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August 2009
5344185Drow QuestJoin Evilelf Bondageslave the Drow Sorcerer as he quests to defeat some evil Lich somewhere. Hijinx ensue.Drow Quest, Collective Game2009-08-05 5 
5346089Drow Quest 2Evilelf Bondageslave's quest for glory continues. Next Town.Drow Quest, Collective Game2009-08-05 3 
September 2009
5954268At what point does the paladin fall?A fa/tg/uy asks a surprisingly divisive question involving the sexual enslavement of a male paladin by drow. The ensuing discussion goes from stupid to incredibly awesome and back again so fast, and so frequently, that it makes the reader's head spin.paladin falls, drow, slavery, alignment, torm, respek knuckles2009-09-22 7 
6033107Sandwich the DrowOP asks /tg/ about the idea of a female drow character that was raised by dwarves. Several brilliant ideas later, Sandwich was born.D&D, Drow, Dwarves2009-09-27 36 
6048246Zhizz N'it the DorfSandwich the Drow continues to impress, introduction of her true nemesis the Dwarf raised by Drow! Let the ultimate battle commence! D&D, Drow, Dwarves2009-09-28 16 
October 2009
6117607Sandwich the drow WritefaggotryMore stories about Sandwich and her Dwarf Papa.Sandwich, D&D, Dwarves, Drow, Writefaggotry2009-10-04 7 
6145185At what point does the paladin fall? continuedThe continuing saga with a new twist, the paladin and the youngest Drow daughter have escaped, what should the paladin do?paladin falls, drow, slavery, alignment,2009-10-05 7 
6149075More Paladin fallingPrevious thread auto-saged, so continued in new one, discussions include alignment, sex, sunglasses, and the Drow Language.paladin falls, drow, slavery, alignment,2009-10-06 5 
6158480Paladin Falling #3Second thread started autosaging, so we started a third.paladin falls, drow, slavery, alignment2009-10-06 6 
6182290More Drow+Paladin writefaggotryMore of the recent Renegade Drow+Paladin writefaggotry that's been rolling around lately, sure wish they'd finish the job so we can stop archiving multiple threads about it.Drow, writefag, paladin2009-10-08 12 
6216829Even more Drow+Paladin writefaggotryDrow-chan and Pally rescue a merchant's daughter, Drow-chan loses her powers, the duo arrive at a keep of PaladinsDrow, writefag, paladin2009-10-10 10 
January 2010
7477889Sandwich the Drow Paladin!Now with 40% more writefaggotry! Delicious!Sandwich, Drow, Paladin, writefaggotry2010-01-08 11 
February 2010
7951949Drider PaladinStarts off with a player asking for some help fleshing out a character concept. Has some excellent writefaggotry later on.drider, drow, paladin, writefaggotry2010-02-06 6 
March 2010
8626939Dwarfs vs Drowtales/tg/ decides to show Drowtales Mary Sue drow the true awesomeness of dorfinessDorf, Drow Tales, Mary Sue2010-03-17 12 
May 2010
9921994Nazis vs. DrowHitler opens a portal to the Underdark, trains wizard corps, and prepares to show the Drow what real racism is.Hitler, Drow, Underdark, Nazis2010-05-19 5 
July 2010
11262498Spiders? In MY vagina?I'm trying to calculate a reasonable volume of spiders a drow could spew from their nethers.drow, spiders, vagina2010-07-21 36 
November 2010
12690699Goldentusk Returns... with friends!Goldentusk the orc-raised elven barbarian is back, with her other elven-adoptee partymembers - Violet the halfling-raised cleric, Keekee the kobold-raised rogue, and introducting their hapless "elven graces tutor", the wizard Professor Dwarf. Now with guest cameo by Sandwich Stoutaxe, dwarf-raised drow paladin.elf, orc, barbarian, halfling, cleric, kobold, rogue, dwarf, wizard, drow, paladin2010-11-05 14 
12706796Goldentusk Returns... with friends! Pt.2Second part of the thread about Goldentusk the orc-raised elven barbarian is back, with her other elven-adoptee partymembers.elf, orc, barbarian, halfling, cleric, kobold, rogue, dwarf, wizard, drow, paladin2010-11-07 13 
12978703Silk Drow VariantVariant drow are suggested who actually use the spiderwebs everywhere for good silk, ramifications are explored.drow, D&D, fluff2010-11-30 1 
