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Archived Threads

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November 2008
3074549Anonymous helps out on a HomebrewAnonymous asks for help on a homebrew and /tg/ gets shit done. Homebrew sci-fi sf aliens politics2008-11-27 0 
December 2008
3098046Humans are long-livedLike 'Humans are insane' but with longevity.humans, insane, space elves, longevity, aliens, scifi, setting, what if2008-12-02 7 
June 2009
4794633XenobiologyA fa/tg/uy details the biology and early evolution of an alien race.Xenos, Alien, Race2009-06-07 2 
August 2009
5538301Archaeological report on humansArchaeologists of an alien civilization squabble about the curious properties of the perplexing human race.Collective game, hilarity, alien report, little purple tube2009-08-21 2 
September 2009
5902045WWII quest 2Canadian now lead the USSR with Alien,Super heroes,Cthulhu involveCthulhu, Collective Game, Alternate History, Alien, XCOM2009-09-18 1 
December 2009
7054177Illusion TownIdeas for running a setting where everything is in fact a giant alien experiment, great ideas for a disturbing campaignrpg horror aliens sci fi2009-12-09 2 
7365601Fuck Yeah, Space!/tg/ homebrews some awesome alien raceshomebrew, space, aliens 2009-12-31 0 
January 2010
7381445Alien namefagsAn initially pointless thread unfurls into a bizzare mishmash of alien species all discussing their opinions of humanity. Hilarity ensues.Aliens, Sci-fi, Roleplay, Namefag Circle-jerk2010-01-01 6 
February 2010
8009404The WarWar through the eyes of an alien, written on the fly.MarathonMan, scifi, aliens, war, crab2010-02-10 0 
8085772AVP quest pt 1Anon attempts to survive as a colonial marine in a three way clusterfuck. Lot's of running, shooting, betrayal and pissing our pants in abject terror ensues. So, business as usual in the Corps then?quest thread, collective game, aliens, predator, game over man, game over2010-02-14 5 
8100383Xenomorph Quest Part 1Part 1 of Xenomorph QuestXenomorph, Alien2010-02-15 6 
8105428Xenomorph Quest, part 2Brohiss and his brother protect their QUEEN EGG from all kinds of crazy stuff.xenomorph aliens2010-02-15 1 
April 2010
8895534Wormhole Cyberpunk settingAliens seek refuge, but end up crash landing and screwing up the planet big time. Cyberpunk without the 80's feel.scifi apocalypse post-apocalypse post postapocalypse alien refugee immigrant war science fiction SHTF future cyberpunk punk white knight whiteknight2010-04-01 2 
9221037HUMANITY, FUCK YEAH rides againTHIS TIME, IT'S PERSONAL. And a combination of compilation of previous works and new material.humans, HUMANITY, HUMANITY FUCK YEAH, sci-fi, aliens2010-04-16 6 
November 2010
12730648Humans are...OP asks what makes Humans truly unique among potential life in the universe. A great analysis of hard science and sci-fi ensues. Mild humanity fuck-yeah as well.sci-fi, humanity, humans, aliens, life, science2010-11-09 31 
January 2011
13497541End of the universe roleplaying settingAnon has an idea for a setting close to the heat death of the universe. Others pitch in.setting, roleplaying, universe, heat death, space, galaxies, aliens, spaceships, starships2011-01-12 4 
13537293Statting Xenomorphs(Aliens) for Dark HeresyAnon asks for help on statting the Xenomorphs for Dark Heresy, gets help.Aliens, RPGs, Dark Heresy2011-01-16 3 
13659142Humanity Fuck Yeah-ishNew Humanity Fuck Yeah-stories mixed with old classics.humanity, HFY, alien2011-01-26 11 
February 2011
14040665Rebellion Quest 7First contactrebellion, quest, aliens, etc2011-02-25 6 
March 2011
14228987Neolithic Fantasy RPG Discussion/tg/ discusses concepts regarding a fantasy neolithic RPG.rpg homebrew neolithic nathandrals cave men bronze aliens2011-03-13 3 
14381022HU2: Copyright Infringing Random RollsA brave anon from the HU Revised creation thread starts a new one with HU2 to create a comrade for Finesse. A mutant alien, outcast from his own kind for being vaguely more fishy than them, and is Totally Not Abe Sapien, no matter what the dice try to tell you. Old OP joins in as well. To be continued..HU, HU2, Heroes Unlimited, superhero, superheroes, cyborg, Finesse, skeletal fish aliens, Abe Sapien, Totally Not Abe Sapien, Christopher Walken of the Fish People2011-03-27 0 
April 2011
14526718Stranded on an alien world./tg/ regulars get sucked off to an alien world with all the gear they can carry. A typical thread until writefags start churning out awesome.stranded alien world writefag2011-04-09 6 
14540119Stranded on an alien world 2The thread continues, an argument starts off between agriculture and hunter gather and the writefag marches on.stranged, alien world, writefag2011-04-10 5 
14542831Stranded on an alien world 3More writefagging by 008 and company, drama, suspense and alien artifacts.writefag, alien world, stranded2011-04-11 6 
14579731Stranded on an alien world part 4Writefags beat the odds and another thread continues the awesome with more journals and stories. Suspense, Drama, gunshot wounds!alien world, stranded, writefag, lenore2011-04-14 7 
14606431Stranded on an alien world part 54channers stranded on a hostile alien world. The writefagging continues. How can this be?alien world, stranded, lenore, writefag2011-04-16 7 
14644599Stranded on an alien world 6TG'ers enter their second year stranded on this world as the third wave of arrives start appearing. Drama, Suspense, Sex, writefagging.writefag, Lenore, alien world, stranded2011-04-20 7 
January 2012
17472313Sorcerous SpaceThe aliens of outer space are not the technological wonders we have envisioned, but rather long-living races of magically-adept beings.setting, homebrew, magic, technology, humans, aliens, Sorcerous Space, Laws of Physics, Ideals of Magic2012-01-09 14 
17483106Sorcerous Space discussion part 2Further discussion of setting ideas for Sorcerous Space a setting where humans live in an anti magic field and aliens are all wizardssetting, homebrew, magic, technology, humans, aliens, Sorcerous Space, Laws of Physics, Ideals of Magic2012-01-10 3 
17684321Humanity Fuck...ing AnalysisA writefag writes a really good analysis of humanity, and then creates a settinghumanity, writefag, aliens, goo-girls2012-01-27 13 
July 2012
19863172Civ Game: Post-Apocalyptic EditionThe survivors of the Star City National Guard try to survive and make a place for themselves in the apocalyptic wasteland that was once the American north-west.Collective Game, Civ Game, Post Appocaliptic, Quest, Star Guard, Salient Blue2012-07-14 20 
19870867Civ Game: Post-Apocalyptic Edition 2Their position secure, the Star Guard improves their infrastructure and discovers a raider fortress.Collective Game, Civ Game, Post Appocaliptic, Quest, Star Guard, Salient Blue2012-07-14 11 
19878957Civ Game: Post-Apocalyptic Edition 3The Star Guard destroys the raider fort, finds tribals at a hospital, and begins research.Collective Game, Civ Game, Post Appocaliptic, Quest, Star Guard, Salient Blue2012-07-15 11 
19892493Civ Game: Post Apocalyptic Edition 4The Star Guard learns of a cure for the Redbulls' rage and fights their way to a naval base to find it.Collective Game, Civ Game, Post Appocaliptic, Quest, Star Guard, Salient Blue2012-07-15 11 
19899086Civ Game: Post-Apocalyptic Edition 5The Star Guard gets helicopters, explores the river, meets a megacorp, and sends guardsmen to live at the naval base.Collective Game, Civ Game, Post Appocaliptic, Quest, Star Guard, Salient Blue2012-07-16 12 
19908799Civ Game: Post-Apocalyptic Edition 6The Star Guard explore the city via helicopter and try to liberate the airport island and the Gold Stars.Collective Game, Civ Game, Post Appocaliptic, Quest, Star Guard, Salient Blue2012-07-16 12 
19912279Civ Game: Post-Apocalyptic Edition 7The Star Guard liberates the airport, starts spreading the Star Guard movement to other cities, and begins the Redbull offensive.Collective Game, Civ Game, Post Appocaliptic, Quest, Star Guard, Salient Blue2012-07-17 15 
