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Archived Threads

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January 2009
3566913The adventures of Inquisitor Lolliros the secondInquisitor Lolliros the second tries and fails to rise above his father, (expunged) Inquisitor Lolliros. He unleashes a khorne uprising on a planet and seeks escape, aided by the voices in his head.Warhammer, Inquisitor, 40k2009-01-30 0 
November 2009
6569833Inquisition QuestAfter Inquisitor Girugamesh has died, you, the Inquisitor Numbnuts shall find HERESYwarhammer 40k, warhammer, inquisitor, inquisition, numbnuts, 40k2009-11-05 1 
March 2010
8824506Ace Attorney Investigations: 40kInquisitors Franziska vonKarma and Miles Edgeworth investigate the murder of their fellow Inquisitor, Shi Long Lang, who had some sort of important evidence for Edgeworth.40k, Inquisitors, Ace Attorney2010-03-28 0 
8845653Ace Attorney Investigations: 40k, Part 2What started off as a clean cut investigation into the murder of Inquisitor Tyrell Badd descends into confusion and tentacle rape.40k, Inquisitors, Ace Attorney, confusion2010-03-29 -2 
8884768Ace Attorney Investigations: 40k, Part 3The plot continues as our Investigators continue in their quest to root out heresy.40k, Inquisitors, Ace Attorney2010-03-31 -2 
April 2010
8904421Ace Attorney Investigations: 40k, Part 4Shocking relevations, hand puns, and confusion reign.40k, Ace Attorney, Inquisitors2010-04-01 0 
8923896Ace Attorney Investigations: 40k, Part 5The Acolytes confront Shih-na with the evidence acquired. And stuff it up in epic fashion.40k, Ace Attorney, Inquisitors2010-04-02 -4 
8960929Ace Attorney Investigations: 40k, Part FinThe Acolytes get to the root of the cult. Flaming drop pods and warp shenanigans within!40k, Ace Attorney, Inquisitors, PERILS2010-04-04 -2 
8971202Inquisitor BatmanBatman as an Inquisitor? It works better than you'd think. Includes 40k translations for much of the Rogues Gallery.Batman, Inquisitor, Dark Heresy, 40k2010-04-04 6 
9374590CHUDFIGHTWasteland Warrior proposes the ultimate in gladiatorial thrills, fights between trailer trash and tries to form a league using inquisitor rules.Wasteland Warrior, Chuds, Inquisitor2010-04-23 7 
November 2010
12922182Return of Krieg Writefaggotry part 6Reincarnation of the 6th part of the followers of Terranis.writefags, Writefaggotry, krieg, terranis, Inquisitor, 40k2010-11-24 6 
1293111540k redonewith Mary Poppins as an Inquisitor and Willy Wonka as a commissar, 40k somehow gets more horrifying.mary poppins, 40k, inquisitor, commissar, willy wonka2010-11-25 -11 
January 2011
1360334840k Mass Effect Styled GameA what if discussion, if Bioware made a 40k game similar to Mass Effect mass effect, 40k, inquisitor, video game, bioware2011-01-21 6 
April 2011
14640441Terms of EnrampagementOP asks how one would run an Archer campaign. Many insightful points are raised.Archer, Dork Heresy, Inquisitors, RPG, 40k2011-04-19 1 
November 2011
16898612INQUISIQUEST 2.5In which we hammer out the details of our heroine.collective game, inquisitor quest, inquisition, 40k, win, LOUDPOINTYINQUISITIONMAN2011-11-09 5 
February 2012
17756644Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor Ramsay's Cafeterium Nightmares Pt. 1Write-faggotry describing the exploits of an Ordo Culinatus Inquisitor as he travels the Imperium to help struggling Cafeteriums.Ordo Culinatus, Inquisitor, Ramsay, 40k, WH 40k, Cafeterium, writefaggotry, story, fluff, Warhammer 40k2012-02-01 8 
18107071The Inquisitor - Chapter IChapter 1 of an Inquistitors assignment. Grimdarkgritty. Film-noir style.Inquisitor, Noir, Grimdark, 40k2012-02-26 0 
18136464The Inquisitor - Chapter IIArcturus finds the person he's looking for. But at what price?Inquisitor, Film-noir, 40k, grimdark,2012-02-28 0 
April 2012
