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September 2020
4419463Hero Academia Quest #41Be fancy, punk.MHA Quest, Ushi, Walker, Present Mic, Collective Game, Quest, MHA, My Hero Academia2020-09-19 4 
4436447The Election Game Part IIA continuation of the John Steward presidency in south champa, as he tries to unify the nation.Election, Politics, The-Election-Game, South-Champa, Goverment, Corruption, War2020-09-19 1 
4417209Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic and the True Sith Episode #5We create life, body mod ourselves, train really good, and get hospitalized before trials are announced.Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic and the True Sith, Afungi, /qst/, Star Wars, Collective Game2020-09-19 1 
4450252Meat QuestA butcher knight seeks the daughter of meat and finds koboldsMeat Quest, Chuck, Rosemary, Kammy, drawthread, Peekay2020-09-19 3 
4429764Slime Quest #2You're now a girl of slime. You're a bit more discerning about what you choose to eat.Slime Quest, Slime, Slime Girl, Gelle, Tatsuo, SLimy2020-09-18 0 
4447939Saiyan Conqueror Quest 140Karn battles King Vegeta once more on Sanghelios, them after catching up with the kids receives some terrible news.Saiyan Conqueror Quest, GrandDragonQM, SCQ, GDQM, Saiyan, Karn, DBZ, /qst/, 2020-09-18 1 
4442124Fate/Paradox Reincarnator: Part 9An unexpected setback is found, and Shinji has a close call with an enemy Servant.WhatIsAQM, Collective Game, Urban Fantasy, Fate, Fate/Paradox Reincarnator, Paradox Reincarnator, Fate Quest, Isekai, Homunculi,2020-09-18 2 
4453601Girls Und Panzer Quest 9Fighting Black Forest! Ooarai vs the All-Stars!collective game, Rafael, GuP, Girls und Panzer, Panther, Girls, Tanks, 2020-09-18 1 
4430809Human Fighter QuestDonnel the giant farmboy strikes out into the vampire-ruled world on a deadly quest to avenge his slain parents and seek the holy light.Collective Game, D&D, Human, Fighter, Vampire, Paladin2020-09-18 2 
4419637White Rabbit in WonderlandThe Alice radar activates, and we get new clothes.Collaborative Game, Alice in Wonderland, Isekai2020-09-18 0 
4419276Boshin War Quest 32Stockton meets the King of Belgium, Leopold II. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2020-09-18 0 
4420148Tai Lung Quest 3The group concludes their battle against He Ling, deliver a letter to Shifu, and embark on a sea faring adventure.Kung Fu Panda, Tai Lung quest, Redemption Quest, Storyteller Luo, Collective Game2020-09-17 3 
4413945Collapsing: A Quest to Survive the ApocalypseYou are a the resident animal control officer of a small town in northern Maine. Prepare for the hardships of a nuclear winter.TrashQM, Survival, Apocalypse, Retro Futurism, Cold War2020-09-17 3 
4415062Welcome to McSpacies: First HalfWe try to run a McSpacies restaurant, but then discover the high-stakes world of disco and intragalactic fast food genocide.Collective Game, McSpacies, Welcome to McSpacies, Comedy, Sci-fi, Science Fiction, QMWalrus2020-09-16 0 
4413570Space Civ Quest ep.7We engage in diplomacy and new colonies are set up as a surprising artefact is spotted heading towards Dagda Collective Game, Civ, Space, Civ Bulgar2020-09-16 1 
4429799Otome Gone Wrong Ch. 9Maria and the otome protagonist square off directly for the first time.Otome, Otome Gone Wrong, Real World Mockery, academy, intrigue, OtomeQM2020-09-15 3 
4421810Post-Apocalyptic Tribe QuestIn the aftermath of an apocalyptic Great War, former MP Edgar Cromwell leads a tribe in an attempt to make a civilised life in the wastelandPost-Apocalyptic Tribe Quest, The First History Man, Civ, Post-Apocalypse, Collective Game2020-09-14 0 
4430305Body Horror Quest, 47th VeinShu meets a Centaur intent on walking the old town road. IRL circumstances puts the vein on pause. Vein is promptly archived for safety.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, BHOP, Female MC, Gore, Horror, Act 62020-09-14 2 
4428487Heat City Nights 3The crew has a line on a stash house in the projects.Heat City Nights, Skirmish, Crime, Urban, 1980s2020-09-14 11 
4444143Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 158Hematite’s Retreat, Endymion LivesCollective Game, Eclipsed Moon, Sailor Moon2020-09-13 1 
4412674Bleach Quest #2Some Light downtime with Haruto and his mod soul waifu.Collective Game, Bleach, AU, Jumpman, Bount,2020-09-13 0 
4413646Magic Mongols #1Genghis - The first sorcerer sets out with his colorful array of player generals to conquer as much as possible. Sky, Collective Game, NRP, Magic Mongols2020-09-12 0 
4421839Alternate History - Against all Odds Part 9Bendirigz II ascends to the throne, kingdom nearly collapsesCiv, Alternate History, Collective Game, Against All Odds2020-09-12 0 
4425979Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Kai #35The malicious influence of Janemba is sealed away and peace returns to the universe, and a new Champion of the Heavens stands!Collective Game, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Tuffle, Tuffle Quest, Kai, Kato2020-09-12 13 
4429270Alterac Resurgent Quest 3The bandit problem of Tarren Mill has been solved, but an expedition has been organized by Lord Uther against the gnollsAlterac Resurgent Quest, Warcraft, Medieval, Fantasy, MedivhQM, Collective Game2020-09-11 1 