19926666Civ Game: Post-Apocalyptic Edition 8Star Guard liberates Redbulls and kicks some tribal assCollective Game, Civ Game, Post Appocaliptic, Quest, Star Guard, Salient Blue2012-07-17 14 
19930293Civ Game: Post-Apocalyptic Edition 9The Star Guard liberates child soldiers and establishes protected trade routes.Collective Game, Civ Game, Post Appocaliptic, Quest, Star Guard, Salient Blue2012-07-18 14 
19941696Civ Game: Post-Apocalyptic Edition 10The Star Guard trades, expands, prospers, and then the main base explodes.Collective Game, Civ Game, Post Appocaliptic, Quest, Star Guard, Salient Blue2012-07-19 16 
August 2012
20140083The only human on an alien space stationNot star trek, not mass effect. The one human on a space station full of freaky aliens looks for lovealiens, humans, lonely, sci-fi, writefaggotry2012-08-02 29 
20357575Lenore writefaggotry008 and co come out again to write.stranded, alien world, lenore2012-08-19 9 
September 2012
20558506Lady Robot Master Quest Part 20In which Blade Woman seduces a destroyed evil alien computer...megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman, pharaoh man, evil alien computer, flash man2012-09-02 3 
March 2013
23729950Shattered Galaxies QuestPlaying a Lord Governor of a solar system in the far future, with colony building, alien fighting, and trading.Shattered Galaxies, Shattered Galaxies Quest, Quest, aliens, strategy2013-03-17 15 
23736174Shattered Galaxies Quest Part IIPlaying a Lord Governor of a solar system in the far future, with colony building, psionics unlocking, and politics!Collective Game, Shattered Galaxies, Shattered Galaxies Quest, Quest, aliens, strategy2013-03-17 10 
23757275AdEva base on crazy religionOP asks for crazy religious things to fuel his game. /tg/ provides.setting, adeptus evangelion, adeva, future alien jews, time cube, wat, religion, cazy2013-03-18 24 
23753721Shattered Galaxies Quest Part IIIPlaying a Lord Governor of a solar system in the far future, with space battles, xenobiology, and slimy merchants.Collective Game, Shattered Galaxies, Shattered Galaxies Quest, Quest, aliens, strategy2013-03-19 10 
23764381Shattered Galaxies Quest Part IVPlaying a Lord Governor of a solar system in the far future, with boarding actions, xenobiology, and uppity pirates.Collective Game, Shattered Galaxies, Shattered Galaxies Quest, Quest, aliens, strategy2013-03-20 10 
23831056Shattered Galaxies Quest Part VA somewhat short thread, but trade is accomplished, and new facilities established. The future is bright!Collective Game, Shattered Galaxies, Shattered Galaxies Quest, Quest, aliens, strategy2013-03-23 11 
23941315Create a Species: Ashagi/tg/ unleashes a race of cave nautuli who speak radiowaves and hear colors.Create a Species, Species, Ashagi, Scifi, Alien2013-03-29 4 
April 2013
24310462Predator Quest 1In which our cunnin' Pred passes his trial, discovers that spears are awesome, and that feral bugs suck at avoiding traps.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-04-18 23 
24329663Predator Quest 2Our brave hunter Three-Claw receives his first mission: Investigate Weyland-Yutani and Xenomorph activity on Pandora. We also bribe the quartermaster, begin our shopping spree, and go FULL TACTICOOL.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-04-19 23 
24348485Predator Quest Ep 3Our brave hunter Three-Claw receives his first mission: Investigate Weyland-Yutani and Xenomorph activity on Pandora.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-04-20 20 
24370313Predator Quest Ep 4Our young predator finally reaches the surface of Pandora after crash-landing in a lake.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-04-21 15 
24392364 after crash-landing in a lake. Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, PredatorOur hunter fights a space-trout to the death. after crash-landing in a lake. Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-04-22 18 
24450823Predator Quest Ep 6We escape the lake, only to stumble upon a massive xeno hive. There were no survivors.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-04-25 18 
24495277Xenomorph Quest 3Xenomorph in 13th century, managed to herd a small settlement of humans to the queenXenomorph Quest, Alien, Collective Game2013-04-27 2 
24502825Predator Quest Ep 7We stir up some trouble and fight our first Na'viPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-04-28 17 
24542163Predator Quest Ep 8We enter the cavern and fight our way inwardsPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-04-30 17 
May 2013
24562412Predator Quest Ep 9We make our way through the hive to reach the queen's chambersPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-01 16 
24597930Predator Quest 10In which we escape from the hive with a new hood ornament.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-03 30 
24616640Predator Quest Ep 10In which return home triumphantPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-04 23 
24634619Predator Quest 12In which our young predator joins a political meetingPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-05 17 
24777783Predator Quest Ep 14In which we sort out our ship and do more shopping.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-12 15 
24798622Predator Quest Ep 15Pretty girls and severed heads.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-13 24 
24874032Predator Quest Episode 16In which we must gather our party before venturing forth. Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-17 16 
24893293Predator Quest Ep 17In which we complete our team and ready to kick assPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-18 16 
24912872Predator Quest Ep 18I bet the Night-Prowlers are behind this.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-19 17 
24949040Predator Quest Episode 19DIVE PILOT! HIT THE BURNERS!Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-21 16 
24986548Predator Quest Episode 20In which we capture our prizePredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-23 13 
25006270Predator Quest Ep 21In which we repel boardersPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-24 17 
25025492Predator Quest Ep 22In which we uncover a conspiracy.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-25 14 
25126423Predator Quest ep 23In which we are pursued by unknown forces. Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-30 16 
June 2013
25167294Predator Quest ep 24In which we fight in space!Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator 2013-06-01 13 
25188450Predator Quest Ep 25In which we return to PandoraPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-06-02 14 
25212986Predator Quest Episode 26In which we tango with the Kraken Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-06-03 16 
25231076Predator Quest Ep 27In which we defeat the Kraken and stumble onto a human facility.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-06-04 16 
25293336Predator Quest Ep 29In which we rescue our friend.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-06-07 16 
25311899Predator Quest Ep 29in which we escape the facility.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-06-08 14 
25333474Predator Quest Ep 30In which we escape PandoraPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-06-09 15 
25428883Predator Quest: Episode 31In which we save the colony Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-06-14 16 
25445191Predator Quest Ep 32In which we return home triumphantPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-06-15 16 
25481963Predator Quest: Episode 33Predator Quest: Episode 33Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-06-17 3 
25501500Predator Quest Ep 34In which we play detectivePredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-06-18 16 
25517110Yellowman Quest 11Yellowman and his team finally leave the world of Oglaf behind, only to land in a city with a xenomorph infestation, Weyland-Yutani mucking about, and 2 Predators who may or may not be out for trophies. This may be an improvement.Collective Game, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Yellowman Quest, Fallout: New Vegas, Oglaf, Phantasy Star Online, Alien vs. Predator2013-06-20 9 
