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October 2015
42909568Exterminator Quest #18In which we abuse the public trust.collective game, exterminator quest, horror, insects, fungus, cats, rats, russians, abuse of authority2015-10-06 3 
42898714Meanwhile, the Time Wizards!Time Wizards storytimes are had, and the rules of Time Wizards: Sober and Serious Edition are sharedTime Wizards, Time Wizards: Sober and Serious Edition, Storytime, Rules, Time Wizard Archibald2015-10-06 9 
42911360Generically-titled Fire Emblem Quest! #42A pirate-filled subplot concludes on hopeful horizons for the temporary POV characters.FE, Fire Emblem, Generically-titled Fire Emblem Quest, Quest, Fire Emblem Quest, FE Quest, Collective Game2015-10-06 1 
42907652The King of Fighters Quest Round 48 (Part 1)We take at look at Andrew Draco's morning. It only raises questions about "The Infinite Match" and Jean-Claude Gabriel.SNK, Collective Game, King of Fighters, KoF Quest, Jean-Claude Gabriel, Andrew Draco2015-10-06 2 
42910673Ojou-Sama Quest 4Fighting a monster, Yukiko becomes a magical girl, the end (?).Collective Game, 72oOCCJ1, Disquiet Quest Renewal2015-10-06 3 
42906315Yankii Reform Quest 6Advances REJECTED and the flustered neihbor girl Collective game, yankii reform quest2015-10-06 2 
42908347Kobold Quest 1: Jamazo's StoryKobolds go on a Quest to save their kin, survive the wilderness, and get revenge on damn adventurers!Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Quest, Drow, Alchemy2015-10-06 2 
42911014Hogwarts Quest Interbellum Period VIJohn tries his luck with the Quidditch try outs and keeps researching on the Goblins.Collective Game, Hogwarts, Gringott, Hogwarts Quest, Quest, Harry Potter2015-10-06 7 
42907269Feral Necromancer Quest XXVIIWherein we find some kobolds. Oh and a dracolich.Feral Necromancer Quest, Feral Necromancer, DeadQM, Collective Game2015-10-06 5 
42906131Chapter Quest CXVIII: SkreeAfter more investigation it becomes apparent that San Larion is infested with a genestealer cult. A sortie to recover half a dozen of our lost brothers quickly descends into farce as the critical failures fly thick and fast.Collective Game, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Chapter Master Quest, Ghosts of Retribution, Space Marine, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium of Man,2015-10-06 5 
42910390Banished Quest 158See the previous thread's description!Collective Game, Somas, Banished, Quest, Banished Quest2015-10-06 5 
42910161Assassin School quest 55Layla has a strange dream, and gets sick? somehow. Early archiveCollective Game, Assassin School quest, The Headmaster, Quest, School, Assassin, Vampire, Catgirl2015-10-06 5 
42830033MGS WorldbuildingMetal Gear Solid characters brainstormedmetal gear solid, brainstorming, drawfagging2015-10-05 2 
42898346Space Monkeys Quest 39We watch fights, find out new (and awesome) ways to train, teach Bra how to fly, and the waifu is kidnapped.Space Monkeys Quest,Collective Game,Chuckles,Dragon Ball,Saiyan2015-10-05 5 
42893917Snakecatcher Quest 57.5The skeletons are up to something sinister and Hiss has a new trick.Snakecatcher Quest, Collective Game2015-10-05 4 
42892098Persona 2129 Quest 20Time to catch up on all those Social Links. Also, high intensity exam preparation action. Collective Game, Persona 2129 Quest, Persona, P21292015-10-05 14 
42894501Pokemon Quest #112We bring the jungle girl in, have a moment with Vernon, and get what we need to run a DNA testPokemon Quest, Pokemon, Gobble, Collective Game, Flute, Punk, Pokemon trainer2015-10-05 12 
42886596searching for the lost line quest 1We are a sentient skeleton who decided to find his relatives collective game, skeletal, searching for the lost line quest, 2015-10-05 2 
42888524Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest #51The twins take some time to get some book smarts in and meet a surprising figure at Baba'sCollective Game, Dragon Ball, Tuffle, Tuffle Quest, Kato2015-10-05 11 
42893356Strikers '89 S2E80Once more unto the breachGhostDivision, strike witches 1989, Collective Game, Strike witches quest2015-10-05 10 
42889668Magical Girl Liberty and the Atlas of Forever Quest #10Chapter Ten: Sabotage, Stupefaction, SavagesCollective Game, Magical Girl Liberty, Pulp, Magical Girl2015-10-05 7 
42890912Hundred Year War Quest 5Kuo goes shopping, beats an old man, almost rips off a retard, and gets a letter, I wonder who it's from?Collective Game, Avatar, Hundred Year War Quest2015-10-05 6 
42894456Hogwarts Muggleborn Quest Year 2 Part 8Shane and Jenny go on an adventure.Hogwarts Muggleborn Quest, Harry Potter, Collective Game, Quest, Hogwarts2015-10-05 2 
42869528Tank Commander Quest #6Otherwise known as TCQ 5-2tank commander quest, collective game2015-10-05 2 
42894004Death Among the Stars Quest 2The colony of Horizon's Drop gets new visitors from the Osjiic Empire, Jadyk begins hunting the local wildlifelich, sci-fi, space opera, undead, fantasy2015-10-05 5 
