[#] Ice Storm, Part 4
11:11pm UTC - 12/20/2008

Just a general update. Power's still out, and with 153k homes without electricity in NH (state of emergency declared, schools closed, etc. etc.) it's not likely to return anytime particularly soon. Best estimates are sometime later this week, hopefully by the weekend. I need to make a point of moving certain pages off of sup/tg/ and onto the Xen machine here, like perhaps the DH chargen, and try getting a three-way (lol he said threeway) IRC network going between sup/tg/, Xen and Syn's network.

Nothing else of note, things are as they have been. Still sick, going Round 2 on the antibiotics. I'll try not to die or anything.

So apparently 1) mIRC is a pile of fucking AIDS-riddled rotting cowshit and caches IP addresses needlessly, and 2) nobody fucking tells me anything because they all expect me to be goddamned psychic. I changed the IP for (technically I replaced the CNAME with an A record set to the correct address, but I just lost 99.999% of you with that so Ill continue). Apparently people aren't able to connect for some dumb shit reason. If doesn't work for you try using the direct IP instead.

And if shit doesn't work, for fuck's fucking sake email me or something, goddamnit I'm not fucking psychic



~Lord Licorice



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