18532118Planetary Governor Quest: Part 5We begin fortifying our cities, prepare for a confrontation with the Ultramarines, buy shit from RT, discover an STC printout, start work on various projects and begin planning our entrance into the Private Sector.Collective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, Ultramarines, Space Marines, STC, AdMech, Inquisitor, Reasonable Marines, 40K Warhammer,2012-04-01 20 
18717305Planetary Governor Quest: Part 6We reconcile with the Resistance, discover that the Munitorum Rep is an ex-Inquisitor (No surprise there) and fight off a massive Chaos raiding force.Collective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, Ultramarines, Space Marines, STC, AdMech, Inquisitor, Reasonable Marines, 40K Warhammer, Tau, Chaos, Space, Inquisition2012-04-15 25 
18809839Planetary Governor Quest: Part 7We start cleanup of the Chaos-Marine wrecked city, give a speech, and start negotiations with an asinine Ultramarines Captain.Collective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, Ultramarines, Space Marines, STC, AdMech, Inquisitor, Reasonable Marines, 40K Warhammer, Tau, Chaos, Space, Inquisition2012-04-22 20 
May 2012
19169232Planetary Governor Quest: Part 7.5A short and late session in which we finish negotiating with the Ultramarines, OP refines some things and the Quest scheduling is altered. Most of the problems can be attributed to the new 4chan HTML fucking up.Collective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, Ultramarines, Space Marines, STC, AdMech, Inquisitor, Reasonable Marines, 40K Warhammer, Tau, Chaos, Space, Inquisition, HTML2012-05-20 12 
June 2012
19679873Planetary Governor Quest: Part 13We take control of the Ork ship, recover delicious genetic-engineering Archeotech, peel the first layer off the Space Hulk, and start isolating the Chaos Frigate from everything elseCollective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, Ultramarines, Space Marines, STC, AdMech, Inquisitor, Reasonable Marines, 40K Warhammer, Tau, Chaos, Space, Inquisition, HTML2012-06-30 16 
January 2013
22418819Inquisitor: Case of the Purple HairAn Inquisitor Thread becomes awesome when OP lays out a tale of Purple Hair and its Sinister Source.Inquisitor, Storytime2013-01-05 15 
22453115Inquisitor: Zazel Strikes BackOP delivers a sequel to the Case of the Purple hair, Hereteks and Craftworlds are involvedInquisitor, Storytime2013-01-07 9 
July 2014
33374470The Golarion HeresyAn Inquisitor from Warhammer 40k ends up investigating a world called 'Golarion' (Pathfinder). Hilarity and violence ensues. But mostly hilarity.The Golarion Heresy, 40k, pathfinder, crossover, golarion, inquisitor, heresy2014-07-13 23 
33388370The Golarion Heresy Part 2A warhammer 40k Inquisitor ends up on Golarion (Pathfinder Setting). Hilarity and Violence ensues.The golarion heresy, warhammer 40k, pathfinder, crossover, golarion, inquisitor, 40k, part 22014-07-14 13 
33434338The Golarion Heresy 3An Inquisitor from Warhammer 40k ends up investigating a world called 'Golarion' (Pathfinder). Hilarity and violence ensues. But mostly hilarity.The Golarion Heresy, 40k, pathfinder, crossover, golarion inquisitor, heresy, humor2014-07-15 11 
33428408The Last Inquisitor QuestYou are an Inquisitor, a being of darkness made to serve the church. You meet the head priest for orders then get annoyed by a squire. The Last Inquisitor Quest, Collective Game2014-07-16 6 
33449519The Last Inquisitor Quest 1You are an Inquisitor, a dark being bound to the Holy Order. Killing Orks, Arriving to Oaksberry and Interrogating a Scout about the man you're hunting.The Last Inquisitor Quest, Collective Game2014-07-16 7 
33468343The Last Inquisitor Quest 2You're an Inquisitor, a dark being bound by the Holy Order. Blood magic, Ork Warlock, Autumn becomes a Companion, Crushing Benjamin's dream.The Last Inquisitor Quest, Collective Game2014-07-17 7 
