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November 2008
3010399Accursed Toys, Cont.The Accursed Toys idea gets some more discussion.Accursed Toys, setting2008-11-17 8 
January 2009
3488573Cursed Itemsfa/tg/uys discuss cruel and/or lulzy cursed items to release upon their unwitting players...cursed items house rules2009-01-23 5 
March 2009
4010133Unlikely cursed itemsITT: Unlikely cursed items. Be sure not to miss the Cursed Ring of Racism.cursed items2009-03-18 5 
September 2009
5978922Items Cursed with FuOHDEARGOD/tg/ inadvertently creates the most horrifying cursed item imaginable. Bricks were shat, /d/ was pleasedcursed items, womb dagger, ultimate horror, what the fuck, what is this i don't even2009-09-24 39 
April 2010
9475078Bizarre artifactsAll sorts of artifacts that you probably don't really want.cursed artifacts2010-04-28 5 
December 2010
13011716Horribly inventive cursesA compilation of some dastardly inventive cursesCurses, Funny, Creative2010-12-03 3 
February 2011
13940422Cursed dieA poor soul's new die contains the letter W.W cursed destroy2011-02-18 11 
June 2011
15134748Cursed ItemsA thread about cursed items in campaigns. Also the story of a druid and a holy turtle.cursed item, storytime2011-06-02 8 
November 2013
28328109/tg/ brews Cursed WeaponsOP asks for cursed weapons, /tg/ naturally deliverscursed, item thread, items, dm resource, dm, WIZARD2013-11-17 1 
December 2013
28778423Chicken ArmorOP commits the classic blunder with a smut image. /tg/ makes it /tg/-related.writefaggotry, armor, cursed items, lewd2013-12-11 14 
28793153Chicken Armor Pt. II/tg/ revisits the Bondage Chicken, drawfags get involved and we end up with a holy relicwritefaggotry, armor, cursed items, holy items, lewd, drawfaggotry2013-12-12 14 
January 2014
29883511Oversized Weapon Quest 10Witches can't be boys! You identify some items, too. It was a relaxing day.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Witches, Curses, Poison2014-01-30 28 
August 2014
33815206Cursed_Apprentice_QuestYour a wizards apprentice who gets back-stabbed and turned into a shota wacky hijinks ensue on a quest to reverse the curse before we unage into an infantshota, Agro, Cursed_Apprentice, Quest, huge cocks, pumpkin farming, OP needs to sleep,2014-08-01 12 
33833352Cursed_Apprentice_Quest 2We get some nice threads, hit on a bar maid, trick a pickpocket into touching our dick, ruin our threads after we get shot,befriend pickpocket,and figure this cult shit outshota, Cursed_Apprentice_Quest, 360noscopearrowthrow, wenches, magic, Collective game, quest, brainexplosion, hugs, brown elves, nopumpkins,2014-08-02 10 
33858723Cursed Apprentice Quest 3In this episode we meet a QT spider and make it our familiar, We cuddle it and arwen, We decide to say fuck it with the town and ditch, on a walk to the city, Shit happens.Cursed_Apprentice, Quest, Collective Game, Spiders, Cute, Shota, Fried chicken, brown elf boobage, whyaretherenopicturesofshotawizards,2014-08-03 13 
March 2016
45855689Dark Power Quest #1An adventure for Agoth, a young farmer to rid a curse that has plagued his family.Dark Power Quest, 1, Curse, Collective Game, Dark Fantasy, Adventure,2016-03-10 3 
April 2017
52707550Lich Hobbyists A discussion on what an immortal being might choose to fill their unlimited time with.lich, hobby, undeath, cursed magical items, troll, collection2017-04-16 12 
May 2017
1412796Ancient Evil QuestWe become a spooky Druid and fuck aroundAncient Evil Quest, CursedQM, Evil Quest, Evil2017-05-05 6 
1433054Ancient Evil Quest part 2First thread failed to archive. We create Juggernauts and Forest walkers and deal with a Lordling's petty troopsAncient Evil quest, Druid, CursedQm2017-05-08 3 