25647598Yellowman Quest 12The raid on the police station is concluded, there's some talk during a long APC raid, and we attempt to go meet Radical Edward.Collective Game, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Yellowman Quest, Fallout: New Vegas, Oglaf, Phantasy Star Online, Alien vs. Predator2013-06-27 5 
July 2013
25806670Predator Quest Ep 35In which we set out for our task.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-07-04 12 
25801190Yellowman Quest 13Scott Yellowman's trip through this world is marked with critical failures and critical successes, mostly of the former variety. He leads his team to the Sewage Sub-Station, and finds no Ed, but does find the Portal.Collective Game, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Yellowman Quest, Fallout: New Vegas, Phantasy Star Online, Alien vs. Predator, Starcraft, Cowboy Bebop2013-07-05 6 
25884258Predator Quest Ep 36In which we arrive at the Night-Prowler city. Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-07-08 13 
26020575Predator Quest Ep 37In which we have trouble with the locals. Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-07-15 12 
August 2013
26442923Predator Quest Ep 38In which we catch the culpritPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-05 12 
26461833Predator Quest Ep 39In which we go about bugging everyonePredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-06 10 
26500723Predator Quest Ep 40In which we foil an assassination attemptPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-08 8 
26519539Predator Quest Ep 41In which we get ready to do a jailbreak.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-09 8 
26537418Predator Quest Ep 42In which we spring our friend from jailPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-10 8 
26555177Predator Quest Ep 43In which we escape the prisonPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-11 14 
26594103Predator Quest: Episode 44In which we receive our next task.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-13 10 
26669779Predator Quest Ep 45In which we prepare for EarthPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-17 7 
26687869Prein which we finish our shoppingPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-18 5 
26708144Predator Quest Episode 47In which we fend off an attack on our home Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-19 11 
26782831Predator Quest Ep 48In which we continue to battle.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-23 8 
26798665Predator Quest Ep 49In which we make the journey to EarthPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-24 6 
26816052Predator Quest Ep 50In which we explore EuropaPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-25 6 
26851915Predator Quest Ep 51In which we land in Dubai, and prepare to assault the Weyland HQPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-27 11 
26929986Predator Quest ep 52In which we rewire some drones.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-31 6 
September 2013
26949133Predator Quest Ep 53In which we head for R&D.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-09-01 9 
27075610Predator Quest Ep 54In which we head to the Bio labsPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-09-07 6 
27097071Predator Quest Ep 55In which we free a few drones and create chaosPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-09-08 7 
27212073Predator Quest Ep 56In which we make our way upwardsPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-09-14 6 
27255104Predator Quest Ep 57In which we attempt our escapePredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-09-16 8 
27263830Blind Aliens, Absent HumansSome aliens get all in a kerfuffle over the scary humans who are appearing back on the galactic stage. Intrepid reports seek to calm fears.writing, writefag, sci-fi, science fiction, humanity, aliens2013-09-16 37 
27281042Blind Aliens, Absent Humans Part 2The continuing saga of the expedition into human space.writing, writefag, sci-fi, science fiction, humanity, aliens, Blind Aliens, BlindSlug2013-09-17 35 
27368507Blind Aliens, Absent Humans Part 3The gang fights off the Zealots and obtains the Human Specialist!writing, writefag, sci-fi, science fiction, humanity, aliens, Blind Aliens, BlindSlug2013-09-23 29 
27439808Blind Aliens, Absent Humans Part 4The Sly Jiggle encounters a convenient source of free fuel and a convenient nest of hostile craft.writing, writefag, sci-fi, science fiction, humanity, aliens, Blind Aliens, BlindSlug2013-09-27 25 
November 2013
28206596More New HFYSome previously un-archived screencaps, a bit of OC, discussionHFY, sci-fi, aliens, Humanity Fuck Yeah2013-11-10 6 
28240670/tg/ Wonders: Are Humans Special?A thread about what humans would have as advantages over other sapient species turns into an intelligent, critical discussion about xenobiology, evolution, and the nature of space-faring species. science fiction, sci fi, aliens, HFY2013-11-12 3 
28273175Lenore Thread 5Festivities are had, Shipbuilding commences, Camp Abaddon is established, the Elf War starts and many other things happen.Lenore, Collectivegame, alien world2013-11-16 6 
December 2013
28943773World of Lenore 14in which many things happen and we gain a few new writers. Gearing up for a counter attack on Fedoran lands and kickstarting industry in our towns, mars gun pattern highly debatedcollective game, lenore, lenore quest, writefag, alien world, stranded, irc2013-12-23 6 
January 2014
29201755World of Lenore 16Fedorans shoot babies off towers and strike back against the 6th Column, while Ms Fortune deals with the Whizzard in Kitycity. New Babel Founded and more fluff on the world of Lenore. Thread 15 included in archivefoolz link.Collective Game, lenore, lenore quest, writefag, alien world, stranded, irc2014-01-05 7 
29322950World of Lenore 17Manx and Ms.Fortune finally meet, Lewis Carrol gets some love, the Expat returns, Population figures are discussed and New Babel in /int/ gets new fluff.Collective Game, lenore, lenore quest, writefag, alien world, stranded, irc2014-01-10 6 
29435172World of Lenore 18In which Matthew and ButterRoot Mayor have some words, Commander Manx and Ms. Fortune set plans for the fate of Kitty City, A convoy sets out from Honeypot and Various new creatures are fleshed out. Oh and the 8th wave is starting to appear.collective game, lenore, lenore quest, writefag, alien world, stranded, irc2014-01-14 7 
29578811New Novellas A lot of screencaps, but among them are new content, and two (so far) good long OCsHFY, sci-fi, aliens, Humanity Fuck Yeah, OC2014-01-17 15 
29538459World of Lenore 19The 8th wave begins! The Confed Counsel debates gun control and the new thread rising from Fedoran Lands. A cease fire is brokered with /y/ and /b/. Lucky takes over running Camp Abaddon and the Confed counsel starts the Department of Wave Affairs. The EMC spreads it's network and mounts a rescue operation to /sci/ lands. The rise of Bloke's 8th waver city starts as does the appearance of a strange Bearded with a unlikely ally.collective game, lenore, lenore quest, writefag, alien world, stranded, irc2014-01-19 8 
29775059World of Lenore 20New settlements are founded, /b/ and /y/ negotiate peace with the Confederacy of /tg/, and the Decaying Empire attacks Monstergirlopolis.lenore_quest, lenore, Collective_Game, writefag, alien_world, irc, 2014-01-28 5 
April 2014
31581725The Bugs are our BrosOP requests help in fleshing out a race of horrifying insectile monsters allied to humanity. /TG/ pulls through. Then writefags and drawfags show up with awesomly heartwarming results.Bugs, aliens, xeno, humanity, heartwarming, worldbuilding, fluff, writefags,2014-04-19 24 
June 2014
32632301Ghost titan and predator blimpThree new Dark Heresy xenos are generated, with mindblowing results.dark heresy, aliens, monster, kaiju, sneaky blimps, toxic punches, ghost2014-06-07 5 
July 2014
