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March 2008
1304075Tabletop ANGRY MARINESDiscussion on how one anon would create a tabletop Angry Marines army.ANGRY, MARINES2008-03-09 1 
1404465Angry Marines CodexOP suggests putting together a Codex: Angry Marines and asks for some suggestions. /tg/ gets shit done.Angry Marines, epic, rage, sagefags2008-03-26 2 
1440633Codex: Angry MarinesA complete custom Angry Marines codex.Angry, Marines, Codex2008-03-31 21 
August 2008
2397827Angry GuardA simple conversion idea request spawns a new regiment of guardsmen. Scriptarius also makes an appearance once more.Angry, Guard, Scriptarius2008-08-22 4 
2448450New ANGRY MARINE CODEXBeta version of new and fukken improved ANGRY MARINE CODEX. Also, discussion about new rules and characters for AM. Angry Marines, codex2008-08-28 10 
September 2008
2622557Mexicarines!An innocent question if people actually play Angry Marines quickly turned into a thread about the Mexican marines. They were declared /tg/ canon.Mexicarines, Angry Marines, Space Marines, Warhammer 40K2008-09-20 11 
October 2008
2753800AMC 5thThe Angry Marine Codex fixed for 5th edition and tactical holes filled. (last beta codex had literally no weapons that could kill a land raider)Angry Marine, Codex2008-10-07 6 
November 2008
2971130John Fuklaw's Letter HomeCommissar Fuklaw writes a response to a letter from his ex-wife, resulting in many manly tears, as well as various conspiracy theories.Fuklaw, Angry Marines, Starchild2008-11-11 31 
February 2009
3801572Life and Death of John Fuklaw/tg/ BAAAAAAWWWWWWsJohn Fuklaw, Angry Marines2009-02-25 22 
August 2009
5456241Angry Marine LibrariansIn which /tg/ discusses the Librarians of the most sacred chapter.Angry Marines, Librarians, 40k2009-08-15 1 
December 2009
7214709Angrycorp. CEO QuestANGRY CEO buys Games Workshop, complimentary to PotatoQuest.Potato Quest, Collective Game, Angry2009-12-20 5 
7222642AngryCorp CEO QuestIF WE SEE THAT FUCKING POTATO ONE MORE GODDAMN TIMEAngry, CEO, Potato Quest, Collective Game2009-12-21 2 
7224260HoboQuestPart of the Weston Mythos. Collective gamecollective game, hoboquest, potatoquest, angry CEO quest, Weston South Dakota, Weston2009-12-21 3 
7237329AngryCorp Quest 3Great, now we're in fucking TARTARUS. As if we didn't have to put up with enough shit, what with that goddamn potato.Angry, CEO, Potato Quest, Collective Game2009-12-22 0 
March 2010
8846702LOST PRIMARCH QUEST PART 3Two hundred years after Part 2, Rachnus and his brother Alpharius plan the assault on a renegade human world suspected of sorcery. Rachnus recalls the death of his adoptive father Maloris, and he along with the Silencers (The Legion's Nulls) prepare to make planetfall.RACHNUS, RAGEOUS, LOST, PRIMARCH, ANGRY, SPIDERS, MALORIS, FUCK, ALPHA LEGION2010-03-29 10 
8866464LOST PRIMARCH QUEST PART 4Rachnus Rageous and his Silencers land on the warp-infested planet, and make their way to the capital city's heart, only to find... Daemons.RACHNUS, RAGEOUS, LOST, PRIMARCH, ANGRY, SPIDERS, MALORIS, FUCK, EMPRAH, TZEENTCH, OMEGON, ALPHARIUS, ALPHA LEGION2010-03-30 10 
8879803LOST PRIMARCH QUEST PART 5Rachnus and Alpharius conquer the chaos-ridden planet, and the Emprah calls for a family reunion!RACHNUS, RAGEOUS, LOST, PRIMARCH, ANGRY, SPIDERS, MALORIS, FUCK, SMURFS, ALPHARIUS, TIALOC, SKY SERPENTS2010-03-31 7 
April 2010
8904549LOST PRIMARCH QUEST PART 6Isstvan V, the glassing of Rachnus' homeworld, and the capture of Tialoc.RACHNUS, RAGEOUS, LOST, PRIMARCH, ANGRY, SPIDERS, MALORIS, FUCK, ISSTVAN V, SKY SERPENTS, TIALOC, ALPHARIUS, HORUS HERESY2010-04-01 5 
8963143LOST PRIMARCH QUEST PART 9Generic puttering around in the aftermath of the heresy - Also, NECRONS!RACHNUS, RAGEOUS, LOST, PRIMARCH, ANGRY, SPIDERS, MALORIS, FUCK, SMURFS, ALPHARIUS, TIALOC, SKY SERPENTS2010-04-04 5 
