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Archived Threads

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November 2008
2965122Kobold CampAll the info you need to set up a Kobolds variant to Dorf FortressKobolds, Kobold Camp, Dorf Fortress2008-11-10 7 
3038348More CuteboldsFairly generic Kobold Camp thread turns to discussion of kobold toys and recreational activities. More cutebold sex/gender speculation. Some new drawfaggotry and d'awwww art.Kobold Camp, cutebolds, dawwwww, kobold mating rituals, loincloths2008-11-22 11 
3062562Imepe and KojiElf/Kobold Romancekobold, elf, romance, fap, imepe and koji2008-11-25 21 
June 2009
4752021DnD Cutebold GameAnon makes a DnD game where the players are Kobolds. Beware, you're in D'awwww country.Kobolds, Cutebolds, D'awww, mess of kobolds2009-06-03 0 
October 2009
6142925Kobolds/tg/ is being civil and logical. Kobolds, with Tucker's or without, are discussed.Tucker's Kobolds, civil2009-10-05 2 
November 2009
6875439Kobold ContinentOP asks /tg/ to advise him on what an advanced kobold society would be like, with excellent and useful results.kobolds, campaign setting, dragons, D&D2009-11-26 4 
6878480Kobold Continent Part 2like the first kobolds, campaign setting, dragons, D&D2009-11-26 -3 
6900798TrollQuest: Part 2The continued adventures of Urk Deepravine. Urk and the Kobolds raid a caravan, get mad loots and recruit some new helpquest, Troll, fantasy, Kobold2009-11-28 0 
6929465D&D critters in modern settingSee the title. Also, an interesting side discussion about culture and the music it would give rise to.elves, elf, human, humans, dwarf, dwarves, modern, fantasy, music, kobolds, gnolls, halfling, gnome2009-11-30 2 
6931048TrollQuest 3The tale of Urk Deepravine continued.quest, troll, fantasy, kobold2009-11-30 0 
February 2010
8042226REGINALD BRICKDICKLERA drawfag creates a character by drawing the first thing suggested after each question. Things predictably spiral out of control.BRICKDICKLING, kobold backup singers, pennywhistle, what even the fuck /tg/2010-02-12 22 
May 2010
9723817PrincessesssssFour doughty but dense kobolds attempt to get rid of a pesky unicorn for their black dragon master. They deduce the best way to do this is by finding a princess, the natural ally of unicorns. Hijinks ensue.kobolds, story, humor2010-05-10 13 
September 2010
11956946DM runs a D&D game for a biker gang.A brave DM shares a story of a D&D 3.5 session he ran for a biker gang. D&D 3.5 bikers dm kobolds2010-09-05 89 
November 2010
12690699Goldentusk Returns... with friends!Goldentusk the orc-raised elven barbarian is back, with her other elven-adoptee partymembers - Violet the halfling-raised cleric, Keekee the kobold-raised rogue, and introducting their hapless "elven graces tutor", the wizard Professor Dwarf. Now with guest cameo by Sandwich Stoutaxe, dwarf-raised drow paladin.elf, orc, barbarian, halfling, cleric, kobold, rogue, dwarf, wizard, drow, paladin2010-11-05 14 
12706796Goldentusk Returns... with friends! Pt.2Second part of the thread about Goldentusk the orc-raised elven barbarian is back, with her other elven-adoptee partymembers.elf, orc, barbarian, halfling, cleric, kobold, rogue, dwarf, wizard, drow, paladin2010-11-07 13 
12735178Kobold hugsOp complains about how his kobold character got hugged by an elf and ask what he should do. Thread becomes about kobold hugs in generalkobold, cute2010-11-09 16 
December 2010
13237374My Kobold Got Hugged followupThe OP from the popular "My Kobold got Hugged" thread returns to update /tg/ on how the relationship between his Kobold and the Elf Barbarian is going.kobold, hug, daww, drama2010-12-22 5 
January 2011
13707776Longeared Irregulars or Golden Tusk returns part 2slow drawfag returns, and /tg/ develops a warforged raised by bullywugs ITT among other things.elf, orc, barbarian, halfling, cleric, kobold, rogue, dwarf, wizard, drow, paladin, warforged, bullywug2011-01-29 7 
March 2011
14372065Genesis: Ti'gee/tg/ is called on to play god and build a new universe from scratch. So they do.cutebold, kobold, collective game, elf, elves, man, humans, setting, dwarves, dwarf, world building 2011-03-26 1 
April 2011
