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Archived Threads

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December 2018
3080783KANGZ Quest #1You are Kokujin, a black ninja from the far future who travels back in time to save their world. Hilarious Weeb Racism ensuesKANGZ Quest, Axsisel2018-12-02 7 
3053544Cinderella Sanction Quest #37Vox gets a new job and it kicks his bitch assCollective Game, Changeling: the Lost, New Avalon, Modern Fantasy, Broken Masquerade2018-12-02 2 
3068873ShellStorm Command: The African FrontCursedQm returns! We embark for the African front to assist the exiled French against a German offensive!CursedQm, Shellstorm, shell Command, mechs, dieselpunk, Althistory, ww1, strategy, collective game 2018-12-02 2 
3064430Ben 10 Quest #3Wade battles a powerful witch in New York, befriends Kevin Levin, and he discovers a shocking revelation about his past.Ben 10 Quest, Collective Game, sci-fi, action, adventure, slice-of-life, Saturday Morning Action2018-12-02 4 
3069506Uprising IVA very short thread where OP failed to deliver much, but at least we came into contact with the Holmerdi Empire.Collective Game, Normaundia, Patriotic Front, Alaster2018-12-02 2 
3083738Wars of the Free: Chapter 15RazakWars of the Free, Fantasy, High Fantasy, Collective Game 2018-12-02 1 
3050064No One Gets Left Behind Quest #6Washed up into the Deinos.Collective Game, survive, sci-fi, dinosaurs, military2018-12-02 3 
3051046Evil Sorceress Quest #19Sirena learns a valuable lesson about life, love, friendship and dedication when her father brutally kills her.Evil Sorceress Quest, Collective Game2018-12-01 1 
3080267Necromancer Quest 4, the beginningsAlice, Tina and their new companion Sierra come to blows with the misterious Anubis creature.Necromancer, Adventure, Dark Elf, Dullahan, Undead, Fantasy, Rise to Power, Collective Game, Necromancer Quest2018-12-01 1 
3050851Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 21The Obligatory Onsen Episode - Part 2Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2018-12-01 10 
3063309Into the Skies #23Mirror mirrorQuest, Collective Game, Into the Skies2018-12-01 5 
3080376Shooting Star: A Maverick Hunter Quest 10Wherein our heroine's star shoots to its end.Collective Game, Maverick Hunter Quest, Mega Man X, Shooting Star2018-12-01 10 
3065211Synthetic Gods Quest #13In this session we return Elpis back home, discover an underground cave ecosystem and get literally chewed up by a freaking tyrannosaurusCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2018-12-01 1 
3057564ASOIAF Reincarnation Quest: A Male Powder Fantasy, Thread #20From hunting in the woods to scrambling for a reception. Lording is hard.Knights, Quest, Collective Game, ASOIAF, Guns, Male Powder Fantasy,2018-12-01 3 
3051169Luftpanzer Quest #6Captain Roth-Vogel and the Luftpanzer 1st Company, with allies, makes their way through enemy lines to reach the besieged Castle Delamil.Panzer Commander, Collective Game, War, Armor, Luftpanzer, Tanks Now2018-12-01 1 
November 2018
3079391Bioweapon Hunter Quest 13Lewis gets invited to a special party. Bioweapon Hunter Quest, Bioweapons, Genetic Modification, Sci Fi, Collective Game2018-11-30 15 
3049568Mid Boss Quest Part 15The Interrogations BeginMid Boss Quest, Mid Boss, Collective Game2018-11-30 1 
3063904A Song Of Blood and Storms #3A real quick and short run where Manfryd watches his father hold court. ASoIaF, Larkyn, Manfryd2018-11-30 1 
3065777Angel QuestIriel had lost an important trumpet in heaven, getting him kicked out and finding refuge in an old, abandoned church.Collective Game, Angel Quest2018-11-30 3 
3051293Lizardfolk Ascendancy Quest-3We get some arcane knowledge. We fight... like a lot, and the thread gets cut short.Civilization, Dragon, Invasion, QMSaurn, Civ.2018-11-29 0 
3061029A Tale of Monsters - Godlings 22We hear a story of our past and proceed onto a busy day. Foreign Mamonos are here.Monstergirls, Lots of Dialogues, Lore, male protagonist, Tale of Monsters,2018-11-29 1 
3051192XCOM Trooper Quest #54You see how other soldiers deal with Rookies and are assigned a new mission to deal with a new threat.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2018-11-29 5 
3063507Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Kai #5The World Tournament Preliminaries!Collective Game, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Tuffle, Tuffle Quest, Kai, Kato2018-11-28 31 
3060160Trolls Civ - 2.5We continue where we were last time. Go to the forest kill stuff and capture some elves.Key, Troll, Trolls, Trolls Civ, Civ, Civilization, Grape, Collective Game2018-11-26 0 
3069393Hive Queen Quest 69.4The battle of Argos continues as the Hive and the Commonwealth move in on the planet's capital city.Hive Queen Quest, Hivemind, Collective Game, Queen, Quest, sci fi2018-11-26 18 
