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October 2014
35652246Tiji Sector Project, Sub-Sector A Part3It has come to my attention that /tg/ has a Sector for 40k, but not Traveller. We should correct this grievous error. Traveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic2014-10-21 0 
35654335Generation A OPFOR Frost Vikings Quest: IA Generation A spinoff taking place in the other world, Pre-2012 event. Still isn't catgirls instead Ice vikings! Doing what Ice vikings do best; Helping distribute wealth and rescuing damsels in distress. Collective Game, Papa-n, Quest, Generation A, Monster Girls, Monstergirls, Generation A sidestory2014-10-21 3 
35657424Accidental Idol Crime Quest 4: Child AbductionYour idol girlfriend has come home carrying a young child, and we immediately hear that the Mayor's daughter has been missing since this morning.Accidental Idol Crime Quest, Collective Game, Oneshots2014-10-21 1 
35657525Excuse Me, CommissarImperial Guardsman asks when his pay is due. A war ensues.Warhammer 40K, Star Wars, 2014-10-21 0 
35661981Racer Quest 2048-0Welcome to Acceleration City. You are Jason Alexander.. Start your engineRacer Quest, Racing, Collective Game, GardenMaster-NORG, Wipeout, IGPX, Cyber Formula, Speed2014-10-21 0 
35653923Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest 8Our hero finishes exploring the inner workings of the island and has to endure a painfully awkward car journey.Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest, Trap, Collective Game, Satire, Feminism, Patriarchy2014-10-21 0 
35660844Princess Guard Quest 204In which Reinhold decides to get an early start on his daily "pissing his friends off" quota.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-10-21 3 
35657339Sci-Fi Mage HeroQuest Part 1We join our illustrious Psi-Mage and his quest to find a job on a colony that wants him dead.Collective game, hero quest, hivemind, mage, Space2014-10-21 0 
35628206Long War Quest Part V In which we meet time travelling Soviets, Shota breaks and Dave remains a dickCollective Game, XCOM, Long War, Loli STALKER, Dent2014-10-21 1 
35655000Card Priestess Masami Quest 32Where we try to see who is more stubborn, Us or Kaori. We have lots of practice on our side!Collective Game, Card Priestess Quest, Card Priestess Masami Quest, Magical Girl, Original Setting, Female Protagonist, Cute2014-10-21 4 
35643439Lessons in Knighthood Quest 4Nicole goes to class. Life lessons from an orc, and dinner with an elf maid.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-21 5 
35645513Straya Quest pt 2: The BottlingGet some grog and have a get together in the parkstraya quest, collective game, bogan, sex, slang,2014-10-20 5 
35643272Joker Quest Episode 110Red Joker descends into the underground to find a Corrector even Kraken wouldn't dare control.Collective Game, Joker Quest, Joker, Caliban2014-10-20 6 
35644352Crusader Quest Part 17Wilhelm rides out from JerusalemCollective Game, Crusader Quest, In Nomine Patris, Wilhelm, Charisma, HistoricalFiction,2014-10-20 8 
35639906straya-questa young boy cant be bothered to go to school so he wags for the day good time ensuestraya quest, collective game, bogan, sex, slang,2014-10-20 5 
35611872Succubus' Apprentice Quest #13We hold off on doing the deed with Ryan, and show Myra our new toy when in Tina form.Succubus Apprentice Quest, Collective Game, Genderbender2014-10-20 2 
35631395Tiji Sector, Sub-sector A, part 2It has come to my attention that /tg/ has a Sector for 40k, but not Traveller. We should correct this grievous error. Traveller, tiji, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic2014-10-20 1 
35625438Operator Operator Quest 16Terrorists attack the lab. Operator Operator Quest, Collective Game, warsim2014-10-20 2 
35634171Crusader Quest Part 16The trial.Collective Game, Crusader Quest, In Nomine Patris, Wilhelm, Charisma, HistoricalFiction,2014-10-20 10 
35635272Hellborn Quest 68Sierra actually does kill Iptaph.Collective Game, Hellborn Quest, 682014-10-20 11 
35634830Evil PreCure Quest 86Masako's cromulent hair cuts and eggs is open for businessCollective Game, Evil Precure Quest, Precure, Pretty Cure, Magical Girl2014-10-20 4 
35639520Princess Guard Quest 203The last leg of the story begins.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-10-20 17 
35629302Code Geass Quest: Stage 2Shirley Fenette investigates into the reasoning behind Drill Sargent Delson's evil actions. Her quest for truth and revenge quickly unlid and envelope her in the depths of a conspiracy she's completely ignorant of. Blood is spilled and a young girl's mind goes to tatters in Stage 2.Collective Game, Code Geass, Mechs, Crosswire, Geass, Drama, Mystery, Shirley, Zero2014-10-20 6 
35637705Over(Human)Limit Quest S2 E15Asher is pulled into a pond for a bit of "business" with a nymph in the Otherworld.Over(Human)Limit Quest, Collective Game, Dranule, Death World, Magic, Superhuman, Asher, Evoker, Lucifer, Over(human)Limit S22014-10-20 4 
35637423Pararescue Witches '89 Part 44Operation Blue Dragon finally kicks off.Strike witches 1989, Collective Game, Pararescue Witches2014-10-20 10 
35629098The Magical Green Lantern Quest #7Delivering Hope.Collective Game, DC Universe, Green Lantern2014-10-20 8 