14477181Kobold Sorcerer Quest 1The beginning of a quest in which you are the leader of a burgeoning tribe of technologically and socially exceptional kobolds. One might go so far as to term them awesomebolds, but that could be interpreted as fagtacular. In this thread, scene setting and grenade golf played with Drow prisoners.kobold, awesome, quest, sorceror, drow, grenade, golf, interrogation2011-04-05 9 
14536122Kobold Sorcerer Quest Pt. 2Second thread of a quest in which you are the leader of a burgeoning tribe of technologically and socially exceptional kobolds.Kobold Sorcerer Quest, kobold, sorceror, quest, collective game2011-04-10 7 
14614368Kobold Quest [Casual]Draw quest about an Kobold asking /tg/ for advice on how to expand and defend his lair. quest, kobold, drawfagging, klar2011-04-17 32 
14695945Kobold Sorcerer Quest 4: The search for TaynSuit up, scaleface, cause it's time to find our clone!kobold, sorcerer, quest, collective game, clone2011-04-24 6 
May 2011
14780470Kobold Sorceror Quest Pt. 5We think we have found Tayn, and get him back to Dalak while being chased by pale abominations. The implant turns out to be constructed of ioun ore, and its pretty advanced. Less than encouraging news.Kobold Sorcerer Quest, kobold, sorceror, quest, collective game2011-05-02 10 
14859703Kobold Sorceror Quest Pt. 6Just as we think things are going to work out, a lightning storm comes into existence in the operating theater, badly burning Dalak and the other surgeons, while Tayn bleeds out on the operating table. We jump in with Protection spells for everyone, but it proves to be not enough to absorb all of the lightning. Then someone gets the bright idea of creating a lightning by grabbing a rifle, and it miraculously works. Tayn is saved, for now, and though some of the surgeons are seriously injured, they'll live.Kobold Sorcerer Quest, kobold, sorceror, quest, collective game2011-05-08 6 
14896332Kobold Sorcerer Quest Part 2Mynthar spends time on a ship trying to dismember a ten year old so he'll pass a test until 4chan craps out.Kobold, Kobold Sorcerer Quest, Chapter 2, Collective Game2011-05-12 6 
14974280Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 2 pt 2You clear things up with the council, and debate the previous happenings with Dalak.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-05-19 6 
15052676Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 2 pt 3You finish conversing with Dalak about various things, then get some information from Tayn about the place he was staying, and develop his character a bit.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-05-26 6 
June 2011
15130024Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 2 pt 4You finish up some preparations for the groups you plan on starting, and watch the first two stages of Turen's test to become a full fledged sorcerer.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-06-02 6 
15201896Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 2 pt 5The sorcerer tests finish up with some unexpected results.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-06-09 6 
15356310Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 2 pt 6Meetings meetings meetings. Also Soth's backstory.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-06-23 5 
15427280Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 2 pt 7You meet up with the drow, and stabilize your relationship with them. You also meet the leader of a new tribe of kobolds.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-06-30 5 
July 2011
15498516/tg/ rolls up a F.A.T.A.L. character/tg/ collectively rolls up a F.A.T.A.L. character. Horror and perverted hilarity ensue.F.A.T.A.L., funny, character creation, the horror, kobold2011-07-07 13 
15497261Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 3You make it to the Alloyed Brotherhood after a short delayKobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-07-07 5 
15572022Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 3 part 2You make some major advancements in finding information on the missing diplomat, and nearly go missing yourself!Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-07-14 5 
15650988Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 3 part 3You begin the operation to break out the prisoners, without Tayn's help.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-07-21 5 
15729172Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 3 part 4Prison break!Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Prison Break, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-07-29 6 