33490487The Last Inquisitor Quest 3You are an Iquisitor, a dark being bound by the Holy Order. The Hinterlands, Town Riverhill, Ben and Autumn are captured, sneak in and save them, kill a Blood mage, Benjamin is wounded, Bloodbath.The Last Inquisitor Quest, Collective Game2014-07-18 6 
33515404The Last Inquisitor Quest 4 The Inquisitor travels to the Iron Kingdom. The Last Inquisitor Quest, Collective Game2014-07-19 1 
33540846The Last Inquisitor Quest 4.5You are the Inquisitor, a dark being bound by the Holy Order. New Approved QM. Autumn Thinks, Slave camps, Elf child, Preparing to meet Dwarf King.The Last Inquisitor Quest, Collective Game, Name, Paladin, Elf2014-07-20 1 
33558978The Last Inquisitor Quest 5You're an Inquisitor, a dark being bound by the Holy Order. Meeting the Dwarf King, Leaving the Dwarf City, New Companion and more!The Last Inquisitor Quest, Collective Game, Name, Spirit, Elf2014-07-21 5 
33585872The Last Inquisitor Quest 6You're the Inquisitor, a dark being bound by the Holy Order; Exploring the Elvish city, discovering a secret in the library and you're forced to make a hard choice!The Last Inquisitor Quest, Collective Game, Name2014-07-22 0 
33630597The Last Inquisitor Quest 7You are an Inquisitor, a dark being bound to the Holy order. Journey through the Aelvii Empire and after a challenge from a Void Dark Being, the Hunt moves closer to its closure.The Last Inquisitor Quest, Collective Game2014-07-24 5 
33673430The Last Inquisitor Quest 8The Story of what happened to Benjamin after he [spoiler] in the Elvish throne room. The Last Inquisitor Quest, Collective Game, Name2014-07-26 5 
33727545The Last Inquisitor Quest 9You're an Inquisitor, a being bound to the Holy order. You gain new information, make a choice, deal with Austec at last and then take a portal to the Heart of the Imperium.The Last Inquisitor Quest, Collective Game, Name2014-07-28 1 
September 2014
34866206Ordo Xeno Tyranid ProblemHello fellow Ordo Xenos Inquisitors. Welcome to our Centurial Ordo meeting. First order of business, it is becoming increasing clear that we need to develop a final solution for the Tyranid problem. Now if you'll open your folders to page 3 we'll begin...40k, Ordo Xeno, Warhammer 40k, Tyranid, Inquisitor2014-09-14 2 
July 2015
41027807Penal regiment /tg/ - field kit inspection - fucking this again editionThis time the regiment is facing off against Chaos spawn, as they are joined by the Inquisition, sister Theresia and the navigator, while a plot appears to stow away the commissar to safety.field kit inspection, penal regiment designation /tg/, collective game, ruh, lemming, gibbers, palatine sister theresia, navigator elena, inquisitor vilhelm, quartermaster nihaonyan, commissar gaurun2015-07-05 8 
May 2016
60988Star Wars: Imperial Inquisitors QuestNix's storyCollective Game, Star Wars, Inquisitors, Empire, Nix, GermanSchteel2016-05-05 3 
60970Star Wars: Imperial Inquisitors QuestCzartoryski's StoryCollective Game, Star Wars, Inquisitors, Empire, Czartoryski, Observer2016-05-05 1 
November 2018
62990061Fireball System Thread #3VMore work done on Fireball, at first a lot is done but dries up leaving a sole anon to roll a few things out.One is the loneliest number, Chaos, Inquisitors, Marines, Hive City, Lizards, 40k2018-11-13 0 
December 2018
63650808Sector Creation Thread II: Imperial Boogaloo Continued work on the newest SectorInquisitors, Planets, 40k, Marines, Blinding light, Drop Pods, Creatures2018-12-28 0 
February 2019
3227617Rotten City IThe Inquisitor arrives and commences the scourge of Riva.Inquisitor, =I=, Inquisition, Rotten, City, Female Protagonist, Collective Game2019-02-07 1 
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