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March 2017
52175585Princesses Part 2Continued princess dump, plus some writefagging.princess, kidnapping, erp, writefaggotry, knights2017-03-17 5 
52127276Princesses: How many princesses have you saved /tg/? A question about how many princesses /tg/ has saved turns into discussion on princess kidnapping.princess, kidnapping, erp, 2017-03-17 5 
52099134Gigerworld Thread #6Yet more Gigerworld worldbuilding. Now with more Baryx related argumentshorror, giger, fantasy, Worldbuilding2017-03-16 5 
52094866Nobledark 40k Part 20: Fuck Roman Numerals editionOld Eldar Empire was fucked up, attempts to make some new eldar characters, Chaos Soldiery fleshed out, a bit more writefagging Eldar, Human, Nobledark, Emperor, Isha, 40k, Warhammer 40k2017-03-15 10 
52139661/tg/ makes Builds 9 Fantasy Armies out of Random Pictures #1/tg/ grabs a large amount of random army art, divides it among 9 factions, and attempts to construct a setting and wargame from the results.worldbuilding, setting, fantasy, collaborative creation, game design2017-03-15 10 
52009083Making Hive Minds Legitimately TerrifyingA worldbuilding challenge leads to horror and discussions of interesting hive minds from fiction.hive, eusocial, worldbuilding, horror,2017-03-14 3 
52147324An average game of Tic-Tac-ToeOP challenges /tg/ to another game of knots and crosses. Things progress exactly as one would expect when using the board's house rules. Tic Tac Toe, MS Paint, /tg/2017-03-13 20 
52153364Dice Versus NarrativeTo railroad or not to railroad.Misc2017-03-13 2 
52005009CATastrophe threadWhatever happened to CATastrophe?CATastrophe, Homebrew, /tg/ doesn't get shit done2017-03-12 1 
51980267Frontier Freaks Setting WorldbuildingA setting which can basically be described as "biopunk wild west" is invented.worldbuilding, western, wild west, bioengineering, biotech, biopunk, bioshock, transhumanism, Pasteur, 1800s pseudoscientific beliefs,2017-03-11 2 
52078572Comfy Cliche ThreadAnons share the ideas in settings and campaigns that, in spite of their overuse, are still loved.Meta, fluff, BBEG, character, setting2017-03-09 8 
51891571A day in the life of a Guardsman 2Turns out guardsmen don't have the best days. warhammer 40k, writefag, the imperial guard, a day in the life, writefaggotry2017-03-09 4 
52021034Urban Unease 5Christ Imprisoned A Maid Inspiring Images of The Living Infomercial. Next thread, more commasHorror, Apartment, Apartment Building, City, Neighborhood, Surreal, Brainstorming, Urban Unease2017-03-08 6 
52051558What's in a Name?> Play a thief / > DM won't let you name your character Nick Stuff.puns, funny, names2017-03-07 18 
51972949Nobledark 40k XIX: Whose Grimdark Is It Anyway EditionArguments over Tau, Tau Doomguy, Ursh, Navigators, Armageddon and the lunatics who live on it, and moreEldar, Human, Nobledark, Emperor, Isha, 40k, Warhammer 40k2017-03-06 11 
51900239a lesser god takes the role of a greater god for a day/tg/ discusses theology and the spread of myths through cultures.theology, myths, pantheon, worldbuilding2017-03-06 6 
52015084Gigerworld thread #5Worldbuilding on Gigerworld continues.horror, giger, fantasy,2017-03-06 6 
52019497Flood in 40KWhere /tg/ discusses how the Flood would do if it appeared in the world of 40K. Halo, 40K, Tyranids, Necrons, Flood, Discussion2017-03-06 5 
51918644Love and Krieg 12: Thudd EditionA new person joins and Mimikyu finally finishes his story.writefag, story, Love and Krieg, Krieger, WH40k, BataviAnon, High Proctor Kraellen, MyNameisMimikyu, 76-Records2017-03-05 4 
51915763King asks for goblins to be "taken care of"A king asks /tg/ to take care of a goblin infestation. /tg/ misinterprets hilariously.goblins, literal genie, troll2017-03-03 4 
51963891Urban Unease 4Urban Unease is brought up. An anon makes a cathedralUrban unease, brainstorming, horror, city, neighborhood2017-03-02 5 
51971742Statistics for GastonFa/tg/uy asks for statistics for Gaston and posts the clip of Gaston's theme. /tg/ delivers. (He's a Paladin.)gaston, music, disney, stat me, statistics, paladin, falls2017-03-02 32 
51955995Gigerworld thread #4After a long hiatus, work on Gigerworld and the Gigerverse continues. Now with more detailing about the noble houses. horror, giger, fantasy,2017-03-02 7 
51943786Cybering Up a Character Portrait.An Anon asks for assistance with a Shadowrun character. For once, /tg/ get shit done.Shadowrun, Character Art, Edits2017-03-02 5 
February 2017
51703670Love and Krieg 2.0, Thread 11Commissar Editionwritefag, story, Love and Krieg, Krieger, WH40k, BataviAnon, High Proctor Kraellen, MyNameisMimikyu, 76-Records2017-02-27 2 