33744734Faster Than Sound Quest 2In which we become the captain of our own ship. We meet the crew, head off into space, then promptly encounter pirates. This time you investigated an empty ship, which caused Newrii to be infected with some weird goo and is being treated. You also bought a new hat.Faster Than Sound Quest, Collective Game, draw quest, space, alien, aliens,2014-07-29 5 
33770758Faster Than Sound Quest 3This time Neewri becomes healthy again after the goo infection, and Akraj joins the crew aswell.Faster Than Sound Quest, Collective Game, draw quest, space, alien, aliens,2014-07-30 1 
August 2014
33798170Alienist Quest 1Reverse trap forensic psychologist gets hired to catch a demon, talks to prepubescent girl Hannibal Lecter. Also, magic is real.Collective Game, Alienist Quest, female protagonist, 2014-08-01 7 
33867901Alienist Quest 2Meet a crazy lesbian wizard, travel to the astral plane, and discover some pretty solid leads. All in a day's work.Collective Game, Alienist Quest, female protagonist,2014-08-03 5 
33992875Alienist Quest 3In which we interview a vampire and get a nosy call from mom. Hi, mom.Collective Game, Alienist Quest, female protagonist, Original Setting2014-08-09 6 
34119762Alienist Quest Part 4In which Eva wakes us up, the thread is misarchived, and QM goes to try again another day.Collective Game, Alienist Quest, Female Protagonist, Original Setting2014-08-13 5 
34210807Alienist Quest 4Fuck werewolves.Collective Game, Alienist Quest, female protagonist, Original Setting2014-08-17 2 
34370374Alienist Quest 5: Numerological DeficiencySome clues are gathered and a Wizard Battle happens. Also, grand theft auto.Collective Game, Alienist Quest, female protagonist, Original Setting2014-08-24 2 
34507091Venusian HorrorOP requests ideas for a horror game he wants to run set in a semi-hard-scifi venus colony. Fascinating debate on Aliens, Ray Bradbury, real-life plans for colonizing venus and lovecraftian horrors living beneath the ice of europa results. space, horror, hard scifi, venus, europa, mars, aliens,2014-08-30 3 
November 2014
36109666Low Tech Sci FiLow Tech Sci Fi and reasons why plausibleSci Fi, alien, low tech, space2014-11-13 6 
July 2015
40955013Spore Quest (1) - Spore RisingAnons take up the life of an alien spore and its attempt to take control over the crew of the vessel, which mostly go unimpeded. For now...Collective Game, Spore Quest, hivemind, alien, sci-fi2015-07-02 16 
41039197The Spore Quest (Ep. 2) - Theft of the Glimmering Golden GalleonIn this episode of Spore Quest: the spore tries to infect the rest of the ship, and Richardson plays around in engineering! What could possibly go wrong?Collective Game, Spore Quest, hivemind, alien, sci-fi2015-07-05 12 
41102092The Spore Quest (Ep. 3) - Life on the FringeWith the Golden Galleon under its control, the spore contemplates changing the crew into more ideal forms, and where it will consume its next bounty.Collective Game, Spore Quest, hivemind, alien, sci-fi2015-07-08 15 
41187824The Spore Quest (Ep. 4) - Its First StepsThe spore begins expanding its information and control of the Joker system, and decides how to proceed with the Golden Galleon's transport mission.Collective Game, Spore Quest, hivemind, alien, sci-fi2015-07-12 15 
41400061The Spore Quest (Ep. 5) - A Gas of A TimeThe Spore deals with the newly-acquired and newly-vacated Charlie gas refinery, and tries to figure out its next move.Collective Game, Spore Quest, hivemind, alien, sci-fi2015-07-22 10 
August 2015
41632407The Spore Quest (Ep. 6) - Celestial NavigationThe Spore is given a secret mission by the FMC.Collective Game, Spore Quest, hivemind, alien, sci-fi2015-08-02 10 
41979698The Spore Quest (Ep. 7) - The Terror From the DeepThe hosts of the spore invade and terrorize the staff of the Gates-Lyon outpost and the Surveyor of Opportunity.Collective Game, Spore Quest, hivemind, alien, sci-fi2015-08-19 6 
42034396The Spore Quest (Ep. 7.5) - Submarine SubversionThe spore continues its takeover of the Surveyor of Opportunity, and the Gates-Lyon Research Station.Collective Game, Spore Quest, hivemind, alien, sci-fi2015-08-22 6 
October 2015
42838716Death Among the Stars Quest 1An ancient and weakened undead lord has been released after eons of imprisonment by unlucky minersQuest, Lich, Sci-fi, fantasy, aliens2015-10-01 46 
42964341Death Among the Stars Quest 3Jadyk deals with a group of Osjiic soldiers and learns more about them and the Galaxy.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-10-08 22 
43002507Death Among the Stars Quest 4Jadyk leads his newly created troops in an attack against an Osjiic outpost, hunts some more, creates several new types of weapons, and grows his forces some more.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-10-11 21 
43093720Death Among the Stars Quest 5The much-talked about Pirates make an appearance and Jadyk is there to help them up when they are shot down. Jadyk makes new minions and discovers a new threat or possible opportunityquest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-10-16 20 
43130020Death Among the Stars Quest 6Osjiic and Dagger Pirate forces are scouted and raids launched on both. The Pirates are tricked into attacking the Osjiic. Jadyk and his forces then lead an attack against the base while the time is opportunequest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-10-18 20 
43222657Death Among the Stars Quest 7Jadyk reaches out for the Wormstar and senses...something. New weapons and a new force for his army are created. The Osjiic are whittled down and a safehouse constructed.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-10-23 20 
43260445Death Among the Stars Quest 8The colony and Osjiic fall before the might of Jadyk. A powerful ally is created and many things researched by the insatiable Think Tank in preparation for returning enemy fleets.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-10-25 20 
43357512Death Among the Stars Quest 9The new fleet grows and learns more adaptions taken from the world. Jadyk receives a visit from the mysterious Masked entity. The undead go to the moon!quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-10-30 25 
43386039Xenomorph quest.The beginnings of our fledgling hive, in which we take hosts and name our 3 xenomorphs, Dildo, Raptor and Spooky.Xeno, Xenomorph, Alien, Weyland, Colonial Marine, Marine, Colonial, Queen, Praetorian, Drone.2015-10-31 -2 
November 2015
43489122Death Among the Stars Quest 10Jadyk learns more about the history of his old ally while preparing his forces for the incoming fleets. Jadyk finds he has a talent for puns.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-11-05 20 
43525788Death Among the Stars Quest 11The Osjiic and Dagger fleets arrive within the system and launch into a fierce battle. Jadyk sabotages and tricks the fighters before ambushing them himself and claiming the survivors for his growing empire.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-11-08 20 
43612721Death Among the Stars Quest 12The survivors of the conquered fleets give a short history and insight into their cultures and the state of the galaxy. Jadyk personally visits the scorched planet to investigate the mysterious alien ruins.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-11-12 20 
43643541Death Among the Stars Quest 13Jadyk receives a visit and gift from the Masked. Encounters an alien device. Speaks with the Sunscale and learns more of his past. Jadyk's inner circle grows.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-11-15 20 
43760118Death Among the Stars Quest 14Contact is made with the Plainsrunners. Nekris is sent to explore a nearby system with the first spaceship. Explores an asteroid belt and a moon, discovers strange and deadly aliens. Jadyk enhances the Think Tanks and sends the living to work to earn their keep.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-11-22 16 
December 2015
