sup/tg/ offers a variety of ways to connect to other fa/tg/uys for online tabletops:


The sup/tg/ IRC can be found at on ports 6667 or 9999.


You can join the sup/tg/ Discord via this invite. We currently use a Discord-IRC bridge on the channel #suptg so users on either platform can interact, but the IRC is the primary chat service.


In addition to Discord, we have a Teamspeak 3 server for voice chat, which can be found at (password lolts, login type anonymous).

Steam Group

We have a Steam Group if you're interested in group events, such as SCP: Secret Lab or Trouble in Terrorist Town. If you send a request, please notify us in the IRC or Discord to accept it.


If you need an archive correction, you can reach me through IRC fairly easily. Otherwise, please contact admin AT


I'll probably regret this, but you can also contact me on Twitter (backup).


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