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October 2007
753011Human-eating Creature AlignmentIf a creature must eat three humans a day or die of starvation, does that make it Evil?alignment, morality, D&D2007-10-30 2 
December 2007
907404Floating CitiesAnother D&D thread, this time on how to make a floating city.D&D, building, floating city2007-12-17 0 
914587ITT we write more realistic game session transcripts.Boring thread is hijacked with epic copypasta.copypasta, hijack, D&D, game transcripts2007-12-19Editor's Choice
926361Getting everyone in a 1d10 mile radius Fanatic.A cunning build that uses an alphorn and a +146 Perform bonus to get everyone in a 1d10 mile radius (even hostile enemies) Fanatic for the alphornmancer.D&D, min-maxing, powergaming, alphorn, diplomacy2007-12-22 22 
948909Undewater Ray Romano d20Name says it all: Utawarerumono in D&D.Utawarerumono, D&D, d202007-12-29 -2 
January 2008
1027569Iron Heart SurgeThings you can do with Iron Heart Surge, including changing the weather, making the sun rise, eradicating gravity, and giving yourself an abortion.D&D, iron heart surge, weeaboo fightan magic, tome of battle2008-01-17 23 
1042503Paladin Story IIPaladin from earlier epic thread redeems an Erinyes through psychological conditioning.paladin, story, D&D2008-01-20 12 
February 2008
1133273Sphere of Annihilation + Well of Many Worlds = Black HoleDM: You have 1d12+6 minutes before all reality is erased. Players: Fawk.eschaton, D&D2008-02-07 6 
1219564Red Crawler's Latest UpdateRed Crawler gets /tg/ up to speed on the latest events of the greatest campaign /tg/ has ever heard of.Crawler, Monster, D&D, Campaign2008-02-23 10 
1231166Red Crawler's Next UpdateMore delicious update in the most epic monster-PC campaign ever.Red Crawler, Monster, D&D, Campaign2008-02-25 6 
March 2008
1310759Min-Maxed Commoners and HousecatAbyssal Heritor commoners, binder commoners, Pun-Pun commoners, psionic housecats, weeaboo fightan housecats, incarnum housecats, oh my.D&D, commoner, housecat, min-max2008-03-10 15 
1317142A concept for a magic systemYou're not one of the original wizards. They're gone. So the only way to make magic do your bidding is to impersonate them.D&D, magic2008-03-11 5 
1316871City with Undead LaborWhat would a city be like if it had skeletons and zombies for labor instead of living slaves?D&D, undead, concepts2008-03-11 5 
1323543Stat Nations as D&D CharactersThe USA: Lawful Evil Orcish Barbarian.nations, D&D, stat me, earthflame did it2008-03-13 -17 
1361693More Cat Min-MaxingA continuation of 1310759. Now with Psionics?!D&D, housecat, min-max, psionics2008-03-18 6 
1380255Being sent for reeducationA player complains about a crappy D&D session and spirals into a thread involving brain washing conditioning from 1984.torture, color, D&D, 1984, 4 lights2008-03-22 -3 
April 2008
1460461Evil Game AbortionA DM lets a new guy have the wheel. Evil characters and game breakage occurs. DM rages.D&D , story , DM , evil2008-04-03 10 
1569027DOHOHOHO!A DM decides to introduce Statler and Waldorf as NPCs. Much laughter ensues.D&D, DOHOHOHO2008-04-20 126 
1573964ITT Stupid But Amusing Shit You Have DoneFor instance, throwing a ladder hard enough to out-damage the barbarian's battleaxe.D&D, storytime2008-04-22 37 
1578543How to be Lawful Good without suckingA thread on being LG that actually has useful information in it for once.lawful good d&d moralfag2008-04-22 0 
1634071Playing with expectations/tg/ discusses the ways of punishing players for taking thoughtless action simply because it's "within the genre"D&D, story2008-04-30 10 
May 2008
1700785Epic Campaign Twists/tg/ considers ways to fuck with their players mindsD&D, mindfuck2008-05-10 6 
1748599Tome of Greater WishesPlayer gives himself all-powerful artifact that grants him Wishes that cannot be subverted by anyone or anything, including the DM. /tg/ rallies to screw him over.D&D, artifact, bad player2008-05-16 7 
1784851Rogue BBEG/tg/ runs with a paragraph-long suggestion for a villain, coming up with all sorts of interesting ideas.D&D, writefaggotry, Dagda2008-05-22 1 
June 2008
1893431Half-TarrasqueA thread on Tarrasque encounters spirals downwards.Tarrasque, D&D, Science2008-06-03 38 
2088233How to make players die insideSome VERY nasty things DM can make to players. Makes TPKs look like saying hello.Evil, D&D, RP, DM2008-06-26 24 
August 2008
2315030THE DICELegendary DICE that have seen the world.D&D2008-08-06 11 
September 2008
2533902Naaaaao, lets play D&DWritefagging about Naota's father getting in to D&D to fill the void left by lack of further storyline.FLCL, Naota, D&D, writefaggotry2008-09-09 3 
2631570DM Horror Stories/tg/ recounts some of their best DM horror stories.DM horror, D&D2008-09-21 6 
October 2008
2838929Fa/tg/uy versus MouseA fa/tg/uy finds a mouse in his kitchen; being only a first-level commoner, he's understandably terrified.mouse, D&D2008-10-22 6 
December 2008
31055354E Variant StatsWhy bother with ability scores? The modifiers are all that matters. A simple conversion to remove ability scores from the game entirely.D&D 4E, vaiant rules2008-12-03 0 
3136974The return of Drew the LichHe's baaaaaccckDrew, Lich, D&D, dragfaggotry2008-12-08 36 
3144112The Continuing Adventures of Drew the Lichyet more.drew, lich, D&D, drawfags2008-12-09 29 
3152294Phyrexia D&D Idea - InterestingCool idea, bringing in some Phyrexian creatures to a D&D world.M:tg, D&D, phyrexia, campaign ideas,2008-12-11 2 
3208352Radio Homebrew ThreadAnonymous posts his homebrew for the 4th time and gets a civil debate on how to handle his idea in a game and how homebrew affects /tg/. Homebrew Radio D&D2008-12-20 5 
3235119Dude, where's my Phylactery? Campaign premise: A lich has grown bored with eternal unlife and wants to kill himself. Only he can't remember where his phylactery is. Enter the party. D&D lich phylactery idea2008-12-24 5 
January 2009
3323726Troy McClure: 4e CombatTroy McClure comes to inform little Billy - and /tg/ - of the wonders of 4e combat.Simpsons, Troy McClure, 4e, 4th Edition, D&D, Dungeons and Dragons2009-01-05 7 
3392221Better Learning through Cooperative Story Crafting3rd grade teacher turns Social Studies into D&D time.D&D, Education2009-01-13 15 
3426987Better Learning through Cooperative Story Crafting II3rd grade teacher continues with turning Social Studies into D&D time.D&D, Education2009-01-17 7 
3457280The Thread where Editions are DiscussedSurprisingly, this thread had very few trolls, and did not devolve into a shitfest. Good stuff.d&d, editions, faggotry2009-01-19 0 
3495494Refluffing 4e RacesAn anon's attempt at making some of the more underappreciated 4e races actually good (eladrin as aliens who want to be a PC race, dragonborn as an ancient, dwindling race with much political infighting and ancient legends, tieflings as living seals against the infernal powers, halflings as wanderlusty nomads and freelancers with strange burial customs). 4e trolls are throughoutly ignored, and once again /tg/ gets some shit done.D&D 4e races2009-01-23 2 
3518149Actors Playing D&DAnon realizes Vin Diesel plays D&D. A list of other famous players is compiled. Also contains oldfag RPers vs newfag RPers. D&D, Actors2009-01-26 5 
February 2009
3630679PCs vs. BeethovenA Player asks for suggestions on how to take down the Epic Musician himself in his DM's Awesome campaignepic, music, beethoven, d&d,awesome2009-02-06 13 
3729099DnD Monster School/tg/ discusses what Cliques and Faculty roles would be filled by which DnD Monsters.D&D, dnd, monsters, school, GREAT LIBRARIAN TORG2009-02-16 5 
3731322DnD Monster School, part 2More discussion on the D&D Monster School. More Faculty roles are filled.D&D, dnd, monsters, school, GREAT LIBRARIAN TORG2009-02-16 5 
March 2009
4050993The upside down-threadAn anon recalls a setting with unusual gods.D&D2009-03-22 8 
4074532A fantastic carnivalThe party is taking a break this session, and the DM is wondering what a carnival would be like in D&D. Also, many strange magic items are posted.carnival, magic items, D&D2009-03-25 5 
4131937Ilsenhoon, Illithid BardThe OP asks for help working out how build such a character, writefaggotry ensues.D&D, Illithid, Mind Flayer, Bard, 4e2009-03-30 20 
4137465The continues misadventures of Ilsenhoon, Illithid BardThe OP, still running through a multi-classing ridden character creation session, continues to detail Ilsenhoon's descent into humanity.D&D, Illithid, Mind Flayer, Bard, 4e2009-03-30 16 
April 2009
4149198Dealing with crappy players/tg/ discusses means for players to deal with other players who either outright are Kender or might as well be in the game itself, followed by an example of playing Kender rightD&D, Fluff, Paladins, Kender2009-04-01 8 
4161791Planescape Magical Faction Girls!The PCs are magical girls imbued with power by their factions, sent by Big Sis Pain-chan to fight evil throughout the planes!D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious2009-04-02 18 
4247421Planescape Magical Faction Girls: Part 2Oh Jesus, he's actually going to RUN it.D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious2009-04-11 12 
4255435Planescape Magical Faction Girls: Part 3The game ends up actually being run and... nothing is creepy about it! It's actually FUN! Oh Jesus God, what have we done. WHAT HAVE WE DONE.D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious, BESM2009-04-12 15 
4259103Dethklok does D&Dheads are impaled on spiked codpieces, killer riffs are made, possibly a beginning of a series.dethklok, D&D, metalocalypse2009-04-12 11 
4254061Ghost ShipsDiscussion of the idea of a flying ghost ship for a campaignGhost Ship, Airship, Lich, D&D2009-04-12 16 
4322047ITT: Fun or joke magical items suitable for level 1 charactersIncludes lolis in bags, and menstruating Dire Bears.magic items D&D homebrew2009-04-19 6 
4324227Planescape Magical Faction Girls: Part 4If this is what happens 'That Time of the Week,' I dread knowing what 'That Time of the Month' will be like. The goddamn magical girls are back again!D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious, BESM2009-04-19 11 
