[#] It's Caturday!
02:04am EDT - 4/01/2009

okay, so, maybe it's, like, a few days off >_> BUT I COULDN'T RESIST ^___^;

I made some new LOLcats and I just HAD TO SHARE

OMG SUCH A CUTIE ^_^ I just want to snuggle him!

Oh no, how will he get out of this one??? <_< >_> <_<

I would feed him cookies all day!!!!!!!

lol and that's just the start! lol click below for more behind the cut!


~Cute Overlord

[#] Listen to the Bunnee!
12:43pm EDT - 3/28/2009

You really should listen to the bunny. A lot of you found your way here from links on CuteOverload and ICHC and wondered what we're all about, and then went to 4chan without any warning. Well this is your warning!!! See 4chan has this wonderful board called /an/ (for /an/imals! ^_^;) but you REALLY HAVE TO BE CAREFUL BECAUSE SOME OF THEIR BOARDS ARE NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!! IF YOU CLICK ON THE WRONG ONE YOU MIGHT SEE A WEENIER OR A WOMAN IMPALED UP HER NO-NO WITH A BROKEN BROOM OR SOMETHING REALLY AWFUL!!!! I'm sorry I have to say such bad things but it's true! You can't trust 4chan!! Even on the /an/ board sometimes people from the Random board (/b/ for /b/ad!) will come and post pictures of people doing bad things to kittens. I cry a lot when that happens but I keep going back because 99.99999% of the people there are nice, just sometimes the /b/ad ones get out.

So don't go to 4chan unless you're over 18 and are prepared and stuff, okay? ^___^;

~Cute Overlord

[#] OMG!!!
1:02am EDT - 3/26/2009

Okay guys I know some of you think animals with things on their heads are cute and stuff but it's not!!! Sometimes people want to make their pets look really cute and they do things like put them in boxes or small spaces like pockets or backpacks or stuff, or make them wear hats or clothing but sometimes the animals are really stressed out!

Just look at some of these pictures (WARNING DO NOT KEEP READING IF YOU ARE VERY SENSITIVE):

omg look at him, he looks so upset ;___;


okay this one isn't trapped but he looks really scared!!

they look funny and cute but really you're stressing the poor kitties so much! it's not fair to them, they're our loving and living brothers and sisters, and they can't tell us when they're in pain like regular people. You have to pay attention to the signs. And those kitties are all very sad! So please think about what you're doing before you put your kitties in a bad position for a funny picture.

Oh and one last thing, insulting captions can be funny but only if they're not mean, like this one:

That's so mean!

See? If the kitty ever saw his owner making fun of him with a picture like this he'd be mortified! O_O So please be nice to your kitties!!!

~Cute Overlord