May 2011
15052515ANGRY MARINES DEATHWATCHCreating playable Angry Marines via Rites of Battle. Rites of Battle, Angry Marines, Fuck, FUCK, Deathwatch, Chapter Creation, Space Mariens, Angry2011-05-26 7 
July 2012
19798864Angrydorf's Civilization Game: Lake Lizardmen #1God damn this thread's huge. Lizardmen find a cursed sword, do some mining, and come under threat of goblin attack.Collective Game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Angrydorf, Quest2012-07-09 21 
19811416Angrydorf's Civilization Game: Lake Lizardmen #2We survive the goblins thanks to our possessed captain. We meet some new friends, take some drugs, and plan out some new defenses. We're still virgins.Collective Game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Angrydorf, Quest2012-07-10 20 
19824978Angrydorf's Civilization Game: Lake Lizardmen #3We invent steel, farm beetles, survive a three month storm, and catch some thieves!Collective Game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Angrydorf, Quest2012-07-11 22 
August 2012
20171384Mahou Shounen Quest 166Discover a robot girl hidden in the lab. Try and get her to work. Afternoon classes are kicked up a notch. Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, If you're angry and you know it clap your hands2012-08-04 5 
20184892Mahou Shounen Quest 167Cogbeard has arrived. Try and appease his dwarfy rage, see if he can fix the watch. Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, If you're angry and you know it clap your hands2012-08-05 5 
20365707Angrydorf's Civilization Game: Mountain Machine Men #1We harness hydropower, try to make some humans our servants, and mine some metal.Collective Game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Angrydorf, Quest2012-08-18 12 
20380019Angrydorf's Civilization Game: Mountain Machine Men #2This time we find some tin and take on a horde of spiders!Collective Game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Angrydorf, Quest2012-08-20 8 
20406718Angrydorf's Civilization Game: Mountain Machine Men #3A short thread, but an eventful one. We quell a goblin infestation and prepare for winter.Collective Game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Angrydorf, Quest2012-08-21 2 
20417199Angrydorf's Civilization Game: Mountain Machine Men #4This time we take in some lumberjacks, outlast a winter, and meet a strange adventurer.Collective Game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Angrydorf, Quest2012-08-22 5 
20476321Corruption of Champions: ANGER EDITIONIn which a young Angry Marine and Musclewizard by the name of ANGER boldly strides into a new world, to cast Fist upon heretical abominations in the Emperors name.Corruption of Champions: Knighthood, Angry Marine, Collective Game, CoC, Corruption of Champions, SPACE MARINE , 40K, Emperor, Muscle Wizard2012-08-26 20 
September 2012
20676474Angrydorf's Civilization Game: Mountain Machine Men #5IT CAME FROM OUTERSPACE! Enough said.Collective Game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Angrydorf, Quest2012-09-11 1 
20814702Angrydorf's Adventure Quest #1: Part 1Our village get's razed, we double-cross some aristocrats and some bandits, and we harness spiral energy.Collective Game, Adeventure, Adventure Quest, Angrydorf, Quest2012-09-22 0 
20827133Angrydorf's Civilization Game: Underworld Drow #1We tame some hyena-like creatures, meet some dancing mushroom men, split into two different factions, and resurrect our fallen leader as a death lord!Collective Game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Angrydorf, Quest2012-09-23 10 
20841021Angrydorf's Civilization Game: Underworld Drow #2This time we find some metal, try to discover fire in a world of pure darkness, and have a final showdown between Abolaxul and Elomir.Collective Game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Angrydorf, Quest2012-09-24 10 
