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Archived Threads

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January 2008
1092796Drew the LichDrew has a little trouble with EvilEpic RP Drew Lich2008-01-30 63 
1098288Drew the lich *part two*FLYING ZOMBIE SHARKS!Epic RP Drew Lich drawfag2008-01-31 28 
April 2008
1513305Doc Aquatic Presents: Motherfucking Crazy Liches of HistoryAn Exercise in Bullshit and Fluff.Doc Acquatic, Liches2008-04-12 12 
May 2008
1684465Dungeon Keeper D&DA DM running the equivalent of Dungeon Keeper in D&D for a "party" of 5 liches asks /tg/ for help with ideas for adventurers to attack, and also talks about how he's been running this game.dungeon keeper, stronghold, evil, lich, variant2008-05-08 5 
September 2008
2600159Liches, Redux.The enormous hold-all thread for all of lich-kind.d-day, clerics, liches, undead, lich, house, undead house, and many more2008-09-17 5 
November 2008
3039858How to create your own zombiesA thread about how people would customize their undead horde. Contains epic rantings and awesome ideas.Lich, undead2008-11-22 8 
3060768Arch-DemilichIt starts off with the ultimate undead, breaks the awesome barrier and builds up into an epic bone-and-flesh fantasy Gurren Lagann.arch-demilich, undead, neutronium golem2008-11-25 10 
December 2008
3136974The return of Drew the LichHe's baaaaaccckDrew, Lich, D&D, dragfaggotry2008-12-08 36 
3144112The Continuing Adventures of Drew the Lichyet more.drew, lich, D&D, drawfags2008-12-09 29 
3235119Dude, where's my Phylactery? Campaign premise: A lich has grown bored with eternal unlife and wants to kill himself. Only he can't remember where his phylactery is. Enter the party. D&D lich phylactery idea2008-12-24 5 
February 2009
3784614Afterlife Gaming/tg/ realizes the truth about life, the afterlife, and what it all really is. Civility, afterlife, gaming, lich kings on behemoths2009-02-22 13 
April 2009
4254061Ghost ShipsDiscussion of the idea of a flying ghost ship for a campaignGhost Ship, Airship, Lich, D&D2009-04-12 16 
May 2009
4725435Drew the LichDrew finds a bard to teach him being CG.Drew, Lich, D&D, drawfaggotry2009-05-31 38 
June 2009
4748469Drew The Lich: PlottanDrew the Lich asks /tg/ for help to take over the world.Drew the Lich2009-06-02 38 
4750158Drew the Lich: Plottan part 2Shit hits the fan when Kiara returns. Continuation of previous thread.Drew the lich, OH SHIT, blackguard, we need more kiara porn2009-06-02 49 
4778129Undead CampaignOP arrives asking /tg/ to help him with a campaign of D&D 3.5 in which the PCs are abominable undead possibly in service to a necromancer. /tg/ proceeds to get shit done.undead, zombie, skeleton, lich, mummy, necromancer2009-06-06 3 
4962821Phylacterie's and where to hide themOP askes for places he can hide his Lich PC's phylactery, /tg/ deivers with some vicious but useful answers.Lich Phylactery Evilhidingplaces evil 2009-06-22 1 
August 2009
5315595lich vs PC rap battles /tg/ style/tg/ had more rhymes than dimeslich, rap, battle2009-08-02 127 
5510014Vampires vs LichesArchived for the most epic and righteous rebuttal delivered by DJ Phylactery.rap, battle, lich, vampires, dj phylactery2009-08-19 27 
September 2009
5821800Rap Battle Round 4/tg/ freestylers tear it up again. Newcomer Waaaaghmillionaire squares off against Sword n Board S&B, Waaaaghmillionaire, MC Deeplich, Rap2009-09-12 10 
5946371Tavern owned by lichWhat if a bored lich set up a tavern? Anon involves Drew the Lich in answering the questionDrew, Lich, Tavern, Inn, Great guy2009-09-21 12 
6022254Lich Appreciation threadA long discussion about the infamous skeletal spellcasters reaches its peak with epic-tier writefaggotry about a knowledge-collector, and his reawakening into lichdom - and the elven banshee who loved him beyond even death's grasp.lich, lichdom, banshee, writefaggotry2009-09-27 5 
December 2009
6977334A new Drew the Lich thread?In MY /tg/? It's more likely than you think. Technically, though, it's more a Kiara thread.Drew The Lich, Kiara, Blackfist, OH SHIT2009-12-03 21 
7003621Amazing Technicolor Kiara In HOT bikini Blackguard on Vecna negotiation, if you know what I mean. Drew The Lich, Drew, Kiara, Blackfist2009-12-04 21 
January 2010
7552975The Duel: writefaggotryA bard and a lich have an epic musical duelbard, lich, writefaggotry2010-01-12 22 
February 2010
7893040Grandpa LichStarted out as a lich image dump, but evolved into something much greater. Grandpa Lich is born, and what a great fellow he is!lich2010-02-02 9 
8111866Grandpa Lich continuedMore writefagging on the Grandpa Lich idea. Now with origin story and original content.Grandpa Lich, writefaggotry2010-02-16 4 
April 2010
9092807Adventuring SchoolA take on what a college designed to create adventurers would be like. Includes potential BBEG.D&D, Adventuring, Lich, School2010-04-09 1 
May 2010
9663834The Millenial KingA thread about necromancy in D&D turns into the creation of a necro-friendly city-state run by a lich known as the Millenial King.D&D, writefaggotry, undead, liches, zombies, skeletons2010-05-07 37 
