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Archived Threads

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August 2016
48958117Young Demon Familar Quest 19The Sunless wastes, a terrible place where monsters and beasts rule, and unlike in Brausrburge, they don't much like humans or eachother.EACollective Game, Young Demon Familar Quest, The Headmaster, Demon, Familar,2016-08-24 10 
48883703Dungeon Life Quest #89We sneak into the lizard pens and get our cluck on.Collective Game, Dungeon Life Quest, Fantasy, Necromancy2016-08-24 4 
48903031Vanguard VI: MoonwolfThe annual company picnic looks to be cancelled because of a pending apocalypse. Vanguard travels to outer space to preserve the picnic. Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Vanguard, Art?, Skirmish Sketch2016-08-23 1 
48924233Fantasy Seinfeld/tg/ comes up with Seinfeld episodes that take place in a generic fantasy setting.fantasy, generic, seinfeld, halfling, orc, gnome, spell, wizard, sorceror, kramer, jerry, elaine, george2016-08-23 39 
48943305Secret Princess Zelda Quest #18The Temple of DinCollective Game, Secret Princess Zelda Quest, Princess Zelda, Kato2016-08-23 10 
48941210Dragonball Quest #86The thread number kind of fitscollective game, quest, dbz, Dragonball, Quest, Dragonball Quest, Somnius2016-08-23 3 
48937155Future Naruto Quest VII pt. IIOur hero, Kuro Nijiiroh, continues riding a train, and his luck turns around, the Iwa Express Part II!Future Naruto Quest, Naruto, Collective Game, Quest2016-08-23 5 
48936123Urban Warlock Quest IVFire, Guns and Faerie LawUrban Warlock Quest, Urban Warlock, DeadQM, Collective Game2016-08-23 10 
48865258Fallout Storytime ThreadTales from the Wasteland Fallout, storytime, story, post apocalyptic 2016-08-22 7 
48831379Forgotten Colonies: Third ThreadThe end of the Huh! Four nations band together to defeat this barbarian threat as the Western Tribes lose their independence!Collective Game, Civilization, Multiplayer Civ, Collective Civ, Civ, Lost Colonies, Nation Builder, Builder, Science Fantasy2016-08-22 1 
48924115Ninja Monk Quest #2In this thread: Tales of the legendary sealing sages, a mysterious old scroll from our predecessor, and a journey with a stellar companioNinja Monk Quest, Ninja, Monk, Naruto, The Red Lady, Collective Game2016-08-22 3 
48926594Shinobi Quest #32 (Stellar Edition)In this thread, Tsuki meets a Snake. (We also finally drop the Stellar Bomb.)Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-08-22 28 
48922916Future Naruto Quest VIIOur hero, Kuro Nijiiroh, boards a train, fails a rap check, fails a persuasion check, and has an awkward dinner, the Iwa Express Part I! Future Naruto Quest, Naruto, Collective Game, Quest2016-08-22 5 
48918864 Girls Und Panzer: Lafayette Girls Academy Quest 2 #37In which we learn a new tactical maneuver, greet some visitors, and spray each other with water.GuP, Girls und Panzer, LGA, Collective Game, GuP:LGA2 Quest2016-08-22 10 
48926359Dragonball Quest #85What is even happening anymore? Can Tofoo catch a break?collective game, quest, dbz, Dragonball, Quest, Dragonball Quest, Somnius2016-08-22 5 
48921799Dragonball Quest #84Snakes, why did it have to be snakes?collective game, quest, dbz, Dragonball, Quest, Dragonball Quest, Somnius2016-08-22 4 
48876421Shrunken PCsA blatant fetish thread with some interesting ideas for shrunken adventures.shrunk, giantess2016-08-22 0 
48914283Magical Girl Noir Quest 303A dreadful magical girl awakens after what feels like MONTHS of sleep, and remembers exactly who she is.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, Magical Girl, noir, drawfag, Chiaki2016-08-21 26 
48915268German Hollow Quest 31RegicideHollow, Collective Game, Bleach, Survival, WWII, German Hollow Quest2016-08-21 12 
48906618Mecha Space Pirate Quest 52Battle at the Great Zinn Dam.Mecha Space Pirate Quest, Collective Game, mecha2016-08-21 12 
48907227Death Among the Stars Quest 56After choosing to move their main base to a more secluded location the Disciple encounters an enemy and speaks to the void-touched nativequest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2016-08-21 9 
48886225Mortal Kombat Konquest: New Defenders #2Cassie Cage, after a strange situation with her friend Jacqui, agrees to help her mother Sonya test some new teleportation equipment.Mortal Kombat Konquest, Collective Game2016-08-21 4 
48905692Dragonball Quest #83Tofoo and Goku get their fight sooner than expectedcollective game, quest, dbz, Dragonball, Quest, Dragonball Quest, Somnius2016-08-21 2 
48907787Infinite Stars Quest 30Sam stages a raid on a large Hegemony world. Infinite Stars Quest, Space, Sci Fi, Collective Game2016-08-21 10 
48888826Traveller Character Generation Part 4In which we create Owen Ryder, ex-navy party animal and captain of the CarrhaeTraveller2016-08-21 1 
