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September 2019
68252142Nechronica Storytime Thread/Character DiscussionAnon continues England storytime. Token anon is also around and makes tokens.Nechronica, storytime, centipede, tachikoma, tokens, token2019-09-11 3 
68099411/tg/ original superheroes and superpowers/tg/ comes up with an original superhero setting's worth of heroes and villains.superheroes, setting, worldbuilding,2019-09-09 1 
68113304The battle of Damnatum Lutum, part 4With winter rolling in and the Tau having settled down, the anons of the thread worldbuild with some giant battles on the side40k, writefaggotry, world building, IG, Eldar, Tau, Rogue Trader, Chaos, Orks, Imperial Fists, Admech, Sisters of Battle, Inquisition2019-09-09 5 
68056499Radon and Raiders XXIIAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, as both the Industrial Zone and Horned Men are fleshed out.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-09-09 24 
68162646Nechronica thread with storytimesTwo nechronica storytimes get going, weapons are stats are created, parts are discussed, and more. 1880's England.nechronica, storytime, story time, parts, guns, doll, system, england, british, japanese, america, portugal, atlantic, centipede2019-09-08 3 
68095390Halls of Bardoz 1TG makes a ex-dwarf fort dungeondwarf,Dwarf Fortress,dungeon,worldbuilding2019-09-07 5 
68141968How would fantasy races adapt to modern warfare?OP posits the question: How would fantasy races adopt to modern warfare? and /tg/ answers.Warfare, fantasy, modern warfare, centaur, dwarf, elf, orc, discussion2019-09-03 4 
68123185Adventures of the 74465th Valhallan Infantry Regiment Part 2Short lived second part to the Adventures of the 74465th Valhallan Infantry Regiment40k, writefaggotry, IG, Tau, Dark Eldar, Sisters of Battle2019-09-02 0 
68085623Epic Song of Swords fecht thread.What started as a Song of Swords thread quickly turned into an epic fecht thread : Katana vs Sword and Oberyn Martell VS Gregor Clegane.Song of Swords, SoS, Game of Thrones, Oberyn Martell, Gregor Clegane, Katana, Sword, Fecht, Ronin, Knight2019-09-01 1 
67964177Adventures of the 74465th Valhallan Infantry RegimentDysfunctional Imperial Guard camp fights off wave after wave of enemies. Featuring: a cat, frenchmen, Commissars, a deathclaw, and fapbait40k, writefaggotry, IG, Felinid, Necron, Custodian, Chaos, Slaanesh, smut, Tau, Dark Eldar2019-09-01 2 
August 2019
67952063The Battle For Arazonia SecundusThe Americus 10th Mechanized scour the desert of foul xenos. Featuring; Ork Cowboys, Eldar Tavern Wenches, Tempestus Scions, Stoner Tank 40k, writefaggotry, IG, Orks,Tau, Necrons, Eldar, Sisters of Battle, Daemonette, Krieg2019-08-29 1 
67858598Radon and Raiders XXIAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, as NPCs are made and the Wire Weed grows in the Industrial Zone.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-08-27 31 
67987933Anons discuss dolphin mermaidsAn attempt at fetishposting turns into need mammal mermaid speculation.Dolphin2019-08-26 5 
67933615Green MujihadeenA thread about Black Templars unexpectedly turns into a custom chapter thread about Space Islam.Awesome, WH40K, Space Marines, Black Templars, Green Mujihadeen, Custom Chapter, 2019-08-21 1 
67642096Dungeonpunk Wolfenstein SettingA setting where the PCs are fantasy B.J. Blazcowickz fighting against the magitech cult of Zarus. Lots of monsters are also designed.wolfenstein, zarus, HFY, fascism,2019-08-17 0 
67709083Radon and Raiders XXAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, as some maps are finalized, mapmakers wander, and a Balor statue is made.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-08-14 30 
67616337What if Warhammer 40k was a french production ?OP asks /tg/ what 40k would look like if the french made it. A lot of old french /tg/ content & art are then brought up for discussion40k, Sci fi, Awesome, Metal Hurlant, French, Old School, discussion, Lore, knights, Tanks2019-08-11 7 
67744810Lego Space 1995Anon proposes a sci-fi setting based on old Lego Space sets. Worldbuilding and decade old additions come to light.Lego, worldbuilding, epic, Sci-Fi2019-08-10 8 
67577808Raiders and Radon XIXAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, as more stats are listed, maps are finished, and Nessie and Champ could meet.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-08-07 32 
67603168The Battle of Damnatum Lutum, Part 3The Saga continues, Imperials have finally claimed Groxbridge, but then Tau invade, and other old foes haven't given up yet, also maps40k, writefaggotry, IG, Tau, Chaos, Necrons, Orks, Space Marines, Navy, Admech, Sisters of Battle2019-08-07 7 
67615513Zettai Reido Partial TranslationI went ahead and did a partial translation of Zettai Reido over the past 2 years or so with a year and half of break. It's about 70% done iJapanese gaming, translation2019-08-04 5 
67396007how to improve necrons/tg/ discusses how to improve necron fluff and stats.necrons, worldbuilding, backstory, tomb kings, mondasian cybermen,2019-08-01 3 
67477623Radon and Raiders XVIIIAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, As some small history is made and recapped, and weapons stats are started.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-08-01 32 
July 2019
67510490Industrial World Ecology and GeographyAnons speculate on what the ecosystem and geology of a 10000 year old industrial world would be likeworldbuilding, sci fi2019-07-31 7 
