[#] hurf
04:35am UTC - 5/08/2009
My predictions about the storm knocking out the server were off by a couple hours, and instead of knocking out the power, it knocked out my cable TV, internet and phone line (including emergency services! wheeee). Glad that my provider could save themselves money by going with VoIP instead of good ol' landlines, reducing their costs in exchange for a few lives that can't get through to 911. ("But everyone has a cellphone!" assholes always answer, to which I reply "Then why have a house phone at all you insufferable shitstains?")

Anyway, you'll see this post after it's already back.

Edity: Christ it's 1:00am and the shit still isn't back, I'm glad nobody had a fucking heart attack or anything in the past two and a half fucking hours.

~Lord Licorice


[#] Thanks a lot, New England
10:40am UTC - 2/23/2009

I love this place but Jesus Christ can we stop with the power-outage-inducing storms already, goddamn

Oh yeah, the power went out for a few hours today. It wasn't even that bad out, but windy + heavy wet snow = suddenly dongs. Also I found out that attempting to load websites on my cell phone to see if I can temporarily migrate the domain elsewhere caused it to lock for a good thirty seconds and then fail. Damnit.

~Lord Licorice

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