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December 2009
7268954Con-QuestYou decide to take over the world as a mad scientist/magicianCollective game, quest, conquest, mad science, steam punk2009-12-24 0 
January 2011
13421848Con-Quest 3, THE RETURNENINGCon-Quest returns and Bricks are shat, mainly by the OP.Henry, Spigglesworth, Conquest, Con-Quest, Quest-Thread, Ankles2011-01-07 2 
December 2013
28967938Aspiring Empire QuestWe meet the man who intends to be an emperor, get beaten up by our subordinate and capture most of a fortressCollective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2013-12-20 39 
28987011Aspiring Emperor Quest IIWe capture Harrowmont, blow up the King's Suite and get our water elemental Champion, plus lots of strategyCollective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2013-12-21 38 
29005080Aspiring Emperor Quest IIIWe save our bodyguard's life, scare a young and pompous noble, enjoy our Champion's sass and meet an old bro.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2013-12-22 36 
29095619Aspiring Emperor Quest IVWe make up an awesome battleplan, get Sarah on our side, screw up diplomacy and slaughter the Vitrians effortlessly.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2013-12-27 37 
29133029Aspiring Emperor Quest VWe promote a new captain, spend a lot of time strategising, resolve some cattiness and get a new banner.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2013-12-29 33 
29153154Aspiring Emperor Quest VIWe try to take Curton with a stealthy approach, but fail miserably. Hilarity ensues. We then move on Toulon.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2013-12-30 31 
29162263Aspiring Emperor Quest VI Pt2We spend a lot of time arguing over what to use PoPs for, find out a new thing to argue over and kill some bandits.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2013-12-30 32 
29174406Aspiring Emperor Quest VIIWe fall for a devilry trap, finally decide who to summon, get some territory for free, succeed at summoning and chat.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2013-12-31 31 
January 2014
29258416Aspiring Emperor Quest VIIIDungeon diving - we descend to Undine's Place of Power.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-01-04 32 
29283119Aspiring Emperor Quest IXWe claim Undine's PoP, hold a long strategy meeting and have some discussions.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-01-05 31 
29297905Aspiring Emperor Quest XWe move on Olmm and elect to try to break a siege by Taour mage-knights.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-01-06 30 
29312228Aspiring Emperor Quest X Pt2You move to clear a daywalker out of Niorte.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-01-06 31 
29334970Aspiring Emperor Quest X Pt3A continuation of the light and fluffy character session from last thread.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-01-07 28 
29415538Aspiring Emperor Quest XIWe get some world news, plan for an onslaught from our foes and kick arse in a siege after some nat 1s.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-01-11 30 
29424835Aspiring Emperor Quest XI Pt2We continue our defense of Niorte.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-01-11 28 
29585338Aspiring Emperor Quest XIIWe defend Vale province from a Vitrian army.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-01-18 30 
29608242Aspiring Emperor Quest XIIIWe wrap up our business in Vale and chat with the men and ladies.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-01-19 30 
29615603Aspiring Emperor Quest XIII Pt2We continue to chat with the various ladies.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-01-19 29 
29754946Aspiring Emperor Quest XIVWe engage in diplomacy with the general in charge of Vitria's forces in Craol.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-01-25 30 
29765650Aspiring Emperor Quest XIV Pt2We spend some time dealing with subordinates. Lots of time.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-01-25 28 
February 2014
29950446Aspiring Emperor Quest XVWe plan the capture of Vitria and the true beginning to our empire.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-02-01 29 
29960407Aspiring Emperor Quest XV Pt2We attempt to depose the head of House Tabeth.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-02-02 27 
30083685Aspiring Emperor Quest XVIWe consider our options in regards to conquering Vitria.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-02-07 29 
30095809Aspiring Emperor Quest XVI Pt2We duel with Gnome and enjoy some downtime.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-02-08 29 
30394338Aspiring Emperor Quest XVIIWe have now conquered Vitria and consider how to proceed.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-02-21 28 
30415816Aspiring Emperor Quest XVIIIWe continue to consider our approach after conquering Vitria.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-02-22 28 
March 2014
30570799Aspiring Emperor Quest XIXWe arrive in Farun and meet a fox.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-03-01 29 
30695457Aspiring Emperor Quest XXWe go revenant hunting.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-03-07 27 
30854479Aspiring Emperor Quest XXIWe go to finish off the revenant.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-03-15 30 