3047188Gene Thief QuestYou are Salvanis Detro, you were electronically reincarnated for the purpose of kicking ass and taking genes.Collective Game, Gene Thief, Future, Fighting, Fight2018-11-26 1 
3064141Visual Novel Quest!A cute and light-hearted quest about finding love at your new school!Collective Game, cyoa, Visual Novel Quest!, drawfag, meta, horror, grimdark, gore, oneshot, anime2018-11-26 31 
3042509Boshin War Quest 8Stockton meets with another potential weapons merchant, and the company goes into battle for the first time. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2018-11-26 3 
3068959Occultic Quest 10You intervene.occultic quest, anime, drawquest2018-11-26 3 
3049678Sworn to Valour Quest #3His Blade Defends the Helpless. On his way to the Capital Sir Andrei apprehends a murderous false knight, political consequences be damned.Sworn to Valour, Collective Game, Knight, Fantasy, Paladin, Crusader, Medieval, Noble Steed, Crime2018-11-25 3 
3057857Uprising IIIWe continue the offensive against the Republicans and try to make some friends.Collective Game, Normaundia, Patriotic Front, Alaster, Dog, Dog QM2018-11-25 1 
3065450Saiyan Conqueror Quest 67The Dragon of New Salda, General Karn vs The Sword of Sanghelios, the ArbiterSaiyan Conqueror Quest, SCQ, GDQM, GrandDragonQM, DBZ, Karn, Saiyan2018-11-25 12 
3043636Panzermagd Quest #9[Samuel and I duck out of a smart and specific trap: Someone really hates her...]Panzermagd, Mecha, Collective Game2018-11-25 4 
3048494Body Horror QuestYou wake up in a flesh-corrupted world and come to terms with powers that change what it means to be human.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror2018-11-25 4 
3043228Kamen Rider Lucid: Episode 1Our hero finds a strange stone that allows him to go from garbage collector to masked hero.Collective Game, Quest Thread, CrabQM, Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Lucid2018-11-25 2 
3065654Serf Quest Part 1Young serf with aspirations of priesthood throws it all away in a desperate gamble to save his murder-waifu.Serf Quest, Fantasy, Murder2018-11-24 4 
3057371The Tainted Horde - 1.5We continue where we left off. Meet some demons, and gather a raiding party. Yay!Key, KeyQM, Collective Game, Darkspawn, Dragon Age, Broodmother, The Tainted Horde.2018-11-24 1 
3037092Pokémon Urban Quest#13Hostage situations, Aliens, Being trashed by buffed up Raticates, Pokémon contests and dissecting corpses. Percy has had a long day.Pokémon, Pokémon Urban Quest., Pokemon2018-11-24 4 
3053188The Game of Life Quest #5War breaks out between Central and the nearby gangs.The Game of Life Quest, Collective Game, Quest, Modern Day2018-11-24 1 
3059632Hikikomori Quest #2A hikikomori orders Chinese food.Hikikomori Quest, Collective Game 2018-11-24 7 
3034605Naruto: Will of Fire Quest #4Katsuo and Team 9 arrive in Yugakure, and he goes shopping with Mariko. Collective Game, Naruto, Quest, Will of Fire2018-11-24 4 
3063452Chapter Quest CLVII: Captains' CouncilWe meet Alexander Kerr and several others above Mormark, before continuing with Triot and new year resolutions.Collective Game, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Chapter Master Quest, Ghosts of Retribution, Space Marine, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium2018-11-24 10 
3029298Shipgirl Commander 74A complete session? Impossible! - Everyone, probablyKantai Collection, Dialogue Heavy, 2nd Person, Action, Lore2018-11-23 1 
3029584American Hero Academia Quest #4QM stumbles us through most of the second training exerciseMy Hero Academia, Boku No Hero Academia, Anime, Superhero2018-11-23 4 
3049541REBORN IN AN RPG S04 EP049Opening up the Dreadnought Job, and learning we need to help the Shadows blow off stress.collective game, Eldric Lightbringer, Lyann, Mako2018-11-23 2 
3037760Dark Elf QuestYou are a dark elf! campy, fantasy, DrawQuest, Mild Lewdness, Graphic Violence, MySojourn2018-11-23 2 
3064642Bioweapon Hunter Quest 12Lewis tries to figure out what's going on in Willamette.Bioweapon Hunter Quest, Bioweapons, Genetic Modification, Sci Fi, Collective Game2018-11-23 15 
3024573Everwood Civ #3A prophecy by our goddess reveals the location of powerful artifacts and uncovers the betrayal planned by our allies.Everwood Civ, Swift, Civ, Fantasy2018-11-23 1 
3030757Melancholic Quest 54One messed-up dream later, we spend as much of the day as possible with Lawrence. Quick plans need to be laid to visit mom.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2018-11-23 1 
3050695Alternate Marvel Quest #2Angola is saved, we meet Deadpool, we head to space.Marvel, Alternate Marvel Quest, Axsisel2018-11-23 2 
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