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Archived Threads

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January 2020
4046370Maverick Hunter Quest 99In which our hero returns.Collective Game, Maverick Hunter Quest, Mega Man X2020-01-25 0 
4022311Hex Maniac Johto 4Because you are not popular lets go find Falinks!Mimikyu, Hex Maniac Quest, MyNameIsMimikyu, Collective Game, pokemon, Hex Maniac Johto2020-01-25 0 
4006118Kamen Rider Chronicle EP 7Reiko duels against Graphite as they continue the hun. Late, Hiiro and Reiko go on a date before NCR is swamped with emergencies. Kamen Rider, NovaQM, Ex Aid, Justice!, Collective Game, Kamen Rider Chronicle2020-01-25 0 
4033213Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Kai #29Peppa has a beach day with friends, as Izzy explores hidden ruins!Collective Game, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Tuffle, Tuffle Quest, Kai, Kato2020-01-25 1 
4033246Slightly Petty Revenge Quest #10Alfred Brown and his gang have a makeover!collective game, drawquest, slice of life, revenge2020-01-24 0 
4021936Star vs Quest 2 Mk 32"Quest is dead. And I killed him."Star Vs. Quest, Quest, Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, Collective Game2020-01-24 0 
4007770Necromancer Detective 49The infiltration mission begins, things go well until they don't, someone might die. Necromancer Detective Quest, Necromancer, Detective, Horror, Adventure, Collective Game2020-01-24 0 
3998786Ashes of Rhysode [Re:Coded] 14The QM would like to apologize as two things happened: he went to Singapore ... and was hit by the ban-hammer. Please understand.2nd Person, Mecha, Sci-Fantasy2020-01-24 0 
4015445The Expedition, Part VIHenry and his friends explore Lemuria, and prepare to bring their vile enemy downexpedition quest, ErrantQM, 19th century, Henry McDermond2020-01-24 0 
4009927Onslaught SkirmishKaldorei are scrambling to save as many civilians as possible from overwhelming eldrazi invasionskirmish, collective game, eldrazi, fantasy, kaldorei, old ones, great ones2020-01-24 0 
4019977Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic and the True Sith Episode #1We are Magnus Faxerus, see 'Rev' and an echo, learn some Force Abilities, make a maybe-friend with Yang, and get fucked with.Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic and the True Sith, Afungi, /qst/, Star Wars, Collective Game2020-01-24 1 
4008368The Lonely TowerIts a Dungeon crawl quest.The Lonely Tower2020-01-24 1 
4026975City of Reflections Quest #2Your upcoming gallery looms in the distance, and you must find inspiration.City of Reflections Quest, Collective Game2020-01-23 0 
4013412Boruto Quest Shippuden 6You finish the basics of Dragon Boxing with Kichiro.Boruto, Boruto Quest, Collective Game2020-01-23 3 
4042082Catalyst Quest: Avowed #2Even a land of Gods and demons was not ready for Father Anscham's return.Catalyst, Catalyst Quest, Avowed, Medieval, Fantasy, Dark, Religion2020-01-23 0 
4028297Apocalypse Raider Quest Returns #3Longshot and Fletcher go bounty huntingCollective Game, Apocalypse Raider Quest2020-01-23 0 
4003940Seeker Quest 59The lobster monster thingy episodeSeeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest2020-01-23 0 
4008120Artificer Quest One-Shot: Cold Day in Airgrid Thread #3It's a Cold Day in Airgrid, the City of Fog. With a lull in the job, John finds himself in the business of the Scale Knights.Artificer Quest, One Shot, StorytellerQM2020-01-22 0 
4005752Hero Academia Quest #35Hospital Visit Time!MHA Quest, Ushi, Walker, Present Mic, Collective Game, Quest, MHA, My Hero Academia2020-01-22 11 
4008215ZeroSpace: Hyperia. Ch.2 Battle of Mt. Red HelenaMasses of xenoforms erupt from the ground - we have arrived. And we have a job to do.Zerospace, Skirmish Quest, Monday, collective game2020-01-22 1 
4036610Track One: No Man Is An IslandA Disco Elysium style game of self discovery comes to an abrupt and rather unexpected end.FortunaQM, Science Fiction, Disco Elysium, Collective Game2020-01-22 0 
4004521Panzer Commander Quest #57A drawing of cards, a change in perspective. Richter takes a break for a bit.Panzer Commander, Collective Game, War, Armor, Suddenly Tanks2020-01-22 0 
4003396Fate/Awakening Mirror Part XVAlberich spends a productive evening investigating a dead man's legacy and working to bring his companions together.Sweets-Loving QM, Fate/Awakening Mirror, Fate Quest, Urban Fantasy, Type-Moon, Collective Game2020-01-22 1 
4022337Fate/Overgrowth - Thread 9: Bleeding HeartA pivotal encounter begins and QM has to go on hiatus again.Integer, Fate/Overgrowth, Collective Game, Type-Moon, Fate Quest, Urban Fantasy2020-01-21 0 
4013663Survival of the Weakest #5The kobolds vs. a wild cat!Survival of the Weakest, Kobold, Collective Game2020-01-21 0 
4023578The Holy Writ - Settlers Civ 2Kutcher fights off the militia from Ashton, makes trades with Medris and Tessin, and continues to grow.comfyqm, civ, settlers, cult, pilgrims, frontier, medieval2020-01-21 0 
