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Archived Threads

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November 2008
3005220Roleplaying longer-lived racesStarts with a description of what it's like to live for centuries, and becomes more awesome from thereelves, dwarves, life, roleplaying2008-11-17 5 
December 2008
3098046Humans are long-livedLike 'Humans are insane' but with longevity.humans, insane, space elves, longevity, aliens, scifi, setting, what if2008-12-02 7 
May 2009
4696772The Fair Folk - DiscussionWhile moderately made of fail due to namefag bullshittery, /tg/ eventually realises what it truly hates about elves - the fact that they're whiny pussies. The entire thread is then validated by a fuckawesome and creepy story of an elf who learns about death.Elves, Fey2009-05-29 1 
June 2009
4889030/tg/ creates a setting/tg/ creates a setting which includes pirates, songships, cloudsea, dorfs, cyborgs, Zalgo, trains ran by blood and orcs!setting, orc, dwarf, dorf, songship, pirate, zalgo, elf, elves2009-06-15 0 
4974301Yet more Island DorfsAnon asks for dungeon ideas for the Tropical Island setting. Anon provides that, and more.island, dorfs, dwarves, elves, setting, getting shit done2009-06-23 6 
5028025Dwarf WomenAn epic discussion on the nature of dwarf women.dorfs, women, dwarves, elves, discussion2009-06-28 -2 
November 2009
6929465D&D critters in modern settingSee the title. Also, an interesting side discussion about culture and the music it would give rise to.elves, elf, human, humans, dwarf, dwarves, modern, fantasy, music, kobolds, gnolls, halfling, gnome2009-11-30 2 
December 2009
7028072Elf Murderin'OP frames the elves for murder. DM weeps. TG laughs.elf, elves2009-12-06 35 
7161903Elf Murderin' Pt. 2Player conspiring to keep a human vs. elves war going by assassinating the gay elf-loving human prince returns, gives full DM reaction. Plotting ensues.Elf, Elves2009-12-16 21 
7196295Elf Murderin' Pt. 3The adventures of OP's manipulative illusionist continue. More plotting, weeaboo player setting himself up to be framed. Oh, and OP's character learns the meaning of Snoo-Snoo.Elf, Elves2009-12-19 22 
7324340Elf Murderin' Pt. 4Our favorite Light Yagami stand in is back once again! In this episode, elves are killed, weeaboos are framed!Elf, Elves2009-12-29 25 
January 2010
7690487Mutants and Masterminds: RiftsOP tries to stop the edition wars, by saying that M&M was the best system. Most of /tg/ agree's. And creates a new setting. It has elves that AREN'T gay.Mutants, Masterminds, Rifts, Setting, Smash Bros, Straight Elves2010-01-20 0 
February 2010
7922568Elf Murderin' Pt. 5The Elf Murderer returns with an update. Elf, Elves2010-02-04 27 
March 2010
8348872The Art of Elvish WarWhat stated as a stern glare and dwarvish pranks turns into an alarmly de-fagged first person analysis of elves, and some shockingly intelligent discourse on all things Elf.Elves, Warfare, Dem Eyes, Writefaggotry2010-03-01 13 
8597154Elven Cutebold Genocide / Adventure Continuation ThreadPart 2 of Janus & co.'s fight against the Nazi Elves of the Forest of Ulthar. WARNING: Cutebolds and Soul-crushing despair ahead.cutebolds, adventure, elves, genocide, bad-ass paladins, 2010-03-15 5 
8871718Enter the SargeFairly normal "what if" thread leads to our first encounter with Sarge, a badass wood elf on the edge, and leading role in the upcoming film epic: Full Metal Bodkin.Elves, Eldar, Sarge, All Goblins must fucking Hang, Fluff2010-03-30 13 
April 2010
9015413Elves gone awesome againSHARP. NARROW. POINTED. ANGULAR.elves, awesome, refluffing, Shit Got Done2010-04-06 7 
