[#] Ice Storm, Part 5
11:11pm UTC - 12/20/2008

Tonight marks the one-week anniversary of a sup/tg/ without power, and there's no real ETR in sight. The power company said 95% of my town would be fully restored by Wednesday, and it's now Friday, and I have no idea when my home's electricity is going to be restored. To make things just super special peachy keen I've been super fucking sick the past few days; I've taken Wednesday and Thursday off from work, and will likely take Friday and Saturday off as well if things continue to deteriorate. I'm on Round 2 of antibiotics for this motherfucker and I'm not getting better.

I'd say something about hoping when the power comes back but at this point I have no goddamn answers at all. My grandmother's house is one of the only two on this side of the street that has power; the rest of this very long road is dark, and one road over is main street. If houses this close to the hub of town still don't have power, what fucking luck do I have? If this is "95% restored" how many fucking people live here? Did they misplace a decimal? Maybe 9.5% is restored. For fuck's sake. I'd ask if it could get any worse but it always can. At least I'm not hospitalized yet.

~Lord Licorice



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