67515173/tg/ KeepA RP thread about /tg/ being in a fortressmeanwhile, castle, keep, /tg/2019-07-30 3 
67512797The All Guardsmen Party and the Inquisitorial Penal Legion pt.3In which Tink and Twitch bring the dead back to life.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2019-07-29 34 
67354155/tg/ presents their knightsA discussion about chivalry, knights and how to properly worldbuild them, complete with large numbers of original example characters.knights, chivalry, worldbuilding,2019-07-27 2 
67345810Radon and Raiders XVIIAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, as the central kingdoms have politics and Cheyenne is mysterious.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-07-26 30 
67247308Radon and Raiders XVIAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, as battle lines are drawn and we see the difference between Touched and Turned.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-07-19 30 
67239785The Battle of Damnatum Lutum, Part 2Giant mud drenched, raining stalemate between Chaos and Imperium Forces. Then a 50 meter lance shows up. Things escalate dramatically.40k, writefaggotry, IG, Krieg, Chaos, Necrons, Orks, Space Marines, Imperial Navy, Admech2019-07-17 5 
67231534COBRAAAAAAAA!/tg/ talks about G.I. Joe, Cobra, how to bring them to the tabletop, and a bit of Transformers.g.i. joe, cobra, transformers, cartoon action hour, don't even need other boards2019-07-16 5 
67213307Stranded at a Sci-Fi Desert Outpostin an abandoned mining station on a desolate desert planet, a stranded crew of spacers must endure a harsh environment and the paranormal.Horror, sci-fi, brainstorming, oneshot, worldbuilding, eldritch entities, paranormal, supernatural, outer space, space ship, space station2019-07-15 24 
67205326Radon and Raiders XVWork on radioactive medieval England continues, as Cornwall gets some attention and the Loch Ness Monster lurks aboutMedieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, radon and raiders2019-07-13 31 
67207516The Beach EpisodeBunch of IG get sent to a pleasure world. Beach themed shenanigans including tiki statues and sand castles. Also Kriegers fight Stalin40k, writefaggotry, IG, Krieg, Slaanesh2019-07-13 6 
67213231Dramatic Dame DuelistsOP presents the idea of a setting where honor duels among highborn ladies have evolved into dramatic spectacles of swordplay and pageantry.worldbuilding, brainstorming, nobles, royalty, swordplay, sword fighting, sport, martial arts, lady knights2019-07-12 16 
67202225combination monster bestiary /tg/ designs weapons for when wizards with owlbear-tier magics capable of combining animals to create new monsters fight a biotech war.monsters, worldbuilding, owlbears, chimera, body horror, umbrella corporation, wizards, no sense of right and wrong,2019-07-12 7 
67124296Radon and Raiders XIVAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, As the conflicts within Ireland are hammered out more clearly.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-07-11 31 
67088011/tg/ talks dragons/tg/ talks about dragons, artistic representations of dragons, heroic and villainous coding, female kings, and what dragons represent.dragons, medieval, saber, king emotionlessly watching a dragon fuck his woman from the closet2019-07-05 0 
67020685Hollow Knight RPGDiscussion on the Hollow Knight RPG with links to the pdfs.Hollow Knight, discussion, worldbuilding, homebrew2019-07-05 5 
67033338Raiders and Radon XIIIAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, As the Fomorian leader Balor was once a cosmonaut whose helmet holds back his gaze.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-07-05 31 
67067379Nechronica Story Time 2: Nechronica Story Time HarderAnon continues writing up his Nechronica campaign.Nechronica, Storytime, Story Time2019-07-03 6 
66953607Nechronica Story Time/GM AdviceAn anon writes up his Nechronica campaign Also features good advice on running the gameNechronica, Storytime, Story Time2019-07-01 10 
June 2019
66946028Raiders and Radon XIIAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, As the Red Army marches eternally and Turing Radicals manipulate their flesh.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-06-30 30 
66922929the battle of Damnatum Lutum, part 1Ultramarines attempt to steal credit, per usual, and are promptly run over by a Krieger in a tank. It snowballs from there.Warhammer, 40k, Writefaggotry, Krieg2019-06-28 5 
66941215I accidentally turned off the Gellar Fields.The Warp claims an Imperial ship.warhammer 40000, warhammer 40k, imperial navy, gellar field, warp, roleplaying2019-06-27 3 
66942901GM asks for advice on his calanderAn INSANE level of detail on orbital mechanics, tidal mechanics for a fantasy worldworldbuilding2019-06-25 2 
66842550Raiders and Radon XIAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, As the Scotland zone warps itself and the London Swamp dragon hides in the sewer.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-06-25 31 
66739109Raiders and Radon XAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, as Numbers Stations broadcast in the Zone.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-06-18 31 
66715619Interesting Warlock Deals/tg/ asks for original and interesting premises for warlock deals and their payments.worldbuilding, magic, plot hooks, deal with the devil, warlocks, the house always wins,2019-06-17 6 
66709472/tg/ discusses Tiamat/tg/ has a long discussion about Tiamatdnd, tiamat, dragon, discussion2019-06-16 0 
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