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The TF Wiki fucking sucks.*

I know there's a lot of bitching about TFs, but this is about an online resources rather than TFs itself.

Apparently, stuff like pointing out Getter Robo was was made Giant Robos wielding axes "iconic", or the immense similarity between Prowl/Soundwave's glasses and Kamina's shades(yes I'm aware this isn't the first instance of funky glasses, but given the timing and stuff like Headmaster, it's unlikely it's not), they call it speculatey nonsense.

My deduction? The TF Wiki is run by a bunch of fucking circlejerks who can make whatever changes they wish, but whenever anyone tries to give due credit to where certain ideas in their precious series originated that isn't "one of them", they get shafted. Honestly, look at some of the shit they have on there.

Now this is the really bad shit:

Note that nearly all of these, except for the painstakingly obvious like Starscream resembling a macross jet, are WESTERN references, and mainstream ones at that.

Has anyone with the relevant skills thought about putting together a REAL Transformers wiki? The one that exists is just so ridden with "anti-fan", and anti-Japanese sentiment(they INSISTED that Lio Convoy be refered to as Leo Prime in his official article, based on the release of one LOC that was never shown in any way to be related to the original character, except in being a homage).


robots in disguise motherfucker

*yes I took this verbatim from a post on /toy/, it was too ridiculous to ignore