4398034Planescape Magical Faction Girls: Part 5Third session of the Planescape Girls Game, and the last in the adventure! They actually get into a fight for once! There is EXCITEMENT and ADVENTURE!D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious, BESM2009-04-26 10 
May 2009
4465475Planescape Magical Faction Girls: Part 6Fourth actual game-session. This time we go to the beach and Bleaker-tan's Player crit-succeeds at sandcastle-building. ADORABLE.D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious, BESM2009-05-03 7 
4501185Clerks&Officesmeta "your party encounters" thread turns into using a if-adventurers-played-p&p-rpgs for an edition war, which turns into design for that kind of gameD&D, game design, metaphor, meta, edition faggotry2009-05-08 16 
4581716How To RP An Interesting BarbarianAnon asks for advice on how to play a Barbarian that's more than just a grar-smash musclehead. Some good advice comes up.barbarian, d&d, fantasy, rpg2009-05-18 3 
4633023Fuck Yeah HumanityWhy Humanity survives and thrives in the D&D setting. Humans Awesome D&D2009-05-23 3 
4670303Homebrewan IIMore things get discussed, mostly class roles. Less trollan this time, but still slow. D&D, 3.5, Shadow, Incarnum, Psionics2009-05-26 1 
4725435Drew the LichDrew finds a bard to teach him being CG.Drew, Lich, D&D, drawfaggotry2009-05-31 38 
June 2009
4759736Vancian SpellcastingDiscussion regarding a perspective on D&D's loved and hated magic systemD&D, magic, rules, vancian2009-06-03 -3 
4772110Cocky PCs getting into shit.A thread about how your players get a bit over their heads and get into trouble. Some very good stories, including the story about a paladin dying very heroically.d&d cocky players paladin2009-06-05 5 
4798636Essentials for playing Dungeons & Dragons"Hello, /tg/ I'm normally not from around here, but I feel like you guys could help me. I want to play Dungeons and Dragons. I'm trying to get some friends together or find a group. Point is, I've never played it, I'm am completely new to it, but the whole idea of the game sounds fantastic. Can you guys tell me what are the essentials for game play? What do I ABSOLUTELY need? "D&D, RPG, Advice2009-06-07 2 
4805536Phalanx FightingA call to arms is raised for the manliest Phalanx of Hoplites to ever grace /tg/.D&D Inuendo 2009-06-08 31 
5001479Gazebo of Immovable RodsA discussion about gazebos gets out of hand when the idea of constructing a gazebo out of immovable rods gets involvedD&D, Gazebo, Immovable Rod, Tarrasque2009-06-26 6 
5030483Nautical Campaign SettingLivestream/tg/ comes up with something creative and describes a drowned world to us. Moby Dick is one of the gods.Homebrew, fluff, D&D, gods, race,2009-06-28 2 
5038665Ravnica D&DJuxtaposing the Ravnica Magic: the Gathering set with a D&D type roleplaying system. Great resource for potential rules of game play.Homebrew, Ravnica, Magic: the Gathering, D&D2009-06-29 6 
July 2009
5063230Disney Goes /tg/A Disney comic about... Well... Tabletop gaming in general. It's funny because it's true.disney, neckbeard, fa/tg/uy, d&d, scrooge, donald2009-07-01 10 
5098267The D&D crying gameAsking the people of /tg/ what their character would do if his lady love turned out to be a badguy in disguise. Surprisingly civil discussion follows.D&D BBEG TG2009-07-05 7 
5138369Planescape Magical Faction Girls: The Return!They're back! (Last thread wasn't archived.) Now in session 10, the girls are dealing with the Modron March and need help stopping them from trampling a town in Celestia.D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious, BESM2009-07-12 7 
5198252Planescape Magical Faction Girls: The Unswerving PathModrons are assholes.D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious, BESM, modrons2009-07-19 10 
5249757Awesome NPCsITT: DMs share their best NPCs. Contains several merchants, lovable rogues, and even some sad stories. NPC, D&D, Dungeon Master, Merchants, Pathfinder, Eberron, Mafia, Great White Hunter, Ghoul2009-07-24 10 
5293446One Line ideas for DnD CampaignsI'm not sure if the OP intended for this to be serious, I hope not, because I nearly pissed myself with some of this stuff. Personal favourite?:Fire, Water, Wind and Earth Elementals use life-draining magic ring in attempt to create Heart Elemental and complete ancient summoning ritual.D&D, Campaign Ideas, funny 2009-07-30 9 
August 2009
5319379New World, Old Asia - The SettingTripfag requests wisdom of anons with alternative culture RPG experience, sweet ideas ensue.D&D, 4e, homebrew2009-08-03 1 
5331632Earth Elemental Lovin'What happens when an Earth Elemental falls in love with a PC? Puns. LOTS of puns.elemental, romance, puns, D&D2009-08-04 5 
5511229How to make a settingSolid thread on making a good setting.game design, d&d, homebrew, useful, dm, gm, world building, ideas2009-08-19 21 
September 2009
5693736BATTLEGRANNYanonymous seeks ideas for a 2E D&D character, the picture he used ends up the inspiration for it.Barbarian, D&D, writefaggotry, battlegranny, 2e2009-09-02 14 
5985194Crazy Fucked up DM storiesOP tries to start a thread about crazy DMs by telling a story about his girl DM running monster-rape games- Anon convinces him to try to hook up with DM, and no other crazy DM stories are told.D&D, Crazy, DM2009-09-24 6 
6033107Sandwich the DrowOP asks /tg/ about the idea of a female drow character that was raised by dwarves. Several brilliant ideas later, Sandwich was born.D&D, Drow, Dwarves2009-09-27 36 
6045231An SG named BreakDM asks for advice on handling his group's beloved sidekick, a Metabot-like construct. Anon instantly loves the little chap and offers several creative and awesome ways to maim or murder him.Awesome, D&D, Manly_Tears, NPCs2009-09-28 13 
6048246Zhizz N'it the DorfSandwich the Drow continues to impress, introduction of her true nemesis the Dwarf raised by Drow! Let the ultimate battle commence! D&D, Drow, Dwarves2009-09-28 16 
October 2009
6098688Chickens as Hedge Wizard FamiliarsThe idea of chickens as familars, with different fancy breeds for different types of magic-usersfunny, d&d2009-10-02 1 
6117607Sandwich the drow WritefaggotryMore stories about Sandwich and her Dwarf Papa.Sandwich, D&D, Dwarves, Drow, Writefaggotry2009-10-04 7 
6164865Touhou HelpTouhous last thread autosaged and this in the continued3.5, Help, Touhou, Broken, D&D, DnD, Dungeon and Dragons, Advice thread 2009-10-06 -1 
6163100Heavy Weapons Fightercharacter / item theorizing for a D&D3.5 variant paladin with a very very expensive crossbow.D&D, 3.5, charopt, TF2, heavy, keen crossbow, 220500gp in 12 seconds2009-10-07 1 
6195607Cheerleader writefaggotrySome entertaining writefaggotry about a pair of cheerleaders getting introduced to the geek subculture. Girls, Writefaggotry, Geeks, D&D2009-10-08 10 
6241352Wrestling and Roleplaying gamesWhat starts as a "What would you do?" thread becomes something much more awesome once Stone Cold the Monk is discussed. Much more follows along with some general wrestling discussion.Wrestling, Stone Cold, D&D, The Undertaker2009-10-12 3 
6261378Flashy ItemsDM looks for cool items that do nothing until players get really creative. Win quickly follows. D&D, items, creativity, useless2009-10-14 1 
6358010Sandbox DMingAnonymous details an algorithm for running open, "sandbox" D&D worlds, then discusses DMing tactics. Mostly archivable for the algorithmic DMing idea.Sandbox, DMing, D&D, DM, tips2009-10-21 8 
6383429Forgotten Realms Campaign SettingAn obvious troll turns into a discussion on excellent campaign settings.D&D, Forgotten Realms, Wilderlands, Known World, Mystara, Newhon, Judges Guild, Campaign2009-10-22 -2 
November 2009
6569122Homebrew Part 1D&D 3.5 Homebrew Plot Pt.1 People have stated interest in reading this. Shitty spelling, silly pictures, serious plot."D&D 3.5" "Homebrew" "Silly Pictures" "Bad Grammar" "IAMGRATEDEE'EM"2009-11-04 2 
6584070Suicide BombingAn Anon asks /tg/ about building a suicide bomber character, which promptly segues into the stories of a group of gamers roleplaying insurgents in D&D.Bombs, D&D, humor2009-11-05 20 
6608237Getting into D&DA new player wants some help with getting into D&D...and /tg/ actually helps. WITHOUT EDITION WARS.D&D, 3.5, 4e, helpful, reasonable2009-11-07 3 
6709859/tg/ and D&D 2nd Edition.Fa/tg/uys discuss the pros and cons of 2nd edition vs newer ones, along other oldfag concepts, with amazingly little trolling.Late Nite, D&D, 2E, 2nd, 2nd Edition, Late Night, constructive arguments, discussion, old school, oldfags, good /tg/2009-11-15 1 
6704475The Legend of Zelda, Cthulu versionImagine a D&D campaign based on legend of Zelda, but Cthulu-esque themed. AWESOME.Zelda, D&D, DnD, Cthulu, setting, homebrew2009-11-15 5 
6742471Pacifist White Mage for 4EA pacifist White Mage class for 4E, extensivly laid out.4E, Healer, Class, Houserules, Homebrew, DnD, D&D2009-11-17 8 
6737088Things we're not allowed to do anymoreOP inquires as to things we've been forbidden from doing in games. Incredible hilarity ensues.forbidden, D&D, epic, lulz2009-11-17 3 
67600664e Character Builds, Thread 1 Redux: The White MageTouhoufag outlines awesome pacifist cleric build."D&D, 4e, powergaming"2009-11-18 11 
67852354e Character Builds, Thread 2: The Wise WolfTouhoufag outlines a fighter|warden, totally not Momiji.D&D, 4e, powergaming2009-11-20 6 
68431544e Character Builds, Thread 3: The Moon, the Stars, and the CritvokerIn which a radiant-powered, crit-centric invoker of Pelor is summarized.D&D, 4e, powergaming2009-11-24 4 
6875439Kobold ContinentOP asks /tg/ to advise him on what an advanced kobold society would be like, with excellent and useful results.kobolds, campaign setting, dragons, D&D2009-11-26 4 
6878480Kobold Continent Part 2like the first kobolds, campaign setting, dragons, D&D2009-11-26 -3 
6885970Luke, Plagueson of Nurgle, and Other Guys/tg/ finds catharthic release in relating their experiences of some of the most horrific That Guys to disgrace Creation. If you ever feel down and disheartened, read this thread - you'll know that you're nowhere near as bad as these creatures, and your morale will perk right back up.That Guy, 40k, Dark Heresy, D&D, Edgerunners, Shadowrun, faggotry, nightmare fuel2009-11-27 56 
68938744e Character Builds, Thread 3, Fourth Attempt: The Moon, the Stars, and the CritvokerIn which a radiant-powered, critical hit-centric invoker is summarized.D&D, 4e, powergaming2009-11-27 5 
