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Archived Threads

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May 2018
59468882/tg/ makes a comfy settingIn which many anons come together to create the comfiest possible setting, with plenty of emphasis on hearths and fireplaces.worldbuilding, comfy2018-05-04 8 
59436349Putting the Punk in CyberpunkDiscussion of new cyberpunk setting creation and keeping the "punk" element.cyberpunk, setting, worldbuilding2018-05-03 3 
59266224Planeforger IV: PheroxaWe rolled up a plane with dice, made a map, and created a post-phyrexian world with a twisted history that views yawgmoth more positively.Magic the Gathering, worldbuilding, Planeforger, MTG, art, phyrexia, yawgmoth, fluff, crunch2018-05-01 2 
April 2018
59289523Pikmin RPGAnons brainstorm a tabletop system to represent Pikmin.roleplay, vidya, homebrew2018-04-28 6 
59183440Nobledark Imperium Part 56: Bug War EditionMore Blacklaw, armored warfare, Space hulks, Brain Boyz, Tau-Imperial relations, Angron and his children, and more.Nobledark, Eldar, Human, Emperor, Isha, 40k, Warhammer 40k2018-04-26 7 
59220808Hip-Hop in roleplayingAn anon seeks help for rhyme-based casting, worldbuilding ensuesetting, Samurai Champloo, worldbuilding, Hip Hop, hip-hop, brainstorming2018-04-23 6 
59254172What creeps you out? Anons share things that unnerve them. Jesus fucking Christ.horror, terror, fear, GM advice, GM, 2018-04-21 3 
59147529Koloshi Staljers and Medvennian Hussars/tg/ making a Guard regiment based of tlingit indiantribe and einged hussars riding on flying bearskoloshi stalker, medvennian hussar2018-04-17 8 
59185788MidHammer 40,000What if the Heresy hadn't been as succesful as it was? Based on this, /tg/ engages in some writefaggotry and hype over potential ADVENTURE!40K, MidHammer2018-04-16 9 
59020817Nobledark 40k part 55: Dorn's Last Stand editionElysium system, Blacklaw the Freeboota, discussion and planning of various aspects of the setting, and more.Nobledark, Eldar, Human, Emperor, Isha, 40k, Warhammer 40k2018-04-16 7 
59182027one fine day in the golden palaceChaos did itwarhammer, 40k, stick figures, throwback2018-04-16 11 
59048749Mankind Conquers HellA group of anons come together to ask the question 'What if mankind invaded and conquered hell', including world-building and a full comicHell, HFY, Humanity Fuck Yeah, Worldbuilding, Demons, Corruption, Sci-Fi, Lore2018-04-11 11 
59047820Fear And Loathing In WonderlandAnons come together and talk about their experiences in a world gone mad. Magical Girls and horror abound.Horror, madness, Roleplay, Magical Girls, eldritch, demons2018-04-11 4 
58940370Stercus Ludicrum VI: It's Always Sunny in CommorraghThe 6th thread of greentextingStercus Ludicrum, greentext2018-04-11 12 
58996490Angel DiscussionOP asks /tg/ how to make benevolent yet creepy angels. Many religious examples are given. Portrayals of Lucifer thrown in for good measure.FEAR NOT, angel, religion, lucifer, satan2018-04-10 6 
58889492creatively negligent precursorsWorldbuilding about precursor civilizations leads to hilarity and the realization that Zeus is That Guy.worldbuilding, precursors, sufficiently advanced, setting, Autism on a Kardashev Scale, goddammit zeus, REEEEEEEE PAPERCLIPS, REMOVE QU,2018-04-07 5 
58971906Dwarven Political PartiesA group of anons attempt to come up with a dwarven nation's political factionsdwarf, dwarves, fantasy, worldbuilding2018-04-06 5 
58886736Paint CreaturesAnons post shitty MS Paint creatures, drawfags make them cool. A setting is created - a dumping ground for unfinished creations of gods.paint creatures, drawthread, cosmic horror2018-04-06 7 
58818593Nobledark 40K Pt 54: Let's Number This Right EditionDiscussion of unsaved old ideas, coop Imperial Army units, the Laer, and wonder metal neutronium. Died early, archived for organization.Nobledark, Eldar, Human, Emperor, Isha, 40k, Warhammer 40k2018-04-05 9 
58901514modern mythologyA discussion of how post-apocalyptic religions might misinterpret the modern world.worldbuilding, mythology, religion, cultists, cult, future, post-apocalyptic, funny,2018-04-04 2 
58772704Stercus Ludicrum V: The Martian ConnectionThe fifth greentext thread following the events on Stercus LudicrumWarhammer, 40k, greentext2018-04-01 13 
March 2018
58563280Nobledark 40k part 52: Szarekh Does Not Serve EditionOrk diplomats (now making more sense than the ones in canon), the cost of eternal war, blanks and Sisters of Silence, dreadnaughts, and moreEldar, Human, Nobledark, Emperor, Isha, 40k, Warhammer 40k2018-03-26 10 
58639533Stercus Ludicrum IV: Vice CityThe collective greentext saga continues.warhammer, 40k, greentext2018-03-24 20 
