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July 2019
67247308Radon and Raiders XVIAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, as battle lines are drawn and we see the difference between Touched and Turned.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-07-19 16 
67239785The Battle of Damnatum Lutum, Part 2Giant mud drenched, raining stalemate between Chaos and Imperium Forces. Then a 50 meter lance shows up. Things escalate dramatically.40k, writefaggotry, IG, Krieg, Chaos, Necrons, Orks, Space Marines, Imperial Navy, Admech2019-07-17 1 
67231534COBRAAAAAAAA!/tg/ talks about G.I. Joe, Cobra, how to bring them to the tabletop, and a bit of Transformers.g.i. joe, cobra, transformers, cartoon action hour, don't even need other boards2019-07-16 3 
67213307Stranded at a Sci-Fi Desert Outpostin an abandoned mining station on a desolate desert planet, a stranded crew of spacers must endure a harsh environment and the paranormal.Horror, sci-fi, brainstorming, oneshot, worldbuilding, eldritch entities, paranormal, supernatural, outer space, space ship, space station2019-07-15 16 
67205326Radon and Raiders XVWork on radioactive medieval England continues, as Cornwall gets some attention and the Loch Ness Monster lurks aboutMedieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, radon and raiders2019-07-13 30 
67207516The Beach EpisodeBunch of IG get sent to a pleasure world. Beach themed shenanigans including tiki statues and sand castles. Also Kriegers fight Stalin40k, writefaggotry, IG, Krieg, Slaanesh2019-07-13 1 
67213231Dramatic Dame DuelistsOP presents the idea of a setting where honor duels among highborn ladies have evolved into dramatic spectacles of swordplay and pageantry.worldbuilding, brainstorming, nobles, royalty, swordplay, sword fighting, sport, martial arts, lady knights2019-07-12 10 
67202225combination monster bestiary /tg/ designs weapons for when wizards with owlbear-tier magics capable of combining animals to create new monsters fight a biotech war.monsters, worldbuilding, owlbears, chimera, body horror, umbrella corporation, wizards, no sense of right and wrong,2019-07-12 6 
67124296Radon and Raiders XIVAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, As the conflicts within Ireland are hammered out more clearly.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-07-11 30 
67020685Hollow Knight RPGDiscussion on the Hollow Knight RPG with links to the pdf’s.Hollow Knight, discussion, worldbuilding, homebrew2019-07-05 3 
67033338Raiders and Radon XIIIAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, As the Fomorian leader Balor was once a cosmonaut whose helmet holds back his gaze.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-07-05 30 
67067379Nechronica Story Time 2: Nechronica Story Time HarderAnon continues writing up his Nechronica campaign.Nechronica, Storytime, Story Time2019-07-03 6 
66953607Nechronica Story Time/GM AdviceAn anon writes up his Nechronica campaign Also features good advice on running the gameNechronica, Storytime, Story Time2019-07-01 8 
June 2019
66946028Raiders and Radon XIIAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, As the Red Army marches eternally and Turing Radicals manipulate their flesh.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-06-30 30 
66922929the battle of Damnatum Lutum, part 1Ultramarines attempt to steal credit, per usual, and are promptly run over by a Krieger in a tank. It snowballs from there.Warhammer, 40k, Writefaggotry, Krieg2019-06-28 1 
66941215I accidentally turned off the Gellar Fields.The Warp claims an Imperial ship.warhammer 40000, warhammer 40k, imperial navy, gellar field, warp, roleplaying2019-06-27 2 
66942901GM asks for advice on his calanderAn INSANE level of detail on orbital mechanics, tidal mechanics for a fantasy worldworldbuilding2019-06-25 1 
66842550Raiders and Radon XIAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, As the Scotland zone warps itself and the London Swamp dragon hides in the sewer.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-06-25 31 
66739109Raiders and Radon XAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, as Numbers Stations broadcast in the Zone.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-06-18 31 
66715619Interesting Warlock Deals/tg/ asks for original and interesting premises for warlock deals and their payments.worldbuilding, magic, plot hooks, deal with the devil, warlocks, the house always wins,2019-06-17 4 
66709472/tg/ discusses Tiamat/tg/ has a long discussion about Tiamatdnd, tiamat, dragon, discussion2019-06-16 0 
66728292What would the world be like if it went the My Hero Academia routeAnon asks what What would the global socio-political arena look like if things went the MHA route, high quality discussion happensMHA, world creation, My Hero Academia2019-06-13 2 
66636388Raiders and Radon IXAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, As prompts are made and Turingists are examined.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-06-12 31 
66593561Dwarven Lore and Culture Thread/tg/ comes together to write out fluff and lore for dwarves! A useful resource for anyone worldbuilding or playing as a dwarf!Dwarf, Dwarves, Dwarven, Lore, Fluff, Worldbuilding, Oddly comfy,2019-06-12 0 
66521629Radon and Raiders VIIIAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, as rad-wizards are cloaked, giants roam, and Ireland is paranoid.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders 2019-06-06 31 
