[#] Ruby Threads
06:05am UTC - 12/24/2008

Just a real quick note, I added the Ruby threads 1-4 to the archive in case you wanted to go upvote those all purple so they'll fit in with the others. There's another thread or two I'm going to add as well, if they seem also awesome. Also someone kindly pointed out a problem in the DH chargen which I will rectify tonight or tomorrow or something (Nobles can't be Psykers).

~Lord Licorice



1 Emo_Duck
07:49pm UTC - 12/29/2008 [X]
There are some other typos here and there in the generator, where single apostrophes are replaced by "'" - such as in the Adept's Void Commercia package: "[...] Secret Tongue (former master's organization) as starting skills."

There's also one in the Noble Born's 'Lineage of Renown' drop-drown list: Rogue's Fortune.

2 Emo_Duck
07:55pm UTC - 12/29/2008 [X]
Also, it says "HAvelock" on the name list. :V


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