August 2011
15810209Kobold Sorcerer Quest Chapter 4You converse with the people you broke out of prison (short thread).Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Prison Break, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-08-04 5 
15894005Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 4 part 2You prepare for additional technological research and talks with the H'runten.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-08-11 6 
16054280Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 4 part 3You deal with your undead friends and your living ones, setting them up with stuff only the Crystal Caverns can provide.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-08-25 6 
September 2011
16136896Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 4 part 4You prepare to mean with the H'runten, regenerate Slam'lok's hands, and realize that the OP uses a lot of apostrophes in his names. Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, apostrophes, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-09-01 7 
16220268Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 4 part 5We continue talking with Raik about his the H'runten's plans for the future until a sudden interruptionKobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-09-08 5 
16299540Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 4 part 6You face down a small band of nefarious trogs! With some assistance.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-09-15 5 
16380131Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 4 part 7You find out information from the troglodyte you captured and maimed. He gets pissy over you misinterpreting his intentions. You're like deal with it.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-09-22 6 
16459611Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 5The beginning of a new chapter in which the fate of the Crystal Caverns begins towards an inevitable conclusion.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-09-30 5 
October 2011
16534647Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 5 part 2You finalize what will be done with Torvash, the troglodyte, and watch a demonstration of the StalArmen armor.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Mobile Suit, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-10-06 5 
16607401Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 5 part 3You are interrupted on your way home and begin revamping the laws of the land.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-10-13 5 
16678247Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 5 part 4An ally appears!Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest, Zeru Windstrider2011-10-20 5 
16748603Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 5 part 5You further investigate the curse.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-10-27 5 
November 2011
16831787Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 5 part 6The aftermath of slaying the spirit of a dragon.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-11-04 5 
16900708Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 5 part 7Speaking with the otherworldly visitors. Also the first character of a new race is introduced! Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-11-10 5 
16944107Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 5 part 8You wake up, and things aren't the same.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-11-17 5 
December 2011
17069430Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 5 part 10You spend a bit more time in the future before returning to home sweet home.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest, Doc Brown2011-12-01 4 
17139997Kobold Sorcerer Quest Chapter 6You begin the quest to find your secret weapon and head for the surface!Kobold, Quest, Kobold Sorcerer Quest, Collective Game, Who the Hell do you think we are?!2011-12-10 5 
17360616Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 6 part 3After having lost a bit of time, your group confronts the Flind and winds up someplace strange.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-12-30 3 
January 2012
17499880Kobold Baculums5e general is derailed by some idiot who thinks penises don't have bones. Discussion commences with kobold religion.Kobold, baculum, dicks2012-01-11 16 
