[#] Ice Storm, Part 6
11:11pm UTC - 12/20/2008

god its snowing on topo f everything eles in my life sucking

still no power, thye rewired the outside of my house and the utility poles all up and down ando ther houses have power and I still don't and now there's a half-foot of snow down with more coming Sunday

everything sucks

also some asshole says "Merry Christmas to you, too, Cultist-Chan, hope the season treats you well. :3 PS: Kinda missing you." he made me wait before going to bed to put this here oh god why does everyone hate me

so tired so cold

whats so merry about christmas i wont even have a home

~Lord Licorice


1 SirPhobos
01:06am UTC - 12/21/2008 [X]
Everything is okay in limitations (power outages and snow included). Just glad to have you back... btw I always thought you were an atheist =p.


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