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June 2009
48809461984 and Late-Night Philosophy/tg/ attempts to turn 1984 into a viable setting for gaming. The goal may have been accomplished, but it's lost under a torrent of mostly shit- turning into a surprisingly candid and polite discussion on the philosophy of safety over freedom.philosophy, 1984, george orwell, justice2009-06-15 1 
February 2010
8135162RiderquestA journey of one hero and his pursuit of Justice, and his adventures for today.Kamen, Rider, Kamen Rider, Justice, Lawful Good, Good, Friend, /m/, quest, thread, quest thread,2010-02-18 2 
May 2010
10111656Power Keg of JusticePaladins don't fear falling. They look forward to it.paladin, falling, power keg of justice, bad ass2010-05-28 26 
March 2011
14290836Sorcerer Quest 6We use master oration to stir the burning heart of justice present in all good creatures to get us some gnoll-ish allies.sorcerer, sorcerer quest, quest, collective game, gnolls, JUSTICE2011-03-19 5 
April 2011
14434868Ribbonfag's goodbye?Ribbonfag (who was apparently responsible for more of the awesome of /tg/ than was previously known) tells us the story of his time on /tg/.ribbonfag, sad, janitor, mod, ban, injustice2011-04-01 22 
October 2011
16696114HENSHIN! RPG development revivalAnybody remember that Toku themed game in development long ago? One user starts dumping ideas and refinement to get the ball rolling and get the damn thing past its alpha status Kamen Rider,Homebrew System,/m/,JUSTICE2011-10-23 12 
January 2012
17547932Kamen Rider WARP CORE BREACHIn what starts as another request for a nonexistent toku RPG, a fa/tg/uy gives a short storytiem about being sent into orbit and then Rule of Cooling back to earth. kamen, rider, warp core breach, henshin, justice, teleporting is for wimps and children2012-01-15 7 
May 2012
19082172The Tale of Patrick O'CallahanWell, citizens of /tg/, gather round. Get yerselves a pint, warm up by the fire, and stop ogling the damn whores for a second so I can tell you the story of the best elf I've ever had the fortune of playing, Patrick O'Callahan.Story, Storytime, Patrick, O', Callahan, Irish, Elf, Awesome, Barfight, Justice, Wish2012-05-13 41 
October 2012
21181500Lich's Employee Quest pt 15Daniel joins a Crusade with his apprentices, but not to kill, but to end it.skeleton quest, crusades, death, war, justice2012-10-18 13 
June 2013
25645753Llama Babby Quest 67In which we torture and kill people at random all whilst we pride ourselves on how great of paladins we are. Collective Game, Lamia Quest, Ssen, EchoGarrote, Lamia Daughter Quest, Lesbians, ERP, Entomophilia, This is not how justice works, You monster2013-06-25 23 
October 2013
27956521Washed up Villain quest 6 : End of part 1In which We fight nature itself, start the Apocalypse, fight with our fellow gods, and commit the ultimate Sacrifice with Justice to save the world from the void we opened. Meanwhile two children are born in the world of AlbionMustache Twirler, Collective game, Washed up villain quest, Villany, Justice, Rebirth2013-10-26 7 
November 2013
28337976Don't fuck with the dice godsOP tries to make a rouge trader quest but tries to defy the dice gods. They do not take his insolence kindly.Dice-Gods, Justice, 40k, Leman Russ,2013-11-17 20 
August 2014
34161166Esper Quest: Thread 9Akari's shadowruns intensify... needlessly. Also, patrollin' and random encounters! Yay!Collective Game, Esper Quest, Pyrokinesis, Psychic/Psionic powers, Raildex, Crime Fighting, Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, JUSTICE2014-08-15 7 
34459836Esper Quest: Thread 11We start with Mami, whose day has been (and will continue to be) full of robots! Then, the plot thickens!Collective Game, Esper Quest, Pyrokinesis, Psychic/Psionic powers, Raildex, Crime Fighting, Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, JUSTICE, LASERS, ROBOT DINOSAURS, GOOD OLD-FASHIONED NEWFANGLED FISTICUFFS2014-08-28 6 
September 2014