October 2010
12566665Fantasy Races in Sci-fi/tg/ plots out alternative takes on archetypical fantasy races transplanted into a science fiction setting. OP concedes to not giving a fuck.sci-fi, fantasy, elves, orcs, dwarves, IN SPAAAACE2010-10-25 1 
February 2011
13837681Hearing Like An Elf (Sometimes Sucks)The downsides to elven senses are explored, among other skills-turned-weaknesses, the sensitivity of elven ears is speculated upon, and one rumoured bit of D&D fluff puts a Captain in an awkward position.elves, D&D, fluff, writefaggotry, elf hands2011-02-09 11 
13851937So, /tg/, my DM hates dwarves...OP comes to us talking about his DM and the attempt to make new races to replace "stereotype" ones like elves and dwarves. A debate begins on the merits of originality vs established ideas, and how dwarves (and other classic races) can be awesome without being cliche.races, elves, dwarves, orcs, creativity, tropes2011-02-10 0 
March 2011
14098093Low magic setting with Dwarves/Elves/HumansAnon asks for a low magic setting involving dwarves, elves and humans. With dwarves being greedy, metal-hungry bastards. /tg/ get shit done. Some discussion in relation to how a NEET-like race of dwarves can even survive with little-to-no trade.setting, world building, dwarf, dwarves, elf, elves, humans, trade, economics2011-03-02 0 
14328261Elf herdingop has trouble getting their elf out of a tree after it chased a squirrel up. other anons offer suggestions and raise their own questions about what to do when their orcs/ halflings/ kenders/ goblins/ humans, and such get out of handelves, its not rape if its an elf, 2011-03-23 26 
14372065Genesis: Ti'gee/tg/ is called on to play god and build a new universe from scratch. So they do.cutebold, kobold, collective game, elf, elves, man, humans, setting, dwarves, dwarf, world building 2011-03-26 1 
April 2011
14452600Bad End Adventure SummarySuccessful rescue is not successful...D&D, Elf, Elves, Writefag, Bad End2011-04-02 5 
May 2011
14814716Elf pic dumpIn which we find pictures of elven women dressed in reasonable attire, as opposed to traipsing around dungeons in lingerie.elf, elves2011-05-04 1 
July 2011
15582277Modern Fantasy Earth 2Liches and Dragons take over the thread. Also including: Deals to get rid of adventurers, a golem charity spambot, and centaur shenanigans.Advice, Earth, Elves, Racism, Lich, Centaur, Construct2011-07-15 6 
15697457How do I make Elves not suck?OP asks /tg/ for a few ideas on how to eliminate potential suck with Elves. /tg/ replies with a few really good ideas.elves, brain storm, 2011-07-25 5 
15702313Fantasy Racial Equality in the Modern Era/tg/ discusses (in-character) the state of race relations in a modern-day world populated by elves, dwarves, goblins, liches, dragons...the works.stories, racial tensions, race, affirmative action, goblins, elves, dwarves, dragons, liches, mind flayers2011-07-25 10 
August 2011
15972165Outsider Webcomic DiscussionA Discussion of the unfinished Outsider webcomic and the unfinished Outsider Wargameoutsider, webcomic, elf, elves, Master of Orion2011-08-18 5 
October 2011
16709008Bishop Tristan's Civilization GameA new civrunner appears and proceeds to frolic with desert elves.Civilization Game, Bishop Tristan, Collective Game, Desert Elves2011-10-22 17 
16711708Bishop Tristan's Civilization Game 2When we make elves, we really make magic-loving, magic-using, magic-everythinging elves. Except for the tree hugging part. No trees in the desert.Civilization Game, Bishop Tristan, Collective Game, Desert Elves2011-10-23 13 