9682570The Millennial EmperorMore writing about the Millennial Emperor as inspired by the previous thread from last night. /tg/ gets shit done: a little kid learns necromancy and gets a stern talking-to from the Grandfather, an enemy necromancer learns the error of his ways, and the lich gets married.D&D, writefaggotry, undead, liches, zombies, skeletons2010-05-08 30 
9697573The Millennia KingThird Millennia King thread. In this one we have various writefaggery, and a better look at the Dawn Queen and her duties, and the AcolytesD&D, writefaggotry, undead, liches, zombies, skeletons2010-05-09 24 
June 2010
10508768Lich URavelor, bane of ten thousand planes! Corrupter of ten thousand souls! Dean to ten thousand unruly students! Wait, what?Worldbuilding, Lich, Ravelor, University, Dean, Necromancy2010-06-15 29 
October 2010
12561850Symbol LichesWhat starts out as an idea for more abstract phylacteries turns into a group of lichs who created written language, paladins who speak in 1337, and cultists with added alliterative appeal.Lich, letters, symbols, unknown armies, dnd, language, 1337, cultists2010-10-25 13 
January 2011
13438334Lich SnackMancer/tg/ discusses possible quests and creatures encountered when dealing with a food obsessed lich. Elemental Plane of Candy and Fruitcake Elementals abound.candy, lich, snacks, planes2011-01-08 4 
March 2011
14130012Everything /tg/ Hates about D&DThe boring and overdone tropes and cliches that we all know and hate in our Roleplaying games.D&D, dungeons and dragons, noobs, that guy, DMing, faggotry, kenders, cliches, RAGE2011-03-05 0 
14189487The 400 Year Old VirginStarts with OP asking about one of his Lich players getting hitched, then /tg/ shows their funny side by making parody quotes of the 40 Year Old Virginmarriage, lich, undead, sex, virgin, funny, parody, magic, epic, epic level2011-03-09 17 
May 2011
14785826anti-cliches in fantasyCampaign and quest ideas that go against the norm.anti-cliche, D&D, campaign ideas, 2011-05-02 2 
June 2011
15323216Dancer in WhiteMichael Jackson as the ultimate BBEG. Bards become the best "just as planned" villains ever.Michael Jackson, bard, Lich, BBEG, villain.2011-06-20 33 
July 2011
15582277Modern Fantasy Earth 2Liches and Dragons take over the thread. Also including: Deals to get rid of adventurers, a golem charity spambot, and centaur shenanigans.Advice, Earth, Elves, Racism, Lich, Centaur, Construct2011-07-15 6 
15702313Fantasy Racial Equality in the Modern Era/tg/ discusses (in-character) the state of race relations in a modern-day world populated by elves, dwarves, goblins, liches, dragons...the works.stories, racial tensions, race, affirmative action, goblins, elves, dwarves, dragons, liches, mind flayers2011-07-25 10 
August 2011
15972097Board Quest VWe finally get to have fun storming the castle, and play tennis with a lich!Collective Game, Board Quest, Quest, Lich, Boss Battle, Tunnels, About Fucking Time2011-08-17 15 
September 2011
16168943Beyond Re-AnimationOP asks for ways to make skeletons more than just XP fodder. Soon branches out into such magnificently macabre creations is the Matryoshka Nesting Ghoul (aka the Undead Turducken) and the epic Mega-Lich-Zord.skeleton, zombie, ghoul, megazord lich, undead turducken2011-09-04 6 
October 2011
16684183/tg/'s Strangest DeathsWith an additional tale about a Lich and Larry.lich, dnd, death, dying, funny, insanity, quantum lich2011-10-20 21 
16769033Diary of a Trapped LichThe diary of a lich locked in a room. lich, dnd, insanity, quantum lich2011-10-29 26 
December 2011
17300795Jamhorn GlittergoldThe best Lich ever.Anti-That Guy, Epic, Lich, Badass2011-12-22 21 
April 2012
18614869The Lich Overlord of Shez B'zahdWhat starts out as a request for adventure hooks becomes... a thread for adventure hooks.adventure hooks lich overlord shez bzahd2012-04-08 23 
May 2012
19302239Grimdark/Necromancer Apprentice ThreadStarted with a lowly peasantborn killing his abusive father to protect his sister and mother, face an unknown power, become a necromancer apprentice with unholy gentleman's natureCollective Game, Necromancer Apprentice Quest, Necromancer, Quest, Peasants, Gentlemen, Undead, Lich, BRAAAAAAIIINSSS2012-05-30 8 
19305370The Necromancer's Apprentice part 2Caim continues on his path as the Necromancer's apprentice, learning the secrets of how to manipulate souls The creepy mask continues to creepy it upCollective Game, Necromancer Apprentice Quest, Necromancer, Quest, Peasants, Gentlemen, Undead, Lich, BRAAAAAAIIINSSS2012-05-30 7 
August 2012
20267480Non-Necromantic Lich DiscussionA thread detailing ideas for alternate-school "Liches", including how they would work, what they would be called, etc.Fantasy, Lich, D&D2012-08-12 24 
September 2012
20934380Lich's Employee QuestSir Daniel awakes and finds himself in the service of Erik the Lich.Necromancer, Quest, Old Hero, Lichs, Liche's employee2012-09-30 21 
October 2012
20948322Lich's Employee Quest pt 2Daniel goes off to deal with Roland the Red, and familiar faces pop up.Lich, Necromancer, Skeleton Quest, undead2012-10-01 23 