17516668Megalith ver 0.1From Monday, the creator of Skirmish Quest, Iron Hearts, n0c Quest, and Zombie Quest, comes this thing. Part strategy game, part tower defense, the players takes control of a group of kobolds and the Castors, the stone guardians that tower over them, surviving wave after increasingly difficult wave of enemies.Collective Game, megalith, kobolds, Megalith Quest, Skirmish Quest2012-01-13 10 
17521915Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 6 part 5You finish things up with the Flind and head for the henge.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2012-01-13 5 
17590185Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 6 part 6You search further into the swamp, encountering the natives and gods know what else in your quest for the mysterious power of the henge. Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2012-01-20 5 
17675328Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 7 part 1You quest for Stonehenge!Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2012-01-26 5 
February 2012
17866297Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 7 part 2You continue your quest for Stonehenge in the trial grounds.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2012-02-09 5 
17967664Kobold Sorcerer Quest IntermissionWith special musical guest.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2012-02-16 5 
18060942Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 8Welcome to the machine.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2012-02-23 5 
March 2012
18155557Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 9A wild Ringo Starr appears!Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest, The Beatles2012-03-01 5 
18246765Kobold Sorcerer Quest Chapter 10Sometimes all it takes to start a fire is a single stray match.kobold, quest, collective game, kobold sorcerer quest2012-03-08 2 
18333649Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 11You play a quick game of who's who.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2012-03-16 3 
18410792Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 12You wrap up this doppelganger nonsense on your way home.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2012-03-22 5 
November 2012
21653814Techno-Kobold Post-apocalyptic QuestIn a Post-apocalyptic science fantasy world, deep within a derelict facility. Kobolds awaken, and they have machine-guns. Collective Game, Techno-Kobold Quest, Post-apocalyptic science fantasy2012-11-19 9 
21671623Techno-Kobold Post-apocalyptic QuestThe kobolds secure their underground base. Then suddenly a perfect imortal machiiiiiine called SHODAN VI convinces some of them to release its bonds. All hope seems lost as OP is pulled into SHODANS reality!Collective Game, Techno-Kobold Quest, Post-apocalyptic science fantasy, SHODAN2012-11-20 7 
21704519Smoothscale, the Ancient Kobold ElfOP thinks he has a problem, with the party leaving a plot-important baby elf with a clan of kobolds while they go adventure. /tg/ does its thingelf, kobold, D&D2012-11-22 28 
21721942Smoothscale 2, Kobold BoogalooSome rage, some sage, a few drawings and discussionkobold, elf, Smoothscale, D&D, DND2012-11-25 7 
December 2012
21998860Draconic Race (Kobolds) DiscussionA quite civil thread discussing digitrade vs plantigrade legs on a Kobold. Then someone mentions 'why not Pangolins?' Thus a new kind of race happens.Kobold, Pangoll2012-12-13 3 
22020308Pangolls pt 2Discussion of the armored burrowers continues.kobold, pangoll2012-12-13 5 
22057442Drew's Kobold Civ QuestWe tame some ants, get get a buncha other stuff set upDrew, Kobold Civ Quest, Collective Game2012-12-15 2 
22070851Kobold Drew 2Get an alliance with goblins, and get some coal mines set upDrew, Kobold Civ Quest, Collective Game2012-12-16 0 
22092337Drew's Kobold Civ Quest 3Get some Goblin Slaves and set up a religious baseDrew, Kobold Civ Quest, Collective Game2012-12-18 0 
22116071Obongo the KoboldStory of a DMPC done right.kobold, story, DM, DMPC2012-12-19 31 
January 2013
22417576Caught a Kobold/tg/ catches a kobold.Kobold2013-01-05 15 
22425550EstherA drawfag works his magic and warms the hearts of /tg/ to varying degrees.kobold, Esther, Bears, Dawww2013-01-06 12 
22556203Esther part 2/tg/ continues to take care of its adopted kobold daughter. They fend off some bandits and meet an old flame of The Bear's. kobold, bears, collective game, Esther2013-01-13 12 
