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May 2019
66202771Radon and Raiders (working title)A follow up on the apocalyptic cavalry thread, where anons continue to fluff out a medieval radioactive England and the things living in itSetting, world building, post-apocalypse, medieval2019-05-15 61 
66143666The Fading Sea/tg/ creates and fluffs out the Fading Sea and the City of Galgeleth, where the danger is great and the treasure is greater.Fading Sea, Galgeleth, City of Wheels, setting2019-05-12 16 
66179418The All Guardsmen Party and the Inquisitorial Penal Legion pt.2The infiltration attempts beginAll Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2019-05-12 45 
66124873Post-Apocalyptic cavalry and setting-buildingSome anons talk about cavalry in the apocalypse and make a setting for radiation filled fantasy in Englandsetting, post-apocalyptic2019-05-10 20 
66107232The Last House 2Discussion continues slowly on The Last House.Horror, World Building, The Last House2019-05-09 1 
66035693Predator Marines part 4We continue working on the Venaro sector, Jewish dark mechanicus, and move towards Genestealers.Chapter Creation, Space Marines, Predator Marines, Iron Hands, Sisters of Battle, Imperial Guard, Inquisition, 40k, Writefaggotry2019-05-08 5 
65973574Fractured Singularity Thread 3Our collaborative creation expands, further filling the lore with micro-factions, defined technologies, and more.Fractured Singularity, Sci-Fi, Worldbuilding, Human-centric, Space, Transhumanism, Setting, ISA, Jovian Federation,2019-05-06 3 
66019519The Last HouseOP writes of a dark place. Horror, World Building2019-05-04 2 
65960580Realms of Lord Killblood DeathbaneA fairly metal science-fantasy setting with battlemutants and hover-longship riding void-vikings.Lord Killblood Deathbane, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Worldbuilding, Science Fantasy, World Building, brainstorming, Brainstorming, mutant, 2019-05-03 14 
65998356Predator Marines part 3ITT, we finally get around to rolling the ork klan. Also, cyborg Xenomorph combat servitors and Jew Necrons.Chapter Creation, Space Marines, Predator Marines, Iron Hands, Sisters of Battle, Imperial Guard, Inquisition, 40k, Writefaggotry2019-05-03 10 
65977935Predator Marines Part 2A continuation of the first Predator Marines thread fleshing out the glorious clusterfuck of a sector they're based in.Chapter Creation, Space Marines, Predator Marines, Iron Hands, Sisters of Battle, Imperial Guard, Inquisition, 40k, Writefaggotry2019-05-01 11 
April 2019
65965351Predator MarinesChapter creation thread makes an Iron Hands successor from a jungle world that hunt their enemies with stealth & terror tactics.Chapter Creation, Space Marines, Predator Marines, Iron Hands, 40k, Writefaggotry2019-04-30 16 
65850840Fractured Singularity Thread 2Work continues on the world of Fractured Singularity. Factions fleshed out, micro fiction written, sample locations proposed and more.Fractured Singularity, Sci-Fi, Worldbuilding, Human-centric, Space, Transhumanism, Setting, ISA, Jovian Federation,2019-04-29 2 
65900619Noble vampires/tg/ discusses how vampires could work as actual functional feudal lordsVampires, Worldbuilding,2019-04-29 2 
65883164Three Little Primarchs and the Big, Bad WarbossA /tg/ nursery rhyme.40k, wh40k, fairy tale, nursery rhyme, orks, poetry, Dorn2019-04-24 3 
65759207Fractured Singularity Thread 1Work begins on the world of Fractured Singularity, home to the advancement obsessed ISA and the rather tech-conservative Jovian FederationFractured Singularity, Sci-Fi, Worldbuilding, Human-centric, Space, Transhumanism, Setting, ISA, Jovian Federation,2019-04-21 10 
65730059Tron RPG BrainstormingAnons puzzling out how to pull off a TRON-style RPGTRON,Game Design2019-04-17 0 
65610037Making better monsters and peopleAnons create a bunch of races and monsters based on living and extinct animals, speculative evolution and some alien influencesWorld building, Original, Dinosaurs, Races, Monsters, Evolution, Discussion2019-04-17 5 
65572050Who waits for you back at home?Nearly 200 anons tell us about the background of their characters. background, characters, roleplaying2019-04-12 11 
65570456Skaven IN SPACETg discusses what a spacefaring skaven empire would look like.skaven, warhammer, 40k, fantasy, space 2019-04-09 2 
65418021Nobledark Imperium Part 83: Nurglite Wight King Edition Necron terriforming, writeups for Obyron's duel and Veiled Region, Mandragora and the lost Necron homeworld, and more.Nobledark, Eldar, Human, Emperor, Isha, 40K, Warhammer 40K2019-04-06 1 
65451378Chimerae GaloreAnons name three random animals and write feasibly fantastical monsters out of them.worldbuilding, monsters, chimera, fantasy2019-04-05 3 
March 2019
65430512The Brazen Chains creationCreation of a chapter of Ghost Riders. Move along.Ghost Rider, Chapter Creation, Astartes, Space Marines, 40k, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Brazen Chains.2019-03-31 7 
