[#] Afraid of Monsters Livestream
11:36am UTC - 9/27/2009

There seems to be a problem with the VPS instance at the moment. It went away! HOT POCKEEEETS Emergency server is directly if shit really hits the fan, but it's 5am so I'm going to bed.

In non-outage-related news, I did a Livestream of Afraid of Monsters last night. It was a lot of fun. I might clip it down and make a Let's Play out of it on YouTube or something, or string together the entire play into a single two-minute clip accompanied by Yakkety Sax. WHO KNOWS WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS? You can view it below or go to the stream at

Edity: I made a new streaming page, which includes everything from my Livestream to instructions on connecting to the SHOUTcast.

~Lord Licorice


[#] New IRC!
06:59am UTC - 6/26/2009

I've had a copy of UnrealIRCD and Anope running on the Xen server for a long while, but I just haven't gotten off my fucking ass to move people over to it. I've finally rectified that; if you're connecting as new, you shouldn't see any difference, since has been updated to the new location. The Java applet should work as well (in a minute, still poking at it). All registered channels and nicks were moved without a problem since it's the same everything.

This move is partly for stability (prompted by yet another fucking thunderstorm) as well as being easier to administer remotely. That's about it; there shouldn't be any real performance changes, though with luck people will find themselves getting peered less often.

That's all. If you can't get to the "right" server the first time, connect via directly (DO NOT USE THIS IN THE LONG-TERM IN CASE I HAVE TO CHANGE IT BACK).

Edity: Oh yeah, and:

(Cut for length)

Goodnight, sweet King of Pop~

~Lord Licorice


[#] hurf
04:35am UTC - 5/08/2009
My predictions about the storm knocking out the server were off by a couple hours, and instead of knocking out the power, it knocked out my cable TV, internet and phone line (including emergency services! wheeee). Glad that my provider could save themselves money by going with VoIP instead of good ol' landlines, reducing their costs in exchange for a few lives that can't get through to 911. ("But everyone has a cellphone!" assholes always answer, to which I reply "Then why have a house phone at all you insufferable shitstains?")

Anyway, you'll see this post after it's already back.

Edity: Christ it's 1:00am and the shit still isn't back, I'm glad nobody had a fucking heart attack or anything in the past two and a half fucking hours.

~Lord Licorice


[#] April Fool's!
10:39am UTC - 4/01/2009

Happy April 1, guys! I hope you enjoy the, ahem, alternate frontpage indexes. (Frontpage stuff will probably be a little wonky, like comment posting bringing you to the right page, but you're big boys and girls and can deal with it for a day or two.)

Yes, that's indices plural. Hit Refresh on the index to cycle through them at random. Enjoy! You can check out the 2008 pages here.

Edity: April '09 can still be seen here.

Edity II: By popular request (one), here are the individual links:

April 2008:

April 2009:

~Lord Licorice


[#] New Thread Feature: Collections
01:21am UTC - 3/31/2009



Someone pointed out that the highest ranks of the archive are flooded with Ruby Quest threads, and how this made it difficult to view things if you were interested in, oh, I don't know, anything else. After making fun of him for a while, I decided he was right and added a new feature: Thread Collections.

Thread Collections are special, manually-created compilations of famous threads that are separate from the normal archive. These threads still appear to a 'show all' or tag search, but standard view and score sorting will hide them. A single entry will appear at the top of the 'highest votes' page (ala Editor's Choice) to give them the spot they deserve without taking up more space than necessary. There's also a sidebar link to view all Thread Collections (when and if I make more, such as Dorf Quest and Joan Quest).

So, if you jump into the archive looking for Ruby Quest and don't see it immediately, click the link on the sidebar or sort threads by score to get to the page. For a direct link, the Ruby Quest thread collection is here..

~Lord Licorice


[#] PaintChat Sucks
07:44am UTC - 3/24/2009

The title says it all: PaintChat sucks and I'm fucking tired of dealing with the broken, outdated, outmoded pile of fail. For some fucked up reason there doesn't seem to be a good replacement that anyone knows of that isn't either some paid piece of shit corporate collaboration tool (that still doesn't do what we want) or is a fucking hypothetical ("We've got a Java-based PChat-esque application but we haven't got a public release yet and our last update was 2006!").