6898745Luke, Plagueson Of Nurgle Part IIThe legend of The Luke continues, told from the Point of View of one of his other housemates. Remember, this guy could be treating you in hospital.That Guy, 40k, Dark Heresy, D&D, Edgerunners, Shadowrun, faggotry, nightmare fuel, The Luke2009-11-27 29 
6910746Luke, Plagueson of Nurgle: The RelapseSequel to thread nos. 6885970 and 6898745. If any browser of sup/tg/ is feeling down and disheartened, read this thread - your morale will be spurred to new heights with the relief that, whatever troubles may weigh you down, you are not Luke. Some 40k enthusiasts will insist that Nurgle is a good god, who wants only the best for his worshippers and to armour them against the hurt of the universe. THEY ARE WRONG. LUKE IS WHY.That Guy, 40k, Dark Heresy, D&D, Edgerunners, Shadowrun, faggotry, nightmare fuel, The Luke2009-11-28 29 
6923244SpeedThe fastest bastards in 3.5, starting with monks, then ending in Chuck the Ruby Knight VindicatorD&D, Monks, Chuck2009-11-29 5 
December 2009
7040236Shaolin Showdown ItemsOP dumps a metric ton of items he statted up from the show. /tg/ stands back and watches the awesome unfold with little/no comments, so as to give OP the room he needs to postShaolin Showdown, D&D, Items2009-12-07 11 
7043166Escape from the Castle! The Lich is looking for a soul to steal.Ideas thread, first time DM is sending his PCs through a collapsing castle for their lives, and their souls.D&D, RP2009-12-08 2 
7184028Doughnuts & Dumplings: AlignmentAnon delivers an epic thread of gourmet proportions, discussing alignment (Sweet/Salty, Dry/Wet) in the Doughnuts & Dumplings RPS. Hilarity and snack cravings ensue.d&d, food, snacks2009-12-18 17 
January 2010
7361970Alternate Racial Magic SystemOP describes his homebrew for different types of magic based on species/culture. /tg/ expands on it, and shit gets done.homebrew, D&D2010-01-01 6 
7439241Exalted EvilTau tripfaggette Exalted proves herself, in her endless quest for good, to actually be evil.D&D, alignment, BoED2010-01-05 -2 
7440129Touhoufag's D&D4e class linksin which a touhoufag talks lots and lists a bunch of 4e class reference resourcesd&d, 4e, touhoufag, wotc2010-01-06 0 
7465150Old School Dungeon Crawl Spectacular Ongoing Game Thread 1Desum, Jacques, Ghrelor and Aelloon forge their way in to the Beastmen's Cave, since the villagers of Odasurston don't like being raided.D&D, game, quest2010-01-07 0 
75375004e Feat TaxOne of the reasons why 4e is bad, written by people who like 4e.D&D, 4e2010-01-11 2 
7589122Uzumaki, The Eternal SpiralStats for the Lovecraftian monster from the manga Uzumaki.D&D, Stats, Lovecraftian, Elder Evil2010-01-14 23 
7592671Dinners & Desserts Discussion"You got your /tg/ in my /ck/!" "You got your /ck/ in my /tg/!"food, D&D, setting, epic, funny2010-01-15 3 
7624876DJ Phylactery inciting rap battleDJ Phylactery starts a /tg/ style rap battle.rap battle, d&d2010-01-16 20 
7628611The 4e Gods Are DeadA unique take on the fluff of the gods for 4e.4e, D&D, gods2010-01-17 4 
7646294Hollow ThronesVariant flavor on the divine power source of the Points of Light 4e setting. Continuation of The 4e Gods are Dead. Pelor is a neutron star.4e, D&D, gods2010-01-18 1 
77323414e Character Builds, Bonus Thread: The Border of Life and DeathA cool build for a genasi warden. Involves lots of counterdamage.D&D, 4e, warden2010-01-23 -2 
77507554e Character Builds, Bonus Thread: The Wind-Borne WarblerA stylish theme build for a 4e bard.D&D, 4e, bard2010-01-24 -2 
77541004e Character Builds, Bonus Thread: The Primal DuelistA rogue|warden? Can it be done? Apparently so.D&D, 4e, rogue, warden2010-01-24 -2 
February 2010
7894550Bad DM StoriesFull of ridiculous examples of GM-induced desk-flipping. Sanguinius entertains the crowd with stories of his old AD&D adventures.D&D AD&D2010-02-03 6 
79075304e Character Builds: The Three Winds of Thought (Level 14)Thoughts on the new battlemind (defender) in 4e, along with a build that can make it good.D&D, 4e, battlemind2010-02-03 -3 
7908380Martial Power 2 Previews and ReviewsDetailed analysis of the new content in Martial Power 2, which isn't even out yet.D&D, 4e, Martial Power 22010-02-04 0 
79505114e Character Builds, Bonus Thread: Point Blank BeastmasteryCrossbowmanship, up close and personal.D&D, 4e, ranger2010-02-06 0 
79647314e Character Builds, Bonus Thread: The Artful ChargerA very tricky barbarian/fighter hybrid who jumps and charges like the Prince of Persia.D&D, 4e, barbarian, fighter2010-02-07 1 
7979986/tg/ - comics and AustrailiaAn image dump of a /tg/-related webcomic leads to a fascinating discussion of Austrailia and its local fauna.Austrailia, awesome, fuck yeah, D&D, bad players2010-02-08 0 
8007968D&D ABCsLearning the alphabet, D&D monster styleABC D&D monsters2010-02-09 17 
8029909Dragon Quest Part 1/tg/ begins a small quest in the life of a dragonD&D, Dragon, Quest2010-02-12 -2 
80450394e Character Builds, Bonus Thread: The Peerless Wind GodOH MY GOD I'M SLIDING AND OBLITERATING TOFU LIKE I'M THE MOTHERFUCKING FIST OF THE NORTH STAR!D&D, 4e, warlock2010-02-12 0 
8087144Crafting suppliesA list of different materials to craft weapons and armor out ofRoleplaying, D&D, 4E2010-02-14 1 
8104655Why you don't fuck with Paladins."I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills that I have acquired over a very long career; skills that make me a nightmare for people like you."Paladin, D&D, Fuckwin.2010-02-15 24 
8125161To Serve DragonsA while back, I started a thread about cuisine made from dragons. I decided to expand on that idea since that time, giving common properties of various types of dragons, so you can invent your own dragon-cuisine based dishes.Delicious, Food, Cusine, Dragon, D&D2010-02-16 0 
8179186An Essay on Brawler Style FightersWhat it says on the tin.D&D, 4e, fighter2010-02-20 0 
8231595Laterntheif story time Dear /tg/, I just wanted to tell you that for the first time in my DMing career, something happened that I've never seen nor heard of, even in all my years of lurking about /tg/. One of my PC's attempted suicide. D&D, story, epic, time, laterntheif2010-02-23 0 
8248910D&D public job boardRequest is made for ideas postable on a public messageboard for jobs, wanted posters, etc. The fa/tg/uys deliver in epic amounts.public job board, messages, D&D2010-02-23 18 
82422604e Character Builds, Bonus Thread: A Lazy, Lazy Clever CommanderA build for a warlord who never makes attacks.D&D, 4e, warlord2010-02-23 4 
March 2010
8354904Lawful Good Thri-Kreen MonkSneaking Kamen Rider into a D&D campaign you say?D&D, characters2010-03-01 6 
8449640The Runepriest RewrittenTouhoufag sperges out and remakes the 4e runepriest to be an Intelligence class.D&D, 4e, runepriest2010-03-07 0 
8485074Rhyming BBEG threadSomeone has a BBEG who only speaks in rhyme, asks the fa/tg/uys for help in coming up with horrible rhymes to torture the PCs with. Fa/tg/uys deliver and then turn the thread into a rhyming war.D&D, Rhyming2010-03-09 6 
8527306Psions in 4eA thread comparing the two kinds of psions in 4e.D&D, 4e, psion, psionics2010-03-12 1 
8571796Campaign World Show-and-TellA bunch of brilliant homebrew D&D settings.D&D, homebrew, setting2010-03-14 1 
8571551Player's Handbook 3 Homebrew ErrataHomebrew errata for the PHB3.D&D, 4e, PHB32010-03-14 1 
8581136The Battlemind RewrittenA reworking of the battlemind that doesn't suck.D&D, 4e, battlemind2010-03-15 0 
8638632Throwing knives are so sillyThrowing knives are kind of ridiculous and rocks are underpowered in d20rules, weapons, D&D, throwing knives, rocks, katanas, d202010-03-18 0 
8652839Paladins! Fuck yeah!Starts out slow, but grows to encompass Paladins that turn into Black Guards when they're angry, Paladins so British they shit crumpets, and Bards creating awesome by impersonating Paladins.Paladin, Fantasy, D&D, Bard, Black Guard2010-03-19 6 
April 2010
8909497Planescape Magical Faction Girls: Season 1Planescape: Magical Girls finally returns a year after it was created, on April 1. The Great Modron March has concluded. Game is still awesome. D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious, BESM, modrons2010-04-01 10 
9010467Doppleganger DamacyA discussion of a campaign in which the PCs begin as weak and frail, but gradually take on the abilities of the creatures they kill.Dopplegangers, D&D, Evolution, polymorph, Katamari Damacy, new abilities, 2010-04-06 40 
9092807Adventuring SchoolA take on what a college designed to create adventurers would be like. Includes potential BBEG.D&D, Adventuring, Lich, School2010-04-09 1 
9262860Grandma Wants To GameOP says his grandma started to play in his campaign, which goes decidedly off the rails into awesome. People share awesome relative stories, and a sprinkling of young dragon daaaaaw descriptions.D&D, awesome, story, cute2010-04-18 14 
9510598Fixing the AssassinThe 4e Assassin class is crap. /tg/ debates ideas for how to make them worthwhile. Lots of math ensues.4e, houserules, Assassin, D&D2010-04-30 1 
May 2010
9652953ITT: Magical Items you really wouldn't want.The Blazing Bowler: A regular looking bowler hat that immolates the wearer. It doesn't give you any resistance to fire or anything, it just sets you on fire.D&D magic items do not want2010-05-06 3 
9663834The Millenial KingA thread about necromancy in D&D turns into the creation of a necro-friendly city-state run by a lich known as the Millenial King.D&D, writefaggotry, undead, liches, zombies, skeletons2010-05-07 38 
9682570The Millennial EmperorMore writing about the Millennial Emperor as inspired by the previous thread from last night. /tg/ gets shit done: a little kid learns necromancy and gets a stern talking-to from the Grandfather, an enemy necromancer learns the error of his ways, and the lich gets married.D&D, writefaggotry, undead, liches, zombies, skeletons2010-05-08 30 
9697573The Millennia KingThird Millennia King thread. In this one we have various writefaggery, and a better look at the Dawn Queen and her duties, and the AcolytesD&D, writefaggotry, undead, liches, zombies, skeletons2010-05-09 24 
