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YouTube Let's Playlist

I've been practicing the whole 'editing' thing and have been making shortened highlight videos of the Livestreams below into YouTube vidyas.

LordLicoriceDerp at


Lord Licorice's Livestream — Mostly vidya games and other chicanery of the horror and horrible genres. These are "Let's Plays" in only the loosest sense; some games I play through to completion, others I only demonstrate partially, and I don't (usually) perform any post-processing work. (Turn your volume low for anything marked "sound warning"; I was still learning how to properly configure my sound settings and a handful of games came out ridiculously loud, with no easy way of fixing and reuploading the content.)

Stream Description
Afraid of Monsters My first (and still favorite) stream of Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut, a simply stellar HL1 mod released on October 2007. Taking place in a junkie's skewed, monster-filled delusions, AoM:DC pushes the decade-old engine to its graphical limits and still manages to provide memorable creatures and terrifying effects.
Korsakovia A very promising HL2 mod by the creators of Dear Esther, Korsakovia starts off extremely strong but ends up marred by heavy overuse of HL2 stock art resources, boring-to-frustrating level design and a truly awful finale consisting of one long jumping puzzle. I swear a lot here. Nevertheless, the writing and voice-acting and creepy story are absolutely top-notch, and it's a shame the design didn't hold up to the story.
AVP2: Alien Campaign (Sound warning) Does this really need an introduction? Aliens versus Predator 2 was and still is a blast, even if the graphics are dated. My favorite of the three campaigns. SKREEEEEEEE
AVP2: Human Campaign (Sound warning)My second-favorite Aliens versus Predator 2 campaign. I'm told my maniacal cackling as I set people on fire with the flamethrower is highly entertaining.
AVP2: Predator Campaign (Sound warning)I really don't like the Predator campaign, but I played through it for completion's sake; still, it's decent. Audio's a bit screwed up on this one.
Left4Dead: Crash Course The new Left4Dead campaign, Crash Course. Featuring three other guys whose names I'll put here eventually!
LOVE MMO A shortish playthrough of the alpha for a strange new MMO, LOVE.
Torchlight A brief demonstration of Torchlight, a wonderful Diablo clone that everyone should buy right now
You Testament By a wide margin, the worst religious video game ever crafted by mortal hands. OR WAS IT?? MDicke is proof that there is no God.
Hard Time Another horrible game by MDickie. Less heretical than You Testament, but with 100% more broom-related amputations!
L4D2: Hard Rain DocProp, Maxell, GM and myself flail around during a zombie-infested hurricane. My favorite L4D2 campaign.
Mount & Blade Due to this weekend's Steam deal, I demonstrate Mount & Blade: Sword of Damocles for interested parties. Horses and spears for everyone!
Conderped Also known as Hobos: The Apocalypse, I take you on a happy-go-lucky jaunt through the decaying world of Condemned: Criminal Origins.
Making of a Prophet Another lovely MDickie game, the sequel to You Testament! Instead of becoming a disciple of Jesus, it's Mohammed this time! And he can see the Matrix! And I cheat my way to glorious Satan-filled powers, raining fire upon my enemies! AND I START A FAMILY!
Aquaria The best indie underwater Metroidvania bullet hell you'll see this week.
The Suffering (In Progress) One of my favorite action-horror games (not survival-horror!), The Suffering is an oft-overlooked gem full of hilarious, well-written dialogue, sympathetic and entertaining antagonists, and creative, creepy monsters - including the protagonist.
Killing Floor A few rousing rounds of the squad-based zombie shooter, Killing Floor. Starring Ralederp as the slow but loveable Brit who just wanted to be a fireman/lumberjack.
Amnesia: Dark Descent A creepy horror/puzzle game from the makers of Penumbra. FREEDOOOOOOM
Prototype The best Murderous Asshole Simulator to date. They're gonna use this video against me at my inevitable trial, I just know it...
Railworks 2 The world's most boring clone-driven train simulator ever.
Ship Simulator Extremes (Let's Capsize) There's more genuine fun to be had on a boat than on a train, but it's still pretty fuckin' boring!
Half-Life 2: SMOD (Let's Go Bananas) On the opposite end of the spectrum: Gordon kicking, bullet timing, Combine gibbing, banana bombing, kickboat failing clusterfuck extravaganza! Get it here!
Terraria (Let's All Get Murdered) (Pre-stream fuckin' around video) Calling it Minecraftvania is just scratching surface of this new indie tiOH GOD THE EATER OF WORLDS IS BACK, DAEREN WHAT DID YOU DO actually just zombies in this episode, zombies everywhere
Saints Row 2 (Let's Create Mayhem) Daeren and I create horrible sociopathic mass murderers and go on a rampage of escort services and drug deals.
Trains vs. Zombies (Let's DLC) Do jack-o-lantern models, a green-skinned palette swap and some dialogue bubbles warrant spending another $5 on Railworks? Purple seems to think so! (ps. I hate you Purple)
Dinner Date (Let's Id) This stupid indie game puts you in the role of a fidgety, whining asshole's subconscious as he gets stood up for the titular dinner date. This means I basically swear for twenty minutes straight as I try to convince him to kill himself.
Secret of the Magic Crystal (Let's Pony) Despite all odds, this is somehow less of a game than either Railworks or Dinner Date. Miraculously MLP-free!
Skyrim (Let's Spiderhorse) To make up for the misery of the three previous titles, I indulge with some spider-horsin', flamethrower-handsin' shenanigNever thought I'd see you again.
Saints Row 3 (Let's Wreak Havoc) Daeren and I jump out of helicopters and terrify the city of Steelport with our duo of En Sabah Nur and Jambi the Meth Genie.
Cry of Fear (Let's Laugh Hysterically) The much-anticipated sequel to the rather amazing Afraid of Monsters turns out to be... less scary than I'd hoped. fucking garbage
Slender (Let's Get Spooky) jumpscares.exe works pretty well in its minimalism and atmosphere.
SCP Containment Breach 2.1 (Let's Alpha) For a very rough alpha, SCPCB is shaping up to be a pretty fun game. Watch out for Larry and don't put anything organic in the refinement machine!
Facade (Let's White People) White People Problems: The Game!
Tiny and Big (Let's Shoot Lasers) Wait a minute, this game is actually fun, what is this doing here
Farm Simulator 2011 (Let's Be Bored) How do you manage to be even less entertaining than a goddamned train simulator?
Mission: Runway (Let's Go Blind) jesus christ how did I manage to play this for a full half hour
Agricultural Simulator 2011 (Let's Hulk Out) This was immensely entertaining, and absolutely not for the reasons the creators intended.
Dive to the Titanic (Let's Drown) This game is so bad, even the default control mappings are inaccurate in the tutorial. Holy shit.
ib (Let's Not Yume Nikki) This was pretty entertaining to play.
Home (Let's Lack Narrative Cohesion) Holy shit this game completely falls apart at the seams no matter what you do.
Cry of Fear Multiplayer (Let's All Suffer) It's much more enjoyable when you can share the misery!
imscared (Let's Indie Garbage) Ugh. Just... ugh.