22579656Winged Lizard QuestA young Pseudodragon is trying to keep himself and his Kobold friend alive and fed in a fantasy setting. That isn't easy when you are only as big as a house cat!Collective Game, Pseudodragon, Winged Lizard, Kobold, Thievery2013-01-14 7 
22574291Great Cave Civ Quest: Thread 1We learn more about magic and artifice, and the season ends. Suddenly, colors, colors everywhere. Also trade.Great Cave Quest, Ashen Empires, Dragonfall Clan, Collective Game, Quest, Civ Game, Kobolds2013-01-14 10 
22591629Great Cave Civ Quest: Thread 2We have a stand-off with goblins and an aboleth, create a treasure as a result of a strange mood, and find magic rocks. With a bit of luck, we just barely avoid a war with a whole bunch of greenskin nomads.Great Cave Quest, Ashen Empires, Dragonfall Clan, Collective Game, Quest, Civ Game, Kobolds2013-01-15 10 
22612046Great Cave Civ Quest: Thread 3We build some industry and finally get that crystal from the goblins, but then shit gets real when we invite everyone to the seasonal feast. There's absolutely no end of new kobold clans, tech trading starts, and we find books about all the lost technology available this side of the underdark.Great Cave Quest, Ashen Empires, Dragonfall Clan, Collective Game, Quest, Civ Game, Kobolds2013-01-16 6 
22668171Great Cave Civ Quest: Thread 4We make good on our opportunities from last season, unlock the secrets of the healing scroll, and gain new Mul members of our clan. Near season's end, we fight spiders that are trying to eat our people and send our thri-kreen to murder some goblins in glorious combat.Great Cave Quest, Ashen Empires, Dragonfall Clan, Collective Game, Quest, Civ Game, Kobolds2013-01-19 6 
22680270Red Dragon Quest 8We ambush a Silver dragon and strike a deal with our sister.Collective Game, Red Dragon Quest, Red, Red Dragon, Dragon, Silver, Kobold2013-01-19 16 
22678331Winged Lizard Quest Thread 3The hunter is clever to our tricks and forces a confrontation. Later, we depart for the exotic and mysterious East and run out of water.Collective Game, Winged Lizard Quest, Pseudodragon, Kobold, Thievery2013-01-19 3 
22682271Great Cave Civ Quest: Thread 5We kick off the new season with a feast, buy a gun, hear about some MOTHERFUCKING DUCKS, and then shit gets real as fifteen hundred hobgoblins jump us. Traps and kreen skirmishers and half-dwarves sallying forth from a burning gate is best way to have a battle.Great Cave Quest, Ashen Empires, Dragonfall Clan, Collective Game, Quest, Civ Game, Kobolds2013-01-20 7 
22725688Great Cave Civ Quest: Thread 6We finally learn about guns, see what a bunch of Tohr-Kreen fighting looks like, and start having to clean up after the unruly neighbors when they begin to go around and fuck up the lives of friendly clans.Great Cave Quest, Ashen Empires, Dragonfall Clan, Collective Game, Quest, Civ Game, Kobolds2013-01-22 8 
22788047Winged Lizard Quest Thread 4We encounter Marcus who, despite being human, turns out to be a pretty cool guy. Lesa gets mad again and we make a pretty important decision.Collective Game, Winged Lizard Quest, Pseudodragon, Kobold, Magery2013-01-25 7 
February 2013
22917194Winged Lizard Quest Thread 5We run into some other kobolds, which is good. But the Lesa gets attacked by pseudodragons, which is bad. But then the other kobolds agree to help us save her, which is good. But then we have a fight.Collective Game, Winged Lizard Quest, Pseudodragon, Kobold, Fightery2013-02-01 6 
23011737Tucker's Kobolds 2.0: The Critiquingso, /tg/, my FLGS is having a dungeon design contest, and I want to win that motherfucker. its any system, mid-level, judged on storyline, playability, and creativity (based on levels, traps, treasure, creatures, etc). I'm thinking of submitting a "Tucker's Kobolds"-esque idea I've been working on for a while, with a laundry list of nefarious (and surprisingly simple) traps, and a fuckload of Kobold legionnaires. System will be 3.5/PF. I've got about a week and a half, and most of my traps thought out. I would like to ask you, dear /tg/, to help me refine this idea into a gem worthy of a gamestore plaque and $25 gift card. TL;DR please help me critique and refine my kobold dungeon for a contest submission.Kobolds, Tucker's Kobolds, Dungeons, D&D 3.52013-02-06 11 