4004903Magical Girl For Hire #89Bit of a short thread. Teaching the kids about merchants, looking into a spate of layoffs, and learning about some A-list Outgoers.MGFH, Magical Girl For Hire, magical girl, mercenary, collective game, MGHandler2020-01-21 2 
4003968Akame ga Kill #1Join us as we start our conquest of the Empire as the great demon of the sixth heaven Nobusada Oda.Akame ga Kill, Collective Game, AU, Lord TyrantQM, 2020-01-20 0 
4036816Chapter Quest CLXV: Lifeboat ServiceWe rescue the Interimus from their precarious position above the system's tumultuous star, before moving onto Chapter business.Collective Game, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Chapter Master Quest, Ghosts of Retribution, Space Marine, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium2020-01-20 5 
4006348NRP game4 by Lux | Part 3Game 4 of Nations Role Play GMed by LuxNRP, NatRP, Nations RolePlay2020-01-20 0 
4011268Isekai Quest (Mythic RPG) #6The continuation of Shi's grimdark thread. Nothing happens at all.Autism Jesus, Collective Game, FATAL, Isekai, Mythic, RPG, Slice of Life, Whining2020-01-20 0 
4002848Skyheist Quest 2The train looms. Collective Game, Skyheist Quest, Observer2020-01-19 0 
4032481Saiyan Conqueror Quest 116After leaving the Mílurnian ruins, Caulifla goes oj a magical trip and a spy is found.Saiyan Conqueror Quest, SCQ, GrandDragonQM, GDQM, Saiyan, DBZ, Karn, /qst/, 2020-01-19 1 
4001699Synthetic Gods Quest #41In this session we hide the second pod, finish with the new village, defeat a wave of monsters and start Labyrinth explorationCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2020-01-19 1 
4015252ASOIAF Reincarnation Quest: A Male Powder Fantasy, Thread #26Back from hiatus Feasts, Quest, Collective Game, ASOIAF, Guns, Male Powder Fantasy,2020-01-19 2 
4016668Hunter Quest 1In the realm beyond our own, the Dark Place, there are monsters, oozing into our realm through every available crack. Some seek to rule thisCollective Game, Hunter Quest, Monster Hunting2020-01-19 0 
4004165Heavenly Jewel Change Quest 13: The Road to Heavenly KingYou have found the path to Heavenly King! It will be perilous, and with a Monster Army drawing closer, things look dicey in the desert.Heavenly Jewel Change, Wuxia, Weak to Strong, Collective Game2020-01-19 0 
4011657Strikers 2016 Reboot 23In which we explore family dynamics.GhostDivision, Strike Witches 2016, Collective Game, Strike Witches Quest, Strike Witches 19892020-01-19 3 
4020169Monstergirl Highschool #5In which Terry and the gang leap from realm to realm, snatching up cool stuff on the way.monstergirl, science fantasy, slice of life2020-01-19 0 
4020657STAR WARS - Interregnum #1.5Continuation of the prior thread. Farren sees the end of the slave rebellion, encounters the Revenant, and begins his Trial of Spirit.Collective Game, Star Wars Interregnum, Star Wars, Kaz, lynch mobs, mentally disturbed women, difficult choices, beware of lag when loading2020-01-19 12 
4000531Gun x Glory! #9After a preliminary battle between Golden and Edit, you begin to prepare for the main event.Collective Game, Gun x Glory, Sci-Fi, MMOFPS2020-01-18 5 
3997052Bane of Order Quest #2Your group fights a fire mage, raids a bandit fort, and you get involved in a hostile takeover.The Bane of Order Quest, Fantasy, Adventure, Rogues2020-01-18 0 
4009679Yu-gi-oh! Aspiring Duelist Quest - Season 2 Episode 7We pick up kind of where we left off, we have visions, some occult happens, we spend quality time with Wisteria and the tournament resumesYu-Gi-Oh, Aspiring Duelist Quest, Playmaker, Quest2020-01-18 0 
3994136Innerworld Redux Civ Quest #4A new ally, a near wipe, and finally, a successful war against the gnolls, hopefully the first of many.HareQM, Innerworld Redux, Civ, Civ Quest, Fantasy, Collective Game2020-01-18 0 
4013488Sky Orphan #1An orphan Jean-Baptiste and his caretaker Svetlana try to survive in the middle of a floating city ravaged by famine.Sky Orphan, Child Character, Floating Islands, d20 rolls, Collective Game2020-01-18 0 
4031545Unknown Sky: Ace Combat Quest 24Milly prepares to head back to Usea.Ace Combat, Ace Combat Quest, Unknown Sky, Unknown Sky Ace Combat Quest, Endless Sky Ace Combat Quest, Collective Game2020-01-17 7 
3994634New World Goblin QuestOur goblin arrives at the new world, escapes slavery, meet the gods, explore alchemy and starts to leave a mark on this strange new worldNew world, goblin, collective game, america, jungle, alchemy, rogue2020-01-17 0 
3994302Malfunction Quest #3A-1 meets a non-hostile and talkative bot and proceeds to rip and tear their way through the recycling deck.Collective Game, Malfunction Quest, Robots2020-01-17 0 
4011329A Tale of Monsters - The Witch Game (36)We struggle and triumph against a most disgusting pig. Then comes well-earned celebrations, everyone's survival is worthy of cheers. Monstergirls, Lots of Dialogues, Lore, male protagonist, Tale of Monsters,2020-01-16 0 
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