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September 2008
2668891Slol Sluxslol, DragonDescription and pictures of a dragon who dooms a fortress full of dorfs with his shenanigans.Dwarf fortress, Dragon, Doom2008-09-26 26 
April 2009
4245069Warhammer 40k and Doom/tg/ reflects on the possibility that Doom is a Warhammer Prequel. Gordon Freeman is discussed but he just isn't as awesome.Doom, 40k, Half-Life, Doomguy2009-04-11 11 
4329164What is it like to hold a Doomguard in your arms?Etc. etc. one of those for each faction. Moderately entertaining and so forth.Planescape, doomguard, Pentar, dark sun2009-04-20 7 
December 2009
7245185Lictor Quest IXMajor victory and major loss. Daemons are confronted and plans for the Hive's invasions are begun.Doomlictor, Tyranid, Quest, Drugs2009-12-22 3 
7249875Lictor Quest Part 11Doomlictor and his burgeoning swarm migrate to the upper hive just in time.Tyranid, Quest, Doomlictor2009-12-23 4 
7273946Lictor Quest Part XII (Christmas Special!)Finally up to the stars!Tyranid, Quest, Doomlictor2009-12-25 2 
7276695Lictor Quest Part XIIDoomlictor and Chewiarch set off into the stars on a commandeered Inquisitorial Battle Barge, to spread the seed of Doomlictor across the system."Doomlictor, Tyranid, Quest, drugs, Chewy, Chewiarch"2009-12-25 3 
7287288Chewy Quest 1Chewy begins his travels through the warp, eats some Furies, fucks up a Lord of Change, and battles with a pair of Bloodthirsters.Doomlictor, tyranid, quest, Chewy, Lictor2009-12-26 0 
7296545Chewy Quest IIChewy manages to escape Kharn, and finally arrives at the center of Slaanesh's palace.tyranid, quest, Doomlictor, Chewy, Kharn, Slaanesh, warp2009-12-27 6 
7349671Chewy Quest IVChewy is sent to Medrengard to RIP'N'TEAR by Slaanesh, on his quest to return to the Materium.Doomlictor, tyranid, quest, Chewy, Lictor, warp, medrengard, daemons2009-12-31 1 
July 2011
15593949Abaddon Quest IIThe Black Crusade grows. Champions are rallied, the warp get's another psychically asskicking, and Abaddon proves to be extremely badass with bionic arms.Collective Game, Quest, Abaddon, Black Crusade, Chaos, Heresy, Abaddon Quest, Badass, Dice Gods, Doomrider2011-07-16 35 
February 2012
17893330Doomguy in Deathwatch 1OP makes Doomguy for Deathwatch, later Duke Nukem joins. Other characters are Commander Shepard, Master Chief, Baird and Noble SixDoomguy, Deathwatch, FPS in Deathwatch2012-02-12 5 
June 2012
19628361Doom Quest 1Anon wakes up from an 80-year nap with only ten souls to our name. What's more, creatures have moved into our mansion while we slept. We get to work extracting their component souls and adding to our army.Collective Game, Doom Quest, Demon, Soul, Hell2012-06-26 17 
July 2012
19725330Doom Quest 2Having cleared our castle, we survey the surroundings and get a sense for our foes. Then we head out to war.Collective Game, Doom Quest, Demon, Soul, Hell, Nether, Silent Hill2012-07-04 9 
October 2012
21107634Maid Quest: The Life of Master part 33Hito encounter the Chaos Gods who want to turn him into Champion of Chaos against his will.Maid Quest: The Life of Master, Quest, Collective Game, CYOA, Maid, Chaos Gods, Chaos, Khorne, Tzeentch, Slaanesh, Nurgle, Doomrider2012-10-14 2 
21340000The Cost of the CrownA cunning, upcoming young Heir apparent talks through political intruige and how to deal with the other PCs. As more is revealed, the rabbit hole goes deeper than expectedCost of the Crown, King, Evil character, dickery, Planning, Destiny, doomed hero2012-10-29 14 
April 2013
24318736Doom Quest part 1In which we take the role of Dr. Viktor Von Doom and develop multiple planetary presences. Eat your heart out, Richards.Doom Quest, Dr. Doom, Collective Game2013-04-19 16 
24338691Doomquest part 2In which the skrulls of Slovakia are dealt with, and our dinner date isn't a total failureDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-04-20 11 
24358152Doomquest3 threadDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-04-21 11 
24380074Doom quest 4In which Valeria Richards becomes a magical girl, construction begins on not-hogwarts, and we get presents from NamorDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-04-22 11 
24418674Doomquest part 5In which we recruit Morgana le fey to be our new headmistress, Valeria invents the hoverboard and the fantastic 4 return from marsDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-04-24 10 
24438264Doom quest 6In which relations with the fantastic 4 become more rocky, and we chat with Morgana le fay. Shortest one, due to our useless servant OP being ill. You just can't build the staff these daysDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-04-24 7 
24491084Doomquest 7 In which we go to the UN, Learn how to scry and run out of fantaDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-04-28 7 
24530468Doomquest part 8In which Valeria stays briefly, we give Morgan le Fey a lot of fanta, and Magneto moves to MarsDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-04-29 7 
May 2013
24550561Doom Quest part 9In which our faithful servant needs repairs, we give Namor a present, and we attend and almost win an Atlantean tournament without personal participationDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-05-01 7 