42896266Quest Of The Faceless: Act 1, Scene 1: Waking UpThe Faceless awakens fropm a long slumber, taking the first steps to finding identity through the eyes of one thrust upon them.Collective Game, Quest Of The Faceless, Psychological, Adventure, Fantasy, High Fantasy, Drama, Comedy, Tragedy, Dranule2015-10-05 2 
42895329False Dendrite Quest 120Easter morning.Collective Game, False Dendrite Quest2015-10-05 7 
42889407BlazBlue: Chaos Ascendant Quest VRachel Alucard introduces herself to Ryouma, the Terumi clone, and gives him information that explains everything, except the stuff it doesn't.Collective Game, BlazBlue, Quest, Geistalt2015-10-05 2 
42887884It's Our New World S03 Ep01We catch some goblins, check an abandoned factory, teach Stella a few tricks, and close answering a call from doctorscollective game, Cedric, Ellie2015-10-05 2 
42863885FLOORS [skirmish] - Floor 4. Luxendarc: Night of 1st Day - Dawn of 2nd Day. Wyrd Hunt discovers and fends off the town's weasel infestation, and a new monster is revealed.Floors, Monday, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game2015-10-05 1 
42886456Devil Summoner: London Quest #30An eye for an eye. A new protagonist appearsQuest, Collective Game, Devil Summoner London Quest2015-10-05 2 
42888227Fallout Nuclear winter : Anew #4You checked on Pomme and went to the town's Bar with Cain.Fallout Quests, Collective Game, Fallout nuclear winter2015-10-04 3 
42887759Mobile Suit Gundam: Shadows of Zeon Quest #70Pezun: the Newtypes Assemble.Shadows of Zeon, Collective Game, Mecha, Gundam, AU2015-10-04 8 
42884525Joker Quest 142Kura is a bitch. Bell Zephyr can't dodge lightning. Rust Kaiser hates Imago. And Kazuya has a Neutronium blade.Collective Game, Joker Quest, Joker2015-10-04 6 
42878474Path of Princess #3An inspection of the military, trade payoffs, and a rude noble.Collective Game, Path of Princess Quest, Princess2015-10-04 3 
42858078Veteran Adventurer adviceA collection of Vet. Adventurers impart their many wise teachings upon some rookies.RPG, fantasy, funny2015-10-04 4 
42870560Holy Sword Quest Part 44We teleport back to Iseria, visit Anna, and receive a warning about the upcoming council meetingCollective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-10-04 7 
42878038Pandora Quest 7.0You have a chat or two with General Richards, teach Pandora about pain and hugs and give a rousing speech.Android, AI, Collective Game, Pandora, Artificial Intelligence, Pandora Quest2015-10-04 4 
42873658Maiden White Quest: Smoldering Hearts #2We arrive on the island and do our meet and greet with a bunch of people. Then Makoto gets drunk and gets to makeout with an older girl.collective game, MWQ, Qyubey, Mahou Shonen Quest, Maiden White2015-10-04 2 
42874996Infinite Stratos Quest 49The final conflict with Silverio Gospel ends. Only to find yourself in a position between two conflicting parties of great importance.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-10-04 12 
42873682Generically-titled Fire Emblem Quest! #41Our heroine returns to the prince's home and collects a very powerful weapon, but also meets a mysterious magician.FE, Fire Emblem, Generically-titled Fire Emblem Quest, Quest, Fire Emblem Quest, FE Quest, Collective Game2015-10-04 1 
42874041Hellborn Quest 131Sierra redeems Waldric.Hellborn Quest, Collective Game, 1312015-10-04 12 
42873909Spectre: A Mass Effect Quest (Part 10)Shopping, Recruiting and Unwanted Solicitation.Spectre: A Mass Effect Quest, Collective Game, Mass Effect, Valor2015-10-04 9 
42873961Journal of the Occult Quest 59Sophia deals with the trap beneath the Sluice Gate, helps Izu, and marches into The Maw.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-10-04 1 
42878743Kant-O-Celle Quest #69We finally corral the slippery little bastards.Collective Game, Planefag, ships, admiral, WWII, Kantai Collection, Kant-O-Celle Quest2015-10-04 20 
42873623KOF Quest #6We hang around with a fellow contestant and fight some stalkers (Different from Danielle)SNK, Roy Armada, King Of Fighters Quest, KOF Quest, Collective Game2015-10-04 3 
42874535Kant-O-Celle Quest #68Continuation/restart of the last thread, we're chasing rogue Corgis.Collective Game, Planefag, ships, admiral, WWII, Kantai Collection, Kant-O-Celle Quest2015-10-04 20 
42869753Tank Witches of Orussia Quest #9The Tank Witch Kid faces her greatest foe.Collective Game, Strike Witches, Tank Witches, Tanks, Artillery, Kid2015-10-04 5 
42877347Vertical Tank Quest 21Roy finds himself in a real battle against Gregor this time.Vertical Tank Quest, Steel Battalion, Collective Game2015-10-04 16 
42868396A Song of Revenge and Gold: House Malroy Quest | Chapter XIn which Lord Brynden Malroy meets with the Longwaters, considers marriage proposals for the future, gains trade of iron and sale of horse. He then goes on to compete in the Archery contest, going to the final round against the Summer Islander Jalabhar Xho and it all coming down to sudden death.Collective Game, House Malroy, Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire, ASOIAF2015-10-04 12 
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