43934165Death Among the Stars Quest 15Nekris continues his investigation of the nearby system, discovering an ancient crashed frigate. Jadyk speaks with the Osogo leader for the first time. Much kelp is grown.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-12-01 16 
43970661Death Among the Stars Quest 16Jadyk's Generals yearn for battle and conflict and he agrees with their sentiments. Nekris excavates a crashed ship while Agona begins establishing the first off-system outpost. Eyegores are sent to scout nearby systems, discovering something quite strange in a hazardous system.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-12-03 15 
44006553Death Among the Stars Quest 17Nekris inspects a new world and saves a group of locals from the native wildlife, bringing them to Jadyk for a talk. An Eyegore scout moves too close to a world and become the first casualty in dealing with the Confederacy. Think Tanks create aquatic troops to explore alien oceans.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-12-06 13 
44097319Death Among the Stars Quest 18On the planet Rukor the Predator Nekris comes under attack by a new enemy. The waters turn dangerous and Nekris prepares to hunt.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-12-10 14 
44135453Death Among the Stars Quest 19Agona witnesses a bizarre monster and Nekris hunts down the Sunscale Divers, launching into battle. Jadyk assists with research and builds up defenses.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-12-13 13 
44271638Death Among the Stars Quest 20An Eyegore scout witnesses a battle between the Osjiic and Ahkam forces. Armies are built for the Generals and Lorgul begins work on a new ship. Agona expands her grasp on the stonestar moon.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-12-20 14 
44449662Death Among the Stars Quest 21Jadyk commands his generals to launch their campaigns sabotaging and attacking the Ahkam worshiping aliens and watches a visitor to the strange planet overgrown with plantlifequest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-12-29 10 
44469507Death Among the Stars Quest 21.5Jadyk returns the Ructu to their home with gifts and knowledge. Contact is made with the plant-manipulating Armatocere and plans for a formal introduction.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2015-12-30 10 
January 2016
44528483Death Among the Stars Quest 22Capitol ship research is completed. The sudden appearance of an Ahkam fleet in orbit over the world of Rukor leads to new developments. Nekris starts a guerrilla war against the Ahkam forces and Lorgul completes work on his personal ship.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-01-03 13 
44675582Death Among the Stars Quest 23Advancements in technology are made, numbers crunched. Nekris terrorizes the Ahkam. Jor is sent as a diplomat to meet the Armatocerequest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-01-10 12 
44777807Death Among the Stars Quest 24Jadyk remembers the past. Introductions and trade are made between the Necrotic Armada and it's "allies"quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-01-14 12 
44822904Death Among the Stars Quest 25The New Necrotic Armada launches an ambush on the Ahkam force investigating their destroyed ships boarding them in a vicious battle.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-01-17 13 
44897559Alien World QuestIn which you begin to explore, and your squad is kidnappedCollective Game, Alien World, Oculus2016-01-20 1 
44891100Sympathetic Eldritch AbominationsA discussion on eldritch abominations which find us just as strange and SAN Loss-inducing as we find them.worldbuilding, monster, monsters, cosmic horror, lovecraft, CoC, Alienist,2016-01-21 6 
44926441Death Among the Stars Quest 26Jadyk speaks with a new ally. A Leviathan appears on Rukor. A new Necrolyte Legion is formed. Much research is gainedquest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-01-21 11 
44859715Map Change-UpExtraterrestrial social crusaders use their advanced teleportation technology to instantaneously transfer whole populations across our planeAliens, Maps, Nations, Politics,2016-01-23 -1 
44966726Death Among the Stars Quest 27Plainsrunners continue their pilgrimage. Eyegores report their findings on new systems and the Necrolyte Legion is sent to invesigate one.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-01-24 11 
45075422Death Among the Stars Quest 28Nekris observes the Necrolyte Legion and their efforts to take control of the derelict military facility from its reanimated guards.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-01-28 13 
45117835Death Among the Stars Quest 29Jadyk takes on new recruits. Research is traded and much is gained from the Confederate Facility. Jadyk and Nekris go fishing.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-01-31 10 
February 2016
45221035Death Among the Stars Quest 30The Beast of Rukor is tracked and guided home. Stonestars progress rapidly and traps are planned.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-02-04 10 
45264259Death Among the Stars Quest 31The Lich-Lord makes a bet with the Masked. Think Tanks excel. A child is welcomed and Marked. Decoy attacks are made.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-02-07 15 
45364435Death Among the Stars Quest 32The Armada prepares for the upcoming battles. Refugees are taken in, much infrastructure made, and strange undead met.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-02-11 12 
45405395Death Among the Stars Quest 33Aid is given to the Ructu with help from the Armatocere. Jor meets the Plainsrunners. Plots against your enemies are well in motion.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-02-14 12 
45501608Death Among the Stars Quest 34Jadyk speaks with the Armatocere about common enemies and makes even more trades of knowledge. Profane experiments are planned.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-02-18 13 
45472841BIO-SHIFT: MetamorphosisSetting about suited humans being the oldest aliens in the universe. All of the other aliens wonder why they have so many sub-species.suits, space suits, humans, setting, worldbuilding, world building, aliens2016-02-20 4 
45642465Death Among the Stars Quest 35Jadyk deals with some trespassers personally and learns more about the motives of his adversariesquest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-02-25 12 
45687193Death Among the Stars Quest 36Machinations come to fruition, the Osjiic and Ahkam fleets guided into conflict and the Necrotic Generals show of spectacularlyquest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-02-28 22 
March 2016
45824015Death Among the Stars Quest 37Jadyk speaks with his captives and converts several into new powerful forms. A long-term project finally completes and another backfires.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-03-06 14 
45968491Death Among the Stars Quest 38The new Generals launch their first attacks, the Legion fighting by their side. The Osogo join the Colony and Jadyk meets an old friendquest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-03-13 12 
46231065Death Among the Stars Quest 39The Flagship awakens, your Generals see to their missions. Jadyk chats with the Lavafather and makes a deal. Meets the Blackscales.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens2016-03-25 11 
46276124Death Among the Stars Quest 40Jadyk attempts to show off his telekinetic might in a spectacular way but gets interrupted by partycrashing lizards.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens, death among the stars, game2016-03-27 12 
April 2016
46382106Death Among the Stars Quest 41The Fury of the Wormstar finally becomes operable, and the Blackscales are recruited. Short thread because GraveQM sick.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens, death among the stars, Collective Game2016-04-01 11 
46422083Death Among the Stars Quest 42The lost Voidsinger is found; Dominator Valresko is born from the remains of Solar-Blessed Glucors; and the capital city is populated.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens, death among the stars, Collective Game2016-04-03 10 