48904396One Piece Adventure Quest 26Adela has a rare day off, and Keli fal is fixin to join her on it. But both of these lasses are magnets for trouble on their own.EACollective Game, One Piece Adventure Quest, The Headmaster, One Piece, Devil fruit, Devil fruit user, Adventure,2016-08-21 10 
48890850Mecha Space Pirate Quest 51Amos attends an emergency briefing, makes enemies, goes fishing, and takes a captive prior to his next missionMecha Space Pirate Quest, Collective Game, mecha2016-08-21 12 
48901221Hyuga of the Leaf Quest #3Training with the team and other thingsCollective Game, Hyuga of the Leaf Quest, Hyuga, Naruto, Leaf2016-08-20 10 
48891825Kantai Collection Quest: Pacific Strike 44Hoel meets up with some more ships and gets ready for a massive assault.Kantai Collection, WWII, Kantai Collection Pacific Strike, Collective Game2016-08-20 13 
48888852Shinigami Savant Quest #74Well THAT escalated quickly.Bleach, Collective Game, Shinigami Savant Quest2016-08-20 26 
48884664Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Z #47The Ki Containers and Training ResumedCollective Game, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Tuffle, Tuffle Quest, Kato2016-08-19 15 
48884215Ryukuza Quest: Protector of Smiles and Youkai HunterDealing with abominations, spymasters, and other strange things.Collective Game, Ryukuza Quest, Ryukusa, Smile Protector, comedy, romance, over the top, dragon girls, oni girls, neko, youkai, blood, magic2016-08-19 5 
48876497A Question About GolemsIn this thread, /tg/ debates the ethics and morality of a paladin enslaving a group of freedom-seeking golems to save a Human kingdom.Golem, paladin, ethics, morality, debate, philosophy2016-08-19 7 
48874838Shinobi Quest #31In this thread, Tsuki and Company go over the aftermath of the 1st round of exams, and enter the Forest of Death for the revamped 2nd round!Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-08-19 22 
48875420False Dendrite Quest sidestory: -song of unison- 21Joshua and Lorelei weigh their options...Collective Game, False Dendrite Quest2016-08-19 6 
48870009Dragonball Quest #82Complications arise in the search for the Dragonballs. Who could have seen that coming?collective game, quest, dbz, Dragonball, Quest, Dragonball Quest, Somnius2016-08-19 3 
48871594Dog Days Quest Episode 114Mystery thread! Who are we playing as? Nobody knows!Dog Days Quest, Collective Game, Fluffy Tails, Fun2016-08-19 3 
48865828Ryukuza Quest: Protector of Smiles and Youkai HunterKeeping a promise, and causing trouble. Because that's what Ryukusa does.Collective Game, Ryukuza Quest, Ryukusa, Smile Protector, comedy, romance, over the top, dragon girls, oni girls, neko, youkai, blood, magic2016-08-18 6 
48759006The Lost Colonies: Second ThreadThe orcs of the War Wizard and Troll King clash while nations drop like flies in the face of the scourge of the Huh!Collective Game, Civilization, Multiplayer Civ, Collective Civ, Civ, Lost Colonies, Nation Builder, Builder, Science Fantasy2016-08-18 1 
48855068Mecha Space Pirate Quest 50Roarke has a busy day with several different girls. Excellent fanart.Mecha Space Pirate Quest, Collective Game, mecha2016-08-18 10 
48853201Future Naruto Quest VIOur hero, Kuro Nijiiroh, goes on his real first mission, and meets a team of elite foreign genin. Future Naruto Quest, Naruto, Collective Game, Quest2016-08-18 5 
48852023RE:Monster Ex Quest 133A boss fight and a Lesson in Blessings.monstergirls, re-monster, re:monster ex quest, REQM, Collective Game2016-08-18 34 
48851347Dragonball Quest #81The hunt for the balls beginscollective game, quest, dbz, Dragonball, Quest, Dragonball Quest, Somnius2016-08-18 1 
48855337Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Z #46A Trip to Baba'sCollective Game, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Tuffle, Tuffle Quest, Kato2016-08-18 11 
48833915Traveller Character Gen Part 3We create James Lee, ex-pirate.Traveller2016-08-18 3 
48845717Spanish Civil War Jojo quest #2Enter: The Pillar Men.Collective Game, JoJo, Spanish Civil War, SCWJ, Quest, DungeonQM2016-08-18 2 
48833545Death Among the Stars Quest 55Jadyk has a very intimate conversation with a bunch of trees and shrubs, making new friends.quest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2016-08-17 7 
48832002Dragonball Quest #80God creates man, man destroys Godcollective game, quest, dbz, Dragonball, Quest, Dragonball Quest, Somnius2016-08-17 2 
48831797Young Demon Familar Quest 18Malizeral and Iris arrive in the sunless wastes to search for Iris' aunt, Jasmine miller.But the land with no sun is not a pleasant place.ECollective Game, Young Demon Familar Quest, The Headmaster, Demon, Familar,2016-08-17 13 
48826928Spanish Civil War Jojo questWe make a character and flee from THE LAW. Early archive.Collective Game, JoJo, Spanish Civil War, SCWJ, Quest,2016-08-16 2 
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