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May 2017
53450672/tg/ suffering chartsfollowing in the footsteps of /a/ and /v/, /tg/takes a stab at a character chart/tg/,40k,2017-05-27 7 
53383831Heroic HivemindsHive-minded cultures and species which aren't villainous and general hivemind-related worldbuilding.assimilation, altruism, eusociality, hive, hivemind, worldbuilding,2017-05-27 1 
53427256Warmasters' Triumvirate VIIIIThe Thread Where We Talked Secession.AU, 40K, Warhammer, Warmasters Triumverate2017-05-26 3 
53338185Nobledark 40k Part 27: Roman Numerals are Shit EditionSomeone steps up to the plate for Dorn, Crone Eldar WMDs, Badab War, Feast of Blades, Interex and their warriors, and more.Eldar, Human, Nobledark, Emperor, Isha, 40k, Warhammer 40k2017-05-26 5 
53428238American Nightmare, Pt 2The setting is expanded upon, with biker gods and O.W. Grant Worldbuilding, Setting, Rock And Roll, Supernatural, Horror, Rockabilly, American Nightmare2017-05-26 3 
53371919Warmasters' Triumvirate VIIIThe Thread Where We Talked RelationshipsAU, 40K, Warhammer, Warmasters Triumverate, WT2017-05-25 5 
53335675L5R: Memories of a Stone Wall Part 13I see a red Stone Wall and I want it painted black. The continuing tale of Crab-anon and his party of Jade Magistrates. L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-05-23 12 
53376560American NightmareAn unfinished Savage Worlds setting about 50s rockers facing supernatural and alien threats shows potentialWorldbuilding, Setting, Rock And Roll, Supernatural, Horror, Rockabilly2017-05-22 6 
53336365 Warmasters' Triumvirate VIISeventh thread for the 40K AU where there's traitor primarchs who aren't really Chaos.Warmaster's Triumvirate, 40k, AU, W3, space_marines2017-05-22 5 
53279065Holy Sites/tg/ invent the holy sites of fantasy religions and generally worldbuild. worldbuilding, religion, pantheon, dungeon design,2017-05-20 3 
53298379Warmaster's Triumvirate VI: Horrific Casualty Rate EditionIn which no casualties are had, legions exchange hands and the debate on technology within the Sepratists begins.Warmaster's Triumvirate, 40k, AU, WT, W3, space_marines2017-05-20 3 
53248930L5R: Memories of a Stone Wall Part 12There are stones, and there are walls, but there is only one stone wall. The continuing tale of Crab-anon and his party of Jade Magistrates.L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-05-20 11 
53166234Demonic culture and motivation worldbuildingA discussion on how a civilization made up entirely of evil beings could work and motivations for demons. demons, worldbuilding, setting, culture, civilization, morality, motivations,2017-05-19 2 
53271527Warmasters Triumvirate V!Flushed out more of the Legions, ponder on the finer points of Inter-Legionary Politics and Closed out the current Legions at XXIWarmasters Triumvirate, 40k, AU, WT, W3, space_marines2017-05-18 3 
53281203Horror / Creepy setting: Magdalen Islands editionWhat could frighten an entire island enough so that its residents go to sleep with their light open every night?creepy, ideas2017-05-17 11 
53238307Warmasters Triumvirate IVThe 21 legion slots are filled up, the SepMech makes it's first appearance and the Council of Nikaea gets discussed space_marines, warhammer 40k, 40k, AU, WT, W3, Warmasters Triumvirate2017-05-17 5 
53209134Lord Farquaad's Bounty OfficeLord Farquaad accepts bounties on all fairy-tale creatures.Farquaad, Shrek, Funny, Shillings, Schillings, Swamp2017-05-15 19 
53150670L5R: Memories of a Stonewall Part 11The war between the Crab and the Scorpion heats up with Ishigaki and his comrades right in the middle.L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-05-15 10 
53143370Nobledark 40k Part XXVI: Roman Numerals ReloadedNature of Preatoria and Mordia, Dark City social changes, Crone Eldar, Malal deamon-prince, Hrud, Qah, Unnaground, Hubworlders, Legienstrass Eldar, Human, Nobledark, Emperor, Isha, 40k, Warhammer 40k2017-05-15 6 
53211711Warmasters Triumvirate IIIThe legion list is almost filled up and the reasons for the Brotherwar start getting fleshed space_marines, warhammer 40k, 40k, AU, WT, W3, Warmasters Triumvirate2017-05-15 3 
53172974/tg/ redesigns vampiresIn which various ideas for alternate vampires are discussed and worldbuilt.vampires, worldbuilding, backstory,2017-05-14 3 
53104428Warren's Folly pt. 7Continuation of the system and setting of Warren's Folly. Duress mechanics expanded.Warren's Folly, setting, design, system2017-05-13 2 
53181029Warmasters Triumvirate IIThe AU continues to be developed, the name is settled on, the seperatist start getting some developmentspace_marines, warhammer 40k, 40k, AU, WT, W3, Warmasters Triumvirate2017-05-13 3 
53104859Same teeth?A thread is made for the appreciation of Cultist-chan, in which the original artist turns up. Also rare Wakfu lewds.Cultist-chan, Colossal Fagot, Mr. Culexus2017-05-12 12 
