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August 2021
4919200Borderlands Civ Quest: Pre-QuestAdmiral Mikey awakes with the smarts and heads to Pandora to slap General Noxx. QM's job interferes with updates and thread dies earlyAdmiral Mikey, ATLAS, Borderlands, Collective Game2021-08-28 1 
4941633Humanity - Fuck Yeah! #4David takes care of some pirates, recruits a cabinboy, a robot and the best girl. Also he punches a ghost to death. HFY, HFW Quest, Humanity, David Rockefeller, David, Cochrane, CochraneQM, Cat-Girl, Goblin, Collective Game, USA, Marine2021-08-27 4 
4952419Skeleton Island 2, part 25The Finale! notapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2021-08-27 3 
4916896Ben 10 Quest #45Wade returns home, only to receive an enticing offer from Steel, as well as additional information on the Ghost of Khoros!Ben 10 Quest, Collective Game, sci-fi, action, adventure, slice-of-life, Saturday Morning Action2021-08-26 1 
4953135Pokemon Trainer Quest #2You found shelter from a storm, got stitched up, bonded with Fie, made friends with wild pokemon, caught a bunch and more.Pokemon Quest, Towel, Camping, SuperBusy2021-08-26 7 
4946638Wings over Atlesia#11The Bloody Red Angel vs the Black Lightning. A battle to the death. The end of Part 1. Forwards, pilot!Pilot Quest, WW1, Newtype, Esoteric Memes, Totally Not A Gundam/Ace Combat Ripoff, Red Baron.2021-08-26 0 
4932919The Great MannCo® Heist Quest 2The Salesman and his associates deal with The Sniper... again, along with some of the Aussie's "pals" after running to the city mall. Team Fortress 2, MannCo Heist, Heist2021-08-25 1 
4921257The Demon RingA being from time immemorial is trapped in the form of a ring, buried with his friend/traitor deep in a tomb. But it wouldn't last long.DRQM, Elf, Elves, Human, Slave, Manipulation, Unfinished, QM dropped2021-08-24 5 
4914430vtm part 3we grow more powerful and fight firevtm, tzimice2021-08-23 1 
4954002PKMN Quest (Gold/Silver)Pokemon Quest based on gen 2 gamesPokemon, PKMN, Gold, Silver,2021-08-23 7 
4933950Persona: Moonless XIIIWe do a small delivery for the White Stag, come back to a shock, and continue our daily life.Persona, Moonless, Johann Fol2021-08-23 0 
4917859Mutant!Quest #09In which we rescue a healer mutant, the M-Guard gains a probationary member, and we try to incite a gang war before everything goes to shit.Siren_QM, Collective Game, Action, Urban, Superpower, Mutants, Slice-of-Life, Quest, Drawquest2021-08-23 6 
4966147Saiyan Conqueror Quest 161In which a demon crashes on New Salda, and an important training decision is madeSaiyan Conqueror Quest, GrandDragonQM, SCQ, GDQM, DBZ, Saiyan, Karn, /qst/,2021-08-21 2 
4909816Fallout: No Gods, No Masters 4The Third Battle of the Hover Dam, and it's fallout, revelations, and consequences. Survivalist takes a much needed hiatus.Fallout, New Vegas, No Gods No Masters, Civ, Post Apocalyptic, Collective Game2021-08-21 1 
4934761Tiberium Quest 1A Deal goes bad due to treachery and we must fight tooth and nail for our town and its survival.Command & Conquer, Tiberian, GDI, Nod, Forgotten, Tiberian QM, Visceroid QM, Tactics,2021-08-21 3 
4913774Your Wife Is A Supervillain: Issue #1You are Richard Gardener, and your wife Vicky isn’t having an affair. An affair would be easier to solve, for one thing…Collective Game, Superheroes, Supervillains, Paranoia, Conspiracies, Loving Wife, Pompous Psychic Terrorist Grandpa, Cool Ninja Bro2021-08-21 7 
4958545Madness: Project Nevada #3Rich gets hired (by questionable willingness) and goes lootingCollective Game, Madness Combat, Madness, Madness Project Nevada2021-08-20 2 
