Dark Heresy Character Generator

Character Generator 2.0 - Character Builder

The Dark Heresy Character Generator guides you through the steps outlined in core DH character creation, allowing you to choose or randomly select nearly all aspects of your character. This allows for a finely-tuned character that still allows for a great deal of chance. It also takes into account mechanical effects of each selection, including divinations and unique class effects. The additional homeworlds and classes from the Inquisitor's Handbook are also included in this generator.

When you are finished, you can save your character to the online database for later viewing and sharing with others, in a variety of formats - standard sheet, story view, printer-friendly plaintext and PDF.

Remember! The DH chargen is intended to provide a base for your character. The generator takes a great deal into account, but not everything (exceptions are clearly noted). You will still need to pick your first advance and perform additional rolls for certain special cases (e.g. mutations) that may be required. Please review your sheet in detail and double-check for errors, inconsistencies or additional rolls. If the results from the chargen conflict with the rulebooks in any way, the rulebooks are, obviously, overriding.

New note 6/10/09: I have just been informed there is new Inquisitor's Handbook errata that I will check through and make adjustments accordingly. All past edits are noted on the DH chargen errata page here. Please also review the older Dark Heresy official errata.

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