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April 2015
39564996Paladin of Joy Quest 60After talking to an evil God, Sireyi needs to decide what to do next.Paladin of Joy Quest, Collective Game, Female Protagonist, Paladin2015-04-25 0 
39539039Mortal Kombat Konquest #1Enter Akayama Kaito. He kicks ass, and Kitana asks for his help.Collective Game, Mortal Kombat Konquest2015-04-25 0 
39551922Hellborn Quest 96Sierra is disappointed, and walks on ice.Hellborn Quest, Collective Game, 962015-04-25 10 
39551563Magical Soldier Quest #4We turn our buddy into a space marine and have a cook-off with a witch Magical Soldier, Magical Boy, Magical Soldier Quest, Magical, Artemis, Artemis Magical Soldier Quest, ArtemisQM, Collective Game, Chef Quest,2015-04-25 5 
39549020EDGE QUEST 2EDGE INTENSIFIESCollective Game, Edgemaster2015-04-25 1 
39550626Amazon Merc Quest Reloaded 2The girls arrive in the parcel islands and meet some old rivals.Collective Game, Amazon Merc Quest, Smut, Operators2015-04-25 1 
39550009Extranatural Enforcer Quest #10Jason navigates the minefield that is flirting with a terrifying and horny cougar who knows how to slice you up and stich you back together in order to get medical assistance for the upcoming raid. Amber then kicks the festivities off at the raid by well ventilating the roof and several fae hounds, seriously woman, remember the fundamentals and use your sights.Collective Game, Extranatural Enforcer Quest, UncleGino, Mittens Made With Love, Goddammit Danzig2015-04-25 1 
39547195A Certain Academic City Quest II Ep22One does not simply waltz into the US Embassy. Collective game, A Certain Academic City Quest, To aru, Bored of Directors, Season 22015-04-25 2 
39551241Snakecatcher Quest 17We take control of Hiss to spend some time alone with the Quedeshi AmbassadorSnakecatcher Quest, Collective Game2015-04-25 2 
39550252Unfortunate Magic Girl Quest 24: Destructive Saviors Vs Sparkwitz ContracteesThis Episode, It's Magical girl vs Magical girl, times five as the Fallen Contractees of Sparkwitz attack the Destructive Saviors. It beginsCollective Game, Unfortunate Magical girl quest, Magical girl, Quest, The Headmaster, highschool, Destruction, 2015-04-25 10 
39554010Endless Sky: Ace Combat Quest 32Karla once again battles One Belka forces over the skies of B7R.Ace Combat, Ace Combat Quest, Endless Sky, Endless Sky Ace Combat Quest, Collective Game2015-04-25 11 
39548793Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest Part 3Scavenging in an old training facility for things we can use. Also, first one of this series to be archived correctly.Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game, EchoGarrotte2015-04-25 3 
39544837Substitute Shinigami Quest Thread 25Cutting looseCollective Game, Bleach, Substitute Shinigami2015-04-25 2 
39545219(Quest Thread) Reborn in an RPG S02 Ep26We have a short talk with Mako, go to the orc town and head out to stop some banditscollective game, Eldric Lightbringer, Lyann, Mako2015-04-25 2 
39432041EDGE QUEST 1EDGE QUESTCollective Game, Edgemaster Quest2015-04-25 3 
39513413Sandail Nobility Quest - 1352 - Diggers!Scenario the second, in which Nikolaus assembles an expedition and heads to the ruins of Old Hahn in search of Quells.Sandail Nobility Quest, Collective Game, Quest2015-04-24 1 
39544663Ryukuza Quest: Protector of Smiles and Wannabe Beach BumRecovering from a trip through N'Kai, Ryukusa recuperates at the beach. Collective Game, Ryukuza Quest, Ryukusa, Ryukuza, Smile Protector, comedy, romance, over the top, dragongirls, oni girls, parthenogenesis, oni, dragons, dragon girls, neko, youkai, blood2015-04-24 9 
39532597Succubus Lord Quest 783Join us as we drink a Mocha and capture a Sloth demon!Succubus, Quest, Demon, Collective Game, Succbus Lord Quest, post apocalyptic, winter, slice of life, politics2015-04-24 5 
39534882The Princess of Exile Quest 3Despite crazed blood magic horrors, shapeshifting assassins and poisonous bitches, we triumph over all and declare the new Kingdom of Treeline!Exiled Princess Quest, Collective Game, Exiler, Princess, Civ Quest, civ2015-04-24 11 
39533843Wanzer Quest - Episodeon IX, Parte 3What is at a peak is certain to decline. He who shows his hand will surely be defeated. He who can prevail in battle by taking advantage of his enemy's doubts is invincible. - Cao CaoCollective Game, Wanzer Quest2015-04-24 3 
39528534The King of Fighters Quest Round 45: "Lazarus Would Be Proud"-EditionKatja takes stock of her life, gets a little paranoid at the airport and considers feeding a troll.SNK, Collective Game, King of Fighters, KoF Quest, Katja Hartkern, It's Back2015-04-24 6 
39533361Quest: On a Devil's Whim 25Giles passes on the skills of a true Master Thief.Collective Game, On a Devil's Whim, Smiley2015-04-24 6 
39533116Journal of the Occult Quest 23Sophia receives words of warning from Grivermillion, debriefs with her housemates, and helps with a creation ritual while delving. Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-04-24 1 
39532466Re: Lizard EX Quest 19Lizard used RecoveryRe: Lizard EX Quest, Collective Game, Lamb, Re-monster2015-04-24 5 