21046201Undead Civ GameWe start off in some ruins, and magic up.Collective Game, Alfonso, Civ Game, Civ, Game, Civilization Game, Civilization, Undead, Lich2012-10-08 5 
21254509Lich General: You'll Never Find My PhylacteryA general thread discussing different approaches to lichdom, what to do with your immortal unlife, and shared ideas for phylacteries.Lich, Archlich, Phylactery, Necromancy, Undead2012-10-23 2 
December 2012
22230528Discolich, Part IIIOP posts the latest version of /tg/'s latest project, and musicbro turns up with more of the soundtrackDisco Lich, Neon Skull, Neon, Skull, Game, vidya, platform, music, soundtrack, lich2012-12-26 14 
22271004Neon Skull thread 4The game is pushed further, into a driving minigame, and musicbro takes requests while OP is asleep. Neon Skull, Discolich, retro, game, 8bit, platform, music, soundtrack, 2012-12-31 8 
January 2013
22464072Welcome to the Jam that ends the world.Basketball is serious business. Bill Murray duels his nemesis, the Lichnomancer, and the fate of the world rests on a single dunk.Come on and Slam, Welcome to the Jam, Basketball, Bill Murray, Lichnomancer, Writefag2013-01-08 46 
22839224Forever Knight QuestA long imprisoned spirit regains his freedom. A knight in a villain's body takes revenge on his captor.Forever Knight Quest, Knight, Quest, Forever Knight, Forever, undead, lich, adventurers, Collective Game2013-01-28 9 
March 2013
23882734Lich Quest 1 - The Living IntrudersCarl, an amnesiac lich, confronts a pair of young adventurers and makes them his pupils.Lich Quest, Collective Game, Carl the Amnesiac Necromancer, Nano, Kip, Library Labyrinth2013-03-26 10 
April 2013
24415179Lich on a stickIn which /tg/ discusses items made out of beholders and liches, lich mothers, and Captain Lich.Lich, Awesome, lulz2013-04-24 21 
June 2013
25548357How to jRPGAnon asks for the framework and design choices behind Japanese console RPGs. Every cliche imaginable is brought up, and discussion of the genre and its mannerisms is conducted.Discussion, JRPG, RPG, trope, cliche, setting, design, Japanese, Final Fantasy2013-06-21 15 
July 2013
25952926Stardust/tg/ brainstorms a setting for a battle of the bands transcending time and space.Stardust, lich, setting, homebrew, brainstorm, bands, battle, dance, game design2013-07-11 2 
26033613Worm that Walks Lich/tg/ realises that a worm that walks can also be a lich. /tg/ then realises that the worms that make up a worm that walks can also be worms that walk.worm that walks, lich, phylactery, fun with templates, D&D, DnD, Pathfinder2013-07-16 7 
August 2013
26530675NEET Lich shenanigansA question regarding Lich NEETS go further than, perhaps, expected.Lichs, Lich, NEET, Skeleton, Deep Rot2013-08-09 5 
26720471Alternative Liches from other magical schoolsOP notes that necromancy is only one school of D&D magic with a means to immortality. Alternatives for the other school are discusseddiscussion, necromancy, lich, immortality, DnD2013-08-20 6 
September 2013
27328051Veterans of the Second Dragon WarAn 'Ask a veteran of the Second Dragon War' thread evolves into reminiscence of the war and it's horrors roleplay, second dragon war, not world war two with dragons, elves, lizardmen, lich, dragons, second dragon war, veterans2013-09-21 7 
October 2013
27509610Love, Liches, and LewdityIs it worthwhile to get in a relationship with a Lich? What are your opinions on liches? /tg/ gets way too into it, as their trademark characteristic.Lich, love, Romance, /fa/, Waifu, husbando, necromancy, necromancer, Licheral Degeneracy2013-10-02 5 
27948809How to into villainsA thread starts off with GMs sharing tricks they like; it eventually switches into a discussion om how to make good BBEGs.villain, BBEG, Lich, necromancer, paladin, GM, DM2013-10-26 4 
January 2014
29371661Slam of the FatesLichnomancer vs. Barkley B-Ball for the fate of the Universeawesome,roleplay,lich,barkley,basketball,slam2014-01-08 28 
February 2014
30389899Warforged StorytimeFeaturing Tim and Jim the Warforged brothers, Lichforged, Nanoforged, the 3/4ths golem, the Iron Giant, and an obscenely corny yet somehow endearing story of friendship and slapping death's shit, among other things.story, time, storytime, warforged, Pinocchio, lichforged, nanoforged, nanohaforged, 3/4ths golem, FRIENDSHIP, Iron Giant, character concepts2014-02-22 9 
March 2014
30736903Oversized Weapon Quest 18Exposition time! You meet a bunch of people, and a floating skull.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, demilich, Goblins, Big Swords2014-03-09 23 
February 2015
37780413(Not)Overlord Chapter 2Max takes the job as the new Lich Overlord. And he does a bang-up job in it too.Collective Game, (Not)Overlord Quest, MaxLich2015-02-02 11 
37802505(Not)Overlord Lich Chapter 3Max makes his first decree as Overlord. Then he get's to meet the other Pillars.Collective Game, (Not)Overlord Quest, MaxLich2015-02-03 11 
37825659(Not)Overlord Lich Chapter 4Having personal time with our main boys Zimbil, Poly, and the Kappa team.Collective Game, (Not)Overlord Quest, MaxLich2015-02-04 7 