So, post your suggestions here. If someone just knows of a modified PChat 3.66 that has working admin functionality and doesn't, you know, shit the bed for no reason at random intervals, please post that as well.

~Lord Licorice

[#] New Rules, and sup/v/ moarliek amirite
09:17pm UTC - 3/17/2009

First the light stuff: We've been playing a lot of games recently, and the topic is getting ridiculously long, so here's the breakdown:

I think that covers the gaming. Now on to more serious stuff: /tg/ is not /b/-lite or /d/ — Monster Girls, and neither is #suptg. We've all been pretty laid back about topics and discussions, but Jesus Christ, conversations about the perfect position in which to fuck a futa is the breaking point.

It should have gone without saying, but I guess we need a rule now just to make it clear for everyone: No more porn discussions, /d/ shit or talking about your goddamned fetishes or announcing your intent to or current activity of masturbation. Are we trying to make the IRC worksafe? No, that's stupid. It's just making clear what should have been unwritten social rules, which in hindsight is probably too much to expect given this is a companion site to a board on 4chan.

Again, this doesn't mean we're completely outlawing all discussion relating to certain topics. It just means we don't want to fucking hear about your sex life and sexual proclivities. Are you a furry? Foot fetishist? Dogfucker? Necrophiliac? That's nice. Just don't tell the rest of us when you're sneaking off to the morgue to rub yourself on your lucky dog's paw.

We may have a few other rules coming up but that's the major one. It's not that much to ask, it's just sad it has to be asked out loud at all.

~Lord Licorice


[#] Arkham Horror Investigator Generator
07:21am UTC - 2/27/2009

I've made yet another generator thing. This one's for Arkham Horror Investigators, and lets you quickly create Investigator sheets. It's a bit more niche on /tg/ than the other generators, but it was also a lot easier and faster for me to code.

For those of you wondering why my generator is superior to Strange Eons, it's not "superior" as much as:

If you're looking to create a full, professional expansion for Arkham Horror, use Strange Eons, but otherwise my online generator's probably more useful to most people. I'll be expanding it with Ancient Ones, Heralds and Guardians next.

Next up after that, WotC has personally offended me by forcing me to download and install a 44MB "demo" of their D&D Insider online character thing, which includes the fucking .NET framework. This is un-fucking-acceptable. It actually asked me to restart after hanging for a good four minutes at the end of the installation. The fucking nerve! I'm going to check it out and see if I can't do better than these hacks.

~Lord Licorice


[#] Archive Errors Fixed
04:40am UTC - 2/19/2009

Once again something minute changed on 4chan, and the threads have been kinda fucked up a bit for the past few days. I've fixed the issue and made sure it won't happen again, since now it'll just append a predefined header on the top of the page above the posts. It'll also remove the the adbars from the pages, not because I want to deprive 4chan of revenue, but because they just 404 and it's a worthless waste of time to keep trying and failing on them. Pages should load far faster now.

I've also modified the way the archive script works to ease the "load", more or less; it'll now update a thread every two hours until it finally 404s, after which it'll toggle off and not check that thread again. It will only disable on 404, so any other weirdnesses shouldn't hurt it... but, who knows. So, if you see anything weird at all, please let me know immediately at or on the IRC.

Edity: Happy Birthday Aun!

~Lord Licorice


[#] Hamachi Listings Added
12:30am UTC - 2/09/2009

oh hai, i upgraded ur suptg

That is, I finally got off my ass and took the twenty minutes necessary to create Hamachi network listings for /tg/. It's pretty straightforward, if anyone has ideas for things to add to it, let me know and I'd be happy to improve it. It was so quick I feel like I missed something, so please feel free to point out what I'm obviously missing.

Now that I've added this, maybe I'll get to work on some of the other shit that's been piling up on my to-do list (I'm looking at you, Dark Heresy chargen). ... or maybe I'll play moar City of Heroes. Decisions, decisions...

Edity: Tags are now required on thread archival, since tags actually do shit now and people use them to find like threads.

~Lord Licorice


[#] Ruby Threads
06:05am UTC - 12/24/2008

Just a real quick note, I added the Ruby threads 1-4 to the archive in case you wanted to go upvote those all purple so they'll fit in with the others. There's another thread or two I'm going to add as well, if they seem also awesome. Also someone kindly pointed out a problem in the DH chargen which I will rectify tonight or tomorrow or something (Nobles can't be Psykers).