May 2019
66458350Radon and Raiders VIIAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, as railway guns are worshipped and the Welsh fight a war for the railsMedieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building2019-05-31 32 
66449437Alien TTRPG discussionAnons discuss the Alien TTRPG and lore and realize all the possibilities Aliens crossovers givealien, sci-fi, space, xenomorph2019-05-29 0 
66435735Radon and Raiders VIAnons continue to work on medieval irradiated Britain.Setting, world building, Medieval, post apocalyptic, setting, world building2019-05-28 32 
66379684Radon and Raiders VAnons continue work on medieval irradiated Britain, as a religious schism occurs and lighthouse duty is a death sentenceMedieval, post apocalyptic, setting, world building2019-05-26 34 
66321936Radon and Raiders IVAnons continue to build a radioactive medieval Britain, now featuring more raiders and SAS fighting wizards in radioactive hellholesMedieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building2019-05-23 37 
66235775The Fading Sea II/tg/ continues to discuss the Fading Sea, touching upon roll tables, the Sawtooth Isles, Knot Madness, slavery and angels.Fading Sea, Galgeleth, City of Wheels, setting2019-05-21 5 
66288903Radon and Raiders the ThirdAnons continue to develop the medieval radioactive isles, as wars are fought and maps are madePost apocalypse, setting, world building, medieval2019-05-19 40 
66255181Radon and Raiders 2Creating of a radioactive feudal Britain from the 50s continues, now with more mutants!Setting, post-apocalypse, medieval, world building2019-05-18 40 
66163187Night Shift no.<#night shiftnightshift, homebrew2019-05-15 3 
66202771Radon and Raiders (working title)A follow up on the apocalyptic cavalry thread, where anons continue to fluff out a medieval radioactive England and the things living in itSetting, world building, post-apocalypse, medieval2019-05-15 60 
66143666The Fading Sea/tg/ creates and fluffs out the Fading Sea and the City of Galgeleth, where the danger is great and the treasure is greater.Fading Sea, Galgeleth, City of Wheels, setting2019-05-12 16 
66179418The All Guardsmen Party and the Inquisitorial Penal Legion pt.2The infiltration attempts beginAll Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2019-05-12 44 
66124873Post-Apocalyptic cavalry and setting-buildingSome anons talk about cavalry in the apocalypse and make a setting for radiation filled fantasy in Englandsetting, post-apocalyptic2019-05-10 20 
66107232The Last House 2Discussion continues slowly on The Last House.Horror, World Building, The Last House2019-05-09 1 
66035693Predator Marines part 4We continue working on the Venaro sector, Jewish dark mechanicus, and move towards Genestealers.Chapter Creation, Space Marines, Predator Marines, Iron Hands, Sisters of Battle, Imperial Guard, Inquisition, 40k, Writefaggotry2019-05-08 5 
65973574Fractured Singularity Thread 3Our collaborative creation expands, further filling the lore with micro-factions, defined technologies, and more.Fractured Singularity, Sci-Fi, Worldbuilding, Human-centric, Space, Transhumanism, Setting, ISA, Jovian Federation,2019-05-06 2 
66019519The Last HouseOP writes of a dark place. Horror, World Building2019-05-04 2 
65960580Realms of Lord Killblood DeathbaneA fairly metal science-fantasy setting with battlemutants and hover-longship riding void-vikings.Lord Killblood Deathbane, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Worldbuilding, Science Fantasy, World Building, brainstorming, Brainstorming, mutant, 2019-05-03 13 
65998356Predator Marines part 3ITT, we finally get around to rolling the ork klan. Also, cyborg Xenomorph combat servitors and Jew Necrons.Chapter Creation, Space Marines, Predator Marines, Iron Hands, Sisters of Battle, Imperial Guard, Inquisition, 40k, Writefaggotry2019-05-03 10 
65977935Predator Marines Part 2A continuation of the first Predator Marines thread fleshing out the glorious clusterfuck of a sector they're based in.Chapter Creation, Space Marines, Predator Marines, Iron Hands, Sisters of Battle, Imperial Guard, Inquisition, 40k, Writefaggotry2019-05-01 11 
April 2019
65965351Predator MarinesChapter creation thread makes an Iron Hands successor from a jungle world that hunt their enemies with stealth & terror tactics.Chapter Creation, Space Marines, Predator Marines, Iron Hands, 40k, Writefaggotry2019-04-30 15 
65850840Fractured Singularity Thread 2Work continues on the world of Fractured Singularity. Factions fleshed out, micro fiction written, sample locations proposed and more.Fractured Singularity, Sci-Fi, Worldbuilding, Human-centric, Space, Transhumanism, Setting, ISA, Jovian Federation,2019-04-29 2 
65900619Noble vampires/tg/ discusses how vampires could work as actual functional feudal lordsVampires, Worldbuilding,2019-04-29 2 
65883164Three Little Primarchs and the Big, Bad WarbossA /tg/ nursery rhyme.40k, wh40k, fairy tale, nursery rhyme, orks, poetry, Dorn2019-04-24 3 
65759207Fractured Singularity Thread 1Work begins on the world of Fractured Singularity, home to the advancement obsessed ISA and the rather tech-conservative Jovian FederationFractured Singularity, Sci-Fi, Worldbuilding, Human-centric, Space, Transhumanism, Setting, ISA, Jovian Federation,2019-04-21 10 
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