23046756Winged Lizard Quest Thread 6After recovering from injuries sustained in the last fight, we get kicked out on an important mission.Collective Game, Winged Lizard Quest, Pseudodragon, Kobolds2013-02-08 3 
March 2013
23739669Micro-Nationbuilder I: The RabbitingA brand spanking new nationbuilder with OP's custom programmed map software. Also, rabbits.Collective Game, MNB, NB, Micro-Nationbuilder, Nationbuilder, Kobolds, Rabbits2013-03-17 12 
23743887Micro-Nationbuilder I: Elven hatred and fun times.We continue to expand and meet new friends, our hatred for the elves grow while we develop the seeds of a rabbit themed religion.Collective Game, MNB, NB, Micro-Nationbuilder, Nationbuilder, Kobolds, Rabbits2013-03-17 10 
23758199Micro-Nationbuilder III: Rabbits is comingWe make another friend and gain some gnoll mercenaries. Also, rabbits are effective against elves.Collective Game, MNB, NB, Micro-Nationbuilder, Nationbuilder, Kobolds, Rabbits2013-03-18 7 
23775674Micro-nationbuilder IV: Electric BoogalooThe kobolds and their allies wipe the small nation of elves clean off the map! Will their dwarven and gnoll allies turn on them, will they master science, is the great rabbit real? Find our next time, on Micro Nation Builder!Collective Game, MNB, NB, Micro-Nationbuilder, Nationbuilder, Kobolds, Rabbits2013-03-21 6 
23894273Micro-nationbuilder VII: Elves are dicks editionWorld war happens, the elves return to meet their doom, and the Gnolls assault our valiant allies. Now with less that 40% 'wat game is this'!Collective Game, MNB, NB, Micro-Nationbuilder, Nationbuilder, Kobolds, Rabbits2013-03-26 1 
23944849Micro-nationbuilder IIX: The Gnoll's EndWe finally nail those damn gnolls.MNB, micro-nationbuilder, kobold, rabbit, Collective Game2013-03-29 5 
April 2013
24016125Micro-nationbuilder IX: Finished-too-soon EditionWe continue our story, quickly finding OUTRAEG and VILLAINY, before OP has to go. MNB, nationbuilder, micro-nationbuilder, kobold, rabbit2013-04-03 3 
April 2014
31531323Designing a Dungeon with Comedic TrapsOP's going to raid a dungeon organised by newbie kobolds who are pretty naive on dungeon building. He requests ideas for poorly-designed traps. Hilarity ensures as do kobold skeletons with hard hats and Indiana Jones shoutouts. Kobold traps dungeon worldbuilding Indiana Jones2014-04-17 5 
31561086Gentlemen Spiderfolk WorldbuildingA thread on spiderfolk rapidly develops into an entire middle eastern/arabian nights setting with intellectual philosopher-gentlemen who just happen to be vaguely humanoid spider-monsters. Also pigmy headhunter kobolds.gentleman, gentlemen, spider, spiderfolk, worldbuilding, philosophers, middle east, kobolds, pigmy headhunter kobolds, roman, roman lizardmen,2014-04-20 5 
February 2015
38192771The Kobold Civilization Quest: Cold as Balls/tg/ takes on as the new chief of a Kobold tribe in the northern tundra.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, White, Cold-As-Balls2015-02-20 1 
May 2015
40097763RE: Kobold Quest 01In which we die, and are reborn, and go on awesome kobold adventures!Collective Game, Kobold, RE: Monster, Genki2015-05-21 24 
40103464RE: Kobold Quest 02In which we kill a monster, run away from home, and meet our scaley cousin.Collective Game, Kobold, RE: Monster2015-05-22 17 
40112368RE: Kobold Quest 03In which we go RULES OF NATURE on more tarslimes, our mother practices her rope work, and we glow.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold, Blessing2015-05-22 13 
40156875RE: Kobold Quest 04In which the gods must be crazy. Oh, wait, that's just...Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold2015-05-24 11 
40200025RE: Kobold Quest 05 - Leaving HomeWe have a heart-to-heart with mom, and set out on our journey.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold2015-05-26 12 
40202533Underground Kingdoms"A lot of tabletop fantasy settings have races who live primarily underground, like dwarves, kobolds, gnomes, drow and so on..." A thread about underground kingdoms of creatures develops in a fun and detailed fashion. A scholarly anon drops by and dumps his own detailed research and thinking on the matter. Excellent resource for GMs!worldbuilding, dwarves, dwarfs, kobolds, underground, gnomes, drow2015-05-27 13 
40220002RE: Kobold Quest 06 part 1We fight a redcap, and...Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold2015-05-27 12 
