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August 2017
1777815RWBY: Icarus Rising 1 "Beacon Beginnings" pt 1The first day at beacon begins with a Yang! Spaghetti is made, pancakes are lost, and initiation begins! WeaverQM, RWBY Quest, Icarus Rising, 2017-08-18 5 
1750909Funtron Space Adventure: Round 5In which disguises are worn, friends are made, and our heroes find themselves backed into a corner.Funtron Space Adventure, Collective Game, LEGO, sci-fi2017-08-18 1 
1754458Magical Girl For Hire #32Investigations started, shots hit and missed, rookies panic- it's kinda like XCOM.MGFH, Magical Girl For Hire, MGHandler, Collective Game, mercenary2017-08-18 1 
1784869Ryukuza Quest: Protector of Smiles and Sword Saintmeeting the God of Storm and Sea; The Play is the Thing; A 'Chance' meeting...?Collective Game, Ryukuza Quest, Ryukusa, Smile Protector, comedy, romance, over the top, dragon girls, oni girls, neko, youkai, blood, magic2017-08-18 3 
1777179Doll Quest Redux - #2Stranded in the remains of a supermarket by the flood, our protagonist finds herself running out of options...Doll Quest Redux, Nechronica, Quest, Collective Game, Dollmaker, Zombies, Apocalypse, Wasteland, Suffering, Mistery, Puzzle2017-08-18 3 
1759914REBORN IN AN RPG S04 EP010Boat rides and gryphonscollective game, Eldric Lightbringer, Lyann, Mako2017-08-18 1 
1751870Utobra Quest Redux 1You ,Anil Basdrov, are sent to a distant town in the new contient called Utobra to investigate a murder with hints of arcane folly. Collective Game, Utobra, Utobra Quest2017-08-18 1 
1771076American Arcana: Session X - Unconventional Shortest session in post count yet, mostly fighting Hansel and Gretel and dealing with my shitty schedule. Also, Miss Fingerbang shows up.Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2017-08-18 1 
1772342Fallout New Vegas Quest: Empire of One 23War in Divide is won. Rolled a nat 100, enemies rolled a nat 1. Talked with the MLA, and going on a trip to see NinerFallout, Civ, Courier, New Vegas, Enclave, America2017-08-18 1 
1747437For House & Dominion: Civil War 56Fighting enters the heart of the Dominion capital. Sonia deploys by Dante gunship and factions treaty violations begin to pile up. Collective Game, Quest, House and Dominion, Dominion Quest, Space, Space Combat, Salvage, Dice2017-08-17 5 
1709888Cape and Colony Quest 16Last one, pity since things were going okay for oncePirate, Zealot, Space Colony, Tropical Islands, Ancient Ruins, Superhero, Gigolo Life ain't easy, Genie, Cape and Colony, Rhys Osman2017-08-17 1 
1757617Storm Warrior's QuestAisha's son Jack does something he'll probably regret, gets yanked around by a woman, and begins his epic hike through a swamp.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Warrior's Quest2017-08-17 6 
1767640Seeker Quest 3A fantasy RPGSeeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG2017-08-17 1 
1747988HexCom: Mission MeltdownEveryone is dead, Dave. Except the bugs.skirmish quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, art?, Skirmish Sketch2017-08-17 2 
1743561Elsa Quest Experiment 1 part 2In which everyone's favorite Igor finds himself in the middle of what might be the beginnings of a love triangle. Collective Game, Questguy, Ghoulquest, Elsaquest2017-08-17 2 
1772007Cold Soldier Quest 8In which the party meets the madman and is cured of fae corruptionCold Soldier Quest, science fantasy2017-08-17 2 
1759900A Song of Silver & Sword: House Grallner Quest - Chapter IIIn which Ser Landon Grallner battles Moon Swallows, beheads turncloaks, and continues seeking the traitor.Collective Games, House Grallner, Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire, ASOIAF2017-08-17 4 
1747141Undead Quest pt5.5: Afterlife SidestoryWick's back to life, we meet a new demon fellow, and Setgash does some doots.Undead, Collective Game, vampire, CursedQm, Horror2017-08-17 1 
1773181Dragonball Quest #153Tofoo and Trunks have a heart to heart, and complete their trainingcollective game, quest, dbz, Dragonball, Quest, Dragonball Quest, Somnius2017-08-17 21 
1756484Fallout New Vegas Quest: Empire of One P 22The Divide campaign continues. The Courier hallucinates, talks with magic pyramid, is scared of heightsFallout, Civ, Courier, New Vegas, Enclave, America2017-08-16 1 
1759252Anime Delinquent QuestFighting a woman sends shivers down the spine. Because she's a Snow Woman. Yay.Anime Delinquent Quest, Collective Game, PrincipalGM2017-08-16 6 
1743424EvoGame - Return to Essari Part 1: Dawn of a New Era We return to Essari after a long hiatus to fill in some of the newly vacated ecological niches and drag a few species towards sapience.Collective Game, evo, evolution, essari, evogame, Emrialatic 2017-08-16 1 
1744629Wicked Waters Quest 1We were given a golden ticket by our grandpa. Soon used it to become our own boss in a new world colony, with our skills as a shipwright.Golden ticket, 1800esk, Exploring New world, Genie, Swole of body and mind2017-08-16 1 
1778514Unfortunate Magical Girl Rebirth Quest 8:Wicked ThingsEven a nice day, can hide the most wicked of things. Carol and her friends have a day to "relax", hopefullyCollective Game, Unfortunate Magical Girl Rebirth Quest, Magical Girl, Quest, The Headmaster, Monsters, Fantasy2017-08-16 9 
