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February 2009
3633522World building 101A brief but useful collection of tips for creating a campaign world from scratch. Or stealing it from someone else. Only one death threat in the entire thread.world building, campaign2009-02-07 3 
3726453The World of AarnA promising-sounding homebrew world, with unimaginable deities, numerous ancient catastrophes, and lighthearted whimsy. At least that's how the OP described it.homebrew, world building2009-02-16 7 
March 2009
4046947Baron Von Make-a-fucking-world-satanBaron tells us how to make a map with all the important shit on it. Without it looking like it was made by some retard (even though it was made by some retard)Homebrew, World Building, Namefag, Maps2009-03-22 37 
August 2009
5511229How to make a settingSolid thread on making a good setting.game design, d&d, homebrew, useful, dm, gm, world building, ideas2009-08-19 21 
November 2009
6645341Meta-War: The Nerd-RagingA thread about the Unified Setting suddenly takes a turn for the Awesome when /tg/ starts talking about a setting where every fa/tg/uy becomes powered up, factions based around games and ideas form and war begins, encouraged by the sinister Troll-lordworld building, homebrew, /tg/, trolls2009-11-10 2 
December 2009
7176389Fluff a monsterAnon posts a monster pic and anon creates back-story for the monster. It contains some truly sickening stuff!Monsters, BBEGs, World Building2009-12-17 3 
January 2010
7410817FogworldAnon attempts to design a world shrouded in fog, and speculates on the types of creatures and societies that might live there.world building, original content, biology, climate2010-01-03 5 
7765656 lets make a high fantasy setting/tg/ re imagines your classic races into a startling panoply of eclectic propositions.fantasy, high-fantasy, orc, elf, dwarf, human, halflig, gnome, world building2010-01-25 14 
7770300Teegeescape, pt 3(Teegeescape is the name I picked for the continuing of "let's make a high fantasy setting"homebrew, world building2010-01-25 10 
7774991Tegeescape IVIt starts slowing down, but Tegeetia is still developing. Also, Tarr poopHomebrew, World Building, Tegeetia2010-01-26 5 
7809299Reincarnation Would SuckWhat if modern-day scientists figured out how to cheat death, via a process that replaces the mind of a 9-year-old with your own? /tg/ discusses ethics & tries to predict what'd happen to society.Dagda, World Building, Cyberpunk, Ethics, Serious Business2010-01-28 2 
February 2010
8175884How To Sandbox DM, Part 2A request from a DM turns into a discussion on sandbox DMing, references http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/6358010/ and Ars Ludi.DMing sandbox worldbuilding world building2010-02-19 2 
March 2010
8506441Infrared Squid & Radioactive JellyfishThe creation of the Zxyksi, uplifted squid who communicate with infrared radiation. They were uplifted for entertainment and fell into the dark ages.Zyxksi, Squid, World building, creature, sci-fi2010-03-10 3 
8512705Create a Species Thread Take TwoThis time we create an unnamed species of trilobite snakes who indulge in cannibalistic violence, prompted by their genetic rage, and rule the stars. Possibly they were the uplifters of the Zxyksi?Zxyksi, species, creature, world building, scifi2010-03-10 2 
8523765Species: Demonweb Dancers/tg/ created another species. This time, it's a bunch of huge, curious and philosophical spiders made of animated cloth and felt who maintain the Demonweb and do vaudeville performances for Lolth. Yeah.Zxyksi, world building, species2010-03-11 3 
April 2010
9050967Adventuring AcadamyA proposed academy/school for adventurers prompts a flood of ideas for something you could drop in any fantisy setting.game design, world building, rpg, setting, ideas2010-04-08 4 
9146018The Fallanon gives us a description of the basics of Fall, essentially a bottomless pit. /tg/ fleshes out the world and discusses living in FallHomebrew, World Building2010-04-12 43 
9215462Rockworld Part IIContinuation of Rockworld.Rockworld, homebrew, world building, creation2010-04-15 3 
9242793The CityImagine a city you wont want to leave, because its just so safe and well maintained, and will kill you if you try it. game design, RPG, Setting, world building, homebrew 2010-04-17 0 
9368957Isolated WorldsMany ideas for new worlds with isolated communities and dangerous travel.World Building, Namefag, Collaboration, Isolated, Self-sufficient, 2010-04-23 2 
May 2010
9639118Bucket WorldA new setting with dozens of isolated communities that have adapted to their hostile environments. Travel is difficult, and the world is harsh.setting, namefag, world building, world, settings, bucket, isolated2010-05-06 2 
9781583Species: Working PartsIntroducing the Working Parts, a species of ant-sized and cat-shaped amorphous metal blobs that are highly individualistic and the product of a partially successful experiment to create a more efficient alternative to steam in a steampunk world!Zxyksi, world building, species2010-05-13 5 
9845296Endless Isles thread 2Brainstorming and writefagging continues for the world of deathless piratesworld building, Eternal Isles, development, pirates2010-05-16 0 
9972391Walk like an EgyptianWorld building thread, with the main nation based on Ancient Egypt, just starting to explore it's surroundings in a strange and hostile world. A low-fantasy, low-tech, rare-magic setting in the works.Setting, World Building, Low fantasy2010-05-22 0 
9995590The What, Where, and How of Elemental StonesA discussion of how technology and society would develop with the help of elemental stonesgame design, rockworld, bucketworld, worldbuilding, world building, homebrew, steampunk2010-05-23 3 
September 2010
12083010Toonpunk - Life in the Animated WorldDiscussion of a setting set in the future of 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?'. The mega-animation houses of Disney and Toei vie for supremacy, while in the shadows, independent animators and toons fight over the scraps.toonpunk, toonware, homebrew, setting, world building, awesome2010-09-14 18 
October 2010
12539605Timeless WorldA brainstorming session about a setting with immortal humans and concept of time.world building, worldbuilding, setting, Worldbuilding World Building, Setting, time, Time2010-10-23 2 
November 2010
12724034"Caliburn" Creation Drive!A game designer comes to /tg/ to beg our wisdom. The best and brightest of this noble board help craft new factions and fluff for what is said to be an upcoming tabletop game. Will it succeed? Only time will tell. What is known is that it's got space elves playing Stalingrad, sahuagin with lasers, and the Brotherhood of Nod meets Alpha Centauri. Who could resist?Tabletop Game, Creation, Caliburn, Design, World Building2010-11-08 1 