46513320Barbarian in Space Quest #1Our intrepid Barbarin is abducted by aliens and gets in a fight with a giant creature.Barbarian, Barbarian in Space Quest, Collective Game, Aliens2016-04-07 3 
46532307Death Among the Stars Quest 43Dominator Valresko interrogates his former comrades. Trades are made and planned with the Armatocere.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens, death among the stars, collective game2016-04-07 11 
46676916Death Among the Stars Quest 44Jadyk welcomes the Ructu to Horizon's Drop and departs to aid the Armatocere. The Masked stop by for a chat.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens, death among the stars, collective game2016-04-14 11 
46719523Death Among the Stars Quest 45War has come to the home systems of the New Necrotic Armada while Jadyk is away.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens, death among the stars, collective game2016-04-17 14 
46770366Cult RPG creationThread based on helping create a new RPgCult, Cults, Occult, Satanic, Alien, RPG-systems2016-04-19 0 
46866131Death Among the Stars Quest 46The Ahkam are driven from Bastion and Jor meets the Daggers face to face.quest, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, undead, lich, aliens, death among the stars, collective game2016-04-24 12 
June 2016
250540Ancient Alien Quest #1Our hero's arrive on earth, examine its life forms, kill their first human, try to save another, and discover that something is very wrongAncient Alien Quest, Collective Game2016-06-15 1 
261818Ancient Alien Quest #2Your ship gets blown up twice, you've been pursued, and not much else happens.Collective Game, Ancient Alien Quest2016-06-19 1 
October 2016
704077Mekton Zeta Quest: Galaxy at LargeNyla Patton, a trailblazer of the final frontier, investigates an unregistered planet to find an unidentified shuttle with strange markings.Mekton, Zeta, Mekton Zeta, Space, Mecha, Galaxy, Appy, Robot, Alien, Appy2016-10-23 1 
750780Mekton Zeta Quest: Galaxy at Large #2 Wherein Nyla brings the Raz'ask to a nearby station and I have to get a solid schedule.Mekton, Zeta, Mekton Zeta, Space, Mecha, Galaxy, Appy, Robot, Alien2016-10-31 1 
November 2016
50063651Continuing Alien Evolutionary Design outstanding reflections on alien evolutionalien, evolution, meta2016-11-04 8 
January 2017
50965957Ship quirk threadA thread about space ship quirks gives birth to a tiny race called the "Borrowers"Borrowers, space borrowers, space, tiny, aliens, grandma, quirks, pirates, traveller, ai, Cessna2017-01-11 15 
1039999Xenomorph quest pt2: Electric boogaloooIn which we mutate Twitch, Acquire Ox, Secure the Abel farm, bitch slap a bear and get terrorized by a eagle.Xenomorph quest, XenoQm, Grimalkin, Moomoo, Twitch, alien, collective game2017-01-14 6 
1050054Xenomorph quest pt3: Hive RisingBuilders, Gargoyles and Destroyers oh my! We scout the colony, molt Grimalkin into a queen and Op cannot spell for shit.Xenomorph quest, XenoQm, Grimalkin, Twitch, Ox, Alien, collective game2017-01-19 7 
1057054Super Space Quest 2173: Part 1Decided who we were and got kidnapped. Ended up joining them as an engineerCollective Game, Super, Space Quest, Aliens, Alien2017-01-24 1 
1067955Super Space Quest 2173: Part 2Made our first jump, survived our first job, and got our first shore leave.Collective Game, Super, Space Quest, Aliens, Alien2017-01-24 1 
1081529Super Space Quest 2173: Part 3We spend our time on shore leave doing some interesting thingsCollective Game, Super, Space Quest, Aliens, Alien, Super Space Quest2017-01-27 1 
1064565Xenomorph quest pt4: Revenge of the TwitchWe rescue twitch, secure a farm, murder some miners, evolve Starscream and Tiny goes monster hunting.Xeno, XenoQM, Alien, Grimalkin, Twitch, Tiny, Ox, Bob, Collective game2017-01-27 4 
1095384Super Space Quest: Part 4We finish up our shore leave and begin mission number 2Collective Game, Super, Space Quest, Aliens, Alien, Super Space Quest2017-01-30 1 
1099425Xenomorph part 5: The end of Xeno?We begin an expedition into the deep tunnels as Bob and find a false hive. Op is Ip spoofed and b& forever.Xenomorph quest, XenoQm, Bob, Grimalkin, Twitch, Ox, Alien, collective game2017-01-31 5 
February 2017
1111667Super Space Quest 2173: Part 5We continue our second mission and end up in a rutCollective Game, Super, Space Quest, Aliens, Alien, Super Space Quest2017-02-03 1 
1123672Super Space Quest 2173: Part 6Here we finished the second mission and visited a trade station.Collective Game, Super, Space Quest, Aliens, Alien, Super Space Quest2017-02-07 1 
1136626Alien World: Evo Game 1We begin an evogame in the shallow seas of an alien world, evolving the Irako, Idrai, Rilva, Quas, and Dengh.evo, evolution, evogame, Alien World, WheelieOP2017-02-09 1 
1136849Xenomorph Quest - Part 6In which we conquer the smuggler outpost, resurrect our fallen Reaver, and initiate Operation: Pest Control.Xenomorph Quest, XenoQM, Aliens, Collective Game, 2017-02-10 2 
1139967Super Space Quest: Part 7We are hired into military service. We also hijack a shipCollective Game, Super, Space Quest, Aliens, Alien, Super Space Quest2017-02-10 1 
1149067Super Space Quest 2173: Part 8We learn more about our new ship and come into a new positionCollective Game, Super, Space Quest, Aliens, Alien, Super Space Quest2017-02-14 1 
1162136Super Space Quest 2173: Part 9We recruit our squad and jump to our next missionCollective Game, Super, Space Quest, Aliens, Alien, Super Space Quest2017-02-18 1 
1174633Super Space Quest 2173: Part 10We conduct another mission, but this time for personal gain and not someone else'sCollective Game, Super, Space Quest, Aliens, Alien, Super Space Quest2017-02-22 1 
1193577Super Space Quest 2173: Part 11We solve some domestic problems before a much more sinister situation appearsCollective Game, Super, Space Quest, Aliens, Alien, Super Space Quest2017-02-26 1 
March 2017
1209301Super Space Quest 2173: Part 12We crush a riot and secure our reignCollective Game, Super, Space Quest, Aliens, Alien, Super Space Quest2017-03-04 1 
May 2017
1451589XenoMorph Quest! Rebirth!XenoQm returns with a new name and a new game. We begin our fledgling hive and gain a Predalien and Shadow Early.Xenomorph Quest, CursedQm, Xeno, Alien, Horror, Collective game.2017-05-16 5 
1480477Xenomorph Quest Pt2. Android IssuesOur Fledgling hive grows ever larger and begins a hostile takeover of Echo Station. Mutations are had and killteams annihialted Xenomorph Quest, CursedQm, Xeno, Alien, Horror, Collective game.2017-05-24 3 
June 2017
1508182Xenomorph Quest pt3. Beta deck Falls.Our hive grows ever stronger with the addition of new mutations, improvements and the deadly Quillmorph Quiet.Xenomorph Quest, CursedQm, Xeno, Alien, Horror, Collective game.2017-06-01 3 
1538063XenoMorph Quest Pt4. D-Day EditionThe attack on Alpha Deck begins and we construct Infector cannon for those pesky Escort ships.Xenomorph Quest, CursedQm, Xeno, Alien, Horror, Collective game.2017-06-07 2 
1564871Xenomorph Quest pt4.5. D-day averted.The Escort fleet is vanquished by clever Xenomorphs and Echo Station gets two unexpected additions. Op suffers life so a short thread.Xenomorph Quest, CursedQm, Xeno, Alien, Horror, Collective game.2017-06-16 2 
1578367Xenomorph quest pt:5! Screes in space!Our hive becomes a verified space hulk capable of bringing the light of the hive to other planets. We experience a high speed collision. Xenomorph Quest, CursedQm, Xeno, Alien, Horror, Collective game.2017-06-22 3 
July 2017
1694081Alien: Eternal Lie #1The intrepid crew of Melita conducts their survey mission of CS-759 until something strange causes them to deviate.Alien, xenomorph, horror, survival horror, space, in space no one can hear you scream, lovecraft, Eternal Lie, MU-TH-UR 60002017-07-30 6 
September 2017
1834671Small Quest"Moz..." enters a small cave and discover a note that will change everything he knows about himselfsmall quest, alien, drawquest, collective game2017-09-19 1 
November 2017
