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July 2008
2174377Rome: Caesar, Christ, Immortality, ChinaGAIUS CASSIUS LONGINUS stabbed Julius Caesar to death in the Forum in 44 BC as well as speared Jesus Christ in the side on the cross some 75 years later. What if he was an immortal? What if Jesus was a Roman myth? What if there were Romans in China? Rome, Caesar, Christ, immortality, China, vampires2008-07-09 4 
January 2009
3520068Promethean: The CreatedAn uncommon White Wolf RPG gains some recognition and mutual admiration.promethan, created, white wolf, rpg, frankenstein2009-01-26 0 
October 2009
6419240Roman MechTG builds a setting out of a blend of two concepts: Romans and Mecha. Contains win.Game Design, Setting, Rome, Mech2009-10-24 15 
6425883Machina Dei (Roman Mech part 3)The Machina Dei setting gets fleshed out even further.Alternate history, Rome, Mechs, Mecha, Mongols, Huns, Christians, Chinese, Eldritch Horror, War, Angels, Homebrew2009-10-25 13 
6431149Machina Dei (Roman Mech part IV)India gets some attention at long last and the invasion of Briton fails due to incompetance rather than lack of mechs.Alternate history, Rome, Mechs, Mecha, Mongols, Huns, Christians, Chinese, Eldritch Horror, War, Angels, Homebrew, India2009-10-25 10 
6434371Machina Dei (Roman Mech part V)/tg/ continues the marathon and begins talking about systems, naming conventions, and game mechanicsAlternate history, Rome, Mechs, Mecha, Mongols, Huns, Christians, Chinese, Eldritch Horror, War, Angels, Homebrew, India2009-10-26 11 
6438315Machina Dei (Roman Mech VI)Crunch is worked on.Alternate history, Rome, Mechs, Mecha, Mongols, Huns, Christians, Chinese, Eldritch Horror, War, Angels, Homebrew, India2009-10-27 5 
6454935Machina Dei (Roman Mech VII)Some individual stattingAlternate history, Rome, Mechs, Mecha, Mongols, Huns, Christians, Chinese, Eldritch Horror, War, Angels, Homebrew, India2009-10-27 4 
6479801Machina Dei IXArgument about Combat Resolution vs. Rout eventually yields satisfactory results Then the primaries are statted. Alternate history, Rome, Mechs, Mecha, Mongols, Huns, Christians, Chinese, Eldritch Horror, War, Angels, Homebrew, India, Machina Dei2009-10-29 3 
6489309Machina Dei/tg/ continues to get shit done, more detailed statting of primariesRome, Roman, Mech, Mechina, Dei, Table top, Game.2009-10-30 2 
December 2009
7307326Lace the PrometheanA depressing tale of Promethean done right. Desperate striving for humanity gone horribly wrong due to incomprehension and lack of empathy.Promethean, World of Darkness, story2009-12-27 21 
February 2010
7899282All wormholes lead to RomeThe basics of an alternate history wherein Rome expands to the stars. In the glorious mighty future, there is only the Republic.Homebrew, Sci-Fi, Settings, Rome 2010-02-03 11 
April 2010
9211961For the Glory of Rome!/tg/ puts on its history hat, and begins speculating on various What-Ifs regarding Rome, from the battle of Crecy to possible engagements with the Han Dynasty of China. Rational and decent debate ensues, minds are blown, and once again we prove that /tg/ is only civil and reasonable when completely off board-topic.Rome, History, War, Speculation, Awesome, Titus Pullo2010-04-15 6 
November 2010
12808314Pre-Gunpowder Military Thread/tg/ talks about military tactics and strategy before guns show up. Useful information for worldbuilding.History, Rome2010-11-15 5 
January 2011
13458341Dies the Fire: Sans Fail/tg/ takes S.M. Sterling's incredibly homosexual wiccan masturbatory fantasy series, and transforms it into a vibrant struggle between the post-apocalyptic remnants of North America. Who will endure? The Catholic New Roman Empire of California, the Communist States of New England, or the caliginous Yoeman tribes of the great plains? Only one thing is certain: Sterling is an ass grabbing moron.Dies the Fire, World Building, Rome Has Conquered, Communism, Post Apocalyptic2011-01-09 7 
