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November 2010
12726929Omegle RPFa/tg/uys collectively introduce the concept of roleplay to Omegle. Hilarity- and epic- ensue.omegle, improv, roleplay, epic, adventure, infocom, quest, giant, barbarian, knight2010-11-09 2 
November 2012
21495514Modern NecromancyA girl gets hit by a car and resurrected; asks /tg/ for advice. /tg/ runs with it.roleplay, improv, worldbuilding, setting, necromancy, flesh golem, undead, modern fantasy2012-11-09 6 
October 2014
35439991Improvaizen QuestWe follow a tale of younger Aizen in his quest for power and furnitureCollective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2014-10-11 25 
35657873Improvaizen Quest 3We talk to Aintza about the boxes and receive our Wish.Collective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2014-10-21 17 
35732682Improvaizen Quest 4In this one Aizen beats a hollow, and makes a coaster out of thin airCollective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2014-10-25 21 
35841577Improvaizen Quest 5In where Aizen goes to kubixco and get's luckyCollective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2014-10-30 14 
November 2014
36028337Improvaizen Quest 6Take a tour of a castle? Fuck that let's go to the library. Collective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2014-11-08 13 
36190406Improvaizen Quest 7We have two 100s, a 99 and a bankai. Oh and new friends.Collective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2014-11-16 13 
36359966Improvaizen Quest 8In this one we get a few 100s while OP get's high off pain killersCollective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2014-11-24 21 
36453779Improvaizen Quest 9In this one Aizen Redecorates with super kido. We also meet our new Zanpakto.Collective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2014-11-29 20 
December 2014
36710022Improvaizen Quest 10In which we make a new shinigami friend. Collective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2014-12-12 11 
36939543Improvaizen Quest 11In which we form a team and create an arrancar from scratch! Collective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2014-12-24 12 
37032126Improvaizen Quest 12In which we get in a fight with Loki make friends with Thor and other things. Collective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2014-12-30 10 
January 2015
37145924Improvaizen Quest 13We fight the Hunter, again. Collective Game, Improvaizen Quest, so much kubo2015-01-05 11 
37710579Improvaizen Quest 14In this one we finally meet Gin! Kind of. Collective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2015-01-30 6 
37737835Improvaizen Quest 15In which we learn all sorts of magicCollective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2015-01-31 10 
February 2015
37786570Improvaizen Quest 16We finally leave Asgard.Collective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2015-02-02 8 
37827347Improvaizen Quest 17Where we are welcomed back as heroes. Kind of. Collective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2015-02-05 6 
38047933Improvaizen Quest 18Where lewdness happens. Collective Game, Improvaizen Quest, so much kubo2015-02-15 6 
March 2015
38408477Improvaizen Quest 19We take a quincy to jail! Collective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2015-03-02 6 
38662662Improvaizen Quest 20Where Aizen makes a quick trip to Hueco MundoCollective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2015-03-13 5 
38690557Improvaizen Quest 20.5Where Yourichi smacks a captain, and Aizen gets his shit togetherCollective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2015-03-14 6 
38796998Improvaizen Quest 21We become captain of Squad 12 and have a nice chat. Collective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2015-03-19 5 
38819650Improvaizen Quest 21.5WHY DOES THE VIZARD WEAR THE MASK?Collective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2015-03-21 11 
April 2015
39412414Improvaizen Quest 22We finally let Yourichi in on what we are doing.Collective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2015-04-18 10 
39433987Improvaizen Quest 23Where we finally get Vizards. Collective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2015-04-19 10 
May 2015
39777500Improvaizen Quest Chapter 24We go back to hell, and meet the Orb in personCollective Game, So Much Kubo, Improvaizen Quest2015-05-06 6 
39799912Improvaizen Quest Twenty FiveWhere we fight another Sumerian Deity.Collective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2015-05-07 7 
39963515Improvaizen Chapter XXVIWe finally get started on that Eugenics plan and get the chance to make a wish againCollective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2015-05-16 7 
June 2015
40460158Improvaizen Quest Chapter 27We find out what Canon Aizen has been doing. We also Get Gin & Yourichi's Char Sheet!Collective Game, So Much Kubo, Improvaizen Quest2015-06-08 6 
40566195Improvaizen Chapter Twenty EightYou remember old aizen who seduced things he shouldn't be? He's back.so much Kubo, Collective Game, Improvaizen Quest2015-06-13 11 
July 2015
41042385Improvaizen Quest 29We discover Mashiro's secret identity and open some boxes.Improvaizen Quest, Collective Game, So Much Kubo2015-07-07 6 
41270677Improvaizen Quest 29 Part TwoWe find out the truth about our new nemesis and move against them.So Much Kubo, Collective Game, Improvaizen Quest2015-07-17 5 
41573086Improvaizen Quest 29 part ThreeWe find out who the real bbeg is, and difficulty is now at so much kuboCollective Game, So Much Kubo, Improvaizen Quest2015-07-31 5 
August 2015
41594836Improvaizen Quest 29 Part Three Point FiveWe have tea with death as the orb gets drunk for some reason.Collective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2015-08-01 6 
41758188Improvaizen Quest- Gin Quest IWe take a break from improvaizen while Gin plays hide and seek with RangikuSo Much Kubo, Collective Game, Improvaizen Quest2015-08-09 5 
42114421Improvaizen Quest- Gin Quest IIWe go to the royal palace and meet up with the new soul kingCollective Game, Improvaizen Quest, So Much Kubo2015-08-27 5 
September 2015
42225580Imprivaizen Quest- Gin Quest IIIGin and Rangiku go on Vacation with Aintza. To the cold north for some reason.Improvaizen Quest, So much Kubo, Collective Game2015-09-01 5 
42423799Improvaizen Quest- Gin Quest IVGin goes for a train ride as we finally do the espada build. So Much Kubo, Improvaizen Quest, Collective Game2015-09-11 5 
42651150Improvaizen Quest- Gin Quest VWhere Rangiku meets Gin's Shard.So much Kubo, Improvaizen Quest, Collective Game2015-09-22 6 
October 2015
43024947Improvaizen Quest ThirtyOn the one year anniversary of improvaizen, Aizen tries to prevent the great war.So Much Kubo, Collective Game, Improvaizen Quest2015-10-12 5 
February 2016
45602684Improvaizen Quest XXXIImprovaizen Returns, and starts tracking a strange hollowSo Much Kubo, Collective Game, Improvaizen Quest2016-02-25 11 
January 2017
51387486Making Monsters More Than StatblocksA discussion on how to improve generic monsters and use them in original adventure hooks.worldbuilding, adventure hooks, improvement, backstory,2017-01-27 5 
June 2020
4249198Bad Drawing Fun Time QuestA short one-shot adventure following Reginald the Reluctant Knight in his Quest to overcome his Reluctance and win back his Rubber Ducky.halp, reluctant, knight, qst, drawquest, drawfriend, improvised2020-06-02 0 
January 2021
4591798Mutant!Quest #8 In which Elise attempts to take control of her berserker mode, John does a nope, and the Huber conference happens.Siren_QM, Collective Game, Action, Urban, Superpower, Mutants, Slice-of-Life, Quest, Drawquest, Now with improved art! 2021-01-19 5 
August 2021
4894770Remorse - a minimalistic one-shotA small, one-shot quest, almost fully improvised from a simple sentence : "I bet you feel no remorse". one-shot, remorse, improvised, investigation2021-08-05 4 
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