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January 2013
22788717The Legions of Earth/tg/ helps allay the fears of a concerned brother. Then it proceeds to prove just how ridiculously far they can derail a threadPolandball, Abbadon, failure, derail, daemonette, discussion, First Founding, 40k, wut2013-01-26 10 
February 2014
30092546Poland Ball QuestAll the country balls meet to prevent the world from being drowned in nuclear fire.Collective Game, Poland Ball Quest, POLANDBALLQUEST2014-02-08 13 
30106195Poland Ball Quest 2Poland steals Japan's katana. France tries to surrender. Collective Game, Poland Ball Quest, POLANDBALLQUEST, draw quest2014-02-09 7 
30420596Poland Ball Quest 3Americaball kicks ass and takes names. Collective game, Poland Ball Quest, POLANDBALLQUEST, draw quest2014-02-23 5 
October 2017
1936103ShellStorm mecg quest RebootCursedQm returns with more Mechs and a heavy weapons loving protag named Piotr. CursedQm, Mechs, ww2, Poland, Germany, Collective game2017-10-09 4 
1948265Shellstorm mech Quest #2. Demo SquadPiotr and the resistance fighters under his command execute some daring explosive work and begin a risky distraction to gain some SalvageCursedQm, Mechs, ww2, Poland, Germany, Collective game2017-10-15 3 
1966763Shellstorm Quest Pt3: Night on the TownPiotr and his allies continue their assault to keep the Germans distracted while salvage crews work desperately. Things get very.... Savage.CursedQm, Mechs, ww2, Poland, Germany, Collective game2017-10-21 2 
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