12781103XS writesfags about mithra and viera relationshipsit's rather cute and such. anon talks about making a setting with both of them in it, and discuss FF bunny and cat girlsXS, FF, writefag, world building, storyteller2010-11-13 3 
December 2010
13050521Dungeons and DiscourseOP wants to make a D&D game that takes place on an island where everyone worships philosophers. Horrible puns and awesome awesomeness ensue.homebrew, world building, philosophy2010-12-07 1 
13072673Serious discussion about slavery in your game.Specifically how it can be used constructively in campaign or character backstory, and its pitfalls in being used such a way.Serious, world building, setting, slavery, fantasy, campaign setting2010-12-08 7 
13153489How to do a Dark Setting ProperlyTheory and details on how to make a grimdark setting. Concise and excellent DM advice.Grimdark, DM, GM, World Building, RPG, advice, setting, grim and dark2010-12-14 17 
13336580Real World Legendary WeaponsA list of real world weapons that have mythological abilities or otherwise detailed histories.weapons, world building2010-12-30 3 
13347013Amongst the AetherOp asks /tg/ to take part in a world building exercise, based on the roll of the dice.World Building, Collective Game2010-12-31 2 
13346845The EngineersOP asks about making a universe with mister fixit engineers, slightly modeled after Dead Space. Truly awesome writefaggotry ensues, everyone rejoices.Dead Space, Engineers, setting, space, sci-fi, scifi, world building, writefag, writing2010-12-31 10 
January 2011
13458341Dies the Fire: Sans Fail/tg/ takes S.M. Sterling's incredibly homosexual wiccan masturbatory fantasy series, and transforms it into a vibrant struggle between the post-apocalyptic remnants of North America. Who will endure? The Catholic New Roman Empire of California, the Communist States of New England, or the caliginous Yoeman tribes of the great plains? Only one thing is certain: Sterling is an ass grabbing moron.Dies the Fire, World Building, Rome Has Conquered, Communism, Post Apocalyptic2011-01-09 7 
February 2011
13827354OstrakonLet's create yet another steampunk setting.Ostrakon, Steampunk, World Building2011-02-08 3 
March 2011
14098093Low magic setting with Dwarves/Elves/HumansAnon asks for a low magic setting involving dwarves, elves and humans. With dwarves being greedy, metal-hungry bastards. /tg/ get shit done. Some discussion in relation to how a NEET-like race of dwarves can even survive with little-to-no trade.setting, world building, dwarf, dwarves, elf, elves, humans, trade, economics2011-03-02 0 
14372065Genesis: Ti'gee/tg/ is called on to play god and build a new universe from scratch. So they do.cutebold, kobold, collective game, elf, elves, man, humans, setting, dwarves, dwarf, world building 2011-03-26 1 
April 2011
14674927Fantastic FloraFantastic Flora thread, plant ideas for a fantasy setting. Not plant type monsters.setting, fantasy, plant, plants, fruit, food, homebrew, world building, wordbuilding, home brew,2011-04-22 1 
14704581New World, New PowersFa/tg/uys discuss a setting where the five most powerful countries suddenly disappeared. world building, ideas, game ideas, Awesome2011-04-24 24 
14707433New Worlds, New Powers 2Continuation of discussing a world where Russia, Britain, America, China and India suddenly disappeared world building, ideas, game ideas, Awesome2011-04-24 14 
May 2011
14829225Praise the WalkersOP thought up of a post-apocalyptic future where the warmachines of the apocalypse gets worshipped by human survivors. Interesting fluffmaking happened. Did I mention about what happened to the space colonization projects, and the bioweapon-turned-symbiote?homebrew, post-apoc, sci-fi, world building, walker2011-05-06 8 
14957599Surema: the flavors of magic/tg/ accumulates fluff and lore until world, which can be described only as "bizarre", is born.world building, fluff , setting, weird2011-05-17 3 
August 2011
16031563Dungeon Idea Brainstorming/tg/ discusses ideas for dungeon encounters. Ideas range from silly to terrifyingworld building, brainstorming, dungeon design2011-08-23 3 
16078790Considering: a modern fantasy Wilderness settingAnon proposes a setting with some modern tech, encroaching wilderness, and a reason for adventures. We contribute monsters and justifications.Homebrew, Getting Shit Done, original content, pokemon, modern fantasy, setting, world building2011-08-27 8 
October 2011
16511386The Editors: A Setting In ProgressOP has an idea about sending agents in to remove Mary Sues from canon settings. A few like-minded Anons later, a meta-fanfiction setting is born.game design, world building, discussion, planes, Mary Sue, settings, metafiction, game ideas, 2011-10-03 22 
16529282The Editors IIWe continue world-building our freshly popularized meta-fanfiction campaign setting.game design, world building, discussion, planes, Mary Sue, settings, metafiction, game ideas2011-10-05 10 
December 2011
17316672The Editors IIIContinued development of the setting, incorporating elements from /tg/ Meta Quest. The Cold War with the TSAB is lightly touched upon, and relations with the other Meta-aware factions.game design, world building, discussion, planes, Mary Sue, settings, metafiction, game ideas, Editors, The Editors2011-12-24 8 
January 2012
17597062InfiniCon/tg/ tosses around ideas for a convention that never ends, where turf wars are fought between weaboos, LARPers and Trekkies alike over kiosk space and hotel rooms. Writefaggotry also ensues.Infinicon, Infinity City, world building, writefaggotry2012-01-19 23 
17603755InfiniCon continuedMore fluffing out and discussion of the setting, and more stories.Infinicon, Infinity City, world building, writefaggotry2012-01-20 13 
March 2012
18350298Middle Eastern MythOP creates a starter-kit for making Arabian Nights themed settings, based on mythology, folklore, and history.Arabian, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, mythology, folklore, world building2012-03-16 49 
18452035InfiniConAnother foray into developing the Con that never endsInfiniCon, Infinity City, World building, Setting, Homebrew2012-03-26 10 
April 2012
18669582InfiniCon: Yet againWhat would you do at the Con that never ends? Yet another thread about Infinity City and its costumed citizensInfiniCon, World Building, Writefaggotry, Setting2012-04-14 2 
18837867Magical Girl DystopiaMagical Girls take over and stunt human emotions by making everything into happy land. Rebels use gene therapy to become monsters and fight them. Fluuuuuuuuufffffluff, magical girls, setting, game ideas, writefag, getting shit done, dystopia, world building, discussion, magicpunk, 1984, mahou shoujo, gene therapy2012-04-24 21 
May 2012