20921328Angrydorf's Civilization Game: Underworld Drow #3This time we get our groove on with some dancing mushroom men, make some undead trees, and found a new town.Collective Game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Angrydorf, Quest2012-09-30 14 
October 2012
21016334Angrydorf's Civilization Game: Underworld Drow #4This time we discover a new nation, the Askvar, a highly industrialized faction of magic-hating drow! We help them battle the Grimlocks, pasty eyeless humanoids that are militarized. We also encounter the gantu, small crow humanoids that eat magic that lingers in our cities, we then prepare for more not-so-friendly magic eaters, including the deadly blue drake.Collective Game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Angrydorf, Quest2012-10-07 17 
21110749Angrydorf's Civilization Game: Underworld Drow #5This time we pierce the very fabric of reality and create a portal to Xalothas' realm, the void. However it soon back fires and the void spills through, erasing Crypt from existence and slowly expanding, destroying reality as it goes. We recieve a large shipment of undead after the grimlocks mass an attack on the Askvarian capital, in their weakened state we attack their capital and crush their forces.Collective Game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Angrydorf, Quest2012-10-14 7 
21126610Angrydorf's Civilization Game: Underworld Drow #6This time we deal with a Merrgon siege, try to prevent further sieges and destroy an Askvarian army, the time of peace has left us, and now a time of war is upon us.Collective Game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Angrydorf, Quest2012-10-15 7 
November 2012
21614786ATTENTION FUCKSTICKS OF THE LITANY OF LITANY'S LITANYA thread of the ANGRY MARINES soon becomes a desperate battle for a besieged minor colony against the forces of fat.ANGRY LAMENT FAT2012-11-17 11 
December 2012
21940907Angrydorf's Civilization Game: Hallower Elementals #1A rather strange setup we have here, we discover some cute crystal toads, work on our magic, and move into a goblin-infested forest.Collective Game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Angrydorf, Quest2012-12-08 7 
21953841 Angrydorf's Civilization Game: Hallower Elementals #2We beef up our magic, defenses, and population. Then we encounter a dreadful and terrifying beast, what will our noble Hallowers do?Collective Game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Angrydorf, Quest2012-12-09 10 
May 2013
24900834Mad Science Quest: The Seven Seas of ScienceSomewhere during the gilded age in an alternate Earth where Mad Science is an old and respected profession a scientist named Finneus Edward Line takes to the high seas in search of his destiny.Mad Science, Quest, Collective Game, Angry Scientist !osBKEuoIfA 2013-05-19 6 
May 2016
31063HANGRY QUESTSA hungry girl eats weed, goes down on herself, and changes into sexy batman.Bn, Hangry, hungry, Whatever, Arby's, weed, stoned, lewd2016-05-05 11 
June 2018
60364314Female Angry MarinesWho is angrier, the marines or the /pol9k/ incels?Angry Marines, Female Space Marines, Incels2018-06-17 -11 
March 2019
65346307Meanwhile, on SchreckNet /tg/The world may change but the shitposting of the ancients continue onwards.Vampire the Masquerade, Saulot, Angry Toreadors, Spooked Tremere, Big Gay Brujah On Campus2019-03-28 0 
May 2020
4203728Dragon Ball TQ Spinoff: Milk Delivery Quest Part 2Sent 100 years in the future, can Gohan get back to the past, save the future and deliver the Milk?Collective Game, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Tuffle, Tuffle Quest, Milk Delivery, Sword and Angry Power Hour, Coffee Shop AU, Sing-Along2020-05-10 -1 
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