[#] Ice Storm, Part 1
11:10pm UTC - 12/20/2008

Hey guise, LL here. Pool's closed due to massive ice storm; most of Southern NH (anywhere near trees really) is without power right now. We happened to be in the perfect band of weather where it wasn't cold enough to snow but just cold enough for the rain to turn to ice as it touched everything, so just about every individual blade of grass is coated in an eighth of an inch of ice. It's beautiful chaos here.

Note! sup/tg/ is fine; it's just without power. No data was lost. I have the site backed up twice and an older archived copy on a thumbdrive. Shit's fine, no worries. We just lack electricity to physically operate the server.

Of course, sup/tg/ is hosted on a network where the power gets knocked out if it so much as rains too hard so of course I had no hope in hell when this shit came through. Within two minutes' drive of my house this afternoon I found three downed powerlines (two of which still had the branches on them) and a huge fucking tree snapped in half blocking the road. It's fucking madness out there.

Given the state of disarray, and the simple volume of downed trees, it looks like the pessimistic estimates of "power by Sunday" are looking like a reality. I'm on dialup AOL at my grandmother's house right now, so I'm not really going to be able to do much more than put up this temp. page on the safe, warm, snuggly Xen server in Boston and wait for my house to come back up. The Meebo chat above is about the most I can do right now; installing IRCD onto the Xen machine is probably not going to happen unless I really, really, really get bored here. And trust me, I'm going to be having to decide between installing IRCD or killing myself with power tools to alleviate the boredom before I go through that particular nightmare on dialup.

I'll see you guise in a while, I'll check in every so often. Enjoy your traditional gaeman in the meantime. If there are awesome threads - and I mean, mind-blowingly fantastic threads - if you save them and forward them to I'll manually add them to the archive. (Remember, use IE or the like to save full HTML plus images, then use DownloadThemAll to get the full-sized pictures.) For those of you looking for your gaming fix, the traditional backup room has been #suptg on Rizon, I believe. If you're looking for an IRC game or the DM or whatever, check there.

Update 3:27: MisterSyn has graciously provided his IRC for the interium. I've updated the to the new IP, Thanks again Syn!

Enjoy yourselves, sup/tg/ will return in a while.

~Lord Licorice



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