51833468Nobledark 40k XVIII: Perils of the Warp EditionThe Prince gets a rewrite, Chaos Eldar get some good shit, Dr Bile is getting shit done, Outsider be crazy, Phoenix Lords, Orks getting realEldar, Human, Nobledark, Emperor, Isha, 40k, Warhammer 40k2017-02-25 11 
51754631A day in the life of a guardsmanTurns out guardsmen don't have the best days.warhammer 40k, writefag, the imperial guard, a day in the life2017-02-25 17 
51770825Communal Worldbuilding: Bryss EditionTg builds a cold, wintery world full of danger, dead titans, magic and lots of witchesCommunal Worldbuilding, Bryss, Winter Kingdoms, Worldbuilding2017-02-23 5 
51824115Interesting drawbacks to immortality /tg/ discusses and invents new interesting drawbacks to immortality more original than just "no eternal youth."worldbuilding, drawbacks, immortality2017-02-23 5 
51775926American Pantheon/tg/ comes up with the mythos of a post-apocalyptic American Pantheon.worldbuilding, setting, religion, cult, apocalyptic, rushmore,2017-02-20 3 
51730871Nobledark 40k XVII: What The Fuck Is Going On editionPrimarchfag writes some stuff about Fulgrim,more stuff on vampires, sororitas, religion and Imperial policy.Eldar, Human, Nobledark, Emperor, Isha, 40k, Warhammer 40k2017-02-18 11 
51745485/tg/ MTG Setting/Blockthe beginning of a MTG plane/block with basic back round knowledge and lots of interesting mechanics for the five factions we createdMagic,Homebrew 2017-02-17 1 
51734047/tg/'s 10th Anniversary: A RetrospectiveOn February 15, 2017, /tg/celebrates its tenth birthday by discussing memorable moments, and the state of the board. Here's to 10 more! Discussion, story, birthday, anniversary, meta, /tg/, board2017-02-15 34 
51679781Interesting Creatures/tg/ invents some original monsters.backstory, fluff, worldbuilding, monsters, creatures,2017-02-14 3 
51665003Thoughts on Magical GirlsMagical Girls are discussed; Anons give storytime on a Fantasy WWII Magical Girl Campaign.Magical Girk, Mahou Shoju, Storytime2017-02-13 3 
51664159Magical Items, Artifacts, and Treasure/tg/ invents and discussed miscellaneous adventurer loot.artifact, treasure, items, loot,2017-02-13 3 
51646615Nobledark 40k XVI: War of the Wiki Edition Chaos Eldar warrior fluff, religions of the Imperium, stuff about Erebus, a mad bastard elder called Rommel and more oh my!Eldar, Human, Nobledark, Emperor, Isha, 40k, Warhammer 40k2017-02-12 14 
51604789Love and krieg 2.0 Ork edition no.10Thr continuation of all the writefaggottry.krieg, love and krieg 2.0, writefaggotty, storytime, writefag,2017-02-11 1 
51665650Chinese fantasy/mythologyChinese fa/tg/uy provides a detailed overview of chinese fantasy/mythology: wuxia, xianxia, chinese "face" and much more.chinese mythology, cultivator, xianxia, wuxia, jianghu, wulin2017-02-11 23 
51620899Stating the QuSomeone asks for stats for the Qu from All Tomorrows. /tg/ gets to work envisioning an entire All Tomorrows-inspired game.All Tomorrows, Speculative Evolution, Dougal Dixon, Worldbuilding, Setting, Stat Me, Qu, Remove Qu,2017-02-11 2 
51622963/tg/ fixes vampiresIn which we worldbuild genuinely intimidating and interesting redesigns for vampires.vampires, worldbuilding, monsters, redesign,2017-02-10 3 
51491227Making werewolves menacing rather than fetishbaitWorldbuilding ideas as to how to fix werewolves.werewolf, werewolves, wolf, worldbuilding,2017-02-08 2 
51586269Space Opera plothooks, adventures and hazardsOP requests adventure hooks for an upcoming space opera game. /tg/ delivers.plot hooks, setting, space opera, worldbuilding2017-02-07 5 
51527767Red Kings Thread 1Tg rolls up and starts to fluff the "Red Kings", a chaos marine warband from the Night Lords who are vampire piratesChaos, Warhammer 40k, warband creation, Night Lords, Red Kings2017-02-06 1 
5151031324 Hour RPGsIn which RPG prompts are rolled and delivered in 24 hoursGame Design2017-02-05 1 
51526278New Star Trek Civilizations Worldbuilding/tg/ invents new civilizations, species and cultures for star trek.star trek, worldbuilding,2017-02-04 2 
51524369Nobledark 40k XV: Bug-hunt, crazy Necrons Sororitas discussion, Kryptman, Nemesor Zahndrekh, Vampires, Big Ships and moreEldar, Human, Nobledark, Emperor, Isha, 40k, Warhammer 40k2017-02-04 14 
51541954The Greek Mythic Cycle: TheomachyOP asks "what if Apollo rebelled against Zeus as Zeus rebelled against Cronos, and Cronos rebelled against Ouranos?" Theomachy is whatGreek Gods, Olympus, Zeus, Apollo, Greece, Troy, Myths, Greek2017-02-04 6 
51490413original liches/tg/ brainstorms alternate forms of lichdom.lich, undead, worldbuilding,2017-02-02 0 
51508401/tg/ creates a town mapBy adding one building at the time /tg/ created a glorious town of Stankonia. Light-hearted world building thread with extensive map making.town, map, world building, /tg/, collaborative creation, original content2017-02-02 24 
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