9740414Feminist diplomancer gets shut the fuck downIn which a man-hating mass-murderer-to-be receives her comeuppance.D&D, 4e, diplomancer, feminists2010-05-10 203 
9810737SacrificeA gaming group running the heroes of horror rule set have an epic and heartwarming end, despite the grim darkness of the world. They saved that little girl.D&D, Heroic, Necromancer, Girl2010-05-14 54 
9823914Dark SunAnon posts some old Dark Sun info, which is awesome.Dark Sun, 2e, 4e, D&D, fluff2010-05-15 5 
9929866How to Make D&D Horror WorkAnother advice thread for running creepy games. D&D, Dungeons&Dragons, Dungeons and Dragons, Creepy, Horror, Advice2010-05-20 5 
10049859Classic D&D TouhousOP wants to troll his players by making the standard D&D monsters they face into little girls. /tg/ loves the idea.D&D, touhou, creativity2010-05-25 6 
June 2010
10258147ITT: Confucian DwarfsA Dwarven Culture based on China, with Bureaucrats, ancestor worship, and buttons.Dwarf, D&D, Fluff, China, Swarves2010-06-04 7 
10518740Little book of comedy platinumA thread full of in-character jokes for any self-respecting bard.Joke, D&D, Funny2010-06-15 7 
July 2010
10855800Epic Spelljammer AdventureA fa/tg/uy shares a recently completed Spelljammer campaign filled with espionage, betrayal and revenge.AD&D, Spelljammer, Story, Epic2010-07-01 13 
August 2010
11633267I Love You, NPCNPC's are in every game. They give you missions, die at your hands, and, sometimes, you love them hell out of them. /tg/ shares about times when their players got really attached to a NPC.NPC, DM, GM, D&d, Dark Heresey, manly tears2010-08-13 10 
September 2010
11956946DM runs a D&D game for a biker gang.A brave DM shares a story of a D&D 3.5 session he ran for a biker gang. D&D 3.5 bikers dm kobolds2010-09-05 89 
12185849Dragon Quest IIA young-adult red dragon, out to see the world, accumulate the requisite dragon-hoard, gain power, wealth, minions, and artifacts. Of course, we start out by robbing a wizard. Perhaps we aren't as bright as we think we are. D&D 3.5 setting. -ish.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, fantasy, dragons, D&D, rpg, writing2010-09-23 33 
12233118Dragon Quest IIIYoung red dragon out to explore the world, gain a hoard, power, and all that. Now with Kobold Manservant and Succubus/Erinyes Consort! [We're still a bit unsure on that.] Finish robbing a Wizard's tower, get laid with aforementioned hell-chick, and get a job that may or may not have a nod to Cthulhu Mythos. fantasy, D&D, dragons, dragon, dragon quest, adventure, RPG, dungeons, wizard, heist, job,2010-09-27 30 
12246179Dragon Quest IVGet paid, look into a cult, win past a wizard, and start learning magic. A busy day for a red dragon, particularly when all done polymorphed as a 'lesser race'. A fun read and installment, with potentially far-reaching events.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, fantasy, dragons, D&D, rpg, writing, dungeons, devil, wizard, magic2010-09-28 27 
12269050Dragon Quest VMore investigating a disappearance. For cash and considerations, of course. May have accidentally drowned the person we're trying to find while trying to loot a pirate ship, and ran into Jerrik, our manservant and now P.R. agent again. All in a days work for an dragon among the lesser races. Also: /tg/'s dice are sentient, and hate us. Viciously.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, fantasy, dragons, D&D, rpg, writing, dungeons, devil, wizard, magic, pirate, orc,2010-09-30 24 
October 2010
12304272Dragon Quest VISlow start, but we get a good start on our hoard, including some magical gubbinz, learn some new things about certain people, and find an elder-god style cult. Damn elder gods always screwing around in our reality.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, fantasy, dragons, D&D, rpg, writing, dungeons, devil, wizard, magic, pirate, orc, cult, 2010-10-03 23 
12314471Dragon Quest VIICibach Azaladon, young-adult age category red dragon, is out to see the world, gain empire, hoard, love (or at least mate,) and power. Glorious power. Under the 'knowledge is power' theory, we manage to bust up an evil cult, and rescue a servant the local god of knowledge who is as much more than she seems as we are. Also, we get to drop the hammer in dragon-form.Dragon, dragonquest, dragon quest, quest, fantasy, dragons, D&D, rpg, writing, dungeons, devil, wizard, magic, pirate, orc, cult, gold, VII, 7, seven2010-10-04 24 
12329848Dragon Quest VIIICygnis, the Gold we rescued, offers us an in on local politics, as well as a fairly decent bribe. We accept, and start plotting about how to off her. Necessities are arranged for, and meetings are scheduled. Wonderfully productive. Short, but lots of text. Plotting and maneuvering.Dragon, dragonquest, dragon quest, quest, fantasy, dragons, D&D, rpg, writing, dungeons, devil, erinyes, wizard, magic, pirate, cult, gold, VIII, 8, eight2010-10-05 22 
12352461Dragon Quest IXWe prepare various gifts for the women in our life, meet some new minions, and come down with an inexplicable case of the MUAHAHAHAs.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, D&D, RPG, Collective Game, dragons, writing2010-10-07 25 
12359001"Monster" races and artistic forms.Figure out the signature artistic forms of (mostly) D&D monster races. d&d, dungeons and dragons, monsters, society2010-10-07 7 
12377973Dragon Quest XSwagfest time. We also find out that Captain Cibach Azal isn't a morning person.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, D&D, RPG, Collective Game, dragons, writing2010-10-09 22 
12373973Just another Joke character threadJoke character thread begins with a golden oldie, Ball of Arms Man. Then come the puns. Then comes Mecha Moussolini, a gay orc, and a very dainty Shadowrun troll.Joke character, D&D, Shadowrun, 2010-10-09 7 
12397403Dragon Quest XIInterrogating a captive, taking care of a few items of business, converting captive to minion, and presenting Scinnari her gift. Finally, a new task, and corroboration that the cult we fought is still in action. Slow night, but fairly productive.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, fantasy, dragons, D&D, rpg, writing, dungeons, devil, cult, magic2010-10-11 24 
12412133Dragon Quest XIIWe go investigating the cult again at Brother Arman's request, get robbed, and roast some people. Once again the dice prove to be troublesome little buggers.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, D&D, RPG, Collective Game, dragons, writing2010-10-12 23 
12433858Dragon Quest XIIIWe further investigate the cult and discover that the wizard Kazmiri is deeply involved with the cult of the Binder. Also, we get arrested.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, fantasy, dungeons, D&D, RPG, Collective Game, dragons, writing2010-10-14 23 
12440149Slice-of-Life Magical AcademyOP tells us about his 3.5 campaign based in the concept of an adventurer's school. D'awww ensues.Dnd, D&D, 3.5, School, Academy, Adventurer2010-10-14 9 
12479383Dragon Quest XIVGet saved by a cultist pretending to be Arman, catch him on it, with Scinnari's help, then get Cygnis to help us walk into an ambush. (and have her on hands so as to manipulate her easier.) Traps, then cult-huntan' ensue. Stop right before we get to save/kill Arman.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, fantasy, dragons, D&D, rpg, writing, dungeons, devil, cult, magic2010-10-18 23 
12493266Dragon Quest XVSmash the cult, rescue Arman, use superior memory to trip up W-D, and unveil sinister plans. Manage to get a little closer with Cygnis, too.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, dragons, D&D, rpg, writing, dungeons, devil, cult, fantasy, magic2010-10-19 23 
12540811Dark Sun Campaign ReportCampaign from 12255684 begun, description of characters & play session, more campaign world developmentChrono Trigger, D&D, Dark Sun, settings2010-10-23 1 
12552425Adding SotC Aspects to D&D 4EA tripfriend shows how to take Aspects from FATE/SotC/Dresden Files RPG and add them to D&D 4ESotC, Dresden Files RPG, DFRPG, FATE, LogicNinja, 4E, D&D 4E2010-10-24 1 
12557364Dragon Quest XVIThuron turns out to be a snake creature in disguise and answers some questions about the cult, the Unspeakable One, and what will happen if the cult succeeds. Cygnis continues to grow more dependent on us, Scinnari is a bit tight-lipped when questioned about her past, and we finally get a serious lair up and running with the help of our kobold minions. Also, we get invited to a party by the Sealord.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2010-10-25 22 
12570611Dragon Quest XVII We buy some gunpower, find out more about Sealord and council members, get hired(in guise of Ladon "Blackjack") by Scinnari to get rid of Brother Arman and btw the cult of the Unspeakable One has plans concerning the lighthouse. Dragon, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2010-10-26 23 
12577592Apollo does Abbot and Costello... for D&DWho's the Fighter, What's the Rogue, I Don't Know's the Cleric... classicAbbot and Costello, Who's on First, D&D, classic lols2010-10-26 5 
12592656Dragon Quest XVIIIThe Sealord's ball. One of Drac's minions tries to buy our loyalty, though we opt for keeping our options open for now. Scinnari makes quite a splash, Lydon confirms that Drac is a cultist, and an elderly snake creature crashes the party with the obligatory cryptic warning. Plot, plot everywhere.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2010-10-28 23 
12611904Crazy plans that actually workedWhen plans actually go as planned.roleplay, stories, roleplaying, D&D, awesome, fuck yeah, epic gaming moments, win2010-10-30 7 
November 2010
12634766Dragon Quest XIXWe have the displeasure of meeting Cygnis' half-brother Azdukashen, discover that (not)Thuron has been murdered, and make plans for stopping the cult. We finally turn Brother Arman over to Finn and Jassa(Scinnari), overhear that she's up to something on the side, and start looking for our next target, the merchant captain Andarr. We also wine and dine both Asha and Cygnis behind Scinnari's back, but get very possessive about Scinnari herself.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2010-11-01 24 