19085077Magical Girl Dystopia IIIMore fleshing out about the girls and the resistancefluff, magical girls, setting, game ideas, writefag, getting shit done, dystopia, world building, discussion, magicpunk, 1984, mahou shoujo, gene therapy2012-05-14 5 
19119894Magical Girl Dystopia IVThe setting is solidified, ideas are developed, and issues from the last thread are snipped in the bud.fluff, magical girls, setting, game ideas, writefag, getting shit done, dystopia, world building, discussion, magicpunk, 1984, mahou shoujo, gene therapy2012-05-18 2 
July 2012
20005554 Elven biomechanics - theorizing the elf as brachiating arboreal humanoidRe-designing the classical elf to biologically, culturally, and metally correspond to their tree-loving ways, a group of elegan/tg/entlemen reaches some unexpected and most startling conclusions.game ideas, elf, concept, world building, ape, biology, science2012-07-23 31 
August 2012
20193011EmulsiworldAnon describes a dream where mankind is drawn to a new planet through portals on Earth. There they find a hollow but still living tree where they make a new home: Hope. The planet, as big as Jupiter, is host to other such trees, some with other splinter evolutions of mankind, at war with the Keepers, a race of machines which cull mankind's divergent evolutions until extinction.Homebrew, original content, crunchless fluff, science fiction, post-apocalypse, Hope, arcology, game ideas, world building, The Archivist2012-08-05 17 
20271366World Building ResourcesOP dumps some useful tools and resources, particularly for sci-fi worldbuilding.World Building, Resources2012-08-11 25 
September 2012
20666515Tales of the Harem KnightsBuilding off of a previous thread many anons donned names and stories, all of good quality at least.Teegee, harem, knight, storytime, stories, waifu, monstergirl, roleplay, writefaggotry, world building2012-09-10 22 
20674762TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume ThreeThird thread in TeeGee Harem Knights. More stories, equipment to bring to fantasy worlds, plus a bar song!Teegee, harem, knight, storytime, stories, waifu, monstergirl, roleplay, writefaggotry, world building, bar song2012-09-10 23 
20684912TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume FourFourth volume of the escapades of our TeeGee nationTeegee, harem, knight, storytime, stories, waifu, monstergirl, roleplay, writefaggotry, world building2012-09-11 16 
20698883TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume FiveWe reach the fifth thread of this amazing saga full of writefaggotry, now with an Ork invasion and a look into the Merchant Guard!TeeGee, Harem, Knights, Storytime, Stories, Waifu, Monstergirl, Writefaggotry, World Building2012-09-12 17 
October 2012
21164426Revolutio Daedali; Revolution and industry in the Ancient WorldIn the effort to be a positive influence on his little brother, the OP of this thread decided to craft a homebrew setting based on an alternate vision of the Ancient World in the throes of an industrial, political, and social revolution, brought on by the inventions of Daedalus.Setting, Homebrew, Ancient, Ancients, Rome, Greece, Macydonia, Egypt, Industrial, Revolution, Worldbuilding, world building, The Archivist2012-10-17 28 
21135856TeeGee Harem Knights Vol 26In which Clover tells of singing Ilithids and other stories are shared.Teegee, Harem Knights, Writefaggotry, World Building,2012-10-17 4 
21138478InfiniCon againAnother InfiniCon thread, aiming to turn more onto the setting.InfiniCon, world building, writefaggotry, setting2012-10-18 1 
21173333TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume 27Coininoch, Catmas, and conspiracies!Teegee, Harem Knights, Writefaggotry, World Building2012-10-20 3 
21243887TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume 29This time, it's mostly discussion on major events. Also, more Thai.Teegee, Harem Knights, Writefaggotry, World Building2012-10-23 2 
21270006Angrydorf's God Game: Edora #1An experiment that was recieved well! Venture into the chronicles of Edora, read on as our demented players take on the role of gods and create ridiculously impossible things on the poor planet known as Edora. (Angrydorf tag taken out, that tag shall be reserved for civilization games.)Collective Game, God Game, World Building, Quest2012-10-24 7 
21276512Angrydorf's God Game: Edora #2This time shit goes down, demons, ancient dragons, politics, and a whole slew of other stuff!Collective Game, God Game, World Building, Quest2012-10-24 7 
21273032TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume 30Pinochle, a pool/lake, and more Catmas.Teegee, Harem Knights, Writefaggotry, World Building2012-10-26 0 
21299012Angrydorf's God Game: Edora #3This time our pantheon creates some interesting new regions, creatures, and events! Particulary the vicious frogars, the hungry warls, and the stout urangens.Collective Game, God Game, World Building, Quest2012-10-26 4 
21326630Angrydorf's God Game: Edora #4We create an afterlife of booze, pretzels and evil shadows. We're not good at this.Collective Game, God Game, World Building, Quest2012-10-28 3 
21306474Teegee Harem Knights Vol 31In which touching stories are told.Teegee Harem Knights, Co-op writefagatry, writefagatry, world building, monster girls, knights.2012-10-30 2 
November 2012
21365172TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume 32We get an architect!Teegee, Harem Knights, Writefaggotry, World Building2012-11-01 4 
21394317TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume 33This time, we have mind reading therapy and the nature of magic.Teegee, Harem Knights, Writefaggotry, World Building2012-11-04 3 
21430338Angrydorf's God Game: Edora #5Stealth penguins. Need I say more?Collective Game, God Game, World Building, Quest2012-11-04 2 
21460436Monster GuardOP's intent is a thread where /tg/ pretends to be the monster under the bed. Due to OP's image selection, it turns into something darker, where the monster under the bed (and in the closet!) defends the child from abusive parents. OP returns, decides to reveal his writefag power level... and makes a setting out of this concept.Homebrew, original content, crunchless fluff, world building, monsters, nightmares, abuse, child, children, The Archivist2012-11-06 21 
21435510Teegee Harem Knights volume 35 Vampire Khanates Rumors abound! Currency Discussed Elderitch horrors born of attempts to make life put down.Teegee, Harem Knights, Writefaggotry, World Building2012-11-07 3 
21501734Archetypal Fantasy MagicStarts about barefoot characters; /tg/ makes it about magic done by following an archetype like the warrior, the mage, or the thief.Fantasy, World Building, Derailed, /tg/ gets shit done2012-11-09 9 
21505956Archetype Fantasy Magic 2In which the nascent setting is fleshed out significantly. Fantasy, World Building, /tg/ gets shit done2012-11-11 0 
