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August 2018
2815297Saiyan Conqueror Quest 55Karn vs Arbiter as the battle finally reaches its ultimate conclusion.Saiyan Conqueror Quest, SCQ, GrandDragonQM, Karn, Saiyan, DBZ, /qst/, 2018-08-19 1 
2806215Game of Thrones House Gen: Thread 1In which House Blacksand and Lady Lissara is made, a hubby is picked, and hedge knights are recruitedCollective Game, House Blacksand, Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire, ASOIAF2018-08-19 0 
2812861Occultic QuestIt's a good day to try summoning a demon.occultic quest, anime, drawquest2018-08-19 0 
2783107Rebel Ruby Quest #4.1 Killer FillerRuby and Lapis try to help Steven and the gems find some shards before finding the vacant kindergarten where Ruby makes a vowSteven Universe, DekuQM, Deku, Rebel Ruby2018-08-19 0 
2809168Young Justice #2Clash at the Museum! Combat and awkward flirting ensue. Young Justice, Quest, Collective Game, Manthor, DC2018-08-19 3 
2815227Alien Invasion Quest 2We switch to a different timeline, and the humans start fucking up too.Collective Game, Alien, Invasion, AyyLmao2018-08-19 0 
2819231Wars of the Free: Chapter 7The DealWars of the Free, Fantasy, High Fantasy, Collective Game 2018-08-19 1 
2804029Slayer from the North Quest #4The civil war comes to a close and Hakon and Co. get ready to leave and return to the wastes victorious.Slayer, Hakon, Collective Game2018-08-19 0 
2800029FUCK QUEST Episode 14: "Komm, Susser Fuck"It all comes tumbling down.Fuck Quest, Collective Game, smut, Wham Peanut Butter2018-08-18 3 
2816835Oekaki Quest CH.1.6Dark fantasy quest. Currently, you're playing the rogue Kae. In this thread Kae is held captive by Jeraldo.Dark-fantasy, Draw-Quest, Semi-lewd, Graphic Violence, MySojourn2018-08-18 0 
2788964Boshin War Quest 1Daniel Stockton, a Civil War veteran, arrives in Japan during the twilight of the Shogunate. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2018-08-18 0 
2798907Synthetic Gods Quest #6In this session we build a lot, meet returning veterans, see a supersonic dragon and beat up some giants. OP gets a bit carried away.Collective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2018-08-18 1 
2785810Cinderella Sanction Quest #30Overly. Dramatic. POLITICS!Collective Game, Changeling: the Lost, New Avalon, Modern Fantasy, Broken Masquerade2018-08-18 0 
2782573Girls Und Panzer: Lafayette Girls Academy Quest 2 #113The last day. GuP, Girls und Panzer, LGA, Collective Game, GuP:LGA2 Quest2018-08-18 0 
2803747Shadowrun AU Quest Episode 2Grimm hunts endangered enemies at the zoo.Shadowrun AU Quest, Collective Game, Virgil, Grim Fenris, Shadowrun, Cyberpunk, Zoo2018-08-18 1 
2813302Caster Quest: Finale.Returning from our second break to see to the climatic conclusion of Caster Quest! Will Catherine be defeated? Who will rule Copse?caster quest, caster, necromancer, necromancy,2018-08-18 1 
2787035Freelancers 6After weathering an aurora cascade, the strike team continues their work against the Scavs, only to encounter some uninvited guests.Freelancer Quest, Collective Game, Skirmish, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Magitech, Mercenaries2018-08-18 4 
2814093Frontier Knight Quest 69While Morgan is off on her own mission, the Templar continues to search for the Elves with his remaining party.Frontier Knight Quest, Fantasy, Collective Game2018-08-17 6 
2775488Ashes of Rhysode 8After going over many format changes, I've decided to stick with the narrative-based style. A thousand apologies2nd Person, Mecha, Sci-Fantasy2018-08-17 1 
2796027Into the Skies #17Those who gnaw at the roots of the worldQuest, Collective Game, Into the Skies2018-08-17 2 
2774313Dreadknight Quest Thread #4The duel between Morgan and Laura finishes, some supplies are purchased, and then Morgan uses the Dreamcatcher Blade.Dreadknight Quest, StorytellerQM2018-08-17 2 
2797053XCOM Trooper Quest #43You finally inform the whole squad about your new potential and finally get some sleep. One of your squadmates also opens up to you.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2018-08-17 7 
2786740Panzermagd Quest #3Samuel enjoys a lucky streak, cashes out while he's ahead.Panzermagd, Mecha, Collective Game2018-08-17 2 
2783572school quest 8After a life threatening accident, you knew the ugly truth about the white stagcollective game, Jeremiah Sol2018-08-16 1 
2792924Young Justice #1 Chargen, a chat with the league, then the boys check in on a fire at Cadmus...Young Justice, Quest, Collective Game, Manthor, DC2018-08-16 5 
2771580Mid Boss Quest Part 10We meet the mage assigned to us, leave the capital, and solve a riddle.Mid Boss Quest, Mid Boss, Collective Game2018-08-16 1 