Minecraft streams

Stream Description
Minecraft Indev Imagine a Dwarf Fortress/UnRealWorld hybrid FPS set in a retro sprite world made of blocks, and you've got Minecraft Survival Mode. This game is lifted pretty much directly out of my list of Games That The World Will Never Make Because The Concept is Too Awesome. I build a treehouse to keep the skeleton archers at bay, set shit on fire and DIG TOO DEEP.
Minecraft Indev 2 I play another rousing game of Infiniminer Minecraft. This episode's highlights include striking the earth anew in a massive floating hellscape; showing off PurpleXVI's spiffy abode; and dicking around a little on the Caverns server.
Minecraft Succession Game Turn 2 Yes, I'm a bit Minecraft obsessed. This is the second turn in our Minecraft succession game. Check out MisterSyn and Conscript_Gary's streams for the other two pieces, or download the map files here! (Note: Livestream is a pile of shit and thus I had to put this under the LordLicorice2 channel.)
Minecraft Infdev I run around Infdev (Infinite Map test) and explore the wholly awesome terrain generator.
Minecraft Infdev 2 I show off the new ladder and door entities and build myself a dirt tower to the skies.
Minecraft: Tower of Derp I've finally decided to settle down in one particualr world, generating new chunks as the terrain generator changes. I show the Tower of Derp and the mostly-constructed bridge.
Minecraft: Tower of Derp 2 Labyrinthia Keep is complete, and I show off the minecart rollercoaster I've constructed on the Tower of Derp. I then explore quite a bit in the Labyrinthia Mines.
Minecraft: Tower of Derp 3 FUCKING SLIMES
Burning of Voile We burn down the second iteration of the Minecraft sup/tg/ server, starting with Voile, a massive monument to autism.

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