Banner Civ QuestWhere we get started, find an abandoned village, and slay a trollCollective Game, Cyninga, Civilization, Banner Civ Quest2014-09-01 2 
34534690Oversized Weapon Quest 55You go to the beach, then make a decision.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, goblins, big swords, Final Chapter Start2014-09-01 6 
34483595Kill la Kill What-If Quest: What Now? Part 5Ryuusuki, having received her name, prepares not to kill Sanageyama.Kill la Kill, Collective Game, Quest, CYOA2014-09-01 2 
34529670Space Superstitions 3Another thread full of sci-fi superstitions and urban legendsspace, spacer, scifi, superstition, urban legend, astronauts, lost cosmonaut,2014-09-01 11 
August 2014
34516399Brain Burst Quest: ProlougeYoung, video game obsessed, traumatized Seiji stumbles aimlessly through school until he catches someone's eye...;^)Collective Game, Brain Burst Quest, Accel World, Brain Burst, Cyberpunk, BBQ Pork, And Ribs2014-08-31 2 
34500872/tg/ in charge of staying on topicFirst it was a Tolkien thread, then a thread about jeans, suddenly a discussion on the Roman Empire and its influence Rome, railroading, jean2014-08-31 0 
34509156The King of Fighters Quest Round 37The King of Fighters tournament finally begins and Katja can dance if she wants to.SNK, Collective Game, King of Fighters, KoF Quest, Katja Hartkern, dance battle2014-08-31 0 
34515520Log Horizon Quest 30Grandma Spider and Klepto Kisses: The Road to PuebloLog Horizon, Quest, Collective Game, TinyShepherd, Levers2014-08-31 8 
34516355Mobile Suit Gundam: Shadows of Zeon Quest #22The gang tracks down the Val Varo, enters into an agreement with Cima Garahau, and shoots Kelley Layzner in his other arm.Shadows of Zeon, Collective Game, Mecha, Gundam, AU2014-08-31 8 
34518545Ghostmaster Quest PrologueQuest about ghosts and haunting places/scaring mortals.Ghostmaster Quest2014-08-31 2 
34524479The /tg/ Heresy 12: Get your shit together or you get the Fist EditionFinishing the Primarch Battlefield's role List./tg/ Heresy2014-08-31 0 
34520293ODST Quest 13Let's get a debriefingCollective Game, ODST Quest, Helljumpers, Halo, ODST2014-08-31 1 
34513969Infinite Stratos Quest 10More Is practice with the class only for Laura to crash the duel between Cecilia and Rin. Which required you and Charles to save them both. Chifuyu pops in to make sure you save it for the tournament. And you learn the secret about Charles.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-08-31 9 
34509629Medieval Pokemon QuestA gypsy boy sets off with his trusty Turtwig, Teddy. They catch a Clauncher then become a cabin boy. Barry shares a cabin with the rich kid of a mechant, Jesse. They catch a Croagunk and Bagon, then go to a botanical garden.Medieval Pokemon Quest, Pokemon, Prof. Sequoia, Collective Games2014-08-31 1 
34516147Fate/Stay Night Quest Part 1A witch enters the 5th Holy Grail War by summoning a blue caster. Collective Game, Fate/Stay Night, Fate, Mr. Dawn, Witch, Cu Chulainn, Caster2014-08-31 6 
34511756Macross 2054 Quest Ep 6Target practice with Claudia, meeting possible buyers, and dinner with Grace O'Connor.Macross 2054 Quest, Collective Game, Bored of Directors2014-08-31 2 
34511309 A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 20 Post-lewd we get details for a new mission, and for once our psyche throws us a bone.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2014-08-31 8 
34523335Harem Protag Quest #36The day of the fluffening commences.Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide, Fluffy Wings2014-08-31 27 
34514794Neon Genesis Evangelion Quest 21: You Can (Not) OperateAnon saves a kid, insults an Australian, and learns they have a reputation that has preceded them.tangfag, eva, NGE, section two, collective game, neon genesis evangelion quest2014-08-31 8 
34512987Kouga: Saint of Mars 26Kouga talks to a man who smells like ash and fire. Collective Game, Saint Seiya, Saint Seiya Omega, BelkanSniper, Kouga: Saint of Mars, Black Pegasus,2014-08-31 0 
34515870The /tg/ Heresy 11: Let's kill Bambi editionWe still need to iron out the legions and remove the ones that aren't clearly defined./tg/ Heresy2014-08-31 0 
34510046Pokemon Knights Quest #3You manage to escape your father's guards, but trouble finds you again, and you unlock the secrets of the totem.Pokemon Knights, Collective Game, Dragon Queen2014-08-31 3 
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