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March 2017
1293862Boruto Quest 67While Shozuku is bedridden by a fever, Takeshi plans for the future.Boruto, Naruto, Quest, Collective Game, Shippuden, Boruto Quest2017-03-23 4 
1251932Pilot Quest: Thread 26We fly a strike mission with the chair force, escort a broken bird back home and nearly break our own bird while trying to kill some reds.Pilot, Jets, War, Pilot Quest, Pilot Quest 1989, Thunderhead,2017-03-22 2 
1272122Dungeon Life Quest #117BEGIN EPILOGUE: LIFE IS FOR THE LIVINGCollective Game, Dungeon Life Quest, Fantasy, Necromancy2017-03-22 7 
1263602EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 9: The Western Shores of JanusThe first of Janus' regional threads takes us to the Aetheria region. Here life thrives and new biomes are founded. Also it rains a lotCollective Game, evo, evolution, Janus, evogame, Magedivatian era, Lunt system2017-03-22 1 
1272785Shipgirl Commander 39The meeting over and done with, you decide to accompany Kongou and Tenryuu Addendum: This is Day 45. Kantai Collection, Dialogue Heavy, 2nd Person, Action, Lore2017-03-22 1 
1268320Lost in the Seventies: Chapter 5/6Jerry saves a marriage and finds a family. Also gets a stalker.Changeling, World of Darkness2017-03-22 4 
1280876JoJo's Bizarre Quest #2Jordan, Bruce and Adeline are sent to Britain to prevent an assassination and face down a pair of Stand usersJojo, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Collaborative game2017-03-22 1 
1257671Mythic World - The Wildlands IIThe so-called knights of Arianthea attempt a pre-emptive attack on the local savage gnollish fanatics, but will this bid for dominance win? Collective Game, Builder, Builder Game, Civilization Builder, Civ Builder, Civ Builder Game, Fantasy, Civ, Civilization2017-03-22 2 
1279955Pokemon Island Adventure Quest #30Truth or Dare with the thread ending lewdly.Pokemon Island Adventure Quest, Pokemon, Gobble, Collective Game, Fashion, Cooking2017-03-22 10 
1283820Starborn Quest 32: Welcome BackTINTON IS OVER; The Lewd aftermath, Return of the Lex and other stuffCollective Game, Star, Wagon, Starborn, Luc, Hona, Lex, Dealer, Tinton, Murillo, Fight, Training, LEWD, Strip, Lapdance, Music, Academy2017-03-22 1 
1290220Dark Gate Academy Season 2 Episode 42The DGA students are all domed in and separated, and must fight to escape.Quest, Dark Gate Academy, Collective Game,2017-03-22 6 
1254516A Song of Blood and Water: House Blackett Quest IIStuff happens.Collective Game, House Blackett, Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire, ASOIAF2017-03-21 5 
1287595Dragonball: Blue Star Quest #1Roni, Mallow, and Nodal begin their adventuredragonball, dbz, Caff, blue, star, Collective Game, Quest2017-03-21 5 
1280819Pandora Quest 53.0You bring Hydra back to the Broken Circle camp and go to your first day of work. AI love is in the air.Android, AI, Collective Game, Pandora, Artificial Intelligence, Pandora Quest, AM-PM, AM in the PM2017-03-21 2 
1288062Fresh Soul Reaper Quest 24:FutureBut what does the future hold?Collective Game, Fresh Sould Reaper Quest, The headmaster, Bleach, Soul Reaper, Shinigami2017-03-21 12 
1283898Girls Und Panzer: Lafayette Girls Academy Quest 2 #76In which we help Jeep Jockey train.GuP, Girls und Panzer, LGA, Collective Game, GuP:LGA2 Quest2017-03-20 6 
1278735Girls Und Panzer: Lafayette Girls Academy Quest 2 #75In which a rival becomes a friend.GuP, Girls und Panzer, LGA, Collective Game, GuP:LGA2 Quest2017-03-20 5 
1268129Magical Girl For Hire Quest #27Miranda and company seize a hidden laboratory with surprisingly little fuss, and Lorelei develops body problems, as in can't stay in hers.Magical Girl For Hire Quest, mercenary, MGHandler, Magical Girl, Collective Game2017-03-20 6 
1279875Wizard Explorer 3Pip harasses some girl in a libraryDolomite, Wizard Explorer, Memes, Fantasy, Magic, Trump, Wizard2017-03-20 1 
1260105This Wretched Sea: Trawler Quest #5Reynolr parts with CÚleste, disposes of his Republic prisoner, and fights a brutal battle to a draw south of the Kraegsk, in the Interim Sea sea, drawquest, ship combat, Wretched Sea, trawler, salvage, WW1, WW22017-03-20 15 
1280388Black Company Quest #23The Black Company is good at what they do, and what they do is not good. Prince cows the Vamps with his Dragon. The offensive is launched.Black Company Quest, Collective Game, Dark Fantasy, Drugs, Cutie Paladin, Dragon, SAINT IS FOR PURE NOT FOR LEWD2017-03-20 12 
1277178Vault Hunter Quest 1Welcome to Pandora! You are former middle manager, Baal, and you do awesome things with your new friends! Also loot!Collective Game, Vault Hunter Quest, Borderlands, Pandora, Sci-fi Western, Explosions, Guns, Cars2017-03-20 3 
1283972Psion Academy Quest 5Someone has a Japanese trash panda.psion academy quest, anime, drawquest, battle academy2017-03-20 3 
1251679Panzer Commander Quest #17The platoon arrives at Salzburg, and gets established on the river island.Panzer, Tank, Commander, Quest, Armor, War, Collective Game, a curious lack of tanks2017-03-20 1 