21535593Angrydorf's God Game: Edora #6Fuck everything, shit is going down, apocalypse everywhere, multiple extinctions. This is the beginning of the end.Collective Game, God Game, World Building, Quest2012-11-11 1 
21613623Harem Knights Volume 37Did this early because, well, we lost the last one. Teegee, Harem Knights, Writefaggotry, World Building2012-11-17 3 
21639387Angrydorf's God Game: Edora #7As the second draws nearer and the threat of total anihilation becomes greater, what do our gods do to prevent the impending doom?Collective Game, God Game, World Building, Quest2012-11-18 2 
21681224The Sphere RPG conceptOrder collapses in a vast Dyson Sphere; as an explorer, travel across the ruins in search of wealth, technology and adventure.Dyson Sphere, game ideas, roleplay, World Building2012-11-21 2 
21657425Teegee Harem Knights Vol 38The Bats story ends, with the promise of a vamipiric war, and a gunrunner makes his debut, with leadTeegee, Harem Knights, Writefaggotry, World Building2012-11-22 0 
21711417Harem Knights Vol. 39more on the gunrunners and boss. Discussions of the city plans and layoutTeegee, Harem Knights, Writefaggotry, World Building2012-11-26 2 
December 2012
21914061Harem Knights 40.5In which we search for sulfur, make a Geigeresque castle in two weeks, and attempt to kill nobility with good ol' Southern Cooking.Teegee, Harem Knights, Writefaggotry, World Building2012-12-09 0 
January 2013
22408772Acid Trip - The WorldA land being created, truelly wonderful and weird. Ancient races, obelisks and sky elves OH MY!World Building, - Acid Trip, - Sky Elves, - Ancient Races, 2013-01-05 12 
22424863Acid Trip - The World Thread #2A land being created, truelly wonderful and weird. In todays episode; the fluffing of the ancient races, the adding of new races to the world and other shananigansWorld Building, Acid Trip, Ancient Races, 2013-01-06 15 
February 2013
22924521Teegee Harem Knights S2 Vol 1In which the tales of the knights resumes in truth. The Boss saga comes to a close, a new guy does a bit, and Gale is a cool guy.Teegee, Harem Knights, World Building, Writfaggotry, Fantasy, Monstergirls2013-02-02 -2 
23183187Elemental plane of breakfastfa/tg/uys build a world of breakfast, adventure, and the most villainous BBEG ever.world building2013-02-15 30 
23383305Humans as mythological beastsA bit of discussion, a bit of HFY, and a bit of world building.world building, Humanity fuck yeah2013-02-25 5 
March 2013
23872011The Sundered Realm of Jhalom/tg/ makes a cool setting.freeform, vanillamancy, world building2013-03-25 5 
April 2013
24210259Drilling for Black ManaBlack Mana can be stored as Oil. Factions fight and scheme to exploit it, birthing eldrich abominations in the process.setting, world building, dieselpunk, fantasy, necromancy, original content2013-04-13 12 
24346225Bioshock: Nature's LadderFollowing the disaster of the Boer War and the resulting crisis in national confidence, the eminent scientist Sir Edward Dalton proscribed as the only possible solution to the moral degeneration of Britons the new science, in fact a genetic religion of hereditary genius, eugenics - the science of human advancement. He and his colleagues conspired in the construction of a haven from which to escape the Lloyd-George government, completing the underground city and going below during the "dark days" of the post-war Lloyd-George coalition ministry. The city was made possible by the sapling of the Tree of Life from the Himalayas, and the Soma flowers which bloomed from it - symbiotic organisms which made gross cellular mutation achievable; speeding up the construction and the subsequent breeding program immensely.Bioshock, Nature's Ladder, World Building, Setting2013-04-21 10 
24506736Changing the Mass Effect PlotGood discussion on what to add and remove to run a good mass effect PnPMass Effect, Sci-Fi, Shepard, Collectors, World Building2013-04-29 6 
May 2013
24706043The Discopocalypseat the invitation to create a setting /tg/ comes up with a post-apocalyptic settingworld building, original content, discopocalypse2013-05-09 5 
24956618Age of the DragonCYOA turns into world building and fun with GODDAMN dragons.Dragons, World Building, GODDAMN DRAGONS, CYOA2013-05-21 11 
24969934Fantasy Geography Collaboration/tg/ comes up with ideas for fantastic geographic locations.geography, worldbuilding, game ideas, ideas, world building2013-05-22 5 
July 2013
25971010The Armoured VillageOP proposes a setting where everyone is always covered, and /tg/ works its magic. What results is a village where absolutely everyone wears full plate armour all the time as a result of a contagious curse. Better than it sounds.game ideas, world building, armour, village, worldbuilding2013-07-13 17 
August 2013
26604934Let's Build a World/tg/ has an imagination and creates a unique setting from absolute scratch.world building, original content, fluff, sci-fi, shamanistic horseshoe crabs2013-08-13 12 
26646664Let's Build a World 2/tg/ continues to build the Winder Civilizationworld building, original content, fluff, sci-fi, shamanistic horseshoe crabs2013-08-16 3 
26665025Planet Home pt. 2Lt. Col. Space Helicopters returns to expand on the planet he's been creating. /tg/ hardly notices the poor guy, but faith remains strong and the setting is lovely. World Building, Exobiology, SPACE, HELICOPTERS2013-08-18 2 
26700322Planet Home pt.4Planet home gets expanded once more; Honnętes, the hexapedal cephalopods, develop intelligence and a name.World Building, World Buildan, Lt. Col. Space Helicopters, Helicopters in Space, /sci/ incursion2013-08-18 0 
26810809Planet Home 5: Inflection PointA cataclysm causes the worlds of the Winders and Honnętes to cross and both are changed foreverWorld Building, World Buildan, Lt. Col. Space Helicopters, Helicopters in Space, Honnetes, Winders2013-08-24 0 
September 2013
26940376Space KnightsA setting where you're an Arthurian knight in space fantasyworld building, sci-fi, space fantasy, original content, game design2013-09-01 6 
November 2013
28196355Harpies IN SPACE!Harpies IN SPACE opera, their customs and technology.harpies, science fiction, space opera, world building2013-11-10 8 
December 2013
28657292Selyn Facts, Vol. 2Semi-sober Drunkfags gives further insights about Fridays and the magical city of Selyn. Now with narrated entries.World building, humor, 2013-12-04 3 
28965839Russian Setting and Lore discussionOP starts a thread asking /tg/ about Russian mythology and lore. Interesting discussion ensues between classic Russian folklore and the Soviet Era revisionist stuff.The Archivist, setting, worldbuilding, world building, homebrew, Russia, folklore, folk lore, campaign setting2013-12-20 21 
February 2014
