[#] Ice Storm, Part 2
11:11pm UTC - 12/20/2008

So it turns out that the electrical cables were ripped straight out of the side of my house by a falling branch, so it may very well be quite a while before I get power back. In addition to the fact the rest of southern NH is in something of a crisis right now, my landlord is the type of guy that will get in a pissing contest with the power company over whose responsibility it is to reattach the duplex to the grid, with myself and my family in the middle. It would be a miracle to get power back by Tuesday; factor in the feet-dragging of my landlord, we're looking at maybe Thursday or Friday as a worst-case scenario.

On the bright side, I have a new desktop wallpaper. ORIGINAL CONTENT. I'll have a Flickr stream up of some of the cooler photos I took of the ice storm in a little while, but at the moment I'm a bit busy doing some work-related activities and continuing to try and ensure shit works right. Syn's server seems to be handling the IRC very well - thank you again Syn <3 - so we should be all set on that front for a while. Again, can't really do much about the archive or any of the other services.

That's about it, just wanted to give a basic status update. Enjoy your electricity. Jerks.

~Lord Licorice



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