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August 2018
2770968Fuck Me, My Daughter's A Magical Girl! quest #10In which we deal with the morning after, and fight a demon lord, and eat pizzaShotgun Dad, Shotgun, HaikuDeluge, Quest, MG, Magical Girl, Dad2018-08-05 12 
2777984Post-Apoc Quest IIIn which we build some fences, fight a shadow god and get a dude with cool wind powers.Civ, Civ Quest, Tribe, Ancient, Post, Apocalypse, 2018-08-05 1 
2754094Cinderella Sanction Quest #29PART THREE: LORD HERE I COMECollective Game, Changeling: the Lost, New Avalon, Modern Fantasy, Broken Masquerade2018-08-05 2 
2773608Slayer from the North Quest #2Hakon and company rampage across enemy turf, raiding and plundering. Hakon's success grows by leaps and bounds as his ambitions escalate.Slayer, Hakon, Collective Game2018-08-05 3 
2784085Frontier Knight Quest 67The Templar spends some quality time with Solaire's family. Frontier Knight Quest, Fantasy, Collective Game2018-08-04 14 
2781797Elf Slave Quest #13We punch Franklin in the face and play as Toad for a bit.Elf Slave Quest, Watdo, Alchemy.2018-08-04 10 
2750813school quest 7Tension is escalating between Jeremiah and Miss Yuragos as a certain foulplay and confrontation. collective game, Jeremiah Sol2018-08-04 1 
2752688Pokémon Urban QuestWe play as Percy. An awkward PokéManiac who's on his way to become a trainer. QM has trouble with basic grammar and formattingPokémon, Pokémon Urban Quest.2018-08-04 5 
2736902 Oldfag Fantasy Civ #10 War with the drakes, internal development, discovery of a new frozen world, a grand tournament and the arms race starts heating up. Oldfag, Civ2018-08-04 1 
2751803Panzermagd Quest #2Samuel gets a tan.Panzermagd, Mecha, Collective Game2018-08-04 2 
2750582Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 14Subaru and a Ruzhi special forces commando from the Empire hunt some Huns while the rest of the group hijacks a battleship (and a princess)Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2018-08-04 10 
2781798Warhammer 40,000 - The Perpetual's Quest #1Intro and Character creationWarhammer 40 000, 40k, Warhammer, Quest, Collective Game, Only War, Perpetual2018-08-04 2 
2765516Synthetic Gods Quest #4In this session we craft some gear, utterly demolish the bandit invasion and re-establish communications with nearest town Mirangi. Collective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2018-08-04 2 
2781947Wars of the Free: Chapter 6MassacreWars of the Free, Fantasy, High Fantasy, Collective Game2018-08-04 6 
2780262 Caster Quest: Session 17Back from 4 months spirited away in unseelie shadow realm: we return to see what kind of condition Copse is left in..caster quest, caster, necromancer, necromancy,2018-08-04 5 
2780927Macross Quest 43The battle for the Star Forge and the Nabaal Sector as a whole reaches its conclusion.Macross Quest, Macross, Sci Fi, Military, Mecha, Planes, Idols, Collective Game2018-08-03 17 
2775089Persona: Dreamlands Quest #1After the death of his mother, Phil Murphy moves in with his rich father in LA and stumbles upon strange cases of people who won't wake upPersona, Shin Megami Tensei, Dreamlands, Philemon2018-08-03 5 
2737642Ashes of Rhysode 7More tutorials ... seriously?2nd Person, Mecha, Sci-Fantasy2018-08-03 2 
2743021Beings of Creation 2 #4After two updates, Pastebin is savagely murderedCiv, creation, gods, tree people, freeform, hexcrawl, multiplayer, Daemon, READ, THE, RULES,2018-08-03 2 
2750726Seeker Quest 32Trying to fight in a room covered in grease and spider webs.seeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, rpg, drawquest2018-08-03 2 
2755697Forgotten Blessing QuestA boy becomes the God of Madness' child, escapes being sold as a slave, and joins a magical organization. We also fight Alex Jones.Forgotten Blessings Quest, sleepyhead2018-08-03 2 
2738033Disenchanter QuestWe break an expensive thing and get sent to the dungeon. Looting ensues.enchantment, dungeoneering, wlvdeh2018-08-02 2 
2729461Innerworld Civ Quest #24The annexation of rivals continues to cause issues, a chat with the Ringbearers, and a festival before a new threat appears.HareQM, Civ, Fantasy2018-08-02 1 
2763837XCOM Trooper Quest #41You visit one of the captured prisoners from last mission and then you and the rest of XCOM learn of the other MELD department besides MECs.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2018-08-02 5 
2764223Black Company Quest #39The Black Company is good at what they do, and what they do is not good. The Black Company is Victorious. This means recruits and paperwork.Black Company Quest, Collective Game, Dark Fantasy, Cutie Paladin, SAINT IS FOR PURE NOT FOR LEWD, Mercenary, Dragon, Undead, PROMOTIONS!2018-08-02 12 
