[#] Thanks a lot, New England
10:40am UTC - 2/23/2009

I love this place but Jesus Christ can we stop with the power-outage-inducing storms already, goddamn

Oh yeah, the power went out for a few hours today. It wasn't even that bad out, but windy + heavy wet snow = suddenly dongs. Also I found out that attempting to load websites on my cell phone to see if I can temporarily migrate the domain elsewhere caused it to lock for a good thirty seconds and then fail. Damnit.

~Lord Licorice


1 sage
07:11pm UTC - 2/23/2009 [X]

2 Faiz
09:56pm UTC - 2/23/2009 [X]
You'd think all those HOT POCKETS would have kept things warmer...

3 The Colonel
09:58pm UTC - 2/23/2009 [X]

4 Conscripts Gary
03:45am UTC - 2/24/2009 [X]
California was here.
Snow is a loser.

5 Snow
03:10pm UTC - 2/24/2009 [X]
Oh go fuck yourself Cali, even if we are just frozen water molecules we are still having tough times in the current economic state without you lower state fags not accepting us.

6 PointMan
02:59am UTC - 2/25/2009 [X]
Again? LL's hotpocket addiction will be the doom of us all. ;-;

7 PointMan
03:05am UTC - 2/25/2009 [X]
I have a little something that is a fine example of how stupid the entertainment industry has become.
It's a videogame based on Dante's inferno, an action game.

8 California
08:32am UTC - 2/25/2009 [X]
Right back at ya buddy, don't play the victim here. We gave you a chance a few weeks ago and you know what you did? Jack shit, you just lazed around and got in everybody's way. At least the sun gives us fucking electricity and warmth.


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