1451589XenoMorph Quest! Rebirth!XenoQm returns with a new name and a new game. We begin our fledgling hive and gain a Predalien and Shadow Early.Xenomorph Quest, CursedQm, Xeno, Alien, Horror, Collective game.2017-05-16 5 
1480477Xenomorph Quest Pt2. Android IssuesOur Fledgling hive grows ever larger and begins a hostile takeover of Echo Station. Mutations are had and killteams annihialted Xenomorph Quest, CursedQm, Xeno, Alien, Horror, Collective game.2017-05-25 3 
June 2017
1508182Xenomorph Quest pt3. Beta deck Falls.Our hive grows ever stronger with the addition of new mutations, improvements and the deadly Quillmorph Quiet.Xenomorph Quest, CursedQm, Xeno, Alien, Horror, Collective game.2017-06-02 3 
1538564Gunslinger QuestDermot McCade enters the wasteland and promptly murders bandits, sells scalps and kicks ass. Also a mysterious gun salesman.Gunslinger Quest, cursedQm, Western, Supernatural, Post-Apoc2017-06-07 5 
1538063XenoMorph Quest Pt4. D-Day EditionThe attack on Alpha Deck begins and we construct Infector cannon for those pesky Escort ships.Xenomorph Quest, CursedQm, Xeno, Alien, Horror, Collective game.2017-06-08 2 
1564871Xenomorph Quest pt4.5. D-day averted.The Escort fleet is vanquished by clever Xenomorphs and Echo Station gets two unexpected additions. Op suffers life so a short thread.Xenomorph Quest, CursedQm, Xeno, Alien, Horror, Collective game.2017-06-16 2 
1556814Gunslinger Quest pt 2.We turn in our first major bounty after murdering a fee bounty thieves. Op dies but returns triumphant.Gunslinger Quest, cursedQm, Western, Supernatural, Post-Apoc2017-06-16 2 
1578367Xenomorph quest pt:5! Screes in space!Our hive becomes a verified space hulk capable of bringing the light of the hive to other planets. We experience a high speed collision. Xenomorph Quest, CursedQm, Xeno, Alien, Horror, Collective game.2017-06-22 3 
1610256Undead QuestWe begin our unlife as a newly created undead vampire thing. Our stock of minions rapidly grows.Undead, vampire, CursedQm, Horror, Collective game2017-06-28 3 
July 2017
1620769Undead Quest pt2: Undead BoogalooWe create a skeletal new minion and begin our infiltration of the town and the black Cats criminal organizationUndead, vampire, CursedQm, Horror, Collective game2017-07-03 2 
1636812Undead Quest pt3: Blood in the DarkOur base is expanded and improved, our minions upgraded and zombies are gained! We encounter a group of merchants and OP dies. A lot.Undead, vampire, CursedQm, Horror, Collective game2017-07-11 3 
1659214Undead Quest pt3.5Our holdings and power grow as merchant traders are butchered. The tables are turned as northern magic is pitted against us. Rip Wick.Undead, vampire, CursedQm, Horror, Collective game2017-07-19 1 
1687661Undead Quest pt4: Northern agressionOur power grows exponentially with the consumption of dozens of souls. The Kardelheim forces arrive in Islavind. Undead, vampire, CursedQm, Horror, Collective game2017-07-27 2 
August 2017
1713993Undead Quest 5: Blood and IceMore servants are gained, a new arrival kills Urziel, and we get a fuck ton of souls. Ups and downs. Also, Wick's side-story beginsUndead, Collective Game, vampire, CursedQm, Horror2017-08-09 1 
1747141Undead Quest pt5.5: Afterlife SidestoryWick's back to life, we meet a new demon fellow, and Setgash does some doots.Undead, Collective Game, vampire, CursedQm, Horror2017-08-17 1 
1755372Shellstorm mech Quest #1: The Iron EaglePrivate Brandon Crowley returns from the front and his first real engagement victorious along with the surviving Bravo Company.Mech, WW1, Alt-History, Endless war, Collective game, CursedQm2017-08-19 3 
October 2017
1936103ShellStorm mecg quest RebootCursedQm returns with more Mechs and a heavy weapons loving protag named Piotr. CursedQm, Mechs, ww2, Poland, Germany, Collective game2017-10-09 5 