2783336Pokémon Urban Quest#2Percy continues his training, does some battling, gives some love advice, explores an abandoned mansion,encounters a hobo and saves a friendPokémon, Pokémon Urban Quest.2018-08-15 3 
2772262Necromancer Detective Quest 17 (the real one)Henry wins over Agla the angel, absolutely BTFOs two twin mages, comes to an understanding with Ophelia, and executes the clocktower plan.Necromancer Detective Quest, Necromancer, Detective, Horror, Adventure, Collective Game2018-08-15 1 
2808247Kingdoms in the Stars Chapter 9The battle with the Yellow Turban rebels begins with a bang!Quest, Kingdoms in the Stars, KitS, Collective Game2018-08-15 3 
2792344Arkham's Legacy 2.5After exploring the villain's head and securing him, Sebastian enjoys the Lady luck's kiss and proceed to get his money back.Gotham, DC, Madness, Management, SaneQM.2018-08-15 4 
2755272BulletHazard: Case RedChurchAt 0300 Central Command 5 has sent out a muster order for the abandoned building formerly known as the Eagle Tower.BulletHazard, Skirmish Quest, Monday, collective game2018-08-15 1 
2796419Secret Princess Zelda Quest #38Rest at Gaebora TownCollective Game, Secret Princess Zelda Quest, Princess Zelda, Kato2018-08-15 12 
2798183Fallout Van Buren Quest #1Our main character, Theseus escapes from the Tibbets Prison, is joined by two companions, and fights off a giant robot.Fallout, Van Buren, Collective Game,2018-08-15 4 
2792497A Tale of Monsters – Godling 16We attend a tea party, a contract is established, another pact is made.Monstergirls, Lots of Dialogues, Lore, male protagonist, Tale of Monsters,2018-08-14 2 
2789222Fuck Me, My Daughter's A Magical Girl! quest #11In which we finish the pizza, have some very normal days at work, go drinking with our new assistant, and give a PSA about drugs.Shotgun Dad, Shotgun, HaikuDeluge, Quest, MG, Magical Girl, Dad2018-08-14 8 
2796569DC QUEST #49In which get our Thunder Force back!DC Quest MachPunch2018-08-14 2 
2767668Magical Girl For Hire Quest #53Settling the kids in and showing them around.MGFH, Magical Girl For Hire, magical girl, mercenary, collective game, MGHandler2018-08-13 9 
2766227Hero Academia Quest 18 The Tournament starts, and Walker faces her first foe.MHA Quest, Ushi, Walker, Present Mic, Collective Game, Quest, MHA2018-08-13 18 
2778185REBORN IN AN RPG S04 EP042Bastion Day 2 ~ Empire Building Day 111collective game, Eldric Lightbringer, Lyann, Mako2018-08-12 1 
2798308Saiyan Conqueror Quest 54As the battle nears its peak, Karn learns of his lineage and his most dangerous foe yet appears.GrandDragonQM, Saiyan Conqueror Quest, SCQ, Karn, DBZ, Saiyan, /qst/, 2018-08-12 1 
2794179Persona: Dreamlands Quest #2While looking for a way into Rebecca's Nightmare, Phil and Cel uncover a dark secret. The rescue of Rebecca begins. Persona, Shin Megami Tensei, Dreamlands, Philemon2018-08-12 5 
2798354Elf Slave Quest #14We meet with AntipaterElf Slave Quest, Watdo, Alchemy.2018-08-12 10 
2794273Shadowrun AU Episode 1Amnesiac gunbunny goes on milkrunShadowrun AU Quest, Collective Game, Virgil, Grim Fenris, Shadowrun, cyberpunk2018-08-12 3 
2799665Black Company Quest #40The Black Company is good at what they do, and what they do is not good. The contract is fulfilled. When the dust settles what is left?Black Company Quest, Collective Game, Dark Fantasy, Cutie Paladin, SAINT IS FOR PURE NOT FOR LEWD, Mercenary, Dragon, Undead, PROMOTIONS!2018-08-12 5 
2767976Warlord sidestory: 3The adventures of Thallos and son. I am dissapoint.Warlord Quest, Warlord, Collective Game, Fantasy, Thallos2018-08-12 1 
2764001Melancholic Quest 52Delilah tries to grill everyone at the safe house and the search for more secrets continues.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2018-08-12 1 
2784084FUCK QUEST Episode 13: "Attack on Stackleford"Alabaster gives a presentation on how women should be treated in the workplace and then commits statutory rape.Fuck Quest, Collective Game, smut, Wham Peanut Butter2018-08-11 4 
2788158Slayer from the North Quest #3Hakon's campaign against house Dread continues with ruination for all. A ritual is had and an important prisoner is taken.Slayer, Hakon, Collective Game2018-08-11 3 
2782236Synthetic Gods Quest #5In this session we kill the giant snake, have some conflicting feelings and rebuild almost the entire village. Also our house is bitchin'Collective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2018-08-11 3 
2785916Post-Apoc Quest IIIIn which the tribe grows and we head off to get more women by sweet trade and save some refugees.Civ, Civ Quest, Tribe, Ancient, Post, Apocalypse, 2018-08-11 1 
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