37846929(Not)Overlord Lich Chapter 5Meet the humansCollective Game, (Not)Overlord Quest, MaxLich2015-02-05 10 
37931065(Not)Overlord Lich Chapter 6Meet the hero. Also, go out for a quest.Collective Game, (Not)Overlord Quest, MaxLich2015-02-09 7 
37954580(Not)Overlord Lich Quest Chapter 7Meet the banditsCollective Game, (Not)Overlord Quest, MaxLich2015-02-09 7 
38138432(Not)Overlord Lich Chapter 8Who do you choose? Poly or Poly? Collective Game, (Not)Overlord Quest, MaxLich, ChoosePoly2015-02-18 7 
38222143(Not)Overlord Lich Chapter 9Choosed Poly. So Poly needs to fight you now.Collective Game, (Not)Overlord Quest, MaxLich, WhyDidntYouChoosePoly2015-02-22 7 
38275734(Not)Overlord Lich Quest Chapter 10Previous overlord did not do such a goodjobCollective Game, (Not)Overlord Quest, MaxLich2015-02-24 8 
38317946(Not)Overlord Lich Quest Chapter 11Choo Choo! Make way for the Mind Train.Collective Game, (Not)Overlord Quest, MaxLich2015-02-26 7 
April 2015
39285326Old Fucking Lich Quest - AwakeningAncient senile lich reawakened after eons of slumber.Collective Game, Lich Quest, Old Fucking Lich Quest2015-04-12 25 
39307324Old Fucking Lich Quest 2 - Preparations We acquire waifu and prepare invasion of world orderCollective Game, Lich Quest, Old Fucking Lich Quest2015-04-13 22 
39347928Old Fucking Lich Quest 3 - EnemySwords, Guilds, and Adventures!Collective Game, Lich Quest, Old Fucking Lich Quest 2015-04-15 25 
May 2015
39946954Old Fucking Lich Quest 4Chariots, Dwarves, Orcs, and Very Angry Red Heads. Technically Thread 4 and 4.5 because 8chan didn't work out.Collective Game, Lich Quest, Old Fucking Lich Quest2015-05-16 12 
40052723Old Fucking Lich Quest 5We build an army in more ways than one to prepare to sack an unsuspecting town. Collective Game, Lich Quest, Old Fucking Lich Quest2015-05-19 9 
October 2015
42838716Death Among the Stars Quest 1An ancient and weakened undead lord has been released after eons of imprisonment by unlucky minersQuest, Lich, Sci-fi, fantasy, aliens2015-10-01 42 
42894004Death Among the Stars Quest 2The colony of Horizon's Drop gets new visitors from the Osjiic Empire, Jadyk begins hunting the local wildlifelich, sci-fi, space opera, undead, fantasy2015-10-04 23 
42964341Death Among the Stars Quest 3Jadyk deals with a group of Osjiic soldiers and learns more about them and the Galaxy.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-10-08 21 
43002507Death Among the Stars Quest 4Jadyk leads his newly created troops in an attack against an Osjiic outpost, hunts some more, creates several new types of weapons, and grows his forces some more.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-10-11 21 
43093720Death Among the Stars Quest 5The much-talked about Pirates make an appearance and Jadyk is there to help them up when they are shot down. Jadyk makes new minions and discovers a new threat or possible opportunityquest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-10-16 20 
43130020Death Among the Stars Quest 6Osjiic and Dagger Pirate forces are scouted and raids launched on both. The Pirates are tricked into attacking the Osjiic. Jadyk and his forces then lead an attack against the base while the time is opportunequest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-10-18 20 
43222657Death Among the Stars Quest 7Jadyk reaches out for the Wormstar and senses...something. New weapons and a new force for his army are created. The Osjiic are whittled down and a safehouse constructed.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-10-23 20 
43260445Death Among the Stars Quest 8The colony and Osjiic fall before the might of Jadyk. A powerful ally is created and many things researched by the insatiable Think Tank in preparation for returning enemy fleets.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-10-25 20 
43357512Death Among the Stars Quest 9The new fleet grows and learns more adaptions taken from the world. Jadyk receives a visit from the mysterious Masked entity. The undead go to the moon!quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-10-30 25 
November 2015
43489122Death Among the Stars Quest 10Jadyk learns more about the history of his old ally while preparing his forces for the incoming fleets. Jadyk finds he has a talent for puns.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-11-05 20 
43525788Death Among the Stars Quest 11The Osjiic and Dagger fleets arrive within the system and launch into a fierce battle. Jadyk sabotages and tricks the fighters before ambushing them himself and claiming the survivors for his growing empire.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-11-08 20 
43612721Death Among the Stars Quest 12The survivors of the conquered fleets give a short history and insight into their cultures and the state of the galaxy. Jadyk personally visits the scorched planet to investigate the mysterious alien ruins.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-11-12 19 
43643541Death Among the Stars Quest 13Jadyk receives a visit and gift from the Masked. Encounters an alien device. Speaks with the Sunscale and learns more of his past. Jadyk's inner circle grows.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-11-15 17 