24570341Doom Quest 10In which we talk with the victor of the atlantean tournament, We get richards to allow Valeria to go to magic school, and we plan the school's openingDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-05-02 6 
24623905Doom Quest part 11In which Mutants attack during our school opening, OP gets killed and Deadpool gets ready to record his best show yetDoom Quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-05-05 6 
24644348Doom Quest 12In which deadpool interrogates our prisoners, Richards gets caught out and lessons begin at the Latverian institute of thaumaturgy and technologyDoom Quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-05-06 6 
24665069Doom Quest part 13In which we interrogate Wolverine, Rehabilitate X-23, and learn of the IlluminatiDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-05-06 6 
24683861Doom Quest 14In which we talk to Xavier, Attend an illuminati meeting and go on a picnicDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-05-08 6 
24704495Doom Quest 15In which we deal with teen angst, pass sentence on prisoners and get Wolverine out of the countryDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-05-09 6 
24765970Doom Quest 16In which we take a break, Talk with Nick Fury, defeat some skrulls and eat some cakeDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-05-11 7 
24786650Doom Quest 17In which we talk with Magneto, fix an inconvenience in our school, and arrange our appearance on the Daily showDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-05-13 11 
24806290Doom Quest 18In which we appear on the Daily show. Then Richards shows up. Probably drunk.Doom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-05-14 24 
24825137Doom Quest 19In which we recruit new allies, save hobos and Doom 2013-05-15 7 
24863634Doom Quest 20In which we read a Skrull's mind, Ward the School better and make everyone at the UN shit themselvesDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-05-17 13 
24938861 Doom Quest 21We develop further the plans of counter attack the enemy. Also there is deep discussion on how to troll Stark for not brining us the take out.Doom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-05-21 12 
24958007Doom Quest 22in which we begin an counter attack against the SkrullsDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-05-22 10 
24995523Doom Quest 23In which we kick some ass, found out Hank and bunch of mutants kept as prisoners. Also the Shi'ar empire have appear.Doom Quest, Dr. Doom, Collective Game2013-05-24 10 
25034174Doom Quest 24In which we meet with the Shi'ar, learn about our birthday party and show off our floating gardensDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-05-26 12 
25071822Doom Quest 25In which we send deadpool to North Korea, Repaint our spaceships after Stark interference and spy on parents eveningDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-05-28 10 
25092431Doom Quest 26In which we catch Doctor Strange in our school, Send Lyja to talk to Johnny Storm, and then Endure Richards' Presence Doom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-05-29 10 
25136460Doom Quest 27In which we mingle, have our Chandelier replaced by a North Korea fanboy and have a "surprise" Birthday partyDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-05-31 10 
June 2013
25176235Doom Quest 28In which we receive our birthday gifts, drive Richard in alcoholism, and have a serious talk with Susan.Doom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-06-02 10 
25220748Doom Quest 29In which we send Richards family home, have a chat with Doctor Strange and hire the villains for scineceDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-06-04 10 
25261713Doom Quest 30In which we get Namor to wear more, Build Robo-wizards and bicker incessantly Doom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-06-06 11 
25320400Doom Quest 31In which we plan to undermine Russia's economy, Find the Thing in our courtyard and our Prime Minister is surprisingly effective at counterterrorismDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-06-09 10 
25360247Doom Quest 32In which we give Doctor Strange a tour of our school, Get shouted at by an imprisoned Richards and wake half the people in New York up in the middle of the nightDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-06-11 11 
25397676Doom Quest 33In which She hulk visits, we interrogate Richards, and discover he'd got Susan to wipe his memoryDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective game2013-06-13 10 
25452935Doom quest 34In which we get to search Richards' lab, get Hank Pym to make a memory restoring solution, and Foot Dive RichardsDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective game2013-06-16 10 
25490072Doom Quest 35In which we find out Richards was going to teleport to a skrull ship, capture the skrull ship, and find out about their new infiltration programDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-06-18 11 
25530501Doom Quest 36In which we earn lots of money, buy more doombots and get presents from Morgana left FeyDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective game2013-06-20 10 
25584652Doom Quest 37In which we invent magic grenades, visit faraway places and then go to hell, in with h we fail miserablyDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective game2013-06-23 7 