2071051Silent Stars Quest pt1Captain Samson Iskander Wick takes his place among the stars as captain of the Malcontent. We begin our career as glorious space piratesPunishedCursed, Space, Scifi, aliens, Piracy, ship combat, Collective game2017-11-22 3 
December 2017
2089392Silent Stars Quest ep2Captain Samson Iskander Wick and his trusty crew sell slaves, upgrade The Malcontent, almost buy a alien catgirl but buy a Banth instead!PunishedCursed, Space, Scifi, aliens, Piracy, ship combat, Collective game2017-12-02 2 
2112418Silent Stars Quest ep3Captain Wick breaks in a alien murderbeast and then goes full Jolly Roger on a Frigate and station. Asskickery and balls to the wall ensue.PunishedCursed, Space, Scifi, aliens, Piracy, ship combat, Collective game2017-12-07 1 
2128812Silent Stars Quest Ep4Captain Wick goes in search of a missing Corpse on his ship and instead meets an original occupant. As always, Cursed dies a lotPunishedCursed, Space, Scifi, aliens, Piracy, ship combat, Collective game2017-12-16 2 
2142647Xenonaut Quest #1The first Xenonauts land in a rural eastern village and secure the crashed UFO. Kurt Braun kills two aliens and captures one alive. xenonauts, xenonaut, quest, xenonaut quest, aliens, ufo2017-12-19 2 
January 2018
2257402Colonial Marines Quest[Thread 1]You are R.J. MacReady the Third, and you are put in charge of a rag tag group of marines. Your goal is to put down whatever gets in your wayColonial Marines, Xenomorph, Alien, Aliens, R.J. MacReady, CMQ2018-01-30 5 
February 2018
2275397Gantz Quest DC[Thread 1]We are Erik Vanders, and we just died. Between hunting aliens and being an assistant manager at Wal-Mart, how much worse can our life get?Gantz, Bolivar, Erik Vanders, Aliens, 2018-02-04 31 
2290123Gantz: Quest - Episode 2We survived the first hunt, but our normal lives are all messed up. Police interrogations, human drama and our love life take center stage.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens, 2018-02-09 22 
2274803Hunter Quest 1The young, unblooded hunter Ebon-Fang completes his trial.Hunter Quest, Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Aliens, Predator, Yautja, FishQM2018-02-11 13 
2298450Colonial Marines Quest[Thread 2]We deliver some sweet chin music to a Yautja, and then go get drunk.Colonial Marines, Xenomorph, Alien, Aliens, R.J. MacReady, CMQ2018-02-17 1 
2322907Hunter Quest 2The newly blooded Ebon-Fang goes through his ascension ceremony, gets in a barfight, almost kills his dad, and receives his first mission.Hunter Quest, Predator Quest, Yautja, Aliens, Alien, FishQM2018-02-25 11 
2327581Gantz: Quest - Episode 3The second hunt begins, and the horror starts before we even arrive. With new members and a horrifying foe, the rain rises as do the bodies.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-02-25 25 
March 2018
2355707Hunter Quest 3The young-blood Ebon-Fang searches an abandoned human laboratory to find out what happened to a missing Yautja tracker.Hunter Quest, Predator Quest, Yautja, Predator, Predators, Xeno, Xenos, Alien, Aliens, Collective Game, FishQM2018-03-06 8 
2353081Gantz: Quest - Episode 4 - Part 1The second week of our 'normal' life starts, along with the fallout of the previous hunt. Pacts, trust and strange powers abound.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-03-13 21 
2375096Hunter Quest 4The young-blood Ebon-Fang returns to Yautja Secunda and receives his next mission.Hunter Quest, Predator Quest, FishQM, Alien, Aliens, Predator, Predators, Yautja, Collective Game, Rules of Nature2018-03-16 6 
2389298Gantz: Quest - Episode 4 (Part 2)Our second week continues, and things get much more hectic. Stalkers, smart little girls, and the promise of a better life in the future...Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-03-21 21 
April 2018
2417742Gantz: Quest - Episode 5 (Part 1)The third hunt kicks off, as an unexpected guest is taken with us. New faces arrive, cathedrals are huge and Carol learns what begets hate.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-04-01 21 
2452491Gantz: Quest - Episode 5 (Part 2)The third hunt continues, with Erick and the team taking the fight to the Cathedral itself. With time running out, the aliens get desperate.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-04-08 24 
May 2018
2472256The Stars Are Right #1We land in Russia to make cash, clear a old military base and kill a Mi-Go for a fancy and dangerous device.Future, Mech, Sci-fi, Mi-Go, Aliens, Lovecraft, Semi Post-Apocalyptic2018-05-04 1 
2489246The Stars Are Right #2We rest in a hamlet, meet an anti-commie Mi-Go who trades our artifact for a favor, got a job offer, supe our mech after beatin drunk ruskieFuture, Mech, Sci-fi, Mi-Go, Aliens, Lovecraft, Semi Post-Apocalyptic2018-05-05 1 
2507799The Stars Are Right #3We hunt down a Star Spawn in a million dollar upgraded hellcat, and find our dying Mi-go friend with a sole survivor before 6D chess battleFuture, Mech, Sci-fi, Mi-Go, Aliens, Lovecraft, Semi Post-Apocalyptic2018-05-05 1 
2524392The Stars Are Right #4We kill the Starspaw and smoke the Mi-go powder before having a all you can eat space buffet followed by a degenerate harem orgy in our mindFuture, Mech, Sci-fi, Mi-Go, Aliens, Lovecraft, Semi Post-Apocalyptic2018-05-08 1 
2543280The Stars Are Right #5We ride a migo to the concil meeting and get a sweet rig before almost dying. Quest arc ends with short thread.Future, Mech, Sci-fi, Mi-Go, Aliens, Lovecraft, Semi Post-Apocalyptic2018-05-12 0 
2532629Gantz: Quest - Episode 0We're Chris Bowery, and tonight's our second hunt. In a dark forest near the city, the moon brings back horrid memories of pain and blood.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-05-13 12 
June 2018
2592031Gantz: Quest - Episode 6 (Part 1)Our normal lives have taken a turn for the sinister as both the police and another unknown force begin to act on our and our friends' livesGantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-06-03 11 
60145928Alien Invasion MotivationsHypothetical reasons for aliens to decide to invade earth.alien invasion, motive, why, the oort cloud has plenty of water ice, mars needs women,2018-06-15 0 
2632213Gantz: Quest - Episode 6 (Part 2)Our week continues as we head to museum with Yukino, uncover a web of conspiracy, and glimpse a little deeper on the meaning behind Gantz.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-06-17 6 
60272130hivemind religionsWhat kind of religious beliefs would a sentient eusocial species develop?worldbuilding, religions, hivemind, eusociality, aliens, species, missionaries, space vatican,2018-06-21 -2 
2665885Gantz: Quest - Episode 6 (Part 3)We finish arguably our most unfortunate week so far. Revelations continue to turn up as our weekend takes an turn for the most unexpected.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-06-24 6 
July 2018
2689716Gantz: Quest - Episode 7 (Part 1)Our fourth hunt starts with an unexpected and deadly guest. Even with a familiar setting, the mission turns deadly even before our arrival.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-07-07 4 
2727943Gantz: Quest - Episode 7 (Part 2)Erick's leadership and resolve are tested as things take an even more unfortunate turn. There is no turning back now, something has to giveGantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-07-20 3 
2750422Kaiju QuestAfter being born we invade an outpost and get our asses kicked by another kaijukaiju quest, kaiju, alien 2018-07-22 2 
August 2018
2765899Gantz: Quest - Episode 8 (Part 1)You are Paula Torrez and fourth hunt is not over yet. With a countdown approaching, the hunt turns desperate for the team and the aliens.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-08-08 2 
2781752Alien Invasion QuestAliens invade, and fuck it up.Collective Game, Alien, Invasion, Ayylmao2018-08-10 1 
2815227Alien Invasion Quest 2We switch to a different timeline, and the humans start fucking up too.Collective Game, Alien, Invasion, AyyLmao2018-08-19 1 
