[#] New Thread Feature: Collections
01:21am UTC - 3/31/2009



Someone pointed out that the highest ranks of the archive are flooded with Ruby Quest threads, and how this made it difficult to view things if you were interested in, oh, I don't know, anything else. After making fun of him for a while, I decided he was right and added a new feature: Thread Collections.

Thread Collections are special, manually-created compilations of famous threads that are separate from the normal archive. These threads still appear to a 'show all' or tag search, but standard view and score sorting will hide them. A single entry will appear at the top of the 'highest votes' page (ala Editor's Choice) to give them the spot they deserve without taking up more space than necessary. There's also a sidebar link to view all Thread Collections (when and if I make more, such as Dorf Quest and Joan Quest).

So, if you jump into the archive looking for Ruby Quest and don't see it immediately, click the link on the sidebar or sort threads by score to get to the page. For a direct link, the Ruby Quest thread collection is here..

~Lord Licorice



1 Totallynotsamefag
03:12am UTC - 3/31/2009 [X]
Great feature, glad to see it.

2 Hugros
07:03am UTC - 3/31/2009 [X]
I accidentally a whole hug you ll.

is this bad.

3 IdentitySafe
08:57am UTC - 3/31/2009 [X]
Rubyquest EARNEd its position in the archive you cant deny the newfags that glory that is rubyquest. Please put Rubyquest backin the place we voted for.

4 Lord Licorice
10:30am UTC - 3/31/2009 [X]
Sure thing, I'll get right on that. What's that you say? The collective amount of votes its threads have received have given it such a special place in the archives that it has its own new archive feature all to itself? The "rightful place everyone voted for" is at the very top of the highest-rated threads, where it currently is, and even now is a different color to even further specialize it from the other threads? It now even has a link on the sidebar?

I'm surprised the CAPTCHA didn't thwart your attempts to post.

5 Somefart
12:24pm UTC - 3/31/2009 [X]
Nice work there.

6 declines salesman
05:50pm UTC - 3/31/2009 [X]
now I have to start putting every rape thread up for archive

7 Gorbash Kazdrr
06:51pm UTC - 3/31/2009 [X]
The CAPTCHA is a foul and deadly beast. I have waged an endless and bloody feud with the CAPTCHA, the sort bards will one day compose epics for.

That or I'm a derp.

8 Gnome
11:41pm UTC - 3/31/2009 [X]
You sir are made of awesome and I applaud you.

9 oh god how did this get here i am not good with computer
01:01am UTC - 4/01/2009 [X]
Perhaps now we can have a "Hall of Hate", for all the rapethreads, trollthreads and furry threads? I'd understand if you didn't want to waste the bandwidth, but it seems like an amusing idea. Ham it up too, have the page strobe red and yellow with giant text saying "I FUCKING HATE THIS" or some other clever insult.


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