39535976Hyperdimension Dwarf Fortress Quest 31The representative personification of Dwarf Fortress sets up a tentative friendship, chats up her friends over drinks like any normal alcohol-guzzling dwarf, and then, of course, everything immediately goes stupidly wrong in the stupidest way possible.Collective Game, Hyperdimension Dwarf Fortress Quest, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Dwarf Fortress, Blorp2015-04-24 12 
39529364Will of the Ice Quest #1Our protagonist wakes up, goes shopping with friends, discovers a plot in the kingdom and has a coming of age ceremony.QMChills, Collective Game, Will of Ice Quest, , 2015-04-24 3 
39533572Tarot Incarnation Quest #1We kill a two-headed dog monster with a squeaky hammer.Collective Game, Writer Arms, Tarot Incarnation Quest2015-04-24 1 
39528052Dheljos Quest 2Our heroine evades the cops, her boss discovers she's host to a dheljos, and she shows off her dress to her otouto.Collective Game, 72oOCCJ1, Dheljos Quest2015-04-24 1 
39531540Dog Days Quest Episode 55So what would sky piracy be called? Skyracy?Dog Days Quest, Collective Game, Fluffy Tails, Fun2015-04-24 5 
39535743Shinigami Savant Quest #12She who controls the Keikaku, controls the Universe.Bleach, Collective Game, Shinigami Savant Quest2015-04-24 25 
39531483Space Monkeys Quest 17.5Kaguya imparts Saiyan wisdom on Gohan, and discusses Saiyan physiology with Bulma.Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-04-24 6 
39527186Orc Warlord Quest 40The Stonetusk Clan's celebration draws to a close.Orc Warlord Quest, Collective Game2015-04-24 11 
39528072RE:Monster Ex Quest 95A whole lot of talking snakes.monstergirls, re-monster, re:monster ex quest, REQM, Collective Game2015-04-24 17 
39527586Re:monster snake quest 17Timeskips occur, skills are learned, and sick door combos are performed. Collective Game, Snake Quest, Monstergirls, Dr.Unorigional, Re-Monster, Snake2015-04-24 5 
39525526Novice Heretek Quest 31Heracor Wakes up and sorts out what happened after passing out in the middle of the battlefield.Collective Game, Axsisel, Novice Heretek Quest, Warhammer40k, techpriest, Heracor Nahive 2015-04-24 9 
39523641Space Monkeys Quest 17In which Kabuya and her cohorts defend Earth against a mighty tree and a staunchly anti-Christmas Saiyan and his corps.Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-04-24 7 
39530129Shinigami Savant Quest #11Riku and her sword play a game with a powerful magical artifact.Bleach, Collective Game, Shinigami Savant Quest2015-04-24 24 
39513781SitS Quest 00: Chargen>So... You want to see a sockpuppet show, eh? One about corporate espionage, cybercrime, and philosophy? ELH starts another quest: Traveller system based cyberpunk (Shadowrun, Ghost in the Shell, MGR, all that goes in the pot)Collective Game, ELH, SitS Quest, SitS, Shadows in the Shell2015-04-23 2 
39515913The Princess of Exile Quest 2We Duel a Bandit Lord and win, gaining more men. Then we kill some creepy ass murders, and buy out another Bandit Lord.Exiled Princess Quest, Collective Game, Exiler, Princess, Civ Quest, civ2015-04-23 11 
39512596Generation A OPFOR Frost Vikings Quest: VIA new day, a new adventure, a new girl to bully. Living the Viking life.Collective Game, Papa-n, Quest, Generation A, Monster Girls, Monstergirls, Generation A sidestory2015-04-23 11 
39514650Hellborn Quest 95Sierra spends the night and meets Nemo.Hellborn Quest, Collective Game, 952015-04-23 15 
39449267Status Quo Quest Thread 7In which we relax, briefly.Collective Game, Hero, Demon Lord, Status Quo Quest2015-04-23 5 
39514487New Magical Apocalypse QuestThe main character is one of the forest dwellers called Wild Ones. He goes on a journey to strange ruins and discovers the joys of metal appliances New Magical Apocalyspe Quest, Collective Game2015-04-23 1 
39493859Strelok's Post Apoc Survivor Civ Quest Ch 3PARTY HARD. Involving monsters, zombies, and a caravan. We make contact with some old friends.Collective game, apocalypse, civ quest, strelok, Survivor2015-04-23 4 
39512336Modern Monster Quest 9Amelia gets a letter from her cousin, as well as a threat, before she gives the hatman a hug in exchange from something in her heart, before she tosses her humanity away, but does that matter much, all that really matters is what lies in the heart.Collective Game, Modern Monster Quest, The Headmaster, Noble, transformation, THE NAME FINALLY MEANS SOMETHING2015-04-23 8 
39512081DBZ Human Quest # 128Saiyasentai in Space!Collective Game, Quest, DBZ, Dragonball, Human2015-04-23 4 
39511732Chapter Quest CXI: Wrapping UpWe conclude out business on Artoria before the year turns and we sort out some management.Collective Game, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Chapter Master Quest, Ghosts of Retribution, Space Marine, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium of Man,2015-04-23 4 
39512768First Europan War Quest - Chapter 23Training, shopping and desert reconnaissance. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-04-23 3 
39511955Bad Luck AnonAn anon says he only rolls bellow 5 on d20s and demonstrates it in 4chan.Bad Luck Anon2015-04-23 29 
39507994Magus Hunter Quest #11Where we confront our father alongside Wooster, train and almost finish the shooting range, and call up DCI Nettles.collective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-04-23 3 
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