40224996RE: Kobold Quest 06 - Part TwoContinuation of part one. We finally unlock our holy powers, and set about being an explorer bold.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold2015-05-27 12 
40244189RE: Kobold Quest 07We rip and tear, for great justice.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold2015-05-29 11 
40250529RE: Kobold Quest 07 Part TwoLunchtime can be very dangerous.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold2015-05-29 12 
40262000Kobold Quest 08We meet Goldy, visit our first shrine, and get robbed by an insensitive stereotype.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold2015-05-29 11 
40268561Kobold Quest 09We recover our treasure, meet a new uncle, and STORY TIME!Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold2015-05-30 11 
40281181RE: Kobold Quest 10We flee drowning, go shopping, and plan our next move.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold2015-05-30 11 
June 2015
40327685RE: Kobold Quest 11We enter the Tomb of the Wanderer, and encounter grim grinning ghosts.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold2015-06-01 11 
40337059Kobold Quest 11We discuss shrines with a ghost, amd the punching thereof.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold2015-06-02 11 
40409141RE: Kobold Quest 12We get ambushed, meet a demon, and negotiate perfume marketing.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold2015-06-06 11 
40417967RE: Kobold Quest 13We have a nightmare, intimidate a shopkeeper, and meet somebody claiming to be Emma's sister.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold2015-06-06 11 
40437871RE: Kobold Quest 14We begin Emma's training.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold2015-06-06 11 
40455511RE: Kobold Quest 15In which we deal with the fallout from Emma's memories.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold2015-06-07 11 
40483990RE: Kobold Q&A 01A Q&A session.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold2015-06-08 10 
40542065RE: Kobold Quest 16We finish the fight.Colective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold2015-06-11 10 
40560346RE: Kobold Quest 17We fight for Djanna's freedom, and...Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold2015-06-12 10 
40597597RE: Kobold Quest 18We try to escape our pursuers, and try to find safety.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold2015-06-14 11 
40605632RE: Kobold Quest 19We return home with our new friends.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold, Lotus Eater2015-06-14 15 
40683245RE: Kobold Quest 20We try out our new armor, and set out to find our trainer.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold, Lotus Eater2015-06-18 11 
40740131RE: Kobold Quest 21We travel with Far-Runner and try to go fishing.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold, Lotus Eater2015-06-21 13 
40783368RE: Kobold Quest 22We have a long walk with Cain, and meet VsszahCollective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold, Lotus Eater2015-06-23 11 
40840023RE: Kobold Quest 23We fight the guardian of the sea shrine.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold, Lotus Eater2015-06-26 11 
40886164RE: Kobold Quest 24We leave the islanders behind, and go after Djanna at last.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold, Lotus Eater2015-06-28 11 
40906637RE: Kobold 25We travel the Growling Torrent, and come to the city of Fireshade.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold, Lotus Eater2015-06-29 11 
40926841RE: Kobold Quest 25 - Part 2We encounter the dragon that stole Djanna, and our family is whole once more.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold, Lotus Eater2015-06-30 11 
July 2015
40992978RE: Kobold Quest Q&A 2A Q&A session at the end of the first major arc.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold, Lotus Eater2015-07-03 10 
41012590RE: Kobold Quest 26We reunite with Djanna, Sylea, and Baltas, and decide where to go from here.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold, Lotus Eater2015-07-04 11 
41165202Squire Keeper QuestA noblewoman sets off with two of her families' squires to investigate rumours of a dragon.Collective Game, Squire Keeper Quest, Squires, dorfs, kobolds, female protagonist, straight protagonist2015-07-12 5 
