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November 2014
35877648Mobile Suit Gundam: Shadows of Zeon Quest #38Something wicked our way came, and the Sisters run into some trouble. Shadows of Zeon, Collective Game, Mecha, Gundam, AU2014-11-01 1 
35875195Cyberpunk Kidnapper Quest 5Investigations, drama, and the truth is almost in sight... at least Maxine has called off her goon squad!Collective Game, Cyberpunk Kidnapper Quest, 72oOCCJ12014-11-01 2 
35872679Maverick Hunter Quest 45In which we play our hero's best friend on a mission of search and rescue.Collective Game, Maverick Hunter Quest, Mega Man X2014-11-01 1 
35873845Miasma Quest 4A new acquaintance is made and the scouting mission takes a turn for the worse.Collective Quest, Miasma Quest2014-11-01 1 
35882392Endless Sky: Ace Combat Quest 5Karla is sent out on an air patrol that isn't quite what it seems.Ace Combat, Ace Combat Quest, Endless Sky, Endless Sky Ace Combat Quest, Collective Game2014-11-01 2 
35877896SPOOKY ABYSSAL QUEST 001A terrifying tale of a Chosen of the Neverborn who had a minor dermal malfunction.Golden Lark, Shyft Nine, drawquest, SPOOKY ABYSSAL QUEST, spooky, scary, skeletons, halloween, Exalted, Abyssal, The Just and Neccesary Executioner, Collective Game2014-11-01 0 
35872732(Quest Thread) Reborn in an RPG S01 Ep 20We put a stop to the new succubi's watergames, arrange for FABULOUS clothing for our sisters and Elli, and have another interview with the vempirecollective game, Eldric Lightbringer, Lyann, Mako2014-11-01 1 
35874553Loli Talker Quest Episode 2 Part 5Nee-chan is faced with a chocolate crisis and secrets!Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Cute, Nee-san2014-11-01 3 
35864111Floor Tile QuestYou are a sapient floor tile, hellbent on devouring the entire world.Floor Tile Quest, Collective Game, Halloween2014-11-01 1 
35877395Aspiring Emperor Quest LIIThe blitz is over and more consideration happens.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-11-01 4 
35877265Dead Gods Quest 35We select the order of our remaining targets, and prepare to kill them.Collective game, Dead Gods Quest, Someone else., fantasy, quest, elf2014-11-01 0 
35876987Harem Protag Quest #51After rescuing Nanoha, John continues forward. Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-11-01 10 
35862917Bureau QuestAs a member of the Secretists, we battle demons, cultist and save a sexy vampiress.Bureau Quest, Collective Game, Halloween, Totally Not JQOP2014-11-01 0 
October 2014
35870773Magical Girl Noir Quest 240A funny magical girl tries to soothe worries with jokes, but it does not go as planned.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, Magical Girl, noir, drawfag, Chiaki, Midori, Risa, Misaka2014-10-31 11 
35869090Lessons in Knighthood Quest 10Nicole deals with the aftermath of the previous thread, and stops Victor from doing something silly.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-31 5 
35874568Paladin of Joy Quest 42Surely there must be an easier way to mass produce magic items, and Bokins test of adulthood awaits.Paladin of Joy Quest, Collective Game, Female Protagonist, Paladin2014-10-31 2 
35813624For House and Dominion: Home Front III - 5Shore Leave Rescinded. We hunt down raiders behind our lines then set out to conduct front line salvage for the Alliance fleet.Collective Game, Quest, House and Dominion, Dominion Quest, Space, Space Combat, Survey, Salvage, Dice2014-10-31 3 
35857585Transformers Quest 23: Strange WaysGood cop, bad cop, we're the one with the tentacles. Transformers, Kracken, Sharktopus, Cop, Transformers Quest, Cybertron, Telechan4, Collective Game, Autobot, Decepticon2014-10-31 1 
35872173Ryukuza Quest: Protector of Smiles and Oni SlayerMending, talking, sleeping. The fateful day arrives. Collective Game, Ryukuza Quest, Ryukusa, Ryukuza, Smile Protector, comedy, romance, over the top, dragongirls, oni girls, parthenogenesis, oni, dragons, dragon girls, neko, 2014-10-31 3 
35825270Paladin QuestWe're banished to another realm by a forest spirit.Paladin Quest, DrawQuest, Collective Game2014-10-31 0 
35864849Tiji Sector Project, Polities and Places of Sub-Sector AForeverGM makes a T5 character waiting for /tg/ anons to join the discussion.Traveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic, T5, character creation2014-10-31 0 
35861747Peter Parker Quest: Issue #63Ghouls and GoblinsPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-10-31 7 
35860627Khornette Quest #15In which we finish playing Fleet Admiral by deciding to split up the fleet temporarily. We also wrestle Acerea and Ignitrix in the Bloodbath a little.Collective Game, Khornette, Nurglette, Lady of Change, Tyranids, ELH2014-10-31 8 
35854976Post Apoc TeslaTek Mutant Civ Quest Part 2We crush some monsters, shock ourselves into mutation with the help of mad scientists, and find a mysterious infant born of an explosion.Collective game, apocalypse, civ quest, hivemind, TeslaTek2014-10-31 0 