12658152Otherkin: A Cautionary TaleYou know what's bad? Insanity. You know what's terrifying? Not knowing you're insane. You know what's worse than either? Otherkin.Otherkin, Soulbond, soulbonding, Warning, Caution, Faggotry, D&D, Dungeons & Dragons, Terrible, madness, insanity, Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here2010-11-03 16 
12669869Dragon Quest XXWe go searching for the temple. Along the way we roast a ship, kill a dragon turtle, and find a cursed sword. Cygnis shows up with word that the Sealord and the cult are stepping up their timetable for the lighthouse.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2010-11-04 23 
12715111Dragon Quest XXIWe get a ride home and talk to a really knowledgeable crystal, finally getting some long awaited answers. It also seems to like us. Az is less pleased, and we troll him masterfully. The cult is on the move and has started the ritual as well as captured our ladies, so we swoop in to the rescue and prepare for the climax of the cult arc.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2010-11-08 23 
12739376BrainwormsDiscussion of brainworms turns into a brainstorming of concept and ideas. Includes redneck brainworms monster truck racing and ancient greece.brainworm, fantasy, D&D, biopunk2010-11-09 0 
12752230Dragon Quest XXIIIWe plan how to get rid of Azdukashen, "Blackjack" introduce the Captain Finn to the mr. dagger and reaches agreement with Jassa.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2010-11-11 22 
12785312Jester ThreadA discussion of Jesters are archetypes, player character, historical figures, and also as a reoccurring figure in media. Filled with historical anecdotes and tons of Harley Quin pictures.D&D, 3.5, jester, fool, harlequin, Harley Quin, fluff, story, funny, roleplay, character, discussion, character, history, anecdote2010-11-14 7 
12797702Dragon Quest XXIVThe council puts us on trial. As a reward for saving Freeport from the cult they try to kick us out of the city. Ungrateful bastards. Mostly debate.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2010-11-15 23 
12835112Dragon Quest XXVAz is at our mercy and we finally get a chance to do some good old fashioned villainous gloating before we have Scinnari kill him. Writer-Dude shows off his skills, to the delight of all.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2010-11-18 23 
12928664Dragon breeds discussion.Starts out as a question about mongrel dragons (Half this type, half that,). Ends up with lengthy discussion of dragons, lots of random questions, some images, vague stats for the Candy-corn Dragon, and more than some people ever wanted to know about dragons. (And exactly as much as others wanted to know.) Addendum: There are WAAAAAY too many types of dragons.candy corn, candycorn, candy-corn, dragon, dragons, fantasy, mongrel, halfbreed, dungeons, D&D2010-11-26 11 
12936417Undead ComputerMindless undead can follow simple orders. Can you make logic gates and thus a computer out of them?undead, D&D, computer2010-11-26 261 
12939196Undead Computer 2Deep Rot discussion continues.undead, D&D, computer2010-11-26 25 
12976701DAT FUKKEN DORFMany shenanigans occur due to the nature of one quirky dwarf. Such things include destroying the ceiling of the party paladin's church, accidentally skinning a druid, and getting turkeyslapped by a bugbear.D&D, awesome, dwarf, funny, stories,2010-11-30 43 
12978703Silk Drow VariantVariant drow are suggested who actually use the spiderwebs everywhere for good silk, ramifications are explored.drow, D&D, fluff2010-11-30 1 
December 2010
13041443Dragon Quest XXVIIWe reel Asha in and almost kill her, though eventually decide against it when it comes down to a real vote. We begin fortifying Mza and are attacked by naval forces from Morinth and Rhasver.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2010-12-06 23 
13108836The Rise of Poppa ShasOP asks /tg/ for advice on toppling a monster that he and his party accidentally put into power, only to have it broken to him that God Emperor Shastamannos is the coolest dictator in school, and that he and his party members are complete madmen. Join the Nation!Pathfinder, D&D, Writefaggotry, Epic, Poppa Shas, Now Lay Back and Think of Karthack2010-12-11 27 
13204751Dragon Quest XXVIII We defeat the Rhasver force sent to take Mza and ransom the prisoners back to them. Then we time skip forward, in which we explore Mza and expand the town. We try to spy on people, but the dice get in the way again. We do, however, snag an Orb of Storms.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, fantasy, dungeons, D&D, RPG, Collective Game, dragons, writing2010-12-19 23 
13244947Dragon Quest XXIX Town of Mza grows, we master the Orb of Storm, get more information about the Binder. We also scavenge few ships from city of Azar, which has been destroyed by Undead.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, fantasy, dungeons, D&D, RPG, Collective Game, dragons, writing2010-12-22 24 
January 2011
13364092TombquestIt starts out as a minecraft quest thread, but the OP lies, it's actually the TOMB OF HORRORS. Graphical aids are provided by a recreation of the Tomb of Horrors in the minecraft engine.D&D, Minecraft, Quest2011-01-01 12 
13380360Seemingly useless magic itemsSEEMINGLY uselessD&D, magic items, items2011-01-04 2 
13416366Cats and CommonersMore Cat ideas for DnD, other systems, and of course kitty pictures everywhere.Cats, D&D2011-01-06 6 
13517103Horrible things DMs do...OP relays the story of a Horrible DM who ends up derailing the game because of what he does. Others join in.D&D, epic, Roleplay, DM2011-01-14 0 
13539370/tg/ adult dating adds98/F/Underdark Looking for male slave willing to submit to my every whim and call. Have cloak, will travel.adds, d&d, what is this I don't even2011-01-16 2 
13557466Dragon Quest XXXInvestigating Azar. Necromantic apocalypse, reluctant rulers, and Black dragon Lord and Masters.Dragon, quest, fantasy, dragons, D&D, rpg, writing, dungeons, Collective Game,2011-01-18 21 
13583921Non-Combat EncountersA list of random non-combat encounters and creatures that are suited to this.D&D, encounters, ideas2011-01-20 3 
13645239Dragon Quest XXXIIIWe make our move against the adventurers, though it goes relatively poorly. We capture two, finish our immediate business in Beren, and set to work breaking our new acquisitions. We also have a chat with Scinnari about her loyalties and annex a port city.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2011-01-25 23 
13731949The Sheets of KromgolThe son of Kromgol returns with the fabled character sheets.Kromgol, Manly Tears D&D2011-01-31 127 
February 2011
13734638Dragon Quest XXXIVAngst and rage between waifufags and anti-waifufags, Black Dragons causing acid rains, Scinnari being pregnant and we create the storm of the Century.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2011-02-01 23 
13806562Dragon Quest XXXVAzar is reclaimed by Tashz and the black dragon there is killed. We travel to the court of Tashzmir and start nosing around in the local politics, though the major players don't seem particularly interested in us. Relatively short for a DQ thread.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2011-02-07 23 
13837681Hearing Like An Elf (Sometimes Sucks)The downsides to elven senses are explored, among other skills-turned-weaknesses, the sensitivity of elven ears is speculated upon, and one rumoured bit of D&D fluff puts a Captain in an awkward position.elves, D&D, fluff, writefaggotry, elf hands2011-02-09 11 
13891064Dragon Quest XXXVIThe Party Ends. It was fun. Now we Plan.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2011-02-14 23 
13958009Underdark TradersSpeculation about trade goods between the surface and the drow, plus a tale of the badassery of Underdark merchants, and more.writefaggotry, D&D, forgotten realms, drow, fluff, storytiem2011-02-21 5 
14000966Dragon Quest XXXVIIWe resurrect Mza's volcano, the dwarves strike adamantine, and Scinnari lays an egg. Seffy has also been busy building her domain, and we plot to undermine her. Wraps up with a potential lead on the "Twice-Bound," which might help us learn more about the Binder.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2011-02-23 22 
March 2011
14098897More random adventuresSome lack of wizard doing it stories inspires more adventures in the style of Doc Aquatic's stuffD&D, adventure, awesome, random2011-03-02 0 
14100433Puzzle Thread/tg/ Discusses the use of riddles, puzzles, and other mental challenges they've used in their games.RPG, Roleplay, Puzzles, Riddles, Riddle, D&D, Lovecraft, DMing, DM2011-03-02 0 
14130012Everything /tg/ Hates about D&DThe boring and overdone tropes and cliches that we all know and hate in our Roleplaying games.D&D, dungeons and dragons, noobs, that guy, DMing, faggotry, kenders, cliches, RAGE2011-03-05 0 
14200992AD&D World GenA bored anon roles up a campaign world, AD&D style. Creates an internal water-world with kelp-islands, Sylvan elfs all up in the motherfucker, and a pantheon of warring dicks.world creation, AD&D, fucking elfs2011-03-10 3 
14283360Inception inside D&DIt's like a that guy inside a railroad inside a cheese.D&D, inception2011-03-18 15 
14310642Become DMegucaThe OP and his friend are interested in getting into D&D, but a fateful demonstration of a session makes the OP think twice about becoming a D&D player. Will he give in and take his first steps as a roleplayer, or will he resist and hesitate?D&D, DnD, puella magi madoka magica, mahou shoujo madoka magica, madoka, magical girls, roleplay, parody2011-03-21 7 
14364205Bulette APC and Undead Clones/tg/ creates plans for duplicating yourself, creating zombie Bulette APC's and there are a few decent resources posted as well.3.5 zombie necromancy awesome d&d2011-03-25 1 
14418182WHY.jpgA thread about DMs and other players being dicks... Or just plain stupid.why, d&d, bad dm, bad player, /d/m, what, whut, wut, wat, stupidity, herp, derp2011-03-30 2 
April 2011
14452600Bad End Adventure SummarySuccessful rescue is not successful...D&D, Elf, Elves, Writefag, Bad End2011-04-02 5 
14487824The most Groan-inducing character concepts you've ever seen.This exciting thread goes into excruciating detail of what happens to some Mary Sues when they cross the wrong GMs. Also Mary Sue weapons that make you want to cry.D&D, Mary Sue, Trickster, Weapons2011-04-05 10 
