[#] Archive Errors Fixed
04:40am UTC - 2/19/2009

Once again something minute changed on 4chan, and the threads have been kinda fucked up a bit for the past few days. I've fixed the issue and made sure it won't happen again, since now it'll just append a predefined header on the top of the page above the posts. It'll also remove the the adbars from the pages, not because I want to deprive 4chan of revenue, but because they just 404 and it's a worthless waste of time to keep trying and failing on them. Pages should load far faster now.

I've also modified the way the archive script works to ease the "load", more or less; it'll now update a thread every two hours until it finally 404s, after which it'll toggle off and not check that thread again. It will only disable on 404, so any other weirdnesses shouldn't hurt it... but, who knows. So, if you see anything weird at all, please let me know immediately at or on the IRC.

Edity: Happy Birthday Aun!

~Lord Licorice



1 Conscripts Gary
07:30am UTC - 2/20/2009 [X]
Sweet song, even more so once you find the translation.

2 Conscripts Gary
01:31am UTC - 2/22/2009 [X]
...and I just found out that the singer is a piece of software with a cult following. Dammit Japan...


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