4932572Do Your Best Quest #115The 4th Anniversary Thread! Johnny acts like a complete idiot the entire thread.collective game, drawquest, slice of life, supernatural, Do Your Best2021-08-20 13 
4920363Strikers 2016 Reboot 52Discussions regarding our third Valkyrie slot and interviewing two candidates for it.GhostDivision, Strike Witches 2016, Collective Game, Strike Witches Quest, Strike Witches 19892021-08-19 4 
4918227Reptilian Infiltrator Quest Vol. 6A reptilian secret agent goes on a cute date, makes peace with her inner demon, gains divine favour, and resolves to save a small businessReptoidQM, Reptilian Infiltrator Quest, fantasy, spycraft, demonology, prostitution, drugs, merchantalism, romance2021-08-18 4 
4923765Neon Terminus Evangelion - 05 - The Weight of a SoulAngel attacks increase in number and severity. Nerves fray. Attrition takes its toll. What is the weight of one life?Neon Genesis Evangelion, Evangelion, NTE, Neon Terminus Evangelion, multiple protagonists, TimeKillerQM2021-08-18 1 
4929451Pokémon Urban Quest #25Returning after 2 years. Percy finally beats the Water Gym, gets those sponsors and fights a mechanical menace lurking in an ancient tomb. Pokémon, Pokémon Urban Quest, Pokemon, MediocreQM2021-08-18 3 
4948256Crescent Adventures 4A weird day turns weirder as Ruka sallies forth to the probably source of it all. It's time to put her sneakiness and Azul to work!Crescent Adventures, Sailor Moon, Collective Game2021-08-17 1 
4961564West Blue Seadogs Quest #12Ten thousand meters beneath the surface Captain Silver found the Mermaid Princess. Oh noWest Blue Seadogs, One Piece, Collective Game, Anime, Humor, Autism2021-08-17 24 
4918924Saber and Musket: The Foebadyn Campaign #1General Belmonte leads the Army of Antary on campaign in enemy territoryCivil war, gunpowder, muskets, war, war game, TimeKillerQM 2021-08-16 3 
4915470Alterac Resurgent Quest 6After having made a deal with Blackmoore, Alric did some scouting and fought bandits. With spring came business opportunities.Alterac Resurgent Quest, Warcraft, Medieval, Fantasy, MedivhQM, Collective Game2021-08-16 2 
4926085Monster Facility Part 4Things go wrong when attempting to suppress The Wendigo. Progress is made on the new Monster: A Golden Goose.Collective Game, SCP, Monster, Monster Facility2021-08-15 4 
4919911Madness:Project Nevada #2Rich avoids some goons, explores the I-Zone, collects a talkative skull and kills an oblivious idiotCollective game, Madness combat, Madness, Madness Project Nevada2021-08-14 2 
4929778Star Wars: Remnant Captain Quest 1Session 1, where Commander Slythas Caime of the Empire begins his merry adventures, fights rebels and pirates, and finds a lover in the rim.star wars, collective game, imperial captain, legends, new republic era2021-08-14 10 
4906959The 2nd Primarch Quest 10Lieren, now the Grand architect of Long-Jia, meets three threats more dangerous and wicked than any he's overcome before. Love bloomsCollective Game, Quest, The 2nd Primarch Quest, Primarch, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Warhammer 30k, Horus Heresy, Great Crusade, AU, Malal,2021-08-14 21 
4949361Wesley's Bizarre Adventure, Episode 8: "[x] WAKE UP, Girls!"Wesley and co. plot to gate crash the instrumentalist party, and then get gate crashed by a semi.Fuck Quest, Wesley's Bizarre Adventure, Collective Game, smut, Wham Peanut Butter2021-08-13 0 