1773146RWBY: Icarus Rising 0 "The Day You've been Waiting For" Pt.2We finally get to beacon! Meet some new friends, Fight some old bullies. And More Spaghetti than you know what to do with.RWBY Quest, WeaverQM, Quest2017-08-16 4 
1735405Mageknight Academy: Canaria and Canada OVA #3 Part 1Students aboard S.S. Valencia for the new exploration trip in Canaria but at the midst of boarding, a small few have boarded the wrong ship!Mageknight Academy, Collective Game, Valencia, Civ, RPG, Anime, School, Test, OVA2017-08-16 2 
1764844One Piece Muscles Quest 5.5In which you have a practice match against Pirate Hulk Hogan and don't die.Collective Game, One Piece Muscles Quest, Quest, Mynameismimikyu, Pirates, Muscles2017-08-15 0 
1775790Dog Days Quest Episode 148The fight of the century begins! Who is going to win this game of foolish stubbornness? Dog Days Quest, Collective Game, Fluffy Tails, Fun2017-08-15 1 
1767163RWBY: Gemini Quest #7Solid Whitaker busts a club, arrests the crook, goes bowling and wakes up in a strange place.Gemini Quest, Collective Game, BrotherQM, RWBY, Remnant, Little Snowman2017-08-15 12 
1759839BlazBlue: Chaos Ascendant Quest XIIIRyouma and friends arrive at the 7th Hierarchical City "Kazamotsu," stirring up some trouble in the process.Collective Game, BlazBlue, Quest, Geistalt2017-08-15 4 
1767614Do Your Best Quest #4Johnny plays poker then has his first real supernatural fight. What an action packed episode.collective game, drawquest, slice of life, supernatural2017-08-15 1 
1772600Chapter Quest CXXXVIII: DemandsWe investigate the old crash site on Sygma-477 and hear the demands of the sector's institutions for their support of a coup against Ursus.Collective Game, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Chapter Master Quest, Ghosts of Retribution, Space Marine, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium2017-08-14 5 
1763069RWBY: Icarus Rising 0 "The Day You've been Waiting For" Pt.1In this first two-part thread we meet our MC, his best friend and learn about ourselves. We fight baddies, rip and tear and make spaghetti WeaverQM, RWBY Quest, Icarus Rising, 2017-08-14 8 
1716619Innerworld Civ Quest #4In this one, we fight a battle that ends with flames after a battle that goes unexpectedly onesidedly.HareQM, Civ, Fantasy2017-08-14 1 
1760420Teen Titans Quest #9Some cooldown time and a nice date.Teen Titans Quest, Quest, Collective Game, Teen Titans, DC, gravity, super powers, ManThor2017-08-14 3 
1757180Persona: Stars & Stripes #10The group gets back together, and after a high flying fight you close The Rift from the inside.Collective Game, Crab, Persona, USA, Stars & Stripes2017-08-14 3 
1761985Cold Soldier Quest 7In which the party enters the Titan's Arm mountain range and obtains an airship before landing on the sky fortress Lothos.Cold Soldier Quest, science fantasy2017-08-14 3 
1757554Quest Beyond the Gate: Chapter 72Yuu gets to know his new cousin, and gets taken on a sightseeing tour by PipCollective Game, Beyond the Gate, Smiley2017-08-14 4 
1724066A Safe Haven 26The gang does battle with the no named man and deals with aftermath politicsmonster girls, combat, keeperofsafe, drama, story heavy, text heavy2017-08-14 1 
1759969Fallout: Last Spark IAn AI awakens in post-war Seattle. Time to get back to work.bananon, Collective Game, fallout, robot, ai, scifi2017-08-13 6 
1763219DC Quest #8In which Battery goes on a date!DC Quest MachPunch2017-08-13 3 
1766710Metahuman Quest: Issue #6Gray Ghost successfully completes his first mission with the Teen Titans, and meets a new friend? Quest, Metahuman Quest, Collective Game, DC, SleepyQM, Gray Ghost, Teen Titans, Miss Martian, Ravager, Fearsome Five, High Roller2017-08-13 5 
1769568German Hollow Quest 75PreparationsHollow, Collective Game, Bleach, Survival, WWII, German Hollow Quest2017-08-13 4 
1767481Death Among the Stars Quest 80War has come to the Armada, the vengeful Ahkam Dynasty launching their relentless invasion as the Arc Surge increases in strengthquest, undead, lich, collective game, sci-fi, space opera, death among the stars, fantasy2017-08-13 4 
1707993Yu-gi-oh! Aspiring Duelist Quest Thread 8Finals, second round victory, and Playmaker vanishes with a TO BE CONTINUED Yu-Gi-Oh, Aspiring Duelist Quest, Playmaker, Quest2017-08-12 1 
1768146Frontier Knight Quest 18The Templar tests his mettle against the warriors of the Orient.Frontier Knight Quest, Fantasy, Collective Game2017-08-12 14 
1744608Dreadnought Quest #2Oberon meets with the Acting Captain of the Frigate he defended and receives some disturbing news. He has... fans?Dreadnought Quest, Collective Game, CentralComputer,2017-08-12 1 
1720815Guardsman Quest #18: Disaster and profit (continued)Well we fought a demon and then got dragged into a game with Tzeentch, mistakes were made.Guardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-08-12 1 
1729225World Tree-Day 2, The First City [Skirmish]The party rests in Avalon, before returning to Dunndirk World Tree, Floors, Skirmish Quest, Monday, collective game2017-08-12 1 
1744605Cinderella Sanction Quest #5We dredge up a whole lot of shit from the pastCollective Game, Changeling: the Lost, New Avalon, Modern Fantasy, Broken Masquerade2017-08-12 6 
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