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April 2014
31670365Wetwork Idols Quest #10: The Most Dangerous GameDay three has Michelle, Wendy (and a little bit of Skyler) mutually annoy the shit out of each other as her first day on the job without a job to do unfolds.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-04-24 2 
31676464Flashpoint Quest Jericho steals information and is troubled with memory loss.Flashpoint quest, Collective game2014-04-24 0 
31650014Succubus Lord Quest Part 64Join us as we raid a Vampire base!Succubus, Quest, Demon, Collective Game, Succbus Lord Quest, post apocalyptic, winter, slice of life2014-04-24 4 
31669557Sojourner Quest #16The one where we help Antonia with her d̶r̶u̶g̶ salve problem.Sojourner Quest, Collective Game2014-04-24 0 
31667897Librarian Quest 11"Well I mean, in a book, I'd be a dashing rogue and you friend, you'd be a clumsy bookworm. Or some sort of quiet noble if you prefer that." A friend's birthday gets out of hand in some unexpected ways.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-04-24 1 
31674979Schola Progenium Quest (Session 5)Session cut short, but we manage to become squad leader and are about to move out.Collective Game, Quest, Schola Progenium, Warhammer 40k, Imperium, Schola Progenium Quest2014-04-24 1 
31665113Galaxy Quest 1We learn why we were abducted and then negotiate our release from alien captivity.Galaxy Quest, Collective Game, Gabriel2014-04-24 3 
31668584Quest: Into the Aether Chapter 23Parin wakes up in a hospital bed, and proceeds to bring her corrupted brother's plans down on his head.Collective Game, Into the Aether Quest,2014-04-24 1 
31669183Harem Protag Quest #16In which there is class, sparring and snuggling.Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-04-24 14 
31675797Aspiring Emperor Quest XXVI Pt2We consider a deal from a foxy lady and look to the future.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-04-24 6 
31666894Banished Quest 25We further explore the ruins, shove things into our multidimensional cloak, kill a whole bunch of bandits, and very nearly die.Collective Game, Somas, Banished, Quest, Banished Quest2014-04-24 7 
31674272A crazy PC's memorialA tribute to a good friend and crazy players like him. Story time, Storytime, awesome, crazy, crazy shit, D&D, Mage, lulz, epic, /tg/ 2014-04-24 4 
31665784Last Calibur Quest 3Ekard has a terrible hangover.Collective Game, Last Calibur, Last Calibur Quest, Fantasy, Magic Swords, Heroic Adventure2014-04-24 3 
31667910Medievalmon Quest part 4Ceil arrives in Anistar, meets a psychic, chases a thief, and gets paid for a bounty.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2014-04-24 1 
31674829Dead Last Ninja Quest: 5The Dead Last Ninja tackles his last test for Genin!Collective Game, Ninja, Dranule, Dead Last Ninja Quest2014-04-24 5 
31673641Princess Guard Quest 157Reinhold prepares to get his sword fixed. And Karel tags along.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-04-24 18 
31666442Scorpion Girl Quest 32Ninlil is laid to rest, and those left behind tell stories to comfort each other.Collective Game, Scorpion Girl Quest, Mesopotamia, monster girl, scorpion, scorpgirl2014-04-24 7 
31666943Plundering The Dragon's HoardAnon asks what /tg/ would do if a dragon asked them to "plunder her hoard".dragon hoard plunder drawfag2014-04-24 0 
31670307Shadow Quest 120 part VA continuation of part IVCollective Game, shadow, quest, 120, master, shadow quest, shadow,quest, part, 5, V2014-04-24 13 
31663580Kill la Kill What-If Quest: Part 26Things were supposed to happen, but technical issues get in the way.Kill la Kill, Collective Game, Quest, CYOA2014-04-24 5 
31664085Oversized Weapon Quest 28You get god like powers, and start setting Utalaga ablaze!Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Turtles, Goblins, Big Swords2014-04-24 8 
31667905Muv Luv Royal Quest #32Our last mission on the Italian front is a mass extermination of alien vermin. Collective Game, Muv Luv, Muv Luv Royal Quest, Science Fiction2014-04-24 2 
31661713Joker Quest Episode 91Red Joker finds out what to do with the Joker's memory, but stops to keep an appointment. Naoya has a confession, and asks Anon to stand down.Collective Game, Joker Quest, Joker2014-04-24 1 
31666743Aspiring Emperor Quest XXVIYou consider how to deal with the Taouran problem.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-04-24 10 
