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January 2009
3351013Oberleutnant's Syndicate RPG, #1Brainstorming for what looks to be a seriously intense potential game of Syndicate RPG.Syndicate, RPG, brainstorming2009-01-08 5 
November 2011
17056372Realms of Atlantasia/tg/ discovers what maybe the new Synibarr.Atlantasia, Fail, Synibaar 2011-11-30 14 
August 2012
20415792Syn City: Civilization thread, cyberpunk style.Another civilization quest, this time with cyberpunk, and acreepy building.Collective_Game, quest, syn, chrome_boys, cynerpunk, post_apocolypse2012-08-22 6 
October 2014
35501156Homeless Mutant Quest #90By the tingling in my head, something sinister this way... heads.Homeless Mutant Quest, Collective Game, Quest, Homeless, Mutant, marvel, hobo, stealth, hero syndrome2014-10-13 32 
May 2016
49072Synth SoulsJourney in a dungeon crawling game where the QM makes 80s style pixel art. The QM takes suggestions and runs another test dungeon.synth souls, 80s, 80s souls, pixel art, dungeon crawler2016-05-05 6 
September 2017
55355216Anon turns Down Syndrome into a Fantasy RaceAnon asks what would happen if down syndrome didn't exist in real life but was a fantasy species in a tabletop game. Worldbuilding ensues.Down Syndrome, worldbuilding, why2017-09-13 3 
July 2018
2695720Synthetic Gods QuestAgatha wakes up 2000 years in the future following an experimental treatment, later saving a girl by making a monsters head explode.Collective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2018-07-11 21 
2728437Synthetic Gods Quest #2In this session we return the girl back to her family, get accepted into the village and save it from yet another disturbing threat.Collective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2018-07-22 10 
2747406Synthetic Gods Quest #3In this session we build up some infrastructure, explore the copper mine and kill a whole load of bandits... hopefully.Collective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2018-07-28 8 
August 2018
2765516Synthetic Gods Quest #4In this session we craft some gear, utterly demolish the bandit invasion and re-establish communications with nearest town Mirangi. Collective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2018-08-04 6 
2782236Synthetic Gods Quest #5In this session we kill the giant snake, have some conflicting feelings and rebuild almost the entire village. Also our house is bitchin'Collective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2018-08-11 6 
2798907Synthetic Gods Quest #6In this session we build a lot, meet returning veterans, see a supersonic dragon and beat up some giants. OP gets a bit carried away.Collective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2018-08-18 6 
2815813Synthetic Gods Quest #7In this session we manage to get some penicillin which was a huge pain, save an underground elf and set off to investigate a cult with HavenCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2018-08-25 6 
September 2018
2834672Synthetic Gods Quest #8In this session we infiltrate a cult, beat up a four dimensional squid-virus-thing and acquire a damaged pod.Collective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2018-09-01 6 
2852545Synthetic Gods Quest #9In this session we build a wall, get chlorate gunpowder and join a Cup Bearer on parasite extermination. It doesn't go as planned.Collective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2018-09-08 6 
2870413Synthetic Gods Quest #10In this session RNGesus absolutely hates Mad Goddess and we completely wreck her. So much for the strongest opponent yet.Collective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2018-09-15 5 
2889249Synthetic Gods Quest #11In this session we test some powers in the gulf, beat up a killer whale creature and meet a member of previously unknown subhuman speciesCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2018-09-22 5 
2909121Synthetic Gods Quest #12In this session we show the surface world to our new friend and get challenged to a game of volleyballCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2018-09-30 5 
December 2018
3065211Synthetic Gods Quest #13In this session we return Elpis back home, discover an underground cave ecosystem and get literally chewed up by a freaking tyrannosaurusCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2018-12-01 5 
3079965Synthetic Gods Quest #14In this session we check out the dwarven Underhome and after a long walk and chat with Nike’ we finally return back to our village. Collective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2018-12-08 5 
3095087Synthetic Gods Quest #15In this session we spar with Nike’, build a bunch of stuff and Oisin gets into a pickle with the new villagersCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2018-12-15 5 
3111888Synthetic Gods Quest #16In this session we calm down a raging crowd and perform a court session on Oisin. Then OP’s PC dies which causes an early end of the thread.Collective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2018-12-21 5 
3124313Synthetic Gods Quest #17In this session we try to socialize with the villagers, invite Haven and experiment with telekinesisCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2018-12-28 5 
January 2019
3137825Synthetic Gods Quest #18Dwarven settlement exploration! And other things.Collective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2019-01-05 5 
3153089Synthetic Gods Quest #19In this session we fight the monster and get the treasure. Well… some of it.Collective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2019-01-11 5 
3170186Synthetic Gods Quest #20In this session we create village mail, officially hire Rheia and try to get the protective scales to work by diving into a geyserCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2019-01-18 5 
