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October 2017
1952527Star Wars: Dark Empire III #2A meeting in the Tion Cluster reveals where loyalties lie and Alana gets a new assignmentstar wars, collective game, dark empire, palpatine, legends, EU, UNLIMITED POWER, can't peev the sheev, imperial captain, two protagonists,2017-10-15 2 
1955666Konoha Clan Quest [Thread 3]Taka experiences Youth!, Susumu plans, Sinchu finds out some stuff, and Hiki...Hiki gets bloody.Naruto Quest, Konoha Clan Quest, Tetsu, Collective Game, Tetsu Clan2017-10-14 10 
1948265Shellstorm mech Quest #2. Demo SquadPiotr and the resistance fighters under his command execute some daring explosive work and begin a risky distraction to gain some SalvageCursedQm, Mechs, ww2, Poland, Germany, Collective game2017-10-14 2 
1942197Innerworld Civ Quest #9Yetis, giants with blue skin, and a giantess distinctly unlike a giantess named Vade. She seems to know your guide...HareQM, Civ, Fantasy2017-10-14 1 
1943647Digimon Hunter Quest 0An entirely unplanned prologue to a tale of Olympia Server, the humans that live upon it, and the digimon that serve as weapons or friends.Digimon, Digimon Hunter Quest, Nam Etag2017-10-14 1 
1967824Frontier Knight Quest 27The Templar learns some disturbing secrets about Morgan.Frontier Knight Quest, Fantasy, Collective Game2017-10-14 14 
1942033Seeker Quest 10Christof gets rekt by some bandits and then tries to reenact Iron Man's origin story.Seeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest2017-10-14 1 
1961737DC Quest #17In which Battery is interrogated by Batman!DC Quest MachPunch2017-10-14 1 
1961524Fleets of God Quest #11After returning home, Dauntless receives their first upgrade and chooses a new mission.Fleets Of God, PixelAnon, Sci-fi, collective game, AI2017-10-14 2 
1961047Heavenly Child Quest #23Paradise awaits those who resistQuest, Collective Game, Heavenly Child Quest2017-10-14 5 
1966342Lost in Da'ta Quest 4Sadie/Belua tries to make the best of/ have some fun in her new world, but trouble/danger won't let her!Collective Game, Lost in Da'ta Quest, The Headmaster, Isekai, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Trapped in a fantasy world, Trapped in a video game,2017-10-14 8 
1965011German Hollow Quest 82When the Devil goes to war all angels weep Hollow, Collective Game, Bleach, Survival, WWII, German Hollow Quest2017-10-14 11 
1962770XCOM Trooper Quest #16You start to make amends with your squad and learn more about the Commander and the XCOM project as a whole.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel 2017-10-14 6 
1930800Space Station Commander Quest #1You make your first steps into the world on space station management while meeting and old friendSpace Station2017-10-14 1 
1934680Cinderella Sanction Quest #12We meet about the future of the motleyCollective Game, Changeling: the Lost, New Avalon, Modern Fantasy, Broken Masquerade2017-10-14 2 
1943656Shadow PlayA former cop with locked-in syndrome is forced to take over other people's bodies in order to save his niece from a group of kidnappers.Collective Game, Shadow Play, Idiom Alpha, First Person, Image Quest2017-10-14 2 
1951449Privateer Quest: Battle for New Vienna #6It's been a long time. But Heinrich's back to finish the fight.Collective Game, Privateer Quest 2, Warhammer 40k, Pirates, Spaceships, Loot, Poke'Hats2017-10-13 2 
1963522Macross Quest 3Harry gets his first taste of combat in the Nabaal Cluster. Macross Quest, Macross, Sci Fi, Military, Mecha, Planes, Idols, Collective Game2017-10-13 15 
1929406Gyrocite: Vitas Fair IIThe crew continue their demonstration and subterfuge while the Gyre siblings overcome and go under.skirmish, gyrocite, steampunk2017-10-13 1 
1927228European Dragon Quest 75: Iberian BogalooWe goof up in Portugal, Liz governs Russia and we move to London because of reasons. Also we’re an awful father because fuck you dice godsCollective Game, European Dragon Quest, OP is a fag2017-10-13 1 
1951721A Song of Silver & Sword: House Grallner Quest - Chapter VIIIIn which Ser Landon Grallner returns home to Whitestone Keep, reviews his military's progress, and makes leave soon after for Krayenport.Collective Games, House Grallner, Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire, ASOIAF2017-10-12 3 
1931565WWW Waifu Wrestling: Episode 3 part 1Blitzkrieg Betty is back after a long wait training her heart outCollective Game, WWW Quest, Waifus, Wrasslin, Wrestling, Quest, Mynameismimikyu,2017-10-12 2 
1898435Planetary Governor Quest #12We intervene to defeat a WaagghhhShmeh,40k, Planetary Governor Quest2017-10-12 1 
1945478Song of Ice and Fire House Creation DM - GenieAfter talk and skill. We made a leader of men, grower of oranges, and a man of 3 children. Now Lord Norbert Melrose, enlighten thyself.Song of Ice and Fire, Genie, A Song of Blood and Oranges, 2017-10-12 2 
1923264Alien Resistance Quest 6Not much to say. We killed the plants, we got the info, and now we gotta get our boys home. If the game ever gets picked back up.X-COM, Mutants, Genie, Getting shit done with mutants2017-10-12 1 
