[#] PaintChat Sucks
07:44am UTC - 3/24/2009

The title says it all: PaintChat sucks and I'm fucking tired of dealing with the broken, outdated, outmoded pile of fail. For some fucked up reason there doesn't seem to be a good replacement that anyone knows of that isn't either some paid piece of shit corporate collaboration tool (that still doesn't do what we want) or is a fucking hypothetical ("We've got a Java-based PChat-esque application but we haven't got a public release yet and our last update was 2006!").

So, post your suggestions here. If someone just knows of a modified PChat 3.66 that has working admin functionality and doesn't, you know, shit the bed for no reason at random intervals, please post that as well.

~Lord Licorice


1 Fatum
07:39pm UTC - 3/24/2009 [X]
Write the paintchat
Live forever

2 Tony
09:23pm UTC - 3/24/2009 [X]
What about this?

3 Tony
09:25pm UTC - 3/24/2009 [X]
Nevermind, it's outdated furfag shit

4 Tony
11:20pm UTC - 3/24/2009 [X]
I'll just post other stuff here until you tell me to stop...

5 Cainen
04:36am UTC - 3/25/2009 [X]
Gametable is not a whiteboard in a drawing sense. It is a whiteboard for -games-.

openCanvas is the closest thing I can think of to a solution, but it's personal over accessible. TCP/IP joining, etcetera.

6 Issyl
01:48pm UTC - 3/26/2009 [X]
What's wrong with paintchat?

It just sucks at drawing, or what?

Too hard to deal with?

7 Conscript Gary
08:04pm UTC - 3/26/2009 [X]
From what I gather, it crashes frequently and there's no way to administrate it. Hence, dongs.


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