16726480King Alfonso Civilization Game 5We meet Stoner Dragonling and Demon-Summoning Elves. Stuff happens.Hagan, Dragonlings, Civ, Demons, Portal, Elves, Lizardmen, King Alfonso2011-10-24 8 
January 2012
17469578Pimpin' is easy, Genocide is hardElves discussing the best race to ally with whilst killing the rest before the talks go downhillElves, Humans, Goblins, confusion2012-01-09 22 
17729084Elves discuss Human OverpopulationElves are in danger of being overrun by the rampant sprawl of human promiscuity and technological advancement. Potential solutions and superiority of elves are discussed.elves superior humans disgusting orcs barbaric overpopulation2012-01-31 2 
March 2012
18320539Overlord AppreciationThe people of a newly formed merciless dictatorship thank the overlord for improving their lives.Evil, Evil Overlord, Propaganda, Roleplaying, Campaign Setting, Commoners, Common Folk, Bastard Elves, Asshole Elves, Goodguy Badguy2012-03-14 51 
October 2012
21179959/tg/ Goblin healthcareSomeone starts posting creepy fap material. /tg/ derails everything gloriously.Goblin healthcare, Skeletons, Elves still suck, Derailing2012-10-18 44 
21196399Lich's Employee Quest pt 16Daniel goes with Mark and the lads to Adrian's home city, Sileo. You have dinner with his mother.skeleton quest, dinner, elves, home, dinner, spilling2012-10-19 11 
21272703Lich's Employee Quest pt 20Daniel has some parenting issues and goes to talk with Adrian about them.Skeleton quest, warforged, parenting, spaghetti, elves2012-10-24 14 
January 2013
22408772Acid Trip - The WorldA land being created, truelly wonderful and weird. Ancient races, obelisks and sky elves OH MY!World Building, - Acid Trip, - Sky Elves, - Ancient Races, 2013-01-05 12 
22823971Part I of Rolo Bronzejaw's TaleA thread about Law and Order in Middle Earth is derailed into one anon's spectacular writefaggotry.Rolo, Bronzejaw, Rolo Bronzejaw, Noir, Dames, Detectives, Dwarfs, Dark Elves, Dwarf, Dark Elf2013-01-28 8 
June 2013
25716223Madgod Quest 1Anon is now Sheogorath and proceeds to recruit 5 Dunmer with ATTITUDE! Also Cheese.Skyrim, elves, POWAH RANGERS, Madgod Quest, Collective Game,2013-06-29 8 
July 2013
25928126Fantasy Races in MilitaryAnon ask for help about a crazy elf in his squad. Elves, Modern Fantasy, Military, Roleplay2013-07-10 6 
September 2013
27084917Armor Renegade QuestEarth has been conquered by aliens. We are a German vet whose past was just dredged up.Collective Game, Armor Renegade Quest, Space Elves, Alt History, Power Armor2013-09-07 5 
27242432Armor Renegade Quest 2We meet the family and punch an elf. Then we start to assemble the team, starting with our good friend and war buddy Heihachiro Hojo.Collective Game, Armor Renegade Quest, Space Elves, Alt History, Power Armor2013-09-15 4 
27328051Veterans of the Second Dragon WarAn 'Ask a veteran of the Second Dragon War' thread evolves into reminiscence of the war and it's horrors roleplay, second dragon war, not world war two with dragons, elves, lizardmen, lich, dragons, second dragon war, veterans2013-09-21 7 
27351008Armor Renegade Quest 3We make the deal with our friend. The next day, we're woken up and told to get moving. We start to assemble the team.Collective Game, Armor Renegade Quest, Space Elves, Alt History, Power Armor2013-09-22 3 
27468601Armor Renegade Quest 4As we assemble the last of our team, the rebels start their offensive. We navigate through the city and get shot by the ISF.Collective Game, Armor Renegade Quest, Space Elves, Alt History, Power Armor2013-09-29 3 
October 2013