January 2011
13707776Longeared Irregulars or Golden Tusk returns part 2slow drawfag returns, and /tg/ develops a warforged raised by bullywugs ITT among other things.elf, orc, barbarian, halfling, cleric, kobold, rogue, dwarf, wizard, drow, paladin, warforged, bullywug2011-01-29 7 
February 2011
13958009Underdark TradersSpeculation about trade goods between the surface and the drow, plus a tale of the badassery of Underdark merchants, and more.writefaggotry, D&D, forgotten realms, drow, fluff, storytiem2011-02-21 5 
April 2011
14477181Kobold Sorcerer Quest 1The beginning of a quest in which you are the leader of a burgeoning tribe of technologically and socially exceptional kobolds. One might go so far as to term them awesomebolds, but that could be interpreted as fagtacular. In this thread, scene setting and grenade golf played with Drow prisoners.kobold, awesome, quest, sorceror, drow, grenade, golf, interrogation2011-04-05 9 
May 2011
14939603Dark Overlord Quest 6We have a tournament and meet an uppity drow. We also find an orc ronin without a katana folded a million times.quest, collective game, overlord, evil, dark overlord, spiders, spider, SPIDERS, OH GOD SPIDERS, drow, orc2011-05-16 10 
14949512Dark Lord Quest Part 7The torture go on, the orc samurai becomes our servant, and our spiders became torturers and can even talk!quest, collective game, overlord, evil, dark overlord, spiders, spider, SPIDERS, OH GOD SPIDERS, drow, orc, torture2011-05-16 9 
14954504Dark Overlord Quest 8Taunting the drow, who KEEP ON PISSING US OFF! Also a nice meal.quest, collective game, overlord, evil, dark overlord, spider, torture, drow2011-05-17 9 
July 2011
15646309AK-47 Republic second edition!Updated rules! Redheads! Holy grails of scale-less wargaming!Getting Shit Done, scan thread, delivery, AK-47 Republic, wargame, Promotions, Drow, Redheads2011-07-21 9 
August 2011
15994115Fantasy /tg/A forum by the many different races. In it, Drow Racism, Tiefling Lawers, and how and Ogre courts a nice elf lady.awesome, office, fantasy, drow, tiefling, bard2011-08-20 7 
October 2011
16561350/tg/ Meta Quest 3After being resupplied and spending new funds on things like Small Soldiers, Spectres, and Star Destroyers, we go to try and rescue a branch office in distress only to find some Sue-ish drow in the way. In the midst of this, a new hero arises.Collective Game, Orz, Drow Tales, UNIT, SCP, Starship Troopers, Shadowrun, Meta, Quest2011-10-09 13 
16618858/tg/ Meta Quest 4We make contact with the Vault's commander and surviving agents. Apparently there's a SUE controlling the Drow, and that's the source of the reality distortions. We hire runners to collect information, and begin planning our assault.Collective Game, Orz, Drow Tales, UNIT, SCP, Starship Troopers, Shadowrun, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest2011-10-16 21 
16660618/tg/ Meta Quest 4.5An extension of Meta Quest 4, We buy stuff and talk to a spiritCollective Game, Orz, Drow Tales, UNIT, SCP, Starship Troopers, Shadowrun, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest2011-10-18 13 
January 2012
17663365YO ELF IS SO FATWhat began as a DM inquiring about the plausibility of corpulent elves according to D&D fluff quickly devolves into a fantasy version of the Dozens. yo elf is so fat, yo drow is so black, yo dwarf is so quickly, this is probably racist but i am not sure2012-01-24 15 
May 2012
19164148Dorftales/tg/ invades Drowtales three years after everyone stopped giving a fuck.drowtales, dwarf, dorf, dwarfs, dwarves, derpadoo, fuck you for reading this faggot, goddamn get a life2012-05-19 11 
June 2013
25224953Most insane thing your party ever did/tg/ remembers the most batshit crazy things they've ever pulled in a gamestorytime, character, epic gaming moments, awesome, drow, 3.5, Exalted, Paladin2013-06-04 6 
June 2014