35631947Lamia Legacy Quest 33Battle is joined, and plans are changed.Collective Game, CanidChemlab, Lamia Legacy Quest, Sasha2014-10-20 2 
35630241Assassin School quest 10 In which Layla Puts down a mad dog, meets a new face, and Takes a mission to kill a corrupt frenchman. Rather short threadAssassin School quest, The Headmaster, Quest, School, Assassin, Poison, 2014-10-20 6 
35628928Khornette Quest #13In which a daemon of blood and violence, her pet MBT, and her Tyranid allies duel against a radioactive mutant alien bastard and his new technoabomination on the edge of a black hole. Or something appropriately metal like that.Collective Game, Khornette, Rak'gol, Tyranids, Metal as fuck, ELH2014-10-20 9 
35632491Post Apoc Jungle Cult Civ Quest Part 6At long long last, the Hiatus is over, and we return once more to our Jungle Cult CivCollective game, apocalypse, civ quest, hivemind, Cult2014-10-20 0 
35625963Magical Girl Noir Quest 238A benevolent magical girl finds out what the young Culexus did to her. All of it.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, Magical Girl, noir, drawfag, Chiaki, Yuma, Kyoko2014-10-19 25 
35570198A Tale Of Witches: Chapter Twenty-fiveA Tale Of Witches: Helena Chapter (I), in which the title of best girl is hanging in the balance.a2014-10-19 1 
35617055Governors Quest: A Tale of the Terran Commonwealth, Chapter ElvenWe clear out our to-do list, start getting ready for a visit from Gubmint' Folk, hatch a nefarious plan to gain pet Pseudo-Arachnids and argue like coked-up monkeys about voting and samefagging. Also BOLO VS Plasma Bug action.Governor Quest, Governors Quest, Collective Game, Quest, Known Space, Transmetropolitan, Weaboo, SciFi, Science Fiction, colony, BOLO, MURIKA, Fuck Yeah, Starship Troopers, faggotry2014-10-19 5 
35623390The Tale of X: A Hedonist's Quest Part 8The conclusion of Xi's Tale, and some revelations.Collective Game, The Tale of X, The Story of O, BDSM, fetish2014-10-19 4 
35609161Medieval Pokemon Quest 10A battle in the castle, then we burn down the bridge. Our general isn't gonna be happyMedieval Pokemon Quest, Pokemon, Prof. Sequoia, Collective Game2014-10-19 0 
35613376Infinite Stratos Quest 17We resolve who our partner for the Doubles Tournament. Rin wins the spot. We clarify out schedule with the girls and learn something new about why we can use an IS. And Laura makes a sneak attack only to have it turned on her.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-10-19 11 
35620333DBZ Human Quest #2Kaguya survives the battle, and learns that an even greater one is fast approachingCollective Game, Quest, DBZ, Dragonball, Goku, Raditz, Gohan, Piccolo2014-10-19 1 
35612707Weapon of Humanity Quest 003We have a strange dream, officially join EXALT, and follow our new companion to the hospital.Collective Game, XCOM, X-COM, Enemy Unknown, Enemy Within, Psionic, EXALTED2014-10-19 2 
35616941Curt's Civthread 2: Episode 5War is accidentally declared, Grav Ball is invented Politics are tiring and the scary jellyfish have awesome mining drones now!Collective Game, Civthread 2: Year 30002014-10-19 0 
35611243DETROIT QUEST 3THE MOST INCOMPETENT MERCS THIS SIDE OF THE INNER SPHERE SHOW UP Collective Game, Battletech, Detroit Quest, Rabbit, ROBOTS 2014-10-19 1 
35614073DBZ Human Quest #1Kaguya, a five year old boy with a girl's name, meets three strange people and finds himself in a battle to the deathCollective Game, Quest, DBZ, Human, Dragonball, Raditz, Goku, Piccolo2014-10-19 1 
35612985Monster Girls Quest 130Puzzle of the mind and preparation for the duel.Monster Girls Quests, Collective Game, Monster Girls, Quest2014-10-19 0 
35573786Reborn in an RPG S01 EP13 Extra TimeLevel up time from defeating the massive phallus murder tree. collective game, Eldric Lightbringer, Lyann, Mako2014-10-19 2 
35611072Mobile Suit Gundam: Shadows of Zeon Quest #35Another Newtype is born on the battlefield, and Yazan is one creepy bastard. Shadows of Zeon, Collective Game, Mecha, Gundam, AU2014-10-19 13 
35609257Magical Girl Liberty Quest: Redux #5The daring fight in the ruins and the aftermath.Collective Game, Magical Girl Liberty, Pulp, Magical Girl2014-10-19 6 
35617139Cyberpunk Idol Management Quest 47The Producer stages an attack on a not very well liked rival.Cyberpunk Idol Management Quest, CIMQ, Cyberidol, Collective Game2014-10-19 14 
35610068Elder Loli Quest 4Guard ladies, enchanted items, magic lessons, and awkward fairy girls.Collective Game, Elder Loli Quest2014-10-19 11 
35586871Tiji Sector - Traveller 1It has come to my attention that /tg/ has a Sector for 40k, but not Traveller. We should correct this grievous error. Traveller, tiji, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic2014-10-19 3 
35608881Dreamer Quest 5In which the protag finishes his business on the underwater world, then returns to the jungle one.Dreamer Quest, Collective Game, Exploration2014-10-19 0 
35609359CODE GEASS QUESTBritannian trainee Xinlu Kuu is forced into a deadly simulation battle that turns out to be anything but another training exercise. Barely surviving, she begins to slowly pick herself up and steel herself for the next coming trails, all the while dealing with her deteriorating mind and her desire for revengeCollective Game, Code Geass, Mechs, Crosswire, Geass, Drama, Mystery2014-10-19 6 
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