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Archived Threads

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September 2018
61899944Nobledark Imperium part 68b: [planet]-chan editionMen of Gold get a writeup, bolters, Istvaan, Prometheanism, Fra'al, Hruds and Terranis, and FEELSNobledark, Eldar, Human, Emperor, Isha, 40K, Warhammer 40K2018-09-19 1 
61966611Dwarven Subraces/CulturesA fantastically comfy and productive thread discussing all the flavors and permutations dwarves can have and some other interesting conceptsDwarf, Worldbuilding, Discussion, Lore, Resource, Dwarven, Subraces2018-09-16 7 
61898804Forge World Creation ThreadRoll thread dedicated to fluffing out Hua Yuan's forge world and SkitariiHua Yuan, Homebrew, 40k, Warhammer, Imperium, AdMech, Skitarii, Titan2018-09-16 1 
61974677WeirdKlan creation thread/tg/ makes some poor orks with a lot of weirdboyzorks, 40k2018-09-14 0 
61906865Swords of Avalon 5Continued work on tg homebrew mecha settingMecha, Knightly, Good Guy Megacorps, Setting, Arthurian, Dragons2018-09-14 1 
61936163Cassette Futurism 4: Spooky 70s and Eerie 80sA fourth thread discussing retro-futuristic sci-fi aesthetics of the 1970s and 1980s, including interesting ideas for CF horror games.Surreal, Worldbuilding2018-09-13 1 
61921097Obscure 40k xenos thread IIDiscussions of minor xenos include vaguely Hindu Rangdan, more Thyrrus and the Greys in 40k 40k, Thyrrus, Rangdan, Fra'al, Grey aliens, Xenos,2018-09-12 0 
61796828Obscure 40k xenos thread IA post about the Thyrrus being funny leads to a discussion of minor 40k races and a fandex 40k, Thyrrus, Slaugth, Xenos, 2018-09-12 1 
61864819Cassette Futurism 3A third thread discussing retro-futuristic sci-fi aesthetics of the 1970s and 1980s. Retro-Futurism, Retro, Sci-Fi, 1970s, 1980s, Brainstorming2018-09-11 1 
61802014Swords of Avalon 4Continued discussion of a TG homebrew setting, now with space norsesetting Mecha, Knightly, Good Guy Megacorps, Setting, Arthurian, Dragons2018-09-10 1 
61833502Nobledark imperium part 68: I Am Alpharius editionDied far too soon, but included good discussion on the Harrowing, Thexians, Enoulians, more Quietude, and TerranisNobledark, Eldar, Human, Emperor, Isha, 40K, Warhammer 40K2018-09-09 1 
61836127shity segmentum: valentine battle edition welcome to 40k roleplay parody at the better autistic style of /tg/,enjoy.40K,roleplay,shity segmentum2018-09-08 0 
61824408rng-worlbuilding thread 3Anons try going deeper when it comes to biology and Daemonology. Thread has some results, but mostly lives trough lifesupport.roling table, creation table, worldbuilding2018-09-08 0 
61850335Cassette Futurism 2A second thread discussing retro-futuristic sci-fi aesthetics of the 1970s and 1980s.Retro-Futurism, Retro, Sci-Fi, 1970s, 1980s, Brainstorming2018-09-08 1 
61828369Cassette FuturismA thread discussing retro-futuristic sci-fi aesthetics of the 1970s and 1980s.Retro-Futurism, Retro, Sci-Fi, 1970s, 1980s, Brainstorming,2018-09-08 5 
61772790Crafting a Setting 1As Anons finish god creation, they start on the setting at large.Game Ideas, World Building2018-09-05 2 
61796478What is Peace IIIWhere the serious heresy begins.What Is Peace, Warhammer 40k, Warhammer, Heresy, Double Heresy2018-09-04 4 
61588973Nobledark imperium part 67: Daemons 101 for Dummies editionLynn Mywin and Ephrael Stern, Freri and Geki, Ahriman, Blood Pact, Medusae, and more.Nobledark, Eldar, Human, Emperor, Isha, 40K, Warhammer 40K2018-09-04 2 
61779349What is Peace IIChaos incursions and dark elf husbando raids leave their fallout and consequences.What Is Peace, Warhammer 40k, Warhammer, Heresy, Double Heresy2018-09-04 2 
61680425Swords of Avalon 3More building of a mecha focused TG homebrewsetting Mecha, Knightly, Good Guy Megacorps, Setting, Arthurian, Dragons2018-09-04 2 
61770013What is Peace IGuardsmen having to deal with thirsty eldar and tau as harlequins laugh. Shenanigans ensueWhat Is Peace, Warhammer 40k, Warhammer2018-09-04 3 
61752507Birth of gods part 2We continue the thread from where we left off. worldbuilding ensues.Game Ideas, World Building2018-09-04 1 
61741595Birth of godsA new god generator was made. Anons test it out.Game Ideas, World Building2018-09-02 5 
August 2018
61670286The Lady CommissarA Commissar teases a poor guardsman who made the mistake of catching her attention.Female Commissar, femdom, Emperor 2018-08-29 11 
61576698100 Strange DimensionsIn which people write about crazy-ass planes of existence. They range from slightly mundane to far-out bizzarity.homebrew, dimension, awesome, surreal2018-08-28 6 
61597280Swords of Avalon 2Continued work on a Mecha Knight settingMecha, Knightly, Good Guy Megacorps, Setting, Arthurian, Dragons2018-08-28 3 
61556718rogue homunculus civilization/tg/ worldbuilds a faction of unintentionally sentient, alchemically-created artificial lifeforms originally intended as a disposable army.golem, homunculus, frankenstein, undead, alchemy, species, steampunk, setting, worldbuilding, army, civilization,2018-08-26 4 