~Lord Licorice


[#] Ice Storm, Part 7
11:25pm UTC - 12/20/2008

oh god I'm finally home

The power came back on at some point today (Saturday), and my house is ice cold, but it's got power. No phone, but it still has internet, a phenomenon I still don't really understand. I'm going to have to call Comcast shortly and yell at them to fix my shit. But we've got cable TV and internet, so the site's back up (as you are currently reading it).

At this time (5:23pm EST) I haven't set the IRC back over to sup/tg/. Hugbox and Dicemaid are currently sitting all alone. SO RONERY. I'll switch the IRC back over after I talk to Syn about server linking and shit. THANK YOU AGAIN SYN FOR PROVIDING IRC WHILE THE SITE WAS DOWN.

I'll get that Flickr photo stream up fairly soonish, after everything else around here has settled down. We had to move out all of the canned goods and compressed canisters of various types (e.g. hairspray) to ensure they didn't explode, and all food to make sure it didn't go bad; we're in the process of moving everything back in. Fortunately, the driveway is plowed so I don't have to go out and shovel yet, though a storm's coming on Sunday...

So it appears sup/tg/ is more or less back, hooray!

~Lord Licorice


[#] Ice Storm, Part 6
11:11pm UTC - 12/20/2008

god its snowing on topo f everything eles in my life sucking

still no power, thye rewired the outside of my house and the utility poles all up and down ando ther houses have power and I still don't and now there's a half-foot of snow down with more coming Sunday

everything sucks

also some asshole says "Merry Christmas to you, too, Cultist-Chan, hope the season treats you well. :3 PS: Kinda missing you." he made me wait before going to bed to put this here oh god why does everyone hate me

so tired so cold

whats so merry about christmas i wont even have a home

~Lord Licorice

[#] Ice Storm, Part 5
11:11pm UTC - 12/20/2008

Tonight marks the one-week anniversary of a sup/tg/ without power, and there's no real ETR in sight. The power company said 95% of my town would be fully restored by Wednesday, and it's now Friday, and I have no idea when my home's electricity is going to be restored. To make things just super special peachy keen I've been super fucking sick the past few days; I've taken Wednesday and Thursday off from work, and will likely take Friday and Saturday off as well if things continue to deteriorate. I'm on Round 2 of antibiotics for this motherfucker and I'm not getting better.

I'd say something about hoping when the power comes back but at this point I have no goddamn answers at all. My grandmother's house is one of the only two on this side of the street that has power; the rest of this very long road is dark, and one road over is main street. If houses this close to the hub of town still don't have power, what fucking luck do I have? If this is "95% restored" how many fucking people live here? Did they misplace a decimal? Maybe 9.5% is restored. For fuck's sake. I'd ask if it could get any worse but it always can. At least I'm not hospitalized yet.

~Lord Licorice

[#] Ice Storm, Part 4
11:11pm UTC - 12/20/2008

Just a general update. Power's still out, and with 153k homes without electricity in NH (state of emergency declared, schools closed, etc. etc.) it's not likely to return anytime particularly soon. Best estimates are sometime later this week, hopefully by the weekend. I need to make a point of moving certain pages off of sup/tg/ and onto the Xen machine here, like perhaps the DH chargen, and try getting a three-way (lol he said threeway) IRC network going between sup/tg/, Xen and Syn's network.

Nothing else of note, things are as they have been. Still sick, going Round 2 on the antibiotics. I'll try not to die or anything.

So apparently 1) mIRC is a pile of fucking AIDS-riddled rotting cowshit and caches IP addresses needlessly, and 2) nobody fucking tells me anything because they all expect me to be goddamned psychic. I changed the IP for (technically I replaced the CNAME with an A record set to the correct address, but I just lost 99.999% of you with that so Ill continue). Apparently people aren't able to connect for some dumb shit reason. If doesn't work for you try using the direct IP instead.

And if shit doesn't work, for fuck's fucking sake email me or something, goddamnit I'm not fucking psychic



~Lord Licorice

[#] Ice Storm, Part 3
11:11pm UTC - 12/20/2008

Just a general update. Power's still out, and with 153k homes without electricity in NH (state of emergency declared, schools closed, etc. etc.) it's not likely to return anytime particularly soon. Best estimates are sometime later this week, hopefully by the weekend. I need to make a point of moving certain pages off of sup/tg/ and onto the Xen machine here, like perhaps the DH chargen, and try getting a three-way (lol he said threeway) IRC network going between sup/tg/, Xen and Syn's network.

