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April 2011
14475678How anon ran a game for elderlyWell, this kind anon volunteered to host a "game night" at the local old folks house. Although he was supposed to play Scrabble, he decided to run DnD instead. A fun night ensued, with badass old men and lots of people remembering the Biker DnD thread. The thread features the epic storitiem, /tg/ never changing, Watership Down, some guys being faggots and lots more. Surprisingly, no edition wars.DnD, elderly, veteran, storytiem, storytime2011-04-05 22 
September 2013
27328051Veterans of the Second Dragon WarAn 'Ask a veteran of the Second Dragon War' thread evolves into reminiscence of the war and it's horrors roleplay, second dragon war, not world war two with dragons, elves, lizardmen, lich, dragons, second dragon war, veterans2013-09-21 8 
February 2015
38336140Homeless Veteran Quest We sign up for some kinda dungeon-diving then get beaten up by an old man.Homeless Veteran Quest, Collective Game, Low fantasy2015-02-27 6 
July 2017
1635732The Last Stand: A Cape Oneshot (maybe more)In a world ruled with an iron fist, the last vestiges of rebellion had one last shot. And failed. Time to go down swining.Collective Game, Superhero, Cape, Raijiin, Gaia, Earth, Regime, Yuri, Lightning, Last Stand, Last, Stand, Doomed, Veteran, Star, Wagon2017-07-05 2 
1650682 The Last Stand: A One Shot No MoreRaijin vs the Regime escalates and continues as we push into the Citadel. How long can he last?Collective Game, Superhero, Cape, Raijiin, Gaia, Earth, Regime, Yuri, Lightning, Last Stand, Last, Stand, Doomed, Veteran, Star, Wagon2017-07-11 3 
1708380The Last Stand: One Shot, Two Shot, Three ShotRaijiin continues fighting the regime, coming up against a feared group of superheroines once he fled the family reunion.Collective Game, Superhero, Cape, Raijiin, Gaia, Earth, Regime, Yuri, Lightning, Last Stand, Last, Stand, Doomed, Veteran, Star, Wagon2017-07-29 2 
September 2019
3787602Fighter Quest An soldier returns from warFighter Quest, Soldier, Veteran, Collective Game2019-09-22 0 
April 2021
4697017Vietnam Veteran Isekai QuestVietnam Veteran got dragged into a jap fantasy world. Proceeds to get his PTSD triggered hard.Vietnam Veteran Quest, Collective Game, Male Protagonist2021-04-11 0 
September 2021
4982368Elin Veteran Quest: PrologueThis world's magic has waned, yet the consequences of a new natural order are begin to show themselves for our protagonist.Elin Veteran Quest, Elin, Tera, Fantasy, Collective Game2021-09-06 3 
November 2021
4991642Elin Veteran Quest #1Elewyn and a group of companions venture to the desert cities of Chebika and Tulufan to investigate a lead on an Elin slave shipment. Elin Veteran Quest, Elin, Tera, Fantasy, Collective Game2021-11-01 3 
5044717Elin Veteran Quest #1: Slaver Arc EpilogueElewyn and company finish their rescue mission in the slaver camp and sail home.Elin Veteran Quest, Elin, Tera, Fantasy, Collective Game2021-11-14 1 
January 2022
5060599Elin Veteran Quest #2In the town of Impel, Elewyn investigates a connection to the beheading of Elin, and recruits the help of human companions.Elin Veteran Quest, Elin, Tera, Fantasy, Collective Game2022-01-04 1 
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