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Archived Threads

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March 2009
4083639Epic NPC DeathsA GM asks /tg/ for advice on how to kill a well liked NPC to inspire his players to RAGE AGAINST THE BBEG. Epic death scenes followsNPC, Death, REVENGE, Epic2009-03-26 7 
July 2009
5114798Kender players suckA troll thread turns into a discussion of how /tg/ hates Kender, then becomes epic when stories are shared of superb in-character revenge against a douchebag Kender player.kender, revenge, storytime2009-07-06 275 
November 2009
6868629The Adventures of Bruce Killfist pt1You are a goblin, and you clan is dead. What will you do? Why you'll don the latest in cat fashion, catch a bat, pay a farmer to sleep in a shed, and go on a quest for revenge! That's what!quest thread, goblin, bruce, batman, revenge2009-11-25 3 
January 2010
7423974To Warlord or not to WarlordA collection of information about warlord titans as well as templates to build your own titans, also OP decides to get back at his aggressive tournament runners with a Creed-bound warlord titan.Warlord, Titans, Creed, Tournaments, Lists, Templates, 40k, Revenge.2010-01-04 1 
July 2011
15762579Mourning for Monkey-BroAnon recounts the story of how he - a human in a world of human-hating furries - was saved by the dude whose Monkey PC sacrificed himself. /tg/ helps to plan a way to avenge the fallen hero - by building a resistance: an Empire of Simians.furry GURPS manlytears revenge 2011-07-30 17 
August 2011
16074132Monkey-bro 4: Rise of the PrimatesOP comes back with progress on Hominidae United and their fight against the furry menace. Primate Empire shows how bro they are by sending an army to help. GM says "I like you, cause you get shit done."Monkey Bro, Brorilla, Primates, furry, rebellion, monkey, humanity, revenge2011-08-27 17 
December 2012
21970830THAT GUY removal.Delicious revenge storytiemTHAT GUY, storytime, D&D, Awesome, Revenge2012-12-10 10 
February 2013
22980355Vampire Revenge QuestHe turned you. Made you eat your friends. Now you're going to get some revenge. vampire wayne revenge quest coffin baseball bat Collective game2013-02-04 -3 
March 2013
23614573/tg/ against the FaeOP comes to /tg/ with a tale of mind-control fetishry and bad GM railroading, /tg/ proceeds to create weapons of mass fae destruction.Fae, railroading, shitty_gm, revenge2013-03-10 13 
July 2013
25875846King in the North QuestHe has arisen, with a thirst for vengeance. Lead to Lord Beric by Harwin.King in the North Quest, Collective Game, game of thrones, a song of ice and fire, undead, wolf, king, revenge, vengeance2013-07-07 34 
25916853 King in the North Quest Part 2He has found two kin; one dead, one alive. one human, one wolf.King in the North Quest, Collective Game, game of thrones, a song of ice and fire, undead, wolf, king, revenge, vengeance2013-07-09 19 
25997374The King in the North Quest 3We ambush some Freys and take a few notable hostages.King in the North Quest, Collective Game, game of thrones, a song of ice and fire, undead, wolf, king, revenge, vengeance2013-07-14 11 
August 2014
34151078Nid Anon's Heroic TaleAnon's tale of revenge against a thieving scion of Slaaneshrevenge, 40k, tyranids, grey knights, imperial knight2014-08-15 5 
August 2015
42206164Revengeance Quest 1We make our cyborg hero, and combat our first Metal Gear at sea.Revengeance Quest, Metal Gear Solid, Collective Game2015-08-31 5 
September 2015
42227330Revengeance Quest 2We escape our captors and debate what it is to be real. Also, Spider-copter blade.Revengeance Quest, Metal Gear Solid, Collective Game2015-09-01 4 
42253581Revengeance Quest 3In Outer Las Vegas, men become mush.Revengeance Quest, Metal Gear Solid, Collective Game2015-09-04 1 
42282130Revengeance Quest 4Iskandir finds out just how far he has to fall as LOKUST's endgame comes to fruition.Revengeance Quest, Metal Gear Solid, Collective Game2015-09-04 1 
42309462Revengeance Quest 5We have our first mission and come against the man who lost it all.Revengeance Quest, Metal Gear Solid, Collective Game2015-09-06 2 
42376477Revengeance Quest 6Caesar continues his manly bondings with friends, and OP's evil machinations are revealed OOC.Revengeance Quest, Metal Gear Solid, Collective Game2015-09-08 1 
42420725Revengeance Quest 7Our life is a lie, and Iskandir can still kick our ass.Revengeance Quest, Metal Gear Solid, Collective Game2015-09-11 1 
42447600Revengeance Quest 8We see what it means to be 'man'.Revengeance Quest, Metal Gear Solid, Collective Game2015-09-12 1 
42501188Revengeance Quest 9We engage in fights with warlords and Pillar M--cyborgs.Revengeance Quest, Metal Gear Solid, Collective Game2015-09-16 0 
March 2016
