[#] PaintChat Sucks
07:44am UTC - 3/24/2009

The title says it all: PaintChat sucks and I'm fucking tired of dealing with the broken, outdated, outmoded pile of fail. For some fucked up reason there doesn't seem to be a good replacement that anyone knows of that isn't either some paid piece of shit corporate collaboration tool (that still doesn't do what we want) or is a fucking hypothetical ("We've got a Java-based PChat-esque application but we haven't got a public release yet and our last update was 2006!").

So, post your suggestions here. If someone just knows of a modified PChat 3.66 that has working admin functionality and doesn't, you know, shit the bed for no reason at random intervals, please post that as well.

~Lord Licorice

[#] SilverMyr is awesome.
09:57pm UTC - 10/26/2008

 I don't really have anything important to say, I just wanted to post this.

Hokunto No Bob Ross!

Also I added the ability to view all by a particular author on the articles but most of you probably don't care yet. I've also added a "captcha" after some spammers posted a couple completely gibberish things and fully disabled all HTML on comments. (Spoilers, leave the CAPTCHA blank or it will fail.)

I'll clean out moar threads soonish. I've been playing too much Dead Space. Hopefully my free time will return when I'm not up until 5am playing that every day.

~Lord Licorice

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