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November 2008
3060768Arch-DemilichIt starts off with the ultimate undead, breaks the awesome barrier and builds up into an epic bone-and-flesh fantasy Gurren Lagann.arch-demilich, undead, neutronium golem2008-11-25 10 
December 2008
3108744Of Neutronium Golems and Time Lords/tg/ tries to figure out how to kill the fundamental aspects of reality and their servants. Absurdity follows.time lord neutronium golem stupid2008-12-04 2 
March 2010
8539304Golem Quest/tg/ is a philosophical crystal golem. Shenanigans ensue.Collective Game, Philosophy, Golem2010-03-12 7 
8554194Golem Quest II/tg/'s continuing adventure as a crystalline golem with a philosophical mind and a penchant for necromancy. Stone be with you!Crystal, Golem, Philosophy, Dorfs2010-03-13 5 
8601196Cake Golem Quest 1Cake Golem is up to some hijinks!cake, golem, quest2010-03-16 3 
8607804Golem Quest III-ish/tg/'s crystal golem awakens with a terrible hunger, and does some bad things. Short thread this time.Crystal, Golem, Quest, Philosophy, HUNGER2010-03-16 0 
February 2012
18084594Metahuman Renaissance Quest 12Dan kills flesh golems, and doesn't afraid of anythingMetahuman Renaissance Quest, superheroes, wild talents, javelin, collective game, night at the museum, flesh golem, wolf-girl, advice dan2012-02-25 20 
September 2012
20890424The Golem's GardenThis is the story of Golem 3b and his garden.writefaggotry, golem, garden, manly tears, awesome, story2012-09-27 92 
October 2012
21187620Deep in a Dungeon, Situation DesperateYou didn't bring a dildo-whittling knife? It's like you WANT to be trapped in a dungeon forever.dungeons, dildos, golems, equipment2012-10-19 27 
21209759Lich's Employee Quest pt 16Daniel settles his bad blood with Clarice, sort of. Then deals with Umbra in the volcano.Skeleton quest, volcano, apprentices, golem, shade2012-10-21 11 
21308228Goddamn Roombas"Did we just get beat down by a Roomba?!"D&D, Living Greyhawk, Mordenkainen, chocolate golem, gelatine cube, Pelor, scorpions2012-10-27 21 
November 2012
21495514Modern NecromancyA girl gets hit by a car and resurrected; asks /tg/ for advice. /tg/ runs with it.roleplay, improv, worldbuilding, setting, necromancy, flesh golem, undead, modern fantasy2012-11-09 6 
February 2014
30389899Warforged StorytimeFeaturing Tim and Jim the Warforged brothers, Lichforged, Nanoforged, the 3/4ths golem, the Iron Giant, and an obscenely corny yet somehow endearing story of friendship and slapping death's shit, among other things.story, time, storytime, warforged, Pinocchio, lichforged, nanoforged, nanohaforged, 3/4ths golem, FRIENDSHIP, Iron Giant, character concepts2014-02-22 9 
April 2014
31323207Alternate Reproduction WorldbuildingBrainstorming for culture and biology of how fantasy species reproduce. Less lewd than it sounds, also has golem-dorfs and deep ones being fantasy-setting salarians.Reproduce, worldbuilding, species, dwarf, golem, dryad, deep one, less lewd than it sounds2014-04-11 2 
May 2014
32249069Golem QuestWhere a golem awakens to find itself sentient and its master dead.Collective Game, Golem, Golem Quest2014-05-21 15 
32272655Golem Quest #2In this chapter we name ourselves and create a new golem!Collective Game, Golem, Golem Quest2014-05-22 10 
32338984Golem Quest #3In this edition, we begin Operation: Clean House, starring Tankred and Lefty.Collective Game, Golem, Golem Quest2014-05-25 5 
32361572Golem Quest #4We finish our mission to fend off the bandits, find a research project, and draft a researcher!Collective Game, Golem, Golem Quest2014-05-26 7 
32405490Golem Quest #5In which we repair, learn a bit more, and plan to excavate!Collective Game, Golem, Golem Quest2014-05-28 6 
June 2014
32620067Golem Quest #6In which we find a quarry, harvest some wood, and find an expert on mining!Collective Game, Golem, Golem Quest2014-06-07 5 
32641154Golem Quest #7In which we create a third golem, expand our consciousness and continue Minecra- our quest.Collective Game, Golem, Golem Quest2014-06-08 5 
32681188Golem Quest #8In which we flesh out the quarry, go full RTS, and craft a Titan class golem!Collective Game, Golem, Golem Quest2014-06-10 5 
32700697Golem Quest #9In essence: QTG. Lesson learned. Cut the thread off before too much damage could be done.Collective Game, Golem, Golem Quest2014-06-11 5 
32765604Golem Quest #10In which we plan, fight, and then lose control.Collective Game, Golem, Golem Quest2014-06-14 6 
33071998Golem Quest #11In which we attempt to reestablish control, and experiment.Collective Game, Golem, Golem Quest2014-06-29 5 
August 2014