61576895/tg/ makes a hexmap - Mundane Edition ContinuationIn which they carry on, adding several new things.hexmap, worldbuilding, lore, fluff, medieval fantasy, fantasy2018-08-24 1 
61535005Swords of Avalon Starting with a "Lets make a mecha setting" prompt, /tg/ goes Arthurian in space.Mecha, Knightly, Good Guy Megacorps, Setting, Arthurian2018-08-22 9 
61562988Fantasy college/tg/ discusses fantasy races in collegeRoleplay, College, Funny, Setting2018-08-22 13 
61372827Nobledark imperium part 66: Get in Luther, We're Going Black Crusading editionMalys and Be'lakor, Duke Severus XIII, Sly Marbo, webway gates of Sol, eldar psychology, Saim-Hann, Inquisitor Valeria, and moreNobledark, Eldar, Human, Emperor, Isha, 40K, Warhammer 40K2018-08-21 4 
61460915/tg/ makes a hexmap - Mundane EditionOnce again they attempt to create another world in a team effort with a hexmap, except this time there's no more ridiculous science-fantasyhexmap, worldbuilding, lore, fluff, medieval fantasy, fantasy2018-08-20 1 
61434851creation myths of your setting/tg/ discusses and worldbuilds ideas for in-setting fictitious religions. worldbuilding, setting, pantheon, religion, gods, deities, creation myths, mythology,2018-08-18 2 
61396161Superhero/Villain ideasOP asks for character ideas for his superhero campaign, /tg/ deliverssuperhero2018-08-14 4 
61149136fish people discussion and worldbuilding/tg/ brainstorms ideas for aquatic and amphibious sentient races.worldbuilding, ocean, aquatic, amphibious, species, races, deep ones, mermaids, underwater vore hell,2018-08-11 1 
61123571Nobledark imperium part 65: This is (Not) The End editionMotivations of Lady Malys, Tindalosi and Ordo Chronos, High Lady of the Psykana, Death of Argel Tal, Davinite Lodges, Blood Pact, and moreNobledark, Eldar, Human, Emperor, Isha, 40K, Warhammer 40K2018-08-05 5 
61168266Warhammer high returns... for awhile An average shitpost leads to new stories and sentimental fa/Tg/uys Warhammer high,Primarchs' daughters,2018-08-05 5 
61228659Photo Fluff ThreadA short but productive thread where Anons come together to write out lore for random pictures that get posted.Lore, Fluff, Community Writing, Fluff Thread2018-08-04 3 
61196494Storm Crows /tg/ Space Marine ChapterCreation of /tg/'s homebrew Space Marine chapter called Storm Crows, specialising in sneaking Warlord Titans to the battlefield.Warhammer 40k, Space Marines, Chapter creation,2018-08-03 15 
61049391Moth Balls The EightIn which there are a series of long, in-character, religious arguments and a certain amount of dickwavery. Seventh thread died far too youngsettingbuilding, worldbuilding, post-apocalyptic, fantasy, grimdark, tax holiday, moth balls, megacorps2018-08-02 0 
61049924Starblazers Setting Worldbuilding/tg/ makes a setting combining pulp scifi flash gordon retrofuturism and lovecraft.starblazers, worldbuilding, setting, flash gordon, retrofuturism, zeerust, cosmic horror, lovecraft, call of cthulhu,2018-08-02 6 
61017447New xeno races in 40kIdeas for new xeno races and factions in the 41st Millennium.worldbuilding, 40k, xenos, species, races, factions,2018-08-02 1 
July 2018
60898868Nobledark 40k part 62a: Wrapping Things Up edition?Crone Berserkers, Demiurg, Goge Vandire, naval battles, life in the Cadian Gate region, and more.Nobledark, Eldar, Human, Emperor, Isha, 40K, Warhammer 40K2018-07-27 5 
60985974Space Marine working in modern office?OP asks how a biologically augmented superhuman would fare in a modern office setting, writefaggotry ensues. How would X do in 40k thread, But strangely not shit, Miracle of miracles2018-07-24 16 
60784267Moth Balls The SixthThe Church and the Powers get more detail, we meet some more nasty beasties, including some Kaiju and more general miscellanea is described.settingbuilding, worldbuilding, post-apocalyptic, fantasy, grimdark, tax holiday, moth balls, megacorps2018-07-17 2 
60859322Nobledark 40k part 62a: Yet another Man of Gold Awards editionDIed far too soon, but contains good writing that needs to be archived.Nobledark, Eldar, Human, Emperor, Isha, 40K, Warhammer 40K2018-07-16 2 
60800706The 212th Unimportant and the Space HulkA Guardsman Recruit of the 212th Unimportant Infantry Regiment asks /tg/ how to survive in a Space Hulkwarhammer 40k, guardsman, Collective Game, roleplaying2018-07-14 3 
60604925Nobledark Imperium Part 63: Lady Malys' Quotebook EditionLineup for the Raid, nature of humanity and abhumans, Codex entries, Rak'gol, the corrupted Man of Gold, the Cthonian Ring, and more.Nobledark, Eldar, Human, Emperor, Isha, 40K, Warhammer 40K2018-07-13 5 
60785125Endless Hell ThreadFurther Worldbuilding for /tg/'s endless hell setting with links to previous threadsworldbuilding, endless hell, hell, lore2018-07-12 0 
60776206Building Grimdark Sci-Fi settingAn an first seemingly failed attempt to create an engaging Sci-Fi setting. The subsequent sequel threads ended in disssaster.worldbuilding, grimdark, sci-fi2018-07-12 0 
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