27586713Armor Renegade Quest 5After more Sidarxi intrigue and backstabbing, we finally go on a mission: tank hunting. Unfortunately, we end up with an entire infantry battalion chasing after us.Collective Game, Armor Renegade Quest, Space Elves, Alt History, Power Armor2013-10-06 2 
27826630Armor Renegade Quest 6We fight off a battalion of infantry and run away. Then, the desire to know more intensifies.Collective Game, Armor Renegade Quest, Space Elves, Alt History, Power Armor2013-10-19 2 
November 2013
28068122Armor Renegade Quest 7We talk with another space elf, and get somewhat angry at their mentality. We then wander the Sidarxi base. Beware the clipboard.Collective Game, Armor Renegade Quest, Space Elves, Alt History, Power Armor2013-11-03 2 
28472050Armor Renegade Quest 8.1We get drunk, try out some pickup lines, and go to bed. Our Sidarxi flatmate does not take the bait. Thread 8 was inconsequential.Collective Game, Armor Renegade Quest, Space Elves, Alt History, Power Armor2013-11-25 1 
January 2014
29287335Armor Renegade Quest 9We steal a prototype suit of Sidarxi power armor.Collective Game, Armor Renegade Quest, Space Elves, Alt History, Power Armor2014-01-05 2 
29369446Tropical Island Setting WorldbuildingA question of orcs and clams grows into worldbuilding an island setting with a slant on realistic reasons for cultural/physical adaptations.worldbuilding, island, tropical, crocs, orcs, elves, dwarves, halflings, humans, 2014-01-09 18 
29437262Armor Renegade Quest 10We learn about our armor, hijack a plane, and leave for New Orleans. Collective Game, Armor Renegade Quest, Space Elves, Alt History, Power Armor2014-01-11 2 
29606011Armor Renegade Quest 11Things do not go as planned when we lose our ride to a fighter plane.Collective Game, Armor Renegade Quest, Space Elves, Alt History, Power Armor2014-01-19 4 
June 2014
32657757Oversized Weapon Quest 38Roll d20 to apply blackfaceCollective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Elves2014-06-08 23 
August 2014
33833352Cursed_Apprentice_Quest 2We get some nice threads, hit on a bar maid, trick a pickpocket into touching our dick, ruin our threads after we get shot,befriend pickpocket,and figure this cult shit outshota, Cursed_Apprentice_Quest, 360noscopearrowthrow, wenches, magic, Collective game, quest, brainexplosion, hugs, brown elves, nopumpkins,2014-08-02 10 
33914630Mesoamerican ElvesA simple question regarding /tg/'s preferred flavour of elf blooms into so much more. Personal Highlight: City Dryadselves, urban fantasy, mayans, inca, fae2014-08-06 2 
February 2015
38060445Space Crusade Quest #6We fuck elves...alot. We also checknout the ship, get the elves to decide to follow us...and fuck them some more.Collective Game, Space Crusade Quest, Scarlet Queen, Slaves, Spess elves, Unending Sex2015-02-15 3 
38134463Space Crusade Quest#9We talk to the Holen and learn shes just like us. Then feels.Collective Game, Space Crusade Quest, Scarlet Queen, Slaves, Spess Elves, Feels2015-02-17 5 
38156490Space Crusade Quest #10We get a crew, recruits, then rage at elvesCollective Game, Space Crusade Quest, Scarlet Queen, Slaves, Spess Elves, More sex2015-02-19 4 
June 2015
40314218Wood Elves appreciation threadA thread about Wood Elves, what differences exist between them and their cousins, if there are, and also fluff.Elf, Elves, drow, fluff, high2015-06-08 3 
40745299Slavery in RPGsOP asks if others have found slavery in their games, interesting talk ensues.fantasy, slavery, storytime, American Civil War, Elves2015-06-22 -3 
July 2015
41325398Racism in Fantasy settingsOP asks for derogatory terms and plausible sorts of racism in fantasy worlds, /tg/ delivers.Elves, Dwarfs, Humans, Orcs, Trolls, racism, specism, setting, worldbuilding2015-07-20 2 