43760118Death Among the Stars Quest 14Contact is made with the Plainsrunners. Nekris is sent to explore a nearby system with the first spaceship. Explores an asteroid belt and a moon, discovers strange and deadly aliens. Jadyk enhances the Think Tanks and sends the living to work to earn their keep.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-11-22 16 
December 2015
43934165Death Among the Stars Quest 15Nekris continues his investigation of the nearby system, discovering an ancient crashed frigate. Jadyk speaks with the Osogo leader for the first time. Much kelp is grown.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-12-01 16 
43970661Death Among the Stars Quest 16Jadyk's Generals yearn for battle and conflict and he agrees with their sentiments. Nekris excavates a crashed ship while Agona begins establishing the first off-system outpost. Eyegores are sent to scout nearby systems, discovering something quite strange in a hazardous system.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-12-03 15 
44006553Death Among the Stars Quest 17Nekris inspects a new world and saves a group of locals from the native wildlife, bringing them to Jadyk for a talk. An Eyegore scout moves too close to a world and become the first casualty in dealing with the Confederacy. Think Tanks create aquatic troops to explore alien oceans.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-12-06 13 
44097319Death Among the Stars Quest 18On the planet Rukor the Predator Nekris comes under attack by a new enemy. The waters turn dangerous and Nekris prepares to hunt.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-12-10 14 
44135453Death Among the Stars Quest 19Agona witnesses a bizarre monster and Nekris hunts down the Sunscale Divers, launching into battle. Jadyk assists with research and builds up defenses.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-12-13 13 
44271638Death Among the Stars Quest 20An Eyegore scout witnesses a battle between the Osjiic and Ahkam forces. Armies are built for the Generals and Lorgul begins work on a new ship. Agona expands her grasp on the stonestar moon.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-12-20 14 
44449662Death Among the Stars Quest 21Jadyk commands his generals to launch their campaigns sabotaging and attacking the Ahkam worshiping aliens and watches a visitor to the strange planet overgrown with plantlifequest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-12-29 10 
44469507Death Among the Stars Quest 21.5Jadyk returns the Ructu to their home with gifts and knowledge. Contact is made with the plant-manipulating Armatocere and plans for a formal introduction.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-12-30 8 
January 2016
44528483Death Among the Stars Quest 22Capitol ship research is completed. The sudden appearance of an Ahkam fleet in orbit over the world of Rukor leads to new developments. Nekris starts a guerrilla war against the Ahkam forces and Lorgul completes work on his personal ship.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-01-03 13 
44630173Undead Civ 1Yorik Darkemind washes up, recruits a vampire and some zombies. The natives attack.Collective Game, Undead, Lich Pirate King Quest2016-01-07 1 
44643729Undead Civ 2In which natives are slaughteredCollective Game, Undead, Lich Pirate King Quest2016-01-08 2 
44675582Death Among the Stars Quest 23Advancements in technology are made, numbers crunched. Nekris terrorizes the Ahkam. Jor is sent as a diplomat to meet the Armatocerequest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-01-10 12 
44777807Death Among the Stars Quest 24Jadyk remembers the past. Introductions and trade are made between the Necrotic Armada and it's "allies"quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-01-14 12 
44822904Death Among the Stars Quest 25The New Necrotic Armada launches an ambush on the Ahkam force investigating their destroyed ships boarding them in a vicious battle.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-01-17 13 
44926441Death Among the Stars Quest 26Jadyk speaks with a new ally. A Leviathan appears on Rukor. A new Necrolyte Legion is formed. Much research is gainedquest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-01-21 11 
44966726Death Among the Stars Quest 27Plainsrunners continue their pilgrimage. Eyegores report their findings on new systems and the Necrolyte Legion is sent to invesigate one.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-01-24 11 
45075422Death Among the Stars Quest 28Nekris observes the Necrolyte Legion and their efforts to take control of the derelict military facility from its reanimated guards.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-01-28 13 
45117835Death Among the Stars Quest 29Jadyk takes on new recruits. Research is traded and much is gained from the Confederate Facility. Jadyk and Nekris go fishing.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-01-31 10 
February 2016