35177127Esper Quest: Thread 15STRIPES! (heh). We start out with Mato, and then she and Akari have some good breakfast-time conversation! What happens next is up to the players!Collective Game, Esper Quest, Pyrokinesis, Psychic/Psionic powers, Raildex, Crime Fighting, Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, JUSTICE2014-09-28 5 
October 2014
35458769Esper Quest: Thread 17Akari and Co. take on Not!Mechagodzilla... and... Co.? Oh boy. Collective Game, Esper Quest, Pyrokinesis, Psychic/Psionic powers, Raildex, Crime Fighting, Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, GIANT ROBOTS, ROBOT DINOSAURS, THE GREAT EVIL, MAGIC, JUSTICE2014-10-11 2 
35567762Esper Quest: Thread 18Akari and Co. learn that Mop-man is a big jerk, just like his robot: REALLY BIG. Collective Game, Esper Quest, Pyrokinesis, Psychic/Psionic powers, Raildex, Crime Fighting, Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, GIANT ROBOTS, ROBOT DINOSAURS, THE GREAT EVIL, MAGIC, JUSTICE2014-10-16 5 
April 2015
39388345Young Justice Quest: Unlimited #25The unexpected final fate of an earth on the eve of Crisis. Collective Game, Young Justice, Super Boy, Hypertime2015-04-20 10 
November 2015
43826037The /tg/ "Justice" LeagueSuperman comes to /tg/ for help against the forces of evil and /tg/ decides they don't need Superman. Odd god tier heroes emerge and hilarity ensues.DC comics, superman, heroes, fowlweatherfriend, /tg/, Stupidity, Funny, Hilarity, Justice, League, Overpowered bullshit, why is everyone god tier, plz buff superman, too low tier, 2015-11-27 10 
July 2016
48057301How That Guys Can Ruin a Good Game Pt. 2OP is back with a followup and an update: GOOD END GET.Oriental adventures, that guy, problem player, cringe, storytime, poetic justice, fucking rekt, lol2016-07-01 1 
December 2016
892841Supernatural Sheriff #2In which we chase some guy on a horse for a bitCollective Game, Supernatural Sheriff, KudoQM, JUSTICE2016-12-11 1 
August 2018
2792924Young Justice #1 Chargen, a chat with the league, then the boys check in on a fire at Cadmus...Young Justice, Quest, Collective Game, Manthor, DC2018-08-16 10 
2809168Young Justice #2Clash at the Museum! Combat and awkward flirting ensue. Young Justice, Quest, Collective Game, Manthor, DC2018-08-19 6 
2822789Young Justice #3New teammate to meet, new tricks to learn, new trouble afoot...Young Justice, Quest, Collective Game, Manthor, DC2018-08-29 5 
2841421Young Justice #4Evil is punched and tailed.Young Justice, Quest, Collective Game, Manthor, DC2018-08-31 6 
September 2018
2859439Young Justice #5Chilling with Aquabro and meet a pretty girl that fell from the sky.Young Justice, Quest, Collective Game, Manthor, DC2018-09-06 2 
January 2019
3140876Sworn to Valour Quest #4His Might Upholds the Weak. Sir Andrei skirts the political fallout of the trial of the murderous knight and ensures that justice is done.Sworn to Valour, Collective Game, Knight, Fantasy, Paladin, Crusader, Medieval, Noble Steed, Forgotten QM, Justice2019-01-05 20 
March 2019
65267679Tales of That Guy/That DMDepression Quest anon returns and finally dispenses justice, in just one out of the many new stories of Guys and GMs that nobody likes!that guy, that dm, storytiem, justice, rage2019-03-24 3 
May 2019
3514945Young Justice: Meta Human Slave QuestWe create our character, fight for our life, meet a princess, and go to villain school.The Monitor of E-16, Young Justice, Meta Human Slave quest, Cape shit, not!prototype/pillarman protag, Fuck HIVE, Collective Game2019-05-24 15 
June 2019
3553097Young Justice: Meta Human Slave Quest # 3Where we visit Caitlin in the hospital and OP flakes.The Monitor of E-16, Young Justice, Meta Human Slave quest, Cape shit, not!prototype/pillarman protag, Fuck HIVE, Collective Game, RIP2019-06-21 5 
August 2019
3726533Redneck Sword Hero Quest #5Trail of bow hero what could posibly go wrong?Isekai, Rising of the Shield Hero, Collective Game, Jim Borris Jr, Sword, Justice, date2019-08-13 1 
October 2019
3848369Young Justice: Meta Human Slave Quest # 4 Qm comes back, we make some sweet gains, and we get Cait to open up about her traumaThe Monitor of E-16, Young Justice, Meta human slave quest, Cape Shit, collective game2019-10-19 0 
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