3186337Synthetic Gods Quest #21In this session we heal from the burns and save our miners from stone age people that live in yet unexplored area of the forestCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2019-01-27 5 
February 2019
3205445Synthetic Gods Quest #22In this session we save some slaves and decide to not hide our powers from villagers any longer. We also plan to celebrate New YearCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2019-02-03 6 
3225391Synthetic Gods Quest #23In this session we fix the housing crisis and prepare for the New YearCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2019-02-09 5 
3245981Synthetic Gods Quest #24In this session we have a talk with Nike’ and celebrate New Year. Haven decides to permanently join us and DM is forced to wrap up earlyCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2019-02-16 5 
3266639Synthetic Gods Quest #25In this session we upgrade village militia gear and set off to meet some dwarvesCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2019-02-23 5 
March 2019
3288365Synthetic Gods Quest #26In this session we discuss city reclamation with the dwarven court, buy some stuff and get black out drunkCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2019-03-02 5 
3309640Synthetic Gods Quest #27In this session we discover the reason for our blackout, wake up in someone else’s bed and defend dwarven expedition from not!gonarchCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2019-03-11 5 
3330886Synn IIn a which a shadow of Yerim explores sanctuary Synn, Collective game 2019-03-21 2 
3352954Synthetic Gods Quest #28In this session we finally finished with the dwarf stuff, discussed the elf refugees and attended to the official dinner with Burim's courtCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2019-03-24 5 
3371596Synthetic Gods Quest #29In this session we did some building and discovered a statue of us in one of the escape tunnels. Looks like Ag finally has a real cultCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2019-03-30 6 
April 2019
3391395Synthetic Gods Quest #30In this session we wrap up with our cult and travel to Platania. Then we accept Nike’ invitation to go to “Valhalla” to see other “gods"Collective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2019-04-12 8 
August 2019
3755405Synthetic Gods Quest #31In this session we observed Pantheon’s “War Council” and then spent some time chatting with Nike’. This thread is shorter than usualCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2019-08-24 3 
3773744Synthetic Gods Quest #32In this session we wrap up with the dinner and later we visit the Platania’s Hall of Huntsmen along with Nike’Collective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2019-08-31 2 
September 2019
3786716Synthetic Gods Quest #33In this session we participate in Hall of Huntsmen’s emergency subjugation assignment and tag team some weird giant monsterCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2019-09-13 1 
3816194Synthetic Gods Quest #34In this session we deal with the aftermath and gather our bounty to haul it away and hide it. But then we were unlucky and got caughtCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2019-09-29 2 
October 2019
3845017Synthetic Gods Quest #35In this session we bullshit our way out of the mess, decide to meet Elspeth after the birthday and start the party preparationsCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2019-10-12 1 
3868095Synthetic Gods Quest #36In this session we finish the preparations for the birthday, get surprised by Nike’s present and turn 29… or 2097, depending on how to countCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2019-10-26 1 
November 2019
3890030Synthetic Gods Quest #37In this session we launch some fireworks, beat up some monsters and discover a new psi technique from Nike'Collective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2019-11-10 1 
3913668Synthetic Gods Quest #38In this session Helena finished with her healing, we build some stuff and former slaves decide whether they want to stay in FarsalosCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2019-11-24 1 
December 2019
3937842Synthetic Gods Quest #39In this session we build some ships, ship off some people and finally design a bannerCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2019-12-09 2 
3956298Synthetic Gods Quest #40In this session we spar with Mina, assemble some basic metallurgic industries and finally meet with ElspethCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2019-12-25 2 
January 2020
4001699Synthetic Gods Quest #41In this session we hide the second pod, finish with the new village, defeat a wave of monsters and start Labyrinth explorationCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2020-01-19 1 
February 2020
4046318Synthetic Gods Quest #42In this session we torched the ghoul hive, played some D&D with our friends and finished the steel mill which warranted a gear upgradeCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2020-02-11 0 
4088746Synthetic Gods Quest #43In this session we bait the Monster King, almost lose Farsalos and show Elspeth the podCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2020-02-29 0 
March 2020
4111948Synthetic Gods Quest #44In this session we ship Irma back home and build a lot of stuff for the underground elves in the dwarven ruinCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2020-03-14 0 
4137935Synthetic Gods Quest #45In this session we started our journey to Elspen with Haven and Rheia, but a seemingly simple monster hunt doesn’t go as plannedCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2020-03-28 0 
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