February 2011
13784418Unconventional Fantasy ExtravaganzaIn which the OP requests help with a campaign set in Fantasy Numidia. The discussion quickly expands and exceeds expectations, blossoming into an enlightening discussion of cultural development, African and Asian warfare and history, and Islamic poetry. As usual, /tg/ gets shit done.Pathfinder, Worldbuilding, Islam, Traditional Games, Records of the Lodoss War, Rome2011-02-05 3 
April 2011
14488742Commander Quest LXXXIIIQuintus kinda makes us feel bad for him, not really though, sympathetic is a bit much, but pretty much describes it. Send blackbird with Wulf out. Get an Official head count. Execute Doblis the traitor of the empire. Talk a bit with Sansa about Quintus getting her to wait so we can set it up.Collective Game, Commander Quest, Commander, High Fantasy Rome2011-04-06 14 
July 2011
15715280Quest Thread Time (Monmusu Quest)Chrome makes a quest thread for us on the fly. Things start slow.Monmusu Quest, Quest thread, Chrome, Collective Game2011-07-26 -3 
November 2011
16842696Roman Legion SettingAnon asks some questions for a Roman game. A pleasant, interesting discussion ensues.Rome, game ideas, question2011-11-05 7 
January 2012
17600859nWoD WritefagMysterious writefag appears with creepypasta, turns out to be horrible Changeling stuff, also an awesome Promethean story.nWoD, Changeling, Promethean, Writefag2012-01-20 10 
March 2012
18505373Acceptable Casualties 1A freshly-made clone soldier leads a team on a retrieval mission. Corporate warfare at its finest.Acceptable Casualties, Quest, Collective Game, Clone, Prometheus2012-03-30 7 
18522027Acceptable Casualties 2With a new, suspiciously competent member, the clone team hunts a convoy and gets more than it bargained for.Acceptable Casualties, Quest, Collective Game, Clone, Prometheus2012-03-31 1 
April 2012
18541552ChromeStrike RPGOP reveals his rules-light mech-based PnP game, seeking feedback.ChromeStrike, Mech, Mecha, Armored Core, Chromehounds, Mechanized, RPG, Tabletop, Original Content2012-04-01 5 
July 2012
19926436Movies improved with OrkzTake the last movie you saw, replace actors with Orkz, ..., profitOrkz, Prometheus, Waaagh2012-07-17 11 
August 2012
20418781The most miserable man in the worldA fa/tg/uy wants aid in creating the saddest piece of human wreckage in existence. /tg/ gives him AIDS.sad, miserable, unfortunate, Promethean2012-08-22 6 
20415792Syn City: Civilization thread, cyberpunk style.Another civilization quest, this time with cyberpunk, and acreepy building.Collective_Game, quest, syn, chrome_boys, cynerpunk, post_apocolypse2012-08-22 6 
20487840Graffiti from PompeiWe gain some insight into daily life in the Roman Empire, and see how little has changed.rome, history, graffiti2012-08-26 77 
October 2012
21164426Revolutio Daedali; Revolution and industry in the Ancient WorldIn the effort to be a positive influence on his little brother, the OP of this thread decided to craft a homebrew setting based on an alternate vision of the Ancient World in the throes of an industrial, political, and social revolution, brought on by the inventions of Daedalus.Setting, Homebrew, Ancient, Ancients, Rome, Greece, Macydonia, Egypt, Industrial, Revolution, Worldbuilding, world building, The Archivist2012-10-17 28 
May 2013
24598986Song of Swords: The Swords Sing AgainExcellently informative discussion on Team Galt's Song of Swords, with extra info on everything from Finnish knives to Japanese swords.Song of Swords, John Galt, Jimmy Rome, Shinto Onna, Japan, Finland, History2013-05-03 9 