30976989Aspiring Emperor Quest XXIIWe meet with the Magi League representative and manage our empire.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-03-21 28 
31003332Aspiring Emperor Quest XXII Pt2A lazy day in the life of Imperator Talon York.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-03-23 29 
April 2014
31281947Aspiring Emperor Quest XXIIIWe battle with the Taourans in our advancing conquest of the Darlesian region.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-04-05 29 
31292145Aspiring Emperor Quest XXIII Pt2We continue to battle against Taour.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-04-06 30 
31412841Aspiring Emperor Quest XXIVWe finish off the battle in Raupe.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-04-11 28 
31564658Aspiring Emperor Quest XXVWe finish up in Raupe.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-04-19 27 
31574810Aspiring Emperor Quest XXV Pt2We debate what to do with Hiien now that we control it.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-04-19 29 
31666743Aspiring Emperor Quest XXVIYou consider how to deal with the Taouran problem.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-04-24 31 
31675797Aspiring Emperor Quest XXVI Pt2We consider a deal from a foxy lady and look to the future.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-04-24 29 
31689669Aspiring Emperor Quest XXVIIWe respond to our growing troubles in Taour and Darlesia.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-04-25 29 
31697484Aspiring Emperor Quest XXVII Pt2We meet General Volante.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-04-25 28 
31714101Aspiring Emperor Quest XXVIIIWe continue our campaign against Taour.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-04-26 29 
31723169Aspiring Emperor Quest XXVIII Pt2We lay siege to Taour.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-04-26 28 
May 2014
31892326Aspiring Emperor Quest XXIXWe explore the vampires' mansions.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-05-04 28 
31902320Aspiring Emperor Quest XXIX Pt2We fight with Perin Blackwater.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-05-04 30 
32042572Aspiring Emperor Quest XXXWith Taour conquered, we onto managing our currently unwielding empire.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-05-10 28 
32050478Aspiring Emperor Quest XXX Pt2We look into a squire and ranger order.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-05-11 29 
32335221Aspiring Emperor Quest XXXIWe manage out considerably larger empire after catching our elf squire being harrassed.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-05-25 28 
32341938Aspiring Emperor Quest XXXI Pt2We do lots of empire management.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-05-25 26 
32464096Aspiring Emperor Quest XXXIIWe conduct diplomacy as only an Imperator can do.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-05-31 29 
June 2014
32615889Aspiring Emperor Quest XXXIIIWe dilly-dally a bit in Ahm, including with a fox.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-06-07 28 
32625972Aspiring Emperor Quest XXXIII Pt2We engage with a massive gauntlet through any means but a straightforward assault.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-06-07 29 
32638465Aspiring Emperor Quest XXXIVYou explore the labyrinth under Ahm.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-06-08 30 
32782665Aspiring Emperor Quest XXXVWe finish up in Ahm.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-06-14 26 
32791218Aspiring Emperor Quest XXXV Pt2We continued to finish up in Ahm. And stroke some fluffy tails. So fluffy.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-06-15 28 
July 2014
33211600Aspiring Emperor Quest XXXVIWe meet the Archangel of Life.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-07-06 27 
33220046Aspiring Emperor Quest XXXVI Pt2We get beaten up by some fluffy tailsCollective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-07-06 28 
33340580Aspiring Emperor Quest XXXVIITalking about foxes and the (hopefully not Namek-like) Tourney mini-arc begins.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-07-12 28 
33352302Aspiring Emperor Quest XXXVII Pt2We fight in a grand melee as Finn.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-07-12 30 
33384368Aspiring Emperor Quest XXXVIIIWe finish up the grand melee and move onto the rest of the tourney.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-07-14 28 
33392506Aspiring Emperor Quest XXXVIII Pt2We begin the archery contest for the tournament.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-07-14 29 
33497860Aspiring Emperor Quest XXXIXWe diplomance everything that walks on two legs.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-07-19 28 
33507663Aspiring Emperor Quest XXXIX Pt2Dragons may be majestic but that doesn't mean you must pay them respect.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-07-19 27 
33656980Aspiring Emperor Quest XLWe begin to finish the tournament.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-07-26 26 
33667462Aspiring Emperor Quest XL Pt2Lynn duels with Rayza.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-07-26 28 
August 2014