41181298RE: Kobold Quest 27We negotiate with Mal'ir, spend some time in the city, and return to the village.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold, Lotus Eater2015-07-12 12 
41181342Squire Keeper Quest 2A noblewoman tries to save face after her idiot squire offends a dragon.Collective Game, Squire Keeper Quest, Squires, dorfs, kobolds, female protagonist, straight protagonist2015-07-12 2 
41374072RE: Kobold Quest 28We spend time with our companions, and try to nurse a very seasick kitsune.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold, Lotus Eater2015-07-21 11 
41376111Squire Keeper Quest 3A noblewoman kills a bear with a demon in it.Collective Game, Squire Keeper Quest, Squires, dorfs, kobolds, female protagonist, straight protagonist2015-07-21 6 
41461397Squire Keeper Quest 4A noblewoman brings some dandy elf children to help turn away a goblin steam tank.Collective Game, Squire Keeper Quest, Squires, dorfs, kobolds, elves, female protagonist, straight protagonist2015-07-26 4 
August 2015
41855357RE: Kobold Quest 29We return to the village.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold, Lotus Eater2015-08-13 13 
42013887RE: Kobold Quest 30We give Vela her closure.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold, Lotus Eater2015-08-21 13 
October 2015
42908347Kobold Quest 1: Jamazo's StoryKobolds go on a Quest to save their kin, survive the wilderness, and get revenge on damn adventurers!Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Quest, Drow, Alchemy2015-10-05 5 
42924035Kobold Quest 2: The HatcheningA Slow day for the Kobolds are brightened by a trip and alliance with Orcs and Eggs hatching!Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Quest, Drow, Alchemy, Orcs, Fire Breath2015-10-06 5 
December 2015
44063117RE: Kobold Quest 31We leave the village, arrive in Effreh, and scare the hell out of people.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold, Lotus Eater2015-12-08 6 
44252909RE: Kobold Quest 32Shopping and job abandonment for Star Wars!Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold, Lotus Eater2015-12-18 5 
January 2016
44993644RE: Kobold Quest 33We arrive at the Orphan's Stronghold.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Kobold, Lotus Eater2016-01-24 5 
March 2016
46054700Kobold New Clan Quest 1: The KoboldingA Kobold comes to his warren to find it destroyed! He saves some criminals bringing them back to his new home.Collective Game, Kobolds, Quest, DarktalkerKobolds2016-03-16 3 
April 2016
7233Upperdark Kobold Civ QuestKobold refugees from the razed kingdom of Drakka struggle to survive in the caverns of the Upperdark.Civ Quest, Civ, Fantasy, Underdark, Survival, Kobold2016-04-27 3 
May 2016
52211Upperdark Kobold Civ part 2We get lost in spooky tunnels and find things that lurk in the dark, then take a lesson in pyromancyCiv, quest, kobold, under dark, magic2016-05-04 2 
June 2016
230731Magic Duel QuestKobold tits and more! Duel, Collective Game, Kobold, Dragons, T&A2016-06-10 15 
November 2016
50257032kobold-purists-btfoanother stupid fucking kobold thread gets derailed by goblins and a demon. made me not OD on pills that evening, so I give it a thumbs upKobold, Goblin2016-11-17 1 
February 2017
1174034Kobold Quest #1A group of Kobolds has been ousted from their previous home, and now must make dew in new lands if they hope to survive and get revenge.Kobold Quest, Brushwood, Kobold, Quest, 3d6, Giant Enemy Crab,2017-02-24 2 
March 2017
1200568Kobold Quest #2An encounter with some Bullywugs puts Khum and his tribe on the path to adventure. Also waifu's.Kobold Quest, Brushwood, Kobold, Quest, 3d6, Snooter, Bullywug,2017-03-03 2 
1244320Kobold Quest #3In which Brushwood only lasted 30 posts before tapping out. VERY short thread.Kobold Quest, Brushwood, Kobold, Quest, 3d6, Snooter, Bullywug,2017-03-14 1 
May 2017
1455458Vineyard; A Starborn SidestoryA sidestory in Munis, going deep into a secret area of the world; it's most prominent Vineyard.Collective Game, Star, Starborn, Wagon, Magical Girl for Hire,Purps, Orc, Sidestory, Vineyard, Kobolds2017-05-15 5 
April 2019
3373008Survival of the Weakest2 cute kobolds and their giant egg strike out to make a new nest Survival of the Weakest, Collective Game, Kobolds,2019-04-03 5 
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