June 2013
25212457The Ancient Days of IVchanIn 2000 years, not much has changed.Rome, graffiti, funny, history, Secundus2013-06-03 13 
March 2014
30697620Julius Caesar is a Mary Sue/lit/ seemingly decides to take a brief trip to /tg/ and starts funposting about Roman historical figures.lit, Rome, Roman Empire, Mary Sue, Julius Caesar, Augustus, SPQR, imperialism, imperialist, imperial, history, that guy2014-03-08 5 
April 2014
31386597Ecological Cardgames and Jelly SpammersWhat started out as a newfag appearing turned into an indepth discussion of the viability of different ecological combos in Metaphysical Divine Nature TCG. TGC, Ecomancy, Jelly-spammers, Nature, Garden, Warfare, Enviroments2014-04-10 9 
October 2014
35501156Homeless Mutant Quest #90By the tingling in my head, something sinister this way... heads.Homeless Mutant Quest, Collective Game, Quest, Homeless, Mutant, marvel, hobo, stealth, hero syndrome2014-10-13 33 
February 2015
38179358Anno Domini 7 Quest: Germania 1German noble Cenric finds his home village burning, and discovers that his queen and friend is missing. Who is responsible, and is she still alive? What is really happening and who is behind it all?Collective Game,Anno Domini 7 Quest: Germania, Observer, Rome, Barbarians, Intrigue, Save the Princess, Betrayal, 2015-02-19 4 
38220706Anno Domini 7 Quest: Germania 2Traitors were killed, Cenric became ENRAGED, and we gained more information about what is going on, and even more questions are raised.Collective Game, Anno Domini 7 Quest: Germania, Observer, Rome, Barbarians, Intrigue, Save the Princess, Betrayal, 2015-02-21 3 
38246643Anno Domini 7 Quest: Germania 3We spend some time talking with Oskar and Ema. We meet Dag'ny, a madman who totally isn't a wizard. Finally, we ran into some slaver scum.Collective Game, Anno Domini 7 Quest: Germania, Observer, Rome, Barbarians, Intrigue, Save the Princess, Betrayal, 2015-02-23 2 
38294854Anno Domini 7 Quest: Germania 4The rest of the Slavers are successfully slaughtered. More knowledge about the destruction of your city is learned, more enemies are named, and more questions are raised.Collective Game, Anno Domini 7 Quest: Germania, Observer, Rome, Barbarians, Intrigue, Save the Princess, Betrayal, 2015-02-25 1 
38377362Anno Domini 7 Quest: Germania 5Cenric and the party enter the city of Chatti. A mysterious hooded figure is met, and barfight shenanigans ensued.Collective Game, Anno Domini 7 Quest: Germania, Observer, Rome, Barbarians, Intrigue, Save the Princess, Betrayal, 2015-02-28 1 
March 2015
38635740Anno Domini 7 Quest: Germania 6Cenric dreams, and conversation is had with the rest of the party. The assassin girl is properly introduced.Collective Game, Anno Domini 7 Quest: Germania, Observer, Rome, Barbarians, Intrigue, Save the Princess, Betrayal, 2015-03-11 2 
June 2015
40548119Penal Regiment Designation: /tg/ - The Crusade Continues>Our... adept Guardsmen prepare for an attack on a Chaos bakery >The Vostroyan Liaison Officer wants to find the man who stole his sweetheart's picture >The Commissar just gave up >There's some Tallarns around here somewhere doing Emperor knows what A demonic dough monster rises and a lone guardsman makes a brave sacrificeGuardsman Sergeant Joe, Guardsman Lieutenant Joe, Bakers Legion, WarChef Boyzrdees, Guardswoman Kal Teest, Vostroyan Regiment Liaison Alexandr, Tallarn Roughrider Lieutenant Aaliyah, Chimera Sacrifice, Valhalla all shiny and crome, Warhammer 40000, Guardsmen quest, Penal Regiment Designation: /tg/2015-06-12 12 
July 2015
41540825Western Roman Empire in Medieval eraDiscussion on a divergent history dealing with the western roman empire not fallinghomwbrew, divergent history, rome2015-07-30 7 
October 2015
