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May 2017
1440598VillanQuest 3We tell shady lawyer to fuck off, get drunk allies to hotel, try to get qt 3.14, fail, get another lawyer to free our bunny, then kidnapped.Drawquest, Collective Game, VillanQuest2017-05-20 1 
1447362Werewolf Reich Redone 2In this episode, we get shot as Douglas, nearly caught, but manage to survive and escape, and find out what we're becoming...Werewolf Reich Redone, Collective Game, QuestingQM2017-05-20 1 
1465373Shroom Man Civ 4Winter passes early, Capstone's first expansion starts, and the shrooms turn their attention upwards.Drachtma, Crab, Co-QM, Civ, Shrooms2017-05-20 1 
1476713Beleaguered Prince Quest #76Prince Meirion does more conniving and has a family moment. Beleaguered Prince Quest, Collective Game, Original Setting2017-05-19 7 
1477279Kantai Collection Quest: Pacific Strike 83Hoel heads out to investigate some suspicious Abyssal activity.Kantai Collection, WWII, Kantai Collection Pacific Strike, Collective Game2017-05-19 13 
1433461Medieval Pokemon Quest #7Donn explores a castle with his friends and discovers some interesting stuffCollective Game, Pokemon, Medieval Pokemon Quest, Scholar Spruce2017-05-19 1 
1475898Heavenly Child Quest #5The dragon of the fens.Quest, Collective Game, Heavenly Child Quest2017-05-19 5 
1476019German Hollow Quest 65Zanpakuto RebellionHollow, Collective Game, Bleach, Survival, WWII, German Hollow Quest2017-05-19 9 
1471171Dragonball Quest #135The Grand Kai shows a powerful technique, and a dark force prepares to strikecollective game, quest, dbz, Dragonball, Quest, Dragonball Quest, Somnius2017-05-18 18 
1461953Sum of your parts- 1In which we bang a a spider monster and eat some pie. Collective game, quest, romance, pie, Love and Passion juice..., part 12017-05-18 1 
1451933Fallout New Vegas Quest: Empire of One 3>We smash the Legion into Italian Pizza, order Chinese food from a lost communist colony, and decide to become Robot OverlordsFallout, Civ, Courier, New Vegas, Enclave, America2017-05-18 4 
1468221Starborn For Hire 8: Leno-n Me And I'll Be Your FriendShort Thread due to QM curse and busy schedules. A watch happens, Miranda meets Luc and Hona kidnaps Purps.Collective Game, Star, Starborn, Wagon, Magical Girl for Hire, MGFH, SAL, Miranda, Purps, Sirens, Theatre, Crossover, Musical,2017-05-18 2 
1466842[PROTOTYPE]: Deviation 2Jacob grows stronger, fights off PRIH, and learns to fart needles out of his arm[PROTOTYPE], Deviation, quest, survival, Jacob, Nina, redzone, blacklight, bodyhorror2017-05-18 2 
1473175Ryukuza Quest: Protector of Smiles and Sword SaintMeeting the top rival of Harajuku Fashion; introducing Er Yin to modern niceties; trying new things.Collective Game, Ryukuza Quest, Ryukusa, Smile Protector, comedy, romance, over the top, dragon girls, oni girls, neko, youkai, blood, magic2017-05-18 6 
1432630Fantasy Civ Quest 48 - Civ BulgarWe explore the west to find a new continent and race, host a Grand Tournament and receive a prophecy.Collective Game, Civ, Fantasy, Civ Bulgar2017-05-18 2 
1456857Star Wars: Dark Empire #7Immediately after dealing with mutinous scum, Alana gets into a brawl with a Rebel Fleet carrying the newest model starfighter: The E-Wing.star wars, collective game, dark empire, palpatine, legends, EU, UNLIMITED POWER, can't peev the sheev, imperial captain, two protagonists2017-05-18 4 
1463052Overwatch Quest 18On the run from Helix Security, Seeker and Tracer are saved by an unexpected ally.Overwatch Quest, Collective Game, Overwatch, Sci-Fi, Superhero2017-05-18 8 
1440794Mecha Space Pirate Quest 84In which Roarke meets someone even more dangerous than he is, is given an offer he might not want to refuse, and accepts a bountyMecha Space Pirate Quest, Collective Game, mecha2017-05-18 4 
1460029deadquest chapter oneyou are dead. you ate a lot of worms and hunted down a fleshy pile of rags.dead, deadquest, skeleton, drawings, death, fun, rags2017-05-18 1 
1448533REBORN IN AN RPG S03 EP123Lyann's candlelight dinner with her past.collective game, Eldric Lightbringer, Lyann, Mako2017-05-17 1 
1470951Fresh Soul Reaper Quest 28: Conquer Kimi has defeated many enemies in both of her lives. But can she overcome one that is part of her?Collective Game, Fresh Sould Reaper Quest, The headmaster, Bleach, Soul Reaper, Shinigami2017-05-17 10 
1433846Melancholic Quest 41Bower's goons track us down, along with Bower who has completely lost his marbles. Situation escalates and Lawrence gets shot.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2017-05-17 1 
1448391Tribe Evo IIIthree anthromorphic tribes survive on island and evolve in culture, tech, and societytribe, evo, tribevo, civ evo, evo, civ2017-05-17 1 
1442268Exalted Quest 122We tie up a few loose ends, take one last shopping trip, and make some last minute friends before finally leaving our first home.Exalted, Solar, Quest, Solar Quest, Collective Game, Zenith, Tianna2017-05-17 6 
