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Archived Threads

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December 2016
50512930AtlantaAsiaAnon run a 16-charatcer tournament of 1v1 battles in a completly borken system. Fun ensues.AtlantaAsia2016-12-04 6 
50437971What do demons want with souls anyway?/tg/ is asked why demons want to collect souls for. Worldbuilding and a discussion of brainwashing, free will and programing results.demons, worldbuilding, souls, afterlife, free will, brainwashing, programing,2016-12-01 2 
504729843DC Thread/tg/ begins to create a system, and asks the most important question: Do Double Dubs Count?3DC, Game Design2016-12-01 6 
50327441The Awkward Marines Fail at FriendshipA chapter of the Emperor's Finest attempt to get in the good graces of their Sororitas and Guard allies. Hilarity ensues.Spess Mehreens, Space Marines, awkward, fail, daww2016-12-01 7 
November 2016
50263743Nobledark 40k 8.040k AU with Humans and Eldar going Last Alliance of men and Elves. Cleaned up fluff, did Eldrad & Corax, beginning to overhaul 1d4chan page.Eldar, Human, Nobledark, Emperor, Isha, 40k, Warhammer 40k2016-11-28 5 
50350758Touhoufag asks for help with NPC behaviorDetailed discussion on generating NPC behavior which feels realistic and satisfying, especially with regards to irrationality end emotionadvice, GMing, DMing, NPCs, roleplay, roleplaying2016-11-24 7 
50359216/tg/ discusses Harry Potter/tg/ discusses the nuances of Harry Potter magic.harry potter, magic2016-11-24 1 
50330040Odd Villain MotivationsIn this thread, posters brainstorm some motivations for villains that are odd, unconventional and just plain petty.Brainstorming, petty villainy, BBEG, motivations, funny, insurance fraud2016-11-23 24 
50279880Soulsborne RPG Discussion 2Further development of existing /tg/ Souls rpg adaptations and new homebrews Original Content, Souls, Bloodborn, Dark Souls, OC, Game Design, homebrews, soulsborn, lost source2016-11-22 2 
50205050Floors General.=On The Finer Points of Potency, Escalation and Collapse=Floors, Skirmish Quest, Monday, collective game2016-11-19 5 
50240157Original Races besides the traditional orcs/elves/dwarves comboOP asks /tg/ for their ideas for new player races. Interesting worldbuilding and in-setting mythology result.races, species, worldbuilding, monsters, setting, mythology, ghouls, neon nightmare,2016-11-18 8 
50253038Where do monsters come from?/tg/ discusses and worldbuilds backstories for monsters.backstory, worldbuilding, monsters, horror,2016-11-18 3 
50184198There's Something Strange About Your Apartment Building 3: Urban UneaseA third thread brainstorming ideas for creepy/comfy paranormal occurrences in an old apartment building. Also peeps argue over canonHorror, Apartment, Apartment Building, City, Neighborhood, Surreal, Brainstorming, Urban Unease2016-11-17 18 
50162990AmericanaSeveral anons dump loads of good American folklore Folklore, Americana, American Folklore 2016-11-17 5 
50257032kobold-purists-btfoanother stupid fucking kobold thread gets derailed by goblins and a demon. made me not OD on pills that evening, so I give it a thumbs upKobold, Goblin2016-11-17 1 
50119235Nobledark 40k de la Six part IIAlternate 40k with Humans and Eldar going last Alliance of men and Elves. Krieg is chillingly fleshed out and Sangy's tale is finished.Eldar, Human, Nobledark, Emperor, Isha, 40k, Warhammer 40k2016-11-16 8 
50159577There's Something Strange About Your Apartment Building 2: Urban UneaseA second thread is had to discuss the idea of a rundown, old apartment building that is home to both creepy and comfy paranormal happenings.Horror, Apartment, Apartment Building, City, Neighborhood, Surreal, Brainstorming, Urban Unease2016-11-10 24 
50128118How would a setting based on slavic mythology work?OP asks what a campaign about Slavic mythology would be like.Mythology, Slavic Mythology2016-11-08 2 
50035358NechronicaA kind anon translates the Drag/Drug Eater supplement, some homebrew is discussed, and some more fluff has been revealed. Nechronica2016-11-08 5 
50129254There's Something Strange About Your Apartment Building...Your PCs have started to realize that the old, rundown apartment building they live in is far stranger and more exciting than they thought.Horror, Apartment, Apartment Building, City, Neighborhood, Surreal, Brainstorming, Urban Unease2016-11-07 31 
50077670Nobledark 40k de la SixAlternate 40k with Humans and Eldar going last Alliance of men and Elves. Died too soon, again.Eldar, Human, Nobledark, Emperor, Isha, 40k, Warhammer 40k2016-11-06 12 
50096488Of Ratfolk and ElvesStarting with the bizarre idea that elves are in fact shapeshifting rats, posters discuss various ideas featuring both ratfolk and elves. Brainstorming, Elves, Rats, Shapeshifting, Ratfolk, OC, 2016-11-04 11 
49992316Star Trek General - Space Suit Dave EditionThe /stg/ beginning on Thursday, 27 October, 2016Star Trek General, Space Suit Dave, USS Ark Royal2016-11-04 1 
50063651Continuing Alien Evolutionary Design outstanding reflections on alien evolutionalien, evolution, meta2016-11-04 8 
50032069Floors General. Halloween EditionHalloween events! Ask Questi anything!Floors, Skirmish Quest, Monday, collective game2016-11-03 4 