2809004Gantz: Quest - Episode 8 (Part 2)Our first week begins in earnest as we track down a mysterious lead, intensify our training, and deal with the night's gruesome aftermath. Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-08-27 2 
September 2018
2853361Warp Point: Psion 1My first try qmingScott Graves, Aliens, Psionics, Anonymous2018-09-05 6 
2871342Warp Point: Psion 2Continuation of Scott's adventuresScott Graves, Aliens, Psionics, Anonymous2018-09-08 4 
61921097Obscure 40k xenos thread IIDiscussions of minor xenos include vaguely Hindu Rangdan, more Thyrrus and the Greys in 40k 40k, Thyrrus, Rangdan, Fra'al, Grey aliens, Xenos,2018-09-12 0 
2869605Gantz: Quest - Episode 8 (Part 3)Our week continues as our first training session has an unexpected guest, we try to get closer to Chris and his father tries to interfere.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-09-20 1 
October 2018
2906934Gantz: Quest - Episode 8 (Part 4)Our training get's more serious and we have to deal with the consequences of the disappearances of our allies.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-10-06 1 
2953350Gantz: Quest - Episode 8 (Part 5)The veil of mystery surrounding Gantz begins to clear as new Allies are met, and secrets discussed; adding to Paula's pressure. Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-10-21 1 
November 2018
62957707Abandoned Space Station Adventure HooksPlothooks for scifi PCs boarding derelict spacecrafts.abandoned, space station, encounters, plothooks, scifi, space hulk, alien, event horizon,2018-11-25 5 
January 2019
3134783Biomorph Quest #1Cursed and Sorboclese Tag team a quest involving a mutagenic horror from beyond the starsAlien, Horror, Sci-fi, Space Station, Space, Silent Stars, CursedQm, Sorbocles, Nongent, Collective Game2019-01-08 3 
3164622Biomorph Quest 1.5: In the DepthsCursed and Sorboclese coQM a murderous scifi buddycop adventure. Carl gets laid.Alien, Horror, Sci-fi, Space Station, Space, Silent Stars, CursedQm, Sorbocles, Nongent, Collective Game2019-01-24 3 
March 2019
3286702Gantz: Quest - Episode 9 - Part 1Gantz Quest returns from hiatus. Paula's investigation into Yukino's killer takes a strange turn as well as the mental state of thGantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2019-03-03 2 
3337683Bio Armored Titan 1: Heroes Rise AgainWe select our armor and get to know how to use it somewhat before finding out that Gilgamesh is a pacifistic pussy. Cut short by GM retard.Bio Armored Titan, Biotech, Alien Invasion, Not Earth, Mr.C, Collective Game, That Warrior is totally coming back, Titan Gilgamesh2019-03-16 2 
3329105Gantz: Quest - Episode 9 - Part 2Paula suffers another alien break-in and explores further into the mystery behind them. Training starts again and some go worse than others.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2019-03-18 1 
April 2019
3380252Gantz: Quest - Episode 9 - Part 3Paula's resolve is pushed to the limit, as she tries to help Chris and is forced to ask how far she's willing to go to save her loved onesGantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2019-04-06 1 
3425209Cassus Burning: Prologue Part 1Down with the Empire! We meet the deserter and rebel Marco Riviera and his team of Imperial deserters.Collective Game, Cassus Burning, SixWingZombi, Sci-fi, Rebellion, Aliens2019-04-13 1 
3428043Gantz: Quest - Episode 10 - Part 1The fifth hunt begins after a horrifyingly close call in Paula's apartment. With new gear on hand, the hunt moves to the tunnels beneath DCGantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2019-04-21 1 
May 2019
3483879MvA: Muppets Vs. Alien skirmish quest 1In the first session, the Muppets scour around the USCSS Nostromo before entering into a one-way fight for survival with an alien threat.What Ifs, Skirmish, Alien, Muppets, Collective Game2019-05-05 2 
3497845MvA: Muppets Vs. Alien skirmish quest 2In the second session, A caveman gets freaky with technology, Steve and Rizzo try to hide elsewhere, and a Beaver gets geeky at the garage.What Ifs, Skirmish, Alien, Muppets, Collective Game2019-05-12 2 
3530507MvA: Muppets Vs. Alien skirmish quest 3In this session, Steve suffers a weird dream while binge drinking at the gallery.What Ifs, Skirmish, Alien, Muppets, Collective Game2019-05-27 1 
66449437Alien TTRPG discussionAnons discuss the Alien TTRPG and lore and realize all the possibilities Aliens crossovers givealien, sci-fi, space, xenomorph2019-05-29 0 
July 2019
3606447Alien Quest #1In which some fine Alien boy's visit Earth only blow up there own ship and become stranded on the Moon.Collective Game, quest, Aliens, moon base, friendly xcom2019-07-08 3 
3607618Cassus Burning: Prologue Part 2Marco Riviera and a couple of his fellow deserters meet rebels from Main Port's cell. A secondary objective is added onto the heist.Collective Game, Cassus Burning, SixWingZombi, Sci-fi, Rebellion, Aliens2019-07-11 1 
3638579Alien Quest #2Dangerous A.I. Human contact. the scientist becomes a mutant and the crew grows stuff in the lab.Collective Game, Quest, Aliens, Moon base, Greys, Ufo, Conspiracy, Sci-fi2019-07-14 1 
3659515Alien Quest #3Humans lands on the moon. Reptoid Invasion.Collective Game, Quest, Aliens, Moon base, Greys, Reptillian, Ufo, Conspiracy, Sci-fi2019-07-24 1 
3669874Cassus Burning: Prologue Part 3A brief thread. Marcus and Crew convince Blake Driscol to head back to their base. Marcus hides his feelings again.Collective Game, Cassus Burning, SixWingZombi, Sci-fi, Rebellion, Aliens2019-07-30 1 
January 2020
3993966Deep Space Recon QuestA recon team investigates a derelict ship.Scifi, Space, Aliens, Recon, Oneshot2020-01-04 2 
70438836Alien Planet Biomes/tg/ discusses various possible biomes that an alien planet could have, and then develops into speculating about worldshapes.worldbuilding, alien, planet, biome, ecosystem, brainstorming, 2020-01-17 4 
February 2020
4033334Alien Monster QuestAn alien egg a meteor crashes on a desert planet and must evolve to destroy all of humanity!Collective Game, Alien, Monster, Evolution2020-02-08 -1 
4047219Gantz: Quest - Episode 10 - Part 2The fifth hunt continues as the enemy appear in greater number and strength than previously imagined. Paula's will may reach its limit hereGantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2020-02-09 1 
March 2020
4100984Gantz: Quest - Episode 11 - Part 1Paula makes a stand as the last stage of the hunt takes place, with familiar guests intruding once more.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2020-03-17 0 
April 2020
4168609Gantz: Quest - Episode 11 - Part 2Erick's emotional return is put to a halt as Gantz reveals an unexpected surprise for the group. Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2020-04-12 2 
May 2020
4196857Warpath: Conquest #1Private Alyce Zarina fights alien invaders from hyperspace aboard a experimental spacecraft.scifi, space, aliens, spacetravel, bodyhorror, warpath, conquest, warpath:conquest2020-05-02 2 
July 2020
4336957Conquer The PlanetWE’RE TAKING OVER A PLANET! I don't know what that means, but it sounds badass, so we're doing it, nerds!Drawquest, ShitpostQM, Aliens, Centaur, Conquer2020-07-07 2 
4350216Empires in the Stars Episode 1We assume control over the Yahzu Dynasty and set about securing our supremacy. For the Glory of the Eternal Empress! Op is a fagCollective Game, Civ, Empires in the Stars, Galaxy, Sci-fi, aliens, colony, strategy2020-07-27 2 
August 2020
74530128I'M PUTTING TOGETHER A FLEET The Admiral is gathering a fleet to combat the xenos forces. His alien opposite, The Commander, is doing the same against the humans.Roleplay, LARP, 40k, Sci Fi, Aliens, Humans2020-08-27 11 
4422543X-Com Quest 1In 1996 the UN Creates UNAU the precursor to X-com you must lead it to become ready for the inevitable alien invasion.X-Com, Mr.Roswel, Aliens, Strategy2020-08-28 4 
September 2020
4445871X-Com Quest 2Clarissa Leading UNAU continues to expand operations and captures a live creature.X-Com, Mr.Roswell, Aliens,Strategy2020-09-26 1 
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