33826046Aspiring Emperor Quest XLIWe make lots of decisions and determine the near future of the quest.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-08-02 28 
33833461Aspiring Emperor Quest XLI Pt2We finish our decision making and talk about dragons.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-08-02 28 
34017005Aspiring Emperor Quest XLIIWe actually talk about dragons before socialising. The QM is also hungover - yay for him.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-08-10 26 
34029799Aspiring Emperor Quest XLII Pt2We talk shop with fluffy tails.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-08-10 29 
34163526Aspiring Emperor Quest XLIIIWe meet the fox chief and manage our empire in preparation for yet more conquest.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-08-16 27 
34172518Aspiring Emperor Quest XLIII Pt2We plan a canal.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-08-16 27 
34180169Aspiring Emperor Quest XLIII Pt3The session goes on for some indefinite period of time for social activity.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-08-16 28 
34325695Aspiring Emperor Quest XLIVWe are Tarfinn and we will impress our master!Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-08-23 27 
34337152Aspiring Emperor Quest XLIV Pt2We try not to spill spaghetti everywhere while talking to as princess as Tarfinn.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-08-23 26 
34489553Aspiring Emperor Quest XLVWe talk business while war rages.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-08-30 24 
34500053Aspiring Emperor Quest XLV Pt2We govern our empire.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-08-30 25 
September 2014
34656041Aspiring Emperor Quest XLVIFlashback thread. We learn about Talon's past.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-09-06 27 
34820340Aspiring Emperor Quest XLVIIWe investigate what we saw in the flashback.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-09-13 26 
35159278Aspiring Emperor Quest XLVIIINothing but empire management here, folks.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-09-28 25 
October 2014
35287237Aspiring Emperor Quest XLIXWe learn about some of the things that happen over the timeskip.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-10-04 25 
35458331Aspiring Emperor Quest LWe strategise for our war with Shropham.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-10-12 25 
35590278Aspiring Emperor Quest LIWe move on to Sorsdain in our conquest of Shropham.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-10-17 27 
35877395Aspiring Emperor Quest LIIThe blitz is over and more consideration happens.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-10-31 27 
November 2014
35897536Aspiring Emperor Quest LIIIWe move on the city of Shropham itself.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-11-01 26 
36020921Aspiring Emperor Quest LIVWe lay siege to Shropham itself (no, really, this time).Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-11-07 27 
36164274Aspiring Emperor Quest LVWe assault Shropham's upper platform.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-11-14 25 
36175253Aspiring Emperor Quest LV Pt2We finish up in Shropham, finally.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-11-15 26 
December 2014
36608025Aspiring Emperor Quest LV Pt3The QM clarifies what will happen after the break.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-12-06 25 
36821904Aspiring Emperor Quest LVIWe handle the aftermath of the Shropham campaign.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-12-17 26 
36829929Aspiring Emperor Quest LVI Pt2We finish up discussing fluffy tails.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-12-18 24 
36880037Aspiring Emperor Quest LVIIYou leave Shropham and return to HarrowmontCollective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-12-20 27 
36939238Aspiring Emperor Quest LVIIIWe are Tarfinn and we shall secure Balkarin's Places of Power for our master!Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-12-23 30 
37006375Aspiring Emperor Quest LIXWe are Tarfinn and we shall explore Balkarin.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-12-27 26 
37067411Aspiring Emperor Quest LXThe second numbers thread, with even more numeratic action.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-12-30 24 
37078422Aspiring Emperor Quest LX Pt2Empire management mostly done, we then probably discuss it to death.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2014-12-31 25 
January 2015
37092365Aspiring Emperor Quest LX Pt3More slice-of-life.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2015-01-01 23 
37139283Aspiring Emperor Quest LXIWe meet an old foxy 'friend' and go looking for a PoP and Finn's salvation.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2015-01-03 27 
37267380Aspiring Emperor Quest LXIIYou visit the elves of Terrnaine Forest.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2015-01-09 25 
37592676Aspiring Emperor Quest LXIIIWe make more decisions regarding dysfunctional elves.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2015-01-24 24 
February 2015
37906547Aspiring Emperor Quest LXIVWe argue with elves over Finn and Daerfir as we wrap up Terrnaine Forest.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2015-02-07 24 