30061998D&D Discussions: Economic systemsAlso known as: A treatise on the problem with gold vs what player characters go around to buy.The Archivist, homebrew, economics, money, gold, setting, world, worldbuilding, world building, 2014-02-06 3 
30347627The 90sAnon who grew up in the 90s asks /tg/ to help him design a setting set in the 90s. What follows is a discussion on 90s pop culture, music, movies, entertainment, and everything else. Warning, Nostalgia.The Archivist, homebrew, setting, worldbuilding, modern, 1990, 90s, nineties, world building, nostalgia2014-02-19 22 
30439121Decolonilist settingsWherein a discussion is had about creating settings with no Western influence - in the Christian and Roman sense of the word.The Archivist, homebrew, setting, worldbuilding, history, alternative history, alternative, campaign setting, world building, mesoamerica, precolonial, africa, asia2014-02-24 4 
30519810On PeasantsWere they really dirty, uneducated, ignorant and as expendable as they are portrayed? Or is there something more to the Medieval and Fantasy peasant than what we know? Answers to this and more to be found here.The Archivist, peasants, peasant, peasantry, setting, world building, settings2014-02-27 7 
March 2014
30745096The Night Shift: Second ShiftThe second thread in which the setting and campaign module of the Night Shift (also known as the "Graveyard Shift") is discussed, more frightening and bizarre happenings are compiled, and the merits of NPCs and additional tables are debated.Night Shift, Graveyard Shift, surreal, horror, setting, homebrew, world building, brainstorming2014-03-10 20 
30763437The Night Shift: Third ShiftThe third thread in which the setting and campaign module of the Night Shift is discussed, even more frightening and bizarre happenings are compiled, and a talented Anon continues to crunch things out.Night Shift, Graveyard Shift, surreal, horror, setting, homebrew, world building, brainstorming, crunch2014-03-11 11 
30796508The Night Shift: Fourth ShiftThe fourth thread in which the setting and campaign module of the Night Shift is discussed, yet more frightening and bizarre happenings are compiled, and a thoughtful discussion of the crunch and fluff take place. Night Shift, Graveyard Shift, surreal, horror, setting, homebrew, world building, brainstorming, crunch, fluff2014-03-12 12 
30925160Island Lamia Development/tg/ helps OP flesh out lamias in his setting as a group of rad fishing island-dwellerslamia, island, setting, world building, GURPS2014-03-19 11 
May 2014
31959623Noneuropean settings: inuitworldA discussion of mythologies shifts to an Inuit inspired setting featuring demon whales and weather trollsworld building,mythology,Inuit,demon whale2014-05-07 0 
32236060[Setting] A twist on fantasyWe try to make fantasy original again. It work.fantasy, setting, world building, homebrew, god2014-05-20 9 
June 2014
32804536Shark worldOp's world where megalodon still exists, world building ensuesworld building, sharks, megalodon2014-06-16 -1 
July 2014
33120151Harpy Species, Intelligence and MannerismsWhat starts off as a thread discussing the likelihood of Harpies becoming a world power through aerial martial strength (d)evolves into a discussion about dumb Dodo-Harpies, foul-mouthed Cockney-Harpies and, of course, Harpy mating habits.Harpy, harpies, dodo, dumb, cockney, fetish, world building, monsters, monstergirls, I'll fight u m8 I swear on me mum2014-07-02 20 
33199976Pre-Columbian Native American FantasyOP asks for help in devising a Native American themed setting for an upcoming game. /tg/ supplies helpful information.myth, folklore, history, world building, indian, native american, 2014-07-06 5 
August 2014
33898471Checkerboard WorldIdea for a world where people become the "gods" of a small 5x5 mile plot of land, with complete control over it's appearance and it's inhabitants.world building, World Building, settings, Settings, setting idea, Setting Building, Original Setting, original setting, setting creation, checkerboard world2014-08-05 2 
34249940Slav Shit Future Knights OP: I had an idea today, tentatively entitled "Slav Shit Future Knights" inspired by the game Destiny and the book One Soldier's War In Chechnya. Players are knights of the last city on Earth (St Petersburg) who venture out beyond the walls armed with an array of slavic weaponry from the last 100+ years (statted up with MotSP's equipment building system) to do battle with bandits, chechens, aliens, stalinist ape-men and assorted mutants, recover mystical treasures and technology and you get the ideaWorldbuilding, world building, OC, awesome, jews, bears, russia2014-08-19 6 
October 2014
35392648Chess World World BuildingOP asks for ideas on building a grid world, kinda like Ravenloft if there were squares other than gothic horror. Lots of cool ideas come about despite the fact the abandons the thread in his faggotry.chess,checkers,world building,setting2014-10-10 1 
December 2014
36599531Rat and other Rodent PeopleAnon requests images for his ratfolk Hedge Witch in Pathfinder. Discussion of rat people takes place, including anedoctes from pet owner, the realization that mice are the true assholes of the rodent world and that hamsters are brain-devouring psychopaths.Ratfolk, Rat People, Nezumi, Skaven, Hamsters, Mice, Pathfinder, Worldbuilding, World Building2014-12-08 13 
January 2015
37122120Night Shift: Minimum Wage, Maximum Weird. 2015 EditionNight Shift Anon returns with some play test stories and some new event ideas are pitched. Night Shift, Graveyard Shift, surreal, horror, setting, homebrew, world building, brainstorming2015-01-04 6 
37435457How do cultures develop?discussion about creating original cultures for settings. Anthropologist anon gives info and dumps pdfsworld building, cultures, pdfs2015-01-17 24 
37538499 Fruitsnackia /TG/ Forum RPG (Name Pending)The first thread for a new rpg forum, now called TransGalacticTransGalactic, Forum RPG, World Building, Game Development2015-01-22 4 
37555223TransGalactic (Formerly Fruitsnackia) /TG/ Forum RPGSecond thread for TransGalactica. Races are hammered out more clearly and we begin expanding the lore in other regards as well.TransGalactic, Forum RPG, World Building, Game Development2015-01-23 5 
37570291TransGalaxia 3: Electric Chickadee/(Rip Fruitsnackia)/TG/Forum RPGThird thread, shit goes down, races are hammered out, player progression and classes as well. Maybe this one won't be erased. TransGalactic, Forum RPG, World Building, Game Development2015-01-24 3 
37601439TransGalaxia 4: Electric Door/RememberFruistnackia/TG/ForumRPG/baseline races semi-finalized, progress continues.TransGalactic, Forum RPG, World Building, Game Development2015-01-25 0 
February 2015