43084306How an Imperium Falls?tg ponders upon the age old question of how imperiums end up falling.history, real world, Rome, Byzantine, imperium, British, empire, education, philosophy, 2015-10-16 7 
November 2015
43749295Aurora Quest 1The setting and starting game stats are explained by the Quest-Master. We begin fleshing out the senate, task science to be done, and un-fuck our pre-wrecked shit.Collective Game, Quest, Aurora Quest, Spreadsheet Monkey, ROME IN SPAAAAACE2015-11-21 5 
43779943Aurora Quest 2we design our first engine and ships. general R&D along with production.Collective Game, Quest, Aurora Quest, Spreadsheet Monkey, ROME IN SPAAAAACE2015-11-23 3 
43815149Aurora Quest 3The Senate receive a general report of tech progress, political agendas, and a space monkey in a toga. Unfortunately, activity is minimal in the thread this time around.Collective Game, Quest, Aurora Quest, Spreadsheet Monkey, ROME IN SPAAAAACE2015-11-26 -1 
43851577Aurora Quest 4Viva la Roma! This thread marks the Empire's first steps into space.Collective Game, Quest, Aurora Quest, Spreadsheet Monkey, ROME IN SPAAAAACE2015-11-29 1 
December 2015
43906867Aurora Quest 5Jump points are discovered, and the monkey is unveiled.Collective Game, Quest, Aurora Quest, Spreadsheet Monkey, ROME IN SPAAAAACE2015-12-04 3 
March 2016
46341374Tarnished Chrome Quest 1An Eclipse Phase Quest by a first time QM. Australian brown skinned scorpion girl ensuesCollective Game, Tarnished Chrome Quest, Eclipse Phase2016-03-30 0 
October 2016
49723017Releasing PrometheusShould modern humanity should try to rescue Prometheus from his eagle torture? Of course we should. The dude did us a huge solid.setting, ethics, heartwarming, debt, greek mythology, gods, titans, zeus, zeus is an asshole, prometheus, eagle, liver, chains, hfy,2016-10-11 7 
February 2017
1142425God's of a sundered world You controll Excanib a god and begin to spread your dominion across the eitherDeity, prometheus, fantasy, 2017-02-14 1 
March 2017
1263683God of Edge: The Beta Uprising part 1A diety quest that very quickly falls into untold levels of degeneracy.Deity, prometheus, fantasy, rape,edge,nc172017-03-30 2 
September 2017
55355216Anon turns Down Syndrome into a Fantasy RaceAnon asks what would happen if down syndrome didn't exist in real life but was a fantasy species in a tabletop game. Worldbuilding ensues.Down Syndrome, worldbuilding, why2017-09-13 3 
February 2018
57923494Tale of the Promethean HeistersTheBlackScribe storytimes his favorite campaignhalo mythic, promethean heisters, theblackscribe, storytime2018-02-13 15 
October 2018
2956615Consensual Rape: The goblin quest #1We play as a small band of goblins attempting to survive in a harsh world women don't want to be raped by small horrible green men.Prometheus, Goblins, Civ Quest, Rape, More rape2018-10-17 0 
February 2019
3229546Commentarii de Bello Sinica: CAPVT ICaesar is reborn to the family of a wealthy Greek captain and proceeds to sack a Carthaginian colony.Carthage, Caesar, Fortuna, China, Rome, Collective Game2019-02-10 20 
3254353Commentarii de Bello Sinica: CAPVT IIAfter the Sack of Suerna, Caesar returns to the home port of Numante and makes the final preparations for the journey east.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, China, Rome, Collective Game2019-02-18 10 
3276141Commentarii de Bello Sinica: CAPVT IIIThe vessel Rhea begins her journey to the East. Already, issues bubble up between Caesar's underlings. A new battle plan is drafted.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, China, Rome, Collective Game2019-02-28 8 
March 2019
3304352Commentarii de Bello Sinica - CAPVT IVCaesar destroys the City of Ypra, though not without cost. A traitor in their midst springs their act prematurely.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, China, Rome, Collective Game2019-03-07 7 