1958872Monstergirl Legend Quest 24:Melee a troisMay's "Honorable" Duel with the "modern day" knight is interrupted by a legendary ThotCollective Game, Monstergirl Legend Quest, The headmaster, Monster girl, Monster girls, Modern fantasy, Legends, Myths2017-10-12 8 
1933447REBORN IN AN RPG S04 EP017Meeting the Iserlohn’s generals, taking pictures, admiring its main guns and Sykiacollective game, Eldric Lightbringer, Lyann, Mako2017-10-12 1 
1937881Quest Beyond the Gate: Chapter 76Yuu's friends get back from their hunting trip, but bad news from Locke cuts their reunion short...Collective Game, Beyond the Gate, Smiley2017-10-12 2 
1957197Incidents at an Orphanage - 2Hekah recovers from an illness; meeting friends and talking with enemies; dreadful things.Incidents at an Orphanage, collective game, horror, nightmares, orphans, weird, magic, urban fantasy, blood, comedy, hand holding, cats2017-10-12 3 
1920457Panzer Commander Quest #30The exercise is concluded in educational catastrophe and Richter goes to a party.Panzer Commander, Collective Game, War, Armor, a curious lack of tanks2017-10-12 1 
1944149Stardust Crusaders Quest 1You are 17 year-old Hitomi Furuya. In the 17th of August, 1988, you encounter the vampire Dio accosting your classmate, Kakyoin Noriaki.JJBA, Jojos Bizarre Adventure, Stardust Crusaders Quest, Karma Chameleon, DusterMan2017-10-11 5 
1934188Teen Titans Quest #16Finishing a shoot, picking up Rose and preparing for the mission.Teen Titans Quest, Quest, Collective Game, Teen Titans, DC, gravity, super powers, ManThor2017-10-11 2 
1924149Guardsman Quest #23: If you will it, so shall it be.Well we won and things happened, and some really bad things happened. Like the base we were at before has been taken by fucking heretics.Guardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-10-11 1 
1918516TanisQuestIn which you are a teach of the Darkest Art, Style! And a lesson takes an unexpected turn.Collective Game, Questguy, Ghoulquest, Tanisquest2017-10-11 1 
1931327RWBY: Gemini Quest #12Whitaker and Blake share a lesson about the importance of family, and one of Whitaker's hidden enemies finally makes her move.Gemini Quest, Collective Game, BrotherQM, RWBY, Remnant, Little Snowman2017-10-11 17 
1933120Fallout New Vegas Quest: Empire of One 32The big battle begins and the MLA/Legion push the NCR back. there is an unexpected visitor to the battlefield. We go on a date w/ Diana.Fallout, Civ, Courier, New Vegas, Enclave, America2017-10-11 1 
1931644One Piece Starter Quest 1A Three Eyed Boy joins a unique pirate crew, sails to a nearby island, and eats a mysterious devil fruit.One Piece, Starter Quest, Ghost, Devil Fruit2017-10-11 11 
1916734Cold Soldier Quest 18in which you meet the council of the Archivum, Recall Cyer's expedition, and finally get a world map.science fantasy, cold soldier quest2017-10-11 1 
1948505Quest Lyoko 4: DataminingThe Continuation of the Attack from Discovery. X.A.N.A is totally sane right? Of course.Collective Game, Star, Starborn, Code Lyoko, Lyoko, Cyber, Sci Fi, Odd, Ulrich, Xana, Jeremy, Yumi, Staff, Archive, Monsters, Riot, Factory2017-10-11 2 
1955119Dog Days Quest Episode 152 Epilogue Thread 1Where the war is won, but there are new battles to be fought.Dog Days Quest, Collective Game, Fluffy Tails, Fun2017-10-11 1 
1920352Storm Warrior’s Quest #6Jack fights his brother, picks up another girl, and gets bored shopping for clothes.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Warrior’s Quest2017-10-11 6 
1918796Hero Academia Quest 2Walker is accepted into U.A, and into class 1-A. Makes friends with Shoto, defines her costume and does well in a Quirk Aprehension test. MHA Quest, Ushi, Walker, Present Mic, Collective Game, Quest, MHA2017-10-11 28 
1928352Magical Girl For Hire #37The fight ends prematurely, and as a palette cleanser we take on a new job- and become a wolfgirl who becomes a vengeful spirit.MGFH, Magical Girl For Hire, magical girl, mercenary, collective game, MGHandler2017-10-11 4 
1934367PriPri Quest 2Life in London seems to never be a borePrincess Principal, Collective Game, Steampunk2017-10-11 1 
1930201Shipwrecked QuestWe've been shipwrecked. We fight a goat-tiger creature, eat it and then fight some natives.Shipwrecked Quest2017-10-11 1 
1926642Mecha Space Pirate Quest XCVIIIPale Slayer Meridian learns the rules of nature. Mecha Space Pirate Quest, Collective Game, mecha2017-10-11 4 
1931651Pokemon Professor Quest #3We get a badge and leave Aulder City for the Zatoy Region. Pokemon Professor, pokemon, professor, dunkle2017-10-10 6 
1913685Evil Sorceress Quest #14Sirena faces off against the spawn of a dragon, reunites with a barbarian and gets her hands on a shiny rock.Evil Sorceress Quest, Collective Game2017-10-10 1 
1941378Do Your Best Quest #12Johnny gathers new clues as he slowly recovers from his beating.collective game, drawquest, slice of life, supernatural2017-10-10 2 
1928478Hell's Artbook QuestThe granddaughter of avid satanist practitioner, Julia Piral, is thrown into thrown into a world of apocalyptic calamity.Image Heavy, Fantasy, Magic, Hell's Artbook Quest2017-10-10 1 
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