[#] Arkham Horror Investigator Generator
07:21am UTC - 2/27/2009

I've made yet another generator thing. This one's for Arkham Horror Investigators, and lets you quickly create Investigator sheets. It's a bit more niche on /tg/ than the other generators, but it was also a lot easier and faster for me to code.

For those of you wondering why my generator is superior to Strange Eons, it's not "superior" as much as:

If you're looking to create a full, professional expansion for Arkham Horror, use Strange Eons, but otherwise my online generator's probably more useful to most people. I'll be expanding it with Ancient Ones, Heralds and Guardians next.

Next up after that, WotC has personally offended me by forcing me to download and install a 44MB "demo" of their D&D Insider online character thing, which includes the fucking .NET framework. This is un-fucking-acceptable. It actually asked me to restart after hanging for a good four minutes at the end of the installation. The fucking nerve! I'm going to check it out and see if I can't do better than these hacks.

~Lord Licorice


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