58640150A wargame that doesn't existIn which /tg/ complains in a general for a tabletop game that isn't real.fantasy, wargame2018-03-23 5 
58537811The War for Stercus Ludicrum: Bug Hunt EditionThird thread in the ">Be Imperial Guardsman" greentext adventure. Genestealers and Alpha Legion run wild and once again destroy everythWarhammer, 40k, Greentext2018-03-18 21 
58409169Prehistoric FantasyGaming in an Early Man setting is discussedPrehistory, Neolithic, worldbuilding2018-03-14 5 
58415703The War for Stercus LudicrumContinuing the ">be imperial guard" greentext adventure. Khornate friendships, an Imperial wedding, Sisters of Battle and more.warhammer, 40k, greentext2018-03-13 25 
58415271Eternal HellsAnon proposes the "Nexus" and the development of the last bastion away from hell, slowly rotting away 2018-03-12 5 
58264906Nobledark 40k part 52: Prospero University EditionTaskmaster of Shaa-Dome, Pastoral Worlds, Anval Thawn, an alternate future, Siege of Terra, AdMech and the Fab-General, DOOMRIDER, and more.Eldar, Human, Nobledark, Emperor, Isha, 40k, Warhammer 40k2018-03-12 8 
58335731>be imperial guardAn escalating greentext 40K adventure.warhammer, 40k, greentext2018-03-08 48 
58048279settler problemsWhat Awful Things can befall a new settlement (and more!)Ideas, Settlement2018-03-05 5 
58291364SolarpunkA discussion of solarpunk as a genre with explanations, examples and miscellaneous worldbuilding.setting, worldbuilding, solarpunk, genre2018-03-04 5 
58286435The All Guardsmen Party and the "Stealth" Mission Part 6Shit goes down with Bane, and Asshat lives up to his name.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2018-03-04 61 
February 2018
58147220Africa and Egypt as a sci-fi settingA discussion thread for using Africa for sci-fi settingsWorld-Building,sci-fi,Africa2018-02-26 12 
58177335The All Guardsmen Party and the "Stealth" Mission Part 5In which a lot of shit blows up.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2018-02-26 51 
58175558Occult national security threatsBrainstorming persons of interest for a secret Occult branch of the CIA to deal withWorldbuilding, Supernatural, Modern, CIA2018-02-25 5 
58159093The All Guardsmen Party and the "Stealth" Mission Part 4The return of the nightmare superiors.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2018-02-25 67 
57999291Nobledark 40k part 51: Galactic. Eldar. Conspiracy. EditionOlamic Quietude, [Redacted] about the Cabal and Gahet, A.I. related stuff, Viskeon, Luther's world in the Eye, and more.Eldar, Human, Nobledark, Emperor, Isha, 40k, Warhammer 40k2018-02-23 7 
58098523Forge World Blandius second threadFluffing the system surrounding Blandius II with antagonistsworldbuilding, 40k2018-02-22 2 
58080068Creating forge world Blandius II/tg/ creates a forge world and the surrounding system.worldbuilding, 40k2018-02-22 7 
58012646Ice World CreationOp asks makes a simple primer on his homebrew setting, anons build on the idea, and make it great.homebrew setting osr2018-02-18 10 
57976190Stoneage /tg/You try no play rocks and sabertooth?meta, roleplay, state of tg2018-02-15 28 
57974535Slaanesh vs. Tenacious ESlaanesh is challenged to a rock-off.Warhammer 40k, Slaanesh, songs, grimdark songwriting2018-02-14 12 
57923494Tale of the Promethean HeistersTheBlackScribe storytimes his favorite campaignhalo mythic, promethean heisters, theblackscribe, storytime2018-02-13 15 
57923689/tg/ makes a homebrew SoB Order/tg/ generates a new Sister of Battle Order using the 1d4chan Order Creation rules, coming up with a Spartan ordersisters of battle warhammer 40k 40,000 homebrew2018-02-12 4 
57894014Franken/tg/: Son of /tg//tg/ develops the coastal starting town of Happy Landings and stitches together some of it's unsavoury residents.character creation, brainstorming, worldbuilding, Franken/tg/2018-02-12 1 
57709449Chronomancer Nobility Worldbuilding/tg/ develops a setting where the nobility are all time travelers.chronomancers, time travel, paradox, worldbuilding, setting,2018-02-12 1 
57853937/tg/ makes a map: episode 2In which our fine elegan/tg/entlemen come together once more to create another awesome hexcrawl as our board culture slowly returns.collab, worldbuilding, robots, Getting Shit Done, /tg/ gets shit done, hexcrawl, map2018-02-11 3 
57828105Nobledark 40k part 50: Big 5-0 editionLion finally gets finished, Khorne's Avatar, more debate over non-militant Sisters, Stern, Titus, Morty was right: vermin get the last word Eldar, Human, Nobledark, Emperor, Isha, 40k, Warhammer 40k2018-02-11 7 
57729395Even More Fantastical Creatures WorldbuildingThe second thread collecting miscellaneous ideas for original magical creatures and monsters.creatures, monsters, bestiary, worldbuilding,2018-02-10 3 
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