3325374Commentarii de Bello Sinica - CAPVT VCaesar goes a-gallivantin' throughout the Rhea, beating up traitors and finding out that he has blood lethal to mundane things (and people)Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, China, Rome, Collective Game2019-03-14 6 
3347264Commentarii de Bello Sinica - CAPVT VICaesar cleanses the ship from any outside influence. The responsibility of captaincy is thrust upon him under unfortunate circumstances.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, China, Rome, Collective Game 2019-03-23 6 
April 2019
3372242Commentarii de Bello Sinica - CAPVT VIICaesar makes his first landing in India to resupply. The arduous business of greeting the local chief is planned.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, China, Rome, Collective Game2019-04-01 2 
3411384Commentarii de Bello Indica - CAPVT VIII-αCaesar is introduced to Muziris, a trade zone in the kingdom of the Chera Dynasty.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, India, Rome, Collective Game2019-04-13 3 
3429568Commentarii de Bello Indica - CAPVT VIII-BCaesar meets a new friend of his father's, or so he says. Treason and regicide is discussed over a cup of mango juice.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, India, Rome, Collective Game2019-04-20 2 
3448651Commentarii de Bello Indica - CAPVT VIII-CAn alliance of merchants conspires to dethrone the Chera King. A war of distraction is waged.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, India, Rome, Collective Game2019-04-28 2 
May 2019
3473477Commentarii de Bello Indica - CAPVT IVCaesar defeats the hastily-assembled army of the Chera dynasty, risking his own life and limb to charge into the battlefield.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, India, Rome, Collective Game2019-05-08 2 
3511382Commentarii de Bello Sinica - CAPVT XEnd of Book 1.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, India, Rome, Collective Game2019-05-24 2 
June 2019
3528832Commentarii de Bello Sinica II - CAPVT IAn introduction of the peoples of Sinae, and a brief summation of the Three Missing Years.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, Rome, China, Collective Game2019-06-01 2 
3546412Commentarii de Bello Sinica II - CAPVT IIThe Chronicle returns to the present, and Caesar subdues two of the island's three enemy tribes.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, Rome, China, Collective Game2019-06-09 3 
3566527Commentarii de Bello Sinica II - CAPVT IIIThe natives of the newly-christened Alexandria Eskhata are subjugated; integration commences.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, Rome, China, Collective Game2019-06-16 3 
3590902Commentarii de Bello Sinica II - CAPVT IVCaesar reorganises the system of the State, and gains three Commanderies by showcasing the superiority of heavy infantry against light.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, Rome, China, Collective Game2019-06-29 3 
July 2019
3613623Commentarii de Bello Sinica II - CAPVT VCaesar agrees to a betrothal with the powerful Sun Clan, and joins the punitive expedition against Dong Zhuo.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, Rome, China, Collective Game, Three Kingdoms2019-07-09 2 
September 2021
4931101The Graverobber's DaughterChlotsuintha, a Witchlet, might have lost her father. She prepares to flee her home, while trying to maintain her cover as a gravedigger. Graverobber's Daughter, Thief, Magic, Witch, Dark Fantasy, Body Horror, Cosmic Horror, Eternal Rome, Alternate History, Female MC, TrashQM 2021-09-05 11 
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