[#] SilverMyr is awesome.
09:57pm UTC - 10/26/2008

 I don't really have anything important to say, I just wanted to post this.

Hokunto No Bob Ross!

Also I added the ability to view all by a particular author on the articles but most of you probably don't care yet. I've also added a "captcha" after some spammers posted a couple completely gibberish things and fully disabled all HTML on comments. (Spoilers, leave the CAPTCHA blank or it will fail.)

I'll clean out moar threads soonish. I've been playing too much Dead Space. Hopefully my free time will return when I'm not up until 5am playing that every day.

~Lord Licorice

Where we're going, we won't need eyes to see.


1 PurpleXVI
12:16am UTC - 10/27/2008 [X]
I was there when it was made. It was like watching the universe take shape under the hand of a caring and loving God.

2 Conscripts Gary
05:09am UTC - 10/29/2008 [X]
Much more impressive than the rule 34 of him we've seen.


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