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April 2019
3425169The Quest of the Branded Ones Pt 2In which they ride a stolen boat to a dwarven island and meet an old friend.Branded Ones Quest, Ursd, Edgar, Ana, Boat, Brand, ShogunRyuusha, Collective Game2019-04-17 1 
3410710I am a Shinobi #2Naruto ventures into the forest and begins the fight of his life.Naruto, AU2019-04-16 4 
3413388Quest Beyond the Gate: Chapter 99Terry spills some things that change the game. Yuu doesn't know what to do with this information.Collective Game, Beyond the Gate, Smiley2019-04-16 1 
3413603Modern Fantasy Quest: Thread 3Tristan helps wash dishes, studies, and learns pyromancyCollective Game, Modern Fantasy Quest2019-04-16 1 
3410657Nightmare Weaver QuestIn which we give a little girl scary dreams, almost find a dream pirate, and suffer as the QM is kill due to The Curse(tm).dreaming, dreams, nightmares, magic, fantasy, weaver, original setting2019-04-16 1 
3433669One Piece Bounty Photographer Quest 10In which Ensign Flashman kicks off an early end to Alabasta, derails everyone’s plans, and stabs canon in the face.Collective game, One Piece, One Piece Bounty Photographer Quest2019-04-16 12 
3410671Drowned Quest 7In which Ellery Routh has a breakdown and begins an investigation.drowned quest, bathic, collective game, drowned, quest2019-04-16 3 
3416832SkyHeist QuestThe heist beginsCollective Game, Skyheist Quest, Observer2019-04-16 1 
3431072Do Your Best Quest #67Johnny is slowly resolving some issues.collective game, drawquest, slice of life, supernatural2019-04-16 1 
3427366Hikikomori Quest #6-2A hikikomori gets involved in organized crime.Hikikomori Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest2019-04-15 1 
3406624Levy QuestThe story of a humble peasant levy beginsMedieval, Battle, Levy Quest2019-04-15 5 
3407625Panzer Commander QuestAfter more than a month time skip, Richter is returned to; aiding a foreign army, riding in a tank, and being beaten up by a tomboy.Panzer Commander, Collective Game, War, Armor, suddenly tanks, major problems with milk, taking a bite out of crime and thighs2019-04-15 3 
3437591Maverick Hunter Quest 96In which our hero pulls himself together.Collective Game, Maverick Hunter Quest, Mega Man X2019-04-15 5 
3416784 Stand Quest Requiem 8We encounter crazy bitch, make a new stand arrow(spear),get stalked by said bitch and get an alter-ego. Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2019-04-15 7 
3407840Mare Nostrum CivSince the dawn of civilization the men around the great ocean of Nahren have fought for power and wealth. There is one place there where theMare Nostrum Civ, Flousken2019-04-15 1 
3415582Everwood Civ #12Midgets have been subjugated and now we move to strike Belinos who reels from beastmen. Thread 11: https://archived.moe/qst/thread/3376043/Everwood Civ, Swift, Civ, Fantasy2019-04-15 1 
3399876A New Mutant Quest Issue #20We have brunch with best bro, talk a bit with our inner circle, and teach some magic.A New Mutant Quest, /qst/, Afungi, Marvel, Collective Game2019-04-14 2 
3429736Saiyan Conqueror Quest 84After training with Chaya and Raditz, New Salda gets a new Guardian and a fighter challenges Ubo. Then time shenanigans unfoldSaiyan Conqueror Quest, SCQ, GDQM, GrandDragonQM, Saiyan, Karn, DBZ, /qst/2019-04-14 4 
3416334Exquisite Corpse Quest 1The return of Kestrel, Kudzu-Crowned, Lower-Lord, Him.Exquisite Corpse, multiple QM, weekly, Bonesinger2019-04-14 2 
3410643SOSAnother day on the grind... or so you thought. Looks like this is gonna be a long one.Collective Game, cyoa, SOS, drawfag, horror, gore, oneshot, anime, military, violence2019-04-14 7 
3431655FUCK QUEST 3, Episode 11: "Gunslinger Girl"Alabaster discovers he's William Tell's descendant and then Sable explains that super powers are real.Fuck Quest, Collective Game, smut, Wham Peanut Butter2019-04-14 2 
3426820Lad in Sengoku IIWe become LARPers as Ikeda gets his personality going. Also some peasants get really mad at us being complete retards.Ikeda2019-04-14 3 
3426866One Piece Bounty Photographer Quest 9.5RECORD-SCRATCH. FREEZE-FRAME. Yeah, that’s me, hanging off the Moby Dick. Maybe you’re wondering how I got like this...Collective game, One Piece, One Piece Bounty Photographer Quest2019-04-14 12 
3389687Dreadnought IWhen a Dreadnought goes to a Fantasy WorldREDthunderBOAR, Dreadnought, 40k, Ibaraki2019-04-14 6 
3404311Mass Effect Quest: New Beginnings ep.2In which captain Ford gains a new crew member and spends some downtime aboard a Quarian liveship before embarking on a new adventure...Mass Effect, Collective Game, Henri Ford, Space Opera2019-04-14 1 
3406300Dark Queen Quest 19Lazarus go on a little journey, We go out with Gweyr, learn about her past, and spend a whole day riding on the back of our Giant wolf Sif.Dark Queen Quest, Dark Lord, Empress, Medieval, Queen, Fantasy, Amex,2019-04-14 10 