1948265Shellstorm mech Quest #2. Demo SquadPiotr and the resistance fighters under his command execute some daring explosive work and begin a risky distraction to gain some SalvageCursedQm, Mechs, ww2, Poland, Germany, Collective game2017-10-15 3 
1966763Shellstorm Quest Pt3: Night on the TownPiotr and his allies continue their assault to keep the Germans distracted while salvage crews work desperately. Things get very.... Savage.CursedQm, Mechs, ww2, Poland, Germany, Collective game2017-10-21 2 
November 2017
2071051Silent Stars Quest pt1Captain Samson Iskander Wick takes his place among the stars as captain of the Malcontent. We begin our career as glorious space piratesPunishedCursed, Space, Scifi, aliens, Piracy, ship combat, Collective game2017-11-23 3 
December 2017
2089392Silent Stars Quest ep2Captain Samson Iskander Wick and his trusty crew sell slaves, upgrade The Malcontent, almost buy a alien catgirl but buy a Banth instead!PunishedCursed, Space, Scifi, aliens, Piracy, ship combat, Collective game2017-12-03 2 
2112418Silent Stars Quest ep3Captain Wick breaks in a alien murderbeast and then goes full Jolly Roger on a Frigate and station. Asskickery and balls to the wall ensue.PunishedCursed, Space, Scifi, aliens, Piracy, ship combat, Collective game2017-12-08 1 
2128812Silent Stars Quest Ep4Captain Wick goes in search of a missing Corpse on his ship and instead meets an original occupant. As always, Cursed dies a lotPunishedCursed, Space, Scifi, aliens, Piracy, ship combat, Collective game2017-12-17 2 
June 2018
2665040Dungeon Rebirth Quest Episode 1: Danger NoodleWe die, are born, almost die again, learn magic and become the most spicy of noodles. Praise the Tiny Snake God!Dungeon Rebirth, Snake, CursedQm, Collective Game, Fantasy,2018-06-25 21 
July 2018
2714714Dungeon Rebirth #2 The Noodle-PocalypseWe treat the Tarspider citadel to several kilotons of get-rekt and upgrade our skills. Toxic salt levels force cursed to fleeDungeon Rebirth, Snake, Magic, fantasy, CursedQm, collective game, The Snake Report2018-07-17 7 
2737556Warlord Quest #13 A Beast of Iron, A Lady of the WoodArch Magnus has a vision of a terrible warlord in the north. Cameera's blossom is planted and Magnus recieves big newsWarlord Quest, Warlord, CursedQm, Collective Game, Fantasy, Arch Magnus2018-07-28 2 
September 2018
61552704what happens to the supernatural world in event of AI apocalypseWhat happens to an urban fantasy in event of killer robots derails into worldbuilding Skynet as Ravenloft's newest Darklord.worldbuilding, robots, apocalypse, terminator, urban fantasy, ravenloft, setting, infinitely respawning John Conner is Skynet's Curse2018-09-02 0 
December 2018
3068873ShellStorm Command: The African FrontCursedQm returns! We embark for the African front to assist the exiled French against a German offensive!CursedQm, Shellstorm, shell Command, mechs, dieselpunk, Althistory, ww1, strategy, collective game 2018-12-02 2 
January 2019
3134783Biomorph Quest #1Cursed and Sorboclese Tag team a quest involving a mutagenic horror from beyond the starsAlien, Horror, Sci-fi, Space Station, Space, Silent Stars, CursedQm, Sorbocles, Nongent, Collective Game2019-01-09 4 
3164622Biomorph Quest 1.5: In the DepthsCursed and Sorboclese coQM a murderous scifi buddycop adventure. Carl gets laid.Alien, Horror, Sci-fi, Space Station, Space, Silent Stars, CursedQm, Sorbocles, Nongent, Collective Game2019-01-25 4 
March 2019
3300768Warlord Quest 14:Short and continuedMagnus awakes in the valley and engages in some arm wrestling to prove a pointArch Magnus, Warlord Quest, CursedQm, Fantasy, Collective game, Command, Role Play2019-03-06 2 