14731842Western D&DOP wants to make a D&D game where PCs help a railroad get set up. western, D&D, 4.0, setting, steampunk2011-04-27 0 
May 2011
14769805What I Made, What the DM saw, What I Playedpeople post pics of what they set their characters out to be, how the DMs interpreted/misunderstood them, and what compromise they eventually reached. funny, cool, D&D 3.5 2011-05-01 2 
14779398Dragon Quest XLVIHammering out details of timeskip. Fucking up a black, considering freeing Soulless, starting on alchemy and wizardry guilds, kobolds again, and invasion of Avariel cities. Oh, and a Draconic Who's-who at the end of the thread.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2011-05-02 22 
14785826anti-cliches in fantasyCampaign and quest ideas that go against the norm.anti-cliche, D&D, campaign ideas, 2011-05-02 2 
14824448Chris, the Bane of ReasonTORCHES DON'T WEIGH ANYTHING AND SILVER DOESN'T EXIST in CHRIS'S worldD&D, That Guy, Horrible, DM, Dungeon Master,2011-05-05 11 
14827865Portal-inspired-D&DA brainstorming thread to bring some of the Portal games to a D&D game/setting. Special guest appearances by Wheatley and Cave Johnson.D&D, game, game ideas, awesome, funny, ideas, brainstorming, Portal, Portal 2, Cave Johnson2011-05-06 15 
14888308Sal the bleak, Ur-priest of the end of all.A simple Gypsy guy who's the result of a supernatural gene-bashing, and his exploits as the world he lives in keeps hammering home how cold and uncaring it is to his people. Until he finally snaps and ends the world.Emrakul, Gypsy, Storytime, D&D, Paladin, THAT DM, Bard2011-05-11 9 
14917435Dragon Quest XLIXWherein we visit Morinth, find out that some femme-mages just can't be reasoned with, and then go to war with Rhasaver. And win!Dragon, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2011-05-14 23 
14929027Traditional Monster Race are the good guysthat's the thread. humans and dorf and elves are evil and suchdraw, /tg/ designs, D&D style2011-05-15 4 
15005410Dragon Quest LThe war with Rhasver ends, we pick up a new city for our troubles. Seffy gets greedy and starts demanding obscene amounts of gold and adamantine as payment unless we marry her and merge our kingdoms. Meanwhile, some devils are making trouble for Scinnari and her superior is cheating her out of recognition for her work.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2011-05-22 27 
15063299That AWESOME Guy/DMTired of all the That Guy/That DM threads, this was their antithesis with stories of just plain awesome teammates and DMs. Special stories include The Great Caseby, an albino troll with large testicles, and killing gods.story, storytime, stories, D&D, The Great Caseby, Call of Cthulhu, That Awesome Guy, That Awesome DM, Henderson2011-05-29 16 
15097981Extra, Extra!Fa/tg/uys buy newspaper, inane headlines increase by 500%, anon accused of mukin' about.newspaper, d&d, 40k, frontline news2011-05-29 6 
15094464The Garden of EhnkieridianOP gives us a dark and tension-filled tale of a party entering a twisted and terrifying maze, worsened by his slow posting speed.game recap, D&D, Garden, Ehnkieridian, OPISAGOD, shadows, despair 2011-05-29 13 
15098724Extra, Extra! Take 2!Fa/tg/uys auto-sage old thread, nofun-fags enraged, official response by spokesperson 'u mad'newspaper, d&d, 40k, frontline news2011-05-30 0 
June 2011
15189000Dragon Quest LIIWe have a chat with Azyra about her new friends and manage our growing kingdom. Slower and shorter thread than usual.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2011-06-08 23 
15222327Dragon Quest LIIIYuan-Ti problems, Nehm being strangely curt in obedience, being happy with Azyra, cooling relationship with Seffy, and a new problem warlord to the north. And much too much irreverent arguing between players.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2011-06-11 26 
15314489Fantasy creatures in modern timesD&D in modern world.roleplay, D&D, werewolf2011-06-19 10 
15375337Dragon Quest XLVIMostly dealing with a certain protegee. Some Nehmeska trying to get on our nerves. And someone who may be after Cygnis.Dragon, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2011-06-25 22 
July 2011
15474941D&D Alphabet4th of July made awesome by a rhyming monster manual alphabet. And then it happens again. D&D, Monster Manual, Monster, Alphabet 2011-07-04 34 
15462654The Legend of PIGDOGA tale is told of a THAT GUY of legend, with IRC quotes to back it up. The man himself eventually appears in the thread.that guy, D&D, dark sun, autism, psychopathy, funny, horror2011-07-04 24 
15524708Thron Arskicker/tg/ COOPERATIVELY BUILDS A CHARACTER, FUCK (ALSO A SETTING I GUESS)character, setting, D&D, fuck yeah2011-07-09 14 
15640513Driven To NecromancyA wizard is driven away by his party. Revenge will be so sweet.D&D, Necromancer, Necromancy2011-07-20 23 
156560403.5 PiracyYarr ! A DM describes his plans for an upcoming D&D campain with a swash buckling atmosphered&d pirate campaign 2011-07-21 7 
15767164Vampire Dwarf Turned bearfestrawrrawrarD&D, Vampire, Bear, Rawr2011-07-31 12 
August 2011
15875747Epic Moments ThreadExactly what it says on the tind&d, rpg, epic win, storytime, manly tears2011-08-09 14 
15998909Tips for D&DRecovering Powergamer enlightens us with good tips for players and DMstips, tricks, D&D, dungeons & dragons, tabletop, RPG, 3.52011-08-20 5 
16109529Dragon Quest LIVWherein we play as a group of adventurers investigating Mza and Lord Prestor.Dragon, dragonquest, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2011-08-30 20 
September 2011
16204515Unfantastic Fantasy OP wonders why modern fantasy is so earthly and non-bizarre. Discussion is had and one fa/tg/uy tells of his magi-tech setting with robo-dragons and zombie goblins.fantasy, settings, discussion, tolkien, D&D, awesome2011-09-06 7 
16218346That Guy/That Bro ThreadOP starts a rage thread, but in the end a good time is had by all as people share stories of their 'That Guy' and 'That Bro.'army, that bro, that guy, D&D, stories2011-09-08 11 
16275993Werebears are Lawful Gooda necromancer PC has his plans foiled by himself during the full moon, unbeknownst to him.D&D, alignment2011-09-12 32 
16425991Yet another story threadCool stories, a temporary devolution into argument, and then more cool stories. Also Pavarotti.cool stories, bro, cool story bro, dark heresy, D&D, bear spy, pavarotti,2011-09-26 2 
16432973Dryad Capacity ConundrumTG saves dryad from termite infestationdryad, ants, D&D, vagina, Help2011-09-26 7 
16457297Dragon Quest LVWe track down the adventurers and bring them back to Mza.Dragon, dragonquest, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2011-09-29 22 
16460241Yahweh in 4EDiscussion of the Judeo-Christian God's place in D&D. Pictures, fluff, and stats of Jesus Christ.God, Jesus, Christ, Yahweh, D&D, 4E2011-09-29 20 
October 2011
16487506Dragon Quest LVIWe finally subdue the adventurers and have words with Scinnari and Azyra.Dragon, dragonquest, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2011-10-02 22 
16523963Zombie BugsOp tells an ongoing horror storyhorror,D&D,Kythons,campaign journal,storytiem2011-10-05 24 
16545159Diterlizzi AD&D Monstrous Compendium Annual Vol. 1Descriptions and pictures of Diterlizzi, the man who made AD&D what we picture it to be today.Diterlizzi, 90s, 1990s, AD&D, artwork2011-10-08 8 
16635054Dragon Quest LVIIIWe finally get around to killing the sorcerer, have a chat with Azyra about her future, learn Zevaana's true name, and try to figure out what to do about the brass dragon in our basement.Dragon, dragonquest, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2011-10-16 21 
16636459D&D college - fun experiences are hadWhat if you were a PC or NPC going to [class] university? This is what. /tg/ is awesome and creative.D&D, creative, university, college, college experience2011-10-16 6 
16658369Primarchs in D&DWhat first seems like a disappointing piece turns out to be awesome writefaggotry. tweest, primarchs, warhammer, 40k, d&d, 3.5, awesome, writefaggotry2011-10-17 12 
16680180/tg/'s most glorious character deathsIn which we relate some of the best PC deaths we've seen, including a Hunter calling YOU SHALL NOT PASS to clockwork minions, a Guardsman calling in Exterminatus on his own position, and a cleric of Kord who died arm-wrestling Kord himself.storytiem, D&D, Dark Heresy, Hunter, stories, deaths, glorious2011-10-20 8 
November 2011
16859494BagworldA dimension where all Bags of Holding placed inside each other deposit their treasures.d&d, dungeons, dragons, bagworld, treasure, bag of holding2011-11-06 53 
16867884Bagworld cont.In continuation of the Bagworld Setting, some parameters are defined.d&d, dungeons, dragons, bagworld, treasure, bag of holding2011-11-08 6 
December 2011
17257411Organ Construct BardSomeone posts that their bard became augmented by a group artificer and is now part organ, discussion about a necrobard followed and many good ideas were shared.Bard, character, Necromancer, artificer, game ideas, villain, dirge, music, funny, D&D, construct2011-12-18 6 
17260449Michael the fighterOP posts a good story, then nobody contributes.Fighter, Story, Michael, D&D2011-12-18 17 
17302885Tarrasque, SkelePuters, and the PainTernetA comprehensive and logical write out of how these all worked together.D&D, Tarrasque, SkelePuters, PainTernet2011-12-22 25 
January 2012
17499827/tg/ Gets Trolled - 5th EditionConvincing troll creates some dox for the 5th edition of D&D. It's obviously fake.5e, D&D, trolling2012-01-11 6 
17517984transformation in RPGs thread- Maple's StoryThe third transformation in RPGs thread produces the story of Maple the Dryad and more.transformation, D&D, win, dryad, writefaggotry2012-01-14 10 
17586304Trapped in a Fantasy WorldA journal story of a person trapped in a fantasy world and his struggle to survive done by writefag 008008 fantasy d&d adventure writefag2012-01-18 113 
17611378Trapped in a Fantasy World Pt 2The continuing of a journal story of a person trapped in a fantasy world and his struggle to survive done by writefag 008.008, fantasy, d&d, adventure, writefag2012-01-20 43 
