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August 2017
1755372Shellstorm mech Quest #1: The Iron EaglePrivate Brandon Crowley returns from the front and his first real engagement victorious along with the surviving Bravo Company.Mech, WW1, Alt-History, Endless war, Collective game, CursedQm2017-08-19 3 
November 2017
2078151The Gnome's Olive Branch BuilderA convoluted alt-history nation builder hosted by an 8chan member for qstNation Builder, Builder, 8chan, Alt-history2017-11-18 3 
May 2023
5623520In the Land of Cotton: A Confederate Magical Girl Quest A flying magical girl and her squad start their fight in the American Civil War before the QM calls for a pause.Collective Game, Magical Girl, Alt-History, Wide Pride2023-05-11 -2 
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