1284708Hive Queen Quest 62The Hive continues its efforts of diplomacy with the Union while more questions arise in the labs of Path.Hive Queen Quest, Hivemind, Collective Game, Queen, Quest, sci fi2017-03-20 23 
1264470Boruto Quest 66Takeshi beats off a clingy girl and discovers his weakness.Boruto, Naruto, Quest, Collective Game, Shippuden, Boruto Quest, Takeshi, Ninja, Anime,2017-03-20 5 
1274408Star Wars: Kuat Collection Quest #9Some time on Kuat.Collective Game, Star Wars, Kantai Collection, starships, waifus2017-03-19 5 
1257127European Dragon Quest 56In this episode, Charlemagne comes back, shoots Claw, and anons avoid a Columbine shooting due to QM's bad rolling. Oh, and we nom sugar.European Dragon Quest, QuestingQM, Collective Game,2017-03-19 1 
1260868Overwatch Quest 13The mission in London and a wounded Seeker commands from Gibraltar HQOverwatch Quest, Collective Game, Overwatch, Sci-Fi, Superhero2017-03-19 10 
1280139Death Among the Stars Quest 70Further raids against the enemies of the Armada are conducted and Jadyk has a violent reunion with an old allyquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-03-19 12 
1279898Exterminator Quest Requiem 3We chat with Deng Li about his explosive connections.exterminator quest requiem, simmons2017-03-19 1 
1278700Quest Beyond the Gate: Chapter 61Terry's a tad miffed when his dramatic finale falls flat.Collective Game, Beyond the Gate, Smiley2017-03-19 5 
1251827Guardsmen quest #7: and then there was firewell, daemon two down and also answers for why it was so easy. also finally Ordo Hereticus has arrived, they like fire.Guardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-03-19 1 
1279250Academy Tournament Organization Quest 11Keiichi shows Avery around his school and talks about the people he knows.Academy Tournament Organization Quest, ATO Quest, Collective Game, Anime2017-03-19 7 
1239189Admor CivQuest 4Trees move. Elves get spooked. Gnolls build fortress of archers and plot against orcs. Fae and Sneks build houses.Multi-faction,Fantasy, Civ Quest, Large Map, Fog of War, Rolemaster, Open-ended Dice, Stone Age, Deities, Gods, Divine Influence2017-03-19 1 
1280717Titanfall Quest: A Girl and her Titan Part 8Seems like the fight isn't quite over...A Girl and her Titan, Titanfall Quest, Titanfall, Sci Fi, Collective Game2017-03-19 11 
1251592Skeleton Quest #1A skeleton wakes up. He knows nothing, and the world is a mystery. On a quest to discover himself he goes on an adventure.Skele, Necromancy, Skeleton, Magic2017-03-19 5 
1275884Northern Beasts Quest #26The final hunt.Quest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2017-03-19 11 
1279274Young Demon Familiar Quest 43it's a mother and daughter adventure in the depth's of the twisted rose's compound. Isn't it exciting?Collective Game, Young Demon Familar Quest, The Headmaster, Demon, Familar,2017-03-19 10 
1278076Magical Girl Noir Quest 308An out of time magical girl saves the day?Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, Magical Girl, noir, drawfag, Chiaki2017-03-18 12 
1265890Hex maniac Quest 10Because you are a little popular lets die and make friends!Mimikyu, Hex Maniac Quest, MyNameIsMimikyu, Collective Game, pokemon,2017-03-18 2 
1267941The FactoryYou are Alice, intrepid reporter, and you are trapped in the FACTORY.The Factory, Quest, Horror, Eldritch Horror, Spooky2017-03-18 2 
1271579Uruk-Hai Quest #3The one in which an Ork breaks out of prison and kills a mutinous subordinate. Also QM gets very sick.Uruk-hai Quest, Wendigo-Chan, Nazgul, Middle Earth, Quest, Orcs2017-03-18 3 
1268567PHASE Superhero Quest #2Tyler gets in over his head. There's no going back from this.PHASE Quest, PHASE, Quest, Superhero, Super powers, character, modern, futuristic, worldbuilding2017-03-18 1 
1245060Shipgirl Commander 38Another day comes... and with it, more problems than you're comfortable with. Kantai Collection, Dialogue Heavy, 2nd Person, Action, Lore2017-03-18 2 
1276693Beleaguered Prince Quest #67Prince Meirion plans his winter vacation. Beleaguered Prince Quest, Collective Game, Original Setting2017-03-18 6 
1277158Kantai Collection Quest: Pacific Strike 74Hoel finds herself in a 3 way conflict between herself, the Russian Navy, and a mysterious shipgirl...Kantai Collection, WWII, Kantai Collection Pacific Strike, Collective Game2017-03-18 19 
1247288For House and Dominon Civil War 47Rescuing a stranded army unit makes us a big enough target to send us running across a galaxy.Collective Game, Quest, House and Dominion, Dominion Quest, Space, Space Combat, Survey, Salvage, Dice2017-03-18 2 
1270941Starborn Quest 31: Together As OneWe make our way home from Murillo, Luc and Hona have a "Friendly" training session before things get heated between our girls.Collective Game, Star, Wagon, Starborn, Luc, Hona, Lex, Dealer, Tinton, Murillo, Fight, Training, LEWD, Strip, Lapdance, Music, Academy2017-03-18 1 
1268755Gorgon Child Quest 19Cici learns a little about scheduling, and receives another visit from Grampa Wizard. New discoveries and opportunities await. Collective Game, gorgon, medusa, cute, RE: Animated, bananon2017-03-18 1 
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