4410317Eldritch Evo 4The Age of Security winds down as the world is made diverse very locallyEldritch, Evo, Evo Games, Eldritch Evo, Evo Game2020-09-10 1 
4403486Space Derelict Quest IVThe Quest gets torpedoed. Literally and physically. Quest will resume with new perspective character.Space Quest, Science Fiction, Sci-fi, Space Derelict Quest, Space Scrapper QM, Collective Game2020-09-09 0 
4409833Beings of Creation 4 - #1OOP fulfills the prophecy, and the cycle of Gods and men is upon us once more, as life crawls from the mud.Civ, creation, gods, freeform, hexcrawl, multiplayer, boc, boc4, beings of creation2020-09-08 7 
4430486Gun x Glory! #13You train with Orion, head to the marketplace, play a game with a strange man, and meet a certain gunmaker.Collective Game, Gun x Glory, Sci-Fi, MMOFPS, cirnoQM2020-09-08 2 
4437841Advent Soul Quest #1Our resident trap gets tangled up in the spiritual world, meets a shinigami, and seeks to get stronger.Bleach, Collective Game, AU, Advent Soul Quest2020-09-08 3 
4406928Gnoll Quest #2Hyenus begins his personal crusade against the demonsGnoll Quest, Collective Game, drawquest, dwarf, gnoll2020-09-08 13 
4419628Fate/Paradox Reincarnator: Part 8The true extent of the changes wrought by his actions begin to reveal themselves to ShinjiWhatIsAQM, Collective Game, Urban Fantasy, Fate, Fate/Paradox Reincarnator, Paradox Reincarnator, Fate Quest, Isekai, Homunculi,2020-09-07 6 
4418830REBORN IN AN RPG S05 EP026Checking on the Bastion Squad Officer, begin looking for Garsdale, and fun times with Dancer Stellacollective game, Eldric Lightbringer, Lyann, Mako2020-09-07 0 
4404743A Bizarre Adventure #1In LA 3 college students find a Stand Arrow and fight their Stand thinking they're demons.anime, collective game, quest, JJBA, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure2020-09-07 0 
4422113Strikers 2016 Reboot 38Back stateside discussing upgrades, the return of Chef Morgan, and seeing a side of Wendy we haven't really have seen beforeGhostDivision, Strike Witches 2016, Collective Game, Strike Witches Quest, Strike Witches 19892020-09-07 2 
4418935Mystery Investigation Quest: Rumors of Membership Part DeuxThe mystery continues as Ace, Lorelei, and Jubilee investigate rumors about the old principalMystery Investigation, Ace, Lorelei, Jubilee, drawthread, Peekay2020-09-06 0 
4399462STAR WARS - Interregnum #2.2The Battle of Nest's End. The origins of the Herald are revealed, as is its connection to Bos; and the rescue of Master Kosa begins...Collective Game, Star Wars Interregnum, Star Wars, Kaz, Space Vietnam, Giant Kaiju Battles2020-09-05 6 
4401702Black-Mesa Black-Ops Quest #8 Gabby and the team discover anomalies in time as they approach ground zero. Black Mesa Black Ops Quest, Half Life, Collective Game2020-09-05 1 
4421310Lamia QuestReverse Isekai, Isekai, LamiaA lamia is Isekai'd into the Falkland Islands where she notices strange things are afoot...2020-09-04 2 
4398006Leviathan QuestLocked away in a place unfamiliar to it, 682 begins its path of vengeance and hate.999 Quest, SCP, World Of Darkness, Leviathan Quest, Mage: The Awakening2020-09-04 0 
4397831Child of a Dead Empire: RedshiftIn celebration of one year, we shift perspectives to someone a little unusual.Child of a Dead Empire, COADE, Space, Scifi, Mystery, Valkans2020-09-04 3 
4384264Fief Quest RIPA one-shot quest about local lord, stored for potential sequel or rebootlocal lord, fief quest, RIP, dropped2020-09-03 0 
4401370Jump City Heroes #1A Teen Titan Quest set in an alternate universe rendition of the DCAU. This is the origin story of Jewish Heroine and E-Thot PantheonaJump City Heroes, Teen Titans Quest, Teen Titans, Quest, Collective Game, Female Protagonist, MarutaQM, DC,2020-09-03 0 
4407544Skeleton Island 2, part 15End of the solo quests and prelude to the moon mission!notapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2020-09-03 0 
4397931BNH American Quest#1An My Hero Academy Quest set in America with a female powerhouse protagonist named Reinforce. MHA Quest, Female Protagonist, American Quest, Collective Game, Quest, MHA, My Hero Academia2020-09-03 2 
4422023Girls Und Panzer Quest 8Meeting Yuzu's Parents! Two weeks to the finals!collective game, Rafael, GuP, Girls und Panzer, Panther, Girls, Tanks, Pedobear2020-09-02 4 
4396376One Year with Osana 2.Hasome Senki is a normal high school student, trying his best to not piss off his childhood friend in front of her friends.One Year with Osana, Collective Game, slice of life, drama, AtisE2020-09-02 5 
4391771Azur Lane: The Blue After - Part 2An Azur Lane Quest where you play as the son of two Junkers.Azur Lane, /qst/2020-09-02 1 
4399412Magical Girl For Hire #96Miranda begins searching for the Lockstones to free her boss. The first is easy enough. The second...proves more complicated.MGFH, Magical Girl For Hire, magical girl, mercenary, collective game, MGHandler2020-09-01 6 
4397757Castlevania - Elegy of Inheritance: Part 16Arthur grows more powerful while he is trapped within his dreams.WhatIsAQM, Collective Game, Urban Fantasy, Castlevania, Elegy of Inheritance, Vampires, Demons, Dark Lords2020-09-01 0 
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