53129838Warmasters TriumvirateWhat starts as an Astartes Legion Creation Thread starts being developed into another AUspace_marines, warhammer 40k, 40k, AU, WT, W3, Warmasters Triumvirate2017-05-12 3 
53055633Village Adventure HooksA collection of plot hooks taking place in villages.village, adventure hooks, plot hooks,2017-05-10 5 
53132945Awakening Thread 1We think up a setting where demons are commonplace for humans and are more like moths to magic.Awakening, Setting, Amalgam, Demon, Familiar2017-05-10 6 
53051554L5R: Memories of a Stonewall Part 10In which Ishigaki and company accidentally a whole village. L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-05-09 12 
53053332Argo Brigade thread 5Getting the goddam wiki sortedArgo Brigade, homebrew, Imperial Guard, Warhammer 40K2017-05-08 2 
53006207self-replicating megadungeon settingWorldbuilding for a setting entirely inside a single absolutely massive dungeon enchanted to continually expand itself.dungeon crawl, worldbuilding, setting, von neumann,2017-05-07 4 
53056631/tg/ invents original superheroesAs the title suggests, in this thread /tg/ worldbuilds original superheroes. Surprisingly funny. characters, superhero, cape, superpowers, names, plot hooks, worldbuilding,2017-05-07 7 
53007473Warren's Folly pt. 6Combat: weaponry, maneuvers and knacks.Warren's Folly, setting, design, system2017-05-06 2 
53002034Anti-Magic and Anti-TechnologyThe idea of something with an anti-magic effect is fairly standard. In this thread, /tg/ puts a wholly original twist on it.magic system, technology, worldbuilding,2017-05-05 5 
52931666Nobledark 40k Part 25: ROADTRIP YEAAAAAAAAAH editionHell that is Cadia, Caerys, Kayleth, Relationships of the gods, moar on Arrotyr, moar Chaos Eldar troops/atrocitiesEldar, Human, Nobledark, Emperor, Isha, 40k, Warhammer 40k2017-05-04 7 
52964044L5R: Memories of a Stonewall Part 9Ishigaki Mura grows, a new Crab is born, and feels are had by all. L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-05-04 11 
52960138"How does your character respond?"Probably the edgiest villain speech possible answered with beautiful hero speeches.roleplay, edgy, hero, awesome2017-05-04 9 
52989751Argo Brigade thread 4Trying to make it work.Argo Brigade, homebrew, Imperial Guard, Warhammer 40K2017-05-03 1 
52957277post-apocalyptic factions and societal systems/tg/ discusses what sorts of new cultures would develop in the aftermath of an apocalypse. civilizations, apocalypse, worldbuilding,2017-05-01 5 
52962986Argo Brigade thread 3Bjilding a custom IG regimentwarhammer 40k, homebrew, imperial guard, argo brigade2017-05-01 1 
April 2017
52954490Original Apocalypses/tg/ discusses and worldbuilds ideas for new post-apocalyptic settings.worldbuilding, setting, apocalypse, apocalyptic, 2017-04-29 4 
52956802Saint Dracula and the Romanian ReformationVlad Tepes sells his soul for the power to drive off the Turkish invasion of Christendom and unintentionally starts a reformation.crusade, dracula, vlad tepes, vlad the impaler, reformation, theology, castlevania, faustian bargain,2017-04-29 9 
52911245FOODFa/tg/uys discuss gastronomy, interesting (and somewhat pointless) fluff ensues.food, fluff, conversation, D&D, Pathfinder, Fantasy2017-04-29 7 
52921937Argo Brigade - First Edition EditionEveryone's favourite fanatical counter insurgency brigade receives some more well deserved attention.imperial guard, guard creation thread. homebrew, argo, argo brigade, argian, argus2017-04-29 3 
52923212Tomes of Eldritch Lore/tg/ invents various books of dark magic and their effects on their readers and the surrounding world.necronomicon, worldbuilding, horror, lovecraftian, body horror,2017-04-29 2 
52871104Original Dystopias/tg/ discusses and worldbuilds ideas for new dystopian settings.worldbuilding, setting, dystopia, dystopian, 2017-04-28 3 
52937732Discuss a Setting that Doesn't Existfa/tg/uys get into a spirited argument about their favorite things from a wholly fake setting. Mostly arguments and slut-shaming.Writefaggotry, setting, awesome2017-04-27 14 
52918691L5R: Memories of a Stone Wall Part 8A convoluted Scorpion plot is foiled. Now our brave Crab hero has to deal with assassins, blood magic, and worst of all... politics.L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-04-27 14 
52880283Warren's Folly ProgressWorld building, economic mechanics, ecology, and NPC automationWarren's Folly, game design, collaborative setting2017-04-26 2 
52865307Argo Brigade Creation ThreadA /tg/ Guard regiment made one word at a time, surprisingly not shit.imperial guard; guard; creation thread; homebrew; argo; argos; brigade; argian; argus2017-04-26 6 
52859722L5R: Memories of a Stone Wall Part 7The tournament ends. Maho-Tsukai shenanigans. Haikus.L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-04-25 13 
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