33092130Monsterous Humanoid Quest: 1Seeking to give the world a new race to fear and work with. /tg/ picks up their Drow and start working with tinkering.Collective Game, Drow, Civ, Technology, Underdark, Tiamat2014-06-29 1 
July 2014
33450098drow civday 1 of drow civ questDrow,Civ,Dark Elf,Shmeh2014-07-17 0 
33471055drow civ2Day 2 of the drow civ quest by shmehShmeh, Drow, Dark Elf, Civ, Civ Quest2014-07-18 1 
33492762Drow civ3Drow Civ quest day 3 by shmehDrow,Civ,Dark Elf,Shmeh, Civ Quest2014-07-18 5 
November 2014
36022362Letters from Gri'goriThe thread where the concept of Drow refugees as Eastern European immigrants is bandied about. drow. D&D, characters. funny, spiders2014-11-08 43 
May 2015
39764572Magical Realm Quest: Part 1Character Generation and Drow sex hoorah!Collective game, Magical Realm Quest, Smut, Failure, Urban Fantasy, Drow2015-05-05 7 
40202533Underground Kingdoms"A lot of tabletop fantasy settings have races who live primarily underground, like dwarves, kobolds, gnomes, drow and so on..." A thread about underground kingdoms of creatures develops in a fun and detailed fashion. A scholarly anon drops by and dumps his own detailed research and thinking on the matter. Excellent resource for GMs!worldbuilding, dwarves, dwarfs, kobolds, underground, gnomes, drow2015-05-27 14 
June 2015
40314218Wood Elves appreciation threadA thread about Wood Elves, what differences exist between them and their cousins, if there are, and also fluff.Elf, Elves, drow, fluff, high2015-06-08 3 
July 2015
41231456Of Elves and other Fair FolkAnon asks what people thoughts on races who are beautiful, ethereal, and better than the norm, but also flawed in many ways, /tg/ discusses.Elf, Elves, dark elves, drow, fluff, high elf2015-07-22 3 
August 2015
41824919Wood Drow Civ QuestThe first part of the wood-drow Civ QuestCollective Game, Wood Drow2015-08-12 3 
41848864Wood Drow Civ Quest, Part IIThe second part of our "Dark Elves in the Woods" QuestlineCollective Game, Wood Drow2015-08-13 2 
October 2015
42908347Kobold Quest 1: Jamazo's StoryKobolds go on a Quest to save their kin, survive the wilderness, and get revenge on damn adventurers!Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Quest, Drow, Alchemy2015-10-05 5 
42924035Kobold Quest 2: The HatcheningA Slow day for the Kobolds are brightened by a trip and alliance with Orcs and Eggs hatching!Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Quest, Drow, Alchemy, Orcs, Fire Breath2015-10-06 5 
November 2015
43782487Underdark Quest 1: Character creationSomewhere, deep in the underdark in the city of Granthabur, Rahymus Razenbur, a male member of the Razenbur house starts his day and decides to train a bitCollective Game, Underdark Quest, SpiderGod, Drow, Horrible awful things, Evil, Underdark,2015-11-23 5 
January 2016
44671546Orc Bouncer QuestSimmons runs a one-shot.collective game, orc, bouncer, club, party, orc cock, tiny elf dick, drow2016-01-10 13 
March 2016
45880593D&D: the animated series/tg/ becomes /co/ and designs a D&D-based cartoon.Cartoon, D&D, WotC, Hasbro, Faerun, Realms, Bards, Druids, Pseudodragons, Drow Appeal, Friendship, Is, Magic2016-03-10 7 
July 2017
54521560Magical Realms Both Creepy and CuteOP requests the creepiest magical realms players or DMs have experienced, thread is derailed by a cute story of romance and elf racism.magical realm, elf, drow, storytime2017-07-26 8 
December 2017
56984041Drow NPC Backstory/tg/ is challenged to provide an original, non-sue and genuinely interesting backstory for a drow NPC character.storytime, story, worldbuilding, writing, drow, NPC,2017-12-18 5 
January 2019
3148921Drowned Quest 1In which Ellery Routh drowns.drowned quest, bathic, drowned, quest, collective game2019-01-12 13 
3179238Drowned Quest 2In which Ellery Routh sees double, asks and answers some questions, and has unlicensed medical procedures performed upon him.drowned quest, bathic, drowned, quest, collective game2019-01-21 5 
February 2019
3223949Drowned Quest 3In which Ellery Routh is too much and not at all himself.drowned quest, bathic, collective game, drowned, quest2019-02-11 2 