45221035Death Among the Stars Quest 30The Beast of Rukor is tracked and guided home. Stonestars progress rapidly and traps are planned.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-02-04 8 
45264259Death Among the Stars Quest 31The Lich-Lord makes a bet with the Masked. Think Tanks excel. A child is welcomed and Marked. Decoy attacks are made.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-02-07 15 
45364435Death Among the Stars Quest 32The Armada prepares for the upcoming battles. Refugees are taken in, much infrastructure made, and strange undead met.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-02-11 12 
45405395Death Among the Stars Quest 33Aid is given to the Ructu with help from the Armatocere. Jor meets the Plainsrunners. Plots against your enemies are well in motion.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-02-14 12 
45501608Death Among the Stars Quest 34Jadyk speaks with the Armatocere about common enemies and makes even more trades of knowledge. Profane experiments are planned.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-02-18 13 
45642465Death Among the Stars Quest 35Jadyk deals with some trespassers personally and learns more about the motives of his adversariesquest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-02-25 12 
45687193Death Among the Stars Quest 36Machinations come to fruition, the Osjiic and Ahkam fleets guided into conflict and the Necrotic Generals show of spectacularlyquest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-02-28 20 
March 2016
45824015Death Among the Stars Quest 37Jadyk speaks with his captives and converts several into new powerful forms. A long-term project finally completes and another backfires.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-03-06 14 
45968491Death Among the Stars Quest 38The new Generals launch their first attacks, the Legion fighting by their side. The Osogo join the Colony and Jadyk meets an old friendquest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-03-13 12 
46231065Death Among the Stars Quest 39The Flagship awakens, your Generals see to their missions. Jadyk chats with the Lavafather and makes a deal. Meets the Blackscales.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-03-25 11 
46276124Death Among the Stars Quest 40Jadyk attempts to show off his telekinetic might in a spectacular way but gets interrupted by partycrashing lizards.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens, death among the stars, game2016-03-27 12 
April 2016
46382106Death Among the Stars Quest 41The Fury of the Wormstar finally becomes operable, and the Blackscales are recruited. Short thread because GraveQM sick.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens, death among the stars, Collective Game2016-04-01 11 
46422083Death Among the Stars Quest 42The lost Voidsinger is found; Dominator Valresko is born from the remains of Solar-Blessed Glucors; and the capital city is populated.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens, death among the stars, Collective Game2016-04-03 10 
46532307Death Among the Stars Quest 43Dominator Valresko interrogates his former comrades. Trades are made and planned with the Armatocere.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens, death among the stars, collective game2016-04-07 11 
46676916Death Among the Stars Quest 44Jadyk welcomes the Ructu to Horizon's Drop and departs to aid the Armatocere. The Masked stop by for a chat.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens, death among the stars, collective game2016-04-14 11 
46719523Death Among the Stars Quest 45War has come to the home systems of the New Necrotic Armada while Jadyk is away.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens, death among the stars, collective game2016-04-17 14 
46866131Death Among the Stars Quest 46The Ahkam are driven from Bastion and Jor meets the Daggers face to face.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens, death among the stars, collective game2016-04-24 12 
July 2016
48044404Dungeons of a bored LichWhat would happen if a lich didn't make a dungeon to hoard important treasure, but simply to starve off boredom? This thread happens.dungeon, lich, bored2016-07-01 14 
48199724Death Among the Stars Quest 47The Voidknight Disciples runs afoul of a new world while attempting to prepare for their return homequest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2016-07-10 9 
48280693Death Among the Stars Quest 48The Disciple must escape the vengeful natives of the alien world and find a place to hide.quest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2016-07-15 7 
48312095Death Among the Stars Quest 49Jadyk leads his fleet against the invading UON forces attacking the Armatocere.quest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2016-07-17 8 
48410322Death Among the Stars Quest 50The Voidknight Disciple learns about this strange world, interrogates his guests and receives a challenge.quest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2016-07-23 6 