2747889Girls Und Panzer: Lafayette Girls Academy Quest 2 #112In which a certain someone arrives.GuP, Girls und Panzer, LGA, Collective Game, GuP:LGA2 Quest2018-08-01 2 
2776079Chapter Quest CLII: And We're BackA recap and regroup session. We clean up the last few details left over from the coup then look forwards to the Triarchy and Triot.Collective Game, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Chapter Master Quest, Ghosts of Retribution, Space Marine, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium2018-08-01 11 
2762474Secret Princess Zelda Quest #37The Great Deku Tree Complete!Collective Game, Secret Princess Zelda Quest, Princess Zelda, Kato2018-08-01 25 
July 2018
2745416REBORN IN AN RPG S04 EP041Bastion Day 1 ~ Empire Building Day 110collective game, Eldric Lightbringer, Lyann, Mako2018-07-31 1 
2731869Wandering Swordsman Quest #1Escartes Ihagen is looking for his missing teacher and juniorWandering Swordsman Quest, SwordieQM, Low Fantasy2018-07-31 2 
2735006A Wizard's Quest #3Our intrepid wizard's adventures continue, as he stays the night at a high-class inn, uncorks a vial, and encounters an enormous centipede.Arbitrator, A Wizard's Quest, Collective Game2018-07-31 3 
2744083Pokemon Myths and Legends #9We reunite with the Professor, talk about weird stuff, and check into a local inn.Pokemon, Pokemon Myths and Legends2018-07-31 2 
2736278Everwinter company: Part 3"The gods may be dead, but the new world whispers and lives with life." The company defeats the goblins and pursues higher contracts.DawnQm, Everwinter company, Collective game, Quest, Skirmish Quest, 2018-07-31 1 
2755879Rebel Ruby Quest #3: Training Daze and Family StaysAfter the incident with the mirror, Lapis and Ruby go on adventures before Ruby ends the thread with a victory against Garnet!Steven Universe, DekuQM, Deku, Rebel Ruby2018-07-31 3 
2764250Do Your Best Quest #42The Anniversary Thread! Johnny's emotional rollercoaster continues!collective game, drawquest, slice of life, supernatural, anniversary2018-07-31 1 
2733955Necromancer Detective Quest 17Henry finishes interrogating Ophelia, we meet the harbormaster, and we begin our next steps in the Grutzberg caseNecromancer Detective Quest, Necromancer, Detective, Horror, Adventure, Collective Game2018-07-30 1 
2762515Witcher QuestOur intrepid witcher pissed off a witch and got teleported awaywitcher,fantasy2018-07-30 8 
2765150Elf Slave Quest #12We alchemy with Elf bloodElf Slave Quest, Watdo, Alchemy2018-07-29 10 
2765140Saiyan Conqueror Quest 52The siege continues, the Covenant reveal a secret weapon, and an ancient power joins the fray.SCQ, Saiyan Conqueror Quest, GrandDragonQM, /qst/, Saiyan, Karn, 2018-07-29 2 
2730396Arkham Quest 2A killer on the loose and the investigation reaches its climax before the QM disappearedGotham, DC, Madness, Management, SaneQM.2018-07-29 5 
2737768Trenchers: Cloaked Essence [Skirmish]While the trenchers were away, their prize from Ravenpoint got stolen. Time to get it back before the Pytherian main force reaches it.skirmish quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, Trenchers, art?, Skirmish Sketch2018-07-29 2 
2722361Rosalyn Nightshade and the Quest for Playability: Part TwoIn which Rosalyn's quest continues.Fun with Lego, Emily Jones, Rosalyn Nightshade, Lego, fantasy, elves2018-07-29 1 
2729876Magical Girl For Hire #52: Home Sweet HomeMiranda and the gang finally get back home, just in time for Miranda to find different duties await her there...MGFH, Magical Girl, Collective Game, MGHandler, mercenary2018-07-28 14 
2767340Frontier Knight Quest 66The Templar tries to get Solaire to safety.Frontier Knight Quest, Fantasy, Collective Game2018-07-28 17 
2753283Fuck Me, My Daughter's A Magical Girl! quest #9In which we guilt our sister into visiting, and things get just a touch crazier.Shotgun Dad, Shotgun, HaikuDeluge, Quest, MG, Magical Girl, Dad2018-07-28 16 
2728029Dreadnought Quest Thread #3After having a conversation with a Chaos God Dragon, Morgan and Laura go hunting for hobgoblins before having a duel.Dreadknight Quest, StorytellerQM2018-07-28 2 
2737556Warlord Quest #13 A Beast of Iron, A Lady of the WoodArch Magnus has a vision of a terrible warlord in the north. Cameera's blossom is planted and Magnus recieves big newsWarlord Quest, Warlord, CursedQm, Collective Game, Fantasy, Arch Magnus2018-07-28 1 
2747406Synthetic Gods Quest #3In this session we build up some infrastructure, explore the copper mine and kill a whole load of bandits... hopefully.Collective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2018-07-28 2 
2765456Claymore: Second Swords Quest #8Of Horses and MonstersClaymore, Collective Game, AU2018-07-28 5 
2765414Shinigami Savant Quest #133Ties that BindBleach, Collective Game, Shinigami Savant Quest2018-07-28 3 
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