Nothing else of note, things are as they have been. Still sick, going Round 2 on the antibiotics. I'll try not to die or anything.

~Lord Licorice

[#] Ice Storm, Part 2
11:11pm UTC - 12/20/2008

So it turns out that the electrical cables were ripped straight out of the side of my house by a falling branch, so it may very well be quite a while before I get power back. In addition to the fact the rest of southern NH is in something of a crisis right now, my landlord is the type of guy that will get in a pissing contest with the power company over whose responsibility it is to reattach the duplex to the grid, with myself and my family in the middle. It would be a miracle to get power back by Tuesday; factor in the feet-dragging of my landlord, we're looking at maybe Thursday or Friday as a worst-case scenario.

On the bright side, I have a new desktop wallpaper. ORIGINAL CONTENT. I'll have a Flickr stream up of some of the cooler photos I took of the ice storm in a little while, but at the moment I'm a bit busy doing some work-related activities and continuing to try and ensure shit works right. Syn's server seems to be handling the IRC very well - thank you again Syn <3 - so we should be all set on that front for a while. Again, can't really do much about the archive or any of the other services.

That's about it, just wanted to give a basic status update. Enjoy your electricity. Jerks.

~Lord Licorice

[#] Ice Storm, Part 1
11:10pm UTC - 12/20/2008

Hey guise, LL here. Pool's closed due to massive ice storm; most of Southern NH (anywhere near trees really) is without power right now. We happened to be in the perfect band of weather where it wasn't cold enough to snow but just cold enough for the rain to turn to ice as it touched everything, so just about every individual blade of grass is coated in an eighth of an inch of ice. It's beautiful chaos here.

Note! sup/tg/ is fine; it's just without power. No data was lost. I have the site backed up twice and an older archived copy on a thumbdrive. Shit's fine, no worries. We just lack electricity to physically operate the server.

Of course, sup/tg/ is hosted on a network where the power gets knocked out if it so much as rains too hard so of course I had no hope in hell when this shit came through. Within two minutes' drive of my house this afternoon I found three downed powerlines (two of which still had the branches on them) and a huge fucking tree snapped in half blocking the road. It's fucking madness out there.

Given the state of disarray, and the simple volume of downed trees, it looks like the pessimistic estimates of "power by Sunday" are looking like a reality. I'm on dialup AOL at my grandmother's house right now, so I'm not really going to be able to do much more than put up this temp. page on the safe, warm, snuggly Xen server in Boston and wait for my house to come back up. The Meebo chat above is about the most I can do right now; installing IRCD onto the Xen machine is probably not going to happen unless I really, really, really get bored here. And trust me, I'm going to be having to decide between installing IRCD or killing myself with power tools to alleviate the boredom before I go through that particular nightmare on dialup.

I'll see you guise in a while, I'll check in every so often. Enjoy your traditional gaeman in the meantime. If there are awesome threads - and I mean, mind-blowingly fantastic threads - if you save them and forward them to I'll manually add them to the archive. (Remember, use IE or the like to save full HTML plus images, then use DownloadThemAll to get the full-sized pictures.) For those of you looking for your gaming fix, the traditional backup room has been #suptg on Rizon, I believe. If you're looking for an IRC game or the DM or whatever, check there.

Update 3:27: MisterSyn has graciously provided his IRC for the interium. I've updated the to the new IP, Thanks again Syn!

Enjoy yourselves, sup/tg/ will return in a while.

~Lord Licorice

[#] New News, RSS Added
10:22am UTC - 9/27/2008

So, I finally got off my ass and automated the frontpage news. Instead of just using Notepad and copypasta for new items, it's actually automated. Hooray for automation! I've also added an RSS feed, not that anyone will ever use it, but I recently developed one for another website for work and decided I might as well implement it while the memory is fresh.

In other other news, I'm going to be letting a couple other people update the frontpage with random shit, just to keep things lively. I'm still intending to do the rants/articles/fiction/whatever section, but for now letting a trusted few make general updates seems like a good start.

I'm going to have one of said trusted individuals make an update right now to test it, in fact...

~Lord Licorice


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