3270912Drowned Quest 4Short thread. In which Ellery Routh gets some R&R.drowned quest, bathic, drowned, quest, collective game2019-02-25 2 
March 2019
3303154Drowned Quest 5In which Ellery Routh has a bad day.drowned quest, bathic, drowned, quest, collective game2019-03-10 3 
3359573Drowned Quest 6In which Ellery Routh doesn't get murdered in a crab hotel. drowned quest, bathic, drowned, quest, collective game2019-03-30 2 
April 2019
3410671Drowned Quest 7In which Ellery Routh has a breakdown and begins an investigation.drowned quest, bathic, collective game, drowned, quest2019-04-16 3 
May 2019
3449345Drowned Quest 8In which the quest ends. See you guys in the fall.drowned quest, bathic, drowned, quest, collective game, RIP2019-05-01 1 
August 2019
3734159Tiefling Quest ICheechong is born. Our proud parents send us to Ratzits School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We join House of Silverfish. Idrow, Tiefling Quest, Tiefling, School, Draw quest, Magic2019-08-21 8 
September 2019
3762843Tiefling Quest IICheechong joins the brisqball team, gets a buncha books, and smokes abyssal airIdrow, Tiefling Quest, Tiefling, School, Draw quest, Magic2019-09-09 1 
3789381Drowned Quest ReduxCharlotte Fawkins commands a legion of alligators, becomes a private investigator, and is forced to make friends.drowned quest, drowned quest redux, drowned, drowned redux, quest, collective game2019-09-18 9 
October 2019
3851888Tiefling Quest IIIWe meet Cheechong's brother Chinch who's in love with a mermaidIdrow, Tiefling Quest, Tiefling, Draw quest, Mermaids2019-10-06 1 
3847410Drowned Quest Redux 2Charlotte Fawkins, Ace Mind Detectivedrowned quest redux, drowned quest, bathic, drowned, quest, collective game2019-10-18 5 
November 2019
3898353Drowned Quest Redux 3Charlotte Fawkins takes one step forward and two steps back.drowned quest, drowned quest redux, drowned, drowned redux, bathic, quest, collective game2019-11-18 4 
January 2020
3985031Drowned Quest Redux 4Charlotte Fawkins is a master of social interaction.drowned quest, drowned quest redux, drowned, drowned redux, bathic, quest, collective game2020-01-13 3 
February 2020
4046874Drowned Quest Redux 5Charlotte Fawkins continues to be a master of social interaction. Thread ends early.drowned quest, drowned quest redux, drowned, drowned redux, bathic, quest, collective game2020-02-11 3 
March 2020
4091909Drowned Quest Redux 6Charlotte Fawkins goes urban exploring.drowned quest redux, drowned quest, bathic, drowned, quest, collective game2020-03-12 2 
April 2020
4167383Drowned Quest Redux 7Madrigal Fitzpatrick deals with an evil motherfucker.drowned quest, drowned quest redux, drowned, drowned redux, bathic, quest, collective game2020-04-16 2 
May 2020
4199530Drowned Quest Redux 8Charlotte Fawkins meets Charlotte Fawkins. drowned quest, drowned quest redux, drowned, drowned redux, bathic, quest, collective game2020-05-07 3 
June 2020
4264396Drowned Quest Redux 9Charlotte Fawkins discovers her daddy issues.drowned quest, drowned quest redux, drowned, drowned redux, bathic, quest, collective game2020-06-09 2 
July 2020
4312380Drowned Quest Redux 10Charlotte Fawkins reenacts the plot of The Hangover (2009). Thread ends early.drowned quest, drowned quest redux, drowned, drowned redux, bathic, quest, collective game2020-07-13 2 
August 2020
4368291Drowned Quest Redux 11Charlotte Fawkins is a good friend and model citizen.drowned quest redux, drowned quest, bathic, drowned, quest, collective game2020-08-18 2 
4417979Drowned Quest Redux 12Charlotte Fawkins continues to set things on fire.drowned quest redux, drowned quest, bathic, drowned, quest, collective game2020-08-28 2 
October 2020
4466908Drowned Quest Redux 13Charlotte Fawkins ethically strangles a man and raises more questions than she answers.drowned quest redux, drowned quest, bathic, drowned, quest, collective game2020-10-15 2 
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