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2016-04-27: Oh Christ, this is a terrible idea.

Look, do me a favor: If you don't like /qst/, don't just mindlessly downvote every entry or archive shitposts. I'm only doing this to ensure QMs don't lose anything in the transition, if a transition even occurs. Take it up with 4chan moderation, don't take it out on me. Please? :(

2016-05-23: Searching tags or titles/descriptions now includes results from both /tg/ and /qst/ archives, which should make it easier for QMs to maintain continuity between boards.

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July 2017
1669282Saiyan Conqueror Quest 7Karn and company travel to a showdown with Dr. Nefarious. The prince nearly dies, Karn achieves the legend, and the good doctor escaped.Saiyan Conqueror Quest 7, Saiyan Conqueror Quest, SCQ, GrandDragonQM, GDQM, Karn, Meloka, /qst/, DBZ, quest, Saiyan, Saiyans, Dragon Ball Z2017-07-16 11 
October 2018
2984428Saiyan Conqueror Quest 62: Chaya Special 2You win your arena fight, fight and make friends with a Crimson Demon, make explosions together, then pick your next mission.Saiyan Conqueror Quest, SCQ, GrandDragonQm, GDQM, Saiyan, DBZ, Karn, Chaya, /qst/2018-10-21 6 
3003384Saiyan Conqueror Quest 63After watching Chaya and Megumin fight on Sarathos, you master the Energy Body technique and arrive on Shaar for the battle royale.Saiyan Conqueror Quest, SCQ, GrandDragonQM, GDQM, Saiyan, Karn, DBZ, /qst/,2018-10-28 8 
November 2018
3038314Saiyan Conqueror Quest 65After coming face-to-face with the Arbiter again, you trained for two months before your rematch with Lord Boros.Saiyan Conqueror Quest, SCQ, GrandDragonQM, GDQM, /qst/, Saiyan, Karn2018-11-11 6 
3052490Saiyan Conqueror Quest 66Karn and Raven travel to a different world with Future Chaya and Mira, and Karn battles several gods.Saiyan Conqueror Quest, SCQ, GrandDragonQM, /qst/, Saiyan, Karn, GDQM, 2018-11-18 8 
3065450Saiyan Conqueror Quest 67The Dragon of New Salda, General Karn vs The Sword of Sanghelios, the ArbiterSaiyan Conqueror Quest, SCQ, GDQM, GrandDragonQM, DBZ, Karn, Saiyan2018-11-25 12 
December 2018
3080474Saiyan Conqueror Quest 68Karn and co. learn of what happened to Cooler and Arctus, Karn bargains with Vox for Meguminís freedom, then faces a demon. Saiyan Conqueror Quest, /scq/, GrandDragonQM, GDQM, Saiyan, DBZ, Karn2018-12-02 8 
3095330Saiyan Conqueror Quest 69After leaving the Battledome behind, training and important discussions are had, then Karn sends his children to their first mission.Saiyan Conqueror Quest, SCQ, GrandDragonQM, GDQM, DBZ, Saiyan, Karn, /qst/,2018-12-09 5 
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