46117816Song of Spite #2In which we make a deal with Old Scratch and kill our master.Slave Quest, Scratch, God of War, Revenge2016-03-19 2 
April 2016
46629590Heir's Revenge Quest: 1When a Prince survives his peoples destruction, he must start a plot of revenge.Collective Game, Quest, Heir Revenge Quest, Silver Dragon2016-04-12 2 
October 2016
724408Starborn Quest 17: The Rono Pass Picture ShowWe continue exploring the temple, get some VERY BAD dice and take part in a lovely show. Then we get revenge.Collective Game, Purps, Hona, Luc, Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Frank, Minerva,Lust, Rono Pass, Rocky Horror, Enigma, Tavern, Feelings, Revenge2016-10-19 0 
733618Starborn Quest 18: CleansingWe look at the world through smaller, more innocent eyes before technical difficulties ruin everything.Collective Game, Purps, Hona, Luc, Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Frank, Minerva,Lust, Rono Pass, Rocky Horror, Enigma, Tavern, Feelings, Revenge2016-10-22 2 
June 2018
2641818Dark Magical Girl Quest #2Akane further breaks and trains Chouko, but the thread is cut short by life. Dark Magical Girl Quest, Revenge, SpiderAnon, Corruption, Villain2018-06-23 5 
January 2019
3128256Magical Girl Revenge Quest 1Junko wakes up with a revenge in mind, saved her mother, hobo-ing at the yatch and welcomed by one of the richest man in the city.Magical Girl, Villain, Corruption, Revenge, Magical Girl Revenge Quest2019-01-06 12 
3156773Magical Girl Revenge Quest 2Where we stole a journal, killed a boss shadow, prevent a kidnapping and then tortured and converted a new minion. We also stole a muffin.Magical Girl, Villain, Corruption, Revenge, Magical Girl Revenge Quest2019-01-17 10 
3185233Magical Girl Revenge Quest 3Junko trains with Mary, Yuu smash, kills shadow, chased by shadow and saved by Okada. Then vacation and Mary bizzare adventures. Also Drama!Magical Girl, Villain, Corruption, Revenge, Magical Girl Revenge Quest2019-01-30 7 
February 2019
3229771Magical Girl Revenge Quest 4In which we have a heart to heart talk with our best friend, corrupt our ex-teammates and became our minion. Also things about to go down.Magical Girl, Villain, Corruption, Revenge, Magical Girl Revenge Quest2019-02-13 8 
3271963Magical Girl Revenge Quest 5Prelude to Final Battle. Junko plays a game, saves a friend, and reunites with family. Short thread. Magical Girl, Villain, Corruption, Revenge, Magical Girl Revenge Quest2019-02-25 7 
March 2019
3294314Slightly Petty Revenge QuestAfter losing everything, Alfred Brown is plotting his revenge on the man who took it all from him. collective game, drawquest, slice of life, revenge2019-03-02 6 
3297964Magical Girl Revenge Quest 6A boss shadow fight with a surprising reward, The truth is revealed to friends and family, problems arise, A magical girl's trap backfires.Magical Girl, Villain, Corruption, Revenge, Magical Girl Revenge Quest2019-03-08 7 
3338532Magical Girl Revenge Quest 7The Final Countdown. The fallout from the previous night, Junko gets a check-up, A potential new ally appears, The team gets back together.Magical Girl, Villain, Corruption, Revenge, Magical Girl Revenge Quest2019-03-21 7 
3377220Slightly Petty Revenge Quest #2Alfred Brown gets involved in something bigger than he expected. But that won't stop him.collective game, drawquest, slice of life, revenge2019-03-30 5 
April 2019
3380696Magical Girl Revenge Quest 8Sachiko strikes back, A dangerous rescue for a new ally, More rescues, More answers, An intervention, and Junko an Yuu dance the night awayMagical Girl, Villain, Corruption, Revenge, Magical Girl Revenge Quest2019-04-05 5 
3416737Magical Girl Revenge Quest 9Junko teams up with Arc, Battles with Natalya, Some interrogation, and Junko receives an unwelcomed house guestMagical Girl, Villain, Corruption, Revenge, Magical Girl Revenge Quest2019-04-17 5 
3452594Magical Girl Revenge Quest 10The finale to magical girl revenge quest and epilogues.Magical Girl, Villain, Corruption, Revenge, Magical Girl Revenge Quest2019-04-26 5 
May 2019
3484437Slightly Petty Revenge Quest #3Alfred Brown manages to escape danger, but for how long...?collective game, drawquest, slice of life, revenge2019-05-11 1 
July 2019
3613772Slightly Petty Revenge Quest #4Alfred Brown deals with the events of his past. And plays DnD, that's important too.collective game, drawquest, slice of life, revenge2019-07-11 2 
3631697Her Love Is Revenge: PrologueHeartbroken by his beloved, student journalist Damon makes a pact with a devil to learn the truth of the circumstances behind her betrayal.Her Love Is Revenge, HLIR, Demon, Damon, Tech Noir, Sci-Fi, Future, Romance, Collective Game2019-07-11 3 
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