38065893Aspiring Emperor Quest LXVWe ensure that our glorious reign does not end abruptly due to scorned women.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2015-02-14 25 
38222253Aspiring Emperor Quest LXVIWe prepare for a demonic siege of Harrowmont.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2015-02-21 25 
38234502Aspiring Emperor Quest LXVI Pt2We defend our fortress from horrible demons that know no fear or pain.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2015-02-22 23 
38378187Aspiring Emperor Quest LXVIIWe continue to defend Harrowmont from demons, including assaulting a massive siege platform.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2015-02-28 23 
March 2015
38681198Aspiring Emperor Quest LXVIIIWe fend off the final storm of demons.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2015-03-13 24 
38703547Aspiring Emperor Quest LXIXWe end the demonic siege.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2015-03-14 23 
38853351Aspiring Emperor Quest LXIX Pt2We discuss the quest's problems and its future.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2015-03-21 21 
April 2015
39114697Aspiring Emperor Quest: A Peasant's LifeA one-shot where we go through the life of a peasant through the York Empire's timeline.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2015-04-04 24 
39286804Aspiring Emperor Quest LXXWe wrap up the seige and begin a long timeskip.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2015-04-12 21 
39295454Aspiring Emperor Quest LXX Pt2Last thread's description was a lie and no timeskip commenced. Instead we talk about a dragon.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2015-04-12 21 
39429259Aspiring Emperor Quest LXXIThe beginning of the timeskip events. No numeratic action yet.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2015-04-19 23 
May 2015
39715351Aspiring Emperor Quest LXXIIWe discuss Sarah's studies and consider rebuilding priorities.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2015-05-03 21 
39836125Aspiring Emperor Quest LXXIIIWe visit the dwarven capital.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2015-05-09 21 
40135907Aspiring Emperor Quest LXXIVAnother numbers thread, with almost realistic numeratic action.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2015-05-24 21 
40146122Aspiring Emperor Quest LXXIV Pt2The amazing action continues, with research being crazy and construction being huge.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2015-05-24 21 
June 2015
40584339Aspiring Emperor Quest LXXVWe grapple with many rulers at the same time. Or perhaps not.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2015-06-14 21 
40722038Aspiring Emperor Quest LXXVIWe speak with an Archangel and listen to his proposals.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2015-06-21 17 
40731237Aspiring Emperor Quest LXXVI Pt2We negotiate with an archangel over the Lord of Ember.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2015-06-21 17 
40865945Aspiring Emperor Quest LXXVIIThe keep comes under assault and we plan for the three-pronged assault on our lands.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2015-06-28 15 
July 2015
41308938Aspiring Emperor Quest LXXVIIIWe begin our campaign against Falwick.Collective Game, Aspiring Emperor Quest, conquest2015-07-19 15 
October 2015
43027571Petr'oil: For Reich & ImperiumConquer sandlandistan as not!Germany, not!Russia, or one of its princes.Collective Game, Builder, builder-like, conquest, risk2015-10-12 1 
43078099Petr'oil: For Reich & Imperium [game2]Dieselpunk game of conquering the sands as not!Germans, not!Russians, and the Sandlandistan Princes themselves.Collective Game, conquest, risklike, Petr'oil, Dieselpunk2015-10-15 1 
July 2017
53944400An Ancient Evil Awakens!Activities for recently unsealed ancient evils besides world conquest and potential tactics for the conquest of the modern world.sauron, ancient evil, BBEG, worldbuilding, conquest, cyberpunk,2017-07-02 5 
1629925 Medieval Fantasy Conquest 1A quest combining medieval fantasy literature with turn based strategy games. Medieval Fantasy Conquest, Andalf, Medieval, Fantasy, Conquest, Strategy, War, Collective Game2017-07-08 1 
May 2020
4196857Warpath: Conquest #1Private Alyce Zarina fights alien invaders from hyperspace aboard a experimental spacecraft.scifi, space, aliens, spacetravel, bodyhorror, warpath, conquest, warpath:conquest2020-05-03 2 
September 2022
5378858Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest Volume 4A reptilian race's dark prophet expands his empire, discovers new dangers, and gets a glow-up, then fights a cthulhu on a drow roadtrip.ReptoidQM, Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest, Reptilian Infiltrator Quest, conquest, logistics, love, loss, dwarves, elves, diplomacy, makeover2022-09-19 5 
June 2023
5654776True Neutral Conquest QuestA True Neutral Wizard embarks on a quest to conquer the entire world for the sake of learning more magic.Wizard, World Conquest, Different Army Alignments, Alignment, Ninja2023-06-22 0 
November 2023
5817888COSMOGONYPRELUDE - They watched the stillness Of slaughtered stars, and gave sacrifice In Lightless Fire...collective game, space, star, spaceship, space opera, science, astronomy, cyberpunk, 4X, battlemap, galaxy, conquest, colony, planet2023-11-05 0 
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