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December 2009
7224260HoboQuestPart of the Weston Mythos. Collective gamecollective game, hoboquest, potatoquest, angry CEO quest, Weston South Dakota, Weston2009-12-21 3 
October 2012
21008795HoboQuestA hobo wakes up and stumbles around like the drunkard he is. Hey receives a mysterious prophesy that is way to vague to be taken any sort of seriously.The-Hobo-King, HoboQuest, hobo, prologue, Collective Game2012-10-06 20 
21315449HoboQuest Part IIProphecy Shmophecy. You make your way to Lee's circle, engage in fisticuffs with a dimensional portal, musically fight spearmen, and try to play the hero with a shopping cart.Collective Game, The-Hobo-King, HoboQuest, hobo2012-10-28 13 
November 2012
21392361HoboQuest Part IIIYou awake in a hospital, and are confronted with the horror of sobriety. Escape, make out with a wall, get recaptured by military. THE MONSTERGIRLS HAVE COME.HoboQuest, Collective Game, hobo, The-Hobo-King, monstergirls, dimensional shenanigans2012-11-02 10 
21417858HoboQuest Part IV: A New HUEGet hired by military, constantly piss off a general. A LIFETIME SUPPLY OF BOOZE. Invading army comes, invading army goes. Flee your authority figures and meet a Night Post batgirl. HUEHUEHUE rears it's head at last.The-Hobo-King, HoboQuest, hobo, Collective Game, monstergirls, HUEHUEHUE2012-11-04 10 
21433028HoboQuest Part VSave a batgirl, get some guns, acquire a Soldier Bro. Get drunk, get slimegirl drunk, bottle slime girl. Get to town, find a bar, meet a red oni. A drinking competition turns into an alcoholic fight to the death. /tg/ nearly crit fails Lincoln to death.The-Hobo-King, HoboQuest, hobo, Collective Game, monstergirls, HUEHUEHUE2012-11-05 10 
21449675HoboQuest Part VILincoln wakes from the drinking game two days later, gets booze, questions barkeep, and has no fucks to fly in the face of an angry Red Oni. Also: Slimegirl Snowglobes?! The-Hobo-King, HoboQuest, hobo, Collective Game, monstergirls 2012-11-06 10 
21629619HoboQuest Part VIIIn which Lincoln goes to the Post Office, and learns the sorry state of affairs about Monstergirls and his current location. And the World in general. Righteous fury leads us to the castle, which leads to drunken merriment, explosions, a kitchen fire and a pissed off SpecOps CO. Whoopsie?The-Hobo-King, HoboQuest, hobo, Collective Game, monstergirls, HUEHUEHUE2012-11-20 14 
21665666HoboQuest Part VII 2The Madness continues! Bowing out of the Diplomatic talks, Lincoln wanders off in search of Zuli the Red Oni girl, only to find pain. Escaping the consequences of his actions yet again, our hero returns from death's doir in time to rescue Zuli from an unjust execution. The-Hobo-King, HoboQuest, hobo, Collective Game, monstergirls, HUEHUEHUE 2012-11-21 11 
21700306HoboQuest Part VIIILincoln and company manage to escape the burning castle, engage in song and dance routines, and determine an agreement that is most certainly going to end in hedonism. Rick Rolling HUEHUEHUE appears.The-Hobo-King, HoboQuest, hobo, Collective Game, monstergirls, HUEHUEHUE2012-11-23 11 
21749782HoboQuest Part IXIn which Lincoln does the Monster Mash and gets the hell out of dodge - or whatever this town is called. The Monstergirl 'Intelligence Assets' meet Johnson and the A-Team, everything goes just as planned. Another impromptu flight courtesy of Air Zuli lands us next to the portal, and... hold up, are those Foxgirls? Holding us up? This can't end well. For them. HUEHUEHUE yet again.The-Hobo-King, HoboQuest, hobo, Collective Game, monstergirls, HUEHUEHUE2012-11-26 11 
December 2012
21873734HoboQuest Part XFoxgirl Negotiations are in full swing whilst the Bruce's get debriefed by General Williams. And we hold all the balls. Err, cards. Hold all the Cards. The-Hobo-King, HoboQuest, hobo, Collective Game, monstergirls, HUEHUEHUE 2012-12-05 12 