41231456Of Elves and other Fair FolkAnon asks what people thoughts on races who are beautiful, ethereal, and better than the norm, but also flawed in many ways, /tg/ discusses.Elf, Elves, dark elves, drow, fluff, high elf2015-07-22 3 
41461397Squire Keeper Quest 4A noblewoman brings some dandy elf children to help turn away a goblin steam tank.Collective Game, Squire Keeper Quest, Squires, dorfs, kobolds, elves, female protagonist, straight protagonist2015-07-26 4 
August 2015
41917025Squire Keeper Quest 5A noblewoman hugs a goblin steam tank to death and then takes on a new female squire.Collective Game, Squire Keeper Quest, Squires, elves, female protagonist, straight protagonist2015-08-16 2 
November 2015
43490968Thoughts?All is not well in the lands.Thoughts?, Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Goatmen, Rape, Civilisation, Catan, Bob2015-11-09 10 
December 2015
43970123Elves as the younger raceThe elves find out that humans are are actually a super ancient space-faring race using this planet as a social experiment. elves, space2015-12-03 5 
March 2016
46295654Goblin civ #1Goblins are working towards revenge against the dwarven people.Goblin, Civ, dwarves, humans, elves, necromancy, shaman2016-03-28 2 
46380799Goblin civ #2Goblins are working towards revenge against the dwarven people.Goblin, Civ, dwarves, humans, elves, necromancy, shaman2016-03-31 1 
May 2016
72146The Goblin's QuestA little green goblin on his way to become king: The failures, the successes, the atrocities.Goblin, Dragon, Elves2016-05-06 2 
July 2016
419664European Daytime Elven Islands CivThrandir gets banished and we make a baseElves, Island, Quest, Civ, European Daytime2016-07-31 1 
October 2016
651826Communist Knife-EarsA civ thread about knife ears that set up a communist government where longer knife ears are more equal.Elves, Civ Thread, Communism2016-10-11 1 
690827Communist Flying Elves #1Going to war against demons is just the Elven thing to do.CFECiv, Elves, Flying islands2016-10-19 0 
November 2016
50096488Of Ratfolk and ElvesStarting with the bizarre idea that elves are in fact shapeshifting rats, posters discuss various ideas featuring both ratfolk and elves. Brainstorming, Elves, Rats, Shapeshifting, Ratfolk, OC, 2016-11-04 12 
January 2017
51248833Kulmorost Dividedfa/tg/uys create a fantasy setting.Kulmorost Divided, Kulmorost, worldbuilding, setting, fantasy, humans, dwarves, elves, orcs, trolls2017-01-18 24 
51288620Kulmorost Divided 2fa/tg/uys create a fantasy setting part 2Kulmorost Divided, Kulmorost, worldbuilding, setting, fantasy, humans, dwarves, elves, orcs, trolls, grimbright2017-01-21 12 
51380847Kulmorost Divided 3fa/tg/uys create a fantasy setting part 3Kulmorost Divided, Kulmorost, worldbuilding, setting, fantasy, humans, dwarves, elves, orcs, trolls, grimbright2017-01-24 10 
51485832Kulmorost Divided 4fa/tg/uys create a fantasy setting part 4Kulmorost Divided, Kulmorost, worldbuilding, setting, fantasy, humans, dwarves, elves, orcs, trolls, grimbright2017-01-31 6 
February 2017
1169788Fantasy Crusader Quest #2In which Victor leaves camp, enters a forest, and meets elves.Crusader, Fantasy Crusader Quest, Victor Reis, Templar, Knight, Elves2017-02-18 5 
1184486Fantasy Crusader Quest #3In which Victor Reis travel through the woods.Crusader, Fantasy Crusader Quest, Victor Reis, Templar, Knight, Elves2017-02-21 3 
1194101Fantasy Crusader Quest #4In which Victor Reis survives the Wild Hunt. Crusader, Fantasy Crusader Quest, Victor Reis, Templar, Knight, Elves2017-02-24 3 
1200580Fantasy Crusader Quest #5Where Victor buries his fallen brothers, and rests. Crusader, Fantasy Crusader Quest, Victor Reis, Templar, Knight, Elves2017-02-26 3 