48476311Death Among the Stars Quest 51Jadyk returns to Iti'a'Ropku to initiate new necromancers and to reunite with a changed General.quest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2016-07-27 8 
48541397Death Among the Stars Quest 52Jadyk delivers a warning to Jor. Prisoners are given a choice and soldier reaffirms their loyalty. The Blackscale move in as well.quest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2016-07-31 6 
August 2016
48618824Lich Quest #1We claw your way back into the material plane, find spme local soldiers and press them into our service! Unfortunately shortModern Lich Quest, MLQ, Lich2016-08-04 2 
48628714Death Among the Stars Quest 53The Disciple discovers a strange hidden village and a unique member of the native race and enact a plan to free them from captivity.quest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2016-08-05 9 
48661610Death Among the Stars Quest 54A secret truth is revealed by a close ally and ruins bearing the sign of an old ally discovered. Jadyk speaks to many people.quest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2016-08-07 10 
48833545Death Among the Stars Quest 55Jadyk has a very intimate conversation with a bunch of trees and shrubs, making new friends.quest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2016-08-17 11 
48907227Death Among the Stars Quest 56After choosing to move their main base to a more secluded location the Disciple encounters an enemy and speaks to the void-touched nativequest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2016-08-21 12 
September 2016
49155787Death Among the Stars Quest 57Jadyk returns home and discusses matters with his Generals and retreats into meditation. Jor must make a big decision for the Armadaquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2016-09-04 7 
December 2016
948903Death Among the Stars Quest 58GraveQM returns from the dead. A lot of stuff goes down and resource systems discussedquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2016-12-18 11 
980016Death Among the Stars Quest 59The Necrotic Armada launches its first true invasion against the Osjiic system B'Nan already in the midst of an invasion by the Ahkamquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2016-12-28 12 
January 2017
1015534Death Among the Stars Quest 60Jadyk meets with the Caretaker as Jor recovers. The Armada continues its invasion of Kandaquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-01-07 6 
1040520Death Among the Stars Quest 61The invasion of Kanda progresses under Valresko's command. The Harbinger is sent to parlay with the Pirate Clansquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-01-14 8 
1073715Death Among the Stars Quest 62The Armada lays siege to the last strongholds of Kanda. Pirates give their answersquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-01-22 7 
1100852Death Among the Stars Quest 63The Invasion of Kanda slowly draws closer to an end while Jor returns home after his trials.quest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-01-29 5 
February 2017
51490413original liches/tg/ brainstorms alternate forms of lichdom.lich, undead, worldbuilding,2017-02-02 0 
1128083Death Among the Stars Quest 64Jadyk takes stock of the Armada and interacts with his living subjectsquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-02-05 6 
1152849Death Among the Stars Quest 65Jadyk welcomes the Arc Butchers to the Armada and scouts various star systems.quest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-02-12 7 
1175081Death Among the Stars Quest 66Valresko debates with the Blackscale Cabal while Jadyk deploys humanitarian aid to the Refuge system to combat an undead outbreakquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-02-18 5 
1209564Death Among the Stars Quest 67The Necrolytes arrive to rescue the living of Refuge. Eiton investigates Worllunan and the Solar Arbiters are createdquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-02-27 8 
March 2017
1230721Death Among the Stars Quest 68Reconstruction is attempted on an unsuspecting Clone, the Armada's population grows, and Jadyk inducts the ructu into the necrotic practicequest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-03-05 6 
1260840Death Among the Stars Quest 69The Armada launches multiple raids against its enemies and explores alien worldsquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-03-14 11 
1280139Death Among the Stars Quest 70Further raids against the enemies of the Armada are conducted and Jadyk has a violent reunion with an old allyquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-03-19 13 
April 2017
1325659Death Among the Stars Quest 71A new Armadan city is finally opened on Rukor and Jadyks favored living subjects begin a dangerous missionquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-04-02 8 
1349170Death Among the Stars Quest 72Jadyk has an illuminating conversation with an important captive and the Wayward Disciple has luck in his hunt.quest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-04-09 7 
1369205Death Among the Stars Quest 73Nekris beings a new hunt for exotic monstrosities while the Commander and Jor confront the source behind the Refuge crisisquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-04-16 6 