25622454Doom Quest 38In which we freeze a giant monster without making any puns, realize Doctor Strange is ki and of incompetent and go medieval on mephistoDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective game2013-06-25 7 
25680468Doom Quest 39In which we get mother's soul back, Plan our new armour convention, and explain why we don't have any grandkids to momDoom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-06-28 10 
25718020Doom QuestThe next thread will be in a week due to a Funeral for OP. Doom quest, Doctor Doom, Collective Game2013-06-29 7 
September 2013
27317114Post Apoc Hivemind Mutant Civ Quest Part 9Things continue to unravel. More heroes vanish, others thankfully return. Our insignificance becomes more significant. Minor things like spiders and alternate conversion techniques discovered. Conspiracies, revelations, we go down the rabbit hole.Collective Game, Mutants, Civ Quest, Hivemind, Spiders, Political Intrigue, Impending Doom2013-09-20 5 
April 2014
31609204Dark Age of Technology AIOP's Rogue Trader players found an AI from the DAoT and for some reason decided to plug it into their ship. OP requests inventive ways for this to backfire horribly on them and /tg/ delivers. What comes next is best described as nightmare fuel with a side of Clippy.Rogue Trader, Dark Age of Technology, AI, doomed, skynet, SHODAN, GLADoS, Clippy2014-04-21 7 
September 2014
34897661Why Doom is the protagonist The OP calls Doom a BBEG, fails his diplomacy roll. Doom2014-09-16 10 
November 2016
839553 You are a Warhammer 40k Cultistyou are Thoth Talibah, a former Space Marine. casting aside you faith in the emperor you escape to Zerht 3 to spread the truth of Tzeentch.Harbinger Of Doom, cultist, Tzeentch,2016-11-21 3 
866607You are a Warhammer 40k Cultistonce on Zerht 3 you work to spread your cults powerHarbinger Of Doom, cultist, Tzeentch,2016-11-26 1 
855729 You are a Warhammer 40k Cultist, #2 once on Zerht 3 you work to spread your cults powerHarbinger Of Doom, cultist, Tzeentch,2016-11-26 1 
January 2017
1040639You are a warhammer 40k cultist #1 v2The harbringer of doom returns and with him a new warhammer quest. We now play a brave guardsman descended into the depths of depravit.Slannesh, harbringer of doom, 40k, boot camp, cultists,no pain no gain 2017-01-17 2 
51311063Original and Unusual Apocalypse ScenariosVarious scenarios for the end of the world and settings based around them are discussed and worldbuilt. apocalypse, armageddon, doomsday, end of the world, setting, worldbuilding,2017-01-23 6 
July 2017
1635732The Last Stand: A Cape Oneshot (maybe more)In a world ruled with an iron fist, the last vestiges of rebellion had one last shot. And failed. Time to go down swining.Collective Game, Superhero, Cape, Raijiin, Gaia, Earth, Regime, Yuri, Lightning, Last Stand, Last, Stand, Doomed, Veteran, Star, Wagon2017-07-05 2 
1650682 The Last Stand: A One Shot No MoreRaijin vs the Regime escalates and continues as we push into the Citadel. How long can he last?Collective Game, Superhero, Cape, Raijiin, Gaia, Earth, Regime, Yuri, Lightning, Last Stand, Last, Stand, Doomed, Veteran, Star, Wagon2017-07-11 3 
1708380The Last Stand: One Shot, Two Shot, Three ShotRaijiin continues fighting the regime, coming up against a feared group of superheroines once he fled the family reunion.Collective Game, Superhero, Cape, Raijiin, Gaia, Earth, Regime, Yuri, Lightning, Last Stand, Last, Stand, Doomed, Veteran, Star, Wagon2017-07-29 2 
August 2017
1767357The Last Stand: Wait Didn't We die? Last Stand Gets a sequel! ... until Real life means it has to be shelved for a while.Collective Quest, Star, Wagon, Superhero, Cape, Earth, Regime, Last Stand, Doomed, Naga, Sequel2017-08-19 2 
June 2018
60225648Varsol RPG DumpRemember ORB OF THE ALBINO DOOMGOAT? OP has returned to tell us even more.Orb, Doomgoat, Varsol, RPG, breathing is a spell, spitting is also a spell2018-06-10 43 
January 2019
3132565Dream Catchers: Fourth Dive (Deeper) [Skirmish]After an extended rest, the party ventures into a train station, leading to highs and lows with a beloved party member departing suddenly.fenster, dream catchers, skirmish, collective game, collaboration, dream, dreams, haze runners, doomtrain, doom train, wizard lizard2019-01-04 2 
3150724Dream Catchers: Fourth Dive (Final pt1) [Skirmish]The party takes the fight from the station and out onto the rails, chasing down Doomtrain only to discover other runners... helping it?fenster, dream catchers, skirmish, collective game, collaboration, dream, dreams, haze runners, doomtrain, doom train, wizard lizard2019-01-14 2 
3178404Dream Catchers: Fourth Dive (Final pt2) [Skirmish]The party takes the fight to the tracks, chasing down the DOOMTRAIN to prevent its escape. First the hunt, then the feast!fenster, dream catchers, skirmish, collective game, collaboration, dream, dreams, haze runners, doomtrain, doom train, wizard lizard2019-01-25 2 
August 2020
4341459LoD (Part 1)The Legion of Doom get their shit together and go on their first ever Heist!LoD,Legion of Doom, Quest, Legion2020-08-11 0 
December 2021
82606823interesting quirks for ancient vampiresHow would something which had been alive for most of human history act in the modern world?vampires, quirks, history, autism, OCD, thulsa doom, vandal savage,2021-12-22 7 
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