31665144Shadow Quest 120 Part IVConflict in the island's depths.Collective Game, shadow, quest, 120, master, shadow quest, shadow,quest, part, 4, IV2014-04-24 8 
31647646From Krieg with loveOh, boy! Who can understand woman? Certainly not a Krieger.krieg, love and krieg, wh40k2014-04-23 3 
31651758Sojourner Quest #15The one where we rile up the rats' nest.Sojourner Quest, Collective Game2014-04-23 1 
31648825Post Apoc Gearhead Garrison Civ Part 4We almost get wiped, but manage to avoid it through no especially clever means at great cost. Our attempts at growth are frustrated.Collective game, apocalypse, civ quest, hivemind, Gearhead2014-04-23 0 
31650219Deniable Assets Quest 33Ivan sets up movie night, gives Markos a scare, and gets cozy as fuck with EldaCollective Game, Deniable Assets Quest, Fall Guy2014-04-23 21 
31657548Screencaps/StorytimeScreencaps/Storytimescreencaps, storytime2014-04-23 2 
31651687Fire Emblem Quest: Story of the Bloodlines 5Ulmund calms a panicking tactician.Fire Emblem Quest, Collective Game, Story of the Bloodlines2014-04-23 0 
31649987Undeniable Assholes QuestDeniable Assets Quest parody to kill time. Ridiculous. Collective Game, Deniable Assets Quest, Fall Guy, Fall Girl, Parody2014-04-23 5 
31653197Peter Parker Quest Q&ABuilding a Better QuestPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-04-23 7 
31650609There is No Assassin's Guild Quest, Episode 06We accept Duconti into the Guild building, and start to befriend him.Assassin Quest, Collective Game, Dawn & Dusk2014-04-23 3 
31655496Shadow Quest 120 Part IIIIn the depths of the island.Collective Game, shadow, quest, 120, master, shadow quest, shadow,quest, part, 3, III2014-04-23 14 
31559430Magical Burst settings/tg/ discusses Magical Burst and the best settings for it, as well as helpful board culture.Magical Burst, magical girls, settings, homebrew, OC, helpful, board culture, emotes2014-04-23 1 
31645677 A Certain Academic City Quest 29Bad news: Asuka gets shot. Good news: The bullet wasn't silver, it just made her mad.Collective game, A Certain Academic City Quest, To aru, Bored of Directors2014-04-23 5 
31653452Cyberpunk Idol Management Quest 22The amusement park fun times continue.Cyberpunk Idol Management Quest, CIMQ, Cyberidol, Collective Game2014-04-23 14 
31641154Apocalypse General #3Lots of blacksmithing shit.apocalypse2014-04-23 0 
31644354Kill la Kill What-If Quest: Part 25Bad things happen. Also, new uniforms.Kill la Kill, Collective Game, Quest, CYOA2014-04-23 4 
31650380Shadow Quest 120 Part IIThe Shadow finds his answers.Collective Game, shadow, quest, 120, master, shadow quest, shadow,quest, part, 2, II2014-04-23 10 
31645147Freelance Ghost Quest #17Where Artemis talks to Murphy about the wraith a bit more, buys a computer, trains Lisa's psionics some more and gets a family visit.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-04-23 2 
31649157Strikers '89 S2E16Early archive! Leave comes to a close after some range time and a talk with the matron london. GhostDivision, Strike witches 1989, Collective Game, Strike witches quest2014-04-23 14 
31623240Guardian Visage Quest Episode 2: The Starry SkyA new Visage is obtained. What the hell happened?Collective Game, Visage, Quinn2014-04-22 1 
31634372AC GUY QUEST: PEOPLE ARE ANGRYPEOPLE ARE ANDRY AND THE SHADPW COUNCIL IS EVIL AND AC GUY IS CTHULU AND PEOPLE ARE ANGRYAc-guy, quest, collective game, fucking angry, butthurt plebs,2014-04-22 2 
31632976Banished Quest 24BanQ returns after a brief break. We sneak into a ruin, kill some more bandits, and rescue a maiden.Collective Game, Somas, Banished, Quest, Banished Quest2014-04-22 20 
31629807Fire Emblem Quest: Story of the Bloodlines 4Ulmund has a flashbck and an identity crisis.Fire Emblem Quest, Collective Game, Story of the Bloodlines2014-04-22 0 
31630048Sojourner Quest #14The one where we gut punch Iori in the gut.Sojourner Quest, Collective Game2014-04-22 1 
31630563KlK CYOA: Mad Irish Steampunk Edition #1Mad magic Irishman wakes up at a the Honnouji tower and proceeds to make the tower his.Writefriend III, Kill la Kill, Collective Game, Quest, CYOA2014-04-22 4 
31631189Soul Quest XVIIErick takes on an eager apprentice.Soul, Soul Quest, Shard, Shardkeeper, SoulQM, Spirit, Erick Valstein, Monster, Hunter, Collective Game2014-04-22 9 
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