3321250Warlord Quest 14. 1:Shorter and continuederMagnus takes a short walk and visits some old friends.Arch Magnus, Warlord Quest, CursedQm, Fantasy, Collective game, Command, Role Play2019-03-17 1 
July 2019
3687743Warlord Quest #15: A return to ArmsMagnus returns to the Valley of the Moon, upgrades his shield a bit and ventures off to reclaim a ancient fortressArch Magnus,CursedQm,Collective Game, Warlord quest, collective game, Fantasy2019-07-30 2 
August 2019
3717085GenesisFortunaQM tries a bit of purple prose and is struck by QM bad luck in the form of an illness. An attempt at emulating Sumero-Akkadian epics.Sumer, Abzu, Collective Game, Cut Short, QM Curse, Mythic, Female Protagonist, Sorcery2019-08-09 1 
3706668Warlord Quest 15.5: The Gathering StormMagnus and Co. venture to the fortress of Grimspear to confront a growing threat. Magnus punks out a ancient god and becomes ThorArch Magnus, Warlord Quest, CursedQm, Fantasy, Collective game2019-08-11 1 
April 2020
4175370Scorched Earth: A Wasteland StoryA unnamed wasteland medic begins his journey, finding himself unconscious on the streets of a Dead City. Hobos get punched and bodies burnedPost Apocalyptic, Wasteland, Sci-fi, Low Tech, High Tech, Apocalypse, CursedQm, Scorched Earth, Mutant, Scrapping2020-04-18 0 
June 2020
4303639Blood and Coin: A Blade for hireExiled outlaw Bagal Rattan takes a job rooting out cultists with questionable methods. Op has to leave unexpectedly but returns in chapter 2Monster hunter, Bounty hunter, medieval, fantasy, collective game, horror, magic, mercenary, CursedQm, Slow paced2020-06-27 1 
January 2021
4571482Beings of Creation 4 - #5The curse returns. Can we manage to hold onto hope for the next thread ? Only time will tell.Civ, creation, gods, freeform, hexcrawl, multyplayer, boc, boc4, beings of creation, QM curse2021-01-20 7 
March 2022
5126523Kobolt Klan Adoption 2 Local knight adopts a kobolt klan and is cursed. Hijinks ensue. Today we deal with a town, the curse, the sewers, and E M O T I O N SKobolt klan, Reynauld, Darkest Dungeon, Dragon, curse, Kobolt, Buff autistic plague doctor waifu2022-03-03 13 
October 2022
5377769Kobolt Klan Adoption 7The gang reaches a wizard, and some sad things happen. Also features a lewd story. And deep lorekobolts, Reynauld, dragon, curse, plague doctor, lewd omake, sad things, wizard ogg, pink, snikt, Chad, William, Knight, fantasy, post post 2022-10-02 7 
December 2023
5813709Meguca Royale: Buenos Aires #5The Royale is extended. A witch is slain at no small cost, a lich is saved, and a way out is offered. The final stage is set.Puella Magi Madoka Magica, pmmm, obcm, Meguca Royale: Buenos Aires, Lumina Canima, Emma boat arc, Tower cursed dice2023-12-16 6 
February 2024
5892191Curse Carrier 1First episode of that quest where you have to bang a girl or die. Has some drawings, but not for every update.Curse Carrier, Magic, Drawing, Quest2024-02-01 13 
5911465Curse Carrier 2After barely surviving an encounter with the agency, Weaver decides to focus on increasing his magic and possibly leave this fucked up town.Curse Carrier, Magic, Drawing, Quest, Urban Fantasy2024-02-29 10 
April 2024
5942189Curse Carrier 3God game turned family raising simulator. Still has to take care of a few loose ends though.Curse Carrier, Draw Quest, Magic, Urban Fantasy2024-04-06 7 
May 2024
5980900Curse Carrier 4Okay so I lied this isn't the final thread. Mostly taking care of the kids as they grow up.Curse Carrier, Draw Quest, Magic, Urban Fantasy2024-05-26 6 
June 2024
6023981Curse Carrier 5The ending and epilogue of Weaver and his family.Curse Carrier, Draw Quest, Magic, Urban Fantasy2024-06-11 5 
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