37794163Britbongsteros StorytimeIn world geographically the same as our own, fantasy tropes meet local mythology. Gather around, and listen to the story of purging necromancy, assassinating nobility, and fighting the terrors of this world. And remember, act in accordance to the Purple Penguin's will. Opening post is required reading.storytime, storytiem, purple penguin, world building, writefaggotry, awesome 2015-02-04 44 
37884098Young Monster quest EndAnd so it ends, with a whimper. The QM apologizes profusely and writes a distant Epilogue of it all. Warning, very little actual questing is done in this thread, lots of discussion however.Collective Game, Young Monster Quest, The Headmaster, Monster, quest,Demon, Sudden End, World building2015-02-06 2 
May 2015
39758595Shark Tits and Sexual DimorphismAnons have a lengthy chat about gender in fantasy races and aliens, and how to make it interesting.world building, sharks, star trek, sexuality2015-05-05 3 
July 2015
40936127Fallout: OkinawaFallout in Japan, around the US military base in OkinawaFallout, Post Apocalyptic, Japan, apocalypse, world building, setting2015-07-01 20 
41397235Spacer SlangWhat types of slang would Spacers develop to describe the day to day duties and dangers of living and working way out there in the deep dark? The posters in this thread comes up with more than a few choice words and phrases as /tg/ does some sci fi linguistic brainstorming.Spacer, slang, brainstorming, world building, sci fi2015-07-23 21 
August 2015
41910800Native ContinentAnon makes thread about native american flavored fantasy. Native Americans give input.lore, world building, stories, history, native americans, incas, aztec, lakota, iroquois,2015-08-17 6 
January 2016
44525340Lost Source 3#Lost Source gets fleshed out some more Still needs a skeleton AKA metaplot and system.Lost Source, homebrew, world building, bloodborne, dark souls,2016-01-04 5 
44651355Lost Source #4The metaplot and mechanics are worked on, mods and weapons are added.Lost Source, homebrew, world building, bloodborne, dark souls,.2016-01-10 4 
44732534Lost Source #5The crunch continues! Albeit slowly. Also, hopefully a plot or two.Lost Source, homebrew, world building, bloodborne, dark souls,2016-01-15 2 
44896570Lost Source #6. For Reals, this time.Our first documented playtest! Albeit it's a TPK. Darn bloopers.Lost Source, homebrew, world building, bloodborne, dark souls,playtest2016-01-21 4 
45007539Lost Source #7An alternative setting is proposed, and more enemies are statted.Lost Source, homebrew, world building, bloodborne, dark souls,2016-01-26 2 
February 2016
45160885Lost Source #8In which not a lot happened. Dam it, college...Lost Source, homebrew, world building, bloodborne, dark souls,2016-02-04 2 
45472841BIO-SHIFT: MetamorphosisSetting about suited humans being the oldest aliens in the universe. All of the other aliens wonder why they have so many sub-species.suits, space suits, humans, setting, worldbuilding, world building, aliens2016-02-20 4 
45479944Lost Sourcea thread for the Lost Source game setting; now with playtest feedback.Lost Source, Homebrew, World Building2016-02-21 2 
March 2016
45812664 Bug World I/tg/ discusses how might a setting of just bug-people work?Bug World, World Building, Moth, Hornet 2016-03-06 6 
45844874Bug World II: Moth People Edition /tg/ continues building Bug WorldBug World, World Building, Moth, Beetle2016-03-14 2 
April 2016
46326422Vasenica Sector main thread #3?A continuation of earlier threads in which /tg/ creates a sector for warhammer 40k role playing games.Vasenica Sector, 40k, World Building2016-04-05 1 
May 2016
47180960Superhero World Building #5The Cape World's mythology is expanded with creepy additions such as Florida Man, The Haunter, The Mad Gasser, and George BauchmannWorld Building, Super Hero, Cape, Superhero 2016-05-13 2 
July 2016
310373A Safe Haven 3You and the gang time travel, and journey into the melodic Eversong Forest.Monster girls, Narrative, Adventure, Drama, World Building, KeeperofSafe2016-07-04 10 
339321A Safe Haven 4The gang fights off siren slavers and tries to spend a relaxing time at the beach, but instead ends up fighting in a warMonster girls, Narrative, Adventure, Drama, World Building, KeeperofSafe2016-07-10 10 
358374A Safe Haven 5The Gang ends A 25 year war, hangs out on the beach, and witch near the accursed lands.Monster girls, Narrative, Adventure, Drama, World Building, KeeperofSafe, Collective game, Combat2016-07-18 7 
389331A Safe Haven 6The smaller gang begins their trek into the Accursed lands and meet a dragon.Monster girls, Narrative, Adventure, Drama, World Building, KeeperofSafe, Collective game, Combat2016-07-26 7 
August 2016
48586784The Martian War/tg/ dicusses the idea of a campaign set during WWII fighting Martians from War of the Worlds. war, world building, mars, warships, creative, HMS Exeter, War of the Worlds, WW22016-08-03 6 
414759A Safe Haven 7The Gang traverse the accursed lands, fight a firebird, ride a dragon, meet back up with your friends and get your legs back!Monster girls, Narrative, Adventure, Drama, World Building, KeeperofSafe, Collective game, Combat2016-08-03 7 
441553A Safe Haven 8The gang works with the harpies to get to the bottom of the silencing of a goblin kingdom, and meet a strange man along the wayMonster girls, Narrative, Adventure, Drama, World Building, KeeperofSafe, Collective game, Combat2016-08-12 7 
467670A Safe Haven 9The gang spends some time off in the harpy village, checks back in with Auriel and begin their journey through the warring land of Wa.Monster girls, Narrative, Adventure, Drama, World Building, KeeperofSafe, Collective game, Combat2016-08-22 7 
September 2016
502123A Safe Haven 10The gang talks with a dragon,takes some time off in the demon lands and becomes a the Demon Lord's and a kitsune's oldeMonster girls, Narrative, Adventure, Drama, World Building, KeeperofSafe, Collective game, Combat2016-09-02 5 
532750A Safe Haven 11The Gang has some heart to heart with a spy and leave the warring island of Wa to meet a witch, and the curse escalates. Monster girls, Narrative, Adventure, Drama, World Building, KeeperofSafe, Collective game, Combat2016-09-13 5 
49305720Custom Army ThreadA number of contributors share custom army fluff.Space Marines, 40K, Writefaggotry, World Building2016-09-15 -5 
568271A Safe Haven 12The gang revives the dead, gain a new little sister and start to learn more about centaursMonster girls, Narrative, Adventure, Drama, World Building, KeeperofSafe, Collective game, Combat2016-09-22 5 
October 2016
622774A Safe Haven 13The Gang hit the books and infiltrates a centaur camp while condoning to lewd activitiesMonster girls, Narrative, Adventure, Drama, World Building, KeeperofSafe, Collective game, Combat2016-10-02 2 
653186A Safe Haven 14The Gang confronts a jerk chieftain, seduces a noble, and turn a man into a cute centauress. Monster girls, Narrative, Adventure, Drama, World Building, KeeperofSafe, Collective game, Combat2016-10-10 2 