3425209Cassus Burning: Prologue Part 1Down with the Empire! We meet the deserter and rebel Marco Riviera and his team of Imperial deserters.Collective Game, Cassus Burning, SixWingZombi, Sci-fi, Rebellion, Aliens2019-04-13 1 
3399747Pokemon Poorfag Quest Slot #4We ask our mom for help and train in slowpoke welPokemon, Pokemon Poorfag Quest, RPG2019-04-13 2 
3388453Existential Safety Department. #1Boris Blue arrives in Blairs-BurgESD, drawquest2019-04-13 3 
3400249Fuck Me, My Daughter's A Magical Girl Quest! APRIL FOOLS! In which we ask about our dad in an April Fool's futureShotgun Dad, Shotgun, HaikuDeluge, Quest, MG, Magical Girl, Dad, April Fools2019-04-13 5 
3419959Body Horror Quest - 17th VeinShu and allies return to the monastery, Forge some relics, exorcise a relic, get some sleep, and study. BHOP gives anons a giant infodump.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror2019-04-13 14 
3421221House Reynold Quest Chapter 1We meet our MC, Mervyn Reynold, go on a hunt and meet our wife. Reynold, House Reynold, Game of Thrones2019-04-13 2 
3390903Pokémon Urban Quest#20An extremely short thread with heavy lifting, a possible bleak future future, and an escort to the Arsonist's base.Pokémon, Pokémon Urban Quest., Pokemon2019-04-13 3 
3411384Commentarii de Bello Indica - CAPVT VIII-αCaesar is introduced to Muziris, a trade zone in the kingdom of the Chera Dynasty.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, India, Rome, Collective Game2019-04-13 1 
3416319The Big Bad Wolf Quest #3Morioka starts to break minds, grab ass, grope titties, and make love for eight hours straight.Mother Goose, The Big Bad Wolf Quest, modern fantasy, fairytales, ecchi, shounen, hentai2019-04-13 1 
3391569Black Templar Quest 6 Raven What.The QM catches and illness and wulfrik blows up some biologis bits,Collective Game, Black templar, Quest2019-04-13 1 
3383449Shipgirl Commander 80The mission briefing goes as well as it should.Kantai Collection, Dialogue Heavy, 2nd Person, Action, Lore2019-04-13 1 
3397537April Fools Quest: Chad Series- Prom NightChad helps his brother Virgil get a date for prom.Collective Game, Slice of Life, Comedy, Nekomancer, April Fools, Chad Quest, Chad, Chad Series2019-04-12 1 
3417865Rogue Pilot Quest Episode 2We meet the base staff, dodge a wrench, and go on a scouting mission with some extreme flying that goes hot.Collective game, fighter, jets, realistic, mercenary, Rogue Pilot Quest2019-04-12 3 
3428739Bioweapon Hunter Quest 29Lewis tries to defend his home from intruders.Bioweapon Hunter Quest, Bioweapons, Genetic Modification, Sci Fi, Collective Game2019-04-12 13 
3403803Brass Companions #2: Into the Goblin’s den Kanard delves into a nest of goblins, kills a few, find one big and nasty hobgoblin and kills him too. He saves a few innocents on the way.TheCompanionMercs, Mercenary, Low Fantasy, OC2019-04-12 2 
3394789Dragon's Champion Quest 2In which Oliver Black kills a few bodyguards and discovers that he is the subject of a plot.Collective Game, DCQ, Dragon's Champion Quest, LimpyQM2019-04-12 1 
3392457Magical Girl For Hire #72Short thread, we start figuring out a flamethrower spell, check in with Carrang, and listen to her ramblings.MGFH, Magical Girl For Hire, magical girl, mercenary, collective game, MGHandler2019-04-12 7 
3415361One Piece Bounty Photographer Quest 9In which Ensign Flashman meets Garp (AARGH), talks with Doctor Lighthouse (aww) and acquires ultimate dibs on Roronoa (HA!).Collective game, One Piece, One Piece Bounty Photographer Quest2019-04-12 13 
3392229For Hire: Episode 8 - The Train JobSam completes his first job, technically. Moreh is... Moreh. Tales of a Lying Dog and Stony Cat.For Hire Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi, Kov, FHQ, A Lying Dog and Stony Cat2019-04-12 2 
3391395Synthetic Gods Quest #30In this session we wrap up with our cult and travel to Platania. Then we accept Nike’ invitation to go to “Valhalla” to see other “gods"Collective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2019-04-12 2 
3408878Sir Paragon part 5The knights meet the emperor, and go on a bit of crusadingCollective Game2019-04-12 1 
3402787Fuck Me, My Daughter's A Magical Girl! Quest #23In which we talk to people as part of continuing preparations. Dear god, these threads are getting shorter and shorter.Shotgun Dad, Shotgun, HaikuDeluge, Quest, MG, Magical Girl, Dad2019-04-11 6 
3425290A Dark Fantasy Quest CH.1.EpilogueThe chapter is over? But what will Kae do now?Dark-fantasy, Draw-Quest, Semi-lewd, Graphic Violence, MySojourn2019-04-11 1 
3410775 The Quest of the Branded Ones Pt 1A viking is named, a Princess is found, and a royal guard is confused.Ursd, Edgar, Ana, Prison, Brand, Immortal, Viking, ShogunRyuusha2019-04-11 2 
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