March 2017
1216085Fantasy Crusader Quest #6Where Victor Reis takes a walk and has a talk. Crusader, Fantasy Crusader Quest, Victor Reis, Templar, Knight, Elves2017-03-01 3 
1225811Fantasy Crusader Quest #7Victor rescues his men from the Dark elves, but is left with several scars.Crusader, Fantasy Crusader Quest, Victor Reis, Templar, Knight, Elves2017-03-07 2 
1251511Fantasy Crusader Quest #8In which Victor returns to camp, and Natalia tells a story. Crusader, Fantasy Crusader Quest, Victor Reis, Templar, Knight, Elves, Natalia2017-03-13 2 
1279234Fantasy Crusader Quest #9Where Natalia finishes telling her story.Crusader, Fantasy Crusader Quest, Victor Reis, Templar, Knight, Elves, Natalia2017-03-24 1 
April 2017
1346314Fantasy Crusader Quest #10Training and rotten luck.Crusader, Fantasy Crusader Quest, Victor Reis, Templar, Knight, Elves2017-04-12 2 
1372160Fantasy Crusader Quest #11Victor has a sparring match with his friend Marcus.Crusader, Fantasy Crusader Quest, Victor Reis, Templar, Knight, Elves2017-04-26 2 
May 2017
1424110Fantasy Crusader Quest #12You meet the other Teuton Knight-Captains for a tactical meeting, and bring Kathrin along, as well. Crusader, Fantasy Crusader Quest, Victor Reis, Templar, Knight, Elves2017-05-08 1 
1457345Fantasy Crusader Quest #13You resolve the meeting and run into a serious problem.Crusader, Fantasy Crusader Quest, Victor Reis, Templar, Knight, Elves2017-05-16 1 
1472033Fantasy Crusader Quest #14In which Victor talks to St. Herard and Gabriel.Crusader, Fantasy Crusader Quest, Victor Reis, Templar, Knight, Elves2017-05-25 1 
June 2017
1509842Fantasy Crusader Quest 15In which we tell our friends about what happened.Crusader, Fantasy Crusader Quest, Victor Reis, Templar, Knight, Elves2017-06-06 1 
1517805Heroes and Men #1Newly promoted Captain James Gardner and his angry underling, Lieutenant Flemming, go planetside to meet their so called "company".Heroes and Men, space, war, quest, sci-fi, elves2017-06-08 1 
1575343Fantasy Crusader Quest #16In which Victor and his fellow knights head out on a Crusade to the north, through the mountains.Crusader, Fantasy Crusader Quest, Victor Reis, Templar, Knight, Elves2017-06-21 1 
July 2017
1654718Fantasy Crusader Quest #17Wherein Victor and company charge the enemy, and meet them in combat.Crusader, Fantasy Crusader Quest, Victor Reis, Templar, Knight, Elves2017-07-18 1 
1701629Fantasy Crusader Quest #18In which you win a battle, Cellica leaves, and you learn more about the valley.Crusader, Fantasy Crusader Quest, Victor Reis, Templar, Knight, Elves, Dwarves2017-07-27 2 
October 2017
1878744Fantasy Crusader Quest #19In which you break the siege of Ardon Glen.Crusader, Fantasy Crusader Quest, Victor Reis, Templar, Knight, Elves, Dwarves2017-10-09 1 
1938867Emily Jones and the Quest for Playability: Part OneIn which Emily's quest begins.Fun with Lego, Emily Jones, Collective Game, Lego, fantasy, elves2017-10-19 5 
1956530Emily Jones and the Quest for Playability: Part TwoIn which Emily's quest concludes.Fun with Lego, Emily Jones, Collective Game, Lego, fantasy, elves2017-10-19 5 
November 2017
2087092Fantasy Crusader Quest #20We play as Cellica, briefly, before returning to Victor, and regaining our resolve. Crusader, Fantasy Crusader Quest, Victor Reis, Templar, Knight, Elves, Dwarves2017-11-26 1 
June 2018
2608381Sophie Jones and the Quest for Playability: Part OneIn which Sophie's quest begins.Fun with Lego, Emily Jones, Sophie Jones, Lego, fantasy, elves2018-06-17 1 
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