49948023Nobledark 40k The FifthAlternate 40k with Humans and Eldar going last Alliance of men and Elves. Attempts to focus on War of the Beast, derails quickly.Eldar, Human, Nobledark, Emperor, Isha, 40k, Warhammer 40k2016-11-02 12 
49942922RIP Jack Chick (part two)RIP Jack Chick, for better or worse, a major contributor to the traditional gaming community. (part two)Jack Chick, Chick, Chick tracts, RIP2016-11-01 6 
49936414RIP Jack ChickRIP Jack Chick, for better or worse, a major contributor to the traditional gaming community.Jack Chick, Chick, Chick tracts, RIP2016-11-01 8 
49998254Cyberpunk Plot Hooks/tg/ creates plot hooks for cyberpunk games.worldbuilding, plot hooks, cyberpunk, AI, megacorps,2016-11-01 5 
October 2016
50033219The All Guardsmen Party and Inquisitor Asshat's Stupid "Stealth" Mission - Part 1The party prepares to get ready for their new mission, while being hated by their new boss and everyone else.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition,2016-10-31 70 
50007033Strikewitch RPG hombrew 3Strikewitch add on for Dive in the skyDive in the Sky, strike witch, homebrew2016-10-31 3 
49998783Post-Apocalyptic Myths, Tall Tales and Urban LegendsSome time after the End, a group of weary scavengers gather around a campfire to share stories, tall tales and urban legends.Post Apocalyptic, stories, setting, worldbuilding, fallout, creepy, storytime, urban legends, tall tales, myths, lies,2016-10-30 22 
49958633/tg/ makes a pantheonPeople discuss deities and religions they invented for their games. Interesting worldbuilding results.clerics, deity, deities, gods, pantheon, religions, worldbuilding, 2016-10-28 3 
49940009Culture Thread/tg/ explores non-European/Japanese culturesSikh, Berber, Bedouin, Pashtun, world building, culture, Africa, Middle East, Asia2016-10-26 14 
49889220Nobledark 40k Part Quadra-something(?)Alternate 40k with Humans and Eldar going last Alliance of men and Elves. Another sequel thread, gone too soon.Eldar, Human, Nobledark, Emperor, Isha2016-10-25 13 
4989611640k but with nerf weapons40k as a game with nerf weapons played by neighborhood kids. In the chipper, lighthearted future, there is only fun!40k, warhammer 40k, alt-40k, kids, fun, whimsical2016-10-25 26 
49905799Horrible Deep Sea MerfolkAfter the success of a previous mermaid thread, Anon renews the idea that more sinister species of merfolk may live deep beneath the waves.Oceans, Deep Sea, Abyss, Mermaids, Merfolk, Abyssal Merfolk, Body Horror, Brainstorming2016-10-24 15 
49923696Character Bios by Ruks/tg/ attempts to emulate Ruks' narrative style in describing their characters, with varying degrees of success.Bastion, Ruks, Character, Writing2016-10-24 5 
49846384Aliens and Hard Sci-Fi/tg/ discussed how to design properly alien creatures. Anon's bird waifu is mocked.worldbuilding, hard sci-fi, chemistry,2016-10-22 5 
49886288Floors S2: The Escape from the PneumAether - part 3We continue our grueling march upwards . . .Floors, Skirmish Quest, Monday, collective game2016-10-22 6 
49707496Nobledark 40k part tetheraAlternate 40k with Humans and Eldar going last Alliance of men and Elves. A sequal threadEldar, human, nobledark, emperor, Isha2016-10-21 12 
49809767Hektor Heresy still chugging alongContinue to discuss things, some progress is made. An old challenge reappears! Will our heroes be able to survive? Yeah, probably./tg/ heresy, 2016-10-21 2 
49864582Vanguard VII: MoonwolfierStuck on the moon, lost in space, out of time. Will the picnic (and world) be saved?Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Vanguard, Art?, Skirmish Sketch2016-10-21 2 
49840229Food Critic in FantasylandA discussion of unusual fantasy restaurants opens the tale of Gormack, Orc Adventurer, Warrior, and Traveling Food Critic. Hilarity ensues. Gormack, Cooking, Cuisine, Funny, Writing, OC, Parody2016-10-19 28 
49762274Soulsborne RPG DiscussionDiscussion of RPGs in the Dark Souls and Bloodborne universes. Miniature game adaptation suggested. Wargame, Original Content, Souls, Bloodborn, Dark Souls, OC, Game Design, homebrews2016-10-16 4 
49775105Burger EmperorThe arrival of xenos competition to a hive diner takes an unexpectedly lewd turn.roleplay, warhammer 40k, lewd2016-10-15 20 
49695798Chimera Legion Thread IV: Of Fluff and Frumious WizardsCultist characters are created, the chimeric army discussed and tracks gone offChaos, Warhammer 40k, warband creation, Iron warriors, Chimera legion2016-10-14 4 
49764993Anon hates fantasyAnon screams at wizards and magic and after a while anons make parodybait, parody, wizard2016-10-13 24 
49744075Pathography - Forgotten Places, Lost Spaces The OP proposes a setting in which the United States is secretly a patchwork of both real and surreal places, states and territories.Original Content, Brainstorming, Metaphysics, Paranormal, Worldbuilding, Setting, Campaign, Department of Transportation2016-10-13 38 
49693414Floors S2: The Escape from the PneumAether - part 2.The Battle is Met. The Wardens are sounded of your attempt to escape. Prepare for the worst. Expect no miracles to save you this hour.Floors, Skirmish Quest, Monday, collective game2016-10-13 5 
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