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April 2020
4137489Across the Sea: Awakening Thread 1Our heroine explores the colony, makes some unlikely allies, and starts her first voyage in her quest to save this dying world. Collective Game, Dark Fantasy, Aberrant Dilettante, Across the Sea: Awakening2020-04-01 0 
4168708Dragonball Quest 185: Earthbender Quest 23The next one might not be a joke... https://www.strawpoll.me/19460870Collective Game, Quest, Avatar, The, Last, Airbender, Earthbender, Firebender, Earthbender Quest, Somnius, Dralo, Dragonball, Dragon, Ball2020-04-01 0 
March 2020
4133369ASOIAF: House Shryke Quest #3Negotiations and plots along with a brief POV shift.Collective Game, House Shryke, Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire, ASOIAF2020-03-31 0 
4130206Tim Quest #5Silver Raven battles a dragon, uncovers treachery and unveils his true colours.Collective Game, World of Darkness, Tim2020-03-31 0 
4166313What The Fuck Quest #3Gary braves the random weirdness, crazy fairies, and sharp-toothed elven waitresses as he tackles the continued threat of orcs pursuing him.What The Fuck, WTF, WTFQ, ShortTrip, Gary, random, weirdness,2020-03-31 0 
4133692Castlevania - Elegy of Inheritance: Part 9Arthur has to deal with a sudden outbreak of giant molluscs and betrayal.WhatIsAQM, Collective Game, Urban Fantasy, Castlevania, Elegy of Inheritance2020-03-30 0 
4129508Melancholic Quest 63Getting answers out of Alex, Law and Cammy move to grab someone not nearly as easily swayed by physical violence. Cammy isn't coping well.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2020-03-30 0 
4127949For House & Dominion: Aftermath 2How it's made: SP Torpedo edition.Collective Game, Quest, House and Dominion, Dominion Quest, Space, Space Combat, Survey, Salvage, Dice2020-03-30 0 
4128229Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic and the True Sith Episode #2We train, meet acolytes, train them, get close to nox, get a pet, and Get an entire army of them.Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic and the True Sith, Afungi, /qst/, Star Wars, Collective Game2020-03-30 1 
4143080Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest #3Kentaro gets told by Kyune to join her rival's camp.Collective Game, Cyberpunk, Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest2020-03-30 0 
4156834Gun x Glory! #11You finish the match with Edit and Sky, and yet something new awaits you outside of the game.Collective Game, Gun x Glory, Sci-Fi, MMOFPS2020-03-30 2 
4129385Yu-gi-oh! Aspiring Duelist Quest - Season 2 Episode 7 Part 2We defeat Jaden, lose to Bastion, episode ends due to page 10Yu-Gi-Oh, Aspiring Duelist Quest, Playmaker, Quest2020-03-29 1 
4161168Saiyan Conqueror Quest 124Karn battles Golden Oozaru Vegeta, speaks with a rising god, then the Ginyu Force returns!Saiyan Conqueror Quest, SCQ, GrandDragonQM, GDQM, Saiyan, Quest, Karn, DBZ, /qst/,2020-03-29 0 
4163582Claymore: Second Swords Quest #44Silver General.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2020-03-29 3 
4163486Shinobi Sidestory Quest #15Puppet Show (Akatsuki Arc)Collective Game, Naruto, AU, SSQ2020-03-29 1 
4153917Monstergirl Highschool #7The Theo/Vireen Vainglory arc reaches its chilling conclusion as the story actually starts to make sense!monstergirl, science fantasy, slice of life2020-03-29 0 
4135249Amican Loyalist Quest #2The Amican Loyalists of Georgetown make allies and enemies in a strange land to the east. Their fantasy settlement quest continues.collective game, civgame, Amican Loyalist Quest2020-03-29 1 
4122777Necromancer Detective 52The next case begins, with a plague in Magica spiraling out of control. Henry and co. are tasked with getting to the bottom of it.Necromancer Detective Quest, Necromancer, Detective, Horror, Adventure, Collective Game2020-03-28 0 
4159591Catalyst Quest #11The Goddess, your lover, old allies, new enemies, and a city in peril.Catalyst, Catalyst Quest, Medieval, Fantasy, Dark, Religion2020-03-28 0 
4123488Akame ga Kill #2.5Nobusada discussing and embarking on his most dangerous challenge yet. Part One of the Oarburgh Saga.Akame ga Kill, Collective Game, AU, Lord TyrantQM,2020-03-28 1 
4142662Body Horror Quest - 40th VeinWhile prepping for an counterattack on West Alpha, Shu tries to talk Magpie out of murdering entire settlements. It doesn't end well. Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, bhop, BHOP, Female MC, Gore, Horror, Act 4, West Alpha, Magpie, Midnight Crew, Altered Altar2020-03-28 3 
4137935Synthetic Gods Quest #45In this session we started our journey to Elspen with Haven and Rheia, but a seemingly simple monster hunt doesn’t go as plannedCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2020-03-28 0 
4160381Unknown Sky: Ace Combat Quest 29Neo One Belka's inner workings slowly begin to come to light.Ace Combat, Ace Combat Quest, Unknown Sky, Unknown Sky Ace Combat Quest, Endless Sky Ace Combat Quest, Collective Game2020-03-27 6 
4123802King of Wolves #2An aging King nearing his end protects the kingdom he forged of blood, sweat, and tears. King of Wolves, Klaus, Wolves, Fantasy2020-03-27 0 
