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2016-04-27: Oh Christ, this is a terrible idea.

Look, do me a favor: If you don't like /qst/, don't just mindlessly downvote every entry or archive shitposts. I'm only doing this to ensure QMs don't lose anything in the transition, if a transition even occurs. Take it up with 4chan moderation, don't take it out on me. Please? :(

2016-05-23: Searching tags or titles/descriptions now includes results from both /tg/ and /qst/ archives, which should make it easier for QMs to maintain continuity between boards.

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June 2012
19584339Freeform Draw QuestA quest where every 3rd reply is fulfilled. It soon turns to insanity.Collective Game, Freeform Draw Quest, Fail, Insanity, Rub, Gaben, Chaos, Law2012-06-22 15 
February 2014
30106195Poland Ball Quest 2Poland steals Japan's katana. France tries to surrender. Collective Game, Poland Ball Quest, POLANDBALLQUEST, draw quest2014-02-08 7 
30420596Poland Ball Quest 3Americaball kicks ass and takes names. Collective game, Poland Ball Quest, POLANDBALLQUEST, draw quest2014-02-23 5 
July 2014
33474748Quest QuestPlay a character until it completes its objective or bad ends. Then roll up a new one.Quest Quest, Collective Game, Draw Quest2014-07-18 14 
33713660Faster Than Sound Quest In which we become the captain of our own ship. We meet the crew, head off into space, then promptly encounter pirates. Faster Than Sound Quest, Collective Game, draw quest2014-07-28 5 
33744734Faster Than Sound Quest 2In which we become the captain of our own ship. We meet the crew, head off into space, then promptly encounter pirates. This time you investigated an empty ship, which caused Newrii to be infected with some weird goo and is being treated. You also bought a new hat.Faster Than Sound Quest, Collective Game, draw quest, space, alien, aliens,2014-07-29 5 
33770758Faster Than Sound Quest 3This time Neewri becomes healthy again after the goo infection, and Akraj joins the crew aswell.Faster Than Sound Quest, Collective Game, draw quest, space, alien, aliens,2014-07-30 1 
October 2014
35794586Paladin QuestWe go to defeat the lich.Paladin Quest, Draw Quest, Collective Game2014-10-30 0 
35806492Chelsey QuestYou are Chelsey Hall, a bored and lonely girl.Collective Game, Chelsey Hall, Drawquest, Draw Quest2014-10-30 0 
November 2014
36100876chen questthe fantastic adventure of chen Collective Game, chen, cirno, 11/11, touhou, draw quest, drawquest, 2014-11-11 26 
36339943Teenage Android QuestIssac arrives at school, learns how to hold a conversation, and meets his roommate(s?).Collective Game, Teenage Android Quest, Drawquest, draw quest2014-11-23 1 
April 2015
39074654tewi questtewi pranks a lot of people Collective Game, tewi quest, cirno, draw quest, drawquest, touhou 2015-04-02 10 
March 2017
1192069Masterpiece of a Shattered GodA draw game, the premise being that anons are the shattered consciousness of a God seeking to create his masterpiece.Collective Game, Masterpiece, Shattered, God, Masterpiece of a Shattered God, MSG, MSG Quest, Draw, Draw Thread, Draw Quest2017-03-01 1 
June 2017
1554706Copper Age Draw QuestA shaman works in the communitycopper age, drawing, shaman, tribe, draw quest2017-06-09 4 
1593056drawing stuff IIIa break out is botched and we return to the foldcopper age, drawing, shaman, tribe, draw quest, era draw quest2017-06-22 1 
July 2017
1673449I'll draw you stuff VITublat has a frightening conversation with a tainted spirit.copper age, drawing, shaman, tribe, draw quest2017-07-19 1 
August 2018
2830410The Very Bad SamuraiA Samurai Jack One Shot narrated by the mysterious "Uka"dolomite, Samurai, Samurai Jack, one shot, draw quest2018-08-25 8 
September 2018
2839196Seeker Quest 35The battle is all but won, some warriors desert the battle to loot the town.seeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, draw quest2018-09-06 1 
2856338Seeker Quest 36After battle celebration, Christof takes the opportunity to speak with the Arch-DukeSeeker Quest, fantasy, dolomite, draw quest2018-09-13 2 
2888792Postman Knight quest!We go through our first steps and pass the tests in order to be accepted as trainees.Draw Quest, Postman Knight, Gpqm2018-09-21 1 
October 2018
2950839Seeker Quest 38Christof beats the shit out of Ulric and then the party gets surrounded by bloodthirsty jabberwocksseeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, RPG, draw quest2018-10-18 2 
2963408Postman Knight quest! Part 2Op died then revived then died again. Also picked a fight with a midgetDraw Quest, Postman Knight, Gpqm Collective Game, Fantasy, 2018-10-25 1 
December 2018
3069699Seeker Quest 39Suspiciously well equipped bandits ambush the party in a crystal cave.Seeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, RPG, draw quest2018-12-03 2 
3087623Seeker Quest 40The illusion wielding bandits are defeated. Christof takes his team onwards to the lair of the dark wizards and meets a hostile transmuter.Seeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, RPG, draw quest2018-12-10 1 
3099627Seeker Quest 41Fight against the traitorous Salaman and his sister IkaraSeeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, RPG, draw quest2018-12-16 2 
3115597Seeker Quest 42The group leaves Salaman in jail and goes on to complete the mission without him. A strange necromancer offers some potions to help. Seeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, RPG, draw quest2018-12-30 1 
January 2019
3159460Seeker Quest 43The party flees through the night under hail and torrential rain. A creature of the night ambushes them.Seeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, RPG, draw quest2019-01-13 2 
3177187Seeker Quest 44A large wizard battle commences. Seeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, RPG, draw quest2019-01-20 2 
3194255Seeker Quest 45The wicked sorcerers are defeated but their leader manages to escape.Seeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, RPG, draw quest2019-01-27 2 
July 2019
3582364Elf Femboy Civ 1Turns 1 to 13Dolomite, Civilization, Civ, draw quest, fantasy, elf, elves2019-07-02 2 
3620610Elf Femboy Civ 2Turns 14 to 25Dolomite, Civilization, Civ, draw quest, fantasy, elf, elves2019-07-15 2 
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