1460456Star Vs. Quest Mk8Anon sprays his slimy fluids all over a mobster and takes out the trash.Star Vs. Quest, Quest, Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, Collective Game2017-05-17 22 
1457345Fantasy Crusader Quest #13You resolve the meeting and run into a serious problem.Crusader, Fantasy Crusader Quest, Victor Reis, Templar, Knight, Elves2017-05-16 1 
1455606Bastardís Boars 2The Boars defeat the Badger and and their last employer, Barrand of the Black Suns. Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, Mercenaries, Bastard's Boars2017-05-16 4 
1451589XenoMorph Quest! Rebirth!XenoQm returns with a new name and a new game. We begin our fledgling hive and gain a Predalien and Shadow Early.Xenomorph Quest, CursedQm, Xeno, Alien, Horror, Collective game.2017-05-16 1 
1439332Dungeon Civ Turn 2A Long fight vs an Machine, Alchemist opens shop, Level 3, lots of Lore and more.Dungeon Civ, Slimes, Civ, Collective Game2017-05-16 1 
1430913Panzer Commander Quest #20Finalization of clerical duties and an encounter with a stray wizardPanzer, Tank, Commander, Quest, Armor, War, Collective Game, a curious lack of tanks2017-05-16 1 
1466176Quest Beyond the Gate: Chapter 66Yuu arrives back in Sherton, and uses his little downtime to read his mail. Then it's off on a new mission.Collective Game, Beyond the Gate, Smiley2017-05-16 5 
1450754Persona Quest Rebooted #2Ryoma doesn't make the grade, joins clubs, runs into sibling rivalry, and makes friends with an arms dealer.Collective Game, Persona, Persona Quest Rebooted, Velvet Room Host2017-05-15 1 
1452048[PROTOTYPE]: DeviationJacob Marshal picks up his cousin from the airport, then finds himself of Florida's new redzone. Can he survive?[PROTOTYPE], Deviation, quest, survival, Jacob, Nina, redzone, blacklight, bodyhorror2017-05-15 3 
1465815Young Demon Familiar Quest 47Spirits of the past invade Mali's Candy castle!....wow that sounds silly doesn't it.Collective Game, Young Demon Familar Quest, The Headmaster, Demon, Familar,2017-05-15 10 
1465383Cyberpunk/-/Demonslayer #3Alagos and Krystal attack Hanzai's North America headquarters.Cyberpunk Demonslayer2017-05-15 6 
1455458Vineyard; A Starborn SidestoryA sidestory in Munis, going deep into a secret area of the world; it's most prominent Vineyard.Collective Game, Star, Starborn, Wagon, Magical Girl for Hire,Purps, Orc, Sidestory, Vineyard, Kobolds2017-05-15 2 
1423117Lost in the Seventies: Chapter 14Terry goes on his first operation.Changeling, World of Darkness, Lost in the Seventies, Terry Freedman, Teller-of-Tales2017-05-15 9 
1445942Audit Quest Chapter 7In this chapter, we realize that our dungeon might be a bit too powerful for some people.Collective Game, Drawquest, Audit Quest2017-05-15 24 
1463823The Raiders - Part 16Falna gets what is coming to her; Kteine makes a decision; Tzanzi gets what she wants.Collective Game, The Raiders, githyanki, intelligent weapons, lesbian, blood, battle, dragon, sexy sword, princess, smut2017-05-15 3 
1413759This Wretched Sea: Trawler Quest #7Reynolr embarks on a stealth mission to sink a capital ship, and encounters moral questions and strange old world machinery along the waysea, drawquest, ship combat, Wretched Sea, trawler, salvage, WW1, WW22017-05-15 13 
1430280Mortal Kombat Konquest: New Defenders #12Forrest Fox is sent on a mission by Kaito to infiltrate Chaosrealm, but as with all things related to Havik, it quickly goes south.Mortal Kombat Konquest, Collective Game2017-05-15 1 
1460458Hive Queen Quest 64The research team on Path struggle to survive as the alien infestation continues to spread.Hive Queen Quest, Hivemind, Collective Game, Queen, Quest, sci fi2017-05-14 23 
1460357The Terrible Quest - Episode 6The Terrible Quest by Halpterrible quest, drawquest, halp, collective game2017-05-14 1 
1424177Shipgirl Commander 43The rest of the weekend proceeds as well as it could. Many a hardship, however, remains lurking just beyond the horizon, Commander.Kantai Collection, Dialogue Heavy, 2nd Person, Action, Lore2017-05-14 3 
1459238Shinigami Savant Quest #100Mothers' Day.Bleach, Collective Game, Shinigami Savant Quest2017-05-14 20 
1459217Shadows of Zeon: Aphelion Part 25Picking up where we left off.Collective Game, Shadows of Zeon, Gundam, AU2017-05-14 6 
1425670Landskirmish Quest IIIIt is an age of mercenaries in a fantasy land. Join a small band of Landsknechts as they defend an abbot and his order from a siege.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Landskirmish2017-05-14 1 
1456781Death Among the Stars Quest 76The Armada plots for war while welcoming newly risen Immortals into their ranks.quest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-05-14 5 
1445601Khornette Quest Redux 06Ember duels with Usha, spills the beans about her end goal, and learns about a prophecyCollective Game, Khornette Quest Redux, ELH2017-05-14 5 
1439782Shroom Man Civ 3.5Trading with Lizards, getting Giant Shrooms, and winter is coming early. (Thread 3.0 is labeled as Zatch Bell Quest 17)Drachtma, Crab, Co-QM, Civ, Shrooms2017-05-14 1 
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