4159828Chapter Master Quest CLXVII: Setting the BoardWe infiltrate Tartarus station and continue our planning for the Styrian Crusade.Collective Game, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Chapter Master Quest, Ghosts of Retribution, Space Marine, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium2020-03-27 5 
4124722Hero Academia Quest #37Half of Ushi's first day back at school from her internship.MHA Quest, Ushi, Walker, Present Mic, Collective Game, Quest, MHA, My Hero Academia2020-03-27 8 
4098544House Rimward Quest - Part 1The bastard son of a demigod king gains the opportunity to found a colony on the far shores of a newly discovered continent.LordQM, Collective Game, House Rimward, Fantasy2020-03-27 1 
4136966Monster Hunter Quest: Freelancer #6Our freelancing Hunter has at last slain Ukanlos. As well, he encounters the venomous Elder Dragon, Nefu Garumudo.Monster Hunter, monster, hunter, drawquest2020-03-26 2 
4138703Slightly Petty Revenge Quest #11Alfred Brown does a bunch of random requests Part 1.collective game, drawquest, slice of life, revenge2020-03-25 2 
4126852Stand Quest Requiem #13The battle trial begins with Deku and Sero facing off against Iida and Tokoyami.Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2020-03-24 1 
4138615Hikikomori Quest #8A hikikomori is visited by truck-kun.Hikikomori Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest2020-03-24 3 
4123677Dark Queen Quest 35We use the Far Sight spell and watch around important places we visited, then spend time with Dillon, Emelyne, Adeleine and Isabella.Dark Queen Quest, Dark Lord, Princess, Medieval, Queen, Fantasy, Amex,2020-03-24 5 
4153459Dark Gate Academy Season 3 Episode 34Act's Tournament Part 2! The tournament reaches the quarter-finals!Quest, Dark Gate Academy, Collective Game2020-03-24 2 
4118066Dragonball Quest #184Som actively ensures that his archived threads have high scoresCollective Game, Quest, Dragonball, Dragon, Ball, Z, DBZ, Somnius, Dralo2020-03-24 0 
4114394Panzer Commander Quest #59The nemesis across the border, Captain Gerovic, makes a powerful assault. The battle will be fierce indeed.Panzer Commander, Collective Game, War, Armor, Disarmed and Dangerous2020-03-24 2 
4113541Magical Girl For Hire #92We meet our clients and wander around their flying magic school. Then we relieve them of violent giant birds and some dangerous contraband.MGFH, Magical Girl For HIre, magical girl, mercenary, MGHandler, collective game2020-03-24 1 
4112569Hedge Quest Interlude: Ophelie's FinestOfficers Raphael and Monet of the Ophelian Watch begin investigating a murder!Hedge Quest, Ophelie's Finest, Officer Raphael, QM Pk, Peekay2020-03-23 1 
4119767Skeleton Island 2, part 4Doing crimes and letting bad things happen to Quattro notapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2020-03-23 0 
4126096Lego Quest Presents... Unicorn Knight QuestLong ago, there was a fair and glimmering land, and its guardians were the Unicorn Knights.Lego Quest, Collective Game, Dungeon Crawl2020-03-22 0 
4110276Ben 10 Quest #30Enter the world of Omnipunk, where alien Megacorps reign supreme and everyone holds the power of the Unitrix in their hands!Ben 10 Quest, Collective Game, sci-fi, action, adventure, slice-of-life, Saturday Morning Action2020-03-22 0 
4149341Saiyan Conqueror Quest 123Karn gets some insight and a new perspective from his father, then training begins in earnest.Saiyan Conqueror Quest, SCQ, GrandDragonQM, GDQM, Saiyan, Karn, DBZ, /qst/, 2020-03-22 2 
4151398Maverick Hunter Quest 101In which our hero is out of office.Collective Game, Maverick Hunter Quest, Mega Man X2020-03-22 10 
4123281Tryslmaistan Civ Quest #1In which an English village is suddenly transported into a mysterious world of triangular platforms and alien physics.Tryslmaistan, civ, civilization, Isekai, Unicorn Jelly2020-03-21 0 
4149201Dragon Ball Human Quest Super #27After visiting the neighbors our hero has some wacky adventuresDragon Ball Super, Human Quest Super, Collective Game2020-03-21 6 
4136208Secret Princess Zelda Quest #44The Great Sky Temple, continued!Collective Game, Secret Princess Zelda Quest, Princess Zelda, Kato2020-03-21 10 
4107148TenshiQuest = IEpisode One of Tenshi Quest: A1 Steak Sauce gets a new job, and gets Poem's number.tenshiquest, tenshi quest2020-03-20 2 
4112894L5R: Pursuit of Greatness, Session 5Bayushi Kimiko gets her first taste of Court. Collective Game, Quest, Legend of the Five Rings, L5R, Pursuit of Greatness 2020-03-20 6 
4108967House Reynold Quest Chapter 16Where we finish our time in Harrenhal and travel to the Golden Tooth where House Reynold gains a betrothal but Mervyn loses a squire.GoT, Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire, House Reynold, Reynold2020-03-20 0 
4131360Warhammer 40K: Blood CovenA fresh Imperial Guard regiment deploys for battle on a world beset by Chaos.Warhammer, 40k, Imperial Guard, Astra Militarum, Blood Coven, TimeKiller QM, Dark Imperium2020-03-18 1 
4109135Pokemon Gravel Quest Walter sets out and unofficially begins his journey, catching his first two Pokemon, making new rivals, and cutting deals along the way.Pokémon, Collective Game, 2020-03-18 1 
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