17632664Trapped in a Fantasy World Pt 3The continuing of a journal story of a person trapped in a fantasy world and his struggle to survive done by writefag 008. Now with more Avery.008, fantasy, d&d, writefag, adventure2012-01-22 41 
17648894Trapped in a Fantasy World Pt 4The continuing of a journal story of a person trapped in a fantasy world and his struggle to survive done by writefag 008.008, fantasy, d&d, writefag, adventure2012-01-23 38 
17663235Trapped in a Fantasy World Pt 5 The continuing of a journal story of a person trapped in a fantasy world and his struggle to survive done by writefag 008, now with more people.008, fantasy, d&d, writefag, adventure2012-01-24 35 
17670989Trapped in a Fantasy World Pt 6The continuing of a journal story of a person trapped in a fantasy world and his struggle to survive done by writefag 008, now with dragons!008, fantasy, d&d, writefag, adventure2012-01-25 37 
17685424Trapped in a Fantasy World Pt 7The continuing of a journal story of a person trapped in a fantasy world and his struggle to survive done by writefag 008, now with mindfuckery and barbarian trolling!008, fantasy, d&d, writefag, adventure2012-01-26 36 
17705159Trapped in a Fantasy World Pt 8The continuing of a journal story of a person trapped in a fantasy world and his struggle to survive done by writefag 008. Now with airships!008, fantasy, d&d, writefag, adventure2012-01-28 36 
17708368Hippos will fuck you upAn anon remarks on the lack of hippos in the D&D monster manual. It is decided that they are too powerful to be included.Hippos, D&D, Overpowered monsters2012-01-28 7 
17717365Trapped in a Fantasy World Pt 9The continuing of a journal story of a person trapped in a fantasy world and his struggle to survive done by writefag 008. Now with close air support!008, fantasy, d&d, writefag, adventure2012-01-29 36 
17732681Trapped in a Fantasy World Pt 10The plot thickens when a distant branch of the Sun Church is revealed to know a little more than they ought to...008, fantasy, d&d, writefag, adventure2012-01-30 42 
17740505A Journey into the FeywildA DM comes to /tg/ seeking inspiration for Feywild adventures.D&D, Fey2012-01-30 5 
17751162Trapped in a Fantasy World pt 11The epic story draws to a close.008, fantasy, d&d, writefag, adventure2012-01-31 48 
March 2012
18164806Dragon Quest LXIII: Silver AgeInfiltrating the hold, and wondering WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE.Dragon, dragonquest, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2012-03-02 13 
18312013That Gentleman threadHilarious take on That Guy threads. /tg/ wonders just how much it can get away with as long as it's polite. THAT GUY, greentext, gentleman, verbose, D&D2012-03-13 28 
April 2012
18587979Dragon Quest LXVIII: Silver AgeWe clean up the worgs with some good rolls for a change, only to walk right into a pair of blue dragons.Dragon, dragonquest, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2012-04-06 8 
18783425Dragon Quest LXIX: Silver AgeWe talk our way out of a confrontation with the two blues, the gnome plays dead, and we continue our investigation.Dragon, dragonquest, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2012-04-20 12 
May 2012
18997281Creepy alchemist threadAnon notices how D&D alchemists are really creepy folk, things quickly degenerate beyond horrible.alchemist, alchemy, D&D, pathfinder, plague, doctor, vivisection2012-05-06 24 
June 2012
19406363Parker & Johnson Inc.Adventurers join the business community, corporate shenanigans ensue. D&D, Corperation, Mimic door, Frank the Illithid, Original Content, Discussion2012-06-08 39 
August 2012
20267480Non-Necromantic Lich DiscussionA thread detailing ideas for alternate-school "Liches", including how they would work, what they would be called, etc.Fantasy, Lich, D&D2012-08-12 24 
October 2012
20942896Joke trap ideas./tg/ designs MISTER SNAPPY'S FUNGEON, where are the traps are jokes. Excapt the ones that kill you.traps, D&D, funny, dungeon, joke2012-10-01 35 
20963670Age O' Drakes part 4The next edition of Age of drakes. Their still fighting over the mines of Magrite.Age O' Drakes, Humans, D&D, Collective game2012-10-02 3 
20976949Age O' Drakes Part 5The war has been won...but winter is on the run.Collective Game, Fate of Humans, D&D2012-10-03 3 
21017799Age O' Drakes Part 6Winter closes in...while some villagers wish to strike out.Collective Game, Fate of Humans, D&D2012-10-07 0 
21308228Goddamn Roombas"Did we just get beat down by a Roomba?!"D&D, Living Greyhawk, Mordenkainen, chocolate golem, gelatine cube, Pelor, scorpions2012-10-27 20 
November 2012
21379009Wizards don't give a fuckOP opens a can of worms when he asks for Wizard images. It soon goes into bizarro /tg/ territory.Wizard, D&D, magic, homo, thri-kreen, beards, genderswap, gangsta2012-11-01 21 
21447676D&D Jetboats/tg/ works out how to use Decanters of Endless Water as engines for a longship.D&D, Decanter of Endless Water, boat, getting shit done2012-11-05 10 
21661849I Submitted a Cartoon PilotOP asks /tg/ to help him revise the pilot for his D&D related cartoon. Fun and creativity abounds.Reggie, D&D, Get shit done, cartoon, collaboration, writing, funny2012-11-20 12 
21704519Smoothscale, the Ancient Kobold ElfOP thinks he has a problem, with the party leaving a plot-important baby elf with a clan of kobolds while they go adventure. /tg/ does its thingelf, kobold, D&D2012-11-22 28 
21721942Smoothscale 2, Kobold BoogalooSome rage, some sage, a few drawings and discussionkobold, elf, Smoothscale, D&D, DND2012-11-25 7 
December 2012
21826521Age O' Drakes Part 10After a HUGE recap that sums up most of what happened in the past. Then TG does more magic stuff, goes to make boats and a magical testing area. Along with checking out the desert, making an Orc Bro, and finding some 'undead' possibly.Human, Collective Game, D&D, Desert2012-12-01 1 
21839761Age O' Drakes Part 11The people Explore a desert underground city full of Zombies. They accidently cause a child to turn into a 'werebear' who now is training to be a guard as a child. And now their dealing with Halflings in the undead city.Collective Game, Fate of Humans, D&D2012-12-01 0 
21943923Automaton Dragon QuestAs /tg/ takes on a world where dragons were either killed off fully or driven off to parts far away because of magic. A small dragon automaton wakes up after 30 human kingdoms have risen and fallen.Collective Game, Dragons, D&D, Automaton2012-12-08 -1 
21963885Dragon Clan War: Desert Storm 2The dragons save their goblins. Get them some slaves. Check on the lizard bros and find some Orcs who are being forced to fight for a Red...who gets her ass whooped.D&D, Collective, Dragon, Goblins, badass2012-12-09 1 
21970830THAT GUY removal.Delicious revenge storytiemTHAT GUY, storytime, D&D, Awesome, Revenge2012-12-10 10 
22045469The Magical Education System!As a wizard trained by the last Arch-mage. The king gives him the job of making a Wizard school...he gets goblin minions. Gets an apprentice. And summons something from another setting.Collective Game, D&D, Wizard, School2012-12-15 6 
22056466Magical Education System:2We explore the lower dungeons. Kill a demon, have the elemental we summoned changed from normal from demon magic.Collective Game, D&D, Wizard, School2012-12-15 1 
22070118Magical Rocket Out Of a Decanter Of Endless Water/tg/ creates a functional rocket for D&D available to lift up to 52 tonnes of cargo with all math needed.decanter of endless water, physics, rocket, D&D, spelljammer2012-12-16 22 
22115305Rebalancing D&D nextOP's disappointment in D&D Next leads /tg/ to start fixing it themselves.D&D Next, Fighter, Reworking system2012-12-19 0 
22127974Half-Elf Quest: 1OP makes a modern quest for D&D and has a Half-elf make a life in the big city.Quest, D&D, Modern, Magic, Collective Game2012-12-19 0 
22218817Maple The Dryad ReturnsDryadfag returns for christmas, finishing the tale of Maple and promising more in the future.Writefaggotry, Maple, dryad, D&D, Pathfinder, transformation2012-12-26 5 
January 2013
22396178Convenient Magical Items for non-Adventuring Purposes/tg/ makes hundreds of quirky,seemingly useless items for D&D. A set of rings that lets you play a piano that doesn't exist? Sure, why not?game design, D&D, awesome, magic2013-01-04 9 
22578223175 miles to the LAWWherein /tg/ decides that the strange alignment mechanics of the Outlands means you can turn a planar gate-town into a roving weapon of mass destruction if you only you can apply enough LAW.D&D 3.5e, Outlands, Planar Mechanics, Alignment, LAW, Speculah2013-01-14 13 
February 2013
22944074Medieval Economy/tg/ talks about making a fully-featured economy systemhomebrew, crunch, economy, D&D2013-02-03 10 
23011737Tucker's Kobolds 2.0: The Critiquingso, /tg/, my FLGS is having a dungeon design contest, and I want to win that motherfucker. its any system, mid-level, judged on storyline, playability, and creativity (based on levels, traps, treasure, creatures, etc). I'm thinking of submitting a "Tucker's Kobolds"-esque idea I've been working on for a while, with a laundry list of nefarious (and surprisingly simple) traps, and a fuckload of Kobold legionnaires. System will be 3.5/PF. I've got about a week and a half, and most of my traps thought out. I would like to ask you, dear /tg/, to help me refine this idea into a gem worthy of a gamestore plaque and $25 gift card. TL;DR please help me critique and refine my kobold dungeon for a contest submission.Kobolds, Tucker's Kobolds, Dungeons, D&D 3.52013-02-06 11 
23386536Pantheon, Thread IA gaming group collaboratively storytimes their campaign.storytime d&d2013-02-26 10 
April 2013
24398393First D&D Campaign StoriesAnons share stories of the disasters that were their first D&D game.First game, D&D, nat 12013-04-23 5 
24483685The Boss's GameAnon tells the tale of how he came to play Dnd with his boss and a bunch of other random staff. Really awesome stroy that inspires jealously.The Boss's Game, Story, roleplay, D&D, storytime, random encounter2013-04-27 10 
May 2013
24599545Best Blackguard Ever"One of my players decided to roll a Chaotic Evil Blackguard for my current campaign... I'm not sure if he's doing Chaotic Evil wrong, or if everyone else is." It's the latter.D&D, Blackguard, Chaotic Evil2013-05-03 63 