33884947Crafting a Cute Singularity FamiliarThe OP claims to have stumbled across a black hole while adventuring, and wants to turn it into a "problem" disposal system disguised as a cute young girl. A bit of fluff and hard science is discussed.black hole, singularity, familiar, monster girl, wizard, golem, little girl2014-08-06 14 
December 2014
36747650Fantasy Dwarven Civ Quest with DwarvesOkay, so we're not a dwarf civ but a civ with dwarves. That's cool. We get to work laying down our infrastructure, introducing important characters. And then Genie does something special by ending the thread with a very heartfelt story about a Golem, a girl, and legacy.Collective game, fantasy, civ quest, hivemind, Dwarf, Dwarves, Golems2014-12-15 0 
36781460Fantasy Civ Quest with Dwarves (Hiatus/Fin)The story continues, as Valeria turns out to be the spitting image of the legacy of a person. And yet while flowers bloom in the game, we once more we all must hold out until winter at last blows over, and the spring sun shines. OP bids farewell and shall return after a time.Collective game, fantasy, civ quest, hivemind, Dwarf, Dwarves, Golems2014-12-17 1 
37045344Golem Knight Quest 1Sief Atanor, Golem Knight in training, volunteers himself for a mission to investigate missing travelers in his family's lands.Golem Knight Quest, Collective Game2014-12-30 22 
January 2015
37249121Fantasy Civ Quest with Dwarves 4Part 3 https://archive.moe/tg/thread/36944878/#36944878 Genie returns, hanging by a thread, as the adventure continues, and we meet strange and spooky friends in a forest.Collective game, fantasy, civ quest, hivemind, Dwarf, Dwarves, Golems2015-01-10 0 
37358830Fantasy Civ Quest with Dwarves 5/6We revive a long lost hero, Sir Richard Didrikson the V, and begin the great Hunt that will expand our territory!Collective game, fantasy, civ quest, hivemind, Dwarf, Dwarves, Golems2015-01-16 0 
37512267Fantasy Civ Quest with Dwarves Part 8Part 7 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/37406884 Despite the ill luck it tends to bring, I'll preemptively archive this thread. We try, and fail, at building wooden homes without our dwarves.Collective game, fantasy, civ quest, hivemind, Dwarf, Dwarves, Golems2015-01-21 0 
37662543Fantasy Civ Quest with Dwarves Part 9We face down two armies, repulsing a barbarian horde, and preparing for an invasion while attempting diplomacy with the vampires. The Prophet of Fate is resurrected. Our commanders debate important issues concerning communication.Collective game, fantasy, civ quest, hivemind, Dwarf, Dwarves, Golems2015-01-28 0 
February 2015
37715034Fantasy Civ Quest with Dwarves Part 10The enemy army is checked and repelled with an all out assault, and we bathe in the joy of victory spoils of war, as we plan our next moves carefully.Collective game, fantasy, civ quest, hivemind, Dwarf, Dwarves, Golems2015-02-03 0 
37977048Fantasy Civ Quest with Dwarves Part 12Part 11 https://archive.moe/tg/thread/37830737 We gather the materials we need and realize we're under attack by barbarians and something underground.Collective game, fantasy, civ quest, hivemind, Dwarf, Dwarves, Golems2015-02-13 0 
38135105Fantasy Civ Quest with Dwarves Part 13Out of the frying pan and into the fireCollective game, fantasy, civ quest, hivemind, Dwarf, Dwarves, Golems2015-02-20 0 
38187770Fantasy Civ Quest with Dwarves Part 14The Madness BeginsCollective game, fantasy, civ quest, hivemind, Dwarf, Dwarves, Golems2015-02-25 0 
38298965antasy Civ Quest with Dwarves Part 15The Cavalry is coming as reinforcements flock to our aid!Collective game, fantasy, civ quest, hivemind, Dwarf, Dwarves, Golems2015-02-27 0 
March 2015
38449570Fantasy Civ Quest with Dwarves Part 16We survive another day, and in desperation decide to see our dreams fulfilled now than neverCollective game, fantasy, civ quest, hivemind, Dwarf, Dwarves, Golems2015-03-05 0 
38495860Fantasy Civ Quest with Dwarves Part 17MASSES AND MASSES OF INFRASTRUCTURE. Also we do dealings with the dwarves and holy hostCollective game, fantasy, civ quest, hivemind, Dwarf, Dwarves, Golems2015-03-07 0 
38609463Fantasy Civ Quest with Dwarves Part 18We build an Organ in our Rock, but have issues building the Church around it. Tech development continues and we get riflesCollective game, fantasy, civ quest, hivemind, Dwarf, Dwarves, Golems2015-03-12 1 
38655301Fantasy Civ Quest with Dwarves Part 19 FINThe end of a lot of things, but the beginnings of others and, hopefully, a clean slate.Collective game, fantasy, civ quest, hivemind, Dwarf, Dwarves, Golems2015-03-13 1 
April 2015
39300191Golem Knight Quest 2Sief tracks down those responsible for the disappearances, and engages in his first ever Golem battle.Golem Knight Quest, Collective Game2015-04-13 13 
39442382Golem Knight Quest 3Sief and Paxton battles with a Spriggan in the depths of the forest to rescue the kidnapped travelers.Golem Knight Quest, Collective Game2015-04-19 13 