22003738HoboQuest Part X-2 And Part XIPart X-2 is recapped! We rampage across New Orleans after escaping from an angry General, buying booze for all, pissing off the cops, getting sweet new threads, and lying our way into a fancy restaurant.The-Hobo-King, HoboQuest, hobo, Collective Game, monstergirls, HUEHUEHUE2012-12-13 10 
22033489HoboQuest Part XIILincoln and his companions go to dinner! Moira gets a bite to eat. Lincoln lights a goddamned restaurant on fire and skip out on the bill. Do military briefing with General. Steal a tank. Back through the rift we go!The-Hobo-King, HoboQuest, hobo, Collective Game, monstergirls, HUEHUEHUE2012-12-16 10 
22074427HoboQuest Part XIIIBack in Riftia! Learn how to drive a tank, get to skip a combat encounter for free! Examine stolen weapons. 192 Proof Gun Practice. Everybody's HUEHUEHUEing.The-Hobo-King, HoboQuest, hobo, Collective Game, monstergirls, HUEHUEHUE2012-12-18 10 
22162960HoboQuest Part XIVHobo-ing about, more drinking debauchery, blowing up Lord Farnsworth's retaliation with a tank! And Moira goodness.The Hobo King, HoboQuest, hobo, Collective Game, monstergirls, HUEHUEHUE2012-12-23 10 
22213338HoboQuest Part XVYou awaken to have to deal with the consequences of your actions. And by that, you mean bullshit your way out of having to do any such thing. Lots of exposition. FINALLY on the way to Riftia!The-Hobo-King, HoboQuest, hobo, Collective Game, monstergirls, HUEHUEHUE2012-12-27 10 
22258991HoboQuest Part XVIHaving FINALLY gotten underway into Riftia, Lincoln is faced with a pivotal choice: WHICH WAY TO TURN. Deciding to head to the non-human lands, you split the party, do science, and introduce yourselves to a village of foxes by way of epic musical posing.The-Hobo-King, HoboQuest, hobo, Collective Game, monstergirls, HUEHUEHUE2012-12-29 11 
22292541HoboQuest Part XVIIA mysterious brief time rewind. Hobo Meteorslime Punch. Outdrink an entire village. Meet the inari matriarch, IMMEDIATELY piss her off. Hobo spin-offs everywhere.The-Hobo-King, HoboQuest, hobo, Collective Game, monstergirls, HUEHUEHUE2012-12-31 11 
January 2013
22330382HoboQuest Part XVIIIFoxgirl mother/daughter faceoff, discuss an alliance, blow up half a village via demonstration. The sidequests hit a new level of meta.The-Hobo-King, HoboQuest, hobo, Collective Game, monstergirls, HUEHUEHUE2013-01-03 7 
22369671HoboQuest Part XIXYou try (and sort-of succeed) to score with everyone, during an absolutely avalanche of crit fails and successes. Make a deal with the inari matriarch, get rewarded with tons of exposition that tell you things you'll probably forget anyway. HUE EVERYWHERE.The-Hobo-King, HoboQuest, hobo, Collective Game, monstergirls, HUEHUEHUE2013-01-05 6 
22417715HoboQuest Part XXYou FINALLY get out of the foxgirl village. Arriving back at the rift, you get a new radio! And then immediately run away again. So begins the adventures in the Corpselands! No good can come of this.The-Hobo-King, HoboQuest, hobo, Collective Game, monstergirls, HUEHUEHUE2013-01-08 7 
22696643HoboQuest Part XXI: REBOOT HARDERZombie Fightan, Body Swapan, Flash Game Makean, wait what?The-Hobo-King, HoboQuest, hobo, Collective Game, monstergirls, HUEHUEHUE2013-01-23 7 
February 2013
23067256HoboQuest Part XXII: LOOK AT DEM DOUBLE DUBSTomb exploring, foxgirl petting, hobo-king promising updates, disbelief all around. The-Hobo-King, HoboQuest, hobo, Collective Game, monstergirls, HUEHUEHUE2013-02-12 6 
23189536HoboQuest Part XXIIILincoln and company fight shadows with fire and explore a weird underground crypt. Lincoln learns necromancy. NEW UNDEAD MONSTERGIRLS AHOY!The-Hobo-King, HoboQuest, hobo, Collective Game, monstergirls, HUEHUEHUE2013-02-17 8 
March 2013
23461439HoboQuest Part XXIVThe least productive thread of all time. At least Lincoln gets drunk again.The-Hobo-King, HoboQuest, hobo, Collective Game, monstergirls, HUEHUEHUE2013-03-04 10 
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