24678380Quaker Q&AA Quaker stops by /tg/ to ask a question, and answers many more. A (mostly) civil discussion takes place.RPG, religion, roleplay, morality, /tg/, advice, Discussion, Real Life, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Call of Cthulu, D&D, Vampire the Masquerade, Dogs in the Vineyard2013-05-07 11 
24993469Kenyan teacher asks about D&Danon claiming to be kenyan school councilor asks about D&D/Pathfinder, TG offers reasonable adviceKenyan, D&D, Pathfinder, Satan, advice2013-05-23 37 
June 2013
25725242The Story of LarryAnon tells the story of a horrible sex offender That GuyDnD, D&D, 3.5, 3.5e, That Guy, Neckbeard2013-06-29 9 
July 2013
25763413What PCs say afterwards/tg/ discusses things our characters would say about us after the sessionD&D, PC, pc, pcs, PCs, god damn it, what the hell2013-07-02 7 
26033613Worm that Walks Lich/tg/ realises that a worm that walks can also be a lich. /tg/ then realises that the worms that make up a worm that walks can also be worms that walk.worm that walks, lich, phylactery, fun with templates, D&D, DnD, Pathfinder2013-07-16 7 
26207164Fact: NOTHING is scarier than a bear.The fa/tg/uys create a race of Soviet bear-men for D&D3.5D&D, bears, game, writefaggotry, fluff2013-07-24 5 
August 2013
26506066Coming Out In D&DMom, Dad, I have a confession to make...lulz, d&d, wizard, monk, ranger, /tg/, vampire, lgbt. gay, queer2013-08-08 8 
26821383Your dad sees your character sheet/tg/ hypothesises how their respective fathers would reactD&D, funny2013-08-26 6 
October 2013
27658903Problem player? Don't get me wrong...he's a damn good role player who stays in-character during the session and never meta games. Surprisingly, it's that last part that's causing all the issues. Problem, problem player, D&D, DM, dick-ass rogue, lulz, rage, That Guy2013-10-09 12 
December 2013
28647267Titanor!Crack of thunder! Howl of wind! The will of evil men! When our courage is in doubt, Titanor comes on the scene!Giant Robots, Titanor, only true way to play any D&D, pickpocketing by giant robots, all your power combined2013-12-04 74 
28826254Weird RollsAnother one of those threads full of hilarious storiesrolls,D&D,stories2013-12-13 7 
January 2014
29360104D&D Alignment: How very Neutral of you.A few guys actually make some gods-damned sense of D&D alignment.DnD, D&D, Dungeons, Dragons, Planescape, Neutral, Zapp, Brannigan, good, evil, law, chaos, sense, fluff, alignment, explanation, succubus2014-01-08 13 
29728264Gnoll Society WorldbuildingDiscussion on what gnoll society should be like, taking inspiration from the hyena and writing some interesting mythology.worldbuilding, gnoll, gnoll society, hyena, D&D, races, pseudopenis2014-01-23 5 
29772158Path of War & Psionics. Or: The platonic ideal of Sword.OP shares Dreamscarred's Path of War book. Anon explains the deliciousness of the Soulknife Swordsage. Much discussion and planning ensues.psionics, pathfinder, path of war, tome of battle, swords, stat me, Fate/Stay Night, magic, galorion, mecha barbarians, martial arts, swordsage, monk, soulknife, dreamscarred press, preview, complete psionics, wilder, win, attempted derail, D&D, fluff, d202014-01-26 5 
29901439Roleplay QuestWe make our heroes, OP leaves, but someone takes overroleplay,d&d,heroes,2014-01-30 -2 
March 2014
31058461This goddamn moment from a game you can't forgetMemorable moments that define tabletop gaming. Crit successes that shatter the plot, crit fails that cause TPKs on the first enemy encountered, everything's here.Story, storytime, stories, nat 20, natural 20, DnD, D&D, 3.5, 4, Crit, Crit fail, fail, awesome, epic2014-03-25 10 
April 2014
31513372Succubus familiar for female characterHaving a succubus familiar is perfectly okay if your character is female, right /tg/?succubus familiar, succubus, succubi, familiar, familiars, female character, female characters, yuri, angels and demons, angel, angels, demon, demons, D&D, alignment, anime2014-04-16 5 
31674272A crazy PC's memorialA tribute to a good friend and crazy players like him. Story time, Storytime, awesome, crazy, crazy shit, D&D, Mage, lulz, epic, /tg/ 2014-04-24 10 
July 2014
33363654Minor Magic Items/tg/ invent minor magical itemsD&D, worldbuilding2014-07-13 1 
August 2014
34338430Ancient BaatoriansThread in which /tg/ discusses D&D lore about the Baatorians, the Archdevils, demons and other fluff dealing with the ancient history of the Multiverse.D&D, lore, Planescape, Baatezu, Baatorians, Baator, Nine Hells, devils, demons, history2014-08-24 11 
November 2014
36022362Letters from Gri'goriThe thread where the concept of Drow refugees as Eastern European immigrants is bandied about. drow. D&D, characters. funny, spiders2014-11-08 43 
June 2015
40363919Fighters should give their moves namesWhere we discuss a Robbin D Laws article for Dragon Magazine which has no concept of the current balance of the game.D&D, Dragon, Fighters, Quadratic Wizards2015-06-04 2 
40407030Statting a Chimera MonsterA player stats up this Chimera monster from Kamen Rider OOOD&D, 5e, Kamen Rider, Stat Me2015-06-06 1 
August 2015
41537612Spiders!Spiders in 3.5x as race and culture? /tg/ sets to fleshing out the concept.Spider, spiders, worldbuilding, lore, d20, D&D, Pathfinder, homebrew2015-08-01 6 
42084350Golden Princess DilemmaOP brings in a 'wat do' for a princess that's been magicked into a gold statue by a dragon. Shenanigans, economics, and fetishes ensue.golden, princess, D&D, Dungeons & Dragons, what do, wat do, economics, monstergirls2015-08-29 6 
October 2015
43069369Megadungeon BuildingAn attempt to find a huge megadungeon led a group of anons to the conclusion that they must build the ultimate one.megadungeon, dungeon, game design, D&D2015-10-14 3 
January 2016
44938464Amazing GM SecretsOne GM starts talking about the things we don't tell players, then the thread devolves into rage and the definition of preparing.Rage, Campaign, D&D, d202016-01-22 6 
March 2016
45624404PhylacteriesA discussion of odd and creative lich phylacteriesD&D2016-03-02 8 
45880593D&D: the animated series/tg/ becomes /co/ and designs a D&D-based cartoon.Cartoon, D&D, WotC, Hasbro, Faerun, Realms, Bards, Druids, Pseudodragons, Drow Appeal, Friendship, Is, Magic2016-03-10 7 
46244963Humerus SpooksWhat starts with rib tickling skeleton puns and one liners turns epic with one anon's stories of playing as a skeleton in full plate armorD&D, skeletons, lol, story time, puns, bones, spooky, rattle, epic, humerus2016-03-26 41 
April 2016
46613644How to roleplay a cleric of Bane/tg/ gives a thorough, informative answer to a question about roleplaying a devout follower of the Black Hand.humor, derail, baneposting, master plan, dnd, d&d, bane2016-04-12 13 
May 2016
120Planescape Quest: Fluffy Tails: Impromptu and Casual PrologueAn arcanaloth who is a cute anime foxgirl visits Sigil, befriends other cute anime girls (and a trap), and joins the Society of Sensation.Collective Game, Planescape Quest, Planescape, Fluffy Tails, Magical Girl, Female Protagonist, D&D, Fantasy2016-05-02 3 
December 2016
960848Personas & Dragons 1In a modern Forgotten Realms, we make our character.Persona, D&D, Forgotten Realms2016-12-21 1 
January 2017
51243124What is the cosmology of your world ?OP asks /tg/ what is the cosmology of their settingsetting, settings, cosmology, gods, god, religion, D&D, gnosticism, demiurge, demiurg, plane, planes, universe2017-01-16 0 
March 2017
52335377Murder Gent, and other storiesIn which the tales of Murder Gent are told.D&D, storytime, roleplay2017-03-27 25 
April 2017
52535995Implementing shinto in D&Dthread full of ideas, mechanics, adventure hooks, and comfy all about everyone's favorite weeaboo animism religionD&D, fantasy, fluff, touhou, catgirls, foxgirls, cute, comfy, not-trash-I-Promise, gods, mythology,2017-04-08 5 
52624149The Mummy as an RPGA writefag answers that age old question "why didn't they just tie a cat to stick"The Mummy, d&d, writethread, shoggy2017-04-17 15 
52911245FOODFa/tg/uys discuss gastronomy, interesting (and somewhat pointless) fluff ensues.food, fluff, conversation, D&D, Pathfinder, Fantasy2017-04-29 7 
June 2017
53922267The Patchwork GodA D&D campaign involving a bunch of frankensteinian cultists and their patchwork creation is discussed.frankenstein, mad scientist, divine, deity, cultist, monster, storytime, campaign, adventure hook, D&D, worldbuilding,2017-06-22 5 
August 2017
54792272Tinkle the Jester A story of Tinkle the Jester story, d&d, dnd, 5e, tiefling, jester2017-08-10 1 
October 2017
56029294How would the porn like?Anons contemplate a serious questionD&D2017-10-25 29 
February 2019
64822926Chronicles of Steve 1The party finds a hero among commoners.D&D, 5e, Storytime.2019-02-24 1 
January 2020
70676564Rodney Dangerfield plays D&DMy familiar and I were happy for twenty years Then we met! No respect, no respect at allhumor, D&D, no respect2020-01-30 29 
September 2020
4430809Human Fighter QuestDonnel the giant farmboy strikes out into the vampire-ruled world on a deadly quest to avenge his slain parents and seek the holy light.Collective Game, D&D, Human, Fighter, Vampire, Paladin2020-09-18 4 
January 2021
76585688Draw your party thread: Christmas 2020 and New YearsDrawings of parties, GMing advice, people talk about games, storytime, a drawfag starts on a new template.Draw, party, storytime, noir, Black Crusade, Nechronica, Genesys, d&d, WFRP, Only War, cyberpunk, Pathfinder, Ubiquity, Savage Worlds2021-01-03 1 
February 2021
4672020[Night Market] Prologue: AdriftWe meet our intrepid Dragonborn sailor, Li Yen, as he drifts in the Astral Sea.NightMarket, Collective Game, Night Market Quest, Dungeons & Dragons, D&D, Spelljammer2021-02-28 -2 
April 2021
78644134Let's Design a Dungeon/tg/ fills a dungeon map with silly rooms.map, fantasy, game ideas, D&D, DnD, RPG, rpg2021-04-20 2 
August 2021
80736338Draw your party thread: Bug, Glug, and ChugDrawings of parties and people people talk about games. A Lasgun happens.Draw, party, storytime, d&d, 5e, Only War, dark heresy, cyberpunk, Pathfinder, shadowrun, Lasgun, Black Crusade, Nechronica, template2021-08-17 0 
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