65114001Nobledark Imperium Part 82 : Eldar Tallarnian Holidays editionThe idiot playboy of McConnell Corp, mythical Trials of Isha, Zarakynel tries to be a homewrecker, daemon weapons, and moreNobledark, Eldar, Human, Emperor, Isha, 40K, Warhammer 40K2019-03-29 1 
65346307Meanwhile, on SchreckNet /tg/The world may change but the shitposting of the ancients continue onwards.Vampire the Masquerade, Saulot, Angry Toreadors, Spooked Tremere, Big Gay Brujah On Campus2019-03-28 0 
65267679Tales of That Guy/That DMDepression Quest anon returns and finally dispenses justice, in just one out of the many new stories of Guys and GMs that nobody likes!that guy, that dm, storytiem, justice, rage2019-03-24 3 
65042876Legends of the Wulin 1.5.1The latest edition of LotW 1.5 is released. LotW, homebrew2019-03-21 1 
65177142What do YOU romanticize in your settings?A thread discussing what we romanticize in our settings and what elements of storytelling we find most comfy.worldbuilding, storytelling, romanticism, brainstorming,discussion, themes, ideas, settings2019-03-18 9 
64909963Obsidian Smiths Creation/tg/ creates another chapter of Renegade space marinesCustom Chapter, Space Marines, Obsidian Smiths2019-03-15 11 
64830871Nobledark Imperium Part 81: Milk for the Khorne Flakes EditionChaos Felinids, the World that Wasn't/Veiled Region, Kiavahr, Spirit of Integrity, more space battles, leader of Carlos McConnell, and moreNobledark, Eldar, Human, Emperor, Isha, 40K, Warhammer 40K2019-03-13 3 
65094051tectonics first worldbuildingjump to post no. 65100177 for an easy to follow processworldbuilding, tectonics, unemployment, wasted degree2019-03-12 1 
65062546skeleton showdownPeople create Their Guy on heroforge and do battle. Skeletons, Lizardmen, bad dudes and horrible monstrosities ensue. Shortage of shirtsshowdown, lizardmen, skeleons, skellies, heroforge2019-03-11 2 
65000958impossibly huge setting map ideasop presents an idea about having a whole adventure inside of a castlesetting, castle, theme park, map2019-03-08 2 
64923016Immortals hide among usThroughout the aeons of man, certain souls are born immortal. /tg/ explains how certain important people have been important for a long timeImmortals2019-03-05 5 
February 2019
64847319night shift locationsdiscussion of alt nightshift locationsnightshift2019-02-28 1 
64763346Hollow Knight RPGTg gets buggy with hollow knightCollective Game, Worldbuilding, homebrew, Hollow Knight, Bug2019-02-26 12 
64822926Chronicles of Steve 1The party finds a hero among commoners.D&D, 5e, Storytime.2019-02-24 1 
64808673Conspiracy TheoriesA collection of conspiracy theories for use in gamesconspiracy theories, resource, Worldbuilding2019-02-24 3 
64605650Strange Dimensions second threadthe continued exploits and discoveries of the Interdimensional Trading Companyhomebrew, dimension, awesome, surreal2019-02-23 1 
64663397Nobledark Imperium Part 80: BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD KING OF THE GALAXY editionRatlings, space battles, tabletop in the nobledark, Blood Pact society, Gathrog and Dregruk, and more.Nobledark, Eldar, Human, Emperor, Isha, 40K, Warhammer 40K2019-02-23 4 
64701027Silent AngelsSpace Marine chapter creation thread produces a silent, stealth-based Blood Angels successor on an airless medieval world.Chapter Creation, Space Marines, Silent Angels, Blood Angels, 40k, Writefaggotry2019-02-21 13 
64476922night shift 2019tg contiunes to brew the setting it creatednightshift2019-02-20 5 
64727567interesting op imageop makes the common mistake of posting an image that's too interestingOP, blunder, image, snake2019-02-20 6 
64668774Manticore/tg/ has to draw a picture of a manticore and post it in this thread or else the manticore will eat it.drawthread, manticore, art2019-02-19 6 
64640636 What if dragons were based on owls instead of snakes?/tg/ brainstorms on the concept of owl-dragons as cold and stealthy counterparts to traditional dragons, before finally getting stat blocks.great owl, owldrake, dragon, scathe, stat block, fantasy2019-02-17 22 
64681258Gorkenn MorkannOne Warboss stands against the might of a Hive Fleet, alone except for 15 Boyz, a Dark Eldar Kabal and a legion of grotz.ork,2019-02-17 7 
64632151AdMech finds Opportunity and Imperial vidyaIn the grim darkness of the far future, there is Opportunity for win. Also, vidya of the Imperium of Man.40K, Adeptus Mechanicus, Opportunity, win, writefaggotry, Imperium, vidya2019-02-16 15 
64394033Nobledark Imperium Part 79: Rise of the Imperium The Musical Edition More Sisters, Arrotyr gets the Monty Python treatment, Nightsiders, Imperial bureaucracy, and more.Nobledark, Eldar, Human, Emperor, Isha, 40K, Warhammer 40K2019-02-15 2 
64600451Cadalbras the Wise and the Western Wall"It is said that the hair of Cadalbras the Wise turned all white the day he turned his telescope upon it."Cadalbras the Wise,The Western Wall,writefaggotry,before the end2019-02-14 24 
64567726guardians meets astartesa imperial crusade crash on holy terra,the problem a foul xeno artefact and different geography.......40k,destiny2019-02-11 0 
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