710382A Safe Haven 15The Gang meet up with Mother, lewd some more, and head back to Wa to deal with some unfinished business.Monster girls, Narrative, Adventure, Drama, World Building, KeeperofSafe, Collective game, Combat2016-10-24 2 
49940009Culture Thread/tg/ explores non-European/Japanese culturesSikh, Berber, Bedouin, Pashtun, world building, culture, Africa, Middle East, Asia2016-10-25 14 
November 2016
771581A Safe Haven 16The Gang convince the forces of Wa to unite and head on to confront the Sorceress and Snake Lord in war.Monster girls, Narrative, Adventure, Drama, World Building, KeeperofSafe, Collective game, Combat, Lewd2016-11-06 2 
798624A Safe Haven 17The Gang make their way through a forest/warzone and confront the Snake Lord and a dangerous sorceress. Monster girls, Narrative, Adventure, Drama, World Building, KeeperofSafe, Collective game, Combat,2016-11-16 1 
December 2016
852275A Safe Haven 18The Gang begins finding out the truth of the war in Wa, while also growing increasingly concerned with their humanismMonster girls, Narrative, Adventure, Drama, World Building, KeeperofSafe, Collective game, Combat,2016-12-01 1 
894737A Safe Haven 19The Gang ends a war, decides who gets to be ruler of an island and chill in the demonlandsMonster girls, Narrative, Adventure, Drama, World Building, KeeperofSafe, Collective game,2016-12-11 1 
929008A Safe Haven 20The Gang spends some time with their girlfriends, leave Wa, and face a life changing confrontationMonster girls, Narrative, Adventure, Drama, World Building, KeeperofSafe, Collective game, Combat, Lewd2016-12-21 1 
963446A Safe Haven 21The Gang gets ambushed and decides to call on all its favors to take out an ever present menace Monster girls, Narrative, Adventure, Drama, World Building, KeeperofSafe, Collective game, Combat, Lewd2016-12-31 1 
January 2017
51018882Field Rations and Camp Cooking How much effort does you and your team put into RP for food when traveling?Food, camp, rations, cooking, brainstorming, world building2017-01-07 4 
995363A Safe Haven 22The Gang worms their way out of an akward situation and head out with Azura for a "tour" Monster girls, Narrative, Adventure, Drama, World Building, KeeperofSafe, Collective game,2017-01-08 2 
1049012A Safe Haven 23The gang have a mental confrontationMonster girls, Narrative, Adventure, Drama, World Building, KeeperofSafe, Collective game, Combat, Lewd2017-01-25 1 
February 2017
51508401/tg/ creates a town mapBy adding one building at the time /tg/ created a glorious town of Stankonia. Light-hearted world building thread with extensive map making.town, map, world building, /tg/, collaborative creation, original content2017-02-02 25 
July 2017
54037215tg creates a town map part 2Once again, tg created a fun little town, Hermits Bay, trough collaborative effort.Light-hearted world building thread with extensive map matown, map, world building, /tg/, collaborative creation, original content2017-07-01 26 
54146350Post-apocalyptic worldbuildingAnon makes a post-apocalyptic worldWorld building, post apocalyptic, random tables2017-07-04 4 
54556497Hourglass Worldbuilding/tg/ makes a setting that takes place in an hourglass watched over by a mad god.world building, desert, madness2017-07-29 7 
December 2017
57118226Skeleton civDiscussion about technologically advanced skeletons(also, puns, but what else did you expect)funny, spooky, undead, differently alive, fluff, ideas, world building, setting2017-12-27 3 
September 2018
61741595Birth of godsA new god generator was made. Anons test it out.Game Ideas, World Building2018-09-02 7 
61752507Birth of gods part 2We continue the thread from where we left off. worldbuilding ensues.Game Ideas, World Building2018-09-04 1 
61772790Crafting a Setting 1As Anons finish god creation, they start on the setting at large.Game Ideas, World Building2018-09-05 2 
November 2018
62871954Only eight spellsOnly eight spells exist. Suggestions abound.magic, ideas, world building, wizard, spells2018-11-07 1 
April 2019
65610037Making better monsters and peopleAnons create a bunch of races and monsters based on living and extinct animals, speculative evolution and some alien influencesWorld building, Original, Dinosaurs, Races, Monsters, Evolution, Discussion2019-04-17 6 
May 2019
3446409NatRP Game3 Part1NationsRP game 3 part 1 of ?NatRP, NationsRP, World building, Civ building2019-05-01 1 
65960580Realms of Lord Killblood DeathbaneA fairly metal science-fantasy setting with battlemutants and hover-longship riding void-vikings.Lord Killblood Deathbane, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Worldbuilding, Science Fantasy, World Building, brainstorming, Brainstorming, mutant, 2019-05-03 14 
66019519The Last HouseOP writes of a dark place. Horror, World Building2019-05-04 2 
66107232The Last House 2Discussion continues slowly on The Last House.Horror, World Building, The Last House2019-05-09 1 
66202771Radon and Raiders (working title)A follow up on the apocalyptic cavalry thread, where anons continue to fluff out a medieval radioactive England and the things living in itSetting, world building, post-apocalypse, medieval2019-05-15 61 
3476658NatRP Game3 Part2NationsRP game 3 part 2 of ?NatRP, NationsRP, World building, Civ building2019-05-15 1 
66255181Radon and Raiders 2Creating of a radioactive feudal Britain from the 50s continues, now with more mutants!Setting, post-apocalypse, medieval, world building2019-05-18 40 
66288903Radon and Raiders the ThirdAnons continue to develop the medieval radioactive isles, as wars are fought and maps are madePost apocalypse, setting, world building, medieval2019-05-19 40 
66321936Radon and Raiders IVAnons continue to build a radioactive medieval Britain, now featuring more raiders and SAS fighting wizards in radioactive hellholesMedieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building2019-05-23 37 
66379684Radon and Raiders VAnons continue work on medieval irradiated Britain, as a religious schism occurs and lighthouse duty is a death sentenceMedieval, post apocalyptic, setting, world building2019-05-26 34 
66435735Radon and Raiders VIAnons continue to work on medieval irradiated Britain.Setting, world building, Medieval, post apocalyptic, setting, world building2019-05-28 32 
66458350Radon and Raiders VIIAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, as railway guns are worshipped and the Welsh fight a war for the railsMedieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building2019-05-31 32 
June 2019
66521629Radon and Raiders VIIIAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, as rad-wizards are cloaked, giants roam, and Ireland is paranoid.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders 2019-06-06 31 