35862777Team Fortress 2 Quest part 2Where we go down to the nerd zone and battle our way into PyroLand.Team Fortress 2 Quest, Collective Game2014-10-31 1 
35859728DBZ Human Quest #4Kaguya learns some new tricks, and tests them against YamchaCollective Game, Quest, DBZ, Human, Dragonball, Z, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu, Yajirobe, Goku, Kami, Piccolo, Popo, Raditz, Gohan2014-10-31 2 
35862255Imouto Quest Our Imouto has to...you knowCollective Game, Imouto Quest, Oneshot2014-10-31 10 
35858211Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Episode 41 The curtain rises on the first act of the finale...Or something like that.Collective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Sato, Rei, Kali, Gramps2014-10-31 5 
35859615Young Monster quest 1In which Razsezsunael feeds a cultist to a monster in a pond, and loots a good deal of things. actually it mostly just loots things in this thread, not much else happens. short thread to QM feeling to shit to write Collective Game, Young Monster Quest, The Headmaster, Monster, quest, character creation, Demon2014-10-31 2 
35860719Hyperdimension Dwarf Fortress Quest 07The representative personification of Dwarf Fortress takes far too long to figure out what the hell she wants to tackle first, and discovers that Armok's most fervent desire is to make her suffer as much as possible.Collective Game, Hyperdimension Dwarf Fortress Quest, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Dwarf Fortress, Blorp2014-10-31 11 
35864911Princess Guard Quest 210In which Reinhold bears many gifts.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest.2014-10-31 7 
35858309Gal Quest 10We experience an odd flashing of memories and talk with Teza before accepting her offer of taking her newly-created mech on a test drive.Gals Quest, Collective Game2014-10-31 0 
35854322(Quest Thread) Reborn in an RPG S01 Ep 19We have an interview with a gnome, an old man, and a vampirecollective game, Eldric Lightbringer, Lyann, Mako2014-10-31 1 
35855806The Walking Persona Rider Quest S01E02SOCIAL LINK GO!The Walking Persona Rider Quest, Collective Game, Kamen Rider, Persona, The Walking Dead, Shin Megami Tensei, MegaTen2014-10-31 1 
35855993Cyberpunk Kidnapper Quest 4Our hero finally fucking unties his victim. Also, some people get shot.Collective Game, Cyberpunk Kidnapper Quest, 72oOCCJ12014-10-31 6 
35855642RE:Monster Ex Quest 37A bit of forging, a bit of scaring random people around townmonstergirls, re-monster, re:monster ex quest, REQM, Collective Game2014-10-31 16 
35855324Cosmic Mind Quest #1YOU THINK YOU PERCEIVE YOU ARE YOU WILL ACTCollective Game, Cosmic Mind Quest, abstract, quest, cosmic2014-10-31 0 
35839310green text storiesVarious short stories from tales of the Sith mechanic through Harkonnen astropaths to Steve Irwin molesting dragons.game funny story2014-10-31 5 
35838120RE/AVER Quest 1We travel back home, go visit our sister and then respond to a not quite natural security breach at the spaceport.Collective Game, RE/AVER Quest2014-10-30 0 
35846829Ghost Mom QuestWe get a date, our dead mother hits on us until the run gets cut short but QM assures us he will try again tomorrow.Collective Game, Ghost Mom Quest,2014-10-30 2 
35850393Young Monster quest 0A monster is born, a demon to be precise.Collective Game, Young Monster Quest, The Headmaster, Monster, quest, character creation, Demon2014-10-30 6 
35847868Tokyo Ghoul Quest 2.5Nao talks to his boss about the mute girl and you meet new people. Momoko saves Umeko from being killed.Collective Game, Tokyo Ghoul Quest, Flowergirl is cursed, Crayfish2014-10-30 3 
35846757Banished Quest 77.7We finally kill Kadir, after dolling out some parental life lessons and much preparation.Collective Game, Somas, Banished, Quest, Banished Quest2014-10-30 11 
35840696Mercenary Recruit Quest 1Where we as a blue mage join a mercenary company and easily defeat the leader in a sparring match. Only for some idiot to test out our abilities by frost bolting us.Mercenary Recruit Quest, Collective Game, Procrastinator_Anon2014-10-30 0 
35806492Chelsey QuestYou are Chelsey Hall, a bored and lonely girl.Collective Game, Chelsey Hall, Drawquest, Draw Quest2014-10-30 0 
35794586Paladin QuestWe go to defeat the lich.Paladin Quest, Draw Quest, Collective Game2014-10-30 0 
35842642Accidental Idol Crime Quest 6: Halloween SpecialHalloween is celebrated in an aMAIZEingly large corn maze. Then things start to get hot.Accidental Idol Crime Quest, Collective Game2014-10-30 5 
35841577Improvaizen Quest 5In where Aizen goes to kubixco and get's luckyCollective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2014-10-30 3 
35840839Team Fortress 2 QuestWhere wield a flamethrower, make French toast, and split a giant's head.Team Fortress 2 Quest, Collective Game2014-10-30 0 
35842631Tank Hunters QuestFirst thread! Where we figure out what tank we own and put a crew together.Tank Hunters Quest, Collective Game, Tanks, Post Apocalypse, Sentinel2014-10-30 4 
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