39582065Golem Knight Quest 4Sief brings the freed captives to safety and deals with unpleasant meetings.Golem Knight Quest, Collective Game2015-04-26 12 
May 2015
39726151Golem Knight Quest 5Sief meets with the Iquani Prince.Golem Knight Quest, Collective Game2015-05-03 12 
39914378Golem Knight Quest 6Sief makes preparations for his journey into the Iquani lands.Golem Knight Quest, Collective Game2015-05-13 12 
40068666Golem Knight Quest 7Sief heads east into the Iquani lands.Golem Knight Quest, Collective Game2015-05-21 12 
40196845Golem Knight Quest 8Sief travels through the Iquani lands and finally meets his guide.Golem Knight Quest, Collective Game2015-05-27 12 
June 2015
40342471Golem Knight Quest 9Sief and Qualaji set off into the wilderness to deal with the giantess and her clan.Golem Knight Quest, Collective Game2015-06-03 12 
40491994Golem Knight Quest 10Sief and Qualaji cross the old battlefield and clash with some of the giantish clan of the mesa.Golem Knight Quest, Collective Game2015-06-10 12 
40797313Golem Knight Quest 11Sief and Qualaji navigate the tunnels of the abandoned imperial fort.Golem Knight Quest, Collective Game2015-06-25 13 
July 2015
40985028Golem Knight Quest 12Sief and Quala investigate the fort and prepare to take down the last of the giantish clan.Golem Knight Quest, Collective Game2015-07-04 13 
41345145Golem Knight Quest 13Sief and Quala spring their trap on the giant clan's matriarch.Golem Knight Quest, Collective Game2015-07-21 12 
August 2015
41809637It is actually you, who is inside the skeletonnecromancers use all parts of the body separately, wasting none.Skeleton, Nervous System, Necromancy, Body World, Low Waste, Flesh Golems, Spooky, Plastination2015-08-14 7 
September 2015
42401441Dungeon King #1We decide on being a golem warlord, and loot our first village.Collective Game, Dungeon King, evil, golems2015-09-10 5 
42418670Dungeon King #2We conquer a village, take an apprentice, and learn some thingsCollective Game, Dungeon King, evil, golems2015-09-11 5 
42479802Dungeon King #3We get stormed by a hero with mages, and find some frogmen.Collective Game, Dungeon King, evil, golems2015-09-14 5 
42516902Dungeon King #4We beat a wizard senseless and get pissed at our apprenticeCollective Game, Dungeon King, evil, golems2015-09-16 5 
42555977Golem Knight Quest 14Sief finishes up in the fort and starts the return journey through the Iquani Expanse.Golem Knight Quest, Collective Game2015-09-17 17 
42577123Dungeon King #5We conquer Dvor, and make a golem for a sultan (but really for us)Collective Game, Dungeon King, evil, golems2015-09-19 4 
October 2015
43050116Golem Knight Quest 15Sief celebrates his victory over the giants back at the Iquani camp.Golem Knight Quest, Collective Game2015-10-14 15 
November 2015
43481962Golem Knight Quest 16Sief makes his way back through the forest to the Empire, despite unexpected encounters along the way.Golem Knight Quest, Collective Game2015-11-06 14 
43741787Golem Knight Quest 17Sief finally returns home from his time in the Iquani Expanse.Golem Knight Quest, Collective Game2015-11-21 12 
December 2015
44027999Golem Quest #2Gabriel continues his adventureGolem Quest2015-12-13 1 
44425480Golem Knight Quest 18Sief sets things in order in his home, makes preparations for trade, and greets a new guest.Golem Knight Quest, Collective Game2015-12-29 12 
February 2016
45395141Golem Knight Quest 19Sief discusses upgrades and prepares for his trip north to meet with merchants.Golem Knight Quest, Collective Game2016-02-14 10 
April 2016
16448Golem Civ #1We're golems in the mana wastes.Golem Civ, Collective Game2016-04-30 1 
August 2016
48876497A Question About GolemsIn this thread, /tg/ debates the ethics and morality of a paladin enslaving a group of freedom-seeking golems to save a Human kingdom.Golem, paladin, ethics, morality, debate, philosophy2016-08-19 7 
June 2017
53745725Living Statue WorldWorldbuilding for a setting based around the creation of magically animated statues.golem, statue, magic, weeping angel, pygmalion, worldbuilding, sculptor, setting,2017-06-19 5 
August 2017
54590541Golem Creation and Necromancy,A comparison of creating new and entirely artificial life vs resurrecting life to the remains of deceased natural life.necromancer, necromancy, golem, homunculus, frankenstein,2017-08-06 5 
August 2018
61556718rogue homunculus civilization/tg/ worldbuilds a faction of unintentionally sentient, alchemically-created artificial lifeforms originally intended as a disposable army.golem, homunculus, frankenstein, undead, alchemy, species, steampunk, setting, worldbuilding, army, civilization,2018-08-26 4 
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