66636388Raiders and Radon IXAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, As prompts are made and Turingists are examined.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-06-12 31 
3545196NatRP Game3 Part3NationsRP game 3 part 3 of 3NatRP, NationsRP, World building, Civ building2019-06-15 1 
66739109Raiders and Radon XAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, as Numbers Stations broadcast in the Zone.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-06-18 31 
66842550Raiders and Radon XIAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, As the Scotland zone warps itself and the London Swamp dragon hides in the sewer.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-06-25 31 
66946028Raiders and Radon XIIAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, As the Red Army marches eternally and Turing Radicals manipulate their flesh.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-06-30 30 
July 2019
67033338Raiders and Radon XIIIAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, As the Fomorian leader Balor was once a cosmonaut whose helmet holds back his gaze.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-07-05 31 
67124296Radon and Raiders XIVAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, As the conflicts within Ireland are hammered out more clearly.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-07-11 31 
67205326Radon and Raiders XVWork on radioactive medieval England continues, as Cornwall gets some attention and the Loch Ness Monster lurks aboutMedieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, radon and raiders2019-07-13 31 
67247308Radon and Raiders XVIAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, as battle lines are drawn and we see the difference between Touched and Turned.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-07-19 30 
67345810Radon and Raiders XVIIAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, as the central kingdoms have politics and Cheyenne is mysterious.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-07-26 30 
August 2019
67477623Radon and Raiders XVIIIAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, As some small history is made and recapped, and weapons stats are started.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-08-01 32 
67577808Raiders and Radon XIXAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, as more stats are listed, maps are finished, and Nessie and Champ could meet.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-08-07 32 
67709083Radon and Raiders XXAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, as some maps are finalized, mapmakers wander, and a Balor statue is made.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-08-14 30 
67858598Radon and Raiders XXIAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, as NPC’s are made and the Wire Weed grows in the Industrial Zone.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-08-27 31 
September 2019
68056499Radon and Raiders XXIIAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, as both the Industrial Zone and Horned Men are fleshed out.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-09-09 25 
68113304The battle of Damnatum Lutum, part 4With winter rolling in and the Tau having settled down, the anons of the thread worldbuild with some giant battles on the side40k, writefaggotry, world building, IG, Eldar, Tau, Rogue Trader, Chaos, Orks, Imperial Fists, Admech, Sisters of Battle, Inquisition2019-09-09 6 
68341253Trains on a deathworldFeaturing post apoc america, weird occult shit in the background, steam trains of all sorts, and a giant land squid working as bouncer.trains, post apocalyptic, weird, squid, world building, post apoc2019-09-13 2 
68282965Radon and Raiders XXIIIAnons continue to work on a medieval irradiated Britain, as an atomic Phoenix appears, anti-Rad vine can become tea, and the thread dies.Medieval, post apocalypse, setting, world building, Radon and Raiders2019-09-23 21 
March 2020
71235429Night Shift: Different Night, Same Supernatural ShitThe Attendants assemble for another shift, discussing personal experiences and brainstorming more paranormal happenings at the gas station.Night Shift, Graveyard Shift, surreal, horror, setting, homebrew, world building, brainstorming, crunch, fluff2020-03-07 3 
May 2020
4217050White man's burden: Apocalypse nowColonial governor finds himself cut off from the metropol area with limited supplies. Collective Game , White man's burden Quest, post-apocalyptic, history, alternate history, world building, politics, 2020-05-01 5 
4240969White man's burden: Apocalypse nowColonial governor finds himself cut off from the metropol area with limited supplies.Collective Game , White man's burden Quest, post-apocalyptic, history, alternate history, world building, politics,2020-05-28 2 
June 2020
4317311Cold War shithole simulator, /k/ EditionThe split Island of Sahrani is home to a socialist and a republican state. Which one will prevail in the struggle during the cold war???Collective game, history, weapons, warfare, world building, tactics, strategy2020-06-26 2 
July 2020
4325521Cold War shithole simulator, /k/ Edition #2The Island remains divided throughout the 1950's despite the short victorious war.Collective game, history, weapons, warfare, world building, tactics, strategy CWSS2020-07-10 3 
74043516/tg/ makes a Super HighschoolAs per title, /tg/ makes superpowered students and faculty.character, original content, world building, 2020-07-31 2 
August 2020
74085209/tg/ makes a Super Highschool 2continuation of last thread, we make more students and start a fight club. character, original content, world building, super2020-08-02 0 
4354314Cold War shithole simulator, /k/ Edition #3Stuck in a war against the north half of the island in 1963Collective game, history, weapons, warfare, world building, tactics, strategy CWSS2020-08-08 0 
74256898Dark Catholic Inspired World BuildingAnon played Blasphemous and got inspired to start world building and run a game. A bunch of other anons help out too.World Building, Story Ideas, Game Ideas, Homebrew, Setting, Grimdark, Creepy, Fantasy2020-08-11 -9 
September 2020
74696024How do you do low-fantasy wuxia/fantasy-china?Anons discuss wuxia/xianxia. Good ideas on what makes the setting tickworld building, ideas, game ideas2020-09-05 -1 
October 2020
75487733Frog WorldAmphibian focused Fantasy Worldbuildingworld building, fantasy, setting, original, races2020-10-22 2 
November 2020
75656650Violated EarthAn edgy world building gone right. A corpse world who's inhabitants lives are fueled by suffering and watched by the horrid Rape Moon God.World Building, Rape, Grimderp, Violated Earth2020-11-01 6 
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