52707550Lich Hobbyists A discussion on what an immortal being might choose to fill their unlimited time with.lich, hobby, undeath, cursed magical items, troll, collection2017-04-16 12 
1399268Death Among the Stars Quest 73.2A special thread dedicate to Necromancer Jor and the Necrolyte Commander tracking down the source of the Refuge Crisisquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-04-25 8 
1414014Death Among the Stars Quest 74The future of Refuge is discussed by many and the Armada tends to its woundedquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-04-30 5 
May 2017
1434391Death Among the Stars Quest 75Jadyk and Jor fight to save the minds of loyal soldiers while the Wayward Disciple initiates their plans against the Councilquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-05-07 7 
1456781Death Among the Stars Quest 76The Armada plots for war while welcoming newly risen Immortals into their ranks.quest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-05-14 6 
1483260Death Among the Stars Quest 76.2The Armada strikes against the Ahkam while the Wayward Disciple launches their own efforts against the Councils forcesquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-05-22 7 
June 2017
1532387Death Among the Stars Quest 77Tlacex and Ruscuv return victorious from their conquests and the Armada takes stockquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-06-04 5 
1609562Death Among the Stars Quest 78The Blackscale Cabal meets with distant kin as the Armada prepares for the Ahkam Matriarchs arrivalquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-06-25 6 
July 2017
1651470Death Among the Stars Quest 78.2The Armada suffers an unexpected ambush and receives valuable information from a secretive source within the Confederacyquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-07-09 5 
1694216Death Among the Stars Quest 79The Armada braces for an inevitable conflict with an approaching stormquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-07-23 5 
1721479Death Among the Stars Quest 79.2The Armada makes last moment preparations and dispatches agentsquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-07-30 5 
August 2017
1767481Death Among the Stars Quest 80War has come to the Armada, the vengeful Ahkam Dynasty launching their relentless invasion as the Arc Surge increases in strengthquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-08-13 6 
1793990Death Among the Stars Quest 80.2The battle in Bastion and Urdir continue. The Voidknights receive a visitor and Agona holds the line.quest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-08-21 3 
1815123Death Among the Stars Quest 81The Matriarch attacks! The Armada faces its greatest foe yetquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-08-28 3 
September 2017
1853084Death Among the Stars Quest 81.2The fierce battle against the Matriarch continues, the battlefield moving across an entire solar systemquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-09-10 5 
1872052Death Among the Stars Quest 81.3Through the dangers of the Arc Surge, the Ahkam Matriarch, and the extradimensional Three, Jadyk fights to ensure the Armadas survivalquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-09-17 5 
October 2017
1926296Death Among the Stars Quest 82With Jadyk indisposed responsibility of the Armada falls to Necromancer Jor as he must deal with the fallout of the Matriarchs defeatquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-10-03 6 
1966971Death Among the Stars Quest 83As Jadyk recovers Jor continues to oversee the Armada including dealing with a sudden threatquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-10-15 6 
2021254Death Among the Stars Quest 83.2Betrayal! The Osjiic Empire breaks the peace and it is up to Jor and Vle'Karak to defend the Armadas homeworldquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-10-29 6 
December 2017
2142414Lich QuestA lich is born.Lich Quest, collective game2017-12-16 3 
2167641Lich Quest 2Guards attempted to arrest the Lich and the Lich meets an old ally.Lich Quest, collective game2017-12-24 1 
2181837Lich Quest 3The Lich fights an incubus. Fight is a strong word.Lich Quest, collective game2017-12-31 1 
January 2018
57229527Twist The ClicheAnons cone together to add a twist or reimagining of fantasy cliches.Cliche2018-01-05 4 
2207247Death Among the Stars Quest 84As the Armada deals with upstart invaders Commander Rethak is forced to work with the Blackscale Cabals concerning secret operationsquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2018-01-07 3 
2199775Lich Quest 4The Lich finds out that he has been found out.Lich Quest, collective game2018-01-08 2 
2246299Death Among the Stars 84.2The battle between the Deathshead Guardians and the Void Disciples reaches a fever pitch as the Armada defends their home.quest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2018-01-21 4 
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