4943402Dynasty Ruler Quest 6: Rule of the GrudgebearerForic tames a new beast to serve as his steed and an agreement is struck with the west king.Collective Game, Ruler QM, Grudges, Fantasy, Dwarves, High King, Foric, West King2021-08-13 2 
4956419 DF:DARP - Dwarf Fortress - Dealings with Armok Reap FuryDwarf Fortress Adventure Mode /qst/Dwarf Fortress, Guayo, DARP, DF, DF:DARP, fantasy, player-driven, drawfag, drawings, 2021-08-13 1 
4937880Kill La Kill Quest: 1 "Rise of a No-Star"A lowly No-star takes his first steps into becoming something greater! Making some new friends along the waykill la kill 2021-08-12 10 
4951530Summer 2000 AD Vidya QuestYou try to find your Gameboy Color™Summer, Vidya, PKMN2021-08-11 3 
4904464Skeleton Island 2, part 24Beach time shenanigans are over, now time for MOON SHENANIGANSnotapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2021-08-10 1 
4908956Drowned Quest Redux 19Charlotte Fawkins is not a bad person.drowned, drowned quest, drowned quest redux, quest, bathic, collective game2021-08-09 0 
4950856Black Company Quest 2230AD #7The Black Company is good at what they do, and they do it at affordable alien prices. The Royal Savis Empire strikes back.Black Company Quest, 2230AD, Collective Game, Forgotten QM, Sci-Fi, Mercenary, Free League of Dis2021-08-09 8 
4901855Stoker Quest #4A vision, cleanup and meeting with the Foreman.Stoker, Surreal, Dystopian, Exploration, Adventure2021-08-08 3 
4907946Kenshi Monogatari Quest - IVYour fierce training with the Higanbana Troupe in Nimmyo continues, all while you mix with the Taira lords and deal with an old threat.Kenshi Monogatari Quest, Samurai, KismetQM2021-08-07 2 
4900749Gaol Quest thread #3The gang scares off a boogeyman, meets with nuns on a mission from god, looks for one thing and ended up finding a Warden and a thief.Gaol Quest, Collective Game, James Calaca, Petunia Karachova, Gobson G. Gobson, inmate, prison, Gongalla Gaol2021-08-06 5 
4947915Chainsaw Man Quest 5You fulfill the terms of your contract.Chainsaw Man Quest, drawquest, anime,2021-08-06 8 
4919401Heat City Nights 5.2In the back office, the gang discovered Spider, the man they were looking for. He escaped in a car, and now the gang is chasing after him.Heat City Nights, Skirmish, Crime, Urban, 1980s 2021-08-06 7 
4919248REBORN IN AN RPG S05 EP036ERROR Invasion Part II: The Error Walker Strikes Backcollective game, Eldric Lightbringer, Lyann, Mako2021-08-06 1 
4909590NRP game5 by Lux, part 5aGame 5 of Nations Role Play GMed by LuxNRP, NRP5, Nations, Roleplay2021-08-06 0 
4925190Evolution Tabletop A bunch of creatures duke it out on a fledgling world, striving against each other to become the most thriving species.Evogame, Collective Game, Skirmish, Evolution, PVP2021-08-06 1 
4907642Gangs of the Waste #1Post-apocalyptic, LISA inspired journey. Our protagonist, Abraxes the Wizard, gains his first gang member and sets out to explore.Gangs of the Waste, Post-Apocalypse, LISA2021-08-05 5 
4919985Wings over Atlesia #10The time has come. Stanislaw and Chimera engage Foudre Flight. Exams get in the way. Short thread. Pilot Quest, WW1, Newtype, Esoteric Memes, Totally Not A Gundam/Ace Combat Ripoff, Red Baron2021-08-05 0 
4905003Advent Soul Quest #113in1 Thread. Making friends, enemies, and frenemies.Bleach, Collective Game, AU, Advent Soul Quest, Trippy2021-08-05 23 
4894770Remorse - a minimalistic one-shotA small, one-shot quest, almost fully improvised from a simple sentence : "I bet you feel no remorse". one-shot, remorse, improvised, investigation2021-08-05 4 
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